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May 22, 2018

Open Thread – The Twins Occupy!


I got this great photo from Mudflatter PH, in the Valley!

The Twins Occupy Casa Grande

The twins turned 86 in April. I know them as Mom and Aunt Lena. With assistance from my brother, they made a whole bunch of signs and set out to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, and to protest the fact that the Senate failed to pass the Jobs Bill.

They happily waved signs for hours in this town 40 miles south of Phoenix, despite the 95 degree weather.

They reported a lot of enthusiastic honks and waves especially after 5:00pm and went home at about 6:00 pm.

[send your Occupy photos to akmuckraker(at)yahoo(dot)com]



77 Responses to “Open Thread – The Twins Occupy!”
  1. Priscilla Horner says:

    Sorry – I did not send the URL like I intended to. Here it is.

  2. Priscilla Horner says:

    Mom and Aunt Lena soldier on.

    Here is another photo and a story in the Tri-Valley Central paper that covers this Occupy Casa Grande event.

    They are getting a lot of response from fire trucks and the border patrol too. Aunt Lena said one fire truck circled the block to come back a second time. I thought that was great.

    The paper had a short slide show which includes Occupy the Tundra too.

  3. Lani says:

    Mudpup Jr is just back from Occupy Kauai, for which only 6 had signed up. Imagine his surprise when 150 to 200 arrived! There was a very friendly police presence, most expressing their agreement with the movement. Our population is under 70,000, so this turnout is considered to be huge by local standards!

  4. Mag the Mick says:

    I lived in Casa Grande back when it was just a cotton gin town. That’s where I started my social work career, back in 1974, back before most of you children were born or even thought of. I know exactly where this photo was taken, and wish I could’ve sat there with them. They make me proud!

  5. Moose Pucky says:

    Aww. The best of Arizona. What an inspiration.

    Moose Pucky noticed some “occupiers” around the slough today (and joined them). We had a whole forest full of creatures chatting and civilly agreeing and disagreeing on this and that.

  6. mike from iowa says:

    AP is reporting that the United States has dropped a proposal to keep troops in Iraq after Dec. 31 and will withdraw all troops from Iraq in January. Keep your fingers crossed. Capitalism is the rwnj preferred choice-the rich get fabulously wealthier and the rest,not so much. Socialism is the program rwnj like to use to their advantage and then deny to everyone else.Capitalism is more demand and supply-the wealthy demand more,right wingers supply it. Socialism wants to treat eveyone the same,which isn’t fair to the wealthy because they want it all.

  7. benlomond2 says:

    definitions for the two words.. the socialism is easier to read and understand than the capitialism one… it goes into the American evolution of Capitialism– which makes gets me fired up because of the Southern Pacific RR decision by the Supreme Court..

    I would use two competing lemonade stands on the street to describe Capitiaism.. with Supply and Demand .. the cheaper one gets the volume business, but the better quality also gets some sales also.. use the Alaska oil pay out to demo Socialism… all alaskans “own” their state’s resources, so they all get a portion of the profit that the oink… I mean ..oil…. companies make…Capitialism supporting socialism…

  8. Ellie says:

    A couple weeks ago, my son and I were reading here and he asked me to define socialism. I have read the definition, and looked up a couple articles that basically made my eyes glaze over by the second paragraph. I can’t really see how it works. Anyway, I said I would post and ask, and then I didn’t. (The hushpup is strong in me.) A couple of days ago, he totally busted me, asking again. So, I was hoping you good people could help me out. Could you help me describe socialism (and capitalism) to my 11-year-old?

    • Mo says:

      Ellie –

      Capitalism and socialism aren’t opposites. You could view it as Who Makes and Controls the Loot. Capitalism generates production and income. As to who gets to do the producing, and who gets to keep the income, that’s where socialism comes in. For instance, it would be socialism to have a state-controlled economic enterprise such as Amtrak. It would be socialism to have private corporations control an enterprise, but the public receive a share of the income – such as the Alaska Permanent Fund.

