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May 22, 2018

New (Campaign) Video from SarahPAC [Reader Poll]


Is she, or isn’t she?

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And do you or don’t you?

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113 Responses to “New (Campaign) Video from SarahPAC [Reader Poll]”
  1. carol says:
    Yep, knew I’d seen it, Perry did not advocate Texas seceeding. Too bad.

  2. carol says:

    Yes, she will run because she needs the continuing adulation and spotlight. She will also gain political cred so when she does quit the campaign, some still in the race will ask for her support. More spotlight. She will also be able to command more $$ for speaking (such as it it) engagements and, hey, there’s another book in there somewhere. And probably another contract with Faux for more $$.
    No, she won’t run. She would have to open her college transcripts and tax filings to the public. Does anyone think she wants the public (from whom she continues to ask for money) to know how much she makes? Saw somewhere that Perry did not tithe to his church, wonder what the Quitter’s tithes look like? Bet she doesn’t put her money where her mouth is.
    Yes, I want her to run, because it will be the GOP who wil expose her for what she is, a self promoting fraud who has no answers to the problems of this country; hell, she can’t even verbalize coherently what the problems are.
    No, I don’t want her to run, we need a serious, intelligent conversation about solutions, not the side show that is SarahPalin. I want her to go away, but hmmm, maybe the best way is if she does run and is shot down by her fellow GOP.
    I do not for a second think that the entire American public is serious and/or intelligent. Sitting in the doctor’s office recently, a woman was spouting about politics; said that Congress should not get paid except for the time they were in session. When I asked about Congress people getting back to their districts and interacting with the public, getting the public’s opinion on issues, nope, that wouldn’t count. Then she couldn’t even name her senators or representative. But she votes! or so she said. Someone I know who is a serious and intelligent person does consider voting GOP, in fact, she most likely will. Says she doesn’t like Obama, and I shudder to ask. Might be his prochoice stand, she’s absolutely antiabortion, no ay, no how, under NO circumstances.
    Let’s see, what else. I read somewhere that Perry did NOT advocate secession for Texas, was it Factcheck or Pollitifact, I’ll go look. Huntsman is by far and away (INHO) the most reasonable of the GOP and in today’s headlines, he took the far fringe to task. Did I also see somewhere that the Quitter’s house sale in Arizona didn’t go thru?
    I like this blog, considered, investigated opinions and facts. Let’s keep it that way.

  3. Jamie says:

    When I told my French husband that Paw-Paw dropped out of the race, he said “Yeah, now that leaves the way open for Bachmann.” I said “Well, yay, that guarantees Obama a shoo in and a second term!” and he looked at me, giving me a distinct look that voiced the opinion of so many over here: the Americans are crazy enough to vote in a crazy, so never have faith. I mean, look at Rick Scott who is now governor of Florida! I would love to see Sarah run IF and ONLY IF the competition finally has the cajones (her words, not mine) to open up that Pandora’s Box of Palin secrets and actually brings to light everything everyone was afraid to talk about when she was VP candidate: Babygate and all the rest. And actually show the world just how totally wacko and ignorant and crazy she is.

  4. Jim K says:

    She will run as an independent Tea Party candidate; especially if someone who she does not like
    gets the Republican primary, people she does not like would probably cover 2/3rds of the
    candidates. She is like Mikey she doesn’t like anything; however, she loves does herself.

  5. beth says:

    My hunch is that she will run. As a Tea Party candidate. (Not that she has the stamina for either the run (or the job) or even a modicum of the intelligence necessary to be POTUS, but *as things now stand*, she does have a shot at the WH.) Think about it:

    Bachmann, Perry, Paul, Ryan, Cain, and all the rest are being examined six ways from Sunday by the MSM and are being exposed for the whack-a-doodled-notioned laughing stocks they are. Everyone is enjoying the crazy. Big guffaws all the way around. IMHO, the *real* movers and shakers within the GOP are even encouraging these clowns — and biding their time until each clown, individually, implodes. Because *while* everyone is looking at the freak show, the candidate the GOP will eventually put forth for nomination, is being groomed behind the proverbial scene. To the max.

