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May 21, 2018

The Shannyn Moore Show Goes Live in Washington, D.C.!

We’ve had several occasions to bust our buttons here at The Mudflats over the last few years. Readers and those in the blogging and journalism communities have been kind to us with various honors and praise over the years.

But today is an especially proud one for us. Our very own Shannyn Moore is taking her radio program to the other coast! The Shannyn Moore Show will now broadcast its first hour live as it happens in our nation’s capital! The over-saturated right wing airwaves and the bloviators who inhabit them love to talk about how Shannyn has “12 listeners.” It’s become a running joke in the progressive community to talk about these faithful dozen as Shannyn has appeared on national TV, substituted hosted for national radio programs with more than a million listeners, gotten a column in the Anchorage Daily News, hosted her own television show which is now in its third season, and contributed her wit and wisdom right here at the Mudflats.

With her amazing talents and abilities, it was only a matter of time before she achieved the national nod she so deserves. Nobody keeps Shannyn in the upper-left corner.

Not only will she be able to share her unique take on national issues, she’ll also be able to bring critical Alaskan issues to the attention of a much wider (and occasionally more influential) audience. This is very good news, indeed.

What that means logistically in Alaska is that The Shannyn Moore Show has now changed time slots and can be heard live from 6-9pm on KOAN 1020am. Same station, new time. The other good news is that it’s now socially acceptable to listen to Shannyn while curled up with a fuzzy blanket, and a glass of wine. Your boss never has to know.

In the meantime, Shannyn’s old time slot will now be taken over by yet MORE right wing nutjobbery in the form of Dan Fagan. And he’s given his old one hour time slot from noon to 1pm on KFQD to… (wait for it)… The Party Planner! Yes, Mayor Dan Sullivan’s “party planner” will be live and taking your calls during “Alaska Live With Bernadette.” It would be so easy to continue snarking, but today belongs to someone else.

Congratulations, Shannyn. Nobody knows better than us here at The Mudflats how hard you have worked, and how much you deserve this honor. And just as we did when you first went on the air at KOAN, we’re dusting off the happiest radio clip we could find. Here to salute you and commemorate your live DC debut are the yip-yips and their classic homage to the radio. It just became a bigger and happier place for you, and for Alaska.



27 Responses to “The Shannyn Moore Show Goes Live in Washington, D.C.!”
  1. Blooper says:

    Congrats, Shannyn! I’m a long time KUDO 1080 (and now KOAN) listener from back in the day. Always enjoyed (and still enjoy) your no nonsense take on Alaskan and national issues. I’m glad that some of those on the left coast can hear your voice as well. And you never know, maybe the top dog himself will get a chance to hear you. 🙂

  2. Congratulations and well done, Shannyn!

  3. Kimosabe says:

    Not clear … has Shannyn moved to DC? Is this a one-time thing or a permanent gig? Will she still focus on Alaska issues, or go national? Is it syndicated, or just the one local station?
    Shannyn is still in Anchorage, but the first hour of her show will be a live simulcast in DC. We’re not giving her up that easily! She’ll be talking about national issues, and Alaskan issues that need national attention in that first hour. Hope this clears it up! AKM

  4. Amy says:


  5. Raven Mad says:


  6. boodog says:

    Great news, congratulations, Shannyn!

  7. Zyxomma says:

    Kudos, Shannyn! Well-deserved. Brava.

  8. Forty Watt says:

    Many congratulations!

  9. Thomas says:

    On which DC station will she be broadcast?

  10. Memphis,NY says:

    Congratulations to Shannyn and Alaska.

  11. puffin shrapnel palin says:

    Welcome, Shannyn! Alaska’s loss is DC’s gain, although progressive radio programs here in the nation’s capital are as scarce as Dan Fagan’s listeners!

  12. Moose Pucky says:

    Trying to figure out how to get Shannyn on public radio station in the slough. We’ll probably only be able to swing one hour a week for now. Any suggestions??

  13. luckycharms says:

    Gawd. I tuned in and caught a few minutes of Fagan… He was begging for callers, and the only one I heard called to say, “I hope this will get more exciting.” Hahaha!

    The excitement is now from 6-9pm, and I will follow. So glad that our issues will get a wider audience. Congrats to Shannyn!

  14. jojobo1 says:

    Congratulations to Shannyn and Alaska.
    Just glad that AKM is a face book friend so I can keep up a little with what s going on up in Alaska.Aside from two of your papers that is.

  15. PollyinAK says:

    I am most definitely a Shannyn fan. (former Homerite who is so proud of our hometown girl). Looking forward to the nation via D.C. radio waves hearing her show!

  16. tmm says:

    (Love the “upper-left corner” line)

  17. David Otness says:

    In spite of the time conflict with the Mike Malloy Show it is definitely for the best as we will now have daylight shed on Alaskan doings and some much needed perspective outside of the cloying lobbyists working for Parnell and his oily and bulldozers uber alles ilk.
    Big doings and so well deserved.
    Congratulations to Shannyn and Alaska.

  18. renee99503 says:

    Congratulations to Shannyn, but sad for me. I am the boss at work, and enjoyed listening to the show during the day. Hubby is a moderate righty, so we agree to not torture each other with talk radio in the evening or in our cars. I’m feeling a big loss today without my dose of sanity from Shanny. And man! I thought we were rid of Fagan!

  19. Elstun W. Lauesen says:

    I hope she can figure out how to manage Moore Up North on Thursday nights. Perhaps a guest host for the first hour and 1/2 of the 3 hour slot? In any case, Shannyn is an Alaskan treasure and I am so glad we can share her with the Nation!

  20. Alaska Pi says:

    Congratulations Shannyn!
    Congratulations to this thing which is Mudflats and the people who make it happen- AKM, Linda and Shannyn!

  21. physicsmom says:

    When does it start? Good news for Mudflatters and Progressives everywhere.

  22. GoI3ig says:


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