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November 22, 2017

Palin in Indiana. The Whole Enchilada.

OK, this is not for the faint of heart. But it answers the question that was on everyone’s mind as the Legislature deals with the frantic last week of the session, working on budgets, a senate appointment, an attorney general confirmation, and other critical issues.


Good question.



308 Responses to “Palin in Indiana. The Whole Enchilada.”
  1. Sarah in SC says:

    Debra Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 10:34 PM

    To Sarah in South Carolina: I did not mean to upset you.

    Oh, Debra! I didn’t mean to come across as upset! Not upset at all–I’ve just been reading so much stuff (especially over at PD, where I’m a regular stalker for new info! lol) about amnios, that I just thought perhaps no one had heard the “other side” of amnios & pro lifers. lol And I’ve been away from my puter all weekend, and only saw your comment this afternoon.

    The beautiful thing about the whole deal is that a mom can “choose” whether to have an amnio, or not! I’m sure your SIL’s (am I getting that right?) doctor gave her the “odds” on miscarriage vs. risk of abnormalities, and probably the risks, in her case, were greater of miscarriage than abnormalities, so it makes perfect sense not to choose amnio.

    I chose not to with both of my girls–but at that time I had “only” lost 6 babies. The only new info I would have gained at that time (with the girls) is whether they also carry the translocation, or had “normal” (whatever that is!) chromosomes, and thus be able to tell if they will have similar difficulties with pregnancies. (Because with our situation, it’s either gonna work, or it’s not–only time will tell–we either carry to term, or we don’t.) But I can also get that info from a blood test any time in their life, so I chose not to with them.

    With my first child, we had just lost 3 babies in a row, and I HAD to know whether to “invest.” With my last, we had just lost 3 in a row, and the last of the three at 20 weeks. I just *couldn’t* sit around again for 20 weeks only to find out we lost another that late–so we did CVS w/ him at 13 weeks. It was an enormous sense of relief to find out that the remainder of my pregnancy *should* be “normal,” and we could go ahead and circle the date on the calendar.

    Sorry for another novel! It’s not easy to explain this stuff in 50 words or less! lol I guess the main point is that everyone’s “risk” is really different based on other factors. I just thank God that we have the capability to test for abnormalities at all. If I had gone thru all of my “stuff” without knowing what the problem was, I probably would have jumped off a bridge or something. The grief is unbearable even with the knowledge that it’s out of your control. If I was still under the impression I could do something about it (no test to tell me otherwise)–I’d have been in a padded cell a LONG time ago. 😉

    Enjoy those little relatives! 🙂

  2. Kallie says:

    saurkraut, I agree. We here in the lower 48 don’t think Palin is a viable candidate for office. She is a real phony! After all the glam is gone, there’s nothing but marshmallow brains left. Oh sure, she has hard core followers, but check them out…they are just like her. I have yet to hear her say something important, much less the truth!

  3. g says:

    I did appreciate what Professor Geezer asked somewhere up around #77 – why would a mother go in front of what is sure to be a national audience and tell a story about thinking of aborting one of her children?

    Is she thinking of the child’s feelings, having that made a part of the public record. And yeah, little Trigg may not get it, but her other kids sure would wonder that Mom wanted to abort baby brother. It’s creepy. If I ever contemplated aborting a child I later carried to term, I’d never tell anyone other than my closest confidants. Can you imagine people looking at a kid and whispering, “His mom wanted to abort him”?

    It reminded me of a creepy feeling I got seeing an interview of her during the campaign – she was telling a story about deciding whether to accept McCain’s offer, and she said she asked the girls what they though, but didn’t ask Track, because, “He’s off doin’ his thing,” meaning being shipped over to Iraq.

    Now, frankly, if my son were going off into danger, I’d hardly use the phrase “off doin’ his thing” to describe it – nor would I dismiss his role in family decision-making.

    FWIW, her account of the discussion with the girls about her decision ended with the girls saying, “Mom, go for it!” – odd, I would think that a mother might be concerned with how this might affect her daughters’ lives, rather than looking for them to cheer her on.

    She is such an narcissist. She is one of the most openly narcissistic public figures I’ve ever seen. Lots of them are, but most of them are smart enough to pretend not to be.

