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May 26, 2018

I Know You Think…

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Mika Brzezinski Experiences Palin Fatigue
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This one was simply too good not to share. Dig deep, Mudflatters… It’s going to be a rough couple of years, but I have faith in you, kid.



54 Responses to “I Know You Think…”
  1. nymiss says:

    Oh and don’t you find it peculiar that the meanest, nastiest people keep claiming that
    they’re Christians?

    Does that claim offer a shield? Or does it make it easier to recruit haters who also claim
    to be Christian?

    Personally, I know for a fact that a true Christian could never say or do all the nasty things
    that ‘Christian Conservatives” are doing and saying every day.

    Who has ‘hijacked’ God? Who’s the architect of this mess? It’s a sick twist, but no accident
    for sure…

    Cleverness like this only comes from the Devil.

  2. nymiss says:

    Colbert really hits it, that’s why I watch him. I laugh, but there’s really nothing funny about
    what his satire reveals. But what makes it so special is that somebody’s saying it! Thank
    God somebody’s saying it!

    That sick woman was the beginning of the end of civility in American politics (I remember recoiling when she was ‘unveiled’). Her speech was nasty and full of daggers for Obama–I knew there was trouble on my country’s horizon. She operates on the hate and incitement level. And for that, there are consequences! Sort of reminds me of the opposite of what a Therapist does–therapists help to heal mental problems–This Sick Woman brings out the Crazy in people! Even when she disappears (with her payoff) the damage will have been done. People will be dead, lives forever damaged. Tucson will be repeated, you betcha! She has drawn a dark shawl over us, and now the world just watches…and waits to see what’s next. She is like a Curse.

    John McCain–what have you done to America? You Doddering Old Dummy!
    McCain’s legacy absolutely must include the damage he has done to this Country in his desperation to be president. So sad, the both of them. Sad and ugly.

    Just let her and her sad little dysfunctional little family fade away from our national scene. I hope one day America can heal from the damage done by her and McCain.

    May they rest in peace.

  3. kiksadi50 says:

    What would I do without Colbert,Jon Stewart, & Ricky Gervais? Completely lose my perspective & my mind as Palin has done. Could she take herself any more seriously? She desperately,desperately needs an ability to laugh at herself.I can’t figure out how Todd listens to her yapping day in and day out. No wonder he gets on his snow mobile and drives far away to nowhere, as fast as he can and as often as he can.

  4. Moose Pucky says:

    It’s like the rest of the world is figuring out what most Alaskans already understand. S.P. is superficial, shallow, and self-centered. Hereafter to be referred to as Sarah’s SSS syndrome–or SSSSS.

    • scout says:

      SSSSS, hee hee, Moose Pucky, you reminded me of a post at kos: “As I noted elsewhere, anybody else feeling the eerie silence that is Michele Bachmann? She must be slithering through the bushes waiting for Sarah to totally self-destruct so she can jump up and take her perch atop Mount Derangement.”

      Colbert ~ brilliant!

  5. aeroentropy says:

    I saw this the other night (and it’s late here when it comes on..) — I about fell out of bed laughing so hard. That would have been hard to explain, although there was no spouse home so I wouldn’t have had a whole lot of explaining to do…. !

  6. Just Me says:

    Pat in Washington, you need to start watching Colbert. Then you will pick up on his schick. He is really the most brilliant and funniest and most charming comedian. Actually, I consider him a very, very smart politician. Try him again. You will learn to love him like all of us do.

  7. Just Me says:

    Pat in Washington, you need to start watching Colbert. Then you will pick up on his schick. He is really the most brilliant and funniest and most charming comedian. Actually, I consider him a very, very smart politician. Try him again. You will learn to love him like all of us do.

  8. merrycricket says:

    Nice little funny to start my day. Colbert was one of my dad’s favorites.

  9. Megaera says:

    I love me some Stephen Colbert.

  10. JUST A THOUGHT says:



  11. JUST A THOUGHT says:


  12. mudkitten says:

    Colbert is a national treasure. And the best part of that clip is Mika, who is completely serious, finally voicing what all journalists need to start doing, which is to refuse to cover Palin. She is not serious, not a presdential contender, and should not be covered like she is one.

    • Mika is very often the only one that makes any sense on Morning Joe, aside from some of the guests. But Joe can be so tone deaf. He can’t stop talking long enough to even process what someone else is saying or asking. He just likes to hear himself talk – I wouldn’t have heard this if it hadn’t been for the link. I did enjoy the little bit that Mika said and the insight from Carl Bernstein.

  13. Baker's Dozen says:

    And to think people wondered where the fodder for political humor would come from once the bush was uprooted and thrown on the compost pile!

  14. formerwriter says:

    THAT was the most amazing satire I’ve heard in a long while. Thank you, AKM. And thank you, Stephen Colbert. Yessss! We’re finally getting to the end. I’m really hoping it won’t be two more years. I like the “Ignore Sarah Palin Week” idea. I think I’ll do it.

  15. Steven Colbert is my new BFF. He and Jon Stewart are awesome and right on the money.

  16. Irishgirl says:

    Twas a thing of beauty.

  17. Wallflower says: has declared the last week of February “Ignore Sarah Palin Week.” Wonkette, on the other hand, couldn’t last more than a day with their Palin embargo.

  18. AK Raven says:

    I feel for Mika. She was indeed funny- or was it the cutting. How enjoyable to know others are also trying to ignore the “situation” up here.

