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November 23, 2017

Palin’s Memorial Day Emissions

The Memorial Day weekend has begun, and Sarah Palin has stepped out to pay tribute to the fallen in black leather and heels. Don’t wince. We can actually celebrate this upward mobility of fashion sense because at least it wasn’t like the last memorial event she attended when she donned a black miniskirt and peep toe pumps on stage. Kudos for improvement.

Although the organizers of the annual motorcycle rally ‘Rolling Thunder’ made it clear that she was not invited to speak at the event, she nonetheless held forth with an inspiring tribute to the solemn nature of the day noting that, “There’s no better way to see DC than on the back of a Harley,” and “I love that smell of the emissions.” That explains so much. (Here is where I, like many others, resist the urge to tell her to go suck a tailpipe.)

And just in case anyone forgot she was from Alaska, or that Todd runs the Iron Dog snowmachine race, she made sure to connect the dots in a tortured link between her family’s recreational past time and the annual rally to raise awareness of veterans’ issues, including POWs and those still missing. “My family may be used to snowmachines more so than motorcycles… but whether you’re riding the open road or the frozen tundra, you’re celebrating a free spirit. What could be more American than that?”

Hmmm…. Representative democracy? Just a thought.

In a sentiment celebrating what many felt, the spokesman for the event who had earlier said, “We can’t stop her from coming…” added today, “I’m very not appreciative of the way she came in here.”

The motorcycle rally is the launching pad for what increasingly appears to be the grizzly motorcycle mama’s bid for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. Although she strenuously insists that she’s just not sure of what her plans may be, there will coincidentally be three legs of the bus tour – one ending in New Hampshire, one in South Carolina, and one in Iowa where a full-length fluffumentary will exalt the Sarah Palin that only those with blinders still believe exists. I’m guessing somewhere in the back of the theater will be a closet with a portrait of the “real” Sarah Palin under a cloth.

Anyone so inclined, can follow Palin’s bus tour HERE. The details are as yet unknown.



103 Responses to “Palin’s Memorial Day Emissions”
  1. If Palin ever has to actually respond to real questions and is not allowed to get by with her cliches, she is going to be in real trouble. I would ask her what she means by restoring America. Ask her what it needs to be restored to, when was it the way she says it was and how could it be made to be that way again. Then watch the words fall out like puzzle pieces falling out of a thousand piece puzzle box into a heap. To make things worse, these pieces are a Hodge podge of a dozen puzzles that got mixed in together. The result? None of it fits. It is totally incomprehe¬nsible.

  2. JUST A THOUGHT says:

    AIN’T STUPID. HILLBILLY JANE is trying to use the same political
    tactics that got her elected Gov. of Alaska. Charm the uneducated, redneck
    ‘Harley’ riders with her sex appeal. Todd is not going to throw away the old milk
    cow as long as she gives milk. (cash flowing into their bank accounts)

    • Dagian says:

      But the fact is that many of those Harley riders, and those who participate in Rolling Thunder are NOT overwhelmingly ignorant or crude. Some–of course. Get a big enough group of people and you’ll find a big cross-section. But not a majority.

      The men and women who were at the rally on the Mall (D.C.) were NOT amused at her behaviour, overall. She wasn’t invited. She wasn’t asked to speak. She elbowed herself to the forefront and tried to co-opt this event to make it about herself.

      Not classy and many of them caught on to it. (There was a great deal of discussion about $P at other Memorial Day gatherings with other Rolling Thunder participants. She was pretty roundly panned at the one I am thinking about.)

      Obviously, no one can state that she was universally loved or loathed. But she was marked as a wannabe and a fraud by many.

  3. Dagian says:

    Not only is she common (horseman’s term), but she’s simply got no depth to her. She’s a fair-weather ‘runner’, the kind of horse/person who just doesn’t run well unless they’re in the front at all times and they quit the second there’s dirt in their eyes. Only she’s not capable of being re-trained for a new job (I don’t see her switching to steeplechasing, show jumping, dressage, trail or therapy).

    The more of us who toss sand in her eyes, the more she will reveal exactly who she is and what she is capable of doing. Bullying, whining, changing the subject, not answering the questions…

    Wanna see her crack? Hope to hell that not only do any interviewers ask her tough questions for one thing. Continue to ask them of her now. And buy and disseminate books that reveal her for the intellectually lazy (dare I see vacuum), spiteful, surface (it would take a lot of work for her to make it to SHALLOW) gutless grasping half-wit that she truly IS.