  4. AKraven says:

    So Sarah thinks a woman it would be great to give your child up for adoption- that’s fine if it is white and isn’t handicapped, ie: down syndrome. Good luck finding an adoptive parent for mixed race or down syndrome child. These people just don’t get it.
    How about the judgement of people “how could you give your child up?” It sounds like abandonment to them.

  5. sauerkraut says:

    Judith… trust me when I write that there are more peeps in Alaska who think she’s got something important to say… and there’s fewer of those every day. Us in the Lower 48 are well aware of what a nutball she really is.

  6. sauerkraut says:

    If Sarah Palin believes she’s going to start up a 3rd party and be at the head of it, then she’d better prepare to go down in the same ball of flames as her recent AG reject. It just ain’t gonna happen for her. Given all her baggage, she’s not a viable candidate for POTUS no matter what party she’s a member of.

  7. Judith says:

    The sad part is,is that the folks in the lower 49 still are under the illusion that Palin has something important to say! Alaskans are finally getting it.

  8. lilybart says:

    Yukonbushgrdm: I think you are right. That is why she doesn’t attend the GOP party meetings, but does speak at local Right to Life dinners.

    She is going to position herself as a third populist party. SHE is the outsider to both parties. SHE is not going to be an elite. She will go church to church to klan meeting to get her grassroots campaign going.

    And if the economy is still broken, well, read It Can’t Happen Here or see A Face in the Crowd. The latter will be especially familiar.

    It’s a big risk, to be on Obama to fail, but it is her only chance.

  9. twodux says:

    I realize I’m coming late to this conversation. I’ve been on the road and just got an internet opportunity again. But here’s what I saw watching the videos.

    Sarah looks and sounds disheveled, and very shrill. She also seems desparate. I get the feeling she realizes her dreams are slipping away from her and she is trying to find something to hold onto to regain her balance.

    She certainly isn’t going to find that on her return to Alaska, at least as far as her public life is concerned. All she has to look forward to here are more battles, rejections, and critisizm. (all well deserved) It will be as awkward as a couple who has agreed to divorce, but due to economic circumstances are stuck living in the same house until they can sell it. Neither wants to see the other’s face, but they can’t find a way around it.

  10. winkwinkWA says:

    Lilybart________You hit the nail on the head, a pro-life women does not get an amnio and if she did know about the DS a pro-life women would not fly licking fluid, and not letting Todd know she was prego is another questionable statement, maybe he is not the daddy, why else would someone keep a pregnancy from her husband? Lots of inconsistency’s in Sarah s, Trig story, but then again we know she’s not always exactly truthful all the time, and her stories get mixed up.

  11. Amereurocan says:

    I just can’t watch her, hear her or even contemplate doing so. She makes me physically ill and I hate what she does in the name of woman. She is grotesquely under qualified and the only silver lining I can find and cling to, is it will ultimately expose her for the fraud she is and she will ultimately crawl her way in Faux noise’s direction where I am safe to never have to see or hear from the imbecile again since I don’t watch any of that crap.

    I have always thought that the issue of choice is for a woman to decide. It should not be a political football for the anti-team to make points, especially when that team is made up of a bunch of hypocritical men who don’t have an idea in hell what it is to stand in the shoes of a woman, well except those that actually do and they don’t count.

  12. phoebe says:


    I think you’re on to something, but I don’t think independents & sane Republicans like what they are seeing. Bush won with nonissue issues & it looks like that’s the direction they are taking.

  13. phoebe says:

    Isn’t it the Maury Povich Show that has the DNA testing to determine “Who’s The Daddy?” Maybe they could get Sarah on & do a “Who’s the Mommy” show. All this airing of dirty laundry from the governor of Alaska is so unsavory. Her track (heh) record for parenting is dismal. So far she has not even had a child graduate from high school & her children do not look like happy campers. It’s really outrageous what she is doing to get elected.

  14. lilybart says:

    For a pro-life woman to elect an amnio, is really weird. at 22 Weeks you can get an ultrasound that will show Everything. Sex, all 4 valves of the heart, etc…you don’t NEED an amnio if you are not the type who would never consider aborting.

    There is another test for Downs, that is not invasive. It is not 100% accurate, but why would she want an amnio if she had no other children with genetic problems??

    I don’t think she had an amnio at all.
    I think the DS was a surprise.

  15. yukonbushgrma says:

    While I’m somewhat interested in Palin’s pro-choice stand and all it involves, I think it diverts us from more important matters at hand.

