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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Teenage Boys Flock to Sarah Palin! Resonates With Next Generation of Men.

I found this story amusing. I generally don’t link to Conservatives4Palin, but their little heartwarming  story of (and I quote) “Christmas Joy” was delightfully irresistible. Americans, prepare to “have your heart warmed” and yes, your “hope for mankind” restored.

It seems that someone was so inspired by a holiday family gathering which included a group of teenage boys, that they just had to share with the fan site.  Of all things on the TV that these young men wanted to watch, they picked… Sarah Palin’s Alaska. (hands on heart) Those young patriots are an inspiration for the future.

These guys knew where and when the show was on. That tells me something about the Sarah phenomena. She is resonating with a segment of society I never imagined would have a clue about her.

Sarah Palin is “resonating” with teenage boys? (Does anyone have a trophy around that we can use for best euphemism of the week?)  Never in a million bazillion years would anyone expect that. I’m sure it’s the fact that their burgeoning little political minds are intrigued by the Palin phenomenon,  the rugged scenery, the camping gear, learning about commercial salmon fishing, and digging for clams as part of a traditional subsistence lifestyle. Or perhaps it’s those cleverly not-so disguised nuggets of conservative politics, and Republican ideology that Sarah so deftly manages to insert in the spaces between caribou slaughter and asking Todd to drill a hole in the fence so they can check and make sure the neighbor’s not spying on them. Or, perhaps… just perhaps…

One of the boys did confess that he found Sarah’s daughter, and I’m quoting here, “HOT.” I found that reassuring in that one would expect teenage boys to be thinking about girls.

Well uhh, (cough cough) you know that um… that’s just normal. Yes, very reassuring.  All’s well there you know. Huh huh huh.  At least they’re not…. (looks from side to side and mouths the word in a whisper)… GAY.  (grimacing and raising eyebrows)

We can almost feel them”resonating” now.

I’ll let the story take us in to the conclusion. You just enjoy.

Democrats beware. All of your attacks on Sarah Palin and your attempts to demonize her or demean her intellect are likely to backfire. You know Sarah is a genuine phenomena [sic] when you are confronted with the fact that three boys with a chance to watch anything on TV choose to watch Sarah.

How’s that for a Christmas story?



109 Responses to “Teenage Boys Flock to Sarah Palin! Resonates With Next Generation of Men.”
  1. My son did describe Sarah Palin as a MILF. But that’s all he’d want to do, and then leave fast. He thinks she’s an out and out lunatic.

  2. roshan says:

    I might be late on this but who the f**k cares. I’m sure teenage boys wanted to watch Sarah’s show not for her republicanism but for the occasional glimpses of her “hot” daughter. I know that coz even I was 15 once, like 15 yrs back and any show that would feature a mild attractive girl would hold my attention for quite sometime.

  3. BigSlick says:

    Bristol’s Mom has got it goin’ on….

  4. Xboxershorts says:

    It’s hard to demean something (intellect) that one truly believes doesn’t exist. Something I’ve always sensed from SP is that her on camera presence was never really hers. That there is ALWAYS someone pulling her strings, whispering her responses too her and making the choices for her. She’s an empty shell to me.

  5. MacKenna says:

    Essentially what we have here is conservatives promoting a teenager masturbation fantasy as a political preference. Sad, isn’t it?

  6. ibwilliamsi says:

    I’m sorry, but that photo is just plain scary in so many ways.

  7. Schroon Lake says:

    Well her stupid fan base has to include some dumb horny teenagers






  9. Bob Benner says:

    I’m sure it would be hard to convince these teenage boys that underneath Sarah Palin’s fabricated shell, there’s such ugliness… After all, even if you lay out the facts of Sarah Palin’s actions in front of these boy’s Sarah Palin worshipping adult parents, the adults brains shutdown, they look at you like you are an Obama loving commie, and the “hater” label goes off inside their brains like a blinking red alarm… My suggestion is to just let the teenage boys look for themselves… After all, a pictures worth a thousand words…

  10. Dagian says:

    “I found that reassuring in that one would expect teenage boys to be thinking about girls.”

    It’s almost like the writer is insinuating that Sarah Palin is NOT a girl. But I realize that is not the case. Pity–it certainly would have been exceptionally funny if that WERE the intent!

