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May 22, 2018

Open Thread – 12 Days of Palin (Day 12)

Well, this is it Mudflatters… the last day. Our virtual choir has stood in the Square, breath turning to clouds, noses red.  It is five below zero tonight, and every twig is covered with impossibly thick frost, like some liberal Hollywood set designer went a little too crazy with the spray on snow. The blue LED lights are twinkling, and the conductor rasies his baton. As the choir huddles shoulder to shoulder, they prepare to sing the final verse. Mudpuppies from around the globe ring the scene, smiling and stomping their feet to keep warm. They are excited knowing that they can print out the entire 2010 version in time for Christmas guests to enjoy a rousing chorus.

Ready?  Everybody sing!

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

my Ex-Gov gave to me:

Twelve Nuts a-Winging



 Eleven Pipers Peeping

Ten Hands a-Cheatin’


Nine Campers Whining

Eight Reindeer Fleeing

Seven Polls a-Tanking

Six turkeys draining

Five Liiiiiving Props!


Four Dancing Stars

Three Lame Tweets

Two Crappy Books

And a Dead Fish on My TeeVee



179 Responses to “Open Thread – 12 Days of Palin (Day 12)”
  1. Bearhug says:

    “Palin and her’MINIONS’…”

    Gawd!!! Another word she’ll have to learn the definition of.

    I can hear it now…”I will refudiate my munchkins..!!”

    Howdy Y’all!! I’m a newbee from Oregon. Great site!!!

  2. JUST A THOUGHT says:


    OF FAME!

  3. Rgene Harrison says:


  4. Waay Out West says:

    Bristol’s new house in Arizona

    and, also

    an article in the NY Times which says

    “Edward Farrell, Maricopa’s vice mayor and a fourth-generation resident, gave Todd Palin, Ms. Palin’s father, a tour of Maricopa earlier in the year and was under the impression that he was looking for a house for the entire family.

    “I left the meeting thinking that maybe he and Sarah were looking for a place to live,” said Mr. Farrell, who was surprised when he learned that Ms. Palin was listed as the buyer. ”

    Curiouser and curiouser!

  5. twain12 says:

    Merry Christmas to all the Mudpups that celebrate ♥♥♥

  6. Bob Benner says:

    My two favorite lines are Eleven Pipers Peeping and Six Turkeys Draining… Funny stuff…

  7. LibertyLover says:

    Merry Christmas to my mudflat friends!!!!

  8. Califpat says:

    Merry Christmas Mudflat family!! It will be Christmas here in southern California in four minutes!! Now I am going t stand under the mistletoe!! Smooches anyone???!! Again, have a very merry Christmas all and to all a good new year!!!

  9. Baker's Dozen says:

    Merry Christmas. I’m off to have Christmas with my dad and the rest of our family. We’ll have a good time, though no internet hook up.

    All my love and gratitude to everyone here. And remember to take time out of write down all the good about your relatives. It really helps!

  10. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    So…we made dinner for Christmas Eve, and it was to die for. Sis was here (alaskapi) and she fell asleep at the table almost with her head in the cantaloupe soup. I think it was good soup, I just think she was really really tired! Merry Christmas to all mudpups far and wide. No offense, if you are wide, it’s not my fault! I only put one tablespoon of honey in the soup. Not my fault.

  11. B in Wasilla says:

    NEWS FLASH !!!! Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus

    It would seem that not only is the former Snidely Whiplash moving to Arizona BUT it appears that the Palins are following suit. There are seemingly honest documents to the fact that Bristol has paid outright for a new home in AZ It also would appear that the whole Bunch of them are leaving our Great State for one that is more friendly to their Bigotted viewpoints.

  12. Bretta says:

    Merry Xmas and Joyous Holidays to all!

    Thank you for the wonderful topics and conversation this year past, and many more to come!

  13. Kilia says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!

  14. jimzmum says:

    Oof. At dinner tonight, my mother asked who I was. Yeah, this makes me sick to my soul, but in another way, it makes me so happy for every breath I have taken, every breath I may be able to take, and the love of this wonderful woman for so very many years. She got herself back on track and lovedlovedloved the rest of the evening. I am thinking there is a lesson there, and maybe one day I will be wise enough to find it.

    • B in Wasilla says:

      I hear you My Mom also has alzheimers and most recently forgotten how to feed herself. My total sympathy goes out to you I know exactly how you feel.

    • AKPetMom says:

      I can only post a comment right now after being so broken up and crying from your post. I’m so sorry that you have to experience this with your Mom. I miss my parents so much and this just made me think of how many times I might see them before we are going through same. I really don’t know what to say. You seem so strong in the face of such adversity; I hope that one day I could be as strong as you are.