  19. Gramiam says:


  20. Martha says:

    This is one of his BEST!!

    I just LOVE “exchanging public service for celebrity the day she quit as Governor and now has reached her career pinnacle”…….purrrrrrrrrrfect!

    Her FB “blood libel” video and Hannity appearance are her worst performances to date.

    REP. GABBY GIFFORDS : For example, we’re on Sarah Palin’s targeted list. But the thing is, the way she has it depicted has the cross-hairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they’ve got to realize there’s consequences to that action.

    And there was…her district office door was SHOT out.

    Palin wasn’t the LEAST bit concerned then OR now, she has made THAT abundantly clear.

    Palin’s game of oneupmanship by releasing her “poor pitiful ME, with a good dose of “blood libel” to stir the pot” video THE DAY OF THE MEMORIAL and her Hanitization playing victim to even her own video, does not sit well with anyone.

    Her video the day of the memorial is akin to the Baptist Church funeral protests and people GOT THAT!

    The result was her diminishing poll numbers have accelerated and her disapproval numbers are skyrocketing.

    Keep talking yourself into that black hole of obscurity Sarah.

    Palin will be Wassilla’s version of Norma Desmond and Todd will be her butler Max Von Mayerling.

    Instead of Sunset Blvd, it will be Northern Lights Backroad.

  21. Winski says:

    I know Colbert is suppose to represent satire but he sounds more like a palinista everyday… I’ve never been a Colbert fan, and this does NOT help…

    • jojobo1 says:

      It took me a while to catch on to him.But the more I watched him the more I caught on to what he says; he is the best at sarcasm

    • CanadianGuy25 says:


    • He’s a fake republican….he’s wonderful at PRETENDING.

    • Hope says:

      He uses irony and sarcasm. He is far from being a Palinista.

    • seattlefan says:

      He’s a genius of sarcasm. I read that he based his “character” on Bill O’Reilley. He is totally in character when he does his show.

      Funny story….my 81 year old Dad loved his shtick until I explained to him what he was doing. After Dad was enlightened by his progressive daughter (Moi!), he was no longer a fan. I felt bad doing it but I felt worse knowing my Dad did not get it and was embarrassing himself. Love means always setting things straight.

      • boodog says:

        That is funny, Seattlefan, but tell your dad not to feel too bad. I’ve met many intelligent people who misunderstood the character before finding out the truth. He is a genius 🙂

    • dowl says:

      Colbert was at his absolute best at the annual (whatever it’s called) presidential roast of George Bush! That’s when many of those of the GOP persuasion did not realize that Colbert does exquisite satire and that he is not a good ole boy. I don’t have a link, but I think it was during Bush’s 2nd unelected term as president. It is a hilarious performance by Colbert in its skewing of Bush’s many foibles. Some at the roast, most notably Laura Bush, were quite uncomfortable with the ‘humor.’

      • boodog says:

        This one?

      • MonaLisa (inCT) says:

        It was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It was after this, that Jon Stewart declared Colbert has test!cles of titanium.

        I also loved his response to her declaration of Rushbo’s use of the ‘R’ word to be ok because it was ‘satire’!

    • GoI3ig says:

      I don’t think you got it.

    • Eykis says:

      Colbert is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. The trick to Colbert is “smart”. He plays a conservative on his show – the cons think he is actually a con.

    • greylox says:

      **You are seriously impaired if you think this was pro-palin.

  22. He’s just not one of my favorites, but that was awesome. I watched a clip of Morning Joe and the best part was Carl Bernstein. I really wish that he could interview Palin. He wouldn’t let her get away with anything. And she thinks the media has been picking on her before? Ha – she has no idea what a hard interviewer would ask.

  23. zyggy says:

    That episode I’m sure will win him another Emmy, so very much deserved. I hope the Emmy’s will televise that part of the show too.

  24. Mo says:

    I resisted watching this, but finally got around to doing so…and it’s brilliant. One of his best!

    Thank you for posting the link, so we can all find it easily and often whenever we need a little pick-me-up.

  25. ohio sue says:

    I watched the whole Colbert Report last and he was just on fire. It was one of the funniest shows he’s done in a while. With surgical precision, he just skewered everyone who deserved it.

  26. Bad Meow says:

    You just have to love the “Say a prayer….” line. :^)

  27. OMG says:

    A great show! Now enjoy the Onion News Network (via Little Green Footballs):

  28. G Katz says:

    Mr. Colbert nailed that one!

    Whenever I catch that show, I wish Mika would speak more. I think she has more on her mind than she is allowed to share.

    • johnny says:

      Joe cuts her off, I want to reload when I see him do that. J/K, but I did like that description that came out about him in a magazine lauding Morning Joe, that said his face was like a piece of dough with little raisins as the eyes. Actually I like MJ, watch it all the time, but he does treat her like crap.

  29. zyggy says:

    2nd time today watching that, and still laughing. OMG Colbert ripped not one but two new holes for Missy Quittypants. And he said it so well. That needs to be shown by Fox, =) he was joking ya know. hahahahahaha, gotta love Colbert, and yes Stewart too. They are having so much fun with her.

  30. ks sunflower says:

    That was wonderful!

  31. alaskaliberal says:

    Sharing w/my FB friends…lol lol lol…Stephen is so funny!

  32. Millie says:

    Saw this earlier on IM’s blog…outstanding!!!

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