  11. South Austin Viceroy says:

    When I was 15 I had a poster of Racquel Welch and to this day, I find her to be a beautiful, smart, sexy woman.

    This new demographic will always consider SP a sexual fantasy, which is fine with me. Hopefully when they mature a little more and fill out their first voter registration card, they will listen to the message and conclude that she’s a nice looking but bat$hit crazy grifter.

    Merry Christmas mudpups from Beautiful South Austin

  12. LibertyLover says:

    Are we sure that Teenaged boys aren’t Sarah Palin’s only demographic left? I mean her approval ratings are pretty low.

    • I have to confess that I,Mike from Iowa was originally enamored with foolish passion,when I first saw the Queen. Oh please make me eat lye soap before I confess to immoral lusting after the Queen. Too late. Once I reviewed all available evidence about SSSSarah,the shiny exterior of a sudden had corrosion. The spell was broken and my life was saved.My punishment for thinking with the wrong part of my anatomy is another thirty plus years of ruptured disks,pinched sciatic nerves in both legs and whenever I see Shania Igain 10 pounds.

    • I have to confess that I,Mike from Iowa was originally enamored with foolish passion,when I first saw the Queen. Oh please make me eat lye soap before I confess to immoral lusting after the Queen. Too late. Once I reviewed all available evidence about SSSSarah,the shiny exterior of a sudden had corrosion. The spell was broken and my life was saved.My punishment for thinking with the wrong part of my anatomy is another thirty plus years of ruptured disks,pinched sciatic nerves in both legs and whenever I see Shania I gain 10 pounds.

  13. dbatjr says:

    When I was a teenager it was common knowledge that if you resonated too much you’d go blind.

    Fortunately, I only need glasses.


  14. LisaB says:

    I’ve got three teenage boys who roll their eyes at all things Palin. So we’re even. Nyaah!

  15. “It is normal for boys to think about girls,now go to your rooms and don’t touch ANYTHING,okay” “My son is so special and he works hard. When I called him from work yesterday,he said he was chaifing his yard. I didn’t even have to ask him to do that. BTW do you know what “chaifing your yard” is?”

    • beth says:

      I, for one, haven’t a clue in the world, mike from iowa. My mind virtually cartwheels at the possibilities, though…some naughty, some nice. Clues? Hints? Answer? beth.

      • Beth-think of the sound of one hand clapping. I’m not sure what kids call it today. Spanking the monkey works. Choking your gopher. The “M” word. Sorry,but saying masturbation in polite company sounds ridiculous.

  16. AKjah says:

    Any teen who looks at Scarah “that way” needs help. Ever seen the video collection of most teens. It aint what she thinks. Queen Esther is going to Europe. Let’s hope the press there will do a better job than the press in America.

  17. I thought the post was funny – but we sure went downhill from there.

  18. beth says:

    TMI WARNING: The below might gross some ‘pups out…read at your own peril. b.

    Younger ‘pups won’t remember this, but there was a time in our country when a ‘proper lady’ did not go out in a dress or skirt without her girdle on. That girdle held everything all snug and kept it from the least bit of jiggling. They also kept one’s nylons up. They did their job, but, oh, Lord, what a struggle to get those boogers on! — and what a relief to peel them off in the privacy of one’s bathroom!

    In any event, I had a 3rd-grade teacher who wore, I guess, an exceptionally tight girdle every day. When she walked, she swung her entire hip forward — left hip>step, right hip>step — rather than just her leg(s) — right leg>step, left leg>step. It, literally, made her have a ‘tight ass’. And since her girdle was so tight, there was no possible way the skin from her waist to her thighs had any chance to ‘breathe’…she always had a slightly unhealthy ‘odor’ about her that grew stronger towards the end of the school day — as if she’d not washed her girl bits for a good while. (sort of like the odor coming from the gunk under your toenail – moist and smelly…but worse, because it’s from the entire area.)

    I’ve never seen $P in person, but I’ve seen pictures of her in skirts. With the exception of that week or two where she was going for the ‘goth look’ (remember that disaster? long skirts, big chunky crosses, black, velvet & leather, hair parted in the middle and pulled into (I think) a bun or something in back) she is always, always in tight mini-skirts. Never a long, flowing skirt; never a long, pencil skirt; never a short, flowing skirt, always a tight mini.

