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January 22, 2022



Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Ex-Palin lawyer reported source of Gosar’s ‘most toxic’ media -

Friday, November 19, 2021

McConnell/Trump Alaska Cage Match -

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Debate Night!

I’m sitting at the KTUU Gubernatorial (and soon Senatorial) debate at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

You can view it live on KTUU Channel 2, or live streaming at

I’ll be watching live, but feel free to blog it in the comments.Β  I’ve forgotten my laptop, but Mudflatter Writing from Alaska has loaned me hers to start you off!

The room is full of the hardest of the hard core supporters from all the camps and it promises to be a lively evening.Β  So, pop the corn and cozy up!



239 Responses to “Debate Night!”
  1. just sayin' says:

    Would have loved to hear someone suggest that maybe we could start manufacturing things like furniture, musical instruments, whatever here, in Alaska and get out of our third world status as a resource state wrapped around the whims of fossil fuel giants. Even the possibilities for agriculture, value added to exports, whatever they may be; why are we not making the best affordable pre-fab housing, log or timber frame in factories , or even correctly sized lumber…there is so much to be done if we can get away from narrow thinking…gas or oil… oil or gas…if we can expand our economy, our consciousness and true conservation of resources, sustainablity might ensue…

    • jojobo1 says:

      Yes if there had been more types of work other than stores restaurants and oil I might have stayed up there when I was asked to stay.As it was I had a job to get back to that I had worked at for 20 years.

  2. Moose Pucky says:

    Thanks everyone for that excellent report. Glad to hear McAdams continues with his confident and honest articulation of the issues for Alaskans to consider. Such a worthy candidate!

  3. Ben in SF says:

    I went to bed around comment 42 and wake up to find…more great reporting. Thanks, all.

  4. GAmom says:

    Great reporting from everyone! Great read!! I agree with tigerwine and certainly hope Scott McAdams win on Nov.2.

  5. tigerwine says:

    It’s 6 am here in GA, and I’ve just drunk my first cup of coffee with you all. Thanks so very much to all who reported. Above and beyond the call!!

    Forgot who said Lisa looked like an angry eagle, but they had it spot on. Geez, I hope those Miller/Murkowski votes are split and our boy McAdams wins. Only 8 more days to go!

  6. Irishgirl says:

    Great live blogging everyone, I felt as if I were there.

  7. stef g. says:

    Seeing the confrontational, jumping out in the street sign waving on the corners by the entrance, by the Joe and Lisa camps, I would not be surprised for them get violent around election day. They think intimidating the opposition is going to help their candidate win. They are just going to alienate the moderate undecideds, and drive them to Scott.

    The Millerites inside behaved like the Prevoites at the Assembly during the AO64 hearings last year.

    • Writing from Alaska says:

      Were there Lisa sign wavers – ?? I only saw Millerites at the very end –

    • Kat says:

      Aren’t the Millerites & the Prevoites the same people? Excellent reporting. Thanks!

      • Writing from Alaska says:

        Not necessarily so – I am pretty sure Prevo folks are also Lisa supporters, my guess.

      • Blooper says:

        I’m guessing that Prevo probably had a hand in mobilizing the nutters to show up at the debate. He did that with great efficiency during the summer of hate here in Anchorage. Of course I’m sure there was a huge caravan of Miller nutters that came from areas north or Anchorage. I’ve been seeing the pickup trucks with huge miller signs driving around Anchorage.

  8. marlys says:

    Thank you all:)

  9. Village Reader says:

    Thank you to everyone covering the event. I enjoyed reading your coverage. Grinned the whole time. Very entertaining. Thank you.

  10. Elstun Lauesen says:

    Joe’s softball to Scott at the end almost sounded like an endorsement! I was glad to her the booing of Lisa when she gave her snotty response about Joe being unworthy and Scott inexperienced. Ugh! Lisa is like nails on the blackboard.

  11. Writing from Alaska says:

    PS . I will now set the stage to give you a final image for the evening.
    I was lost in thought reviewing the comments from everybody. As a result, I was the last person out of the building other than the people who work at the Heritage Center. Outside I see a familiar clutter of folks and have a happy meeting with AKM, Shannyn, and a couple of other nice folks…………..story resumes on the forum (and, no, I am not giving away secrets or surprises….but would prefer not to share my further observations with just anyone)

    • skunkcabbage says:

      I’m looking forward to live streaming the SM show today. My internet wisp bill is gonna be scary this month – well it is Halloween.

  12. alaskanvoter says:

    Scott is the only one who didn’t run away from questions. I loved the way he just answered the question time and time again. Even though he knows his views aren’t shared by everyone, he understands that people deserve to know what his views are. ( I happen to agree with everything he said.) Let me hit you with a sexist, age-ist club: Lisa looked old and frail which shocked me because she isn’t very old. Joe Miller over plays his cards. He just assumes he’s going to get to frame the discussion. ‘Tuff titty folks: there isn’t going to be any more federal spending ever. Forever ever.’

