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November 22, 2017

Open Thread – What are they Flushing in Fairbanks?

This sign in a Fairbanks restaurant lavatory indicates an apparent epidemic of the deliberate flushing of car keys, computer equipment, and what appears to be a power drill. (?)

[h/t Mudflatter PottyHumor]



89 Responses to “Open Thread – What are they Flushing in Fairbanks?”
  1. flex gunship pailn says:

    buy a big tub of icecream when the power goes out you will have to eat it all before its melts .

  2. Irishgirl says:

    Good luck!! Stay safe.

  3. Zyxomma says:

    To all mudpups who may be in Irene’s path (that includes me):

    Is your go-bag packed? Do you have a manual can opener? Do you have rain gear in case you’re caught in the storm? Have you stockpiled some drinking water? Do you have a means to cook if the gas and electricity aren’t working? Do you have cold packs in the freezer? (These can go into a picnic chest for perishables. If you leave food in the fridge, open it as infrequently as possible, and close it right away.) If you use a battery flashlight, are the batteries fresh? Do you have spares? (I have two wind-up LED flashlights; a large one with five lights for home, and a small 2-LED one in my handbag). If you drive, do you have a full tank of gas? Do you have cash (in case the power’s out and the ATM isn’t working)? Have you charged the battery on your mobile phone and computer? Do you have the means to protect yourself if there’s looting?

    OK, who’s coming over?

    • Zyxomma says:

      I left out the battery operated radio. I knew I’d forget something!

      • thatcrowwoman says:

        Great list, Zyxomma!

        That go-bag is so important, folks.
        Be sure you have your driver’s license/ID/passport, and any Important Papers.
        Spare glasses/contact lenses.
        Emergency contact numbers.

      • BearWoman says:

        They make wind up radios just like the flash lights. They work no matter what!

        Also, get extra amounts of dry pet food and load in your crate in your vehicle if evacuating for cats and dogs. Many shelters do not allow pets inside.

        Also, if you have a camp stove, stock up on some fuel. You can at least boil water that way and have a hot meal.

        If you don’t evacuate, fill the bathtub with water. It may not be the best for drinking, but at least you have some for sponge baths, dishes, flushing, etc.

        Get duct tape — you can hold cracked windows together with it, and it is great for many types of repairs.

        Charge the cell phones and use infrequently until electricity returns. Make sure you have the cell charger that plugs in your car too!

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      Prescriptions filled.

      First aid kit.

      A book, a deck of cards, crayons/color pencils/ markers and some paper… non-electronic diversions.

      We were grateful for baby wipes after Hurricane Ivan.
      If you can’t bathe for multiple days, those baby wipes can be very restorative, believe you me.

      Good call on chain saw fuel, Dagian; and a spare chain or two…

      Hunker down, folks.
      *sending sheltering thoughts and prayers*

      • benlomond2 says:

        oh, man… you guys take all the fun out Nature’s Fury !! went thru a number of ‘canes in Fla ( jacksonville area) a week or two off from school, we had an artisan well, so no worries about water( you get used to the sulfer smell), white gas lanterns and stove, surfing into the front yard as the river rose up from the storm surge.. the bummer part was pulling all the planks off the docks so the pilings wouldn’t pull out, and then putting them back on…

      • Zyxomma says:

        If you’re hunkering down at home during Irene’s visit, know where your candles are, and teach everyone in the house/apartment how to use them safely.

        Insulin should be kept cold, so use those cold packs in an insulated container. If the power goes out, when the fridge starts warming, move the insulin into the freezer. Have extra syringes on hand. That covers the diabetics. Make sure to have a glucose tester in the go-bag, too.

        Keep an extra inhaler on hand for the asthmatics. If you have to evacuate, it can be very stressful, and stress triggers attacks.

        Keep your sense of humor handy at all times.

    • leenie17 says:

      I’m well out of the storm’s path, but I do live in snow country and it’s a good reminder that winter is coming all too soon.

      It’s time to start thinking about my own snowstorm emergency supplies and your list is a good place to start.

      • Zyxomma says:

        I realized after I finished the list that I’d left out the duct tape. I knew with all the Alaskans here, that someone would fill in. I forgot about prescription drugs because I don’t take any! Tomorrow, I have an appointment in Brooklyn (only two subway stops away, and the subway is eight blocks and two avenues from home). On my way, I’m purchasing a wind-up radio. I have a battery-operated radio, but it’s heavy and uses D batteries. The wind-up makes far more sense, and the store selling it is on the way to the train.