    Whether she wears an industrial-strength ‘something’ under those tight minis to hold all her jiggles still, or not, I don’t know. I do know, though, that just looking at her reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher’s most disturbing ‘smell’ of unhealthily confined body-pore releases caused by the ‘tight ass’-making girdle. To me, obviously, $arah stinks in more ways than one. beth.

    • LOL, oh my gosh, beth! I remember wearing those awful girdles when I was a teenager. The best thing that ever happened was the invention of panty hose – though I think we first tried wearing the panty girdle over the panty hose because of needing to keep anything from jiggling. I have to say, though, I’m not sure why I ever wore a girdle – at 5’5″ and 98 pounds I didn’t need it. (I don’t weigh that anymore and now is the time I should wear something to hold in the jiggles, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in one.)

      I’d forgotten about the girdle walk – impossible to walk like a normal person.

      And, um, I hadn’t thought about it, but most women do smell better these days. Sarah? Yeah, not so much.

      • I’ve noticed that women aren’t enamored with a guy that “jiggles” and yet,I ask, what good is Jell-o if it doesn’t jiggle? I’m gonna jiggle even more sitting here eating peanut brittle,fresh from my sister in Florida. Happy Holidays to all MudPups,no matter how you celebrate,or not.

  19. CityKid says:

    First, to set the mood some music.

    and for visuals hows about Kenneth Anger;s “Scorpio Rising?” But lets update Anger’s vision and add NASCAR, Bud Light, and a fundamentalist Christian love for god.

    Add to the mix the definition of politics I like best: POLITICS IS THE ALLOCATION OF SCARCE COMMODITIES AND RESOURCES.

    BTW, don’t be deceived into thinking that “scarce commodities and resources” are things that can be bought and sold. After all there are many lenses to be used when looking at the world.

    I do like the use of the word “resonate” in this context though. Quoting Tom Leher’s wonderful tune SMUT, “filth I’m glad to say is in the mind of the beholder.”

    Life is short, but it is also wide – thanks for this post.

  20. AKPetMom says:

    Sex appeal isn’t a terrible flaw as long as there is something else to back it up. There have been sexy and smart women throughout literature and film. I don’t have time to google any names but darnit, they are there; sexy AND smart women, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. A wink and a nod might lead to sex yet it also might lead to an in depth discussion of geopolitics or a thoughtful dissection of how modern science is falling short of describing the depths of the universe.

    Palin is an empty package that can’t get beyond the sexy. Playboy could be in her future. She could even “write” a nice article for that magazine, because we all know the men love the articles. (wink)

    One day, we could very well elect a sexy and smart woman into the White House, however, a vapid, clueless and “kind of sexy for age 46” woman will not be America’s first lady President.

    Substance is they key, and she possesses it neither physically or mentally. She just happens to be the best lookin’ thing that the GOP has had plopped in their laps EVER. Look to closely and she is just like their wives; fat of arm, cheesy of thigh, hair piled high. Yet somehow they give this woman a pass because of her made up history of being a runner, an outdoorswoman, a sharpshooter and hunter. It’s all made up, but because she is a size 10 and ignores her family while spending hours each day to make herself “camera ready”, they get a boner for her and won’t let it go. GOP guys, she looks just like your underappreciated wife first thing in the morning. Stop being fooled. Pretty does not a President make.

  21. Lee323 says:

    AKM: “I’m sure it’s the fact that their burgeoning little political minds are intrigued by the Palin phenomenon, the rugged scenery, the camping gear … ”

    The phenomenon of “burgeoning” in teenage boys is typically not located above the lumbar spine, much less above the cervical spine.

  22. tallimat says:

    Well my son thinks Sowah is a idiot. Always has…

    Ah, I remember the days when C4P was desparate for any kind of attention or notice from Sowah.

  23. dreamgirl says:

    So sistah Sarah wears 2 merkins ? (top & bottom) gah.