    • Millie says:

      I agree about the appearance of Murkowski. Stress does create harm to the body! She is quite thin and from the back appears to have osteoporis (spelling)…her back is somewhat swayed/top portion. Remember, she has great medical care being a part of the Senate….so, health issues can be helped immediately should she decide there is a need.

  13. AKjah says:

    Thanks WFA for the great job of covering and all the others who commented that was really clear and understandable. I was watching on TV and this site was right on with it.

  14. Alaskan Expat says:

    Miller closed with, “I’m not a witch, I’m you”.

  15. Writing from Alaska says:

    As a PS – this is the first time of the many occasions when I have visited the Alaska Heritage Center – and seen a sign on the door that says “No Guns”. This is going to be a tough race – I think Lisa did herself some damage in the end, hope that we do OK through this election. scary times.
    Ah, there is a couple of guys talking close to me, one is a Lisa supporter and he is talking to a guy from Japan who evidently came to perhaps cover or at least hear the debate.
    Did you know Alaska exports lots of seafood to Japan!? OK – heading home. Lisa’s supporters here see her as fired up. OK – now I am eavesdropping – have a good night all.

  16. Millie says:

    I thought Murkowski was absolutely awful! She didn’t answer the questions directed to her and was especially horrible at the end. She is one pissed off person when it comes to Miller. I voted for McAdams, but felt the debate was really between Miller and Murkowski.

  17. sierraseven says:

    The next nine days are going to be interesting.

  18. blue_in_AK says:

    Lisa’s parting shot was below the belt. The groan of the audience was very audible over the TV.

  19. Writing from Alaska says:

    Ok – missed Diane, but shook hands with Scott – told him we had been commenting here if he has time to look. Just talked to two Miller supporters and tried to make the point that he can’t be a public figure and politician if he won’t talk to the press – however, just met a guy who works with NBC who says he did get to interview him and that it was Lisa who left quickly without talking to them.

  20. zrgmom says:

    Here’s my dumb question: I always wondered about the late Fatah leader Yassir Arafat, how he kept his stubble consistently stubbly. How does Joe do that? Are there special razors that are set at an eighth of an inch, or what?

    Also: that was some remarkably harsh lighting.

    • Writing from Alaska says:

      thanks for that – you cracked me up – perhaps it is a trade secret – or a secret signal – badge of belonging to some unknown underground organization – The League of the Unshaven.

    • Blooper says:

      As a guy who knows about all the ups and downs of facial shaving, I too wonder how he keeps that perpetual 6 o’clock shadow. If he actually shaved with a razor it would come clean off. My thinking is that he uses some of of norelco electric shaver and only lightly brushes it over his face so that it only nicks the hair. (Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually theorizing about Joe Miller’s follicular facial habits) πŸ™‚

  21. cg says:

    I’m really offended and bemused. The question was about financial disclosure. Joe said that if there was as much scrutiny on her, she wouldn’t even be sitting there right now. Asked her about the Bob Penny land deal. She got pissed, said a bunch of stuff about following the rules and filing the required paperwork, including: “even where her children’s education IRAs are invested”.
    Okay, Lisa. You’re talking about villages and the lack of health care. You just addressed gross unmet need for Alaskans. Can you hear yourself?! Do you believe what you are saying or is it just practiced rhetoric?
    MOST of us do NOT have education IRAs for our kids! We would if we could.
    Goody for you, Lisa.

    Scott did well. I was trying very hard to listen with a critical ear and find holes in his ideas. I didn’t. He’s the right guy. He’ll do just fine.

  22. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    2:10 am her in Ct. Good night, fellow ‘pups!

  23. Heidi1 says:

    Well, I’m sitting here in Southern California, and watched the whole thing live on KTUU on my laptop. I have tears running down my cheeks….Scott McAdams wore his heart on his sleeve. He is such a warm, knowledgeable and genuine person that I weep in happiness, and only wish I could vote for him. I’ve donated as much as I can possibly afford, and for all Alaskans, I sincerely hope he wins. You have an incredible opportunity now, more than ever in any state during this election, to elect one of the finest people (I hesitate to call him a politician) I’ve ever encountered in my 57 years. Best to you all and Scott!

  24. sierraseven says:

    Miller repeatedly harped on his somewhat paranoid idea that he has been subjected to more scrutiny than the other candidates – tell ya what, Joe, quit makin’ stuff up and the media might quit investigating.

    Audience was definitely stacked with Teabaggers for Joe.

  25. Writing from Alaska says:

    gonna go say hi to Diane Benson – catch you later!