    Has anyone figured out if she can see her reflection in a mirror yet? Or does she lack a soul (vampire)?

    Again, if anyone in addition to Bubbles and myself has seen the movie “I, Psychopath”–can anyone say there’s a real difference between Sam Varknin and $arah Palin?

  4. rm says:

    Keith Olbermann tried once again to catch Palin on a syntactical failure, correcting her use of “foundation” to “founding.” It is perfectly fair to assume that by “foundation,” Palin meant the foundation of moral and political principles on which conventionally American thought is based, and not necessarily the actual establishment of a nation.!/KeithOlbermann/status/75288615223169024

  5. rm says:

    Sarah Palin talks to Greta on the tour bus: “I Don’t Think I Owe Anything to the Mainstream Media”

    • Lilybart says:

      You owe the PEOPLE and the media used to report on the powerful FOR the benefit of the People. Now they just want to keep their cushy TV gigs so they “show”, they don’t report.

      The media is how the people get their questions asked and a campaign is a Job Interview, where the candidates are interviewed by the American People, through the media.

      God how I hate her.

      • Alaska Pi says:

        Please don’t hate.
        She wins if you hate.
        Hate blinds and we need all hands on deck with all eyes open.
        Take a deep breath.
        Know you are with friends and sit a spell til you get your feet back under you.
        She. Wins. If.You.Hate.
        She’s not gonna win, eh?

      • AlaskaPi is right LilyBart- Palin is just like the Westboro Baptist Church…they are both hatemongers…and they have the SAME strategy of pimping, goading people into hating THEM.! All so they can make YOU(us) look bad..! It’s just her same old meangirl stragem that she has always misused to her advantage.! It’s just too bad that the major media doesn’t follow her close…REALLY close…think how that would unnerve her..?

    • Dagian says:

      You know who else didn’t feel they owed the explanations to the American people? Oliver North, when he thumbed his nose at Congress…you know, our ELECTED representatives who wanted to know WTH was going on (Iran/Contra–right? It’s been a long time).

      Sadly, it worked for him and seems to have paved the way for QuitterGrifter.

      I’m so P*SSED that (expletive) had the NERVE to show up at GETTYSBURG, not to mention at the Memorial Day lectern! How dare she! That (expletive)!

      • wolverine says:

        if you want to know who the real oliver north is and clinton and h.w. bush, get the book , compromised , clinton ,bush and the cia – how the presidency was co-opted by the cia, by terry reed and john cummings. this book can be had on , it is a real eye opener.

  6. rm says:

    She and her family are vacation stopping in historic sites in the Northeast, So it must be for some another darn stupid TV show!

  7. mike from iowa says:

    Rolling Thunder is SO NOT ABOUT SARAH PALIN or Libs or Rethugs and yet one party and one faux celebrity make everything about-her. And then she panders for donations and attention. Please let’s try to ignore it and maybe it would go away.

  8. rm says:

    Before hopping on the back of a Harley and riding out among the first wave of riders, HuffPost asked Palin about the reason for her popularity — what does she think representing ‘Real America’ actually means?

    And for one brief moment, she stopped smiling and wasn’t quite so sure what to say next.

  9. leenie17 says:

    It amazes me how Obama haters can find a way to criticize him for the least controversial things he does, even if other presidents from both sides have done them before.

    I was just reading the article on Huffpo about laying the wreath at Arlington, and there are comments on there accusing him of using it as a photo op. No doubt these were the same people who screamed last year when he was at a ceremony in Illinois at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery and the VP did the wreath laying. He goes…he gets slammed, he doesn’t go…he gets slammed.

    Yet, when their media-ho-on-wheels (my official title for her this weekend) shows up at an event to which she was NOT invited and steals all the media attention away from the vets where it belongs, they applaud her.


  10. wolverine says:

    sarah palins political career ended the day she quit as govenor, nobody likes a quitter and having just finished readin the blind allegiance book, this will definitely end her political quest. I see the book is being sold in walmart which is great, bought mine at barnes and noble, it is a great book.

    her chief of staff is michael glassner who is an executive with IDT corp. which is jointly owned by rupert murdoch and jacob rothschild the 4th, and one of her top aides randy schuenemann works for george soros, this is an interesting pair she has in her inner circle.