    I don’t think it’ll be either Huntsman or Romney — both of them have too much ‘baggage’ this time around; it’s going to be someone solid and steady. [If the GOP has a lick of sense, they’ll be vetting the VP nominee, now, too!] The eventual GOP candidate will be someone who, although not unknown, will be one who’s not been ‘heard’ of too much; someone who has been a loyal GOPer who *hasn’t* tipped over to the Baggy side. Only with that candidate, will they get the ‘regular’ GOP votes back…and possibly pick up [current] Ind and disenchanted Dem votes.

    But what to do with all the Tea Party loyalists? No candidate put up for nomination by the GOP will be ‘pure’ enough for them… So where do the Baggys turn? They can’t turn to Bachmann, Perry,, because those clowns will’ve already over-crazied any potential run for the WH. The Baggys are super organized and super passionate — they will deliver the vote, though. BIG time.

    And that’s where $arah comes in. Just watch – she’ll maverick and unconventional and tease and grizz and Fb and tease some more. Then she’ll keynote on the 3rd of Sept back in Iowa and, if she has a ‘full house’ audience, she’ll announce. But she won’t announce *until* the very last minute — she’ll drag it on and on. And on.

    You can bet she has checked out all 50 state’s election laws and has found out the absolute *last* day one can declare to get on that state’s ballot. She won’t announce until the day before the earliest of those dates. That way, she can keep up the lifestyle she now enjoys *and*, with the Baggys in all 50 states, she can get all their votes in Nov ’12…they sure as heck aren’t going to vote for Obama or the GOP nominee.

    If the grumblings from progressives that Obama isn’t doing [this, that, the next thing right and/or fast enough] truns into apathy at the ballot box, and/or if the rank-and-file GOP is as addle-brained as they’ve shown theirselves to be with the Bachmann crop of yahoos, $arah might have a real shot at the WH.

    I can’t stand the woman. beth.

    • Jim K says:

      It is kind of funny I have been saying that for the last two years. I penned a letter to the editor over a year ago and I also put that letter on this Site. At that time people said I had a real imagination. It is kind of interesting that some people, like you, are now saying the same thing. I do disagree with you that she would have a chance for the WH though, she is doing it only to increase her salability
      not to be president. That is how I see it anyway.

  6. DonnaInMichigan says:

    My husband says she will run. But she’ll quit 1/2 way through. LOL

    I don’t know why but I got a lot of giggles out of that…..

    (My husband was a fan of hers for the first 2 days after McCain announced her as his VP, but then he quickly changed his mind when he heard her speeches)

    BTW, there is ONE thing I can thank Palin and John McCain for….I am now a certified Democrat…after being a registered Republican for 20 years. Yes I saw the light! Also, my husband was a Republican is now an Independent…refuses to vote Republican ever again. So thank you Palin and McCain….

  7. She is narcissistic, and definitely desires the spotlight. She WILL run, no doubt in my mind.

  8. G Katz says:

    I’d love for her to run… in her sneakers throughout the tundra. But not so much for POTUS.

    I think her decision to run for President is based on Obama’s favorability ratings. Unfortunately, the lower they go, the greater the probability she’ll throw her flag-pin decorated hat into the race. It also doesn’t help that, thus far, the Republican party hasn’t presented a candidate that can be taken seriously.

  9. leenie17 says:

    I find it so fascinating that SOOO many people – Alaskans, bloggers, journalists, pundits, political power players, etc. – are clueless about what she’s going to do and completely unable to predict her actions with any confidence. I think the big problem is that we’re (mostly) intelligent, thoughtful, logical, and sane people trying to predict the actions of a narcissistic, seriously mentally ill woman. We’d have a much more accurate prediction if we visited the local mental health facility and took a poll of the residents there.

    And yes, I’m being sarcastic, but I’ve had a lifetime of experience in dealing with a mentally ill person, and trying to predict that person’s behavior is impossible from the perspective of a mentally healthy person. No matter how much you think you’ve gotten into their head (which can often be a VERY scary place!) and figured out their thought processes, they’ll prove you wrong every time.

