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November 23, 2017

Open Thread – Shrimp

Anchorage, Alaska. December. Blowing snow. Roadside seafood.

This just made me smile.



45 Responses to “Open Thread – Shrimp”
  1. Lacy Lady says:

    Yes Mike—-too many Car/Deer crashes in Iowa. Think we should send our insurance bills to the DNR. We have had three car/deer thingys in our family. Lucky that it didn’t result in any fatal accidents.
    My son did decide to sell his motorcycle after his incounter. The deer jumped out of the ditch and pushed his knee into the gas tank. His friend who was behind him, ran over the dead deer and landed in the ditch. Broken ribs and a trip to the hospital.—-This time of the year—-one has to keep their eyes peeled —-Day or night driving.

  2. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    Having read most of the comments, and omitting my own witty and erudite comment on shrimps, I have to say that as a generality, we who profess to have an interest is the common welfare and national interest, will be disadvantaged with respect to the craven and amoral lust for power that motivates the opposition.

    The term culture war has been bandied about. It has some traction. The fact is the oligarchs have no scruples whatsoever. They will literally do anything to stay in power. So the question is not if but when will the slaves rise up and take back their rights. Based solely on history, the longer the accounting is delayed, the more bloody it will be.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Two more of Iowa’s finest camo-clad,blaze orange wearing meat eaters have joined the M.A.S.H. unit. One managed to shoot his own leg with a handgun and then a twenty year old was shot in the throat with a deer slug by another member of his party shooting at a deer that ran between the hunters, No fatalities reported on either side. As a bystander,I’m not sure which side is in the most danger during shotgun season. I do know our deer make secret plans to damage as many vehicles per year as they can find kamikaze deer flakes. Maybe it evens out over 12 months. Many.many thanks to all Mudpups for their encouragement and shared stories about the joys of joint replacement. I only wonder if they will save what is left of my hip in a baby food jar,like they did with my tonsils back in 1966.

  4. Baker's Dozen says:

    Here’s an article about shrimp’s ancestor, who, of course, never existed because noting is 500 million years old.

  5. leenie17 says:

    One more example of the astonishing and blatant hypocrisy of the Republicans…

    “Yesterday, Senate Republicans voted nearly unanimously to block Caitlan Halligan’s nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. ”

    However, 14 of those same Senators screamed bloody murder during the Bush administration when there was a possibility of the Democrats filibustering one of his nominations.

    Just one example:
    “Lamar Alexander (R-TN): “I would never filibuster any President’s judicial nominee, period. I might vote against them, but I will always see they came to a vote.””

    If I recall correctly, Barack Obama won the election in 2008, which makes him the President (regardless of how it puts the right wing’s panties in a twist) and makes Halligan a “President’s judicial nominee”. So, Senator Alexander, what happened????????

    Here’s some more quotes from these same liars who blocked Halligan’s nomination:

    • beaglemom says:

      I am so tired of the Republicans in Congress. In my opinion, every last one of them is a traitor. The job is to work for the American people and since January 2009 they have, to a person, worked against the American people and for the destruction of the Obama Administration. It’s been their goal and I hope that we all work together to see that they fail mightily in November 2012.

  6. leenie17 says:

    And here’s another installment of “You Can’t Get ‘Em Any Crazier Than the Ones You Find in Congress!”:

    1. Rep. Allen West of Florida says that the use of the terms ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ by the President is divisive and contrary to American principles. Guess he missed the “all men are created equal” thing in the …now what was that paper again? Oh yeah, the Declaration of Independence! Guess he also missed that whole Civil Rights thing that made it possible for him to become a Congressman!

    2. Senator Mike Lee of Utah admits that he filibustered Richard Cordray’s nomination to direct the new consumer protection agency, not because he doesn’t think he’s qualified, but because he wants to ‘reform’ the agency to make it less effective. Which can only be done by an act of Congress.

    3. Michele ‘Crazy Eyes’ Bachmann says that gay men and women DO have the legal right to get married just like everyone else. As long as they marry someone of the opposite sex.

    And today’s winner?

    4. Presidential Wanna Be Rick Santorum who says that the food stamp program is no longer necessary because we have an obesity problem in this country.