  11. Lilybart says:

    So the reason her bus tour is so secret, only posting where she has been, on the website, is that if she announced where she will be and no one showed, it would be devastating to her. So they pretend they meant to not tell anyone where they are going to avoid no one caring but her base; The Media.

  12. G Katz says:

    Based on the comments here, it appears that the “Great Divider” has worked her magic on Rolling Thunder:

  13. mike from iowa says:

    I want to give a large,well deserved word of thanks to all Veterans for all you have done for our Nation and to all the wives, husbands and families that stand beside the Men and Women of our Armed Forces.

  14. mike from iowa says:

    I wonder what lipstick on a smoking hot exnaust pipe smells like in the morning? Probably an acquired taste. I didn’t listen to it on tv,I wonder if she mentioned her two imaginary friends VIC and TIM? She goes nowhere without them. She spends more time with those two than she ever spends with her children.

  15. CG says:

    i deeply resent the insult she offers to the 400,000 bikers and veterans there, as well as bikers everywhere, including Alaskans.
    She assumes they’re all just like her. That they’ll all identify with her, her issues, her politics, her profile. Why? Because of course, all bikers are ignorant undereducated uninformed louts. With big loud-mouthed biker chicks hanging off them. An “Easy Rider” cliche. So 70s passe.

    Seriously, does anyone imagine that this woman has friendships with Vietnam vets who ride Harleys? That she’s part of a social group and goes to backyard barbecues with bikers up in Wasilla? Arizona? Does she and Todd even know any bikers?
    Does she have the tiniest idea what a Harley costs and who buys one?

  16. Pinwheel says:

    We do have more important, real local concerns. The only difference we can make in the short term on a national level is to communicate constantly with each of our representatives, field a winning candidate to challenge Don Young next year and continue our support for President O’Bama.

    Study the reapportion and work the new districts, get some team captians. The legislature needs to change. Many, many voters have relocated into SouthCentral. Register to vote and find out who else may be new to the area.

    The sooner Alaska demonstrates we are not being led by our nose (pork) the sooner we shall have more of the credibility we deserve.

    Curiously, the 2010 Alaska Democratic Senatorial candidate, Scott McAdams, was the advocate who established a contemporary principal, worthy of debate. Alaska is a new State, and by virtue of that we deserve the supportive investment of the US Government.

    Also, maybe we can be forgiven, for the corruption. US history reflects the corrupt behavior in all new States of the Union. Today we have a whole new opportunity to demonstrate a more experienced responsibility to Alaska.

    Did you notice that LEESA actually voted in opposition to the GOP? I don’t trust her, but I communicate my priorities each time there is a consideration about which she must represent Alaska. Representative government ???

    • yukonbushgrma says:


      Go to City Council meetings, speak up! Run for City Council, or find others who will do a good job. Vote. Continue to educate yourself on the issues. Write your legislators on a regular basis.

      There is so much we can do. We still DO have a representative government, and if we don’t take advantage of it, eventually it WILL go away!

  17. Hope says:

    “Representative democracy? Just a thought.” GOOD one, AKM!! So true!!

    Now! What do we all need to do to make that happen? Thoughts, anyone? I know we all have our issues, but it does seem there’s a big picture out there, and all the big issues do fit within that. It may be called “representative democracy.” It seems to me that it’s been broken apart, and every shattered piece is at issue and standing alone with a scrabble of ideologues battling to the death and empty-headed loudmouths with “Let’s you and him fight” screaming and blasting out around them, but whether you’re an idealogue or a screamer, it may be time to back off and try to see the big picture and serve it. How?


  18. Celia Harrison says:

    “The quivering, ardent sunlight showed him the lines of cruelty round the mouth as clearly as if he had been looking into a mirror after he had done some dreadful thing.” Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

  19. slipstream says:

    Lipstick on a hog.

  20. Kallie in Texas says:

    Another example of her lack of class! How rude of her to push her way into this rally!!! She has no concern for anyone but herself….I’m am sick of her.
    The Obama’s have are totally more intelligent than the grifter and her brood. Thank goodness they are in the White House. Let’s make sure they stay there and not let the Wasilly Hillbillies anywhere near it…that would be disastrous!