      So it’s more a matter of where you set the dial – do private producers get to use public lands, resources, and taxpayer-built infrastructure and then keep all the profits to themselves? If not, how much of a share does the public get, and how is it distributed – direct dividends, a free education system, public parks and cultural institutions, sports stadiums, roads, harbors, airports, etc. etc. etc. Or, looked at from another angle, for what economic enterprises is it more efficient for the government to own the show, rather than private enterprise? For example, toll roads would be private enterprise, and interstate highway system would be socialist.

  9. OMG says:

    While cruising around The Onion, I came across this funny little gem that explained what a Palin presidency would have looked like. Enjoy:,18885/

  10. OMG says:

    Very funny from The Onion:

  11. auni says:

    That picture has to get to some of the shows like Letterman and Stewart. They would go to town on it!!!!!

  12. auni says:

    Mike–that was funny. I saw the Perry women whining about their brutal treatment. That bit of news will circulate around the right wing folks as a story showing how “real Christians” are mistreated by the media. Truth is, they haven’t understood that there are actual campaign rules in the rest of the US–even though they don’t seem to have them in Texas. If you want to talk brutal treatment, look at what our President has faced. She also has talked about how much people appreciate having the minimum wage jobs in Texas. I saw the joke, “Lord yes, I love those low paying jobs in Texas, matter of fact, I have 3 of them”.

    • mike from iowa says:

      James o’keefe was hanging out with the Wall Street occupiers(not as an invited guest) and tells Fake Noise he has a video in the works,which I;m sure will be edited to show libs throwing shoes at Bush in Iraq,libs trying to assassinate Raygun and libs starting the Civil War. I can hardly wait for the right’s reaction to O’keefe’s edited mess.

  13. beth. says:

    So, by Anita’s ‘logic’, Biden should be Furious with Obama! After all, it is solely because of Obama that Joe no longer holds the seat as US Senator from the state of Delaware, no?

    I wonder how long it’ll be before Dr. Jill Biden ‘sees the Anita Perry light’ and starts telling the world (via soundbites from speeches) how dastardly is the G-dless Obama administration — having forced her poor husband, Joe, to lose his former job, and all… beth.

  14. Bob Benner says:

    I’m outraged that the Senate didn’t pass Obama’s job bill…They have a majority of Democrat Senators and they won’t give Obama what he is now asking for… This is really making Obama and his Democrat Senators look bad that they can’t work together to get something so important (to Obama) passed…

    The majority wanted it. But now, with the current GOP crop, it takes 60 votes to pass anything instead of the 51 envisioned by the founding fathers. So, until there are 60 DemocratIC senators, I fear we are dysfunctional. AKM

    • Bob Benner says:

      Actually, only 50 Senators voted for it… That’s not the majority the founding fathers envisioned…

      I wonder how the tie-breaking Vice President, Joe Biden would have settled that? AKM

      • benlomond2 says:

        I’m thinking the Senate should have the dissenters PERFORM the actual filibuster, instead of allowing the 60 vote rule to supposedly save them the effort…it would REALLY hi-light to the American People just what the h@#$ is going on in the Senate by the Republicans… I don’t think McConnell could last more than 2 or three hours jawing away,,, his jowls would beat his face black and blue from talking that long…

      • Bob Benner says:

        Well, as more of the DemocratIC’s lose their Senate seats in the next election, I will enjoy watching you fight for the higher cause if the Republican’s can only generate a 50 to 59 vote.. I’m sure you’ll still be outraged that the founding fathers intents aren’t being recognized…

        Democrats is a plural noun. Democratic is an adjective. So, it would be the Democratic party, Democratic votes, etc., but the individuals who make up that party are Democrats. Your scenario would be just as ludicrous as me taking the side of a Republican to get a hand count for ballots in the state, or calling out corrupt Democrats in the state legislature for bad behavior. I would never do that…. Oh, wait… AKM

        • AKMuckraker says:

          And by the way, you do not need an apostrophe to make Democrats or Republicans plural. That’s one thing they have in common. 🙂

        • mike from iowa says:

          Sounds like someone was born with a toothache and enjoys feeling miserable so much,he is more than willing to share. I can see rethugs in the Senate pulling a 50-59 vote,even though there are only 100 senators plus a veep for tie breaking purposes. Maybe a remedial math course might be in order. What say you,Bob?