        I remember as a child in NJ (why did we ever leave Brooklyn?!) watching the little above-ground pool in the backyard blowing away in a hurricane. It left a perfect circle without grass, which I helped my mother plant with bulbs. Irises, calla lilies, hyacinths, and other lovelies were well worth losing the pool (which was only tall enough to sit in to get cool, not swim).

        I have plenty of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit on hand, and a sprouting bag. I also have a decent water filter. I gave away my camp stove, and don’t know if I can get another. However, I have a strong feeling we’ll get nothing but heavy rain and strong wind. Stay safe, everyone.

  4. Dagian says:

    Well, at least no one put up a (used) tampon or pad graphic. I hope.

    Okay–for MY little local emerging emergency (Hurricane Irene) I found these bon mots on The Washington Post:

    “Utah Sen. Mike Lee announced FEMA is UNCONSTITUTIONAL then he flip-flopped when Utah had a flood and needed FEMA’s MONEY!

    Eric Cantor demanded before Joplin MO. could receive FEMA aid Social Security had to be cut to pay for the aid.”


    I’m using oil-based paint to put my phone number UNDER my horses’ manes, stalling as many as I can, moving the truck & trailer away from the trees that are probably aiming for them, bringing in everything that may blow away and going to pointedly ignore the tractor repair people who want my money and to return it to me. I would prefer they keep it in THEIR shop until this blows over!

    And yes, I’ll be filling up the 100 gallon water troughs and stockpiling water within the house, too. I’m sending Darling out for canned food stuffs and fuel for the chain saws.

    I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything…

    • leenie17 says:

      As someone who lived through several hurricanes on Long Island, that’s one of the things I definitely DON’T miss about living near the coast.

      Stay safe, Dagian, and all the other mudpups in the path of Irene.

  5. scout says:

    From Democracy Now’s “Headlines”:
    “U.S. Investigates Allegations Murdoch’s News Corp. Hacked Phones of September 11 Victims”

    “Peter Gadiel, father of 9/11 victim: “The Attorney General said he broke precedence by talking about this investigation at its outset. From everything we saw today, it certainly appears that the government is taking these allegations very seriously. Of course, personally, I find the idea that somebody would have hacked into my son’s cell phone reprehensible. I certainly hope that the individuals responsible are found and prosecuted.””

    Justice please, for the empire of fear and hate media: Rupert Murdoch, and his minions. also. too. there.

  6. scout says:

    “Millionaire Owner Of H&R Block Wants To Pay His Fair Share To America”
    Henry Block “The #1 guy in the tax business calls Republicans’ bluff.” Video interview (on Fox!?):
    “The wealthy have a debt to this country and they can afford to pay it, and they should.”

  7. leenie17 says:

    It’s so frustrating to have to depend on the advice of professionals in a field that you know very little about, especially when those professionals are trying really hard to convince you to hire them!

    I have been doing the estimate dance for the past few days with several contractors. I need siding put on my house and my flat garage roof repaired so my kitchen ceiling doesn’t pee on the floor every time it rains hard. I’ve had four different companies come to look at the work and have received estimates from 2 so far (the others are sending me formal proposals by email). The one estimate for the roof I got on Monday was for $3,500 (gulp!) and the one I got this morning was for $240 (huh?). I actually climbed up on the roof this morning with the second roofer and, after looking around, suspect that the patch job he described today would probably last a couple of years before it would start leaking again. However, the extensive job Monday’s contractor described seemed a little beyond what I need.

    I’m hoping the other two estimates are somewhere in between but I don’t which of them to trust, even though I’ve gotten personal recommendations from neighbors and friends for three of them.


    • Bear Woman says:

      Make sure they are properly licensed in your state and see how many complaints they have received or had adjudicated against them with the licensing board. Also get references and talk to other people they have done similar jobs for in your area or nearby counties. Check out and see if they have had lawsuits filed against them in your community/county and those nearby and see how many lawsuits or liens they have filed. If they have just recently come to your area, find out why and where they used to operate and investigate! This will at least tell you if you are dealing with a scrupulous company or not.

      Last piece of advice, make sure the contract is in writing with very clear terms of what will be done at what price. If it is just “repair/replace roof” you may not get what you are expecting. Also, ask if they provide a guarantee of their work, how long, etc. and get it in writing.

      Sorry, just have much experience working for attorneys who specialized in construction law and dealt with issues from the homeowner through developer and all in between.