    Yes, he really said that.

    Teh stoopid…it burns!

  7. ks sunflower says:

    If you love the environment, if you care for clean air and clean water, read this article.

    It will enrage you, but spur you into more action. Contribute to Boehner’s opponent and make sure that every GOP/TP candidate who supports him who is up for election next year gets booted out of office.

    This is vile.

    Also, go to whitehouse.gove and voice your support of the President to veto any bill that gets through with these provisions. Please.

    I cannot believe the GOP is this nuts – and I haven’t had a very high opinion of them for years, but this is sinking to new levels. Pollution will damage and kill our wildlife and our children/grandchildren. Vote these uncaring bums out! Please.

  8. Moose Pucky says:

    Not surprised, but thoroughly bummed, that Lisa M. filibustered with the Republicans to halt the appointment of a strong leader for the Consumer Protection Bureau that would have benefitted Alaskans who use banks, utilities, credit cards, purchase homes, food, medications.

    Republicans want strong corporate protection, rather than consumer protection.

  9. Zyxomma says:

    Can’t wait for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake on the 21st? Here’s some viral video for you to enjoy in the meantime:

    • Zyxomma says:

      and here’s the 8 minute trailer of David Fincher’s highly anticipated film. I read the book after seeing the Swedish movie, and I’m eager!

  10. mike from iowa says:

    Way off the wall in useless trivia territory. I discovered,by way of an “Our Iowa” magazine that designs cut on outhouse doors were that way for a reason. The half moon was for the ladies and the star was for the gentlemen. Being a life-long Iowan,I must confess I did not know that. You can all rest better now.

  11. Zyxomma says:

    See whether your Senators voted to allow a vote for a Wall Street watchdog, or whether they voted nay to suppress such a vote:

    I am so tired of these shenanigans!

    • Pinwheel says:

      I hope all those Alaska Independents and Undeclared voters in 2010 are so very proud of their Senior Senator. Independent, my ***. But dad was a banker, after all. It’s going to be many long, dark winters until 2016.

  12. mike from iowa says:

    Salmon sounds purely scrumptious and I will try it sooner rather than later. I got a sneak peek at the future yesterday and am suitably impressed with what my new right hip is gonna look like come January.Too bad it didn’t come already installed,but it is rather shiny so I guess the future looks bright.


      hubby had two hip replacements a few years ago and is doing marvelously.
      just make sure to do the rehab properly and you should have no problems.
      pain-free is the goal, right?

      • mike from iowa says:

        Yes it is. I started out needing a fifth back operation to open sciatic nerve canals in both legs. X-rays revealed my right hip is not connected to pelvis because of arthritis eating the socket and part of the ball. I honestly had no idea hip was bad since I couldn’t tell one pain from another. My real goal is to get younger and better looking and then getting Shania Twain. She has had a Mutt,she has a Fred and its time for something much homelier than the previous two.Then I’m gonna rassle some live Alaskan salmon away from the bears and eat it raw. Hip camp at the hospital yesterday was very informative. Thanks for asking.

        • UgaVic says:

          I don’t even want to think of surgery for nerve issues BUT have to add FM is so right on the hip deal. My gram had it done and like so many others was up and around in no time, did her PT and was pain free, at least for that issue!!
          Here is to a great start in the New Year!!

        • Baker's Dozen says:

          Mike. I know that you occasionally write of your ailments, but all that really comes through your posts, as far as I’m concerned, is a vibrant, energetic and funny person. I’m still expecting you out here for some skiing and to see he redwoods with Ben.

        • fishingmamma says:

          I had my hip done. Afterwards, no pain. I have not even taken any advil for over a year. Used to buy costco sized bottles. Used to use a cane. Don’t even know where it is now.
          Good luck with your surgery.

        • ks sunflower says:

          Mike, I had my right hip replaced three years ago after suffering for two as doctors kept insisting it was my back. When the surgery was done, the pain was gone.

          Mind you, I think the most troublesome aspects of post surgery were: (1) not being able to shower for two weeks, (2) the compression socks – be sure to have someone help you with those, and (3) using tools to dress myself (there are nifty sock tools and my hubby fashioned a hook at the end of a dowel to help me use a towel when twisting and bending was not allowed.

