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April 24, 2018

Open Thread – Juneau State Museum

Any Mudflatter who’s been around awhile knows that if there’s one thing I can’t resist it’s a museum.  I have a great time inside museums when I can find someone who will indulge me, and even if I have to go it alone. I stopped in at the State Museum in Juneau a few days ago, and took some shots of the things that struck me, so you all could go on a virtual museum walk with me.

This was one of the first pieces I saw, and I fell in love with it immediately. Then I looked and recognized the name of the artist – Evon Zerbetz. She’s been one of my very favorite Alaskan artists for a long time. I particularly love what she does with ravens, so it was a delightful surprise when I realized she’d done this one.

And guess what piece of art happens to be on the artist’s home page? (Spoiler Alert! You’re looking at it!)

I hope you enjoy our little walking tour of the State Museum in Juneau. Stay tuned for more.



101 Responses to “Open Thread – Juneau State Museum”
  1. Really? says:

    Thank you AKM for sharing your experience at the Juneau Museum. I noticed on my BCHC (Breast and Cervical Health Check ) id card, Evon Zerbetz’s artwork is featured on the front of the card..I was given this BCHC card from the Planned Parenthood medical office in Fairbanks.Planned Parenthood is a Referring Screening Provider for breast and cervical checks. Planned Parenthood is also a Cancer Screening Provider for The Breast Cancer Detection Center in Fairbanks. On the back my id card reads : “Funding provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services”. AKM did you know that Nancy Murkowski is the main push behind the Breast Cancer Detection Center in Fairbanks? She has been amazing in her support for prevention of breast cancer. The Fairbanks Planned Parenthood referred me to the Breast Cancer Detection Center in Fairbanks for my test. Being underinsured and needing to travel to Fairbanks for some medical reasons, I find it comforting to know Planned Parenthood in Fairbanks is there for the services I need. and able to find funding to help ALL Alaskans.

  2. Irishgirl says:

    Irish politics for a change. I am happy to say that in the recent election, moi, hubby and my two boys voted. For my sons it was the first time they were eligible to vote, and they needed no prodding. Here is a great example of the intellectual genius of the Irish. Special thanks to Michael Jackson. 🙂

  3. OMG says:

    Because Palin’s obsession remains Sarah Palin, she may run for President just ’cause it will further her brand, give her more (ghost written) book fodder, keep the cameras focused on her, increase her speaking fees, guarantee another Fox contract even if she loses…. So either she wins and is crowned queen or she loses and makes even more money. So, in effect, she can’t lose even if she loses.

    • Irishgirl says:

      The comments are very entertaining. 🙂

      • OMG says:

        They were indeed. I’m still leaning toward the “She’ll run” camp. She may drop out but having the label of the first Repub. woman to seek the nomination as her key to $, she won’t be able to resist. Of course, she could win the primary and then the money is guaranteed for years to come and her spot on Fox is a shoe in.

        • Irishgirl says:

          I’m hoping AKM/Morris/Bailey book will put a stop to her money-making shenanigans. I don’t think she will win the primary.

          LOL, three years ago I didn’t know what a primary was!

  4. OMG says:

    Fox suspends Gingrich and Santorum–will Palin and Huck be next?

    • scout says:

      Quitty rilly should double-check her Murdoch contract to make sure she’s in compliance. I suspect her attorney forgot the blond clause. And quitty, wen yir dun at the beehive, git sum rilly, rilly BIG flag barrettes, k? oooohh, shiny. (no need to thank me; happy to help 😉 )

      …i know, back to the corner…………

  5. OMG says:

    Republicans must be so proud to have Palin as their international poster girl:

  6. OMG says:

    Palin late to the party on DOMA and idiotic as usual (does she even understand that the job of the President is to defend the Constitution and the President simply said that the DOMA is unconstitutional?):

  7. jojobo1 says:

    You goty that right leenie I just had to go on U-Yube and save a lot of them to my facebook page couldn’t find that one but many others .

