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April 13, 2021


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Friday, April 9, 2021

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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Friday, March 26, 2021

The Unhinging Continues

Here’s a status update on the “gang of three”, Palin’s state senate appointments to a Democratic seat left vacant by Kim Elton.  None of the three was put forward by the actual Democrats themselves, which is how it’s supposed to be done.

These three rogue picks fall out like this:

  • Joe Nelson – Rejected already by the Senate Dems, but still on the list of three until today, when he wisely withdrew his own name.
  • Tim Grussendorf – Rejected already by the Senate Dems.  “Didn’t realize he was a Republican until a couple weeks before the appointment.”
  • Alan Wilson – Converted to Democratism two weeks ago.  A small businessman.

Palin presenting this list actually breaks the law.  So the governor, whose philosophy is  “I’ll do whatever I want until the law tells me no”, has just been told NO in a legal opinion from a legislative lawyer.

And let the backpedaling begin.

Then, late Wednesday, Palin sent a new letter to the Senate saying she wanted to “eliminate confusion” and make clear that she meant to forward the names of the three candidates in order of her preference — not as one batch.

Palin said in her new letter that she was re-appointing Grussendorf. And said that, if the Senate Democrats reject him again, then she was appointing Nelson. And — if Nelson is rejected again — Palin said she was appointing Wilson.

Of course, it’s illegal to reappoint Grussendorf, since he’s already been rejected.    So here’s the Palin plan.  She’s going to break the law, then break the law again, and then, just for fun, she’s going to appoint someone else who will get rejected, which will provide a whole new opportunity to….break the law.

Of course this plan seems…..well….crazy, to put it bluntly.  That is of course, if you’re a stickler about such things as the law.  Palin and Ross, however, keep illustrating that they aren’t.

Wayne Anthony Ross shocked lawmakers, and everyone else when he came out with this whopper yesterday:

“It seems to me the most important thing that can be done by the Senate is not argue with legal or illegal but to appoint somebody to represent Juneau,” he said.

As this quote was printed, I envision the sound of breaking glass, and papers fluttering to the floor in the capitol building as everyone with half an ounce of intelligence, and sense of right and wrong dropped whatever it was that they were holding, and stood slackjawed.

And yet there are STILL legislators who are going to vote “yes” on an Attorney General who just told them not to worry if they were breaking the law.  I hope that Alaskans are paying very careful attention at how their legislators vote on this appointment, regardless of whether he gets appointed or not.  This will tell you all you need to know about their priorities, and whether they are working for you, or someone else.



31 Responses to “The Unhinging Continues”
  1. Democrat G says:

    Who is filing the ethics complaint against the Governor this time? I may even donate a penny via credit card to her fund…oh wait, there is NONE!

    Is Palin’s favorite song BREAKING THE LAW by Judas Priest? I would LOVE it if someone was able to ask her that question and videotape her response and post it all over the place!

  2. HarpboyAK says:

    Even worse, she *was* going to send them yet another nominee — Greg O’Claray, but he didn’t change his registration from R to D until Monday, and as one important Juneau Democrat told me, “that just wouldn’t pass the red face test”.

    O’Claray, a former Murkowski Dept of Labor appointee, is a former business agent for the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, whose members were happy to see him retire. Greg has always been out for Greg, never for the people he’s supposedly been serving.

    The problem is that all of this is being engineered by Paulette Simpson, the puppetmaster for the Governess. Sarah does what Paulette tells her to do, and Paulette wants anyone but a real Democrat in Juneau Senate seat.

  3. Pal says:

    Get rid of that demented witch from Wasilla before she embarrasses poor Alaska any more. She’s totally incompetent – get rid of ‘it’ before ‘it’ spreads. Squish! Lord, I hate that useless bag!

  4. Sarah Palin has no friends that can pull her aside and explain how dimwitted and petty her actions are re: the Juneau seat and WAR? One friend who has known her before she became governor?

    A relative who cares?

    Does this woman have anyone in her life who feels bad for her?

  5. wired differently says:

    And for our next lesson on the Alaska State Constitution:

    Interim appointments made while the legislature is not in session.

    Followed by:

    Calling a special session of the legislature.

    Pass the popcorn!

    AKM: My offer to pay the $100.00 filing fee for recall petition, made months ago, still stands.

  6. Cynamen Winter says:

    Whew! I am so very grateful to those with backbones…who have the courage to stand up against foolishness.

    Thank you (sincerely) to all parties involved…including Mudflatters!

  7. mlaiuppa says:

    Dear Governor Palin.

