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November 21, 2017

Open Thread – Brian at the Window

There aren’t many instances when you can feel comfortable with a guy named Brian coming out of the woods, dressed only in fur and peering in your window. Fortunately this was one of those cases. Yes, he still makes me jump, but the photo op is the best.



220 Responses to “Open Thread – Brian at the Window”
  1. AlaskaDisasta says:

    Are you sure that isn’t Brianne? There don’t even appear to be any little ‘nub’s starting to grow. Looks like a female.

  2. dreamgirl says:

    Don’t mind me, just experimenting. :! :/ :X :B 😐 :9 πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ 3:)

  3. London Bridges says:

    Political dirt department: Remember Christopher Lee who resigned in a flash over a Craig’s List ad? Well, there may be a little more to the story, though not a certainty.
    From Gawker:!5769037


  4. Fawnskin Mudpuppy says:


  5. North of the Range says:

    So sorry for your loss, (((((Michigander))))).

  6. michigander says:

    I hope everything is okay. I (selfishly) need a new open thread )o:

    I thought things just got skewed from the new Book link at the top and would right themselves….

    My dear friend died and I am helping with the service which is Monday. She was 52, her eldest son was best friends with one of my sons. Her eldest son died in a car accident 19 months ago. She was dear and good and helped me through life. She got me through the death of my own Mother who died at 54. Not to mention the boys growing up. Oh, how I love her, She had a lung disease (from her dream job at GM!) and heart condition. God Bless her and give my darling peace.

    If you would in your own way – please pray for the family, a loving husband and 3 surviving sons. They have very little family left. I can not begin to tell you what they have endured without falling apart.

    Live Learn and Always Keep Your Humor – Rhonda J. Graham….not published yet. Touch the title and I’ll beat you up tiny as I am.

    Sorry pups, I am buzzed. I needed floral inspiration. Like will the blooms last until Monday? We bought plants rather than cut flowers. I’m sorry to be an idiot.
    I am tired and sad as so many of us are with so much happenning in this world

    Not now dear woman, not now! What’s up with the timing child? Don’t go but you are fine. I am the silly crying one left. Bless those who pass

    Thank – you and sorry I am just me XXXXOOOO

    • boodog says:

      michigander, you are in my thoughts- and I’m glad you are just you! XXXXOOO

      • michigander says:

        boodog – I miss talking on here. At least I still have a moose draped over my computer even when I have no time to talk (o:

        Now if that made sense I – Yi – Yi should. Thank – you, it did not to me either.

        Love and thanks. I am baking cookies and cake tomorrow (o; xxxoooo

    • Zyxomma says:

      {{{{{{{{{{{ michigander and friends and family }}}}}}}}}}}}

    • beth says:

      michigander, dear – the plants sound like a marvelous idea. Whether the blooms last until Monday or not, the plants will — you’ll have lovely greenery to help honor the memory of a lovely woman. All will be fine; terribly and excruciatingly difficult, but fine. {{{{michigander}}}} and β™₯ to you, sweet. beth.

    • jimzmum says:

      I am sorry. Peace.

    • bubbles says:

      holding you in my thoughts Michigander. go ahead and cry love. let pain and sorrow out of your heart so that joyous memories can abide there.

  7. teutonic13 says:

    Hi all-

    Join me for Saturday Brunch? (a new weekly post)

    I know I have been MIA for awhile. Just had a lot of work to do on a new concept for the few of us in my profession. Trying to get it international.

    Really have good instinct on this one. It’s heavy duty medicine and pressure- squeezed into a new concept- my blog. Fellow gators- want to join me for brunch tomorrow? Just drop by the link tomorrow and if you want- say hi.…/

    Please post freely. My bunch is a very intense group- they probably could use some conversation- away from what we do on a daily basis (bypass). They can be mean and infatuated with themselves- hence this blog- to soften up a dedicated group of people- and bring it down home.

    My twitter for this endeavor is @CircuitSurfers.

    I miss you guys.

    And btw- I think you will like it- Check the “about” post- and the twitter section (I tried a new way of sorting and linking on twitter- just search “PerfTopic” or “PerfMeet” and check it out). Was designed for instant help in the middle of the open heart operating room. Any suggestions?

    Listening to some Leon Russel right now- “Lady Blue” if you haven’t heard it- it is beyond awesome- down load it and let me know what you think. Totally chilled and reflective.

    It’s a song I listened to a long time ago before I joined the Navy and went to the Philippines.