    • dreamgirl says:

      Your Mom must be lovely if she has a Son like you. Have a blessed holiday.

    • bubbles says:

      Jimzmum sending you much love. i remember my mama and how hurt i was when she kept asking me for her daughter and i kept saying “mama it is me” and she kept saying “no”. i realized that she was searching for her little baby girl not a grown up daughter. so i held her and cared for her until the last. one day shortly before her death as was praying beside her bed she suddenly joined me in reciting the twenty third psalm. when we finished she looked at me and spoke my name. she knew her child. your mom will always ‘know you’ even if she doesn’t seem to. peace dear sister. all is well.

  15. vyccan says:

    Just arriving, so I haven’t read the thread yet to see what goodies I’m missing. Just wanted to add my wishes for the season.

    AK, Spouse + Offsprings, and ALL (posters, readers, artists, hush puppies, etc. etc.) members of the Mudpuppy Family

    “Have a Joyous (Christmas) Holiday


    May 2011 bring you what you need*

    to grow and prosper!”

    *need – I thought if I said what you ‘want’, you’d all choose for you-know-who to disappear from the public eye. This way there will be greater variety for the New Year to distribute. 🙂

  16. AKPetMom says:

    Our holiday tradition is PetDad fires up iTunes and plays all the songs (very loudly) that he used to hook me into being his partner oh, so, many, years, ago 🙂

    I’m smitten once again!

    Happy Hols to all of you out there in Mudflats land. However you celebrate I hope it is fabulous and loud and wonderful. We will think of you one and all over our December 25th homemade lasagna celebration (somehow that’s become the go to meal, probably because we only have enough time to make a decent one on a holiday!)

    Happy LasagnaFestiXmas?

  17. Molly says:

    Thank you so much AKM; I thoroughly enjoyed your version of the Twelve days.

    Mele Kalikimaka!! (Sure, I said that in honor of our current POTUS!!)

    “And a dead fi-ish on my Teee-veeeee!!

  18. mag the mick says:

    All the best from our little liberal bastion down here in far southeastern Arizona. I was just listening to a youtube feature of darling little Jackie Evancho singing “O Holy Night”. Whatever our personal beliefs or lack thereof, take a moment to remember the “holy” in every day, every moment. Tidings of comfort and joy to all of you.

    • mtviewchild says:

      Mag, where are you? I’m a mudflatter spending the winter in Surprise, Arizona. Where is the “liberal bastion” of this otherwise enjoyable state?

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I’m signing off for the next couple of days. I wish all the mudpups far and wide a wonderful, happy holiday with family and friends. I celebrate Christmas, but I know many celebrate many holidays at this time of year. All I know of include Light. May the light of joy, hope, peace lighten all of your hearts.

  20. Moose Pucky says:

    Nuts-a-winging!! Now that’s just perfect.

    Merry Christmas All.

  21. jojobo1 says:

    I laughingly talked about vodoo in Hatti well note this link

  22. tinydancer says:

    Bravo! Bravo!
    Merry Christmas all.

  23. Cortez says:
    The Tea Party hits another snag

  24. bubbles says:

    merry Christmas AKM and family. thank you for all you do. i love the twelve days song.

    merry Christmas mudpups wherever you are in the world. y

  25. Lynnrockets says:

    A very Merry Christmas to all you mudflatters!

  26. Lacy Lady says:

    Just watched the clip of the “great hunter” !!!! And agree——-she is NO hunter.
    She is the kind of hunter that the men in my family would never go hunting with. Dangerous!!!!!!!

  27. beth says:

    Every year I swear I’ll wrap holiday gifts the moment I bring them into the house. Every year I fail. Miserably.

    I’m currently up to my eyebrows in wrapping paper, tape, and tags for gifts for 4. Singing “The 12 Days of Mudflats Christmas” helps. Immeasurably. beth.

  28. BuffaloGal says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All !

    Had a lovely surprise arrive, earlier. Answered a knock at the door to find I was being delivered a small, beautifully decorated Christmas tree. It was sent over by a family owned floral shop that has been in business on the same little neighborhood corner for over 50 years. I publish an online newspaper for our area and folks knew that I had been down for the count, health wise, for a few weeks this month. Bob the Florist was thinking that I might not be up-to-speed this season and wanted to make sure I had a proper tree. His call was spot on and I had done precious little for the holiday. His gift floored me!

    Soon after that my sister arrived with a lasagna, homemade cookies , a loaf of fresh bread and a bottle of red wine so I wouldn’t have to cook for myself for the weekend.