  10. mary j beaulieu says:

    I have to agree with most of the people here.
    I’m not sure she’ll run, I don’t think she has even made up her mind yet. I really think she is afraid all of those (still hidden) skeletons will fall out of her enormous closet!!
    But I would LOVE to see her run at the top of a ticket, paired with ANY of the GOP Contenders!!
    President Obama would win by a bigger Landslide than last time.

    We ALL must do what ever we can do GOTV!!! We can never take anything for granted!! We are not only fighting the dirty deeds of the GOP, we are also up against the rigged Voting Machines. I am sure they were rigged in the last Presidential election. But by McCain picking $arah, we were able to get enough votes to over ride their system.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Can the voting system be changed. Can someone get rid of those diebold machines?

      • leenie17 says:

        I read a story yesterday about one state (can’t remember which one) that, in order to save money, has decided NOT to use the diebold touch-screen voting machine printers that provide paper documentation of the votes. Now, if the machines have been tampered with, the printouts aren’t necessarily accurate anyway, but it takes one more check out of the system.

        They claim that the machines cannot possibly be tampered with so the printouts aren’t necessary. A Princeton professor and his two grad students were able to easily infect a machine with a virus that flipped some of the votes so THAT theory is full of holes!

  11. Dagian says:

    She’s going to do anything she has to do to keep the money rolling in. If that means ‘entering’ the presidential race, she’ll do it. Even better if she can enter it just long enough to bilk the masses of their money, then withdraw, whining about the mean-mean-MEAN ‘lamestream media’ at the same time.

    Her loyal followers will lap it up, whilst sending poor defenseless wittle Sarah their egg & butter money.

    • leenie17 says:

      The problem with that theory is that, in order to run, she has to give up her cozy Faux job. Also, I believe that, once she declares, there are a whole bunch of new restrictions on how she can use her PAC money, which she doesn’t have now. From what I’ve heard, many of the things she’s been using the PAC money for up until now would become off limits. She’d be giving up some guaranteed sources of income for the possibility of donations whose use would be limited.

      She hates real work so she wouldn’t be in the campaign for very long sooo…too much would have to be sacrificed for a questionable, limited return.

      Better to string her followers along as long as possible, keep those hopeful donations coming in, and pop up on Faux every so often to spit out some old, worn out talking points…much less work for a guaranteed return.

      • NMJ says:

        According to her contract with Faux News, if she declares for the run she can’t work for Fox. Where else can she get a big, steady stream of $$ by blathering drivel for a few minutes a week?

      • NMJ says:

        Wow…I just repeated everything you just said! Sorry…

  12. rm says:

    Rachel Maddow Palin plays the politics of the paycheck

  13. Irishgirl says:

    She looks awful. She is very thin and emaciated. If she looks like this before a campaign, I hate to see her after one.

  14. scout says:

    She can’t quit if she doesn’t run. She’ll do both.

    • Dagian says:

      Exactly. But first, she’ll collect as much money as she possibly can and THEN she’ll quit. She won’t return the money, naturally!

  15. NMJ says:

    Hey guys, I’m really sorry, but I couldn’t do my duty and watch the video. I have a weak stomach and the thought of maybe hearing that screechy voice again…

  16. Lacy Lady says:

    I am hoping that when the president gets back from his vacation, he will give his plan for jobs.
    I think that is the biggest issue on the table.
    What I heard on Cnn a few days ago, was a Company in South Carolina that would like to hire hundreds of people, but could not find people with the skills to operate their equip. I believe it is Siemens Corp. in C North Carolina. I don’t know what it is that they make—-but would be worth looking into.
    They are in C—North Carolina.

  17. I voted that she will not run. She is making way too much money doing what she it doing. I voted that I want her to run. If she won the nomination there’s no way she’d beat Pres. Obama.

    Would she learn anything? Would the GOP learn anything? Would the Tea Party learn anything?


  18. OMG says:

    I happen to think that she’s running…and she’s doing it ‘her’ way. She thinks that rules do not apply to her and she has a big enough ego to think that she can win using only FB, twitter, internet ads and Fox. She also thinks that those who are against her don’t matter because God’s got her back.