    Frank (yeah- the Teut guy)

    • Teutonic 13- Leon Russel did a song way back when called “WiL-o-the Wisp”. I have checked as many different sites to find the lyrics and can’t find them. It is as though the song never existed. Good luck with your ventures.

  8. Forty Watt says:

    Spaces – πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Fawnskin Mudpuppy says:

    Uh oh

  10. Fawnskin Mudpuppy says:

    When you have nothing to read you find fun where you can.
    Now I’m practicing smilies. :);):);)

  11. Fawnskin Mudpuppy says:

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  12. A Fan From Chicago says:

    Hey AKM, Snos and friends. We know you’re terribly busy on a bunch of different fronts (like law suits, travels and your Mom.) But a new thread would be great. Hope all is well as you keep all of those balls in the air.

  13. Mudpups- I want to live in a happy world. By decree, i declare my world a happy place and all good people are invited to share in my happy world. No grouses allowed for obvious reasons.

    • leenie17 says:

      Is there chocolate?

      Oh, silly me, if it’s a happy world there MUST be oodles of chocolate AND it must be completely calorie free. πŸ™‚

      Lots of mooses, too, I assume???

      • A while back when the thread was bumper stickers,I saw one that save Save the Earth-it’s the only planet with chocolate. So yes there will be plenty of chocolate and no one will get fat eating it in my happy world.

  14. futurexpat? says:

    We had a deer that close a few weeks ago. It doesn’t do so much for me, but my 18-month-old granddaughter was thrilled!

  15. AKM- I’ve been bothered by this all day. Brian isn’t a harbinger of bad things to come,is he? You aren’t seriously ill or anythig,I hope? Some animals can tell these things.

  16. Irishgirl says:

    Just testing the new smiley – don’t mind me. πŸ˜‰

  17. Irishgirl says:


  18. Zyxomma says:

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with Ruben Bolling’s “Tom the Dancing Bug,” but it always gives me a giggle when I need one. I get it in my inbox, but here’s a link:

    So true!

  19. Irishgirl says:

    One more before I go.

    FRIDAY FOLLIES: Sarah wuvs Sarah, The Silence of the Lump, and Solidarity Pizzas

  20. Irishgirl says:

    And this is what Republicans think of her in South Carolina.

    Even GOP activists are turning against Sarah Palin

    Read more:

  21. OMG says:

    Sarah snarky in India?

    “Still, she’s like plutonium – not something I want to let out of the country and release near Pakistan. Especially not at anything identified as a Conclave. “

  22. Thank you, AKM, for the wonderful Brian picture. My daughters and I drove down to Eugene on Wednesday to see their grandpa who has had a stroke and a concussion when he fell. He is not expected to recover, so we’ve had some difficult days.

    But seeing Brian’s charming face peering in your window gave us a bit of cheer before we left for the hospital.

  23. Baker's Dozen says:

    Doz Baker’s here. That’s rilly mi name and I aint pertendin to bee sum won else. Im’ jest mornin the loss of my BFF until too day, Lou Sarah. I meen. Hoo cood think that Lou Sarah cood have eney thang todo with Sarah Palin. That is jest sew stoopid.

    I’m sew sad that I’m seining off fer good an all. Right after I give my showt owt to my faverit stud muffin, Ike from Miowa. He’s builded up all them grate mussels with doun hill skiin. Skiin’s grate in Miowa! πŸ™‚

    Eet yore hart owt, Brian.

  24. mag the mick says:

    Well written (as usual), Krubo. Thinking about this post, and the earlier one asking us all to pray for a cat, and Bubbles’ words about her totems, makes me realize how wonderfully lucky we are to be allowed to exist on such a beautiful planet with such wonderful fellow creatures. Earlier, I was on the couch with a cat on my lap, staring into her beautiful amber eyes, and I knew that despite a few trifling genetic differences, we were equals.

    • Mag-don’ go getting too comfortable. There be varmints out there of the two-legged persuasion intent on destroying what paradise we find here. I am sorry for this post. On the lighter side,I posted a message on Yahoo about ethanol use and it was fifty four words long before the period. I’m getting more like Quitty everyday. Heaven or someone help us all.

  25. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    I like Moose for the most part, only one or two have acted a little hostile when I surprised them on the trail. I would not think it would be hip to pet a moose. Say that very fast and drop a consonant or vowel here and there.

