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November 25, 2017

Murkowski & Palin – Rock 'em Sock 'em Republicans

Well, any bets about whose head is going to pop off their shoulders and bobble around on that little springy thing?  After years of back and forth, which started in denial, moved up to subtle comments, and then not-so-subtle jabs, and now no-holds-barred rock ’em sock ’em robot action… my money is on Sarah Palin.  To be the one with the head popping off.

Back when Palin returned home with her tail tucked between her legs after the 2008 election, rumors ran wild that she’d go up against Murkowski in 2010 for the senate seat.  She decided not to, and even gave the very first $5000 donation from SarahPAC to Murkowski to quell the rumors.

But since that time, relations were strained, and Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Joe Miller, and her last minute panicked attack on Murkowski in the hopes of rallying the Tea Party troops pretty much laid it all out there.

Palin appeared at a rally for Joe Miller, introduced by Janine Turner who played Maggie on the “Alaskan” TV series Northern Exposure. Turner is now a bleach blonde, conservative mouthpiece from Texas who comes awfully close to out-screeching Palin, and I don’t say that lightly. This was her first trip to Alaska.

I attended that little whoop-de-do, and now seems like as good a time as any to post the transcript of the event.  I have deleted a few paragraphs about Abraham Lincoln, and William Seward and Alaska’s God-given resources, just to spare you.  But I’ve left in the references to Lisa Murkowski – whom you’ll notice was never once referenced by her actual name. I put the Lisa parts in blue so you can skip ahead if you feel your brain starting to bleed.

Janine Turner: (ready the Maalox and insert wads of cotton batting in ears!)

To me, Governor Palin is like the Aurora Borealis. She is a light. She is electric. She is brilliant.  Sarah Palin is a fascination to our country’s citizens.  Why? Because she is fresh, honest, forthright and self-made.  Yes, because she has the chutzpah to not be politically correct.  She has the guts to not compromise.  We honor her daring. We marvel at her convictions – truth, righteousness and fairness carve her path. She’s the person you’d want by your side on a deserted island.  Even a Democrat would admit to this fact.  I mean who would they rather pick – Harry Reid?  Nancy Pelosi would take the first boat to save herself!  Sarah would give the first boat to us. She has true grit, determination, skill and vision. When she’s knocked down, she gets  back up.  People may scoff and people may taunt, but it’s because her light cannot be hidden under a bushel. And it scares her critics.  Even her enemies are drawn to her because they secretly want to be what she is – an American who is fearless, worthy, trailblazing, resilient. She is wife, mother, woman, patriot, leader, child of God.  She stands by her convictions, she stands by her country, she stands by her God. Lady Liberty and Sarah Palin are lit by the same torch.  She epitomizes what makes America great.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Governor Sarah Palin!


Sarah Palin: (all gussied up in jeans and a hoodie)

Helloooo Alaska! How are you Anchorage? It’s so good to see you, so wonderful to see you, let me ask you first, Alaska don’t you just looove your freedom?!  We’re here to elect somebody who will fight for our freedoms and fight for your rights, are you gonna be there for him – Joe Miller – our next United States Senator.  We do love our freedom here in Alaska, I tell you it is just precious to us. And when we say that we love our freedom then we know who it is that we thank for protecting our Constitution and our rights.  We thank our United States military – our veterans. Those who have served, raise your hand, we want to thank you!  God bless you. We salute you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  So good to get to be here, here Todd and I, driving in from Wasilla tonight, our first big snowfall, and you know…  I know! Only in Alaska would everybody be celebrating the first big snowfall.  We were happy to get to drive through it, and I’m  thinking about traveling around the U.S. the past couple of months, especially.

(Kathleen and Joe Miller listen with rapt attention to Sarah Palin. Bernadette Wilson (aka the Party Planner), who introduced herself as the Chair of Miller’s campaign is visible in the background. It is unclear if Mrs. Miller has eyes in the back of her head.)

Well, last week I was in Florida and we got to talk a lot about how wonderful Alaska is, of course, and our wonderful resources, so Todd was telling these Floridians about how wonderful Alaska is and talking about the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, filming eight episodes about what there is to do in Alaska, and the uniqueness of Alaska.  These folks, they named the show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, but of course it’s not my Alaska, it’s your Alaska, but we get to show it off, so….  I’m telling these folks about this wonderful show coming up and what it is that we have up here to help secure our union with our natural resources and with that name of Sarah Palin’s Alaska I was joking around saying, “Well, the producers now are looking at a sequel and they’re looking at a place that’s near and dear to our President’s heart where he spends all his time and all his effort like in Alaska my efforts, only his show is going to be called Barack Obama’s Golf Courses.  So, I hear that joke and I think it’s funnier than heck, you know…and the White House didn’t think it was so funny though, and they made a comment about it. So then on Twitter, here come some new suggestions for a Barack Obama show.  Ok, here’s some ideas that these people came up with on Twitter.  They say, well first, in honor of Miss Turner’s classic television show Northern Exposure.. remember that? That was so great. We have the Obama sequel, Northern Foreclosure.  Or how about Dancing with the Czars, in honor of Bristol. Yeah. Vote for Bristol! OK, here’s one…  Extreme Takeover.  America’s Got Taxes, Project Runaway Spending, and two more… The Wonder What the Heck is Going on Years, and then finally Honey I Bankrupt the Kids.  And we can laugh about it but really folks, you know that it is no laughing matter what is going on in our state of the union, in fact finally there is something I discovered that I can actually agree with the White House, speaking the spokesperson for our President, Robert Gibbs, this week, he says that the nation’s car that had been driven into the ditch has an Obama bumper sticker on it.  I’m like yeah! Finally! Finally something we can agree on.

