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December 14, 2017

Open Thread – Moose Gives Bronx Cheer

I suppose I could just make this one a caption contest, but I’ll give you a little back story.

I was sitting at the computer, minding my business as I usually do, when a dark shape caught my eye out the sliding glass door. No sooner had I looked over my shoulder than it became evident what the shape had been – a very lovely cow moose.  I’m not sure if this was one of the twins that Mudflats readers may remember, but she seemed to be about the same age.

I grabbed my camera, which for once was right where I needed it, with the right lens, and the battery charged. That happy trifecta doesn’t always happen, so I was very pleased.  I bolted over to the door, hoping to be able to get a nice shot for an Open Thread before she scampered off into the woods.  I slid the door open gingerly to avoid startling her.

Well, not only did she not run off, she ran right over to investigate and gave me this little display.  It was one of those pictures when you know immediately that you’ve captured the moment. I’d like to say it was some kind of moose-whispering skill on my part, but really it was just dumb luck – finger on shutter, tongue out.

Feel free to caption it in the comments if you like. I’m thinking I may have found next year’s Christmas card…



116 Responses to “Open Thread – Moose Gives Bronx Cheer”
  1. Beezer says:

    Please sir, may I have another?

  2. AKjah says:

    Have any of those with the-you know- jelly inside?

  3. Josh says:

    Why is nothing about Elizabeth Peratrovich Day?!!!!!!
    The FIRST anti-discrimination bill passed in the US was in the territory of Alaksa

    I’m just sayin! Let’s celebrate!!!!!!!!!

  4. Laurainnocal says:

    How ’bout “Lappin’ the luv”

  5. char says:

    Excuse me, do you have a lollypop??

  6. leenie17 says:

    Like I said before, Teh Crazy is strong with these Republicans.

    In Maryland, the Board of County Commissioners voted to stop contributing county money to Head Start, which effectively cut their funding by 50%. The reason two commissioners gave to justify their vote? According to them, women should be married and stay home with the kids so they shouldn’t need Head Start programs. Since their wives were able to do it, all women apparently should be able and willing to do it as well.

    Seriously??? Are these people stuck in some alternate Ozzie and Harriet universe???

  7. gens says:

    “a majestic møøse once bit my sister … ” – moose actor, had the budget allowed for an actual moose – Monty Python and the Holy Grail, credits

  8. Zyxomma says:

    I’ll be back later to read comments (no time now!), but wanted all the mudpuppies and hushpuppies to see this great graphic from the other 98% (that’s most of us!), comparing George Soros’ story to that of the Koch brothers:

  9. Blooper says:

    She’s thinking: “Is that some Ben & Jerry’s ‘Alder Ego’ crunch? I want a lick!” 🙂

  10. scout says:

    “HONOLULU — The Hawaii Legislature approved a bill on Wednesday allowing civil unions for same-sex couples, sending the measure to the state’s Democratic governor, who has said he will sign it into law.
    Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s office said he intends to sign the bill within 10 days, and civil unions would begin Jan. 1, 2012.
    “I have always believed that civil unions respect our diversity, protect people’s privacy, and reinforce our core values of equality and aloha,” Abercrombie said in a statement released minutes after Wednesday’s vote. “For me, this bill represents equal rights for all the people of Hawai’i.””…….

    I ♥ Hawaii

    • beth says:

      Dang it, Hawai’i! What the Sam Hill are you fools thinking — you’re just doing everything you can to make my 39-year marriage fall apart, aren’t you? Shame on you! beth.

  11. leenie17 says:

    Well, I suppose the one ‘good’ thing you can say about the new crop of RWNJ governors and Congresscritters is that they no longer feel the need to hide their racism and bigotry, so we can see who they really are. In years past, elected officials tried hard to pretend that they were not racist but now they almost seem to flaunt it and be proud of it.

    Yesterday, FL governor Rick Scott, while speaking to a black caucus, implied that all black legislators grew up poor. Nice stereotyping, Ricky! He’s also pushing bills that cut funding for programs that help minorities but he hasn’t forgotten those good folks with the giant bank accounts. He wants to give $2 billion in tax cuts to corporations.