    I do hope that I am wrong. Convention wisdom says that she can’t win…

    …but what has she learned over the last three years? She’s learned that she can quit as governor and still have fans and PAC donations and cameras where ever she travels. She can make mistake after mistake and tell lie after lie and still have loads of PAC donations and fans and cameras where she travels. She can step on the toes of anyone and everyone and have big names in the GOP turn away from her and her PAC still swells and she still has fans and cameras where ever she travels.

    This column about her glossy video hits the nail on the head:

    • beaglemom says:

      I read the column and the first few comments. What’s with the “far left” press for these commenters? From what I see and hear, the media is pretty “far right,” so far away that they cannot be seen with my naked eye.

    • I read more comments than I should have done, but I found it very disturbing how many of her loyal followers touted that horrid movie as all the explanation anyone needs to know how perfect she is. Bleah!

  19. tweeter says:

    No. She is no longer relevant. If She does it will be comedy gold.

  20. thatcrowwoman says:




  21. Baker's Dozen says:

    I have now watched the video and everyone here knows what I’m going to say, but I’m sayin’ it anyway.


    Whew! I feel better now.

    I think, if she runs, it will be Sarah for P andTodd for VP. Or maybe SP.5 for VP. But I think they have a ready made slogan with her fave pick: “Sarah can P “cause there’s TP for VP!” Lends itself to some real cheap bunting, as well, though its true significance might be lost on her followers who are still lamenting the demise of the Sears catalogue. Reminds me of the last time they chose someone for a catchy slogan: “Tipsy can ooh and Tyler’s toot!” Didn’t the canoe deliver a very long word salad on InGodYourNation Day, succumb to the sniffles, and Tyler took over? Don’t think that a similar scenario hasn’t occurred to TP, though he would have no idea that this plan has been successfully implemented before, as it doesn’t appear in, “The History of the Snow Machine: From Mobile, Alabama to Iron Doggin’ in the Gov’s Mansion” a memoir by Todd Palin, packaged with Sarah’s new book: “I Also Too I Told Ya So Write Any of Them Books Youbetcha All of Them That the Ghost Writers Refudiated.” Meet the authors and get signed copies at Thriftstore Book Section.

  22. Baker's Dozen says:

    She will run if she thinks it will make her money. She has to stay in the spotlight to do that. That’s why she showed up at the Ioway Fair in her elegant Belmont ensemble. I mean, who would wear their Belmont outfit to a fair? But, I guess, it’s one way to get a second chance to wear such an expensive suit. I just can’t figure out why they aren’t showcasing her and her style like they do that new princessey chick from one of those other English speaking continents. (Don’t you wish, when they steeled our Rill Amerikun Langwege that they’d talk it right?)

  23. Polarbear says:

    Not a single one of the current Republican field can beat Obama. The one news outlet which still practices journalism, the BBC, seldom mentions any of them. If you are weary of American news entertainment programming, watch the BBC, while the primaries filter out the Billy Bo Bob Bible Belt candidates.

  24. tigerwine says:

    Interesting comments on this topic.

    What has me stymied is how she is jerking FOX around, and getting away with it. Why are they putting up with with this teasing? Two other candidates resigned right away when they decided to run, and one stayed on the network because he was not running. Is the operative word here “decided”?
    Can she just go on pretending she’s “deciding”, when all the while doing stuff that says she is going to run? FOX needs to get some cojones and make her quit: either quit commenting on their network, or quit acting like a candidate.

    • far from fenway fan says:

      The operative word is QUIT. She is good at that.

    • beaglemom says:

      I think that Fox News is just delighted to have her continue on. The “will she/won’t she” keeps people watching and listening. And for Sarah, the “will she/won’t she” keeps her followers sending in donations. For Sarah “will she/won’t she” is nirvana for the near future.

  25. mudkitten says:

    I agree. She can’t sit on the sidelines and be ignored. She got a taste of that in IA and you can be sure it made her miserable. She can’t run as a Republican and have to play by the rules and show up for debates and have minders like she did during the ’08 campaign. That made her miserable, too.