Well, here’s the deal Joe Miller knows that the only way that we can get this car out of the ditch, moving on the right track, gettin’ this economy back roarin’ again, getting our country back on the right track is to change the way that business is done in Washington. No more business as usual! We gotta get there and shake it up! We gotta send Joe Miller to the United States Senate!  He will not just embrace the status quo. Ronald Reagan used to say “Status quo? That’s Latin for ‘the mess that we’re in.’” And Joe Miller will not vote for the status quo once we send him.  He knows that the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the RINOs just goin along for the ride think at the wheel they are running the nation’s car into a ditch, and beyond that, you know, once we get out of the ditch according to they, thinking that they have some solutions to grow government to get us out of the ditch, they’re going to drive us off of the cliff with the solutions that they have. Lookit, we are headed for a European-style debt crisis if we don’t turn this car around.  Our nation is headed towards insolvency, just crunch the numbers you can see what is out in front of us if we do not turn things around in Washington D.C.  The only way we’re going to turn it around, folks, is tochange the leadership in Washington D.C. and that’s what Joe Miller’s campaign is all about and that’s why they cannot stand to hear what he stands for.

(~Yes, I know this one is blurry… but I always like to capture the “scary knuckle” and this is the best I got!)

See, our time for choosing is on November 2nd, isn’t it. This is the time for choosing. And big over-spending, over-reaching, over-regulated, over-taxing government is not the answer to all the problems that America is facing today. And that big government, that mentality of those in D.C., that is the issue in this campaign.  In Alaska and all across America, and believe me as I travel across the U.S., it’s not just Alaskans with their pioneering independent spirit that we have here, but its permeating all throughout the rest of the U.S. too and so many Americans, so many Tea Party Americans are standing up and saying, “Enough is enough!” and we’re going to take this government back and put it back on the side of We the People.

It’s a pretty simple message, but Joe – bless his heart – is running against two candidates who are in complete denial of the problems that big growing government causes for you all.  One of them is an out-of-touch liberal, and the other happens to be the Mayor of Sitka. (cheers) So here’s what’s going on…. Yeah, that was a good one… yes… so instead of debating the issues, you guys all know what’s going on around here in Alaska instead of debating the issue, what they’re trying to do, throwing everything at him and the kitchen sink at our Joe Miller, questioning his honor, questioning his record, questioning his intentions and it’s not just asking the questions, but it’s throwing lies at Joe Miller, and questioning that honor, that we’re going to talk a little bit about instead of debating the issues.  These supporters of big government and the status quo, one in particular, the opponent would rather waste your time, the voters’ time by throwing this mud at Joe, and this campaign has thrown this mud, it’s being run by a lot of beltway lobbyists and yet this campaign, supporters of big government, dare dare try to shame Tea Party Americans and independent Alaskans for having dared contribute to Joe’s campaign, saying that WE have engaged in negative campaigning.  It… it’s, you know, it’s kind of Orwellian. What’s up is down, what’s right is wrong.  No, it’s not negative campaigning for Joe to be calling this candidate, this politician, on her voting record, what she did in Washington D.C.  It’s been the truth that he’s been revealing, and it’s driving them crazy and they don’t want to talk about the issues.

And I find it shameful that this same person, let’s call her the candidate for the Entitlement Party, OK?  She can’t really find a party – independent, Republican.  This Establishment Party politician, shamefully used Joe Miller’s honorable military service as a means to attack him in a debate just recently. (boos)  Let me be clear about who Joe Miller really is because you’re not getting the truth from the left, and you’re not getting the truth from the lamestream media about the real Joe Miller, OK? So we’re going to talk about the real Joe Miller.

(Kathleen and Joe Miller with his parents)

Joe is a West Point graduate, he’s a decorated combat veteran, a Gulf War veteran.  Joe was awarded the Bronze Star for honorable service to our country.  You know, I… I read his resume, I read his accomplishments and I see his passion for America and I think, “Are we even fit to tie his combat boots?” The things that he has done for America already, and his oath that he has taken and that he will continue to abide by that oath to protect our Constitution. Who is any politician in Washington D.C. to question his commitment to that oath. But listen, he being awarded that Bronze Star for honorable service to our country, his commanding officer described him as a true warrior leader tested under fire, and I say tested under fire then as he is now in this campaign is going to make him stronger – it’s gonna make him work harder for you Alaska. Tested under fire! And his commanding officer too says he has an unlimited potential for great responsibility and great leadership that was Providential, those words spoken about him then, that will be made manifest as we elect him to represent us in Washington D.C. and help lead the United States of America in the United States Senate.

