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November 25, 2017

We Won! Alaska Takes Two of the Top Ten Most Bizarre Political Ads (video)

Are we really surprised that Alaska is overrepresented in anything having to do with bizarre politics?

No, we are not.

Inspired by the very strange Herman Cain ad, in which his campaign manager, as a finale, takes a nice deep drag off a half-smoked cigarette, followed by a cutaway to an extreme closeup of Herman Cain staring in to the camera and taking a full ten seconds to finally and veeery sloooowwwly smile, the Washington Post has posted the top ten most bizarre political ads of all time.

Guess who won the top spot?

Anyone living in Alaska at the time will remember it. The gold medal went to none other than Mike Gravel, former Alaska Senator and candidate for President in 2008. Behold the majesty. In a staring contest, our guy would wipe the floor with Herman Cain. But don’t tune out half way through. Something does happen, but I don’t want to be the spoiler.

Also making a showing in the top ten was a spot from Alaska Congressional candidate Diane Benson that same year. I actually thought this one was pretty hilarious.

You can check out the others HERE.



19 Responses to “We Won! Alaska Takes Two of the Top Ten Most Bizarre Political Ads (video)”
  1. I think Diane’s is very funny and the music pretty much tells you it is meant to be. However, I don’t get the first one at all. Context??

    • blue_in_AK says:

      I loved Diane’s ad. It was so appropriate at the time, given all of the corruption in Alaska’s politics, and most specifically Don Young, whom she was opposing.

  2. Baker's Dozen says:

    Wow. They paid someone to film and then broadcast those?

    The divide in this country began with the settling of the colonies and the decisions they made at that time. The big divide has always been slavery. The North had outlawed it earlier; the South, well, later. That divide is still there. It’s still about States’ Rights. Yeah. Just what do you think their laws for women and minorities would look like?

    I wonder. If we hadn’t had the Civil War–or if the South had won and seceded, do you think they would have dropped slavery on their own by now? Would it have turned out more like South Africa–being ostracized by most other countries?

    • GoI3ig says:

      I’ve often wondered that myself. (what if the south had won)

      I’ve met plenty of people from the south who don’t seem to understand that the war is over. They are just resting up for the next battle. It’s kind of scary how popular confederate flags are in Alaska.

      • Dia says:

        Confederate flags didn’t proliferate here until the oil bidniss moved their people here from Texass, Loos-i-anna, et al; they brought their wing nuttery, religion, and pride-in-ignorance.

      • according to certain rwnj history recreation-the South is declared the victor in the Battle of Gettysburg and Thomas Jefferson will be relegated to an afterthought in early America. These are some changes I read that were going to be installed in future history books for schools.

    • bubbles says:


  3. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Wow, I’m left speechless! Everyone be SURE to watch the others at the link AKM posted. All are very bizarre.

  4. slipstream says:

    Vote for slipstream for senator! I will throw TWO rocks into water.

  5. Forcing Nixon to resign is where the real nasty divide started for wingnuts. They carried a grudge until they got control of all of congress under Clinton and proceeded to tear America apart with their idea of vigilante justice. I remember several nutters claiming Clinton was payback for Nixon’s resignation.Of course this is just my obviously colored opinion. I want to spend my days being happy and as long as there are the last five rethuglican potii who have not been impeached,I may never be happy again.

  6. GoI3ig says:

    What’s with the cigarette in the Cain ad? Is he trying to go for the rugged individualism look? Perhaps he is harking bark to the days of the Marlboro man?

    It seems these ads claiming to “reunite” America are a little disingenuous. America is divided, pure and simple. I’m not sure I can even put my finger on point the division became so severe? It does seem to somehow coincide with the launch of Fox News.

    I don’t think it’s entirely the fault of Fox, but more so the 24/7 news cycle (of which Fox is a big part) and right wing talk radio. They foster hate 24 hours a day, and of course there is push back from the liberal side.

    I watch a lot of C-span. When I see politics covered in the news media after the fact, I’m floored by the amount of spin. Faux takes the cake in this area.

    Politics has been overrun with money, and now thanks to the right wing supreme court and their ruling in “Citizens United,” we will never reverse the trend.

    • CO almost native says:

      Part of the division began with Reagan, when he decided to blame “big” government for economic woes- and began the Cut Taxes To Spur the Economy philosophy. That was the beginning of less taxes for the wealthy, and led to the growing division between the rich and poor- and the disappearance of the middle class.

    • It just occurred to me that smoking is a symbolic act in Ayn Rand books, symbolizing the spark of human intelligence. All her heroes and heroines are always standing around in the dark with only the burning cigarette to represent their deeper thoughts.
      Yes, well, I read a lot of her stuff when I was young, but was extremely turned off by the rants she published elsewhere. I thought her characters were interesting, but found her philosophy to be incomplete.

  7. Zyxomma says:

    I would say I’m gobsmacked, but that’s no longer true. This is EXACTLY what I expect from Alaska’s regressive politicians. I guess only the progressives have anything to say worth recording.

    • AKMuckraker says:

      *whispers*… Actually they are both progressive Democrats. 🙂 We have “interesting” on both sides of the aisle!

      • Zyxomma says:

        Yes, you have! I should have paid closer attention. And thanks for the link. I’d only seen a snippet of the “demon sheep” ad (thanks, Keith), and I would not have missed the Dr. McKenna ad for the world!

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