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November 24, 2017

Open Thread – Small Business Saturday!

Not the best picture, but definitely the best idea for what to do today! Black Friday is over, and the deals are dealt. So, now it’s time to think local! No matter where you are today, think about what local businesses you’re grateful for, and give them your support. Small local businesses are up against some stiff competition, and they don’t have all the advantages that the big corporate chains do. But they love their communities, hire local people, and generally provide outstanding personalized service.

And don’t just think gift and clothing stores – services like auto detailing, snow removal, spa services, and house cleaning can make welcome treats too.

So go small, go local, and Occupy the Holidays!



11 Responses to “Open Thread – Small Business Saturday!”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Any truth to the rumor that Peter Cetera,former bass player and singer for the group Chicago is in anyway related to Et Cetera,the abbreviated icon of journalism in general(etc)? Carry on.what?

  2. Bodie P says:

    Also think small presses, like mine! Everything’s available online, and you get funky stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere else (some might say with good reason, but they need not visit, right?).

  3. Ripley in CT says:

    Sticking this here on the open thread for you all. This blog: “Chicks Dig the Fastball” is written by our own JHop, a fellow mudflatter from days gone by.

    Today’s post is particularly disturbing, given the disturbing nature of pedophilia finally coming out of the universities.

    Give JHop some Mudpup love when you stop by. 🙂

  4. Lacy Lady says:

    I just wrote Senator Harkin about this bill. It would make our country a police state.

  5. fishingmamma says:

    on my way to title wave books to buy a reference book on Alaska History.

  6. CO almost native says:

    I did my best today to support small businesses, especially those I patronize during the year: cooking tools from Compleat Gourmet, dog treats and toys from Lewis and Bark, and seasonings from Savory Spice- plus tickets to a February production at Littleton Town Hall.

    And I was not pepper sprayed at any of the places… 😉

  7. Writing from Alaska says:

    Go Local – Happy to report some progress on Occupy Anchorage Street Theater….. not too late to join. Find me on the forum….:)

  8. leenie17 says:

    This is a rather long but worthwhile article about the damage the 5 worst energy companies are doing to our economy, environment and political system. It is a perfect example of why we should go to public financing of campaigns and get the corporate money – and resulting power – OUT of our government. Yeah, I know that will never happen because the people who can make that change happen are the very same people who benefit the most from the current system.

    It was no surprise to me that the worst companies are:
    5. Massey Energy
    4. Koch Industries
    3. BP
    2. Exxon Mobil
    1. Chevron

    However, the full extent of the political influence and the damage they’ve done to the environment was beyond what I even could imagine. Some of the worst damage (including the deaths of hundreds of people) has been done outside of our country. It’s just a preview of what can happen here if they are able to gut the power of the EPA and environmental laws.

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