Now, those parts of Joe’s resume that this establishment candidate forgets to mention when she questions his honor is it any wonder in the last debate that the audience booed her, when she said such a thing. You know why? Because here in Alaska, well, we know what military honor means.  And for a sitting politician – a beltway United States Senator to question the honor and the character of a decorated combat vet is beyond shameful. Joe Miller has taken that oath to support and defend our Constitution. He’s kept that oath. He’s been willing to sacrifice his very life to defend that oath.

Now, this candidate – this supporter of big government accusing Joe of negative campaigning as ads are run and debate points are being made accusing Joe of things that are totally false that you complicit media people, you just don’t get it. Alaskans are smarter than that. We (inaudible) and you dig into the facts and you find the truth! You just don’t get it.  As I said, talking about a politician’s voting record in Washington D.C. is not negative campaigning, it is revealing truth. But the left, the left does not want us to talk about that, or talk about issues like Washington’s voting records and support for the left’s big government over-reach. They want us to talk about things that are out there on the periphery that are things that are trivial so that you will be distracted, and I don’t have to tell you that. You already know what’s going on.

We’re going to talk though a little bit quickly about some of those issues anyway. We’re going to talk about the fact that our kids are being bankrupt by an out of control White House and congress and there are too many RINOs that are going along to get along in D.C. being part of the problem. That’s why we’re here. We’re going to shake that up, we’re gonna change that when Joe Miller heads to D.C. OK?


So, folks, instead of importing pork, the time is now to export our resources and Alaska’s optimistic pioneering spirit. That’s what we need to do under new leadership, and every day I see this everywhere we go. Every day I see that more and more Americans, they’re being convinced they do know that there in the Lower 48, they look up at Alaska and they see the potential of her resources, her spirit and that certainly is one of my life’s missions is to make sure people understand what it is that we have to offer. We can’t offer that though unless we have someone in D.C. casting those votes to 1) stop the Pelosi Obama Reid agenda and to allow the private sector, the small businesses, those that are based here in Alaska to allow them to grow and prosper. I promised you as governor that I would never stop pushing for our rights, our freedom, our opportunity to work. Joe Miller will take that fight to Washington like never before.

Now the Entitlement Party, the Establishment Candidate represents the status quo in this fight. When Joe said it had to be done, she replied, “It can’t be done.” Now, Alaska deserves better than that and it is time that things change. We can’t afford someone who will barter with the Obama administration over things like Obamacare, the mother of all unfounded mandates, government takeover of healthcare system, and someone who would barter with the Obama administration over a job killing legislation called Cap and Trade that I call Cap and Tax. We can’t afford to have someone who will make those kinds of compromises and back room deals in order to get something in favor of or favor for or favor by something else. We need someone with a backbone, strong, uncompromising when it comes to principle, uncompromising when it comes to principle. We need Joe. We need someone with Joe’s never say die attitude to keep the pressure on and tell Washington loud and clear we don’t want big government, we want opportunity to work.

My fellow Alaskans will you fulfill our state motto when Alaska is looked at by the rest of America and Americans say yes, north to the future! Are you ready to lead?

Well, Joe Miller is willing to fight for us in Washington D.C. Are you going to be there for him? He is going to be there for us and we need to be there for him. Let’s do it Alaska, let’s lead. We can help lead this nation. Let’s send Joe Miller to the United States Senate. Let’s shake it up. No more business as usual. Let’s change D.C. Let’s restore America with honor. That is what Joe Miller will bring to the United States Senate. Ladies and Gentlemen I want to tell you how proud I am, how honored I am to be here for Joe Miller.

God bless you and God bless Alaska and God Bless the United States of America!

(Joe Miller and Sarah Palin embrace. Palin’s friend, Christian singer Adele Morgan looks on.)

Gloves? Off.  If there was any pretense of mutual respect at one point, those days are long gone.  And as the days tick by and it appears more likely that Lisa Murkowski will retain her senate seat, despite the desperate pleas of Palin for her chosen one, Joe Miller, Murkowski has selected a retaliatory tool from her political toolbox that Palin will find particularly heinous.  I speak of (dum da dum dum….) Katie Couric.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowki told CBS News’ Katie Couric today that she would not support Sarah Palin for president because Palin lacks the “leadership qualities” and “intellectual curiosity” to craft great policy.

“You know, she was my governor for two years, for just about two years there, and I don’t think that she enjoyed governing,” Murkowski said. “I don’t think she liked to get down into the policy.” The Alaska senator added that she prefers a candidate who “goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning thinking about how we’re going to deal with” important issues.

In the interview, Murkowski said she did not have much of a relationship with Palin, though she said their interactions were “always professional.”

“We just don’t really have much in common – I mean, we don’t talk to one another,” she said.

“We have common interests in a shared love for our state, and I would like to think that if there were an opportunity to help do something good for Alaska, she would call me, or I could call her… but in fairness, she is not really that keyed into the state anymore. She is looking, obviously, at a bigger pond, and so we don’t see her up north as much.”

Sproingggggg! (Yes, that was Palin’s red robo-head popping off as she contimplates not being able to get someone who won the Republican primary in her beloved Alassska elected to office)

For those interested in seeing more of the event, you can check out my Flickr album HERE.