  8. leenie17 says:

    I’ve been so busy the last couple of days that I haven’t had a chance to vent about an interview I saw on This Week this past Sunday morning, but I’m still incensed about it two days later. Jan Brewer (they couldn’t have found anyone a little less crazy???) and Nikki Haley were half of a roundtable of governors discussing the situation in Wisconsin.

    Haley called the 14 Democratic Senators “cowardly” for leaving the state and Brewer said they were “irresponsible” and what they were doing was “despicable”.

    Where was their outrage when the Republicans in the US Congress placed secret holds on hundreds of appointments for federal judges, many of whom have been approved UNANIMOUSLY by bipartisan committee? Where was their outrage when US citizens were denied their legal rights because the courts were so overwhelmed and understaffed?

    Where was their outrage when federal agencies were unable to function because ONE Republican admitted he was holding up appointments for purely political reasons completely unrelated to the nominees?

    Where was their outrage when Republicans in Congress filibustered hundreds of bills that they themselves had proposed or helped to write? When the filibuster rule was abused so egregiously that the number of filibusters for what should have been bipartisan and non-controversial bills reached levels that are exponentially higher than ever before in the history of our country?

    Where was their outrage when the Republicans took over the House after campaigning and winning a majority on a platform of job creation…but have not introduced ANY legislation that would actually create the jobs they promised?

    How dare they accuse the 14 brave Democrats of not doing their jobs when the Republicans have blatantly and proudly refused to do their jobs for the past 2 years…and have deliberately made it damn near impossible for anyone else to do theirs as well!

  9. bubbles says:

    >>>>>>>and another faphead bites the dust. the good reverend could use some prayers y’all.
    this from Wonkette (they are on fire today)

    Rev. Grant Storms is apparently well known in New Orleans for wearing stupid Bible-American-flag t-shirts, donning ridiculous 1980s pedophile/hipster glasses, and walking through Southern Decadence, the city’s annual gay festival, with a broom. Apparently, though, he does not do this during the city’s annual boob festival, Mardi Gras, so it’s the gays he has a problem with, not sex in general. Unfortunately for this preacher man, he was arrested at a public park Friday after two witnesses say they saw him sitting in his van “looking at the playground area that contained children playing, with his zipper down,” masturbating. An alternate lifestyle, if you will. READ

  10. scout says:

    I know we’re conflicted on this issue pups, but look at it this way:

    ……”How hilarious has Sarah Palin’s insistence on talking gotten? Last week, she actually admitted publicly having her 20-year-old daughter do a Google search on economics for her in preparation for an interview. Just the skill level you hope to have from someone preparing to be president. No word on whether she wrote the Google info on her hand.”…….

  11. Lacy Lady says:

    I love museums. Going into Chicago, is a fun trip. Love the Natural museum of natural history.
    Also love to visit all the art places. Just about wore my legs off, when I made a trip to DC. So many things to see. After living in this house for so many years, it is getting to look like a museum, as I collect antiques. I treasure my necklace I bought at the Jewish museum in Chicago. It was handmade in Israel.

  12. scout says:

    “First Big Coal Broke the Union. Then It Broke This Town”

    “Alaska tribe takes coal mine concerns to UN”
    “Alaska’s Chickaloon tribe is asking the United Nations to hear its concerns about a planned coal mine in the Mat Su Valley.
    The Alaska Public Radio Network reports that the Athabascan community near Palmer is opposed to the project being developed by Usibelli Co. at a site called Wishbone Hill.”

  13. Bubbles, thank you for such a thoughtful and pertinent message. It can be daunting, especially like right now when the winds are howling mightily and more – and worse – allegedly on the horizon for the next few days. Batten down the hatches folks.

    Also loved the HuffPost article on women and self perceptions. That’s a great truth – perception is everything. I think I’m warm – hmm, maybe not exactly.