    • 1smartcanerican™ says:

      Also, check them out in Angie’s List if you have this service where you are – I found it helpful when I was getting stuff done on my home a few years back.

  8. leenie17 says:

    During a nasty thunderstorm late last night, I was huddled in my favorite storm-escaping spot in my middle hallway (no windows!). Propped up against the wall with pillows, a flashlight, a battery clock and my earmuffs (to muffle the sound of the thunder…I REALLY hate thunderstorms!), I had my newest copy of Alaska magazine to peruse while I waited for the storm to pass.

    What a delightful surprise it was to find the jewel of the Rochester area, Wegmans grocery stores, listed as a source of Alaskan food products!

  9. Alaska Pi says:

    Whatever is right about reminding folks to have a disaster preparedness plan and cache is simply undone by the idiocy of his later remarks :
    “Earlier this year, in announcing he wanted to focus greater attention on readiness, Parnell told key staff that he wanted Alaska to be prepared not only for natural disasters but also for unemployment and “civil unrest” in the Lower 48 “that could lead to an influx here.”

    He said Wednesday that unrest could include dissatisfaction in urban areas. He said he hasn’t heard of any such issues so far. ”

    You betcha, Cap’n. What in the world kind of influx are you worrying about?
    The usual “influx” is handfuls of libertarian-y types looking for a place to be liberated in.
    You worrying about poor people, especially POC, who can’t even get the bucks together to get out of the crappy decaying communities they are already stuck in?
    People who have exhausted their unemployment and lost their homes are gonna whip out their passports and drive through Canada to an equally, if not more, uncertain chance for jobs?
    Or fork over tons of bucks on airfare to go somewhere they have no contacts?
    Is this some dingbat way of making oil exploration and mine permitting part of disaster preparedness?

    I can see it now.
    ‘We’ve cached jobs and opportunties if we get hit by an influx ”

  10. OMG says:

    Beck leaves less than a wonderful impression in Israel after his sparsely attended rally:

    Gee, I wonder if Palin still wants to pall around with this guy since she has such a self-proclaimed love of Israel.

  11. leenie17 says:

    This is truly creepy.

    When Gadhafi’s compound was raided, one of the treasures they found was a photo album, full of pictures of…Condoleezza Rice.

    She had visited him in 2008 and had dinner with him. It seems as if he may have developed a little dictator-crush on her and started collecting photos.

    “In a 2007 interview with al-Jazeera television, Gadhafi spoke of Rice in glowing terms. “I support my darling black African woman,” he said. “I admire and am very proud of the way she leans back and gives orders to the Arab leaders … Leezza, Leezza, Leezza. … I love her very much. I admire her and I’m proud of her because she’s a black woman of African origin.” ”

    Eeewwwww! Bet she’ll be having some pretty scary nightmares for the forseeable future!

  12. thatcrowwoman says:

    A lovely Moment of Zen to share,
    ’cause “…nobody ever had the rainbow, baby, until he had the rain.”
    and also, too,

    Tomorrow’s Gonna Be A Brighter Day.

    With love from Ethiopia and NASA
    and Jim Croce
    and thatcrowwoman, also, too.

    May our little lights shine.

  13. Laurainnorcal says:

    oh dear, I am so sad, I don’t know where else to go. Steve the wonder, just turned it in. My heart is in my throat. I love this garage man.


    definitely cheeky, that one. : )

    • russellsq says:

      We irish boys wearing kilts are never cheeky, part of our charm is our love of life, beauty, guinness, and trying to make the world a bit more kind. We also raise a bit of hell when we can! slainte’ to all

  15. psminidivapa says:

    Just remembering, the last time some of you saw spouse and self he was wearing a kilt and being cheeky w/Irishgirl and Bubbles!

  16. psminidivapa says:

    Still looking for a smile? Here’re videos of spouse and my trip to Thailand this summer with students. The second one is my favorite. We were in Thailand for 2 weeks teaching English in schools, helping villagers in an elephant village (I got to take care of a 6 month old elephant – 500 pounds of toddler fun!!), planting rice, and learning about the Thai culture and religion. This was not a “religious mission” trip, but a trip to teach young people that there is a whole world out there that deserves our attention.

    ACIS Group -2011-1/2

    ACIS Group -2011-2/2

  17. Baker's Dozen says:

    I don’t know what they’re flushing in Fairbanks, but I DO know what they’re watering in Bangladesh!!

  18. lacy lady says:

    Opps=====should have typed 100—-not 10

  19. lacy lady says:

    Here are the top 10 list of women on Forbes list wealth/power

    • leenie17 says:

      Saw that. Palin must haz a sad. She’s only 34.