    Hugs, love and best wishes to my friends at Mudflats ! I pass along a glass of wine and a plate of pasta to everyone!

    • aussiegal77 says:

      I hope you feel better soon and your health returns! What a lovely gift from your friends & family – its these moments that remind us life is so much more than what we take for granted =D

      Cheers dearie!

      • BuffaloGal says:

        And then inspires us to give right back to family and our neighbors / community! It’s the wonderful, beautiful, energized circle. Thanks Aussie!

        As I sign off with my grown kids –

        Lovelove !! ****

        • jojobo1 says:

          Ya know we have pulled a few people from ditches and when they offered to pay we told them to just help another person in need or trouble.What comes around goes around.

    • dreamgirl says:

      What a lovely man Bob the florist is. I raise my glass of red wine to your health, Bob the Florist and Mudpups around the world. To lovely gestures- clink clink.

  29. aussiegal77 says:

    …….and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeee!

    We made it! The year is almost over, what will 2010 bring? Hopefully MORE progress and less Palin. MUCH LESS.

    Love you guys! I’m enjoying this break from work. 2010 has been a very trying year for me personally (short version: marital woes and our business is also struggling, when it rains it pours!!) and I am glad to see the back of it =D God has been the rock on which I stand and believe me, sometimes I really felt like the waves would overwhelm me.

    I’ve been kinda letting the personal problems take over a bit much lately. I haven’t been on this blog commenting much. And to be honest – as much as I needed to deal with what was going on, I also should have kept up with friends. Have you ever felt like you just want to do what you need to do and get the hell back to bed? Yeah, that’s been me for a while.

    God has been my steady support and because of His steadfast love my faith has deepened in a way I didn’t anticipate. As usual – I had so much more to learn and didn’t know it till I had to learn it! But God is good, He is my shepherd and I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    The lesson I learned is that in a marriage – forgiveness is everything. For BOTH parties. I spent a lot of time being sad, angry and nursing all my hurts. And maybe I needed that time – but ultimately I HAD to move on. I realised that if I chose to dwell on all the negatives – I’d end up bitter and angry like Palin! And McCain!! God calls me to forgive those who have hurt me and love those who are my enemies – and so I do, because I trust Him in all things and for all things.

    We’re still not out of the woods yet but God is with us, He fights for us and defends us. I put all my eggs in Him =D Looking forward to 2011 and standing firm on the promises of God.

    And I promise – no more wallowing in endless self analysis of everything that could have been! Forward ho! It’s gonna take some time to heal together with my husband and for our business to recover but I’m not gonna give up.

    Peace to all, my friends. I always miss my family and friends in Australia this time of year but I’m blessed with so many friendships here in the US, I can’t help but smile =D

    Enjoy the holidays!

    • benlomond2 says:

      Hang in there Aussiegal !! wife and I went thru some tough times a couple of years back between the two of ( how come they don’t tell us guys about how hormones change a woman’s outlook ?? 🙂 ) us, compounded w/medical and deaths… Sounds like the two of you have something special to fight for… take a deep breath, 2011 just has to be better !

    • Zyxomma says:

      {{{{{{{{{{ aussiegal }}}}}}}}}}

    • jojobo1 says:

      I believe in guardian Angels and it sure sounds like you have one watching and helping you in your time of need..I am sure your guardian Angel is guiding you through your bad times and will bring you into the good times.

    • bubbles says:

      dang girl. sorry you are going through a tough patch. hope things will improve soon. take care.

    • dreamgirl says:

      Sending you and yours warm wishes from Chi-town. You sound like you’re already coming out stronger through your trials. The holidays can be rough sometimes, mine last year was not fun or good and I am doing better than fine now as you will too, also.

      ((((Christmas Hugs))))))))

      • dowl says:

        Dreamgirl, did you open your coffee / pastry shop on the north side?

        • dreamgirl says:

          Just passed inspection. Need some equipment… sweating, thinking praying. Hopefully soon. (soon could be 2 weeks or a month…sweating). Thanks for asking , I can’t wait! Going to try to carry mostly organic meats, sandwiches, coffees etc. I am only sure of 2 things: 1.) I believe in every product I will sell. 2.) the store will change as I follow marketing patterns mixed with my standards.

          Hopefully within this new year (Jan). Will keep y’all posted.

          Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  30. Carol says:

    I don’t believe that here in Alaska orange or red is required apparel while hunting. If it is, it’s a recent requirement as I have either hunted or been around hunters all my life.
    I am eagerly awaiting the Mudflat’s take on the latest Miller court rulings. Latest in the paper says he’ll decide Monday to take his suit to federal court. Jeez, isn’t the state Supreme Court ruling clear enough – maybe not.