        • Bob Benner says:

          The use of a noun as a modifier of another noun is not grammatically incorrect in modern English in the formation of a compound noun. For example, Senate election, Peace movement, Iraq War… not Senator election, Peaceful movement, Iraqi war… As far as apostrophes go, I will be happy to take full responsibility for my crossed T’s and dotted I’s if you update your site to allow posters to edit their posts… Of course, since all my posts are put in time out before they are allowed to see the light of day, I can’t guarantee I will be able to perform the edits in a timely matter.. Finally, it is common knowledge that complaining about grammatical errors in opinion blogs occurs when the complainer can’t find anything else to complain about in the actual ideas being presented…

          I believe when a political party names themselves, and the name is altered so as to insult that party, and an individual whom I assume knows better uses the insulting version, it’s pretty clear that a mutual dialog isn’t really the primary objective. It is also common knowledge that name calling on opinion blogs with which you disagree has the effect of people not listening to what you have to say, and doubting your intention for honest dialog. I find plenty of what you say to be objectionable, aside from your grammar. For instance, you were addressing my integrity. And I addressed it back with two concrete examples of supporting a Republican, and condemning a Democrat. Your grammar/insult was secondary. I shan’t do it again, unless you instigate with insults. If you have a point to make, don’t dilute it. AKM

  15. mike from iowa says:

    Where in the world are the local police? If those two,extremely obvious,violent lawbreaking libtards aren’t pepper-sprayed immediately,a real demonstration might break out and you know that will lead to chants and dancing and people holding hands and singing Kum-ba-ya and pretty soon the whole world will join in and want a koch and then we got real problems. Beat them mercilessly until they see the error of their ways. The constitution doesn’t allow for people to peaceably assemble,and if it does, it shouldn’t. Lets get them fogies out of sight before the media gets ahold of this and makes them out to be harmless American Patriots doing their Patriotic duty.

    • leenie17 says:

      Clearly, since they are dressed alike, there must be some kind of heinous fraud being committed that must be punished immediately!

      And who knows what dangers they may have hidden in the tires of their wheelchairs!

      Alert the SWAT teams stat!

  16. fairbanksan says:

    Occupy Fairbanks “March”, today, Saturday, at noon. Walk from Airport and Cushman to the courthouse and back. Occupy Fairbanks Facebook has a good “letter from an occupier” responding to various concerns about this movement. Should be “warm” weather for this walk! Son, Daughter, Daughter’s husband and I plan on going, walking, and singing with the Fairbanks Peace Choir which hopes to lead some songs.

    Take pictures and send to akmuckraker(at)yahoo(dot)com! Have fun with the occupation! AKM

  17. leenie17 says:

    Yesterday we brought our 13 deaf/hard of hearing kiddos to compete in an adapted sports event that we attend each year on a college campus about 40 miles west of our school. One of my students transferred into our school in the middle of last year so he had never been to the event before. He’s in 6th grade, and it’s highly likely he won’t go again once he hits middle school, so this was probably his first and last time to compete.

    I was able to choose him as one of the participants who carried the torch in the Opening Ceremonies. He was just SOOO excited to have been chosen for that honor and I was so proud of him as he marched up to the stage, carefully carrying the torch with another of the athletes.

    The kids I work with have so many challenges in their lives that they have to deal with every single day. In addition to their hearing losses, many of them also have other disabilities and family issues that make their lives extra difficult. It always thrills me to be able to give them an opportunity to do something special and have recognition for what they CAN do instead of what they CAN’T do.

