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April 22, 2018

Romney Courts the Bazillionaire Dog-Hater Vote

Looks like the Romneys are having a big fancy fundraiser at the home of the only person that could make Mitt look like the poster child for the ASPCA. Romney, who is loathed by dog-lovers everywhere for his treatment of Seamus, the family dog whom he strapped in a crate to the top of the car for 12 hours, has even inspired a website called Dogs Against Romney.

Although Romney’s treatment of man’s best friend has been less than stellar, at least he has never barbecued one.

You may remember back in May of 2009, Sarah Palin was invited to a swanky dinner party at the home of big-bucks Republican fundraiser Fred Malek, in advance of the Alfalfa Club Dinner in Washington, D.C. We reviewed Mr. Malek’s shady past, including the dog barbecuing incident (boys will be boys), and the fact that he was Richard Nixon’s “jew counter.” (*Spoiler Alert: there were 13) And let’s not forget he was forced to pay a $100,000 fine for participating, along with his firm Thayer Capital Partners, in a $75 million fraud against the Connecticut state pension fund (click here for SEC Litigation Release No. 20498).

Well, now his residence will be the location of a happy 63rd birthday bash for Ann Romney, as the wannabe future first couple embraces this gesture of support from a fellow bazillionaire dog-hater.

About 150 people are expected at the women-only event hosted by Marlene Malek, wife of Republican fundraiser Fred Malek, and philanthropist Catherine Reynolds.

~Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. (David Tulis – AP)

The sold-out event will take place at the Maleks’ home in McLean, which boasts one of the top zip codes in the nation for political donations.

The shindig is expected to net the Romneys about $300,000.



20 Responses to “Romney Courts the Bazillionaire Dog-Hater Vote”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    Clearly, Willard M. Romney is going to be the Republican nominee. That being the case, this post on God’s Own Party by guest author Susan Cardoza, who has explained Mormon doctrine (and politics) in sources ranging from The NY Times to Al Jazeera, is a must-read:

    “Mormons have long been recruited into top positions in government agencies and multinational corporations, likely because of their strong adherance to the prohibition of liquor, tobacco and other vices. They are prominent in such institutions as the CIA, FBI and the national nuclear weapons laboratories, giving the church a sphere of influence rivaling political Christianity’s 7 Mountains Mandate with significant gains in the top echelons of government and business.

    “Mitt Romney has been groomed all along for a prominent position in the church; first as a missionary, then as a bishop, and then as a stake president, becoming the highest-ranking Mormon leader in Boston, the equivalent of a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

    “Mormonism’s founding theology was based upon a literal takeover of the U.S. government. In light of the theology and prophecies of the Church, not amended by the LDS hierarchy, it would seem that the office of the American presidency is the ultimate ecclesiastical position to which a Mormon leader might aspire. Given all that we are learning the question remains, does Romney believes that the American presidency is also a theological position?”

    There’s much, much more. Apparently, Willard’s classmates at Brigham Young University believed him to be the chosen one (for President) back in 1970.

  2. Cathy Harris says:

    Just read he is also having a private fundraiser here in Naples, Florida at another zillionaire’s private home. Wait, that’s what Don Young did – so isn’t that illegal? Holding private fundraisers in SWFL?

  3. Baker's Dozen says:

    Oh. You meant *Educated* Dog Haters.

    My guess was Michael Vick.

  4. beaglemom says:

    Fred Malek must be a gazillion years old by now! He’s been making Republican mischief since the days of Richard Nixon.

    Our beagles not only support Dogs Against Romney but they spent election night in 2008 at the kennel so that we could work at the local Democratic headquarters from 7 am to about 9 pm. We tell people that they barked the vote for Barack Obama!

  5. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    We proudly support Dogs Against Romney! My dogs are so against Romney that they howl if we even mention the name. We have the accoutrements to go with our views. We would happily join in a protest with a big kennel strapped to the top of our vehicle, although we don’t want to fill it with dog poo for obvious reasons.

    Wouldn’t that be great? A nationwide car protest against the dog abuser!