    I think we need to keep a very close eye on her for possible connections to third-party possibilities. Especially now with Perry in Texas and her choice of Ross for AG.

    There really is a possibility that there’s a NATIONAL third party a-brewing. We might be the first ones to see it born. So we need to keep watch. Jus’ sayin’.

  16. Debra says:

    To Sarah in South Carolina: I did not mean to upset you. I believe in a woman’s choice to do what they believe is the responsible thing for their life and the life of their potential child. However, it does not negate that fact that an amniocentesis test can result in a miscarriage. Nor does it negate my brother and his wife’s belief that having the test was out of the question no matter what the future may be. It was in “God’s hands and no medical intervention that had the potential to cause a miscarriage would be allowed (they had six kids).

    I did not agree with my brother and sister-in-law’s decision but at least they held on to their belief’s: it was in God’s hands. I find no hypocrisy in their decision.

    Palin, speaks of God all the time. She promotes her beliefs and thrusts it on others. All I’m saying is that I have a hard time believing in it’s in “God’s hands, if you go ahead and have an amniocentesis test that has the potential to cause a miscarriage.

    I’m pro-choice so I have no dog in this fight. It is the hypocrisy of it all that gets my goat! Whether Trigg is Palin’s or Bristol’s is irrelevant. It is the story Palin put out there regarding amniocentesis tests that opened up the door to question her belief’s regarding abortion.

  17. EyeOnYou says:

    I think that the bottom line on her speech at this RTL Anti Choice event is the fact that she admitted she made a choice. She considered, if only briefly, abortion. She flat out admitted it.

    She made a choice and she would prefer to deny that option to others.

    She is a hypocrite of the highest order.

  18. jojobo1 says:

    Sara in SC I really feel for you.There is 8 years between my oldest and the youngest.I have 2 girls .This was not by choice I just could not seem to get pregnant in between.
    Just a thought Good for you I had wanted more children but had to have surgery that prevented that.My oldest was pregnant when she got married,she had choices one to have the child and give it up or keep or marry the man and go from there.Abortion for me at that time was not an optionand she never bought the subject up,She did marry the man and at least it lasted 18 years

  19. marjtoo says:

    lunaluz, it probably isn’t so much that Palin stated in IN that she considered abortion, it’s more about the fact that last year she commented that she never had considered it because of her beliefs. Maybe, too, it’s because some people saw that statement as being just another of her ‘love-me-I’m-one-of-you’ postures.

  20. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    I’m surprised anyone here believes anything that she said at this event. It’s ALL for convenience sake, and there is no way to tell the difference between any truth that might accidentally slip out, from the lies that tumble so easily from her lipstick bloodied mouth.

    Hmmmm… vendetta addiction, pathological lying, narcissistic personality disorder, anger management problems – these will all contribute to her demise as a viable candidate (at this point – she’s not even a viable human to many). All we have to do is stay on her – like a good pack of mudpups treein’ a goon – oops, I mean coon!

  21. Impeach_Palin says:

    I haven’t watched the videos because I’m so disgusted by everything about Sarah Palin – she’s a vile shrew. I especially dislike her dishonesty and divisiveness. I’d rather read Mudpuppies’ comments about her speech and I look forward to reading what AKM will write about it.
    A few thoughts :
    BodieP Says: April 17th, 2009 at 3:09 PM, What I found both instructive and alarming was her constant reiteration that everything is part of some divine “plan”–her governorship, Mr. Steele’s leadership of the GOP, Trig’s birth, the geography of Alaska…that attitude is a central tenet of Dominionism, as well as Manifest Destiny. Neither one is good for us. It absolves us from all personal responsibility, excuses all manner of abuses (it’s all part of God’s Plan, right?) and justifies a particularly virulent form of elitism.
    Well put, BodieP. Your comment, Choosing to be a mother is the first step to becoming a good one, is apt and wise.
    If Sarah Palin has any presence in the 2012 election, it will be a joke, but by that time, not a funny one. I think there will be a $hitload of divisiveness in America by then. There will be even more of a radical right (small case intended) clinging to their guns and religion. Sarah will be on hand to stir the pot, you betcha, also. “Tea bagging” is nothing compared to the treasonous gobbledygook that the proudly uneducated, seccessionist minded, and militia inclined morons will have tattooed on their forearms below their Sarah Palin tattoos by then. Sarah Palin – Queen of the Stupid and Gullible. Again, IMPEACH – RECALL – do what you have to do – make her a political pariah, unemployable as a politician and without any credibility as anything.