    Do none of these people feel ANY shame for what they say and believe?

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      Yep…that’s our Governor Crook…he feels No Shame.

      He is Exhibit A of the now ubiquitous “Flor~idiot.”
      Racism + cuts to libraries and public education: way to attract/create new jobs and to make us smarter also, too.

      He also turned down federal $ for the high speed rail system. That’s OK, since New York will be happy to take the money. (waving to bubbles and zyxomma and NY mudpeeps)

      May have to send that raspberry mooseberry postcard before all is said and done.

      • leenie17 says:

        “That’s OK, since New York will be happy to take the money.”

        Yup…the high speed rail will likely pass not too far from where I am in Rachacha.

        I suspect that many of the more radical RWNJs who were elected last year may get ‘unelected’ the next time around, but it will take a long time to undo the damage they’ve caused in the meantime, especially to areas like education, the economy, and services for those who need them most.

        I SO wish people would get out of their barcaloungers and get to the voting booths. It’s only once a year at most, folks! Oh, and they should also use their brains to find out what their candidates are really like before they pull the lever (or touch the screen, or fill in the bubble…).

    • Isn’t he the one that was in charge of some company that got in a lot of legal trouble and people went to jail, but he’s still out with tons of money? Disgusting!

  12. Canadian Country Girl says:

    OOPS! Guess a link to my son’s blog would help.

  13. Canadian Country Girl says:

    Hi All!

    I have been lurking for far too long.

    Awesome shot AKM! Just have to say what a handsome female that is. We have a cow (moose cow) and her calf wandering around our house here in the Interior of British Columbia. She and the young one bed down every night in a nearby stand of Aspen, and are totally hidden by the snow. Drive by early enough in the morning and all you can see in the Aspen grove are two streams of steam rising – moose breath! They nibble on willow branches by the lake and get the dogs all in a dither.

    Exciting. My son, a radio news announcer in LA, has just started a blog. It concerns ‘spiritual things,’ not politics, but thought I should mention it anyway. He’s just starting so could use a few clicks.

    We are still way below freezing, but Spring is coming – I know it.

  14. Kilia says:

    Nyah, Nyah……….you can’t shoot me! 😉

  15. KateinCanada says:

    Is she sister to the Farbacks moose that they tried the newly advertised animal taser on, and it wouldn’t penetrate the hair?

  16. I just saw this at another sight. Rethugs in South Dakota are playing politics in the abortion arena again. Try this I hope this works.

    • Well it didn’t work again. The billwants to make it justifiable homicide for a pregnant woman to kill anyone trying to harm or kill her baby and pro-choice groups are worried that abortion providers will be targeted. Rethugs claim that isn’t the intent of the bill or even a likely scenario. The bill was changed to include fetuses for protection from harm. Abortions are legal as of now,but, South Dakota has been chipping away for a number of years and may have the necessary votes to outlaw abortion in their stste.

  17. jimzmum says:

    Excuse me. This is IMPORTANT! Stop playing Bubble Shooter, and listen to me. Thank you.

    As of five minutes ago, the last of the snow has melted from our property. And yes, I did go down to the bottom of the gorge and stomp one recalcitrant blob to nothing that was hiding in a very shady place.

    I am now going to hose about 19 bushels of mud from my boots. Oh, the temperature is 67*.

    You may resume Bubble Shooter.

  18. Tsilaer says:

    Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

  19. Mo says:

    So our douchy gov isn’t sure whether taking the money to get Alaskans a health insurance exchange is skookum with his oath of office? Or is that oaf in office?

    CHRIS STEIN, Associated Press
    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell has until Friday to apply for a million dollar grant to set up a health care exchange in the state.

    Alaska is the only state not to apply for a federal Health Insurance Exchange Planning grant, which funds the planning process for setting up an exchange.

    The Senate Labor and Commerce committee is considering a bill to establish an exchange. Sen. Hollis French, a Democrat from Anchorage and the bill’s sponsor, says a group of senators will deliver a letter to Parnell on Wednesday urging him to apply for the grant.