The Joeberman Pinscher says, “This bone don’t taste to (sic) good.”



101 Responses to “Murkowski & Palin – Rock 'em Sock 'em Republicans”
  1. sam hall says:

    Palin and Miller are absolutely disgusting…they are completely phony..with nothing but hot air..
    send them both to Kansas .

  2. survivor97 says:

    If I read Sarah’s speechifying while wearing earplugs, would I still hear her annoying voice?

    Seriously, there has got to be a way to get the noise out of my head.

  3. Wallflower says:

    I tried to read the whole transcript but my stomach started huring.

  4. Chairmanmeow says:

    I’m sorry but even just reading the blue text will make ones brain bleed too. Gobbledygook.

  5. Ladybirddeb says:

    I tried, I really did, but I could not get through the entire thing. Jeanine Turner looks sort of…psychotic, and her introduction of SP made my partially digested breakfast rise in my throat. And I agree with the previous post-er — it’s not the intellectual curiosity that SP lacks, it’s the actual intellect itself.

  6. n djinn says:

    Clearly she does not know what Orwellian means.

  7. Motorhead says:

    $arah seems a little confused about what channel her new “show” is playing on: “…Todd was telling these Floridians about how wonderful Alaska is and talking about the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, filming eight episodes about what there is to do in Alaska…”

    Gosh, is it Discovery Channel, or TLC? What…EVER! No, just “what a maroon!”

  8. I usually don’t comment unless I’ve at least read the post and usually most of the comments. But, I’m sorry, I just can’t make myself read all of that nonsense from that female. She is so disgusting to me. I don’t think I can take much more. I’m not a fan of Murkowski, but no matter what she has done, I’m glad she (it seems) will be going back to Washington, D.C. I don’t want Sarah Palin to have any reason to brag or gloat. (Bad enough her untalented daughter is in the finals for DWTS – wonder how much of the PAC money paid for all those phone calls and texts. 🙁 )

  9. Baker's Dozen says:

    Since Joe “voluntarily” resigned from his job with the borough, what does he do to support his family? Chase ambulances, misrepresent his clients in court in order to get them govt. subsidies for which they do not qualify and don’t vote for, represent the accused in domestic violence cases?

    If I were his wife, I’d really be praying that he’d be going to DC and leaving me in Fairbanks. if for no other reasons than to get away from that dreadful beard and to be allowed to keep shampoo in the house. (Is it written in the Tea Party platform that members cannot engage in even minimal grooming?)

  10. Jen says:

    Thanks for the transcript! It is always difficult to load the videos. Joe must really be sweating it about now and the quitter must be eating her young. Oh well, Joe can pack it up and duke it out in bankruptcy court and Sarah can high-tail it back to Wasilla.

  11. Dorothy says:

    Sorry, I keep getting hung up on ” Sarah would give the first boat to us. “

  12. Zyxomma says:

    I already posted this on the Open Thread, but it looks like everyone’s moved on, so I’ll post it here:

    Please write the EPA and ask them to stop the rape of Appalachia, a/k/a mountaintop removal.

  13. clydedog says:

    Janine turner is going for the Orly look.

    She should have had the disclaimer “I am not an Alaskan, I just played one on TV”

  14. SouthPaw says:

    This caught my eye from another post thought it was interesting…

    “…the right wing has perfected what is called “waving the bloody shirt” response, in which the truth is inverted where the bully becomes the victim and vice versa. A charge of racism becomes an attack on their integrity, and agitation toward racial warfare.

    …In Sarah Palin they find their true hero. Ignorant, sexy, acultural and full of self-pity, her anti-intellectualism is a celebration of her integrity and credibility. She’s the soccer mom, and the joe six-pack, with lipstick. (?) Well, something like that.

    Palin embodies her lies and divisiveness in what is called sucker populism, or producerism, which is a ploy of the wealthy to keep the middle and poorer class believing that their industry and invention alone will help them win the lottery of joining the exclusive club at Millionaire Acres, that their enemies are the “lazy entitlement oafs at the bottom, and the superwealthy such as George Soros.

    The wealthy are the staunchest advocates of this brand of sucker populism as they become its chief beneficiary while the ordinary working stiff bears the heavier tax load and tells himself, like Thumper, “if I only work harder.” The right wing are the “thumpers” who have the most to lose, yet are the staunchest advocates of losing out– true sucker populism.”

  15. Doodlebug says:

    Maybe the north wind that is blowing up a storm today will blow Joe Miller and Sarah Palin out of our wonderful state. I’m so tired of all this. Have you noticed that where SP goes, chaos follows? And how come she and Todd didn’t get arrested for harassing that bear? I just wonder how many other guns in the cameraman’s boat were trained on that little guy?

  16. PascoBill says:

    I guess I’m surprised that this was “Maggie’s” first trip to Alaska. Around the 3rd season, I read an interview where members of the show “Northern Exposure” (actors, writers) told of a visit they had made to Alaska. Maybe 1993? They were surprised at Alaska’s size. Before that, the writers would have Maggie fly her bush plane for a day trip from Cicely (probably South Central AK?) to Nome, stop off at Fairbanks on the way back, and be home by dark – all with snow outside!