      Bachmann’s 22, Janet Napolitano is 15, Kathleen Sebelius is 13 and…(tee, hee, hee)…Michelle Obama is NUMBER EIGHT!!!

      I think we can expect at least three more dents in the fridge tonight!

    • fishingmamma says:

      Did you notice who is NOT on the list? Here are two – Ginny Thomas. Ann Coulter.

  20. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    The marine tour company I worked for in a previous life had their own version to announce, which always brought on nervous giggles:

    “Please do not put anything into the marine toilets which has not been eaten first!”

    But therefore, one would have to eat the toilet paper to follow the letter of the law on the boats. It’s an icebreaker, though – intentionally so. It’s hard to get people to talk/think about such things in groups so sometimes you have to be a bit crafty. One of my favorite tools was a book called “How to Shit In the Woods” which I took on multi-day canoe and kayak trips. Hee hee! Next thing you know, it becomes a campfire discussion with lots of laughing. Such things cannot be responsibly ignored when camping in the wilderness.

    Love that sign!

  21. Labelle says:

    My little sister used to like how the water tickled her feet when she stood in the toilet and flushed.
    She grew out of it though 🙂

  22. lacy lady says:

    As for taxing the rich—-How about taxing Donald Trump. He has a big mouth and always bragging about how smart and rich he is. Just found this on the internet. Don’t know why he needs a plane like this to haul his A…..around.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I notice from the ground it looks like it says “Tromp” on it. You’d think with his money, he could have spent a couple hundred to have someone figure out the angles and so on so you could read it properly. Which just goes to show that you don’t have to be smart to have or spend money.

  23. fishingmamma says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I needed a break from bad news today. Here you all go:

  24. carol says:

    IF fracking is responsible for the earthquake, it won’t be the end of fracking. Wonder if there is a connection to the Colorado earthquake? Fracking has fouled the water table in some areas – still fracking going on. Leenie17 is correct about technologies. “It seems as though the technology for obtaining the gas through fracking has far outpaced the technology for keeping the environment safe from its hazards.”
    We need to do more in solar, wind, tides, other less invasive sources of power. We have to make choices; the noise from huge wind mills or fouled water? Go watch Erin Brockovich (sp) again, the part where the mother who is laden with cancer running out to get her children out of the pool is telling. Maybe we could just use less – nah, that won’t happen, until there’s less to use.

    • I’ll take the noise from the wind mills, thanks. I like my clean water. I don’t know if I could watch Erin Brockovich again – it makes me angry every time I do. And we still seemed to have not learned anything.

      I heard Bachmann talking about all the oil in the west and I assume it means the implementation of fracking to get it out. She may not care about the west coast but those of us who live here do. That’s one of the reasons to put up with the possibility of earthquakes and the amount of rain we have in the Seattle area – the beauty of it all. I doubt that fracking would be welcomed with open arms here.

    • leenie17 says:

      Now THIS is interesting.

      “The U.S. will slash its estimate of undiscovered Marcellus Shale natural gas by as much as 80 percent after a updated assessment by government geologists.”

      The U.S. Geological Survey’s new estimate is that the formation contains 84 trillion cubic feet of gas. Nine years ago, the Energy Department estimated that there was 410 trillion cubic feet. Hmmm…nine years ago, Energy Department…and WHO was President back then??? And didn’t he have some VERY close ties to the oil and gas industry?

      Not that I’m suggesting a conspiracy or anything!

  25. leenie17 says:

    There is much controversy in the northeast these days regarding the rapid expansion of hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. There has even been some speculation that fracking may have been connected to the earthquake that shook the east coast yesterday.

    Geothermal drilling has already set off an earthquake in Switzerland, and several formerly seismically quiet locations in Arkansas, West Virginia and Texas have experienced many small earthquakes since natural gas fracking has been introduced. While the connection of fracking to seismic events is questionable, there are many other dangers related to the process of fracking that should concern anyone in areas in which this activity is being done.

    This is a very interesting video done by a British crew regarding the dangers of fracking, something which is apparently being considered in England as well.

    It seems as though the technology for obtaining the gas through fracking has far outpaced the technology for keeping the environment safe from its hazards.

    • Well, if it does turn out that fracking is responsble for the earthquake, it will be the end of fracking. But there may be a lot more damage before they make that determination. I was just watching a story on MSNBC about all the oil boom in North Dakota – due to the use of fracking. At the moment they see no problem and they aren’t interested in considering that it might cause problems. Wonder if North Dakota will be the next to have earthquakes.