  26. “Not ready to lead…
    Not fit to lead”

    Well if that doesn’t go down in political history along with “Mrs. Obermyer, you need psychiatric help” then I don’t know what will…


  27. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Hoping many Alaskans have the same response to listening to Scott McAdams speak that I had the first time. He was a breath of fresh air in contrast to Angry Lisa and Psycho Joe

  28. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    I’m STILL grinning!

  29. Writing from Alaska says:

    Miller’s final statement – everybody knows who he is, etc. etc. etc.
    Scott – thanks for giving us the opportunity to talk about issues, though we did also talk about some of the melodrama. we need a Senator who will speak for community.
    Lisa – Alaskans need to know if any of the three of us can take this state into the future, said Scott is not ready to lead, Joe is not fit. Crowd went slightly berserk.

    Whew – we are done!

    I was sitting between a MacAdams supporter and a Miller supporter and have lived to see another day. πŸ™‚

  30. skunkcabbage says:

    Final comments:

    Miller – “I’m one of you” What is he O’Donnel now?
    McAdams – We need to invest in our resources. We need Senator that speaks to community.
    Murkowski – “Alaskan’s need to “look at this race”. Scott is not ready. Joe is not fit to lead.” She got a lot of bad whoooos from the Teabaggers on that one.

    That fun folks!

  31. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Lisa – Scott is not ready to lead, Joe is not fit to lead. OOOOH!!!

  32. PamEpoo says:

    Shades of Christine O’Donnell– Miller: I am One of you

  33. Sourdough Mullet says:

    JM – “I am one of you”. That’s just freaking creepy.

    • Eddie in Anchorage says:

      The Christine O’Donnell “I am you” line repackaged.

    • Lower48 says:

      October 17, 2008, from huffington post

      Palin: “I am one of you…”

      SNIP – Her acceptance of the vice presidential spot on the GOP ticket and her belief that she has a chance of winning reveals her assumption that American voters are content to settle for a sub-par candidate.

      But I’m not content to settle, and I’m not alone.

      Palin tells us continually: “I am one of you.” This faΓ§ade is one of the few weapons in her political arsenal, and she just keeps shooting it off. Perhaps most frustrating is that she actually isn’t one of us. – END SNIP

      Joe is falling back on exploiting the commonalities between himself and his victims (potential constituents).

  34. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Boy, you could cut the tension w/ a knife. Or perhaps a meat cleaver in Joe Miller’s case. Would love to be a fly on the wall in their homes tonight.

  35. Writing from Alaska says:

    …and she is hitting him up on other topics… What would West Point say about you? Says WP folks all stand with him. Hitting Lisa on her faults… applause.

    Miller says Scott, you have done a lot for your community, obvious you care about education, why did Alaska NEA endorse Lisa.

    Scott says individual teachers have shown up to support him, made the decision for political purposes, they know he is working for all their votes.

  36. skunkcabbage says:

    Miller asking McAdams why the NEA is supporting Murkowski. What kind of question is that?

  37. sierraseven says:

    Miller being somewhat patronizing toward McAdams.

  38. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Lisa is reading Joe the riot act – “lying” about his issues. He is smiling like the Cheshire cat, about to go baliistic!

  39. skunkcabbage says:

    What’s will Miller’s shifting eyes and nervous grimace? Priceless!

  40. marguita mixxe says:

    I agree with you Sourdough Mullet.
    I think Lisa is doing well, Scott is hanging in there but Miller looks like he is ready to slap the crap out of someone. I was at the Heritage Center sign waving and let me say that the Miller peeps are scary. No emotion, no animation and won’t look anyone in the eye.

  41. skunkcabbage says:

    Lisa is after Miller now. This should be good.

  42. Writing from Alaska says:

    Lisa wants to know why Scott was not a registered voter until later,

    Scott says was working as a commercial fisherman, raising family, says he ‘caught the bug’ later on, started getting involved with community, etc. Spent his whole 30’s in service to his community.

    Scott hitting Lisa on the ‘Democrats who support Lisa’ mailer that was inaccurate, to be polite.
    Scott talking about her voting record against Alaska projects, etc. What she voted against and took credit for those projects.

    Lisa – thanks for reminding that I put money into this bills, we are in markup process, maybe you don’t know what that is – we can resolve that

    Lisa hitting on Joe – West Point

    • cg says:

      In fairness, I registered to vote and looked forward to my first voting experience. They announced the president of the United States before Alaska had voted. I was devastated. Did extensive research into the electoral process over about 10 years. Didn’t bother again until about 30. Registered, didn’t get to the polls because I couldn’t leave work. Another time I was at a conference out of state and hadn’t done an absentee vote. I mostly only voted for state and local offices.
      A boss took me aside, told me she understood what I was doing and why, complimented me on my intelligence and passion to fairness and equity. Then quietly explained that it is one’s duty and responsibility, not just a privilege and that many people cannot vote and that many people around the world including this country sacrificed and worked hard over lifetimes for the right to vote. That to deliberately reject voting insulted these efforts. Then she said, not kidding, that she couldn’t have me continue to work there and abdicate voting because our world depends on smart people lending voice and energy to make things right. She said even if it was farcical, I should go through the motion.
      So I did.