    • jojobo1 says:

      I read in an article that orange or red was not a requirement in Alaska.It should be though with all the hunting going on though

    • B in Wasilla says:

      I think the Bozo is hoping the Court will vote him into office like they did for GW Bush

    • Waay Out West says:

      I don’t understand, dude is allegedly a lawyer yet he is making allegations with no proof. I mean ‘thousands of sex offenders may have voted.’ Is the assumption that sex offenders are somehow worse felons than murderers, drug dealers, bank robbers, embezzlers or domestic abusers?

      Why did he not point to the known prior history of problems with an outmoded and discredited voting machine system? Wouldn’t that have been the logical way to get a hand count of the machine tallied votes?

  31. Alaska Pi says:

    now , while we need to keep an eye out for winging nuts or nuts a winging or flying filberts or whatever , how about we can turn and sing something else?

    we can laugh with our friends and family,
    we can light candles, trees, and fireplaces…
    we can wonder about the other end of the world which has summer all upside down
    and take pleasure in the minutes and seconds of returning light…
    we can stand still enough to hear the voices of those we have lost this year
    and prepare to welcome those we have yet to meet this coming year

    what can we sing now?

    very best wishes to all!

  32. Lainey says:

    Thank you for those 12 days, AKM…Merry Christmas!

    And Merry Christmas & Happy 2011 (hopefully, palin-free) to all you Mudpups out there!♥

  33. I must confess I never knew the words to the original song. This one is so much better and could very well become the Liberal National Anthem to rid our guv of varmints that pander only to the wealthy. And it’s Christmas Eve so I got to be out of my head to sound so mean-spirited.I miss Santa.

    • Zyxomma says:

      Mike, you probably don’t want to know the original lyrics. Lots of birds (swans, French hens, turtledoves, etc., including the partridge who somehow flew his fluffy ass into a pear tree), lords-a-leaping, ladies dancing, maids-a-milking, pipers piping (as opposed to peeping), and of course those five gold rings. I don’t even know what “calling birds” are (#4)!

      AKM’s version is far more relevant to our times. It’s much more fun, and I’m really glad she’s not “my” ex-gov. In fact, when I sing it, I’ll substitute “the” for “ex.”

      • Waay Out West says:

        In the original lyrics they are ‘colle birds’ what we now call blackbirds, same birds that were baked in a pie for the king, and also too they do sing most sweetly.

  34. boodog says:

    I think you should be appointed Poet Laureate, AKM. Your Twelve Days is the best!
    Wishing you and all Mudpups around the world the best for the holidays, with peace, love and hugs!

  35. dreamgirl says:

    My friend wants me to help decorate his Christmas tree today! Last thing I thought I’d be doing on Christmas eve… and such a fun thing to do on this late date (except for the lights, they take me forever considering my OCD and perfectionism gene I suffer from).

    Going to wear my red “Christmas” sweater and be a complete holiday fool… I have reindeer antlers somewhere I’ll need to root for to complete my stunning outfit. Ha. Cheers.

  36. LibertyLover says:

    Happy holidays to you all!!!

  37. seattlefan says:

    Fantastic and perfect ending! Love, love, love the 12 nuts a winging!! 🙂
    You rock AKM!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year to all at the Mudflats!

  38. bubbles says:

    perfect! i am singing with all my puppy friends in perfect harmony.

  39. Baker's Dozen says:

    Merry Christmas to all!
    So what am I grateful for this Christmas?
    I’m grateful that love overcomes hate, as Jesus taught, though it may take a while
    I’m grateful I’ve been able to turn the other cheek more often. It’s better for me and my family.
    I’m grateful for all the screaming from those who want to deny help to their neighbors because of race, religion, orientation, and so on, because wrong always screams loudest in its death throes (though I’m in no way expecting all this to go away in just a couple of years.)
    I’m grateful that backward steps in the progress for universal freedom in this country tends to point out to the middle just why progress is better than retrenching.
    I’m grateful our President was able to push through all this great legislation these two years and these last couple of months, because if anyone had really been noticing, can you imagine what the backlash would be from the losers!
    I’m grateful the sun shines, the birds sing, the flowers bloom, and the mudflats squish.
    I’m grateful I love my family, yes, even those that voted for The Other Side! 🙂
    Merry Christmas, all!

  40. Zyxomma says:

    Twelve nuts a winging was the perfect ending to this perfect little ditty. I’ll sing it tomorrow, even though it’s not my holiday.

    It’s Christmas Eve. I wish all mudpuppies everywhere health, peace, and joy this holiday. Love to all of you!