    It may have been cold and rainy, and I may have been still sick from my upper respiratory assault, but it was a Very Good Day for me and my kiddos! 🙂

    • ks sunflower says:

      Thank you for your service and sensitivity to special needs children. You are the kind of person we all hope for to interface with our children. Your community is so fortunate to have you active in its midst. May blessings surround you and yours.

      Here’s hoping you overcome that respiratory problem Take care of yourself. So many people need and respect you!

      • leenie17 says:

        Thanks, ks sunflower! I’ll never be rich, but I get lots and lots of warm fuzzies from my job! On Wednesday, we went on a field trip where I got to see some of my former students who are now in middle and high school. It means a lot when they come over and hug me, even though it’s not exactly the ‘cool’ thing to do!

        Sometimes in education we get so wrapped up in the day to day petty stuff that we forget what an enormous impact, either good or bad, we can have on our students. It’s a good reminder to always try and be that positive influence in their lives, even when you’re tired and cranky and want to scream if you see one more bubble sheet or IEP!

  18. Zyxomma says:

    The twins are lovely and inspiring, and the photo is fun!

    Today is a global day of action for the Occupy movement. In New York City alone, there are marches and demonstrations, as well as a new idea: Occupy the Subway, starting at 6:30, after a huge gathering at 5 p.m. in Times Square. Today is also the big day for Millions Against Monsanto, which is opposing genetically modified ingredients (unlabeled in the US) in our food supply. New Yorkers are meeting in Foley Square (Chinatown).

    I just watched the tape of my morning news, which featured Occupy protests in Oakland, San Diego, Boston, and Sydney, as well as mentioning Melbourne.

    Everyone, stay safe. Health and peace.

  19. Beezer says:

    Found at Huffpo- must agree that it seems appropiate! (John Lennon always a voice for “the people)

  20. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Sean Parnell loves fetuses and hates children. All fetuses should live and children should get jobs.

  21. Gramiam says:

    Makes me proud to live in Arizona. See? Not everybody here is crazy.

  22. Man_from_Unk says:

    It takes all of us pulling together to get our country back in order. Thank you twins from Casa Grande for helping out.

  23. OMG says:

    Interesting from FrumForum: While the GOP argues that corporate America is reacting to the uncertainty, in their words, created by the WH, in reality it is the GOP’s fight on national debt that has created most of the uncertainty:

    • tigerwine says:

      Interesting, Ben! Thanks for posting the link!

    • The trouble is that will likely never come out in the debates. It’s too complicated for someone to explain it in a few sentences, except to say that it sounds good but it isn’t working as planned. Thanks for the informative link – very interesting.

      • benlomond2 says:

        yeah.. I know… They’re not really debates… just 30 sec sound bites that all say, “Vote for me, and I’ll put a chicken in every pot , and a car in every driveway…. just TRUST ME”….

    • mike from iowa says:

      I remember back in the 80’s we had a korporate retirement system,rife with billions of dollars of cash for retirees and somehow Raygun got the law changed where korporations were entitled to all the set aside cash for their own use,and replaced it with korporate stocks of dubious value. Alot of retirees lost their cash retirements and had to hope stocks went up,which alot of them didn’t. And I don’t believe the employees were given a vote whether to keep their cash retirements or accept stocks. There is always a boogey man behind rethuglican ideas that always favor the wealthy.

  24. merrycricket says:

    Love those ladies! Getting ready to leave Cleveland and roll on down the road. I have to work tonight. 🙁 i’ll try to check in to let you all know I made it home ok.

  25. OMG says:

    This story will break your heart (NOT): Perry’s wife tells an audience how her poor banker son had to quit his job to campaign for his father! Oh the inhumanity! And it’s all Obama’s fault!

    • tigerwine says:

      From the link: (Thanks, OMG)

      “According to press reports, the Perrys’ son, Griffin, worked at Deutsche Bank.

      It was unclear what SEC regulations Perry was referring to, but the commission adopted a new rule last year aimed at limiting political activity on the part of investment advisors.”