  17. Irishgirl says:

    I can’t say anything nice…so I am going to bed.

  18. ibwilliamsi says:

    OK, obviously I didn’t get far because I’m already commenting after two sentences of groveling to SP. I’d rather die on a desert island than be stuck on a desert island with SP. It would be me or her, but one of us isn’t lasting out the day.

  19. Zyxomma says:

    Thanks again for taking one for the team, AKM. You’re a hardy soul, and we appreciate it.

    Now, on to Sowah (I don’t know the other crazy woman; I never saw Northern Exposure). Her words are treasonous. If *she* were a member of the military, instead of just a phony booster of same, she would deserve a treason trial for her slander against the C-in-C. I’d volunteer for the firing squad (even though I don’t qualify, because I’m not military either). That dangerous moron disgusts me.

    • Bretta says:

      I accused someone of treason and was ready to hang them here, and was reminded that we have to try the baas-turds first. Then we can hang The $ow and The Boner together. Or separately. I don’t care.

  20. Simple Mind says:

    So Sarah says we are not fit to tie Joe’s combat boots? Sorry, Sarah. I’ve put in time on the line and so have all the military, police, firefighters, emergency medical folks, social workers, teachers, and others. Maybe you’d like to, but I don’t get down to tie anyone’s boots – unless its someone unable to do so on their own, which, come to think of it, might include Joe.

  21. AKPetMom says:

    Okay, since the “scary knuckle” was mentioned, I now get to mention that she has an adam’s apple that rivals “M’Ann Coulter”. And yes, that entire auditorium, speakers and most attendees, was a freak fest of the highest order that would like to take our country back to the “pre-integration” era.

    The rich white republicans are using their dumber cousins to preach to a crowd that they would never encounter in their day to day life. These people are good enough to stir up the base, but without a doubt, would never be invited to join the country club.

  22. ks sunflower says:

    oops – “with someone who believes the sun rises and sets on Palin?”

    See – Sarah’s speech has made me commit two serious errors already.

  23. ks sunflower says:

    I didn’t mean to do a bad thing, but Sarah made me do it. As my husband was eating supper, I mentioned this post to him. He asked if I could read Janine Turner’s introduction to him because I had mentioned it made me laugh. So I did – quietly and without interpretation or theatrics (though, Lord knows, it just begs for it). He nearly choked. Once he regained his composure, he said, “OMG, that woman needs to be committed. If she believes what she said, she is completely insane.”

    I have to agree. I’m glad Janine has adopted the blonde crazy look. Maybe I can watch Northern Exposure reruns pretending it is an entirely different person. At least now I understand why her acting career is in the dumpster. Who would want to work with someone who the sun rises and sets on Palin?

    Thanks, AKM, for the transcript – though I swear I do not know how you got through hearing it let alone transcribing it.

  24. pursang says:

    I swear Palin has Obama Tourette’s, “Todd pass me the ketchup and Obama is a %$^%$#$@ socialist Muslin *&^%$#%^ communist”. I appreciate she doesn’t like him but at a certain point a person comes off as being strangely obsessed, almost like a verbal stalker.

    I know Miller is going down in flames but you need to keep the heat on him so he can never come back and get elected to any office. I don’t think his military record was ever put out for review was it? I would be most interested in his award citation as to whether it was an individual or unit award. My guess it was a unit award and not individual and that would be a good reason not to allow access to the record (among other reasons). Sort of hard to brag about a unit commendation when you’re trying to convince people what a hero you are. If it is an individual award for bravery I apologize to Miller but given his actions in this election I don’t think he has much to brag about and about as far from a hero a man can get.

    • Bretta says:

      Paul Jenkins had a good dissection of the Joe’s bragging about his award in an Anchorage Daily News column a few weeks before the election. Paul Jenkins is very conservative so the several columns he used to dismiss Joe surprised me.

  25. daisydem says:

    That look Adele is giving her “friend” Sarah when she hugs Joe …. hmmmmm? She’s not smiling.

  26. beth says:

    Joe ‘led’ a, what, 8- 12-man tank crew? That qualifies him as a leader? Riiiiight. He was awarded a bronze star. That qualifies him to be a leader? Riiiiight.

    He took an oath of office — that automatically and for EVER makes him immune to committing ANY acts of asshattery, and/or being unethical in word and deed, and/or being a jerk, and/or having attacks of paranoia that negatively effect operations, and/or trying to hide what he has done as he insists no one *else* may have the option of doing so, and/or, and/or, and/or. Riiiiight.

    Gee, $arah, you sure are a dumbass. Just off the top of my head, I come up with Timothy McVeigh, Nidal Malik Hasan, Lee Harvey Oswald, Terry Nichols…each of them *also* took an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;”, and, whooops!, they didn’t so much follow through with that oath, did they?

    And yet, Joe is golden because he was in the US Military. Seriously? OK, whatever…

    You know what, Sarah? You are a wicked person. And way too ignorant, by far, to be allowed out in public (or private, for that matter.) Please just go somewhere far, far away and ess-tee-eff-you. Thanks, beth.