  22. marjtoo says:

    strangelet, your comment saying “… her 12-hour Texas-to-Alaska voyage, after her water broke, with a premature DS neonate …” made me recall when I heard about that (and sorry if my cynicism offends anyone–I just have such a twisted mind sometimes), my first reaction was that, due to her strong anti-abortion beliefs, perhaps she thought that something might ‘happen’ to the baby … thus absolving her of any of the guilt having a deliberate abortion might have caused her. Whatever else, she definitely was not thinking about the safety of that baby. Also: thought the same as many about her never feeling so much love before, and how that might make her other children feel. The woman just has no … no … can’t think of a good word …

    Just wondering: How many men would have voted for Palin if, compared to the professional hairdresser, make-up artists, and complementing wardrobe provided during the campaign, she had appeared as she looked before and after the campaign? Or was it the ~sly come-and-get-me-wink~ and hunting skills that swayed them? Silly men …

  23. ValleyIndependent says:

    When the pregnancy announcement came out, I remember Palin saying something like when she got the news the baby was DS, she wasn’t sure she could embrace a special needs child.

    Does anybody remember exactly what she said and where it was reported?

    If she is so rabidly anti-abortion, how is it that she could even consider abortion for a second, ever? Surely both her comments and the fact that she didn’t tell anybody for so long would lead one to believe that she contemplated that possibility for more than a minute or two.

  24. 278
    sauerkraut – I believe she is very smart on getting what she wants, that’s what makes her dangerous.

  25. Lainey says:

    palin’s belief is expecting other women to not have those doubts, considerations, and choices and maintains the laws to uphold those beliefs…her Christian beliefs, in preach not in practice…that is the hypocrisy! Besides, the United States is not a Christian Fundamentalist church!

  26. Lunaluz says:

    While I don’t respect Sarah as a Governor and think she is a thwarted beauty queen with all that angst… I really have no issues with her thought processes.. that a woman at 44 might consider making a decision to terminate a pregnancy at 44, with all the risks involved. To cry shame on her for the things that ran through her mind.. as it would with any woman, is really judgemental. She chose to have the child, she did live her beliefs. Many women chose a different result. If I was 44 and pregnant I have no issues with termination, I’d be all over it. I sincerely hope Sarah never holds an office higher than what she has. I find some of this crap aimed at her hypocritical. I dislike her for her for her philosophy, her it’s all about me and attention *hore needs. But to find her loathesome because she because she had a doubt.. no. She is an inept politician with a god appointed me, complex. How many of you ladies would like to be pregnant at 44? No matter what kind of pandering sycopant you are? Perhaps you have never been faced with a decsion like that…. To have a doubt is no sin… She is just wrong because she is she is a religious nutball (whatever gets her attention), but I’ll be damned if you will say having a doubt is wrong.

  27. Jason in Oaktown says:

    She tries too hard. Sometimes when people do that it’s easy to let it go and translate what they mean without troubling them with rejection. But she has a smug Bush quality. She’s got a great capacity for insult, even when she doesn’t mean it. America loves an underdog, that’s why we love the Hoosiers? I wonder if anyone walked out at that point.

  28. irina says:

    Did MissSarah say just who exactly she was considering the abortion for ?
    Since she just doesn’t (can’t ?) come clean on Trig’s birth certificate, etc.

  29. Marti says:

    I couldn’t watch the clips but totally OT for some joy to your day watch the youtube clip of Susan Boyle on the British talent show – wow cheers for the underdog!!

  30. Just a thought says:

    Austin TX. Awesome! One of my children is full black. three are half black, half white and four are Hispanic. It all works! I agree. How many of those racist white ‘christians’ have adopted minority children? Not many. I can count the white folks in the Plain clan, that’s fer sure!

  31. Just a thought says:

    Candian yes. All are former foster kids that could not ‘go home’ to their birth parents. Only one came to us as an infant. All other came to us between ages 10 months and 6 years. Unfortunatly, I know what it’s like to sit up all night bringing an infant off Cocaine. Palin has the easy part.

  32. sauerkraut says:

    Sorry Forever Anonymous, but Sarah just isn’t smart enough to obfuscate.