    • Moose Pucky says:

      McAdams certainly has accomplished much in his 30’s! On his own!!

  43. skunkcabbage says:

    Lisa’s on the defensive and her voice is starting to sound strident.

  44. skunkcabbage says:

    Go McAdam’s – he’s on the hunt after Murkowski about her voting record of “No”, her “mistake” on her mailer.

  45. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    lol!!! Scott brings up the mailer Leesa sent about Dems supporting her.

  46. sierraseven says:

    Lisa asking McAdams why he was not registered to vote until 10 years ago. He says he realized he needed to be more involved.

  47. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    Lisa’s BEST shot at Scott is that he ‘only’ registered to vote TEN YEARS ago!!!

  48. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Zing for Lisa – calling joe on his lack of disclosure. To BIG applause

  49. Writing from Alaska says:

    “Welcome Back” (this is not a museum, by the way)
    Scott asking Miller – talking about a group that Miller pledged to not vote for any earmarks, not to vote for earmarks, etc. Talking about his trips to get money for his community, etc.

    Miller says we won’t have any earmarks whether or not he is elected.

    Miller’s says he was attacked on the computers, saying that Lisa did the same in the past, bringing up things that he says are unethical. Once again saying he is best known candidate, would you accept same level of scrutiny.

    Lisa – Scott and I filed our financial disclosure forms, that is what is required, you somehow thought the rules were for somebody else, and then when if finally caught up with you, why didn’t you do it. Why did you wait?

  50. sierraseven says:

    Lisa’s talking about her and McAdams’ compliance with financial disclosures, and Miller’s failure.

  51. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    Lisa right-hooks JM with the lack of JM’s financial disclosure form!!

  52. skunkcabbage says:

    Miller is going after Murkowski with thinly veiled insults and accusing her of Penney land deal, misuse of computer. Basically he’s saying…. you did it too so why are you accusing me? The teabaggers liked that.

    Lisa reminds Miller that she and McAdams filed their financial and other paperworks when he didn’t.

  53. sierraseven says:

    Miller’s making a speech instead of asking a question.

  54. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    And the mud gets FLUNG!!!!!

  55. skunkcabbage says:

    Joe is just sure we’re gonna have a Republican majority in Congress after Nov.

  56. Enjay in E MT says:

    wow you are all good at this !!!

  57. cg says:

    Got lost in the excitement.
    Lisa’s mad, Joe said campaign donations are quid pro quo (I agree). Lisa’s pissed and says it’s NOT about 8a contracts, but because of!!!
    Yeah? Like, what, Lisa? Name one thing.

    • Writing from Alaska says:

      She did bring the Sec. of Ed to Alaska to see why No Child Left Behind would kill village schools – one that I know of.

      • cg says:

        Good and bad. NCLB actually improved teacher quality to bush Alaska. A bunch of 3rd and 4th-rate people that were only out there to position themselves for Anchorage jobs, had to move on.
        The state and feds both were forced to throw some extra money out there for school construction and improvements. Yeah, really? The school doesn’t need running water, either? Is there something wrong with a 5 gallon bucket and moldy walls? That’s what they’re used to. It’s traditional and culturally-appropriate!
        The standards threw some light on poorly performing kids = poorly performing teachers.

        But she doesn’t get credit for that. Obama administration ordered 5 cabinet members to AK as part of a 9 state tour to get the lay of the land.

  58. sierraseven says:

    Ooh, did Miller just roll his eyes when Lisa said the AFN endorsed her due to her support of Native issues? I thought I saw an eye-roll.

  59. Writing from Alaska says:

    MacAdams disagrees with Cit, United, Lisa voted for Supreme Court justices that ruled to support corp donations.

    Murkowski hitting Miller back on her work for Native villages.

    break time…

  60. skunkcabbage says:

    Lisa got pissed at Joe and used her mean mommy voice and the pointy finger on the desk.

  61. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Predicting Lisa and Joe go to fisticuffs by 9:55

  62. skunkcabbage says:

    McAdams pointing out Murkowski’s support for the SC justices appointed under Bush and her voting record on the subject.

  63. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Woo Hoo for Scott. “Corporate influence is corrupting the electoral system”

  64. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Say it LIsa. The Tea Party is controlled by Koch et al. SAY IT!

  65. sierraseven says:

    Miller praising teabaggers.

  66. skunkcabbage says:

    Lisa and Miller are going at each other now of the monies they’ve recieved.