      Isn’t it just too, too, bad that sonny HAD TO RESIGN so that he could take part in his father’s campaign. It was a decision he made, he didn’t have to lose his job.

      • ks sunflower says:

        Plus, sonny boy is married to an attorney. He has formed his own consulting firm (which I hope is not providing financial advice). I mean, seriously, Anita Perry is completely out of touch if she wants us to lament his “losing his job” or to blame President Obama for anything concerning this. What a whiner.

        Doesn’t it make you sick to think Anita Perry wants to be the First Lady? To think this whiner would follow the gracious, intelligent and compassionate Michelle is unthinkable. We have a great First Lady right now. We don’t need someone like Anita Perry disgracing us. She can take her Big Hair (and her husband, Big Hair Perry) and her heavy makeup and go back to Texas. I know I sure would not miss their presence on the national stage. Hopefully, Texans will stop re-electing them and then, they too, can experience what it is like to be unemployed (Perry has never worked in the private sector).

    • Gramiam says:

      I offered Anita some cheese to go along with her whine! No reply yet.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Oh, Goody! If Perry becomes President, we can have a First Whiner!

      We can call the family the First Entitled! Or perhaps, the First Corporation!

      We have people we call National Treasures. I think we need to officially label some “National Embarrassment.”

    • leenie17 says:

      But wait a minute! According to his Daddy, there are plenty of minimum wage jobs available in Texas so he should have no problem finding employment.

      So Anita, you say that’s not enough money for him to live on.

      But isn’t it good enough for all those other Texans???

    • Wow, I hadn’t heard the part about her poor son having to quit his job. Of course, the first thing that I thought of is that the regulation is probably there because political campaigning is some sort of conflict of interest thing in his job. Sounds reasonable.

      And after her whining about how they had been brutalized (interesting choice of words), I’d say that if Perry wasn’t already on his way back to Texas, his wife just bought his ticket and checked the bags. I cannot even imagine her as First Lady. She feels like they have been vicitmized? When a person runs for public office, they need to be able to stand up to the scruntiny that comes with it. Especially after what we all saw with SP, I think most voters will be wary of someone who plays the victim card.

      Perry apparently tried to distance himself from Jeffers, but what I heard was a pretty lame attempt. Maybe there was more.

    • beth says:

      So, by Anita’s ‘logic’, Biden should be Furious with Obama! After all, it is solely because of Obama that Joe no longer holds the seat as US Senator from the state of Delaware, no?

      I wonder how long it’ll be before Dr. Jill Biden ‘sees the Anita Perry light’ and starts telling the world (via soundbites from speeches) how dastardly is the G-dless Obama administration — having forced her poor husband, Joe, to lose his former job, and all… beth.

      (I posted this in the wrong place…down thread. It got hung up in mod due to my having input a ‘variation’ of my name in the info box. Gads, I hate it when our electricity goes out — it wipes clean any saved ‘user’ info! b.)

      • beth says:

        –I do ♥ me some mods! Among other wonderous things, they keep an eye out for me so I don’t make a Total fool of myself. Ta, mods! b.–

  26. Attagirl says:

    I love this …. You go, girls!

  27. Ripley in CT says:

    I. Love. This. Picture. It needs to get out all over the place.

  28. Irishgirl says:

    I am a twin!

  29. fishingmamma says:

    Here is my comment about Sean Parnell and his group of christian thugs:

    “It is time that Christians were judged more by their likeness to Christ than their notions of Christ. Were this sentiment generally admitted we should not see such tenacious adherence to what men deem the opinions and doctrines of Christ while at the same time in every day practise is exhibited anything but a likeness to Christ.”

    This was written by Lucretia Mott in 1849.

  30. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Oh that is a wonderful sight, what HEART the Twins show! Makes me feel proud to have been raised in AZ!

    Hey everyone, you just have to see this.

    This has GOT to be the funniest I’ve seen on Lawrence O’Donnell. Jimmy Fallon impersonating the Republican candidates was a screamer!

    Friday Funnies: the 999 plan

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