  33. Gino was reciting from notes, she knows whatever she said was going to be dissected, so scrambles events, she was obfuscating.
    still i think she was on to something when she talked about “pregnant teens and loving adopting parents”.

    I wonder if she had the amnio test when she was pregnant with Piper.

    What was the reasoning to have the test? because she was 44yrs old? to prevent miscarriage?………….and then – the wild delivery ride of a mature aged woman bent on delivering her at risk infant at a regular hospital. Did she stop by the house to grab her bible?

  34. Angler says:

    I can’t stand the way she points her fingers… makes me rage.

  35. honestyinGov says:

    I was over at OzMudflats. This is just a part of a story where he is describing GINO’s behavior and why she thinks the way she does .

    “It means a person who is not necessarily childlike, but who has a childish outlook of the world.

    Weltanschauung. It means while a person may have many, many perfectly mature qualities, his or her view of the world and how it works has never quite grown up. It allows the person to say something outrageous and maintain a total expectation that the world will believe them, uncontested. It’s how I imagine Sarah copes with her varied statements about what she believes in, or what she’s done, or how she can so often look directly into a camera and lie without hesitation.”

    There is more he has written on this… this is a small part.
    The writing of the stories is pretty good. You might check it out sometime.

  36. austintx says:

    txindygirl Says:
    i pray president obama can steer our nearly sinking ship to shore. i cannot image anyone other than him at the helm during this tumultuous time. he has a lot of irons in the fire and good goals for our country and ALL of its people. i like the way he just keeps going on, ignoring all the negativity and nastiness. heck, there’s more drama on huffpo than there actually is in the white house. lol.
    He is doing the best that is humanly possible.

  37. austintx says:

    A friend whose office building has a shared driveway with an abortion clinic sometimes has to navigate past protesters who are very aggressive. He calmly rolls down his window and asks “There are a lot of black orphans , have you considered adopting one ?” They literally turn tail and leave. My friend and his wife have in fact adopted one , who has blossomed into a beautiful 13 yr. old girl. He and I volunteer every 2 weeks to take kids that are “at risk” on outings. If every sanctimonious “right to life” wing nut would adopt or at least foster parent the children in need , it would be so helpful. To hear sarah say “Walk the walk” is so infuriating. Bless you from the bottom of my heart Just a thought.

  38. seattlefan says:

    Hey all…I didn’t have time to read this thread, but had to get on. I was watching Countdown and Palin apparently spent 15 minutes touting the assets of Alaska as though she was personally responsible for the beauty and utter wonderous attributes of Alaska. She then went into her Pro Life stuff. She is so running for President and I think it is hilarious because she has no creds, other than being Governor of one of the most incredible states in the union. I don’t know if anyone else posted her remarks, but they were surreal! She acts like Alaska is great because of her governorship! OK…I’m done. Sorry again, if this is a repeat.

  39. Trust but verify says:

    It is HOGWASH (or moose wash, depending on how you look at it) that Madame Palin even considered “terminating” her pregnancy. Once she found out she was having a special needs baby (or bristol was, depending you your view) all she could do is jump up and down and squeel “Yea! Ultimate photo op!”

  40. txindygirl says:

    palin commented that she was going back to AK renewed (i forgot the exact word.) i feel certain she has regained her mojo and she isn’t giving up. she’s addicted to the limelight and like a crack addict, will do anything for a fix. however, i don’t see how she can rehab her image. she’s close to a national joke. in spite of this, it does make my heart cold to think that someone like her could get so close to being the president of our country. especially now.

    i pray president obama can steer our nearly sinking ship to shore. i cannot image anyone other than him at the helm during this tumultuous time. he has a lot of irons in the fire and good goals for our country and ALL of its people. i like the way he just keeps going on, ignoring all the negativity and nastiness. heck, there’s more drama on huffpo than there actually is in the white house. lol.

  41. Karin in CT says:

    austintx– A day without Wonkette is like a day without laughing your *ss off!

    Certainly no dis to the mudpuppies, but the commenters over there are HILARIOUS!

  42. txindygirl says:

    canandian neighbor,

    that’s right… 9/11. not christmas… i knew it was a significant date and i thought for sure it must have been manipulated to happen that way.

    in the very beginning of the 6th segment, she states that her son track was getting ready to be deployed to iraq, then came trig

    i suppose getting ready took 8 months? that’s what confused me.