    Parnell is awaiting a legal opinion as to whether carrying out last year’s health care overhaul would violate his oath of office.

  20. What a day brightener! I love Brian pictures, and even better are Brian off-spring pictures. And that’s just too cute for words. 🙂

  21. Susabelle says:

    I just had to print out that lovely lady. What a beautiful fur coat she has. And those ears.
    She looks so healthy. You are so lucky to have such a neighbor.

  22. Irishgirl says:

    LOL. Mrs. Todd Palin appears to have replaced Todd with Michael Glassner.

    “Over the weekend, SarahPAC filled the chief of staff role on Sarah Palin’s team. Her husband, Todd, had been functioning in the role, but now Michael Glassner, a former Bob Dole adviser, veteran Republican operative, and most recently a staffer on Palin’s vice-presidential campaign, has been added to the small organization, a move first reported by CNN.”

    I wonder why she did that? 🙂

  23. Bretta says:

    You’ve got a Muse!

    I’m easily amused; what can I say?

  24. CO almost native says:

    Wonderful picture, AKM. So sweet-looking… from a distance, of course. The tongue captures my sentiments exactly- our governor proposed a $500M+ cut in public education, K-12 and higher ed. I know we, as most states, have serious budget problems- but to balance it on the back of our state’s children, and future, is horrible. Oh, and no tax increases whatsoever.

    • A fan from CA says:

      So here is the difference a Dem makes. CA is facing a big budget shortfall too. Here the big fight is over whether We the People get to vote over cuts or keeping some fees and taxes that would pay for various programs.

      Most of the R’s in the Legislature have signed a pledge that will make them opposed to giving citizens a vote on the matter. In order to get on the ballot the issues need the Leg to approve the measures. We need a few R’s to “break rank” and vote to give We the People the choice. Stay tuned.

  25. Speaking as a “rill” Alaskan I have this to say to Grifters 1 and 2. Grifter 1- us “rill” Alaskans don’t speak witrh a forked tongue. Please view exhibit A,compliments of another “rill” Alaskan-AKM. For Grifter 2- this is how you practice what you preach- abstinence. No sweaty guys with bulging muscles hanging around me,and I don’t get paid to preach that which I don’t practice. So in closing,go suck a lemon.

  26. beth says:

    And now, for something totally random…

    If you want to see some truly awesome awesomeness relating to nothing in particular (but with great sincerity! in lyrics, ‘story’ line, dance, acting, etc.), here’s an oldie but goodie:

    I first came across the video about 5-years ago. Since re-discovering it earlier today, I’ve already been ‘forced’ to watch it a couple more times; I find it, oddly, addictive. All told, I’ve spent *many* a viewing minute watching it again and again and again, to soak up all of its … its … its… well, check it out for yourself. And get your giggles on. Enjoy. beth.

  27. bubbles says:

    Russ Feingold has founded Progressives United. i wish him luck. i am smiling just a little as i think of the concept of progressives uniting to work together to make changes in how we are governed. i think we had a chance two years ago when we united long enough to elect Barack Obama. once that was done many progressives simply walked away and allowed the fanatic right to dominate the media and the country. i wish Mr. Feingold well but i am not at all sanguine about the outcome. i am wondering what others who identify themselves as ‘progressive’ think. can we solidify our disparate selves into one united self as we did once before? i surely hope so because i don’t think we can elect a Republican for president until rational human beings get control of their once Grand Old Party from the lunatics who are currently in power.

    • ks sunflower says:

      I believe we can, and I suspect all the mischief Republican governors are doing against the middle class workers is going to help. If progressives keep reminding people that the GOP is all for tax cuts for the wealthy and wage cuts for the middle class, I think the GOP will stumble and fall.

      • A fan from CA says:

        I agree. And we need to keep up the mantra of “Republican War on the Middle Class”. It’s an important message for the people who don’t pay much attention to understand.

    • leenie17 says:

      I think the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot by their actions these past two years. They did nothing from January 2009 until January 2011 except obstruct and delay. Then they campaigned on jobs and the economy but haven’t done diddly in Congress (and in most states) besides help the super-rich and attempt to decimate civil rights, and women’s rights in particular. They’ve gone so far off the deep right end, and in very public ways, that they very well may have succeed in uniting Democrats for the next election.