    What many of us don’t realize is the moose is a semi-aquatic animal, they are very well adapted to wading in bogs and feeding off the aquatic plant life. No other ungulates can exploit that resource. But it is prohibited to them after the freeze sets in, and then they must compete with the deer and elk and bison or muskoxen and caribou.

    Long ago in protohistory these animals were depicted with a certain kind of reverence on the walls of caves, tens of millenia before a word was written. We all can feel this tremendously deep and inspiring legacy if we only take a close look at these other creatures, which are nothing more than very distant relatives. We are all on the same course.

    Give the old boy a bunch of carrots, he might like them.

  26. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Mudpups – watch this video! I spied our favorite, red-haired blogger in this video! All the way in Juneau to greet Rep. Sharon Cissna, who took the long ferry ride home to avoid evasive TSA pat down. Bravo!!!

    • mag the mick says:

      Big props to my friend Steve, editor of whatdoino, and a fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Nice work, Steve!

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      Bravo is right! It’s about time she came down here, and the timing was perfect. This is the time of year to spot luminaries in Juneau – Alaskan ones, that is.

      It’s in the summertime that the outside big names come here thinking they are “somebody” – but they are nobody to us ’til they arrive in the winter! It’s now that we make our impact, our plans, and put our dreams and hopes for the state into motion for the next two years. Summertime is for filling the freezer with fish and getting those big hikes in with the dogs, or growing flowers and veggies that might be the envy of your neighbors. Or ferrying around guests, while telling tale tales, in between watering those gardens or taking those hikes. If you visit in winter, you ROCK!

  27. bubbles says:

    LOL. hysterical.

  28. Zyxomma says:

    Oh, those eyelashes!! I’m surprised they haven’t used a moose in a mascara commercial!

  29. PennLawyer says:

    I can read Brian’s thoughts in his big beautiful brown eyes. Those thoughts are going out to mudpuppies around the world and saying:

    “Ours is a strange and wonderful relationship!”:

  30. Muppet says:

    OMG, Brian. I’d scream if I saw that guy looking in my sliding door. hee hee.
    Thank you. Thank you so much for posting that photo. I needed that laugh today.

  31. jojobo1 says:

    I’d more than jump. When I lived out in the boonies we always had deer,foxes,turkeys.racoon’s ect looking in our windows when they could get close enough.Coyote’s also.Had to watch when we let the animals out.

  32. rebekkah says:

    Love Brian. He’s saying “it’s all going to be ok”.

  33. AKM- if I was married and my dear,sweet loving wife had a potential suitor coming around,I’d be more than a mite-bit jealous. That’s just me. Check the Lad for tatoos or body piercings,and grill him about what he does and where he goes when he isnt at your place. That would be interesting even though I don’t savvy moosespeak.

  34. Lacy Lady says:

    I remember when our schools consolidated. We have 11 Corporations and 17 townships in the County. One Supertinentent was smart as he got all the townships with all the land and less children and our Corporation got less valuation and all the kids. Now we are paying for it .
    Our school taxes are very high. About 50% of our tax bill goes to schools.

  35. beaglemom says:

    Brian seems to be such a steadfast and loyal friend. It must be amazing to see him close up.

    We get squirrels peaking through the deck door but that’s about it. Other than the juvenile raccoon pair that eventually fell through a bedroom window onto my mother-in-law’s bed while we were vacationing years ago on a nearby lake. She was awakened suddenly by two furry critters. I think they mistook the bedroom window for the kitchen window because earlier in the evening they had been looking in there. Nana was fine but what a night!

    One wonders what the animal world thinks of us. . . .

  36. scout says:

    This requires a few deep breaths prior to reading:

    How do I support my sisters in New York to get it (them?) taken down?

    • scout says:

      Update – “It is with great joy that I write to report that Lamar Outdoor Advertising has agreed to pull the billboard on 6th Ave and Watts….”

      • bubbles says:

        oh thank the Goodness. thanks Scout for the heads up. this started a few years ago in Georgia. they got away with this tactic down there so i guess they thought it would fly in New York. notice they didn’t put it up in Harlem.

    • What’s with these Nutjobs. Did they actually think no one would notice this and not complain? It wasn’t meant to be offensive,at least not to wealthy White folks. You took it out of context. Glad they are taking it down,but racism sure seems to thrive in one side of the political landscape.

    • Zyxomma says:

      The child’s mother did not know what use the stock photo of her daughter was put to. She pitched a bitch in the local media, and the offending billboard is coming down tomorrow. Al Sharpton was planning a protest, which has been canceled.