  41. dreamgirl says:

    AKM’s yuletide is now running on a loop in my head! Love it.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Goodwill to all. Be merry and safe this holiday season.

  42. ks sunflower says:

    Forgot to say: thanks for the song, AKM. We are going to be singing and giggling our way through it this winter break.

    Thanks, too, AKM, for a job well done for lo these many months (and years) – you have increased our knowledge, our insights, and our sense of fun. Without you, we might have lost our hope and our way. May you and yours – and this applies to all mudpups – have the most heart-warming of holidays with those you care most about (even if you can only hear from some via the phone, Skype, mail or email.) Peace and blessings to everyone!

  43. scout says:

    Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou, to all who play in the mud!

    “Nuts a-Winging” la la la la laughing……

  44. LibertyLover says:

    This may not be news for Alaska, but on the front page of my Arizona Republic Newspaper today (below the fold) was an article saying that Bristol Palin buys a 5 bedroom home in Maricopa, AZ (a suburb just south of Phoenix) for $172,000 in cash.

    Yep, she’s just like any other unmarried single mother without a college degree. No word yet on whether she plans on living here full time, become a snowbird, or bought the house as an investment property.

    Maricopa was devastated in the recent downturn in the housing market. Real estate agents that I know predict that that area won’t return to value of homes for at least another 4 years. The home was originally sold for $326K but was foreclosed on in January of this year. Lots of homes in foreclosure there if any of you want to be Bristol’s new neighbor.

  45. Merry Christmas from Colorado to all you entertaining people. Wish the rest of the nation could look at that woman from your prospective. I shudder to think that after everything we have learned about her they still look at her as a mother figure, a person with creds on the war, pollution, climate change, nutrician, education and the actual workings of the government. Keep up the good work in the New Year.

  46. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Merry Christmas and blessings for a wonderful new year to all my favorite Alaskan bloggers and their followers.

  47. Winski says:


    Once again, we’ve come to that end-of-the-year point where we look back see what an amazing ride this has been for all of us… At least we MADE it to today….could have been WAY worse…

    Here is a bucket of major league thanks to you and you HUGE staff of minions that make Mudflats possible and I’m glad you guys do this… It’s funny but amazingly smart on the insight you lend to the reality and beauty of Alaska.. Thanks for staying around…

    GREAT work !!!


  48. Ripley in CT says:

    Why do I suddenly feel just a little bit nuts that I sang this in my head? Complete with the dramatic pauses and extended syllables. :o}

    Merry Christmas Eve everyone. Enjoy your time with your people this year. Sometimes, that’s all you have. Time. And love. :X

  49. Jim Keating says:

    The Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world December 21, 2012; the presidential election is November 6th 2012; therefore even if the end is near I have the opportunity to make a prediction regarding the 2012 presidential election, I prognosticate, though purely speculative , that Palin will run for president. Running under the banner of a newly created political party called “ The Tea Party”. This will thoroughly eviscerate the GOP . Palin’s motives will be to maintain her celebrity status, knowing she’s not qualified, never could be elected or selected by the GOP. Palin chooses the scriptures to define her motives “Vengeance is mine so says the Lord” . Palin’ s nemeses fear of failure her motive avid greed; encouraged by the tea party moneyed operatives convincing her running is god’s will. Their goal to start a party that will eventually replace the GOP. The already elected tea party affiliates will defect. The GOP will begin to show cracks when they convene in January. Tea party affiliates will splits the party causing establishment Republicans to seek-out Democratic cooperation; in essences putting the GOP in the position formerly held by the Democrats, needing to cooperate with the opposing party to achieve governance. These compromises further aggravate the tea party knights of the round table out to sleigh the deficit dragon, giving them a excuse to defect. All of these events guarantee Obama’s reelection. The conspirators; however, have more to gain than a single election. Palin will have the prestige of starting a national party, guaranteeing continued fame and fortune. The moneyed politicians have the opportunity to gain power that the GOP has denied them. Some may laugh at this prediction as far fetched; however, if on the mere possibility it comes true remember you first read it on the Mudflats..

    • Laurie says:

      That there is a nightmare.

    • ks sunflower says:

      Actually, for the past three weeks, we’ve had petitioners standing outside our libraries trying the gather signatures of registered voters so they can get a “third party for the next Presidential elections.”

      When I asked them why just for the Presidential elections, they told me “so we can have a real choice.” From the glint in their eyes, the fervor in their voices, and the bumper stickers on their cars, I fear these are indeed the Palin folks. Could be wrong – hope so in fact – but they are relentless.

      Some folks were taken in – saying “well, America is all about choice.” Uh-huh, right – until you get someone like Palin in power.