  67. Writing from Alaska says:

    Scott – disingenuous to attack Lisa, when Koch brothers were underwriters of your campaign
    Will not accept money from corporate interests –

    Murkowski – criticism that you have leveled, you say you have to stand by your constitution, mentioning the corporate ability to contribute

  68. sierraseven says:

    McAdams chastises Miller for Koch brothers contributions.

  69. skunkcabbage says:

    McAdams is getting on both Miller and Murkowski about their corporate dollars. He just pledged not to take any PAC money.

  70. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Scott calls Joe a hypocrite for taking Koch Bros money . WOO HOO!!!

  71. skunkcabbage says:

    McAdams is gonna school Miller on this subject.

  72. sierraseven says:

    Miller brings up his FEC complaint about contributions to Murkowski’s campaign.

  73. Writing from Alaska says:

    Questions on Native preference for contracts – starting with Scott
    Believes that the program has brought $ to AK and that AK Native people have had chances to succeed, continues to support, for accountability and ..lost that.
    wants to help the tribes, village survival, discussing tribes as opposed to corps.

    Miller says doesn’t support, doesn’t bring enough to shareholders, over course of murkowski ‘dynasty’ – wants benefits to go to shareholders,not corps.

    Murkowski – supports, scholarships have been beneficial, supports but not perfect program. Disagrees with Joe on whether or not these contracts bring about effeciency, reputations of Native contractors are good

    Miller says it is because she gets $ from them, so that is why she supports them.

  74. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Joe disses Lisa on “the Murkowski dynasty”. You know he just Especially hates her because she’s a God-danged FE-MALE!

  75. skunkcabbage says:

    Oh dear, Miller’s answer on this is showing his great, vast, non-understanding of tribal corps.

  76. cg says:

    She’s poised but projecting anger instead of fierceness.

  77. Sourdough Mullet says:

    What is it w/ all the Miller supporters chewing their gum like cud? It’s just like Sarah. Think it’s a secret Teabagger handshake kinda thing?

  78. sierraseven says:

    Getting into no-bid contracts for Native-owned firms.

  79. skunkcabbage says:

    Uhh Oh, here comes the 8(a) program questions.

  80. skunkcabbage says:

    McAdams seems a bit tired. Lisa seems a bit tired and strained, but containing herself well. She always carried poise well. Miller is trying to look sincere but is coming off as defensive and tense.

  81. MonaLisa (inCT) says:


    Scott: Oppose racial profiling, need to enforce laws on the books, secure the boarders. It’s a supply/demand issue w/businesses hiring undocumented labor.

    Leesa: We gotta stop this, we have to stop that, we need to make sure to enforce the laws on the books. EAST GERMANY!!

    Jo(k)e: Knows (now) that E. Germany wasn’t a country. Points out Leesa voted for amnesty in ’06. Supports AZ (it’s overrun!) Don’t reward illegals by providing amnesty.

    Scott vows to not build a Berlin Wall

  82. cg says:

    Lisa is doing her angry face and voice. “We need to not be looking to East Germany!”

    Joe is in his t-bag comfort zone and speaking well, schooling Lisa on her record in DC.

    Scott – he’s gonna make sure that McConnel, Lisa, and Joe don’t build a wall on the Mexican border.
    Uh oh. Lisa’s going to school Scott.

  83. skunkcabbage says:

    McAdams – I’ll make sure we don’t build a wall on our border.

  84. sierraseven says:

    McAdams quoting Reagan on “tear down this wall”!

  85. skunkcabbage says:

    Miller – State’s have a right to defend themselves! There are counties in Arizona overrun!

  86. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Joe’s forehead veins are popping. Can’t see if his knuckles are getting hairier though. Was the full moon last night?

  87. Writing from Alaska says:

    Illegal immigration – Arizona decision – missed some of this hope someone can report Scott’s response.

    Lisa – not up to Arizona, federal responsibility. enforcement of laws on books, should not be looking to East Germany as a model – zing….

    Miller – attacking Lisa’s voting record, disagree with concept of legal amnesty, if you create an ‘attraction’ they will come across…he supports Arizona

  88. skunkcabbage says:

    I really hate it when politicians say, “The fact of the matter is….”

  89. sierraseven says:

    “We should not be looking to East Germany …” Yeah!

  90. skunkcabbage says:

    OOohh, Lisa dished Miller with an “East Germany” remark.

  91. skunkcabbage says:

    Lisa- Got stay in Afganistan because we can’t let “them” feel we are threatened.
    Miller – Go in with a lazer focus and take it out. Don’t polticize rules of engagement. Can’t talk about the Democracy movement. Basically said shoot first then ask questions.
    McAdams – We need to pursue threat of terrorism, but will make sure Administration has a clear purpose, an achievable mission. Not worth our blood and treasure to be engaged in endless war.