  37. Ripley in CT says:

    AKM, you are so lucky to have a reasonably behaved yard denizen. And such cute ears, too!

  38. Diane says:

    He is a beautiful animal and he must feel so comfortable with you and your family to keep coming back!

    May I make a request? I feel so comfortable with everyone here.
    My cat Max is undergoing surgery for what the vet believes is liver cancer. He has large tumor.
    We are going ahead with the surgery, the vet feels there is a chance that it can be removed. Doing research, I found that cats can live with 50% or their liver removed.
    If it is inoperable, the vet will just put him to sleep.
    He is such a wonderful cat. We had to put our other cat down in October, 2 cats in less then a year is just too many for us.
    If you are a praying person, please pray for my husband and Max too! Max is his cat, I am a substitute for Joe till he comes home. Max we believe was a dog in another life, but doesn’t do slippers or newspapers.
    Thank you so much, I will let you know what happens.

  39. Mo says:

    Bonus points for documenting how this relates to Parnell and Alaska:

    It’s a bit of a tough read, so treat yourself some fortified coffee – the sun is almost past the yardarm, right?

    • leenie17 says:

      Scary stuff.

      Seems like they’re angling to change their titles to ‘dictator’ instead of governor. And, of course, we all KNOW how responsible private corporations are when it comes to taking care of their employees, their customers, and the environment, so privatization seems like SUCH a good idea.

      We HAVE to figure out how to convince the Dems to get their tushies out of their recliners and off to the voting booths in 2012. I also hope that enough people in the middle and the near right see what these people are trying to do so that we can get enough Dems (or at least moderates and independents) back in position to mitigate the damage.

      The moderate Republicans have all but disappeared and all that appears to be left to make decisions are the crazy, radical RWNJs. There seems to be no one on the right who’s not in the pocket of big business and willing to sacrifice their constituents for a few pieces of gold. And their supporters keep turning a blind eye to how they’re selling all of us out to the highest bidder, and trying to turn us into an evangelical theocracy in the process.

      I had honestly believed that no group of politicians could damage this country like the Bush administration did in their eight catastrophic years in office. However, even they didn’t seem to be on the crash course to destroy this country like the current crop of Republicans and Tea Partiers. Why do they hate this country and its citizens so much?

  40. Irishgirl says:

    Hey, mudpups. Hubby and I need positive thoughts for our car. The old dear is 15 years old and she is has gone in for her roadworthiness test tonight. If she fails, we may have to buy another one. I would much prefer to spend the money travelling.

  41. Dagian says:

    What a guy!

    Here’s some good news to share. I think we can all use a dose of good news these days…

    Hawaii’s governor signs civil unions into law

    The Associated Press
    Wednesday, February 23, 2011; 8:29 PM

    HONOLULU — Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed same-sex civil unions into law Wednesday, calling it “a triumph for everyone” that gay and lesbian couples will have the same state rights as married partners.

    Civil unions in the Rainbow State would start Jan. 1, 2012, making Hawaii the seventh state to permit civil unions or similar legal recognitions for gay couples. Five other states and the District of Columbia allow same-sex marriage.

    “This bill represents equal rights for everyone in Hawaii, everyone who comes here. This is to me the essence of the aloha spirit,” Abercrombie said at a signing ceremony. “With its signing, I want to say ‘welcome’ to the world, come to paradise.”

    A crowd of exuberant supporters yelled, cheered and applauded as the Democrat inscribed his signature on the legislation, making it the first law he’s enacted since he was elected in November. The bill passed the state Legislature last week.

    “We’re contributing to society, and we deserve the same rights as everyone else. It’s been a long, long time coming,” said Van Law of Honolulu, who wore a rainbow lei and watched the bill’s signing.

    The new law follows nearly 20 years of court fights, protest rallies and passionate public debate in a state that has long been a gay rights battleground.

    Just seven months ago, former Republican Gov. Linda Lingle vetoed a similar bill because she said it was same-sex marriage by another name.

    But civil unions have been heading toward passage since Abercrombie defeated two gubernatorial candidates who opposed them, and only one state legislator who supported them lost re-election.

    Hawaii, already known as one of the nation’s premier locations for destination weddings and honeymoons, could see an influx of gay and lesbian visitors hoping to have their partnerships solemnized on sandy, windswept beaches, according to tourism businesses.

    “It’s overwhelming,” said Tambry Young, who has pushed for civil unions with her partner for more than two years. “All the families here can now feel like it doesn’t matter what kind of family you have.”