  6. juneaudream says:

    Any woman..with the financial cushions..such as a 1%er has..never will have lived my life. All through the element. years..when our employment status was crashing..I searched the thrift stores..and bought excellent boys clothing..for ages 10 and 12. I sat up nights after working as a sub. teacher, and doing work on the farm. I mended, and redesigned slacks..and shirts. I handmade fashion-forward knit hand..from scrap fabrics..that had..curr’ designs. Being it was the 70s..there were jean designs with 40 hour per..embrodery stunners..on the flarelegs. It was a number of years..before things ..stabalised..and I was able to explain why the sons..looked so ..Spiffy! It hard..but..working mothers..know how to twist and’get things done’. Have the mothers of the..1%er bracket..sat up nights with ill children etc? Of course..and made screaming runs to the hospitals etc. But..they will never..have to..pace the food avail. nor layer-up a child..over steaming herbal pans..during colds..because the full meds..are not possible..due to price. Nope..all of we women..who soldier on..with our family chore lists..will never, all coiffed and chanel-ed. We won’t look airbrushed, nor botoxed. ..but by god..we turn out kids who rule!

    • Zyxomma says:

      And we can be sure that Mrs. Willard Romney’s treatment for MS in no way resembles that of someone on Medicare or Medicaid.

  7. beth. says:

    Slightly OT…

    “[Ann Romney] has actually never worked a day in her life … she’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing.” — Hilary Rosen

    Sorry; I do *not* see this statement, in Context, as having anything to do with “stay at home moms”…let alone a condemnation of them.

    What I read the *full* statement to be about, is: Ann Romney, *because* of the incredible wealth in/of her family, did *not* have to grapple –even for a second– with whether she could stay at home with her kids, or not. I’d hazard 99% of the women in this country do not have that luxury; they *have* to consider, Carefully and Constantly, ALL economic issues surrounding their families and our nation in their day-to-day lives.

    Ann Romney has never had to (nor will she ever) walk in those shoes. IMHO, Rosen was spot on. beth.

    • One thing I learned since 2008 is that Republicans are stay-at-home-moms to be honored and cherished…Democrats are freeloaders who should go out and get a job. I also was accused many times of “freeloading” on disability when I’ve never received it.

      Sometimes, I just hate people…

    • Simple MInd says:

      Disgrace #1 – that people and particularly the press can let Ann Romney get away with the impression that she is a hard-working stay-at-home mom. Just google “Romney houses” and take a look at where she and Mitt “live”. Maybe somebody could ask her how many servants she had while she was working hard raising those kids. Disgrace #2 – How fast Democrats scattered and ran away from Hilary Rosen’s statement that was – in context – completely accurate.

      • I do believe that currently the Romney’s have 5 house servants listed on their latest filings of something-or-other (I really do forget the link where I found the info, sorry my bad) and that’s with the youngest kid being 30.

        The false outrage from the RWNJs would be comical if it weren’t for the fact that many gullible people fall for it.

        As for your #2, YUP! Bloody-well disgraceful!

    • Kris says:

      I totally agree! You took the words right out of my mouth. When I heard about that on CNN yesterday, I couldn’t understand how that could become so misunderstood. I have been a stay at home mom for a time and I took no offense to her commment at all because Rosen meant that Ann Romney hasn’t ever had to worry about any kind of economic turmoil in her life. I also felt the stab in the back that Rosen must have felt from the democratic condemnation of the remark. Couldn’t someone have backed her up and come to her defense even a little bit? When I think of what Rush Limbaugh says and how the right wing defends him all the time, it greatly upsets me.

  8. Yeah, it’s hard to make Mitt look good when it comes to treatment of dogs, but Malek definitely manages it.

    There are so many reasons I would never vote for Mitt, but the dog story isn’t far from the top of the list.

  9. slipstream says:

    Off topic, but AKM herownself was on the panel of Shannyn Moore’s “Moore Up North” television show which taped today.


    Bill Sherwonit – Author, Free-Lance writer, Anchorage Daily News regular contributor
    Jeanne Devon – Founder and Managing Editor,
    Mr. Whitekeys – Founder of The Fly By Night Club; Spam King

    Moore Up North is broadcast statewide Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm on ABC stations KYUR, KATN, and KJUD.

    slipstream hisownself was otherwise engaged and missed the taping (go ahead, start rumors).

  10. Jag says:

    Do these people EVER vet themselves and say, “I’ve love to help but I shouldn’t”? What kinds of egos do they have to be hosting something so big and grand that will get negative attention?

  11. Sourdough Mullet says:

    My dogs wouldn’t lower themselves to touch their lips to either Malek OR Romney, even if they were barbequed to a tasty, crackly crunch. They are better behaved than that.
    Romney and Malek should have as much integrity as my dogs do.

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