          Listen to people who say do the therapy and do it just as they tell you. It makes a world of difference. People who don’t follow the instructions will not recover as quickly. I don’t know about you, but I wanted to get rid of the walker and the cane as quickly as possible – and I did.

          My other hip may need replacement soon, but for all the world, I am good as new. No pain, lots of gain. It’s a whole new world with no meds!

          I did as I was told (which for me is a huge accomplishment and a shock to my family, hehe) and it worked. So best wishes for you. You should be very, very happy when the recovery period is done. Of course, there are yearly checkups, but really, with the new titanium parts, you should have fun going to airports and setting off alarms!

          I am so glad we are lucky enough to live in a time when we have replacement parts! Imagine what it was like when this wasn’t available. Grim. The world does get better thanks to science and dedicated medical professionals.

          Check back with us about how you respond to the three rules which you must never, ever break after you get your new hip (hint: one is to never cross one leg over in front of the other as in a grapevine dance step – think Greek dancing). Do that and you will be sorry, sorry, sorry – you can actually pop the socket (that was the phrase my nurse used). I asked her how will I know if that happens, and she said, “oh, honey, you will be a crumpled mess on the floor screaming so loudly we will all know about it.”

          Don’t worry though. How often are you going to even try that?

        • Zyxomma says:

          Shania and Mike. Mike and Shania. Has a nice ring to it! Health and peace.

    • leenie17 says:

      Know three people who have had hip replacements. Their only regret? That they didn’t do it much sooner!

      They all said they were thrilled with the results and couldn’t believe how much better their quality of life was after the surgery.

      Just make sure you finish your rehab before you start rehearsing for the touring company of Riverdance! (And behave yourself with those poor therapists, you hear!) 😉

    • beaglemom says:

      Good luck with the hip replacement! I have had my new right knee since October 2009; it and I get along quite well. I’m waiting for the day when the other knee, the one that had the original problems, gets as bad as the right knee was before surgery. Latest news is that my right hip now has some arthritis. Oh well, getting old is such fun! At least my husband and I are too old for the new Michigan income tax on pensions! One benefit of having been born before 1946.

      • weaver57 says:

        Mike: I have had new knees for 15 years. Best thing I have done for myself. (yes, got them at a
        young age). Doctor said they would last me my life and I told him in intended to live to be a gurmuginly (sp) old lady and he said they would last. Look into a new way of doing hip replacement surgery. It is from the front, they do not cut muscles as in the old way. It is called the anterior approach. Not a lot of surgeons are doing this yet, but the ones that are doing it are mostly sports medicine orthopedists.The recovery times are much faster than when using the old method. Good luck. My right hip is next. And, please do exercises ahead of time to strengthen yourself and make the recovery faster. Good luck.

    • merrycricket says:

      I figure that there is a hip replacement sometime in my future. I’m holding out for the kit that includes a door so I can so my own parts replacement. =)

      • ks sunflower says:

        Ah, a woman after my own spirit. Of course, I made the mistake of looking up the procedure on YouTube. Not a do-it-yourself-project, but quite amazing. Not for the faint of heart to watch, though. Mind you, I totally put it out of my mind as I went into the hospital – though the image of pounding the long shank into my leg bone did sort of flash across my mind as they were putting me under. Still, the procedure is so worth it – and the recovery time is quicker and easier than you think it will be.

  13. UgaVic says:

    Hey Mudpups!!

    Big SHOUT YAHHH!! to all of those who have helped support both us/our company and the local fishermen of Bristol Bay by making a purchase from our ad here on Mudflats (thanks to AKM also)!!

    It has been fun to see a couple of our fishermen who happen to be in town right now get excited about the salmon, from their boats, orders going out to customers!!

    Each and every order has been appreciated!!

    • jimzmum says:

      Okay, people. You have to get some of this, unless you can your own. It is delightful! Couldn’t stand it and used a jar for a quiche – just to test before Christmas, don’t you know. Sublime! We will order again. And, the customer service is awesome!