    Arguments over civil unions and gay marriage have long divided the state, which nearly became the first in the nation to legalize gay marriage in 1993 because of a state Supreme Court ruling.

    But voters overwhelmingly passed the nation’s first “defense of marriage” constitutional amendment five years later, which resulted in a law banning gay marriage but leaving the door open for civil unions.

    Since then, 29 other states also have enacted defense of marriage amendments.

    Opponents of civil unions say the partnerships could lead to same-sex marriage, likely through a court challenge based on the argument that gay couples aren’t truly being treated equally unless they’re allowed to marry.

    State Sen. Mike Gabbard, a leader in the movement against same-sex marriage in the 1990s, called the bill’s signing “a sad day for the people of Hawaii.”

    “The people of Hawaii made it clear that they’re against civil unions and same-sex marriage, and the politicians have basically said ‘To hell with you,'” said Gabbard, a Democrat.

    The signing coincided with Hawaii-born President Barack Obama’s order Wednesday for his administration to stop defending a federal law banning recognition of gay marriage, and a vote in the Maryland Senate to legalize gay marriage. Illinois legalized civil unions last month.

    “It’s a fantastic day,” said Tony Wagner of the Washington-based Human Rights Campaign, who attended the signing. “It’s been a good couple of months thus far since the elections. We’re going to keep fighting for equality day in and day out.”

    • Iowa’s Supreme Court said laws restricting gay marriages was unconstitutional and retgugs went ballistic. This past election,three justices, including the chief justice were not retained by votwe. Now we have rethugs trying to Politicize our justices.

  42. leenie17 says:

    Some protest signs from Wisconsin:

    Even our favorite(?) Quitter Queen made the cut on one.

    My personal favorite (naturally!) is the one that says “My kindergarteners are better listeners than my governor”

  43. auni says:

    Glennie Beck has a video of a Socialist group marching at the rally in Wisconson carrying a red flag and singing some Socialist song. Could is “possibly” be staged? ???? I just reread the big article in the New Yorker about the Koch brothers. They are indeed frightening, and the sad thing is, people believe them. They pretty much own Walker and Beck is one of their worker bees. Just makes me shudder when I realize their tremendous influence on the American public.

  44. leenie17 says:

    Interesting little news tidbit out of Wisconsin.

    Scott Walker may be desperately trying to dismiss his prank phone call from the blogger/Koch impostor but others are not so quick to see his conversation as insignificant.

    Madison Police Chief Noble Wray wants an explanation of why the governor considered planting troublemakers in the peacefully protesting crowd. Seems that the Chief doesn’t take kindly to anyone even contemplating endangering the safety of the citizens he is sworn to protect.

    “I find it very unsettling and troubling that anyone would consider creating safety risks for our citizens and law enforcement officers. Our department works hard dialoging with those who are exercising their First Amendment right, those from both sides of the issue, to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure they can demonstrate safely.”

    Walker’s staff is trying to argue that he ultimately rejected the idea. However, he considered it in the first place and only rejected it but because it had potential political blowback for him, not because it might cause harm to the people of Wisconsin. As one commenter said, “When you’ve lost the support of the police you are in hot water.”

  45. A Fan in CA says:

    Robert Reich has hit it out of the park this week.

    My favorite sign, “Don’t blame teachers, Wall Street created the mess”.

    • AK Raven says:

      Excellent article. Short and precise. I am getting tired of being part of the party that is in support of the average person- and is also so inept in creating and communicating an effective message. When are we going to learn?

  46. LibertyLover says:

    Heh. AKM, do you ever feel like you are in the zoo, and Brian is coming to see you?

  47. OMG says:

    It looks like Roger Ailes has a history of promoting GOP presidential candidates:

    “β€œRegan believed that Ailes and News Corp. subsidiary Fox News had an interest in protecting Giuliani’s bid for the U.S. presidency,” he wrote. ”

    The story is in the NY Times titled: “Records Say Fox News Chief Told Employee to Lie”

    And now he has a whole corral full GOP candidates to promote.

    • OMG says:

      II just can’t seem to get it right today…meant to read “a whole corral full of GOP…..”

      • Irishgirl says:

        “II” πŸ™‚ I couldn’t resist that.

        Don’t worry. I think we all read so fast that we don’t even notice. I didn’t until you drew my attention to it.

        • OMG says:

          It’s either my fingers or my brain that has taken the day off (at least I hope it’s only a day)! Or maybe all the attention that I give to Palin is affecting me.