  21. beth says:

    Also, too, *BIG* thanks to slipstream, Gramiam, Lilybart, mike from iowa, Zyxomma, and ks sunflower for responses to my ask (link below) for info on St. Ronnie with which to counter the Spews of Sarah. (ks and Zyx — you knew my personal library was short on St. Ronnie books, didn’t you?)

    With as fast and loose as she is with history, truth, and facts, we’re all going to have to get our ducks in a row to combat the stupid of those who are so blinded by her Fbing, Tweeting, and uber ‘patriotic’ flag-waving pr bs, that they can’t see past her smoke-and-mirrors to the total fraud she is. beth.

    • Zyxomma says:

      You’re very welcome for acknowledging my small contribution. You can find it used on Amazon or eBay. Try to get the second edition. It’ll curl your hair. And it’s a VERY fast read (small book).

  22. MW That One..... says:

    Had a bit of an inspiration around Blind Allegiance…..if the title were Amazingly Graceless then, it could have had the subtitle ‘Once Blind, Now we See’….ha.

  23. AKPetMom says:

    She’s stupid, uneducated and 25% of the GOP love her. If a large enough percentage of the GOP loses their mind and swings her way and she gets the nod, then I know that America is more broken than this cynic even ever thought was possible. If she were to win the election, then America is in the toilet. I already look askance at that 25% that support her; if it gets any worse then I will consider America no longer what I thought it was. No plans to leave but if she were to be nominated and then elected I’d at least know that the majority of my compatriots are not worth speaking to or acknowledging.

    • Paddlefoot says:

      AK PM,
      Thank you for eloquently stating what has bothered me for so long. I too have been willing to write off 20% of the population but to believe the polls that she is a frontrunner? I live in AK and have been here off and on for 26 years. I get it, it’s a red state, but seriously, how has this grown to such a national proportion? So many intelligent, thinking people on both sides of the aisle, and what is McCain doing backing her? I am glad to read Andrew Halcro’s take on her but can’t help but wonder if his intimate knowledge is just being wasted along with Bailey’s/AKM’s expose.
      Oh well, please rest well with the knowledge that you can always speak and/or acknowledge me and my family with any of your concerns. Thanks for this forum AKM.

      • GoI3ig says:

        It’s a red state now, thanks to the pipeline and the PFD. Both attracted a lot of undesirables. In the 60’s and 70’s, Alaska was as blue as it gets. (and much nicer too)

  24. beth says:

    I must say, Missy Horn-In Lookee-Me should’ve asked Flo how to wear a motorcycle helmet and not have the oversized bumpit look like a hair-covered pile of dog “emissions” when said helmet is removed. Check out min 0:57 of the below video. beth.

    “Palin rides into DC on motorcycle” (GADS, I wish I could do a screen-capture and post it — that shot of her is priceless! b.) —
    “Flo Doesn’t Worry About Helmet Hair” —

  25. Skagway Kid says:

    Folks, we’re off on a wrong track trying to out-cute SP, she shines as Ester, the warrior queen. Let her lead the parade, it really is great theater. Keep the charade up, just don’t spend any more bucks on the trip. if you get off on this silly dance pay for your ticket.

    The contrast between SP and the President couldn’t be greater today. One sucking up carbon monoxide the other lifting broken souls. SP ain’t gonna run, this whole gambit is to con more money. I have grown just to accept with amusement how brainless Sock Puppets jive and shuffle.
    But I keep my distance. I got better things to do.

  26. Zyxomma says:

    Why resist? Go suck a tailpipe, $arah.

  27. I See Villages from my House says:

    Sarah Palin’s closing scene in her hagiography? Fitting for a modern version of Apocolypse Now.

    I love the smell of emissions in the morning!

    • Pinwheel says:

      This post, and comments, are full of language that starts to be ‘grilled copper river king salmon, fresh young asperagras and basmati rice’ and ends with an extremely poor attempt at Robert Duvall.
      “‘Villages” I had to look up this one, hagiography. Doesn’t belong in the salad. Join me sometime for some CR King, spargle, rice. nem

  28. Aye, the train wreck continues. God, I hope she runs.

  29. GoI3ig says:

    The story that took the cake was her spin machine going in to “destroy” mode over the guy in Juneau who complained about the traffic congestion near the Governor’s mansion. (where he also lived)

    Making up the crap about him hating kids, and saying he was upset over Willow’s sidewalk lemonade stand was a new low. Of course all her minions at Faux Noise picked up the torch and ran with it. She is pathetic.