    Her only option is third party, though she won’t be serious about it. She can play to her base and ignore everyone else and get a ton of media attention, but there’ll be no accountability and no one telling her what to do. She can be the biggest victim in the world. She won’t be serious because she doesn’t want to be president. That would be too much like work. She just doesn’t want to become irrelevant, even though that’s what she is already. In the end, she’s hoping she can continue her pundit and speaking gigs to keep making the big bucks. Money and ego are her only motivations.

  26. benlomond2 says:

    She won’t run, tho’ I’d like to see her do so… Fox News is too lucrative for her, too many skeletons in the closet, and she can’t write small enough on her hand for a debate . although she DOES have her own place in AZ to practice in !!

  27. leenie17 says:

    Oops! Ain’t it a funny thing how the emails of Republican governors keep disappearing???

    “The e-mail accounts of Rick Scott and most of the governor-elect’s transition team were deleted soon after he took office, potentially erasing public records that state law requires be kept.”

    It was supposedly done ‘by accident’ by staff members who were from out-of-state and unfamiliar with Florida state laws. I don’t live in Florida (or Alaska) and I’ve never worked on a gubernatorial campaign but even I know that emails done in that context are state property and subject to strict records laws.!-Florida-Governor-Rick-Scott-deleted-all-his-transition-team-emails?via=blog_1#comments

    Hmmm…now where else have I heard about important state emails from a Governor’s account being deleted or otherwise mysteriously missing?

  28. leenie17 says:

    I’m very disappointed, AKM, that you didn’t include the choice of ‘HELL NO!’ in the second question.

    With the SCOTUS sliding off the right side of the bench, the Diebold machines that switch votes, ballots that go missing and are found at just the right time, voter disenfranchisement legislation, and the miscellaneous election fraud that seems rampant around the country, I don’t want her name anywhere near a voting booth.

    I do believe that The Powers That Be of the Republican party have a lot of nasty dirt on her that she can’t recover from and have made it known that they will gleefully release it should she decide to run. They don’t want her in the race because she’s become increasingly out of control and ridiculous, and they already have enough trouble doing damage control for Bachmann and Perry.

  29. far from fenway fan says:

    She’s definitely running. Why? Because she can’t stand not to be in the limelight. It’d be one thing if it were just “the guys”, but upstaged by Michele Bachmann? She won’t be physically able to watch MB steal her thunder … as she already has. She’s in.

    And, yes, I want her in. Let’s get this over with once and for all. She can’t win it; Perry beats her at every turn and then some. Conservative. Attractive. Less grating voice. Crazy, extreme right wing views but can at least articulate them. Folksy. Better at policy. Governor of a large state – OK Palin beats him size-wise – but he has that all so important “executive experience” that SP always touts. And he’s been at it, let’s see, 10 years as opposed to half a term. Jump in, Sarah! Let the circus begin.

    Oh, and did she get permission from all those people to be in her political video?

  30. BearWoman says:

    I still say she will run as a 3rd party candidate….

    No, I do not want her to run. I do not want the hate to grow any more than it already has in this country…..

    I still stand by my stance just after the 2008 election.

  31. LaniN says:

    I think she might announce a water testing run, then use it to try to negotiate a deal to withdraw. I cannot imagine her having the stamina (even briefly) for a real run, let alone doing the work that needs to be done. She’s a spoiler, not a campaigner.

    However, if she does announce, even tentatively, we can look forward to some on the ’08 campaign taking her down.

  32. JRC says:

    That was the whitest campaign video I’ve ever seen.

  33. By the time we have the first primary next January no one will even remember Iowa belongs in the Union. We are not relevant except for about 10 minutes every four years or so. Unless you were able to speculate in farmland over the last twenty years or so. Some nearby farm ground just sold at auction for $14,200 an acre. People are crazy if they think the ag economy won’t crash and burn like it did in the 1980’s.

  34. seattlefan says:

    I believe she will run and she knows she won’t win but she will gain more grifting cred from it and appease her “feedbag bots”. I definitely DO NOT want her to run because we have seen elections hijacked and manipulated. (think 2000).

    I wish she would just get a job on Home Shopping Network and do what she does best.