  48. leenie17 says:

    “I’m peekin’ at yooooo!!”

  49. AKjah says:

    I dont know any more! I thought moose ate twigs an such in the winter, not sugar coated doughnuts.

    Any early news from Juneau?

  50. auni says:

    When I lived on Rabbit Creek Road we had a lovely lady moose and her son wintering in our woods for a couple of years. She had the hubby along at times. Once they scared our cat up to the top of our 10 ft. totem. They were very calm and just moved out of they way we we drove out of our driveway. One day my daughter didn’t get home from kindergarten on time and “horrors” I saw the lady walking up the driveway in the direction my daughter would be arriving. I threw my coat on and walked within 15 feet of her, explaining as I passed that I needed to get my daughter. She just looked at me and I think she said, “Oh right, for us moms it’s always something isn’t it”? I ran the rest of the way up the driveway, finding my little girl at a neighbor’s house trying to call me. She said “I was trying to tell you there is a moose in the road and I can’t come home”. For sure, Alaska kids have experiences others don’t have.

    • I dare say,in Nebraska they have wild-eyed children living mysteriously in cornfields and killing their parents. Not every states children have that experience.I really liked your story.Disclaimer-no animals or children were hurt or killed in this post.

    • Bretta says:

      Mom’s first winter in Alaska – she often has a moose visitor (we live near O’Malley) enjoying the snow berm so she can get to the taller branches of the neighbor’s Mtn Ash.

  51. dreamgirl says:

    Too much cute! Look at those lovely eyelashes and snout… he could be ANTM! (America’s Next Top Moose). Come on Tyra, sign this beauty up!

    This morn my lovely crows woke me and dog for breakfast. They are my new, improved and much more handsome alarm clock.

  52. bubbles says:

    Tigerwine!!! i forgot. how do we get some of that wine girl? what a great story.
    please help me find the right place to buy your wine. i looked up Tannat wine but i don’t know which is yours.

  53. tigerwine says:

    Hey, Brian sweetie! Your’e good lookin’ as ever!

    I have a story you all will find impossible to believe. My son called the other night from FL, and said he had a friend visiting from Fairbanks. She is taking the winter off and visiting around, and ended up down in south FL. In talking, she asked Tom if his mom was still alive, and where she lived. He named the small town in GA, and she asked if it were near our county seat (another small town!), and when he looked surprised and asked how she knew about that, she replied that she had eaten at a famous restaurant near here. As she paid her bill, she asked about interesting places to visit, and they mentioned a winery she might like. As she was telling this, she mentioned that she was embarrassed because she overshot the winery on the way in and ended up in a private drive and went on to describe this really neat stone house. About this time my son was jumping up and down
    yelling “That’s where my mom lives!!”. She ran out to the car and brought in a bottle of our Tannat, and they all toasted each other and cussing SP the rest of the night.

    Now, I ask you – what are the chances of that? And, it’s not like I’m on the main drag – my son told her he has trouble finding the house! The world gets smaller every day.

  54. Lin in AZ says:

    Your moose photos are just getting better and better – thank you.

  55. ks sunflower says:

    Jeanne, it is no small wonder that Brian the Moose can be thought of as your blog’s personal animal totem or spirit guide. He shows up at just the right time, almost every single time. Why do I say that?

    Well, according to “Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small” by Ted Andrews , an appearance of a moose was considered to be a sacred gift. Because moose were regarded as animals of contradictions (e.g., having the ability to make us smile but also to catch our breath), the person to whom it appears on a regular basis may also possess its special powers. Many east-coast tribes revered it as much as Native northwestern tribes as a special power symbol.

    The moose represents feminine energy.If you dream about moose, ” . . . it reflects a long and good life.”

    My favorite part in Andrews’s chapter on the moose is the following because Brain is associated with you and Sarah has tried to adopt the persona of the grizzly:

    “The moose has no enemy that it fears other than the grizzly bear, but even then it can outrun and outswim it. Its maneuverability and intuition, along with its other highly developed senses sustain it.”

    Also, too, in “Animal Spirit Guides” by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D., the author relates the following ancient wisdom:

    “When a moose shows up . . . “[I]t means you have the strength and ability to endure this emotionally turbulent period.”

    Interesting that he shows up right now or that you have chosen now to show a photo of him this week, isn’t it?

    The appearance of a Moose also means: “Others will soon be looking to you for direction, inspiration and guidance.”