  27. bubbles says:


  28. Moose Pucky says:

    Oh nooo, not Maggie! That is just pathetic.

    Let’s see, being stranded on a desert island with S.P.?

    Moose Pucky might have to create a little insurrection.

    I could agree on the Entitlement Party/Establishment Party nomenclature.

    But like, what was S.P. when she was Governor? Certainly not Miss Reformer that I could see. That is just MYTH.

    What was Joe Miller when he was Magistrate and hired his wife as Clerk of the Court? (temporarily before being called on a little nepotism of his own)

  29. jojobo1 says:

    No offense to anyone from Alaska but it is not the end all state.My state has better insurance programs,better help for those in need while asking them to work to get it.My state would be eligible to opt out of the new insurance plan because we already cover most everyone and our newly elected Governor and one senator failed to mention that fact.The Northern part of the state is just or almost as beautiful as Alaska except no mountains.But we do have the hunting ect.

    • Simple Mind says:

      We’ve lived in Alaska over 30 years and raised a family here. Palin doesn’t speak for us, and you get no argument from me about the relative merits of states. What this illustrates about Sarah Palin is that she cannot deal with something just being “good”. It has to be “better” than something. She can only describe someone or something as good by comparing and putting someone or something else down. This is the definition of a bully, a vicious person whose validation comes only at the expense of someone else. Alaska is a beautiful state. So is yours. Alaskans are likely no better or worse than folks in your state. Anyone who has traveled (this counts out Palin) knows that Americans are, by and large, no better or worse than people from other countries. We all want the same things. We suffer the same shortcomings. But in order for Palin to see herself and her followers as good, they must be better than someone else – non-Alaskans, non-Americans, non-Christians. Remember “real Americans” vs presumably unreal ones? I’m sure a psychologist could say this better, but this mean streak is what defines Palin and will ultimately be her undoing.

    • leenie17 says:

      If she’s this bad about Alaska being better than the other states, just imagine what she’d do to diplomatic relations with the rest of the world if she ever got a position of power in the government. She’d p-off every other nation within the first month.

  30. jimzmum says:

    AKM, I am wondering how much Mrs. Palin charged you for taking her picture(s)?

  31. Buffalogal says:

    You had me salmon-slayed at “Governor Palin is like the Aurora Borealis …. ” Heard the big time tire screeching sound and that was that. Could read not another word. I had just finished listening to $P on a radio show yammering about the fact that the Obama wasn’t vetted and it’s coming home to roost.

    “We know that Obama wasn’t vetted through the campaign, and now, you know, some things are coming home to roost, if you will, which is inexperience, his associations, and that ultimately harms our republic when a candidate isn’t — isn’t vetted by the media, that cornerstone of our democracy. So, you’re right, it’s not about me and whether you like my politics or not. You can push all that aside, and just pay attention to what that message is in this documentary, and that is that things have got to change for the better in the state of journalism. Otherwise, you know, it could be part of a demise of our democracy if that cornerstone erodes.” ( trust me – your blood pressure will skyrocket )

    Someone call Joe the Plumber – the crazy is overflowing everwhere and is going to leave everything warped.

  32. g says:

    I really find her Alaska boosterism bizarre. Of course a politician is going to be proud of their home state. Of course, if a person loves their home state, if they’re lucky, they’ll make a TV show showing all it has to offer.

    Fine if you’re working for the state Convention & Visitors Bureau. But – please – going around the country telling people Alaska is going to lead America, telling people Alaska is somehow a different, better, more “independent” or more “patriotic” than everyone else?

    What politician ever did that?

    She reminds me of adolescents who transfer into a new school and then spend all their time talking about how much better their old school is.

    • I See Villages from my House says:

      And the fact that she’s crowing and putting on a platform all the progressin the State has ever done was only in thanks to Pioneers.

      That’s right, a really huge back-handed slap to the Indigenous folks.

      I’m just glad we showed our Marketplace savvy to destroy Joe’s chances and prove that neither Sarah or her disturbed candidate has a place in this State anymore.

    • nswfm says:

      It just shows the world how completely provincial she is. Big dead Lake Lucille Palin/Heath Mafia fish in a very Small Wasilla pond.

    • Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

      I think it’s because Alaska plays a big part in her religious fantasies. God has a plan for the world you know, and the US plays a big part in that plan — and Alaska has the starring role. And Wasilla is, of course (at least according to the Wasilla Assemblies of God) key to God’s plan for Alaska, and thus, the world.

  33. Wayne says:

    Stoopids for sara!

    we not 2 brite but we luuuuuv her!

  34. No tea! says:

    Please fix Mrs. Joe Miller’s wife’s hair! Make her cute like Joe’s other tag a longs, ToTo and Jar Jar Binks! (Ms Morgan and the Party Planner)

    • ks sunflower says:

      I bet I am not the only one who notes that both Bernadette and Adele look kind-of-sorta-of like a younger version of Joe’s wife. Coincidence?

      Adele sure doesn’t look happy that Sarah is hugging him.

  35. MissSunshine says:

    Thanks so much for the transcript, AKM. I was amused to read the words “providential” and “manifest” in SP’s endorsement for Joe “handcuff the journalist” Miller.