  92. Writing from Alaska says:

    Discussion and questions on end of war, Afghanistan. Lisa handling the question like a Senator.
    Miller saying something about it is the wrong attitude to use military to spread democracy, got to follow through with what you started, shouldn’t be politicized, Geneva convention should be respected.
    MacAdams – Petreus needs time to refocus, before taking any vote to send any service member in harm’s way, need to have a defined mission, etc. Can’t afford costs – either human or financial.

  93. cg says:

    A non-answer from Joe about Don’t ask/Don’t tell. He said it’s politics messing with the military. What does that mean?
    Lisa says congress should be waiting for results of some kind of survey of soldiers. First I’ve heard of that. She made a snarky face and said “eee-ven” Obama wants to rush this decision. She wants to wait until to hear what soldiers think.
    I guess there’s something us citizens don’t know about? Anyone?

    Kind of confusing watching on tv. There’s a lot of applause for Joe. Is the house all Joe supporters?

  94. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Recognizing some of Joes’ omnipresent supporters from the Valley in the audience. Same ones at his primary victory party. Especially noting one family that I believe are “Quiverfulls”. Religious fundamentalists, and they have like 8 kids, all of them there

  95. Writing from Alaska says:

    Miller thinks that it is up to the military to make decision about DADT – not the government – ?!?
    Murkowski – we asked those serving to weigh in, we owe them the curtesy to weigh their opinions, will it effect ability to defend – etc. Congress shouldn’t make a decision until the results come back.
    MacAdams supports repeal – applause. Says that other changes have been made with great success, this one will also.

  96. skunkcabbage says:

    McAdams supports full repeal of DADT – but we already knew that. πŸ™‚

  97. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    I love how Scott actually ANSWERS the questions!!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      He sure isn’t a politician if he actually answers the questions with thoughtful, nuanced answers! Can’t have that! Wouldn’t it be great if they all did?

  98. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Joe thinks you can “pray the gay away”. Has a person on his payroll that pushes that agenda. Somebody ought to call him on this

  99. skunkcabbage says:

    Miller – Repealling “Don’t Ask don’t tell” is fooling around with the military’s readiness.

    • Bretta says:

      Is that why you had to leave the Army, Joe?
      Because the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Rule was not in effect, and someone found out about you?
      And why, after three years, you were never promoted beyond first lieutenant?

  100. skunkcabbage says:

    Miller wants to repeal or defund Health Care Reform, Lisa wants to repeal. McAdams gives a great nuanced answer concerning facts and actualities. Pointed out Mitch McConnell’s interferrance in how the bill was shaped.

  101. Writing from Alaska says:

    Scott talking about sending a regular Alaskan to the Senate to rep real Alaskans, applause

    Lisa talking about spending, regulation costing us, what are we doing to insure that we are conscientious about programs we have put in place? Zinged on Farm Subsidies…

    OOOhhh – Miller hitting Lisa on her ‘dad’ putting her office. Saying we have to cut earmarks – something about ANWR, lots of response from the ‘right’ side of the room.

    Murkowski says she would repeal of Obama health care plan, Miller would also – Obama not a friendly administration, etc.

    MacAdams – does not support repeal, with so many amendments could as well been credited to Republicans.

  102. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Joe says “Repill” the Obama heathcare bill. He’s got Palinitis

  103. cg says:

    Lisa is pumped. She’s soo stoked about whatever triumphs she experienced today (?)
    Ooozing confidence.
    Uh oh. Joe scored points for some kind of comment about earmarks.

  104. skunkcabbage says:

    Joe Miller – We should trade earmarks for ANWR. What the hell does that mean??

    • Writing from Alaska says:

      That’s what I was wondering…..

    • stef g. says:

      I was there, and I am still wondering what was about.

    • Lower48 says:

      Arctic National Wildlife Refuge… drill baby drill. Skip the earmarks, drill in the ANWR, take profits FROM the oil there… methinks.

    • Bretta says:

      Drill ANWR all you want, the infrastructure to ship it is broken. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) is corroded and has not been properly maintained. That is why it is used at 50 percent capacity or less and has been that way for a few years.

      The owners and managers of the TAPS made a decision to not keep it clean and free from inner corrosion and two major spills in recent years were the result.

      So Drill, Joey, Drill, but you ain’t gonna be able to send it out. Not without some Farm Subsidies. Oops, is that Pretzel Logic? Did I send you back into into the loop of believing that Big Oil will actually take care of their responsibilities to make sure you could pump more oil if you wanted to?

  105. Sourdough Mullet says:

    “With all due respect, Senator, when you were elected to your position by your father, the debt was lower”. Ouch!

  106. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    Joe gets in the ‘your dad gave you this job’ jab.

  107. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Applause for Scott’s idea to do away w/ Soc Security cap for millionairres

  108. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    He’s kinda hard to hear here, too. He doesn’t enunciate, and talks as fast as a Yankee.