    What an appropriate totem for this blog

    Farmer further relates that if a moose is your power animal, :”[Y]ou’re very discerning about what to say, when to say it, and whom to say it to.”

    That’s pretty much sums up how we feel about your talents, Jeanne. Bless Brian, for he knows talent when he sees it, and shows up when you most need him to remind you of your strengths.

    (BTW, if anyone is wondering why ks sunflower has books on animal totems and spirit guides, it’s because my husband is part Native American (several tribes over several generations). My family has also believed in the significance of ravens and crows as messengers of serious import and other natural omens, so the nexus is natural to me. I present this material as synchronous and lively whimsy to those who do not share this background or these beliefs.)

    • PollyinAK says:

      I believe in the mystical animal totems. Thanks for posting. Didn’t know that about moose! Perfect for Mudflats/AKM. — Once, I saw an eagle and a raven sitting side by side on a snow berm while driving through the mountains in the winter. I had to do a double take!

    • merrycricket says:

      KS, I knew we were kindred spirits and this proves it! Thank you for sharing. By the way, Ted Andrews is from Ohio and worked at a wildlife rehab center in Troy Ohio. A lovely place that I have visited on more than one occasion.

    • bubbles says:

      there are many Americans who can claim kinship and or friendship with First People. that is why we must speak out in their behalf when they need us to do so. i believe in totems for living. when my daughter was young i followed the example of African totems i.e. Elephant and Lion. i also reached out to Native American totems like Sea Otter and Hummingbird because my daughter shares those totems with me.
      there were times i didn’t think we would make it but we did. we made it through; totems leading the way. some time ago i dreamed of Brian and it seemed i was with him running wild and free under Alaskan stars. i was just recovering a bit from a chronic illness and could barely. walk my legs were wobbly but in that dream i was a spirit attuned to all the universe. it took a while but i can run a little bit now. i can dance and can walk for miles. thanks Sunflower for this lovely post.

      • Mr Andrews just elequently described the woman of my dreams.when theiy are not hallucinations.Bubbles you have done it again. What animal totem can we sic on those of a different political persuasion?

        • boodog says:

          By nature, a totem is a symbol of protection. Our totems are with us forever, guiding us through our life. But the dog totem is also noted for it’s faithfulness and protection. I’d say the baggers already have a pitbull (with lipstick) that will haunt them to their last days and beyond. The Spirit of the Dog works in mysterious ways. πŸ™‚

    • Tanaga12 says:

      This is such a beautiful observation. I so appreciate your insight on what to me is a true expression of God’s love. Yep-that Brian-one huge chunk of universal love reflected back at AKM for all she is and does. Thanks for sharing the love AKM, and the wisdom ks sunflower!

    • ManxMamma says:

      KS, what a lovely thought. I’m sure he is the perfect totem for AKM.

    • Bretta says:

      I believe, too.

    • Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

      Ks –

      As a human being, I too am susceptible to poetry.

      I’d like to suggest that you start investigating the meaning of the term ‘bush school’.
      Just to broaden your horizons a little. I don’t really know what the term for it is here in
      SA but I am sure the process is similar.

      Just as an aside I have often seen the term “tribal” applied in a pejorative way, which I find unfortunate because it reduces a very complex social system to a simple-minded charicature.

      But keep in mind that I am an implacable materialistic realist in some respects.

    • ks sunflower-I don’t want to frighten you,but, my Mommie’s side of the family came from Kansas and had some Cherokee Indian blood,which probably explains my gorgeous brunette hair with Auburn highlights that can’t be seen because it is all pretty gray. My Daughter-in-law stopped by with her son and my son’s son. Must be moose totem related. Now I need a moose totem.Hear that Shania,by god woman you’ll be coming for me yet.

    • AKMuckraker says:

      πŸ™‚ Thanks, KS. Interesting stuff. I have always felt affinity for ravens, and moose seemed to enter the picture right around the time I started blogging. Go figure! As much as I love Alaska’s other wildlife, these two speak to me the most.

  56. Lainey says:

    have you ever been outside, unprotected, when Brian shows up? I imagine you would jump even higher.

  57. Writing from Alaska says:

    I am beginning to think he knows he is world famous. What a sweet face….. almost makes me forget about those lightening speed hooves…!

  58. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

    Handsome fellow comes calling. I’m envious of those eyelashes, too.

    love the picture

  59. A Fan in CA says:

    HP has a great AK slide show on the front page. The text refers to Pebble Mine. Let’s go put links about this mine and the others in the comments.