    • Kat says:

      There must be truth to the concerns on fracking. BP is airing hundreds of ads every day here in HI praising this new technology of extracting gas & how safe & wonderful it is for the country. When they speak, assume the opposite!

      Can’t tell between the ads from BP & ads for the Xtian singles network which also airs hundreds of times daily on every channel, who’s spending the most to appeal to their suckers. My fingers are quick to hit the mute button.

  26. Zyxomma says:

    Among the uber-wealthy in our country, only Warren Buffett (thus far, I’ll be fair) has stepped up to declare that his tax rate is unreasonably low. Since most of you are not subscribers to Women’s Wear Daily, I’m posting this short article in its entirety:

    “BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT: L’Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt and L’Oréal chief executive officer Jean-Paul Agon are among business figures sending an unusual message to the French government: Tax us more, please. A petition to be published in this week’s Nouvel Observateur, and previewed on its Web site Tuesday, calls for Nicolas Sarkozy to institute a “special contribution” from the superwealthy to ease the bulging public debt that has roiled markets. A total of 16 people signed the petition, including executives from oil giant Total, Air France and advertising group Publicis. It notes that any measure should be “reasonable” and not tempt the rich to exit France for tax havens.”

    Can any of us imagine an American oil executive signing such a petition? Could the obscenely wealthy in France be more patriotic than their American counterparts? Or do they realize that what helps one, helps all? There are other ways to look at this, of course. It could be that they remember their history, and what happened to the aristocracy during the Revolution.

    • beth says:

      Didn’t Bill Gates come out and say he thought he should have higher taxes, too? (This taxation being above and beyond their ‘getting rid of’ — via their incredible Foundations — the vast wealth he and Melinda have accumulated. I believe he said he wanted to leave his children ‘comfortable’, but not wealthy.) beth.

  27. Laurainnorcal says:

    Love today’s – mountebank – an unscrupulous pretender, quack. Mmmmm.

  28. Bebban says:

    The image does sort of look like a power drill, but it could just as easily be an anvil.

  29. benlomond2 says:

    Isn’t this the week that the Tea Party Cruise arrives in Alaska????
    There will be more than the normal “load” for Alaska sanitation systems…..

  30. fishingmamma says:

    scatological humor?

  31. My favorite non-flushible list was over at camp on an island nearby. It’s an old camp so the septic system was too. Added to the usual list was “Do not flush rats”. Ew.

    It’s like the warning labels – the reason something is included is because someone did it. 😉

  32. GoI3ig says:

    I was expecting a story about our GOP led legislators on the junket to Hawaii. Anyone from Alaska knows that trip was attended by the who’s who of right wing nuts.

    So much for fiscal conservatives. Steadman is a riot. He says it was a mistake that the state paid $900 per night for his hotel room when he thought it was only going to be $700 per night. What the heck is he talking about? $700 a night for a hotel is insane. You can get a nice room in most cities for under $200. You can get a decent room in the Manhattan for just over $300.

    His arrogance knows no bounds. He is defiant that the tax payers pick up the tab because of an internal office mistake.

    The fleecing doesn’t stop there. Lesil “get smashed on a plane” McGuire going to Greece on a state junket is beyond reproach.

    Fear not oh conservative coalition. The dimwits who put you there, will let you return. Just beat your drums against gay marriage, and abortion and the voters forgive all.

  33. Sister A says:

    Lani, you crack me up!

  34. LaniN says:

    If you can only put toilet paper in the toilet, doesn’t that prevent using the toilet as, well, a toilet?

    • Ha ha ha – took me a minute…

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Lani 🙂 !!! Wonderful way to start the day!
      The issue ( in the language I was trained to use in the days I was a repair plumber ) is that these kinds of items “interfere with the flow of approved solids through the system and often cause unpleasant , unsanitary conditions beyond the confines of the entry receptacle ”
      In one shop I had a whole windowsill full of retrieved ( and disinfected ) un-approved solids :
      toothbrushes, combs, pens, pencils, flattened beer and soda cans, broken glass from whisky bottles, car keys, large hair clips, big rocks, small toy trucks…
      Of course, other unapproved solids like apples, oranges, paper towels were not displayable but are quite common as is jewelry people want back.
      Am assuming cell phones and similar small electronic items are common now but the power drill floored me.
      What kind of potties does Fairbanks have that a power drill might actually make it beyond the bowl?!

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