    • merrycricket says:

      We are thrilled to have this opportunity to support individual and family business! I may have to order more! I keep looking at the box and thinking about all the things I want to try with this.

    • fishingmamma says:

      Smoked Salmon Chowder. Yum.

    • Zyxomma says:

      Just because I don’t eat salmon doesn’t mean it isn’t a perfect holiday gift! I just finished placing my order, which was super easy. Thanks for the reminder, UgaVic.

  14. Mo says:

    I guess my post went into moderation limbo, so here are the breadcrumbs, follow them if you’re feeling adventurous:

    A juicy review of Corey Robinson’s The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin

  15. Mo says:

    And in case you haven’t already read Cory Robinson’s The Reactionary Mind, this might get your dander up:

    “Robin’s thesis is simple: ignore the Right-wing taxonomy. Conservatism–despite the seemingly incompatible respective ideologies of free-marketeers, slavers, neocons, neofascists, Buckleys, Federalists, Bloombergians, traditionalists, Tea Baggers, Randians, McCarthyists, libertarians, Birchers, Goldbugs, Jesus Freaks, J .Edgars, pro-lifers—has been, in reality, firmly united behind a single mission since the French Revolution: the creation of new regimes of privilege and domination in the face of democratic threats. …

    But there’s another component to Robin’s argument that makes the Times crowd squish up in their khakis: how exactly do conservatives get the masses on-board in the first place? Thomas Frank’s What’s the Matter With Kansas?, the preferred liberal Rosetta Stone to unlocking the right-wing brain, suggests that non-elite rightwingers simply get “tricked” into supporting conservative policies. The Big Scary GOP demolishes labor unions with one hand, but draws crosshairs on Tiller the Baby-killer with the other. It’s the only way Frank can explain such “irrationality.”

    Robin calls bullshit on that. Non-elite conservatives–the Red State bubbas that have cursed this land for so long–reap very real material rewards, but they’re rewards which fly in the face of the cheery “every one’s good at heart” worldview of liberalism.

    Conservatism offers them something Robin brilliantly calls “democratic feudalism.” In other words, dominion over your “lessers” in the private spheres of the workplace (middle-management tyrants) and the home (lockin’ down the wife and daughter’s ladyparts): “the most visible effort of the GOP since the 2010 midterm election has been to curtail the rights of employees and the rights of women.” —

    “Every man a king!” sounds great, but who plays “the serfs”? That would be the usual roster of women, immigrants, and all those who stink of poor–well, poorer than the “little conservative king” handing out the pink slips. The hedge-funder gets the capital gains tax cut and the Walmart Assistant Manager gets to hold the livelihoods of dozens (and their families) in the palm of his hand–permitted to inflict an economic violence on each and every one that, in some ways, makes a public flogging look like a demerit.”

    [It’s all about power, always.]

  16. mike from iowa says:

    .Just find this unbelievable the way our government treats the remains of servicemembers who died for the lies of the dumbass dubya administration.

  17. Zyxomma says:

    I got emailed 2 parody videos about Newt this morning:

    After the Grinch video, there’s another, titled “It’s beginning to look a lot like Gingrich.”

  18. benlomond2 says:

    in the late60’s as a teenager, we lived on the St John’s river,just south of Jacksonville. In Sept/Oct, the shimp would run up the river and we would go shrimping with cast nets off the dock.Good seasons we’d get a 1/2 gallon milk cartoon full on a good cast. Coleman stove, some olive oil and a fry pan, flip the heads off and in the pan… doesn’t get any fresher than that !! if the body wasn’t any longer than the width of your hand, it was a “fish bait shrimp” and went into a baggy for fishing for red bass !

  19. GoI3ig says:

    I think the “half way done” is a bit optimistic on the assessment of winter. But I do like the idea of a beach fire and a good beer along with some shrimp from Prince William Sound.

  20. tallimat says:

    I love seafood.
    Seaweed and scallops.
    Shrimp and butter.

    But noooooo, I live north of Wasilla, where, in a one day trip to town (wasilla), I see two trucks with that stoopid bumper sticker “tollerance is for those with no conviction”.

    It is winter, almost halfway done with and now I want a windy beach fire, some good beer and some good exchange of conversation over shrimp…

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