  30. Bob Benner says:

    There are some interesting stories that have hit the internet regarding Rebecca Mansour and her out of control Twittering…

  31. Sue In Kansas says:

    Just finished Blind Allegiance, it was a great read. I really appreciate the work that you all put into it. I appreciate what it took for Frank to realize what a mistake he made. Although I don’t agree that Sarah changed as he seems to think. I think Sarah has always been exactly what she is today. A nasty, hateful, vindictive person, as well as a manipulator and opportunist. It’s amazing how much time the staff had to spend trying to clean up after her craziness and ignorance, instead of doing the business of government. Shameful!

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      “Although I don’t agree that Sarah changed as he seems to think.”
      Interesting observation. Perhaps Frank was so taken with her that he didn’t realize how thoroughly she had sucked him in to her world. He saw it as HER changing, while maybe it had more to do with HIM, and he was totally unaware of it —- ???

      Similar to the way she sucks in her peeps.

      • Irishgirl says:

        I agree. I think Frank evolved. Palin has always been nasty….remember Ann Kilkenny’s letter about Palin in Wasilla.

        • Dagian says:

          Not to mention her initial run for mayor–when she insinuated that her opponent wasn’t actually married, wasn’t Christian (‘Jewish’ surname *wink-wink!*), and various other innuendos.

          Her opponent and his wife had been FRIENDS of hers until that ugliness. She never did apologize to either of them.

          Stay classy, Palin!

        • mike from iowa says:

          Evolve is not a word one should use around conservatives regularly.

  32. Cassie Jeep says:

    All I can say is how (p)RESIDENTIAL she is!

    • merrycricket says:

      I don’t know why, but for some reason her pushing her way into this event has ticked me off beyond normal. I do love motorcycles and have always wanted to participate in this event. I don’t have any relatives or friends who were involved, nor do I know any POW’s or MIA’s. I just can’t put my finger on why it makes me so angry, but I am.

      • PollyinAK says:

        Me too!! This is an annual event for families to find solace/unity to recognize/remembrance of their loved ones. Did that happen? What was on the news? SP. Very very very disrespectful and a very “cheap” way to get PR. This will backfire on her. So many people don’t read the blogs and know what we know about SP. – So, they evaluate SP by what they see and hear on TV. Most people will like her less after this.

        • Miss Demeanor says:

          Me three!
          Perhaps, for me, it is because I am old enough to remember Viet Nam, and to know some of the names on the wall, and all of the things connected to that war.
          One of my older sisters STILL wears her MIA bracelet, and has since 1974!

          Every time I have been to the wall, you could hear nothing but the birds, and occasional sobbing.
          WGE just wants all the attention, all the time.

          • Pinwheel says:

            You have captured the sentient expression of ‘rolling thunder’. These are hard driving guys and gals, ‘hard driving’ being the operative term. Their concern, advocacy and action has had significant influence for the achievement of verterans’ promises.

        • Lilybart says:

          I think the whole Bus tour BS and the stupid film are going to backfire, BIG TIME.

          already has really…

      • CG says:

        She shoplifted again.
        She used 400,000 people as props in a publicity stunt. Just like her children.
        400,000 extras conveniently staged in Washington, D.C. at their own expense; a completely organized photo shoot with film crews from every major news outlet, Getty and AP photographers, CNN on hand. Millions of dollars worth of airtime on prime time conventional broadcast and cable. Free. An absolutely free advertisement for SarahPAC donations.
        She didn’t need an invitation – she was going to be there. They didn’t just throw that bus together yesterday. It was planned and delivered.

        It was a brilliant move. Either she’s got some seriously good publicists, or she is a genius marketing strategist herself. Maybe it was the work of the housewife’s new guy?

        • Lilybart says:

          She can’t announce her appearances for two reasons…..1) if no one shows up, how embarrassing, better not to tell people, and 2) she often goes mental and doesn’t show.