  24. Gasman says:

    Are you kidding? Sarah Palin as sex kitten is the the ONLY reason that the dirty old men in the GOP wanted her as VPOTUS. She was their answer to Ci@lis and Vi@gra (seriously, why block those two words?). If it weren’t for her overtly sl#tty schtick, she would have NEVER made it to the national stage. There isn’t a single issue that she can speak coherently about, so what else explains her persistence as a presidential gadfly?

    • sallyngarland,tx says:

      Sarah saying ” limp and impotent” all the time & “cojones” makes people think she is thinking about one area/subject quite often.

    • MonaLisa (inCT) says:

      Gasman, those words are blocked by the spam filter because of they’re far-too-common in those annoying robo-ads that masquerade as comments, not because they’re offensive in and of themselves.

      (Personally, I’m somewhere between ‘amused that they exist at all’, and ‘sickened by the fact that something like THAT got the research dollars, while stuff like stem-cell or cancer research goes begging’.)

      But maybe that’s just me…?

  25. BuffaloGal says:

    As goes the wise political ” minds ” of our adolescent boys , so goes our country. ha!!

    If $P looked like Maggie Thatcher, America would have never experienced this awful chapter.

  26. Hmmm, the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture was “The Graduate”. So now we know – Sarah Palin is the next Mrs. Robinson. Now that’s really disturbing. Better they keep their eyes on Bristol – at least she’s only a few years older than those teenage boys who are so “normal”. If I were Sarah Palin I would definitely get the message that I needed to start wearing longer skirts if I wanted to be taken seriously by actual voters. But the, we can plainly see what her agenda is and that photo confirms it.

  27. Gasman says:

    Yeah, I bet many of those teenage boys are “resonating” over Sarah Palin at least once or twice a day. My guess is that Palin is simply the MILF du jour among the teenage male set. They sure ain’t flocking to her because of her foreign policy experience or fluency in English.

  28. Xenon says:

    I wonder what Freud would say.

    • GA Peach says:

      “No one who, like me, conjures up the most evil of those half-tamed demons that inhabit the human breast, and seeks to wrestle with them, can expect to come through the struggle unscathed.”

      From Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria, 1905.

  29. leenie17 says:

    Ohhhhh, so THAT’S what Republicans mean by the ‘big tent’!

  30. Baker's Dozen says:

    When last I taught, my male high school students were all drooling over Pamela Anderson. She’s no spring chicken herself, nor was she then. It isn’t unusual to find boys fantasizing about women nearer their mother’s age than their own. And I’m pretty darned sure that they were as interested in Ms. Anderson’s politics as they are in Ms. Palin’s. At my school, it was around junior year when boys seriously started thinking of girls their own age or–gaak!–younger.

  31. Winski says:

    The Swag-Hag as a sex object….pplleeeeaaasseeeee….. Maybe in a bestiality rag or something outside (WAY outside) “normal” mainstream teen boy fascination…. But given the strange things that rethuglican people tend to do and…… never mind….

  32. Susie Snowflake says:

    OOPS! That should have been watching the show, and Conservatives4Palin and not SarahPAC.

  33. Susie Snowflake says:

    That picture at the top of this post about gagged me; I have seen close-up shots of Sarah’s cankles before and don’t want to see them again. GACK!
    Normal teens aren’t interested in anything SP has to offer, and the teens highlighted in the SarahPAC post were probably trying to gross each other out by wathing the show, while hoping for glimpses of Willow…

  34. overthemoon says:

    “These young Patriots…..”

    I am really tired of equating her ‘hotness’ with patriotism.

    pa·tri·ot (ptr-t, -t)
    One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country.
    [French patriote, from Old French, compatriot, from Late Latin patrita, from Greek patrits, from patrios, of one’s fathers, from patr, patr-, father; see pter- in Indo-European roots.]

    No mention of moms or mamma grizzlies.

  35. JudyChicago says:

    Yes I suppose they would love to see someone beat a fish to death, and shoot to kill a caribou. They just can’t wait to see what she kills next week. How age appropriate!

  36. Sisuanna says:

    Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs. Robinson! But will they be old enough to, uh, vote in 2012?

  37. mo says:

    On a totally related note, have you checked Immoral Minority today?

    Trust me, it’s hilarious.