      Even folks in the middle are starting to cringe at the craziness coming out of the Republican party. When Michele Bachman goes ballistic because the First Lady wants to make it easier for women who want to breastfeed their children to do so, she’s one more example of the absurd anti-everything hysteria that has taken over the right wing of our government.

      • bubbles says:

        Leenie i really hope you are right. i hope all of us, no matter what party we support, hand these idiotic people their asses in a Walmart shopping bag. it is time we had a real revolution in this country. a revolution of hearts and minds that say ” We The People refuse to be divided. We refuse to hate one another. We refuse to allow our brothers and sisters to go hungry, homeless or sick without succor. We refuse to allow a corporation to be ‘a person’. We refuse to support other countries when our own people suffer from neglect.
        We The People Are United. We are One Out Of Many!!!

    • Thank you, Bubbles…well said…!

  28. beth says:

    “I ♥ thknow eyeth cream but it alwayth maykth my ton’ feel numb.” beth.

    (Yea!– I remembered from yesterday: alt [and] 3 = ♥. Who says you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks? Thanks, pups! b.)

    • benlomond2 says:

      who’s calling you an old dog !!! Them’s fighting words!! let me put my glasses on so I can see, and I’ll whup up on ’em for ya !! dang blasted whippersnappers !!! 🙂 ben hobbles out waving his cane in a fighting frenzy…….

  29. Baker's Dozen says:

    John Hughes wrote this article. He worked in the Reagan White House. While I don’t agree with all his political views, I have great respect for him as an honest man, an earnest public servant, and a very good journalist. What he says about Reagan and Egypt rings true to my ears. Unlike another “journalist’s” take on Reagan, he has actually thought this through.

    • ks sunflower says:

      I’m sorry, but the sound rang hollow on mine. I could not get through the drivel idolizing Reagan. His speeches sounded well enough, but his follow-through and understanding never came close. The man could deliver a speech like few others, but I don’t believe for an instant that he deeply understood the issues. Reagan made great sweeping statements about foreign policy (after the events were already in motion), but his domestic policies and practices forever tainted him for me.

      • I’m with you, ks sunflower. I just never got on the idolizing Reagan bandwagon. And I think the way he is now being touted as some sort of political genius is just more evidence of our willingness to accept revisionist history.

        • A fan from CA says:

          I agree. Reagan was a master speech giver. He was a trained actor and could deliver a message that many people wanted to hear. He was a master of appealing to emotion over any discussion of the facts.

          As for foreign policy, he had no experience or background in anything regarding FP, he was just told what to think by this advisers.

          • PennLawyer says:

            SELL that 20 mule team Borax, Ronnie! I remember him extolling the virtues of Borax for the program he hosted, called Death Valley Days. He hit exactly the same verbal tone and looked into the camera just as intently, and displayed the same degree of earnest sincerity for the commercials as he did for his State of the Union addresses.

      • Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

        He was, after all, a professional actor.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I didn’t get the sense the Mr. Hughes was idolizing him, or even giving him credit for being a great mind. Reagan, however, did feel that every land should be democratic, and he championed that irregardless of any consequences for our country, our allies, or the people directly affected. He would have been, unlike today’s republicans, unabashedly for democratic reform.

    • There was an article there also about an Iraqi sculptor who had come back to Baghdad after being gone so long. It was really interesting, and he mentioned the Christian church in Baghdad, how Muslims would attend as well…. When the museum in Baghdad was looted, some of his former students bought items on the black market that their former teacher had made. They were able to present them to him, and he was touched. They had saved the pieces of sculpture until he came back home. Thank you for leading me to this lovely article..!

  30. Jim in WA says:

    Caption: “I can lick anybody in the place!”

  31. London Bridges says:


    “Once again, you’ve left me tongue tied and flabbergasted.”

  32. Baker's Dozen says:

    POliticians and Jeopardy:

  33. Baker's Dozen says:

    Who took away my ice cream?