      • leenie17 says:

        I absolutely agree. Of all the heinous things she’s done over the years, using Memorial Day and the men and women killed in action while defending our country for a crass publicity stunt seems to be the worst. She had a ready-made crowd and the media was gathered to cover the event for the RIGHT reasons, but she intentionally and selfishly stole the spotlight for herself, even after the coordinators made it clear that they did not want her there. She even managed to enter the event in the one place designed to give her the greatest potential for media coverage and attention.

        Contrast that with the President visiting Joplin yesterday While he was, as would be expected, covered by the media, he made a point to spend time comforting families outside of earshot of the microphones and trying, as much as possible, to connect with them privately.

        Having a son in the military should make her particularly respectful of those who serve. But, NOOO, she never thinks of anyone or anything outside of the six inches of space surrounding her body. Truly despicable.

  33. PollyinAK says:

    Is Steve Schmidt (McCain’s former campaign manager) working for Mitt Romney?? I HOPE so! That would be so cool, if SP runs. Steve will have the “dirt” and the motivation to get rid of SP once and for all.

  34. 0whole1 says:

    > full-length fluffumentary

    Y’all know what a fluffer is in tha business, right? 🙂

    Also too, in re, “smells”:

  35. Michelle says:

    Greetings from Arizona. Not fair of you Alaskans to send her to us and can we please return her.

    About the Rolling Thunder rally, it’s clear to us what Ms. Palin was actually doing:

    Sarah Palin Comes Out

    We just hope she doesn’t head south to our city and show up at one of our local lesbian hangouts. Though actually we’re somewhat more concerned about her showing up in the state house. Of course, she would fit right in (in the AZ political landscape, that is).

    • The QM says:

      I also live in AZ and am totally disgusted with our half-wit gov and now she’ll have another half-wit to bolster her ego. This states politics are so over the line, that $S moving here is adding insult to injury. We all know why she’s forcing herself onto the stage, she knows if she runs, she won’t win, and she doesn’t care, its all about keeping her face in the limelight and grabbing all the money she can get. Can you say narcissitic, self-serving, lying, money grubbing bitch????

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      heeheehee, my fave was:

      “We do however, wish her the best of luck as long as it has no effect whatsoever on humans, wolves or any other living or non-living entity in the world as we know it.”


      • Michelle says:


        Heh — we were trying to figure out what actual conditions would allow us to wish her the best of luck now that she’s, you know, come out and all :). Not unsurprisingly, the conditions turned out to be rather stringent.

        So glad that made you laugh!

  36. ent,lord says:

    She forgot to mention she is taking Todd’s interests more seriously these days so they have bought a new home in AZ so he can have more time to practice snowmobiling

  37. physicsmom says:

    Just finished “Blind Allegiance” and found it wonderful. Bailey’s story is compelling. While there are no new big scandals revealed, what are exposed are the details as to how vindictive and venal $P is. We always suspected that she didn’t spend much time governing and Frank confirms that. We thought she was lying about all those missed appearances (“we never confirmed that”) and she was. What we heard was story after story about how $P used her staff to destroy anyone and everyone who ever slighted her, no matter how obliquely or incidentally. It’s quite astonishing, even when you were pretty sure you knew what was happening, we really had NO idea. Thank you Frank for sharing your story and for seeking out Ken and Jeanne for their writing expertise. The book is eminently readable and, I fancy, I can tell the stamp that our dear AKM made on the language. Brava!

    I hope that Frank continues to get out and both promote his book and repeat the message that Sarah Palin should not get anywhere near elected office ever again. If only those fake xtians over at Sea of Pee would wake up and get the message that Frank did: their hero is fatally flawed, what a marvelous legacy this book would have. Congratulations.

    • Mo says:

      Might be a good idea for readers of Blind Allegiance to buck up and post a positive review at Amazon. The flying monkeys are circling and raining poop.

      [Will $arah’s next “book”be titled Bling Allegiance?]

      • yukonbushgrma says:

        The flying monkeys wouldn’t know truth if it smacked ’em square between the eyes.

      • Pinwheel says:

        A lovely visual, ‘flying monkeys’. As an observation, Bailey’s purpose seems very different from ‘ours’. It seems to me that his passage continues to need support.

        • I am sensing the same thing. Most of us were disenchanted with Ms. Palin early on. But it is different when you learn that the person you respected and even put on a pedastel doesn’t deserve any respect or any elevated stature. It can be very hard to deal with that kind of disappointment. And that is what I am reading between the lines of Frank’s courageous story. I wish him all the best. He is a good man who was taken advantage of by a most dispicable person.