  109. Writing from Alaska says:

    I see no security guys, one minute to broadcast time…..
    I think Lisa experience at talking about this issues is really showing, Scott holding his own….

  110. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    You’re doing fine, WfAK! Lisa keeps looking at the moderator or Scott when she talks, Jo(k)e looks only at the moderator, with a few stabby glances right into the camera.

    • Millie says:

      Not true…I watched the entire debate and Joe made eye contact with both Scott and Lisa. That was one thing I noticed that they were all doing a good job at….speaking directly to each other.

  111. Writing from Alaska says:

    Lisa hitting on entitlements, Lisa responding to Scott re a pilot program to change social sec rather than eliminate.
    Miller wanting to take US funds out of International Monetary Funds. He is kind of mumbly at the end and a little hard to hear from where I am sitting.

  112. skunkcabbage says:

    Joe wants to raid the coffers of the IMF and the UN. Why does this not surprize me?

  113. Writing from Alaska says:

    Miller being asked about fed. funding, etc.
    What do you do when you have a state so dependent on federal funds, says Miller. We need to put more effort into resources, not into getting earmarks.

    Murkowski talking about reducing entitlements – if you suggest reducing earmarks as reducing the deficit, you don’t know what you are talking about or you have been fed a lie.

    McAdams – we are a young state, infrastructure poor state, need education, etc. Most communities don’t have what they need, Murkowski voted against AK projects, Miller pledged not to go for earmarks, (and I, WfAK, am having trouble with the details).

  114. skunkcabbage says:

    McAdams – “When the Senator votes “No”, it’s much like Joe.” Ha ha!

  115. skunkcabbage says:

    Ooooh Lisa’s getting tough on Miller. Basically called him a liar or a fool over federal dollars and the deficit. This was the Lisa that should have showed up at the primary.

  116. skunkcabbage says:

    Miller just sealed his doom …”If you elect me, without a doubt federal dollars will shrink.”

  117. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    Oooo…. Lisa’s harsh on Joe “…lack of fitness…”

  118. Writing from Alaska says:

    Murkowski being asked why she decided to run after losing primary
    Lisa – talking about all the peeps that asked her to run, decided to run rather than disenfranchise people, Scott not experienced, Joe – your statement here this evening demonstrates your lack of fitness for the office.
    What we say today with editorials in ADN, Juneau Empire, being thanked for giving AK a choice.

  119. Writing from Alaska says:

    Miller – I made mistakes because I am not a professional politician, learned from mistakes. Everybody knows more about me. I am the best known…………….blah.

    • sierraseven says:

      Yeah, he never did answer the question as to why he would talk to national media but not local media. Just started in with his usual “participated in an online poll during my lunch hour” BS. Really, Joe? On that lunch hour that you didn’t have – since you worked part-time in the afternoons? C’mon, Joe, you went in before your usual work hours, while the office was empty for lunch time, so you could log onto other employees’ computers. “Participated in an online poll” makes it sound like you just voted once, on your own computer.

      No character. No integrity.

    • dreamgirl says:

      …..henchman for da quittypants…..toad also too!

  120. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    I lost the link… πŸ™

  121. Writing from Alaska says:

    Oh, good – I can hear this commentator – welcoming everybody – 60 secs to answer – then time for extended conversation.
    Question to MacAdams – Mayor of Sitka is a part time job, how does that prep you for the Senate?
    Scott – Last 8 years great prep, Mayors are spokesperson for their community even on a national level. etc.
    Miller – question about job performance in Fairbanks – you have refused to answer, earlier, you went to CNN and confirmed you had been disciplined, why not answer question from AK media.

  122. Writing from Alaska says:

    People milling around. AKM taking photos when she can get a good shot. THERE is Scott – looking very confident and comfortable. Miller has a batch of papers on the table – here we go.

  123. Writing from Alaska says:

    Lisa seated, Miller seated, don’t see Scott as of yet.

  124. Writing from Alaska says:

    Ethan says he wants to reach across party lines, etc. They both are time challenged on their comments, I notice. Budget comments – vision of Parnell, gas, and talking up his education initiative to provide scholarships.End of this round, I think.
    By the way, lots of Miller supporters here – coming back with Senate candidates. ….

  125. Writing from Alaska says:

    Now they are asking each other questions and I lost track for a bit reading other pup comments. I get the idea they don’t agree with each other – ha!
    Parnell asking Berkowitz about previous votes for a state income tax, b. says it had to do with past budget shortfalls, today we have too much spending – Back and forth on past budgets.

  126. Sourdough Mullet says:

    OOH- some zingers for Ethan- “Sean, you got us into this financial hole as head of the Sen. Finance Committee”

  127. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    “I will not quit!” Lady laughed HARD, loud applause!