  35. Shanda M says:

    Sarah will get totally squashed if she runs and she absolutely knows this! She’s content to grab some of the attention, go to an event, collect her fee, and go back into hiding until the next opportunity. If she throws her hat in the ring, she’ll have to seriously put up or shut up. The GOP are already turning on Perry and Bachmann because of their un-electability, not to mention the others in the field are irrelevant. The GOP elite don’t want another dummy in the field and SP would be the biggest one.

  36. Bob Benner says:

    Yes, she’s running… she’s a dimwit who needs the public attention…

    Yes, I hope she does… nothing better than having her freckin behunkus handed back to her on a platter…

  37. jojobo1 says:

    After the midterms and how the votes went ,even if now people recant, it is to late.If she moved even a little to the left people might say better her than perry or bachmann,although she is married to someone that wanted Alaska to secede just like perry did.How can either one now think they should be the president of the US when they do not believe in it or what it stands for.The GOP right now has no one that doesn’t follow the TP except Huntsman and I like him but don’t think he has a chance because he works across party lines.

    • Shanda M. says:

      Hunstman is too busy trying to pander to the tea party crowd. The republican party has gone so extreme right that the smarter candidates are at the bottom and the dumbest are at the top. McCain, before Palin, would be beaten down in todays GOP; he sold his soul to the devil and now he has to tow the line or become totally irrelevant. Romney is too busy trying to downplay the good he did for Mass. Can you imagine? You enabled lots of people to get healthcare and you have to act like it was a bad thing! smh at that.

      • I don’t know – I imagine Huntsman lost the TPers and evangelicals when he tweeted that he believes in science and evolution. They’ll have none of that. I don’t quite understand why they decided to be so stupid – or maybe they always were and they’re just now putting it out there for all to see.

  38. MO inkslinger says:

    The video is probably a promo for her new reality show Pa and Ma Kettle-Palin visit the Iowa Fair. Is she thanking Iowans for not a single write-in on the Straw Ballot.

  39. GoI3ig says:

    No Sarah propaganda would be complete without a quick shot of lap puppy Sean Hannity. I hope she runs just for the comedy material that she’ll supply to Leno, Stewart, SNL, and others. It will be awesome!

  40. rm says:

    Do You Want Sarah Palin To Enter The Presidential Race? NOOOOO!” Or How To Manipulate A FOX

  41. LA Brian says:

    The election cycle’s barely started, but if I have any more wine I may need a liver transplant.

    Do I think she’ll run? NO – she will maintain the tease long enough to bilk her ilk of more money.

    Do I want her to run? OH, WHY NOT? Let’s just push the envelope on crazy so that people may finally see it for what it is and return to something resembling reasonable discourse.

  42. LibertyLover says:

    She will run. She wants the money to go into her PAC. To paraphrase Smedley Butler: “(Republican) Politics is a racket.”

  43. I gotta tell ya,if you come to Ioway and you don’t have your picture taken wearing a John Deere farmer hat,people are gonna know right away you are a durned furriner and won’t take you seriously. If you think not kissing the Pope’s hand is blasphemous,try to sneak through Iowa without giving John Deere a nod.

  44. Cassie Jeep says:

    I’m have a lot of fun over at HP over this little ditty.

    You’ll know me over there as AslanRules.

    Join in!

    • Cassie Jeep says:


      I’m loving the poll results!

    • dowl says:

      Thanks Cassie Jeep, I did go over and post. The comments are interesting. Good on you for your responses. Despite Arianna, IMO, we should continue to post on Huffpost. If not, the intellectual curious do not hear from us; and more crap is cited as the ‘opinion of the people’ and/or ‘what real people are saying.’

  45. Sure would like to get me some Iowa passion,but then I’m kinda selfish that way.

  46. karen marie says:

    Also, too, let her keep pimping the Tea Party. It may be a popular group with Fox executives but not so much the American public.

    Anybody starting a pool on how soon after Palin announces she’s not running that we find out Willow is pregnant?

  47. karen marie says:

    On the question of whether I want Palin to run, I voted yes! I think it will be hilarious to see her drag the GOP farther down the rabbit hole.