          • Dagian says:

            That’s the thing about pedestals, particularly when you build them for yourself (and you’re not a halfway decent engineer, bricklayer or fence-builder). They’re high, cold, narrow and gravity wins, eventually.

            With an ego like hers, is anyone surprised that Humpty Dumpty took a big fall?

    • Anne says:

      I like that–$P. Clever. So obvious, huh? I read the book in one day. I was curious before I read the book that if $P were to win the presidency, what the chances would be of the presidency becoming a dictatorship, esp if both the House and Senate had Republican majorities. The Supreme Court has demonstrated its leanings with the Citizens United case, despite having a few clearly liberal judges, so this country in essence would be ruled by one party and the three branches of government would all be aligned to the same purpose–surreptitiously eliminating the Democratic Party. So IF $P became President, imagine what would happen. She’d have access to all personal information for every citizen of the US and could REALLY wage war on her enemies, real or perceived. Mudflats and Lawrence O’Donnell would be in big trouble. If another leader from another country didn’t show her the level of respect due the Queen of America, would she declare war on that country? This would be good fodder for a “what if” movie. Yes, I’m paranoid. I’m from Juneau. It’s been interesting though to see documentation of my suspicions of how absolutely corrupt Alaska politics was and I’m sure still is.

    • Anne says:

      Regarding her buying a house in Arizona. Will she be disqualified from receiving the PFD now, along with her family? Will she be an Alaskan resident? It would be interesting to see if her application is reviewed or if, due to her influence, she and her family will be approved and continue to receive it.

  38. AKjah says:

    Just came back from the Cook inlet keeper beach bash. Said my hello’s an howdy-do’s to Shannyn. Who i might add was not dressed as a biker-rock star slut. She was warm and dressed for the wind. Which was cool. i soon found out as i did not dress as warm. I did get my fill of fresh oysters. And the tunes were great. Did ride my electric trike out and it was so nice. I could smell that exhaust anytime!

  39. seattlefan says:

    Love the title of this post!

    Her “emissions” today pretty much “stunk up the place”. What shameless behavior on her part. She took a serious non-partisan demonstration dedicated to our POWs and MIAs and hijacked it into a media circus about her. This really takes the cake.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      I totally loved the title too. So very fitting.

      Wish the “E”missions would have been “AD”missions … but guess that would be something like waiting for pigs to fly …….

  40. BigPete says:

    No Mas!

    The grifter might be more Terminator than Dorian Gray. It’s only fair that Karl Rove, Romney, The Koch brothers have to pay even more attention to this insane silliness than everyone else.

  41. Lauridsen says:

    I’m glad you also remembered this previous memorial Day (unfortunately for us both). Wasn’t it also a ceremony where she wasn’t invited but came anyway? or said she wasn’t coming then barged in at the last minute?

  42. Lynn in VA says:

    One of the better pix of her looks as if she’s getting ready to suck the chrome off of someone’s tail pipe.

  43. Vic says:

    Uggh. She’s proof positive that you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

  44. Pat in MA says:

    Dear God, will we ever be rid of this fraud? Smell of the emissions? This is what she comes up with? What a clown. Pic from huffpo sums it up nicely I think, as she barges between two vets to get to a microphone:

    • merrycricket says:

      I think I read somewhere that she stated she was glad to have been invited to participate. Even after the organizer interviewed said several time that she had NOT been. What low class, rude, presumptuous, crap is that?

    • CG says:

      It was the way she said it – deep gravelly bar voice, overdone biker chick movie character.

      For anyone who missed the housewife’s subtlety, her political-issue dog whistle: “emissions.” She did not say, “Whooo, baby, love the smell of Harley fumes in the morning…”
      Emissions = government interference and denial of constitutional freedoms = gratuitous unnecessary emissions testing = EPA standards + clean air initiatives = “greenhouse gases” = Climate Change = Al Gore = “carbon footprint” = “Cap and Trade”

  45. Alaska Pi says:

    Ah… Dorian Gray…?
    good one…

    • Pinwheel says:

      That’s exactly what I thought, “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”. What a concept.

      And another great gift to the language, “full length fluffumentary”. That’s better than salad. Soup or Nuts!

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