      Oooo – enough of the scary stuff, right. My apologies. It is Christmas Eve Day, after all. It’s scary enough watching all the last minute shoppers go by or show up on the local news all shaky and worn out bemoaning the fact that the special toy is nowhere to be found or whatever. Just want to hug those folks and remind them it’s okay. They themselves are someone’s favorite gift all by themselves.

      Happy Holidays everyone and Merry Christmas to many. (Am looking forward to post-Christmas myself when our daughter comes home to spend New Year’s Eve with us.)

      • Jim Keating says:

        Nevada Tea Party (NTP) had a canidate that garnered over 1% of the vote in the congressional election that enables them to establish a national party. This may also have happened in other states but Nevada is the only one I know about.

      • What’s up with that? If you can’t scare someone on Christmas,I must ask,on what day/s can you scare them. Palin and her minions don’t seem bound by any constraints of decency or respect and if it is good enough for them-let’s kill ’em all,the more the quicker. That is my Christmas wish list for the “THEMS”. okay. i feel better now.

    • overthemoon says:

      I think its time to just give them the obvious name. The Fox Party.

    • Ben in SF says:

      I’m wondering if we shouldn’t pitch in to buy the Mayans a new 2012+ calendar — maybe the carvers just ran out of room on the first one. (I just bought my 2011 paper calendar a couple weeks ago –didn’t need it until I started getting down to the bottom of my 2010 calendar).

    • Zyxomma says:

      The Mayan calendar predicts no such thing. It’s the end of a CYCLE, not the end of the world.

    • bubbles says:

      good one Jim. i concur.

  50. G Katz says:

    Thanks for a fantastic ending in keeping with the other eleven days of Christmas!

    Happy Holidays everyone! Be safe!

  51. UgaVic says:

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Great New Year to all!!

    Thank you AKM, Shannyn, Linda and all the others for making this a special place.

    Here is to much peace, warmth and hopefully more good cheer in the year to come…..

    From a small corner of Rural Alaska

  52. GA Peach says:

    Nuts a-winging!. hahahahahaha. They have been wingin’, haven’t they?

    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, Y’all!

  53. SKinMN says:

    Sooo glad to see Michele Bachmann made the “Twelve Nuts a-Wingin” list 🙂

    Thank you!!!

  54. London Bridges says:

    Here is a Lisa goes Rogue article. Sarah has created a Monster! Hopefully, a good, benevolent monster which will help to silence Sarah!

  55. Martha says:

    ★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    •。★Christmas★ 。* 。
    ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
    ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
    ˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚

    In appreciation for all of your hard work, disseminating yet another deluge of Plain blather between two hard covers.

    What type of painkillers do you use for the headaches it must give you?

  56. nswfm says:

    Bravo! Hope the next time we hear about $P it’s because she’s been arrested.

  57. OMG says:

    In praise of Vice President Joe Biden:

    Heavy sighs all around…can you imagine if someone else was in his position right now (or should I have begun with banging heads?).

  58. To Mudpups everywhere- you are cordially invited to the best party ever,at my place,just as soon as I win the lottery. Until then,I will have to hope and wish everyone of you-Peace on Earth and to Watch for your fellow Man. Being a Mudpup entails vigilance 24/7. Please be safe with your loved ones now and forever.

  59. London Bridges says:

    Perfect! Now waiting with visions of sugarplums for the video of the 12 daze of Palin!

  60. Scott In South Austin says:

    I see Bristol took some of her “Dancing with The Brisquet Thigh Star” winnings and purchased a home South of Phoenix. Is this a new staging location for Mama Griffter so she can run for either McCain or Kyl’s seat in the Senate?

    Merry Christmas

    • barbara says:

      shouldn’t “winnings” be in quotes?

    • Elsie says:

      I’m sorry. I just visualized those high summer temps in Arizona, (like 120 maybe?) hoping that the a.c. fails in that brisket house next summer and baby caribou barbie fries a bit acclimating to her new place ….

      my bad, yes…

      Okay, now back to our regular programming of good tidings of great joy….

      Love and best wishes to Madame AKM, Linda, Shannyn, the other contributors here, and the other mudpuppies.

    • Eykis says:

      Hey Scott –

      How is South Austin these days?

      I graduated from that South Austin school in 1976 – the one on the hill with the BLUEBONNETS I miss so much every year –

      St. Edwards University.

      Have a very Festive Festivus!

      A Merry Ho Ho, also, too.

      • Scott In South Austin says:


        It’s still beautiful, although we have folks finding our about our little nervana. The bluebonnets will be back this spring.

        Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Gramiam says:

      Over this Arizona Democrat’s cold dead corpse she’ll run for anything here. We have more than our share of total insanity already! My nightmare is that she will establish residency, McCain will resign his seat and be carted off to the home (one of them, anyway), and Governor “Death Panels” will appoint her to his seat! AARRGGHH!

    • jimzmum says:

      I do not want to hear one more word about how hard a life that child is living. Not one more word.

    • LibertyLover says:

      Oops, I didn’t see your post when I made mine a bit later. Cheers!

    • overthemoon says:

      So what are the cash rewards for DWTS?

    • Madeline says:

      Could be she’s looking for a place to “lay low” for a while! Didn’t they used to call it confinement?

      • MinNJ says:

        Why, yes, I believe that they did.

        • Zyxomma says:

          Yes, it used to be called confinement, and the euphemism for the delivery was “Lying In.” My mother was born in Manhattan’s Lying In Hospital, which is now a fancy condo, mostly housing doctors, since it’s near Beth Israel, Bellevue, and NYU Medical Center.

          She’s got the “lying” part down, don’t know about the “in.”

        • bubbles says:

          uh huh. yep.

      • dreamgirl says:

        Some called it “A trip to Venice, France, England” for the wealthy… some girls got to visiting relations for extended periods of time and in Wasilla some girls get mono for years.

  61. Perfect! That song always gets stuck in my head every year. It’s nice to have some different lyrics – and I especially like the last one and the five living props. I can’t stand to look at the dead fish or the turkeys or the “fleeing reindeer” – have to scroll by those fairly fast.

  62. jimzmum says:

    Now, that is a way to finish off that song! Thank you. Ice and snow are on the way (no big surprise), so our plans are predicated on when the ice is finished. We aren’t supposed to get a lot, so that means it will be taken care of quickly. Then, let it snow!

    Waiting for the latest batch of no-bake cookies to cool enough to taste-test. You know how important that is! I have racks with cookies cooling all over the kitchen. Dang. It smells so good in there.

    I am also too waiting for the Christmas Fairy to get her tushy in gear and clean up the kitchen, but it looks as if she is sleeping in.

    Have a lovely!

    • I,Mike from Iowa, do solemnly swear(actually I cuss) to be a good man and true,and will faithfully execute the duties of being your official cookie-taster,starting post-haste(whatever that means).I can be there sometime between now and when I overcome my fear of sitting inside a contraption that is big enough to swallow me whole.Please make sure you preserve all evidence for when I get there(if you hire me). I work cheap. With deepest regards, Merry Christmas. PS you will know me by the size of my girth.

    • physicsmom says:

      I’m just curious as to why “no-bake” cookies have to cool? Merry Christmas to jimsmum, AKM and all the Mudflatters!

  63. thatcrowwoman says:

    Loving singing “Nuts a-winging!”
    after “dead fish on my TeeVee” …. I add a rousing OY! VEY!

    hahahahahahahaha caw Caw CAW!!!

    merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…
    I love you, mudpuppies, and am so blessed by Our Muckraker’s creation of these magnificent mudflats.

    {{{{{ AKM and all the denizens of her, of our, mudflats }}}}}

    and joy to the world,
    and peace on Earth, good will, also, too.

    my heart is full of comfort and joy.
    Quyana, toda raba, gracias, merci, danke, many many thanks, dear ones.

  64. benlomond2 says:

    a most excellent choice for the 12th Day !!

  65. Kath the Scrappy says:

    And have a Wonderful Holiday AKM and Family, as well as all Mudpups near and far! Maybe Santa will deliver the best present of all by getting that looney tunes half gov OFF our TV machines? Hoping here.

  66. AKjah says:

    Bravo AKM. I will sing this for my son when he fly’s in. You and all the Mudflaters are the best!!

  67. Willowdancer says:

    Oops, I had to fix the link ,, I misspelled a word in it,

    May I suggest folks go and look at this link,
    I have not watch any of Palin shows at all so I did not see this, but for some one that claims
    to be a great white hunter, she has daddy load her rifle even when she missed the caribou?
    has to ask her father if the rifle kicks ? and shooting at sky outline of a animal without knowing what
    is behind it , like a person or whatever? And anyone that does go hunting sights in their rifle espeically
    if they have scope on it,, one question, maybe the folks in alaska can answer this, but down here, folks
    wear some kind of hunter orange vest or hat or something so some one does not shot them? It is a safety
    factor down here,

    • vj says:

      Sarah Palin is clearly no hunter, as she demonstrated. As for the orange vest, I believe there is a requirement in AK, too, but the law has only ever been a negotiating point for Sarah Palin. Nobody ever seems to go to the trouble of making her account for herself.