  43. jojobo1 says:

    crystalwolf aka caligirl That is a very good question,maybe because a lot are similar to the Cathtolic religion where you are not supposed to use birth control..Married to a pro lifer at one time I had a lot of things thrown at me pictures ect and I noticed as some say they want the mother to have the child but offer no meaningful help about where to go or how to get help,The right to life people come from both parties and IMO you can be pro choice and still not like abortion.I am sure all of us wish it could be avoided.The thing I notice is these people call all democrats welfare queen, I think is their term on the blogs,I know I worked for 45 years to get where I am today and weather I voted democrat this year or if I had voted republican I would resent being put in one group by anyone calling names.I met a woman who had an abortion and apparently she was having twins and that fact was missed so she carried the second child to term.Needless he was mentally challanged and she ahd a lot of problems dealing with the fact that she had aborted his twin,my thoughts are if she had used some type of birthcontrol she migh not have been in that spot.I wonder what Sara would have said if Her daughter had asked for birth control pills,say just in case can you immagine

  44. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Just a thought,
    All 8 adopted?? Holy crappola!! Wonderful!!!

  45. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Sept 11th was deployment speech by Palin
    According to story, was to deploy one week later to Iraq.

  46. strangelet says:

    @Sarah in SC — Thank you for your post. I happen to be pro-choice, but I do realize that one of the choices is to have kids. People who are philosophically opposed to abortion are not automatically prohibited from using preganancy-related technology. Even if you’re certain to have the kid anyway, you must still be free to find out as much as you want to ahead of time.

    I’ve not listened to the clips, because I cannot stand listening to Sarah Palin, but I gather from the comments that some of her remarks implied that she was at least hypothetically considering abortion if Trig was DS. While this is entirely understandable. it is a little inconsistent with her public persona.

    Also (too), I consider her 12-hour Texas-to-Alaska voyage, after her water broke, with a premature DS neonate to be more than a little self-indulgent,

  47. Just a thought says:

    We went through several miscarriages until we decided that giving birth might be ‘overrated’. We went the adoption route and now we are the parents of 8 wonderful kids ages 4-13.

  48. Canadian Neighbour says:

    I can’t remember date. If I recall, when she went back to Alaska to give speech, they were going to a base somewhere in US for training and then shipping out from there. This I seem to recall was his first deployment to Iraq so if they shipped out around Christmas, he’s only been in Iraq for about 4 months now. He may have signed up for military before Trig was born — I don’t know. I hadn’t heard of Palin then!!!!

    Track was at the initial Palin introduction by McCain — was he not??

  49. austintx says:

    251 strangelet Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 7:24 PM
    @austintx (206) — how do you find these things? I read wonkette from time to time, but evidently not often enough. Would you tell me your secrect for $75-$100?
    I just visit a couple of times a day. They are worth a visit a day for sure.

  50. txindygirl says:


  51. austintx says:

    255 AlaskaDisasta Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 7:27 PM
    There’s a small article in this week’s Maclean’s magazine (Canada’s Time magazine equivalent) entitled “Wacky in Wasilla”. The article starts with “In last week’s episode of the Sarah Palin Show,”………….and goes on about her sister-in-law Diana. Is there anybody normal in this family or all they all suffering from lack of new blood in their genetic makeup?
    Hillbillys always recycle………

  52. txindygirl says:

    after listening to bits and pieces of the other segments…. holy cow. palin has a really strange servant’s heart and not even a tiny dab of the holy spirit. she goes out of her way to cast stones and look for ill-will. she never considers the possibility that she is in the wrong.

    ok, forget what i said about the last segment. if i’d heard these parts first, there would have been no room to assume sincerety in the last segment.

    a real piece of work, she is.

  53. AlaskaDisasta says:

    There’s a small article in this week’s Maclean’s magazine (Canada’s Time magazine equivalent) entitled “Wacky in Wasilla”. The article starts with “In last week’s episode of the Sarah Palin Show,”………….and goes on about her sister-in-law Diana. Is there anybody normal in this family or all they all suffering from lack of new blood in their genetic makeup?

  54. txindygirl says:

    canadian neighbor,

    was it christmas day 2008 when his troop left for training?

    so track was deployed to iraq in late 2007 (according to the video) and came back, and then sent for training?