  14. bubbles says:

    To All the Alaskan Readers:
    I Bubbles do hereby kowtow to you. (bowing left right and center)
    i spent Sunday evening watching episodes of Alaska State Troopers. first i got some snacks and took them in my bedroom. i got the cat and put him in the bedroom. i got in my bed and snuggled down with cat and turned off the lights. for the next few hours i began to understand some of what you have been telling me for two years.
    i saw the most amazing things and places.
    i started out in Anchorage. from Anchorage i went to the Mat Su valley. i saw a bit of Wasilla. i passed through Palmer and saw the beginning of the Iditarod. from there i went up to Nome. i went down to the Aleutians and tiny towns in the far west tundra. i passed over the mighty mountains of Talkeetna and there i rescued two men who had gotten separated and had spent the night on a mountain spur; here i need to stop and thank my children who gifted me with a TV set that turns my bedroom into a small theater. thank you my sweet ones. mama can see clearly now.
    yes i CAN see more clearly. i can understand better the daunting conditions and the isolation that rural Alaskans face.
    i know that these conditions can be made easier. with a bit of love and thoughtfulness someday the vastness of Alaska will not mean that anyone is cut off without food and warmth.
    thank you AKM and thank you to all my brothers and sisters who live and work there.

    there are times a little pup must cry:

    • scout says:

      Bubs was in town last night and I missed her?! pup tears.

    • InJuneau says:

      And those of us in SE AK have recently realized that they never show the troopers down here. We suspect it’s because we’re rather more well behaved than people in certain other areas of the state…!

    • slipstream says:

      Hey Bubbles! Glad you liked my show! That was slipstream hisownself running the search for the two snowmachiners up in the Talkeetna mountains. Okay, so all you saw was the back of my head and my hand pointing to a map. Gotta keep my secret identity secret, you know.

      Nat Geo also taped me during a helo flight for the Feb 2010 avalanche search in the Kenai mountains, but as far as I know that episode has not been broadcast yet.

      • boodog says:

        That was the back of YOUR head, Slip? I saw that episode! Give us a warning when the Nat Geo show is aired, I might not recognize your head again.
        It’s an amazing show, and I have so much respect for all the heros out there- that I watch, like bubbles- from the safety of my cozy bed 🙂

        • Zyxomma says:

          Slipstream *did* let us know that he’d be on TV, and told us to look for his yellow jacket. However, there was no warning that we’d only see the back of his head and his map hand. I’m awaiting the avalanche episode.

      • bubbles says:

        (((((Slip!)))) i saw you there. i was perched on your right shoulder. i was i who spotted them. love hanging out with you Slip.

        and Scout i was flying too fast to stop by babe but i’ ll be back your way. don’t be surprised to open your door one day and there i will be. smiling and bubbling up with joyful glee.

      • justafarmer says:

        so the videotape got to you ok?

    • jojobo1 says:

      I just finished reading a book by an Alaskan writer Dana Stabenow because of the flats a lot of the names Juneau,Palmer,Valdez,Fairbanks,Cordova and many other places were familiar to me. Was kind of neat to read and know a little about the places.

  15. AK Raven says:

    My favorite Zerbetz book is “Little Red Snapperhood”. What a great imagination and artist! I can see the Troll influence in this book!

  16. OMG says:

    This is a comment by a conservative–pretty interesting how they describe the GOP presidential field:

    “Romney-Dem. campaign: If you hate ObamaCare, here’s the guy who put the idea in his head. Plus, the Morman thing kills him in the South. Forget it.
    Gingrich-Too much Newtism plus two ugly divorces add up to why is he running? No way.
    Huckabee seems happy as a TV performer.
    Palin and Bachmann-The goofball sisters.
    Who’s left (or right)? I guess Pawlenty. Sigh.
    We can console ourselves somewhat with the thought that we’ll very likely take the Senate and make Obama’s second term really miserable, setting us up for a socko 2016 field likely to include Rubio, Christie, Jindal and other young guns who will have gained seasoning by then.”