  48. ibwilliamsi says:

    My knee jerk reaction is to say “Run, Sarah, Run!” because I want to see her publicly humiliated for everything she has done bring the USA down. But my intelligent thought is that she would be such a distraction that it would give the eventual nominee a big boost of “Thank GOD we didn’t end up with Sarah Palin! I could live with Rick Perry…”

    She won’t run, and I don’t want her to.

    • dowl says:

      Why could you live with Rick Perry? Am I missing something importantly positive about him?

      • I might be wrong, but I think ibwilliamsi was being sarcastic – that people would be so happy to not have Sarah that it would make Perry look like a plausible choice. I, however, couldn’t stomach either of them. But then the only repub candidate that has any of my respect at the moment is Huntsman – and he doesn’t stand a chance with the TPers.

  49. I don’t think she knows what she wants to do and NO, I don’t want her to run – for anything, unless it’s out in front of that bear at the end of the video.

    Surely there must be some people in Iowa who don’t like her? Obviously, they wouldn’t show them on Sarah PAC, but please tell me not everyone there is nuts.

    • nswfm says:

      She went there to the IA State Fair because there were a bunch of reporters covering Bachmann. The morons asked her if she was running and then interviewed the attendees. From the footage, they did a careful edit of the news footage to sound like people gave a sh:t about her and want her to run. VERY careful editing. Cheap-o commercial of the fawning media and pitiful, uneducated people.

    • Irishgirl says:

      An Alaskan woman called her a sellout – they didn’t show that!

  50. Frznturd says:

    Oh yes indeedy I want her to run! She will not withstand the scrutiny and ALL will be exposed. It will be painful but only for a little bit and then we will be Palin free.

  51. Zyxomma says:

    Why does this little film of the Iowa state fair remind me of South Africa during Apartheid? Could it be because the Japanese, for purposes of admission to the country, were classified as “honorary white people?” (And yes, I realize most of the Asians in that maybe-campaign film are not Japanese.)

    I shouldn’t have watched that after dinner. I’m doing deep breathing to keep my stomach from getting upset.

  52. Gramiam says:

    Looks like Sarah found her Wonder Bra! She is back to looking like a Hooter’s Granny!

  53. Art in Juneau says:

    I voted in the poll that I wanted Sarah to run. Doggone it, why just settle for a 2 ring circus with the Texan and the Minnesotan when we could have 3 with the Alaskan–before Romney comes in and climbs to the high wire? Why deprive America of salad sentences to parse and utter nonsense to humor us during such trying times? Run, Sarah, run into the big tent.

  54. UpStateSC says:

    Yes, she will run, but I don’t want her to run.

  55. slipstream says:

    Wow, is that ad carefully multiethnic or what? Who knew that every fifth person in Iowa was Asian?

    Palin will run.

    If she doesn’t run she gets no media attention, no air time, no contributions. She’s over.

    If she does run she gets the attention, the contributions, the crowds of dozens yelling her name and lining up for autographs. She will come in about fifth among Republicans. But she won’t be able to resist the chance to stay in the spotlight just a few months longer.

    • dahlia97 says:

      And if she runs and comes in fifth, she’ll probably chalk it up to the unfair media and give us all an earful about how mean they have all been to her (and her family).

    • dowl says:

      Where were the black people (just outside camera range) in the ad?

    • VernD says:

      Yep. She’ll run third party.

      • CoyoteMarti says:

        Oh please please please make that come true! She runs as third party and we’ll Goldwater the Repubs! (ok, I’m showing my age….)

        • I don’t know if I could stand the debates. My mom and my cousin, who is 10 years older than I am, argued all the time about Goldwater – he thought he was the best candidate that ever decided to run. Thankfully, most Americans were sane enough that they disagreed with him. Sadly though, the same cousin is still a staunch republican. And I’ve chosen not to discuss politics with him – he’s hopelessly lost.

    • tigerwine says:

      “Who knew that every fifth person in Iowa was Asian?”

      Too funny by far, Slipstream!!!

  56. Millie says:

    I didn’t watch the video….I’m sick of this woman. Should she run, she is in for big trouble with all the stuff that is coming out against her in September + all the stuff she has done during the past three years. What an idiot! Perry as VP and her as Pres on the ticket. Give me a laughing break!