    Thank you for your list.

    We have carefully considered all three of your nominations in your order of preference and hereby confirm…Beth Kerttula.

    Thanks for playing.

    The Legislature.

  8. Confuzzle says:

    Congrats, Alaskans!! so relieved here in IL…been chewing my nails all day. so happy he’s OUT!!! Now impeach your GINO and you’ll be well on your way. Isn’t breaking the law grounds for impeachment or a recall or something? Good luck with that as well, though it’d probably be easier to get a thorn out of a bear’s butt!!!

  9. Peaceful Granny says:

    May the Gino get lost in the Twilight Zone and never be seen again…but, the door is now open for her to do even more nutty stuff.

  10. Boudica says:

    Is there no recall option in AK? I’m sure enough signatures could be collected!

  11. Lee323 says:

    “Palin sent a new letter to the Senate saying she wanted to “eliminate confusion.”


    The only thing Palin is EVER transparent on is her ridiculous ham-handed way of trying to pretend that she’s was on top of the situation from the outset. I think more than anything else, this trait of obvious lying to cover her arse or inflate her credentials is what the American public sniffed out the quickest. America despises someone who can’t own up to their mistakes!

  12. asiangrrlMN says:

    pearl89, you are a dedicated Mudflatter!

    Batter up on the Juneau Senator seat.

  13. Amazing. And thanks, AKM, the next time I wait to ride the Tower of Terror at Disneyland, I’ll be thinking of this post. LOL

  14. pearl89 says:

    Right in the middle of trying to follow the proceedings my keyboard decided to die, so I missed the voting. Had to run out and buy a new one. So, happy for my friends in AK. I bet Sarah is fuming in IN or wherever she is. Doing a happy dance for ya.

    Now might be a good time to wage a campaign to make the AG an elected position. Not just because that’s way we do it here, but I think it is the best policy for everyone. That way the AG is not beholding to anyone except the voters.

  15. KaJo says:

    Newsminer had a name-by-name list of who voted and how, House and Senate:

  16. Maria from Landover Hills, MD says:

    Impeach her indeed. Surely there must be a way for the legislature to get the right person in without having to play her games. I suspect that she’s waiting for the clock to run on this session so she can stick it to them in absentia. She’s that low, it seems.

  17. InJuneau says:

    Oh, Firecracker, I’m so sorry you live out there in “that” district… (Move downtown, our Rep. ROCKS!). And, quite frankly, I’m not at all surprized…

  18. AlaskaGuy says:

    Isn’t the reason Colberg is no longer AG because of not following a trivial law about subpoenas?

  19. aussiegal77 says:

    The people who voted “Yes” clearly planned on breaking the law at some future date and hence needed someone as AG who wouldn’t see that as something to quibble….!

    Thank the heavens WAR didn’t get confirmed…..

    As for the Three Name Circus – Palin is atrocious. Impeach her NOW.

  20. Firecracker says:

    I made sure to check the board for my Rep’s vote and she voted yes to the appointment. Representative Munoz will be receiving an email shortly. I, of course, didn’t have a Senator voting because GINO wants to do it her way or not at all. I thought she might be doing it just so that the Juneau Senator couldn’t vote against WAR and I very happy that the vote was not even close.

  21. drew from little ol texas says:


    It’s lookin better by the hour!!

  22. drew from little ol texas says:

    The ones that voted for WAR have dug themselves quite a hole for the next election cycle!

  23. InJuneau says:

    drew–wow, we could hope…

  24. drew from little ol texas says:

    Can you arrange a public shredding to get rid of all of the State paperwork that was printed with him as AG?

  25. nebraska mudflatter says:

    congratulations Alaskans! many of you, at least, should be really proud of your elected representatives! and no doubt this whole effort what helped tremendously by your AWESOME bloggers!!

  26. taupe in Fargo says:


    Congratulations to the Alaska Legislature for saying NO to bigotry, racism, homophobia, hatred, gigantic egos and ignoring the law!!!

    That’s what she gets for nominating this hypocrite and then heading to her pals in Indiana. Perhaps she should resign and move there?

  27. drew from little ol texas says:

    WAR is lost!!

    Gino is next!!

  28. mainiac says:

    Well, with one BIG victory under their belt, maybe the legs will throw a little weight around re: This debacle!!

  29. akdennis says:

    And Ross bites the dust. That “thbbbbt” sound you are now hearing is caused by the deflation of WAR’s humungous ego. Take that, Sarah.

  30. Dr. Patois says:

    Vote already!

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