  34. omg says:

    On a different note, with unrest spreading throughout the Middle East, it’s easy to get excited about the possiblities of democratic reforms. Sadly, even if democracy reins supreme, the US still has its work cut out for it in changing perceptions based on decades old diplomatic blunders.

    • ks sunflower says:

      Can you imagine how much it would be if Ron Paul, Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee or any of the other simpletons were in charge. They do not seem capable of handling complex issues. Everything is simply black and white, right or wrong. Makes me shudder to think anyone that limited is even being discussed as Presidential material. GW Bush and Dick Cheney and their cronies were bad enough.

    • bubbles says:

      i think it would behoove us to tend to our own business. set our house in order. we have a great fight ahead. we have to push back hard against the lunatic right. the truth is that rational, reasonable republicans are the only ones who can lead the fight to rein in the hateful people and their ugly rhetoric who have hijacked a political party and who are now letting it be known that they have taken over and have become the party of ignorant, backward thinking, narrow minded, low information, Fox News addicts. Republicans take back your political party in 2012. throw the bums out!

  35. overthemoon says:

    Today is a good day to support Public TV and Radio. Congress is debating on cutting funding and dismantling the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Please take a couple of minutes to tell your congresspeople and senators what you think about this???

    • ks sunflower says:

      Done! I’ve already signed several petitions. I hope the mass of them startles the GOP out of its foolish agenda. So many, many of us look to PBS and NPR for information, entertainment and just good company. In these lean times, people cannot afford to bear the entire burden of supporting them.

      I would much prefer my tax dollars to go to PBS and NPR than to the districts of Boehner and Cantor to pay for planes and extra plane engines that the military itself doesn’t want or need!

    • jimzmum says:

      I can not believe these idiots want to kill Elmo.

    • leenie17 says:


      My Senators are Schumer and Gillibrand and I have no doubt they’ve got Elmo’s back.

      My Rep is (make that WAS) Chris Lee – of nekkid chest infamy – and no replacement as of yet.

      Nobody to write to…

  36. lilybart says:

    “Help, Sarah Palin has a gun and she is off her meds!”

  37. LibertyLover says:

    Did I miss a recap of the final chapters of Palin’s 2nd book? Or did AKM throw it against the wall and forget about it totally?

    Not that I really need to revisit that drivel, (or for that matter, Ask AKM to) but I am curious.

    • lilybart says:

      Good question! The book was so nothing that is made no news at all anywhere and is gone, gone, gone.

      Insulting book really. No effort to make anything worth reading. She knew she could just spit on the pages and they will buy it.

    • ks sunflower says:

      I think it just fizzled out. So many readers here were complaining about hearing about it that I think AKM just let it ride for a while and then life got complicated and other issues cropped up. No real loss except for AKM’s humor, but she shares that with us on many other things. I had missed a few days and had to go back and double-check some time ago, so I understand why you’re asking.

      Besides, as Lilybart says, the book faded pretty fast off of everyone’s horizon. Sank as the lead balloon it was.

      • A fan from CA says:

        It has been underwhelming in its sales. There is still a stinking pile at my Costco, looks like they haven’t sold any in months. Also a huge pile of Bush seems to not be selling very well.

        • benlomond2 says:

          I’ve seen a few ads where they are giving the book out as free, if you subscribe to a right wing magazine…. chortle – talk about a way to drive sales down !!

  38. jimzmum says:

    “That is not a mocha latte, Buster.”

    It is early. The Il Legislature still has not paid school districts what we are owed. Still has not paid most of their bills. The wrangling is making me nuts!

  39. Lynn in VA says:

    Iʻm betting she just read “Going Rogue”

  40. Lacy Lady says:

    I posted two web sites you all might want to read—-on yesterday’s blog. Lacy lady # 20 & 21.
    One can post a comment on one of these sites.
    I truly believe the RIGHT is trying to destroy public education

  41. Molly says:

    Ok, my caption:


    Her fur looks so soft I want to go pet her, but I think that would probably not be in my best interest.

  42. Since the poor little moose can’t use a keyboard,this is her/their way of commenting on the Quitter. Or maybe this is her way of offering ruminant solidarity for breast cancer research. I can’t really see her tying pink ribbons in her hide.