    I recognize these buzz words from the last time I was dragged to a church service in which the sermon was more about “righteous leadership” (i.e. who to vote for) than the teachings of Jesus.

    The subtext of SP’s endorsement is that Miller is her “god’s choice” for Senator, and that she is, in a guarded way, prophesying his election.

    So if he goes down in flames, her little run at being a mini-divinity won’t pan out (not that she won’t have another try in the future) so you might want to tag this blog entry as “false prophesy”.

  36. Winski says:

    THAT was some experience just reading the transcript…I can’t possibly imagine what is was like actually being there…Do you have a personal flak jacket or do they rent them at the door?? Oh, and btw, I have some pals that run a barf-bag service.. If we can get them lined up do you think they could find some business up there??? YEOWEE….

  37. I See Villages From My House says:

    Self-made Hockey Mom Sarah showed up here. The American Flag bracelet rounded out her modest look for the normal Alaskan masses nicely.

    Sarah Palin has now been out of her first and only Statewide elected office (which she quit) for longer than she was in, and her breadth of executive experience will soon dwarf under her years as a person without a title.

    She got no expiration date, I realize and appreciate that fact, but her relevance and reinvention throughout the years will be curious.

  38. Diane says:

    What makes me the angriest about palin besides the hypocrisy and the lies is there is no substance to her speeches. She, after 2 whole years has the same tired speeches.
    Criticize POTUS Obama and push Alaska.
    What the hell was she doing when bush was running up the deficit?
    Did she complain? NO! She took as much as she could for Alaska so she as Gov. did not have to raise taxes.
    Murkowski was right. palin does not want to govern. She dumped Alaska as soon as she was able to. She grabbed as much pork as she could while mayor and Gov.
    Remember when she was governor and all the people in Juneau were wearing “Where’s sarah” bands?
    She was AWOL even before she quit.

  39. tallimat says:

    I’m tellin ya, those signs are not al all favorable to Joe or Sarah.

    They should of mis-spelled something just to solidify ownership to the tea party side.

    A couple weeks ago, on Anchorage Edition or something local like that, they referred to Sowah as not really in Alaska. It was subtle references thru out the program.

    Will this turn into a tit for tat on who is really more Alaskan?

    Hold on… Be right back… I gotta see if there is enough popcorn for my grocery list.

  40. me says:

    breathtaking incoherence

    i am stunned

  41. LibertyLover says:

    Your last post had a picture of Palin as a pit bull. Now this one of Joe Miller as a doberman. What is with you Alaskans and describing your politicians like dogs?

    • Joe Alvord says:

      I’m sorry we don’t have better politicians up here, but they are figuratively dogs. All aggression and no brains. (Sorry, dogs)

    • fishingmamma says:

      We did have an actual dog run for office a few years ago. Got quite a few votes. Anyone remember?

      • Bretta says:

        His name was almost the same as an actual candidate. He lived in Fairbanks? – a red setter or golden retriever?

      • Bretta says:

        Found it!

        Dog Running For Governor In Alaska
        POSTED: 1:51 pm EDT July 10, 2006

        ANCHORAGE, Alaska —
        One Alaskan gubernatorial candidate is an extreme long shot to win. But he’ll keep barking up every tree to turn out the vote.
        Brinkley is a two year-old golden retriever who is the center of a write-in campaign for Alaska’s highest office.
        The dog’s campaign started as a joke between his owner Ruth Sisk and her friends.
        His campaign has already sold about $4,000 worth of “Brinkley for Governor” t-shirts.
        Sisk says if the dog isn’t elected governor he may consider running for another office.
        “He might not be able to do as well as (humans in Alaska), but if he doesn’t, can we please run him for President?”
        Most of the money from the campaign will go to the American Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals.

    • That is how they described themselves – not our idea. And the Dobie is from a sign at the rally – not our idea either. Many of our dogs have too much integrity to be involved in politics.

    • Bretta says:

      I won’t make a joke about them pols bein’ butt sniffers.

  42. LoveMyDogs says:

    To quote a line from Apocalypse Now: “The horror….the horror…” Where is Marlon Brando when we need him?

  43. nswfm says:

    “She’s the person you’d want by your side on a deserted island. Even a Democrat would admit to this fact.”

    Um, no. She’s the last one I’d want on a deserted island.

    Isn’t that christian singer having an affair with the semi bearded one per AK WTF?

    • Valley_Independent says:

      She’s the last one I’d pick, too, and I’m sure it would be a rude awakening for Janine Turner if she were really stranded with Sarah Palin on one. It would be fun to watch, though.

    • Valley_Independent says:

      She’s the last one I’d pick, too, and I’m sure it would be a rude awakening for Janine Turner if she were really stranded with Sarah Palin on one. It would be fun to watch, though.

  44. Greytdog says:

    I had a Wonder Woman bracelet just like the one Sarah’s wearing. . . I think I lost it 2nd grade though.

  45. pvazwindy says:

    Quiting, pretty much debunked any leadership qualities.

  46. Hope says:

    Why didn’t Lisa and or some other Republican handler or other (McCain) say something? A little late in the game.

    • Dagian says:

      They lack courage, so they are automatically disqualified as leaders too.