  38. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    A little off topic for this thread perhaps but I just came across this quote cited to be from a Faux News interview (is there any other kind?) Re:deciding whether to run for president –

    “It’s a prayerful consideration because, obviously, the sacrifices that have to be made in order to put yourself forward in the name of public service is, it’s brutal,”

    Probably more appropriate to the last chapter review thread but I’ll figure out a way to make it appropos here as well. Aside from the obvious difficulties of parsing the confusion of tenses and how a consideration can be “given to pray” those traits seem to indicate that the quote is direct from the (clothes) horse’s mouth. However, it is a transparent lie because “sacrifices” and Palin are no more associated than are charity, empathy, reason etc. If she is having a problem deciding whether or not to run it is because she might have to forego and even spend a fair sized chunk of that beautiful pile of money that is probably stuffed in one of her closets. In her case it is abundantly obvious that Murdoch is one of the main puppet masters behind Palin. So we have to wonder, what is his objective? Is he hoping to become a kind of next generation Dick Cheney? Does he really think she has a chance to win? Or is he only using her as a different color of smoke to obscure the real issues facing the country and thereby further the republican agenda enriching the super rich and turning the rest of the country into just another third world country with cheap abundant labor?

    As to teenage boys and “snowdrift snooki” those 18 and 19 can indeed vote but somehow I think the overwhelming majority of them are focused on the actual teenage girls they come in contact with every day. Both groups are probably confronted with some disturbing things they will have to confront in the next two years. Most of them will have to find jobs because they cannot afford to go to college and their parents are probably having difficulty supporting them even now. Those who do go to college will probably also have to find jobs to try to offset some of the enormous debt they are going to acquire to pay for their educations. I can’t say that I have any knowledge of what is on the minds of teens in the US these days, but in my experience, it is hard to imagine that anyone of them at all is paying any attention to this carney barker.

    • G Katz says:

      I find it curious that she didn’t have to blink an eye before deciding to run for vice-president but turns to “prayerful consideration” (and three months more playing the coy card) before she can declare her intention to run for the presidency. By running for VP she changed her family’s situation more drastically than running for president would change it now. There was no return to normalcy after the election, and she’s done nothing but drag them all along to promote brand Sarah since then. But I doubt that her devoted followers will see any inconsistency in that. Now, if I thought she had actually matured and was applying some critical analysis at this point, that would be one thing… oh, I made myself laugh!

    • sallyngarland,tx says:

      Hermain Cain was just on Van Susteran and said he may run. Then I looked on the Internet and found he had said he was taking it under “prayerful consideration.” Hmmm–maybe a little competition there.

    • bubbles says:

      Or is he only using her as a different color of smoke to obscure the real issues facing the country and thereby further the republican agenda enriching the super rich and turning the rest of the country into just another third world country with cheap abundant labor
      we are of one mind on this.

  39. Julie Brown says:

    I have four sons—ages 15 through 24—and they all find Sarah Palin repulsive in every way. (In fact, the 20-year-old said “Well, I guess she’s attractive enough in that grandmother kind of way.”


    I guess that’s the sad result of being raised by a pair of evil librul Unrill Murkans, though.

  40. Blooper says:

    Methinks the author of that post doth extrapolate too much, and I quote:

    “You know Sarah is a genuine phenomena [sic] when you are confronted with the fact that three boys with a chance to watch anything on TV choose to watch Sarah.

    So you going to make the assumption that just because this select group of boys chose to watch $P’s show that ALL teenage males therefore also too must be choosing this particular show? They must have flunked statistics.

    • teutonic13 says:

      I agree. Not sure what to make of your post Jean. It’s not that clever, and it’s not Maddow. It is so opinionated and biased- it takes any strength of your argument away.

      Clearly you have an issue with adolescent males and their hormones.

    • fishingmamma says:

      I did pass statistics. I have a teenaged son who thinks SP is a joke and her show is a farce. I can be 95% certain that he is not an outlier.

      • sallyngarland,tx says:

        I have a 25yo son who says boys/men should beware of the daughters . He says “Can you imagine marrying into that family/chaos and Sarah would be the mother-in-law?”

        • sallyngarland,tx says:

          I meant to add that I was glad to hear that (my thoughts exactly.). It is possible her daughters might never marry because of her.

    • g says:

      Has it occurred to any of them that maybe the boys are gay and think she is just the campest thing ever?