  43. Ripley in CT says:

    I LOVE this! These meese are bundles of joy, I’d say. So lucky to have them be so inquisitive… so far! I remember the posts about Brian’s early days at your slider as you cleaned the glass! I hope htey mind their manners.

    I think you should put this photo next to one of Mrs. Palin during one of the many times her tongue is sticking out in a photo! LOL

  44. benlomond2 says:

    …Are you sure she’s not looking for a flagpole to plant that tongue on ??? 🙂
    TCW – I’ve got a bed of raspberries around the side of the house ( I mow them down every year and they keep coming back !) I’ll see about sending you a bowl when they ripen !

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      I have one little cane that Happy got me for an anniversary a couple years ago, those giant (Texas?) raspberries…but it doesn’t thrive like the blueberries and dewberries around here. I keep fiddling with it…haven’t killed it yet, anyway. Which side of the house? If mine doesn’t do better this year, I’ma move it! (Happy’s granny used to thrash hers when they didn’t produce, and they’d either shape up or she’d get rid of them, but mine’s not even big enough to threaten good.)

      Never met a berry I didn’t like, though, that’s for sure.

      • benlomond2 says:

        They’re on the southside, so they get a lot of sun, and heat being reflected off the side of the house.. I live in a valley, ( down in the valley, valley so low…. 🙂 ) so they miss a couple of houes of sunlight compared to Fl. Now’s the time to move it ! I’m always donating runners to neighbors and co-workers… and I have a couple of wire strands for to support them up off the ground, same set up as vineyard grapes….

  45. WakeUpAmerica says:

    “Palin 2012? Phhhtttttt!!!!!”

  46. WakeUpAmerica says:

    “Republicans? Bleah!!!”

  47. LaniN says:

    I have no idea why my statement posted 2 times 🙁

  48. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Beautiful picture.

  49. LaniN says:

    She is quite the beauty. I hope she is one of the twins, while her brother is running wild elsewhere. As the males tend to do…..

  50. LaniN says:

    She is quite the beauty. I hope she is one of the twins, while her brother is running wild elsewhere. As the males tend to do…..

  51. thatcrowwoman says:


    How tempting to make postcards to send to some legislators in Tallahassee.

    Diplomacy and “playing the game” are so Not my strong suits, but I try to keep my snark/sarcasm filter fully engaged, with professionalism set to “Stun” when I inform the elected ones how best to represent me. Being a grown up is not for wimps, eh?

    That being said, I’ma print this photo and keep it in my library office for whenever I need a bowl of raspberries.

    • thatcrowwoman- I wish your whole attitude would be required evolutionary metriculation for the gutless Liberals that are afraid to stand up for their constituents. I don’t want a representative that caves in to RWNJ. I want one that will cave in some nutjob sloping foreheads the next time they want more taxcuts for the wealthy or another war their children won’t have to fight. Maybe we should draft you as a potential candidate for Saviour of America. How would you feel about being referred to as Madame Saviour?

      • thatcrowwoman says:

        Thanks, but no thanks, mike! I’d rather be incognito. (anybody remember that bumper sticker?) 🙂
        But I have no problem with legislators who say, “Here comes thatcrowwoman again.”

        Squeaky wheel…burr under saddle…thorn in paw…with a side of kill-em-with-kindness, bless their hearts. They Will be well aware of my thoughts, for what they’re worth…maybe act accordingly just to get me out of their hair and off their backs, eh?

        Eventually they may not just Listen but really Hear.

        thatcrowwoman can dream….

  52. Iamamoonbat says:

    An expression of solidarity with her bison brethren in the lower 48.

  53. ks sunflower says:

    Gosh, that is gorgeous! So cute!!

    Just what I needed on a morning when the fog here is so thick you can barely see across the street and the streetlight nearby is just a warm, hazy glow. It won’t burn off until mid-morning. Amazing.

    But not as amazing as this photo. Thank you so much, AKM. It was a great way to start our day.

  54. Paula says:

    Too early for my brain to create cute captions, but it sure is a cute picture of a cute moose.

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