  128. Writing from Alaska says:

    They are talking about health care – Parnell wants to have private sector solution….couldn’t quite get Berkowitz’s comments.
    OH, how interesting – we are on the topic of Lt. Gov. and if they had to ‘step in’ can voters be confident that the running mates share same ideals. Parnell talking up his candidate.
    Berkowitz – Benson is not identical to me and wanted to have someone who is identical to me, talks about her passion for disenfranchised, has ideas about how to solve problems.
    Berkowitz got a round of applause for saying he would serve all four years and not QUIT.

  129. Writing from Alaska says:

    I don’t think the ‘protectors’ are out yet. Other candidates waiting in another room, I think.

  130. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    Heh… Jo(k)e commercial, followed by Chris Warren ad, followed by… LES! (Hi Les!)

  131. cg says:

    Who are all the black-shirted guys sitting on the stage with crossed arms? Is that Miller’s Stasi security force?

  132. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Re: Pebble mine. I’ve seen the State permitting process from the inside, and don’t try to tell me that scientific research always gets considered. SO many of the permits are decided on a purely political basis. It’s scary.

  133. Writing from Alaska says:

    Resources, gas, oil, investments…..etc. Parnell says someone should be in office who will ‘fight’ the federal gov’t to develop resources.
    Pebble mine question – Parnell says won’t favor one resource over another, decision can’t be made before more information is in. That is not an exact quote.
    Berkowitz is opposed to Pebble – Says there are problems with permitting process.
    another break – boy that was quick.

  134. Writing from Alaska says:

    Skunk – you should comment on faces, I can’t see them from where I am sitting – crowded room!

    • Sourdough Mullet says:

      Parnell has had his “Howdy Doody” face on the whole time. But it’s strained tonight, kind of a “howdy grimace” Very weird.
      Ethan is having a hard time hiding his disdain, kind of smirking a bit too much at Parnell’s answers

      • Sourdough Mullet says:

        Not surprising. Parnell get stressed out in debates, Ethan thrives on them.

        • Eddie in Anchorage says:

          Except in 2008 when Young made him look clueless, at least in the debate I attended at UAA. It was uncomfortable, to put it mildly. Begich is much better at debating and could probably give Ethan some tips for the future.

      • skunkcabbage says:

        You could tell Ethan was trying really hard to keep his face contained. But you know that listening to Parnell is bound to get a grimace out of the best of us.

  135. Sourdough Mullet says:

    OK, I gotta say it – is KTUU’s budget really THAT tight? One small round card table with a wrinkled tablecloth, all three participants huddled around it with someone’s back always to the camera….Kinda shoddy, KTUU.

    • Sourdough Mullet says:

      I’m frankly just a little worried about how this setup can work for the Senatorial debate, Joe Miller is gonna be kicking Scott and Lisa under the table if they have to sit that close. Just sayin’.

      • Writing from Alaska says:

        I will let you know if that happens πŸ™‚ I can see the floor under the table if I lean over a bit – ha! My battery is at 59% hoping it lasts!

  136. Writing from Alaska says:

    Decision 2010- welcome back! Viewer questions – Rick Steiner! Re Exxon settlement – has not been paid. Will they be ordered to pay?
    Parnell – first he heard about the option proposed (?!)
    Berkowitz – reiterates complaint about the $500K being paid to gasline developers (Exxon joined this effort)

  137. skunkcabbage says:

    Getting tired of hearing the rehtoric and babble? Hit the mute on the TV and just watch the facial expressions.

    • dreamgirl says:

      That’s what I do too also! Just another reason to love the Mudflats…. AKM does the heavy lifting and other onerous bits. She makes the hard facts palatable… even yummy!

  138. MonaLisa (inCT) says:

    (*I’m coming to help, WfAK!*)

  139. Writing from Alaska says:

    One minute each to respond to questions – first topic – gas line.
    Berkowitz – Ah, Bill Walker, a candidate during the primaries is joining his team ‘after his elected’ – going for the All Alaska gasline.
    Parnell prefers private business rather than government.
    Berkowitz – when you are spending $500,000 of govt. money – not a private business endeavor. We have waited too long, etc.

  140. Writing from Alaska says:

    (actually AKM and Shannyn are to my right, not that it matters, but I am going for accuracy here) “and now live….”

  141. Writing from Alaska says:

    OK folks – here we go. Gubernatorial candidates have just entered the arena. – I suddenly flash on a gladiator scenario, but actually we see a round table in the center of the room with a commentator and cameras. I spotted Diane Benson sitting on the stage with a variety of other observers. AKM, Shannyn and Griffin are seated a few seats over to my left and the room is PACKED. The camera guy says we are one minute away….

    • dreamgirl says:

      Hey Mudpups, just wanted to not give negative candidates anymore undeserved press.

      Only Scott McAdams is worthy of a Senator. He deserves every bit of press and more so votes!

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