  55. Lee says:

    I have not listened to the tapes.
    Sarah is way out in the dark on this one. To bring a child into misery is like torturing the innocent. She needs to do some soul searching on this one. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I believe you cannot legislate morality. You legislate torture, and victimization of the innocent, and that works. I know, ugly but true.

    Legislation of torture, and victimization of the innocent works, but legislation of morality does not. When will they get it?

  56. Isy Fleur says:

    But even from Indiana, baby or no baby, she controls the ADN online political blog!!!! Hahaha!!!!!

  57. sauerkraut says:

    Yes, thanks for that reminder, Canadian Neighbor… there are a couple of youtube clips of that event. Forgot all about that.

    So, again. Her grasp of facts and recitation thereof, are poor.

  58. strangelet says:

    @austintx (206) — how do you find these things? I read wonkette from time to time, but evidently not often enough. Would you tell me your secrect for $75-$100?

  59. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Palin was on the campaign trail and went back to Alaska to speak to his troop when they left to go for training. She gave a speech and if I recall, it was at the airport.

  60. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    @wired differently
    If you look at the previous editorial at the ADN, you will see what you wanted to see.

  61. sauerkraut says:

    txindygirl – that was my memory, too. that track deployed around the end of the year. long after Trig was born. Indeed, wasn’t there a campaign photo op early on where track was standing next to Piper or Bristol who was holding Trig?

  62. sauerkraut says:

    # 76 Professor Geezer Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 1:40 PM

    Any of you mothers out there, would you go speak to an audience which you knew would reach worldwide and be filmed, and discuss how you contemplated aborting one of your kids? Any of you dads?

    Nope. Not in this lifetime.

    But I have been known to ask truly stupid people – as I might ask Sarah Palin if I am ever unlucky enough to be in her presense – if their mother had any abortions who lived.

  63. txindygirl says:

    240 txdemocrat Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:56 PM
    txindygirl Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:39 PM
    think she said that a month after Track left for Iraq….
    If you listen to her giving the “in the past year” speel, she talks about giving birth to Trig and “then a month or so later” Bristol tells her about being pregnant. Track’s timeline is that he joined in Sept 2007 and shipped out just prior to Election Day 2008.

    you’re right. in the next to the last segment, she starts by talking about track’s deployment, then they had trig, then about a month later bristol hits them with the news. i thought track left on christmas day. maybe it was something else… there was something about christmas day because i remember mentioning it to a friend.

  64. austintx says:

    235 crystalwolf aka caligrl Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:42 PM
    Star Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:07 PM

    WTF…What’s wrong with her head….Looks like her braincells may be backin up..LMAO
    What Braincells????? Its all AIR!
    cranius atmospheres

  65. sauerkraut says:

    I have to say that she has very nice skin. I did notice that. She’s all peachy and glowy. And she always seems very up and happy. Maybe that’s part of it. But I’ve noticed that whenever I’m at an event where she is present, I always hear women gasp and say, “She’s sooooo pretty!” And I just sort of say….Really? *shrug* AKM

    Well, Palin may be prettier than Susan Boyle or Mme Curie, but she can neither sing nor think! Palin is the Shannon Doherty of politics.

  66. DonnaInMichigan says:

    crystalwolf aka girl said….

    “what brain cells its all air”…

    My reply:

    “what brain cells its all HAIR”.

    There I fixed it for you…crystal……………LOL

  67. txdemocrat says:

    txindygirl Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:39 PM
    think she said that a month after Track left for Iraq….
    If you listen to her giving the “in the past year” speel, she talks about giving birth to Trig and “then a month or so later” Bristol tells her about being pregnant. Track’s timeline is that he joined in Sept 2007 and shipped out just prior to Election Day 2008.

  68. Felecia says:

    Yeesh! I am embarrassed to be a Hoosier!

  69. Lisabeth says:

    Sarah in SC I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you had to go through all that. It must have been difficult, to say the least, and thanks for sharing.

  70. sauerkraut says:

    Someone wake me up when she says something of interest. I cannot get thru more than half of the first part… anymore and I will be about as braindead as she is.

    And, hey crystalwolf… don’t you be insulting air like that! 😉

  71. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Sarah in SC,
    Should Trig ever hear the tape, chances are he won’t understand it anyways. DS children are genuine, loving, no matter the circumstances. Being involved with Special Olympics DS kids and adults — I have had the bruises to show for the hugs!!

  72. Karin in CT says:

    Sarah in SC–thank you. Your story is deeply touching and honest.