  17. A Fan in CA says:

    Yesterday I kept hoping to see some response to the Oscar for “Inside Job”. It was crickets and more crickets. Even Larry O and Rachel just ignored this story while Larry gave his opinion on Sheen. I’m insulted.

    Anyways, my favorite MSNBC host did a great job in the afternoon on “Inside Job”. Dylan Ratigan knocked it out of the park with Phil Angeledes talking about “Inside Job” and the Financial Services Inquiry Commission.

    If you care about this topic it is 10 minutes of must see TV. As the former Treasurer of CA Phil also explains how Wall Street blowing itself up is causing the revenue shortfalls today for state and local government.

    If you have trouble viewing video, the text is here:

  18. tallimat says:

    Alaska State Museum !
    As a runaway from highschool boarding school, my destination was the state museum. I had heard a kid lived there for 4 days and no one knew. About 3 hours after I entered the building, I was caught fleeing the place and sent back to Sitka. sigh… those were the days…

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      And look how you turned out! Living in the mudflats.
      Let that be a lesson to you! 🙂

    • bubbles says:

      little cutie running away to the museum. that is a story i’.d love to hear.

      • thatcrowwoman says:

        Time to go to the library and check out From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg. It won the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children’s literature in 1968, and features the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 🙂

  19. Irishgirl says:

    “There’s a history of using recall against elected officials in Wisconsin and if I were Scott Walker, I’d be nervous. But knowing he can’t be recalled for the first year of his term, he probably feels safe right now. He’s got ten more months of get out of jail free cards and I suspect he’ll clown those ten months up right good. They can’t impeach him due to the GOP majority as an impeachment requires a 2/3 majority in both houses. Therefore, the only way to stop Walker is to go after the eight GOP State Senators who are currently eligible for ousting and a new survey shows that the signatures are there to pull this off.”

    • leenie17 says:

      I heard one of the 14 Dems on Rachel Maddow last night hinting that several Republicans are starting to waver on their support of this bill. As the article you linked mentioned, if they have to make a choice between toeing the party line or being re-elected, politicians will choose keeping their jobs over the party most of the time.

      Every single poll, even the ones done by conservative groups, are showing that the support for the unions continues to grow by great margins, and the protesters are not giving up like Walker had hoped. Very soon, the WI Republicans are going to have to make a very uncomfortable choice between their riled-up constituents or a governor whose political career is taking a hard turn towards the dumpster.

  20. bubbles says:

    thank you AKM. you always pick the best to share with us.

  21. Zyxomma says:

    Please watch the video of Brooklyn’s own Congressman, Anthony Weiner, railing against the GOP’s attack on women:

    then click the link to the AlterNet article about it. Good on you, Anthony!

    I, too, am a sucker for museums, great and small. I love the raven, and look forward to more photos.

  22. lilybart says:

    Can I go home and cry now? Bristol is “writing” a book, a memoir of her hard life. So many good people can’t get a decent job of any kind and money is showered on these grifters.

    I know life isn’t fair, but GOOD GRIEF.

  23. Irishgirl says:

    Oh noes….

    Bristol Palin has a book deal.

    The daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has signed with William Morrow to publish “Not Afraid of Life,” to come out this summer. Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins, announced Tuesday that the memoir would provide “an inside look at her life.”

    “Bristol gives readers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at her life for the first time, from growing up in Alaska to coming of age amid the media and political frenzy surrounding her mother’s political rise; from becoming a single mother while still a teenager to coping as her relationship with her baby’s father crumbled publicly — not once, but twice,” according to Morrow.

    • Paula says:

      An autobiography by a 20 year old? Don’t care who he or she is, BORING!

      • AK Raven says:

        Well…. maybe there are a lot of 20 yr olds out there who would be interested in this belly button stare????