    Enjoy the NatGeo pix.

  60. Brian first showed up in pixelated form and I thought he must have done something immoral. Look at that handsome,rugged mug. Reminds me of me,without the jowls and gray hair. He’s a might bit thinner than me,too. Alright,he is downright good looking and I’m not. According to an article I read earlier,there are at least 16 states waiting to Korporatize the workforce if Wisconsin successfully destroys the union. We,as Americans cannot let Wisconsin unions to be busted. We have to stop the domino effect of workers losing their rights. If WHisky falls.Kansas will be next. Pretty soon Korporate Kommie Amerika will be stuffed down everyone’s throats. Brian-nothing personal,but I hate you for being everything I would aspire to if I was young and fearless and adventurous and had two more legs. Or at least two reasonably strong legs and no spinal problems and be rich,etc.

    • Tanaga12 says:

      Your words imply nothing less than a Brian at heart Mike.

    • slipstream says:

      Brian frequently goes out and gets quite pixelated.

      • fawnskin mudpuppy says:

        and how would you know that mr slip?

        btw. it’s almost our anniversary.

        flowers would be nice.

        • slipstream says:

          Flowers? How thoughtful of you! You do have my address to have them delivered, don’t you?

          • Bretta says:


            The ex brought a flower bouquet over for Valentine’s Day. Mom thought they were for her; since he’s the ex, I let her thinks so. She told him that was a good start, so the next weekend he brought roses.

            Today she told the nurse she “still had it because a man brought her flowers!”

            Nothin’ wrong with her at 84.

    • jojobo1 says:

      Mike tight you are I haven’t belonged to a union in some 30 years but back them wholeheartedly because I know that the unions make workplaces safer for the workers and don’t let corporations take advantage of it’s workers..These people already agree to the cuts Walker asked for to”save the sate” as Walker claims after he gave away a surplus.They just don’t agree with walker busting the unions.Kind of shows just what he was after and it wasn’t about fiscal responsibility.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I hear Ike from Miowa is a rill beefcake!
      Have you seen Ike?! πŸ™‚

  61. OMG says:

    Would Laski surgery appear on your medical records? If so, Palin may have yet another problem in releasing them according to Wonkette:

    • Forty Watt says:

      The comments have me laughing out loud.

    • dreamgirl says:

      “Needs more glasses”– had me gut laughing out loud!

    • Writing from Alaska says:

      Was just at the eye doctor and mentioned this to the receptionist – she agreed and said that is the ‘word’ among local Anchorage eye office workers. Palin does not need to wear eye glasses for her vision.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I’ve wondered about this silently the whole time because photos of her eyes behind those glasses don’t look distorted at all, and usually that’s the case with rill glasses.

    • The glasses are handicapped by Sarah’s inability to keep her mug shut. SP has forgotten the three rules of public speaking. That is- to be seen stand up, to be heard- speak up and last and most important- to be appreciated-shut the hell up.

  62. bubbles says:

    hello handsome. glad you stopped by. you must have known how much your AKM needed you. you are a fine fellow. a gentleman and a scholar. sending hugs and kisses.

    • ks sunflower says:

      “. . . you must have known how much AKM needed you . . . ” maybe more so than you know. See my comments at #15 below, bubbles. Mighty fine coincidence.

  63. PollyinAK says:

    Consolidated school districts is a messy idea! Hawaii has that kind of structure. The main headquarters is in Honolulu, which makes it difficult for the schools on the other islands to implement anything.

    I love Brian’s cute eyelashes.

  64. A Fan in CA says:

    Simon Johnson has a great editorial in NYT today. The comments are very thoughtful too.

    • Mo says:

      Tnx, Fan. I re-read Matt Taibbi’s epilogue section in Griftopia last night, which emphasized similar points.

      The Wisconsin situation just makes me feel as if we’re doomed because we cannot get control back of our government.

  65. jimzmum says:

    Oh, my. I need to rub that nose just a little bit. Get the snow off. I know, I won’t. But, what a sweet face! I wish he’d come down here. I would take him (on a moose leash, of course) to the Legislature and announce that either they get it together, or Brian will do it for them.

    I swear, they are getting crazier every day, and now the Governor is thinking about consolidating school districts w/o a plan for the millions saved! Back to the towns who passed bond issure after bond issure for their schools, or would the funds go to the state?

  66. Enjay in E MT says:

    Great Pic!

    Nice of Brian to drop by to check on you.

  67. A Fan in CA says:

    Wonderful guest.

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