      I’m more concerned that she is driving her child around with no seatbelt on. But will she be called on it? I would be shocked if it happened.

      Merry Christmas, Willowdancer.

      • LibertyLover says:

        Appears that her dad is still carrying that backpack for her like when she was a little girl and went out hiking as a family. (reference to SP’s latest book, AKM’s description of the pictures)

        What pressure Palin must have been under to bag that animal on the TeeVee for TLC.

      • jojobo1 says:

        She couldn’t deny or fight it if it was shown one the show.The state patrol could send her a ticket.After all people get tickets fro pictures taken in the cities ect.

      • GoI3ig says:

        There is no orange vest requirement in Alaska, but that aside, she still proves she is clueless. Her dad had to work the bolt on the rifle. She is a world class phony, and nothing more.

      • Bretta says:

        She didn’t get busted a couple of years ago for being caught driving with Tri-G without a baby car seat. The state Troopers gave her a pass (she was still Governor).

    • Zyxomma says:

      Here’s the working link:

      and the comments are great.

  68. Willowdancer says:

    May I suggest folks go and look at this link,
    I have not watch any of Palin shows at all so I did not see this, but for some one that claims
    to be a great white hunter, she has daddy load her rifle even when she missed the caribou?
    has to ask her father if the rifle kicks ? and shooting at sky outline of a animal without knowing what
    is behind it , like a person or whatever? And anyone that does go hunting sights in their rifle espeically
    if they have scope on it,, one question, maybe the folks in alaska can answer this, but down here, folks
    wear some kind of hunter orange vest or hat or something so some one does not shot them? It is a safety
    factor down here,

    • WakeUpAmerica says:

      * Not her gun
      * Misses 5 times
      * Finger on the trigger while she changes her position from standing to lying down
      * No orange vest
      VERY telling, that. She’s no hunter. She’s a menace.

    • Bob Benner says:

      The blatant lie that Quitter Queen Sarah Palin hunts to eat is about as ridiculous as watching Sarah “learn them lower 48 Americans” how “real Alaskans” go about getting “cash” for bartering for dry goods by panning for gold… When we Alaskans want some money, why we just step outside and pan some gold out of that river running through our backyard… If we want to travel, we Alaskans just step out of our igloo’s, shoo the penguins away, harness up our dog sled team and mush off to town… When we want to eat, we just open our window, and shoot that moose or caribou grazing in our backyard for our dinner..When we’re hungry for our omega-3’s, we just step outside to our backyard lake or river, throw a fishing line out and reel in a salmon or a halibut… Of course Sarah will joke, if you’re a real Alaskan, we just wait for a Grizzly to catch a fish and then bitch slap them till they drop it…(Of course everyone knows we aren’t dumb enough to bitch slap the mama grizzlies!) But even these scams of Sarah acting like she is a “real Alaskan” who does these things in her day to day life aren’t as silly as the scam she is trying to perpetuate that she is Presidential material…

    • overthemoon says:

      My sister works in the film industry. The buzz there is that its all editing. There were no bears there, there was no Caribou standing as a calm, unfrightened target. The whining and snark they think is probably authentic.

      • bubbles says:

        figures. i couldn’t figure out why the ‘bou just stood there peacefully grazing whilst the idiot shot then reloaded five times. i am not a hunter of any living thing but even i know that that whole scenario was bogus. what we have to realize is that this is just a way for the palin to get paid for attacking the president and doing dirt in our country. i would like to see Murdoch have his citizenship revoked and his ass kicked out of here; and his news corps empire broken and destroyed. seriously. Murdoch is a traitor. he needs to go. Palin is a traitor and a grifter. she needs to go to prison.
        the Koch bros are citizens so they need to spend the next twenty years in Guantanamo learning what it means to be powerless and poor. hmmmmnn.

      • sallyngarland,tx says:

        I don’t believe the rafting trip either. We heard the Palin/Heaths but we couldn’t see who was in the raft in the rough waters. And Sun night, a tree will fall, they’ll make it appear she cut it down, but I bet she didn’t. More of the lies of Sarah Palin.

      • dreamgirl says:

        With all the spicing and editing I’m wondering when Charlton Heston or John Wayne is going to make a cameo on her show.

    • Madeline says:

      Breaking news from HuffPost: Palin shot Santa in a hunting accident – you mean she accidently hit something???

    • iheartart says:

      It is the LAW down here. But then, so are seatbelts and carseats for kids, and we’ve seen how that works in Sarah’sWorld. How does she get away with so much stuff when it’s right there on the teevee?

  69. Leota2 says:


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