    • bubbles says:

      oh my! why this is stupendous news! another Palin book. out in the summer. just in time for beach readin’ and volleyball. did i say this is wonderful news? all her girlfriends will be so jealous. all her boyfriends too. also. gonna be lots of pictures in there. pictures you can color in with crayons. i can’t hardly wait. gonna run right out there an’ buy it. get it autographed by Pipper an’ them at the costco.
      s’gonna be a great monumental ‘murikkkan rags to riches an’ back again.

    • Wallflower says:

      While I find this trend of people with minimal life experience writing so-called “Memoirs” (Justin Beiber for example) I think it actually goes back a ways and there was always a ghostwriter ready to crank out something about a heart-throb or a celebrity. Fortunately, there are good books to be read still, so I won’t have to look for this.

      • A Fan in CA says:

        I don’t want to compare the Grifter’s daughter to Beiber. Justin has worked hard at his music and developing his career. He seems to be a thoughtful young man.

        On the other hand, I don’t think a girl who only wanted to win DWTS to give America the “finger” is an example of what we want our kids to follow.

      • Valley_Independent says:

        Well said. Add me to the list of people who won’t be wasting time or money on Bristol’s book.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I beg your pardon Bristol, but I have seldom seen a young person so afraid of life as you are.

      You’re too afraid of life to think through your choices, so you get pregnant.

      You’re too afraid of life to tell your mom you won’t go on public stage pregnant.

      You’re too afraid of life to have an actual job.

      You’re too afraid of life to go it alone, but ride your mom’s coattails

      You’re too afraid of life to live anywhere with the prospect of doing great things, but pick a remarkably below average stucco jungle when so much more was available to you.

      You’re too afraid to go to college.

      You’re too afraid of sharing custody or giving reasonable visitation.

      You’re too afraid not to do something like Dancing with the Stars because you’re too afraid to develop any actual talents and wanted the easy money.

      What a scaredy cat!

  24. TX SMR says:

    This was a great piece over at HuffPo:

    There are still bits of that that are relevant to me, as a woman, striving to be the best that I can be on a daily basis (failing many days). There’s a lot in it that I need to think about as we get little mini-me up & running — she is in kindergarten. And of course we have another daughter in college, and it is as applicable to her. This piece really resonates. Seriously good piece.

  25. Ripley in CT says:

    Oh, I do love me a good museum! Even a bad one is appealing 😉

  26. thatcrowwoman says:

    Many thanks for this first stop on our virtual museum tour, AKM. Wonderfully whimsical raven capture. I’ll be looking for the children’s books she’s illustrated to add to my collection, er, library.

    Speaking of children’s books, tomorrow is Read Across America day in remembrance of Dr. Seuss. May I suggest a favorite? Epossumondas by Coleen Salley (also known as Queen Coleen from New Orleans, of blessed memory), illustrated by Janet Stevens. It’s one of her animal tales with some Cajun flavor. (I’m a fool for a folk tale and some storytelling.)

    Read Across America Poem (and extending the celebration invitation to all of you around the world, also, too!) 🙂

    You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild,
    To pick up a book and read with a child.
    You’re never too busy, too cool, or too hot,
    To pick up a book and share what you’ve got.

    In schools and communities,
    Let’s gather around,
    Let’s pick up a book,
    Let’s pass it around.

    There are kids all around you,
    Kids who will need
    Someone to hug,
    Someone to read.

    Come join us March 2nd
    Your own special way
    And make this America’s
    Read to Kids Day.


    • Baker's Dozen says:

      At first, I thought is was a sculpture of you, but then realized it’s of your cousin!

      Nice looking family. 🙂

      • thatcrowwoman says:

        Thanks, Baker’s Dozen…the first thought that popped into my head when I saw the work was, “My Cousin!” hahahahaha caw Caw CAW! (I’m treating myself to her books for my birthday later this month.)