  57. Leota2 says:

    I’m having a hard time caring. At all.

  58. merrycricket says:

    That video should come with a warning. It’s almost enough to give someone seizures. You know, like a strobe. Part of me wants that nutjob to run just so we can get all the skeletons out of her closet and she goes scurrying off back to obscurity and stays there.

  59. nswfm says:

    I so want the Babygate exposed once and for all, but do not ever want to hear her voice. Hoping she goes straight to orange jumpsuit for her tax evasion and all her other crimes, also, too.

  60. Angiemomma says:

    The last person on earth I would EVER wish to be my president is the Tundra Turd. HOWEVER, if she runs, there is little doubt in my mind that Babygate will finally be exposed for all the world to see. That alone would be reason enough to endure the pathetic, carnival spectacle that Campaign Palin would surely be!

  61. DonnaInMichigan says:

    Friday night, glass of wine, sitting here at my computer to send a couple of emails, thought I would check into mudflats…..but there isn’t enough wine in this world, that would make me watch this video.

    As to your questions:

    Do you think that Sarah Palin will run for the Presidency?? My answer is yes and no. The reason why, as long as she keeps “teasing” her fans, she keeps collecting their money. Eventually those people are going to become wise to her shennagins and the gravy train will dry up.

    Do you want Sarah Palin to run for the Presidency. Yes. She is comic relief! I want her to run, and get whipped so bad, and finally put an end to her political career, FOR GOOD..

    • Maggie says:

      Wise choice, Donna. I clicked on it and watched it, and wish I hadn’t. Now I’m heading off to bed and I’ll probably have nightmares. :-/

  62. Doodlebug says:

    I want to guarantee President Obama a second term by teaming Sarah Palin for President and Rick Perry for VP. What a pair!! They would show the distinct difference between sanity and insanity. I really think she might just be keeping her name out there though, because she intends to run for senate, probably in Arizona. I don’t believe she would ever unseat any senator from Alaska or even Don Young. A quitter is a quitter. I think she has seen how hard it might be to be president and how easy it appears to be a Senator. Plus she still has that contract with FOX……

    • Gramiam says:

      The only Senate seat available in Arizona is Jon Kyl’s for 2012. Once he tries to screw over all us Disabled and Retired folks from his seat in the Super Congress, Republicans will be lucky to avoid lynching here in Arizona!

    • Won’t happen. Neither one of them want second place – their egos are too big and they both think that God has told them they should be in the top position.

      I can’t decide which of them is worse. Or maybe they are both the same. In any case, I don’t want either one even as close to President as a nominee. Be careful what you wish for – and remember that we got landed with “W” for a second term, something I never thought would happen.

    • dowl says:

      Ms. Todd Palin, the 2nd (or third?) place runner up GOTP quasi-candidate will only run IF someone (Rupert? Ailes? Kochs? any of ’em, all of ’em) guarantees that the presidential run for POTUS is filmed and shown as the ultimate, real-time reality entry: ‘The Sarah (qwitherlyin’) Show. AND that’s the truth!

    • WinBeach says:

      Me too. Guaranteeing a sane, educated and moderate president means ensuring the likes of SP should run on the R ticket. But the American public seems to be getting dumber and dumber so I’m not putting bets on anything any more.

      I know for sure she won’t run as she doesn’t have the thick skin nor the staying power for it–we all know that.

      • Bebban says:

        Sometime prior to 1980 the right wing conservative religious types adopted a strategy to take over America. Phase One was to get their representatives elected to local school boards. Not only was this a reasonably easy and relatively cheap way to get their foot in the political door, but it put them into place to have a huge impact on the future of public life. The dumbing-down of America has been done on purpose.

  63. AKPetMom says:

    Too much baggage says she won’t. BUT, if she does I can’t wait to see the skeletons falling out of her closet. There are many skeletons that journalists and authors have been too timid to touch but if she runs, it all becomes fair game. That will be good theatre.

  64. Dee says:

    God,when will it end?

  65. DuckDriver says:

    I just watched that video and now I’m reaching for my Pepto Bismol.


  66. MW That One..... says:

    she’s not, and I don’t.

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