      • fishingmamma says:

        I’d love to see flaming palin impersonators on a gay pride parade float.

        • Fabulous idea… John Waters would run with that idea…we’ll start to see the drag version of $arahPayme in the upcoming Gay Pride events…or perhaps a gigantic balloon $arah (imagine the size of the bumpit!) in the RoseBowl parade….I see it now…a huge gust of wind- and she’s airborne (or is it hair-borne?)—hair and bumpit blowing about- then, the crowd starts taking little souvenirs of fake $arah-hair-home…..

    • Blooper says:

      Just in case anyone was confused about my initial comment, when I said “The author of that post doth extrapolate too much…” I was referring to the person being quoted in this post and not AKM. I should have been more specific, so, my apologies! 🙂

  41. mustang says:

    That picture makes it look as tho the boys are looking up at her vagina, which is prolly showing.
    Knowing her. It surely is a crotch shot, which begs the question: why take it?

  42. psminidivapa says:

    Please note that I have no problem with anyone having a Spongebob fantasy moment – homosexual or otherwise. I was just making the eye rolling comment that one can conclude ANYTHING after a 10, 14 and 15 year old tells you they want to watch something on teevee!

    • akbatwoman says:

      I had no idea there was anything gay about Spongebob, and I’ve watched about ten episodes (under duress), while being held hostage by my children. Of course I used to have to watch Teletubbies with the older child, and never noticed that Tinky Winky was gay either. Guess I’m just oblivious that way.

      Anyway, I was at Dimond Costco last night, and Joy! Joy! Joy! According to the sign, tomorrow morning at 11:00am, the teenage boys of Southcentral Alaska will be able to have their fantasies answered. Yes, they’re doing one of those limited wristband book signing events with The Twitter Quitter herself!

      My husband usually goes to Dimond Costco on Saturday mornings. I didn’t tell him about the special event. I’m just evil that way.

  43. psminidivapa says:

    Hmmm, so 3 young boys (one not even a teen) requested to watch SPA – at a party that had a larger group of teens – and that was attended by 50+ persons, and one of the boys said Sarah was “hot,” (which is what, when I teach citizenship, I really want to emphasize)..and that is a FUTURE POLITICAL STATEMENT???!!!??!!

    Ok, I had a party last weekend (SERIOUSLY- THIS HAPPENED) , and 3 of the kids attending – a 10, 14, and 15 year old wanted to watch “Spongebob Squarepants.” This means that they want to live at the bottom of the ocean, or want to have a crabby patty….or have some homosexual fantasy (

    • slipstream says:

      Well, Spongebob is smarter than the mess from Wasilla.

      • My DIL bought me some Sponge Bob pajana pants for when I had leg surgery and had a cast on one leg and a large,oversized boot on other leg. I wear them everywhere and the nurses and other staff at U of Iowa hosp. loved them. And I’m 46 for the 12th straight year(almost)

  44. moseyon says:

    Sarah and her fans like to compare her to the animal world.
    First a pitbull with lipstick ,a mummy grizzly, a moose hunter, a fish basher.
    Now she is a cougar. .

  45. Ripley in CT says:


  46. Lacy Lady says:

    Maybe they will have a “different” view of her, when her “wig” blows off from the wind.
    I would think that the screecy voice would be enough to turn them off.

  47. ks sunflower says:

    Oh,low but appropriate blow.

  48. jimzmum says:

    Have those boys seen the Hawaii pictures?

  49. merrycricket says:

    If the little head is engaged then we know the big head isn’t. Therefore, no fear that Palin’s nuggets of rightwing nutz aren’t going to have the desired effect. Besides, even the boys old enough to vote aren’t going to vote for $arah because the secret service will make it difficult for any of them to have a shot at meeting/bedding her daughters.

  50. WakeUpAmerica says:

    This has to be totally true because my high school boys (I teach) ALL tell me SARAH PALIN’S HOT!!! (pools of saliva form under their chins on the desk if the subject comes up). To the boy, they have no clue about her political thoughts. Then too, neither does she. She is simply a MILF to them.

  51. GA Peach says:

    When I was a teenager, my Daddy told me that all boys think with their little head, and that I should be grateful that I just had one head and my brains were in it. Guess times haven’t changed much.

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