    • leenie17 says:

      The last time we did The Great Read Aloud at my school, the librarian decided to use a theme for the whole building instead of just choosing a variety of books. She picked Dr. Seuss, which seems like a great idea and certainly appropriate for this time of year.

      Unless you’re an interpreter for the deaf.

      I very quickly discovered that Dr. Seuss, bless his heart, does NOT translate well to sign language!

      I threatened the librarian with bodily harm if she ever did that to me again. 😉

  27. Paula says:

    I love it, I may have to use the idea to create something similar to hang upon my wall -maybe with some interesting family pieces I have that are currently doing nothing more than resting in a box.
    Museums rock. Hoping to get back to DC this spring, you can never see everything, never.

  28. Irishgirl says:

    Here are a few excerpts of Karl Rove’s interview with Joe Hagan. He rilly, rilly, rilly does not like Palin.

    “When I bring up his statements about Palin during our interview, Rove says only that he wished he’d made his comments on Fox News instead—before going into a withering impersonation of Palin, recalling a scene from her TV show in which she’s fishing.

    “Did you see that?” he says, adopting a high, sniveling Palin accent: “ ‘Holy crap! That fish hit my thigh! It hurts!’ ”

    “How does that make us comfortable seeing her in the Oval Office?” he asks, disgusted. “You know—‘Holy crap, Putin said something ugly!’ ”

    And there is more.

    “A few prominent Republicans I spoke with, especially former Bush officials, were thrilled that Rove finally said aloud what many were thinking: Palin was an embarrassment, even a threat to the party’s path back to power.

    “He deserves a medal,” says one Republican operative who is friends with Rove. “This is a guy who understands what’s involved in being commander-in-chief. He looks at Sarah Palin and says, ‘Are you f*cking kidding me?’ ”

    • merrycricket says:

      Karl Rove deserves a medal for looking at Palin as president and says “Are you f*#king kidding me?” pisha! we said it a long time ago, where is OUR medal?

      Off to work, have a great day!

    • OMG says:

      I almost couldn’t get past the first sentence: “…driving with his girl friend…” What’s wrong with this woman?

      • jojobo1 says:

        I wondered that to I guess money says it all.IMO he belongs in jail for treason for the selling out of one of our operatives.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      One sleaze bucket calling a dumb sleaze bucket dumb.

      I couldn’t get very far in that article. What he does may be legal; it may even be ethical, but if sure as heckfire isn’t moral or good for the country.

    • AK Raven says:

      They’re eating their young!

    • scout says:

      Ruh Rove. H8ers, says Lou.

    • AKPetMom says:

      Poor little GOP’rs, they let her out of her bottle and the fed and nurtured her giant ego until her head became too large to fit back into her bottle, annndddd now their surprised and angry? Makes me giggle.

    • carol says:

      Reading the entire article should distress some of us (maybe all of us). Now if Ms Quitty pants splits the GOP, all the better in many ways. The last line of this article is the one that should scare us, the candidate Rove would follow, push, etc, without question; Bush, Jeb Bush.

      • jojobo1 says:

        The way I see it Bush wants to wait till 2016 but Rove is pushing people to go for 2012

      • thatcrowwoman says:

        and ptui ptui ptui (think Jewish grandma warding off the evil eye) also, too!

        Anybody else feel a disturbance in the Force at the very thought of Jeb in charge? If not, just take a look at Florida today, with Governor Plead-the-Fifth-75 -times and Marco Bush, er, Rubio.

        Seeking my happy place to ward off nightmares tonight!

        • Zyxomma says:

          ptui, ptui, ptui!! Arayn kinnehorra (pardon my spelling). [For those of you unfamiliar with Yiddish, I’m warding off the evil eye.] Thatcrowwoman, Raven will protect you.

  29. Irishgirl says:

    I love it. What a beautiful work of art.

  30. GoI3ig says:

    It’s worth the stop. There is a lot of old Alaska there.

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