      • Hope says:


        Off topic but
        I would like to interview Nicolle Wallace. Why doesn’t she just speak up? I want to read her book, but have lost interest. Who cares if her character (President) wears the finest name brand clothing and or carries high end accessories. Now, if she added that she buys her high end items at second hand shops with the tags still attached for next to nothing. I might be intrigued. Didn’t she get blamed for buying Gov Palin nice clothing? Don’t put your good taste as clues in your book. Just a thought.

    • Bretta says:

      Lisa’s feeling her oats – hope the republican “leadership” doesn’t beat her up too much.

  47. jwa says:

    I’m sorry, AKM. I know you went to a lot of work transcribing that whole mess. And, I really do appreciate it and your dedication to ‘take one for the team.’ But I just couldn’t stand to read the whole thing. (hangs head). I do, occasionally, enjoy eating broken glass. But I just can’t do it today…..

  48. Anne in Texas says:

    Janine Turner looks out of her mind. Look at that crazed, glazed look in her eyes. Either that or she is on some totally awesome meds.

    • johnny says:

      I wish I could go back and unwatch northern exposure.

      • jojobo1 says:

        Maybe but I loved that show,Never missed it

        • MonaLisa (inCT) says:

          I loved it, too. Especially Ed and Marilyn Whirlwind. (I still use a slightly modified version of one of her fables whenever a loved-one of mine is wallowing in self-pity!)

          ‘Maggie’ was probably my LEAST favorite character. She just wasn’t right for Joel.

      • Susan says:

        I never saw it until about 3 months ago when my sister sent me a DVD of season 1. Got through half an episode before ejecting it from the computer. The paved road, brick buildings, the running water (hot) in the remote cabin? Couldn’t suspend disbelief. If you didn’t watch it as an Alaskan resident, you should check it out again. It’s pretty interesting to see.

    • That’s sooooo funny..! Thank you..!

  49. silverball says:

    i can’t tell you how much i appreciate all you do and how much effort you bring to this type of stuff – exposing “them”….and by their own words – but, just the pictures did me in and when i started reading it was as if i could hear the “nails on the blackboard” voice of “the quitter”…i couldn’t bring myself to read it all….if there had been a video, i wouldn’t have had the fortitude to listen to it all….my head would surely EXPLODE……..thanx again for all you do and how much it enlightens us in the lower 48……

  50. Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

    Not only is my brain bleeding, but my eyes are too – just from reading it. And my stomach….oh, there’s not enough Maalox in the world…..!

    She is beyond disgusting.

  51. scribe says:

    Janine Turner is a real paragon of family values. She had an out-of-wedlock baby with Stephen Jones (whose father Jerry owns the Dallas Cowboys), hence why she can afford her lifestyle. I can see why she and Sarah get along. Total hypocrites.

  52. jojobo1 says:

    Will that woman ever stop being nasty? She was right in saying she was a pit bull and most places don’t allow them anymore or doesn’t palin know that some cities ect do not allow pit bulls

    • Hope says:

      I wonder how a beautiful progressive women would be see if she pulled a Palin? BTW New children book, (of Thee I sing/don’t have the exact title). I want it now!!!

    • Smokey Mountain Blue says:

      Please do not insult my Pit Bull. She is very intelligent, loyal and non aggressive. Nothing like

      • jojobo1 says:

        Should have put an not to insult any real pit bulls.My brother had a fantastic one.It is all in their upbringing and how hey are trained or treated..If they are trained to be nasty and mean like pain they are if they are bought up in a friendly good environment they turn out well .Kind of makes ya wonder ab out palins environment doesn’t it???

      • Debrap says:

        And I hate the picture of the Dobermann. I’m not sure what a proud dog is doing on Joe Miller’s sign. I love my Doberman. He is extremely intelligent, loyal, loves people but will let them know to calm down if they get to animated around Mom (me!). A low growl…and all is well. All the neighbors love him because they know when the kids are out front he is always watching out for their safety too!

        What is with the Palins, Millers, etc. of the world that are constantly comparing themselves to animals?

        • leenie17 says:

          My sister had a dog years ago that was half Doberman and half something never-identified that jumped over the fence. She looked like a doberman but was the sweetest (if dumbest) dog I’ve ever met. My sister lived on a cul-de-sac and when you started up the road, the dog would come flying down the hill at you. Anyone who had never met her would be scared spitless, but those of us who knew her realized that the biggest danger was that she might knock you over and lick you to death!

          The poor dog always had one or another of my sister’s kids climbing on her or occasionally gnawing on her ears and she never did a thing to them, although I could swear I saw her roll her eyes a couple of times!

  53. Dagian says:

    “Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowki told CBS News’ Katie Couric today that she would not support Sarah Palin for president because Palin lacks the “leadership qualities” and “intellectual curiosity” to craft great policy.”

    She wimped out. Sarah Palin lacks the “intellectual capacity” to be President. I say this as one of many who suffered through two terms of Shrub. I know–many of you did too!

    She has leadership qualities, but it’s all fear-based and needs scapegoats to subdue. I suspect she’d bring back Jim Crow-type laws, but use them for “Muslim-appearing” citizens.

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