    Plus, it’s great to know that there is at least ONE pro-lifer that doesn’t like GINO!

  73. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Star Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:07 PM

    WTF…What’s wrong with her head….Looks like her braincells may be backin up..LMAO
    What Braincells????? Its all AIR!

  74. Sarah in SC says:

    I just want to make a comment about the idea that no pro-life person would ever have an amniocentisis. You can’t make blanket statements like this–not everyone can be painted with the same brush. Here’s why:

    I would say that I’m just about as pro-life as they come–Roman Catholic, have 4 children, etc. I would have taken as many as I was blessed with. Unfortunately, I was also blessed with this little thing called a balanced translocation of chromosome 13 & 14, which is medical-speak for “only 1 out of 3 pregnancies will result in a live birth.” We lost 3 babies before our first child, 3 in between child 1 & 2, then # 3 came 19 months after #2. After that, we lost 3 more (including one at 20 weeks of pregnancy), and finally were blessed with the little one in my lap that turned 2 years old today.

    We had genetic counseling (medical speak for “let’s look at your chromosomes to see what’s so screwed up that’s causing all these miscarriages”) after the first 3 losses. That’s when they discovered our “problem.” There is no “fix” for our chromosomal issues–there either is or is not enough “genetic material” for the little life to continue. We had at least 2 babies that we knew from ultrasounds that there was a heartbeat, but it was so slow that it was just a matter of time before it stopped–and we had to wait for that to happen–long, agonizing weeks of wondering when your baby would die. Then there were the ones that would get all the way to 11, 13, and 20 weeks and we’d discover no heartbeat. That was just as far as they could make it. I don’t think there is any possible way, in words, to describe the devastating kind of pain that comes with longing for a child and having this kind of loss occur. It was almost unbearable, emotionally and physically.

    So, when a doctor tells you, aged 35 or not (only 1 of my children was born after I was 35), that an early amnio (now they refer to this as CVS testing–it was “early amnio” 12 years ago, with my first)–that an early amnio can tell you whether all the chromosomes are there or not, and whether you should get completely “invested” in the pregnancy and the idea of bringing a baby home–let me tell you, it doesn’t matter how “pro-life” you are–the risks of a miscarriage from the amnio or CVS are significantly lower than the risk of miscarriage from the whole chromosomal deal.

    I would say that after 13 pregnancies, I classify as “extremely pro-life.” But I absolutely had amnio/CVS with 2 of my children–I would have been stupid not to. If we were lucky enough to carry a Trisomy 13 baby to term, then the birth and any time the baby lived past birth were going to require some extreme measures of care, and numerous specialists and therapists. The moments and days following a birth of a special needs baby are not the best times to be just starting to track those down. Preparations need to be made, not to mention preparing siblings (and yourself) for the special needs of this precious baby. I could continue to give examples of how that information would be helpful, but I think I’ve gone on too long, and most of you are probably skipping ahead thinking “TMI, lady!”

    So, believe me, I am NO GINO fan at all–I wish I’d never heard of the callous, psychotic wacko–but the amnio thing just isn’t the big “aha!” (gotcha!) chink in the armor. She’s got plenty of those–and I can’t wait for Team Levi to start using the ammo they’ve got–but the amnio isn’t it. Plenty of us pro-lifers have amnios, and for very valid, very good reason.

    She just didn’t, because I don’t believe she carried him. And I don’t believe she deserves that precious little guy at all. I just pray he’s getting what he needs–and I pray he never hears the tape of her saying she considered, even for a moment, the idea of aborting him. Yeah, thanks, “Mom.”

    (Sorry for the novel length post. I just really needed to clear up that misconception.) (no pun intended)

  75. txindygirl says:

    226 txdemocrat Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:20 PM
    Got a question for you all…GINO’s timeline of Tri’g birth and when Bristol told her that she was pregnant:
    She said in the speech that Bristol told her a month after Trig was born that she was pregnant
    i think she said that a month after Track left for Iraq….

  76. Canadian Neighbour says:

    If she missed two, I wouldn’t find that uncommon.

  77. txindygirl says:

    at the risk of getting voted off the island….

    i skipped to the last segment, where she talked about trig and choosing life. aside from the theme that only “pro-lifers” value life, i did appreciate what she had to say, and she seemed very comfortable and natural talking about it. it is a sweet subject and she’s a very pretty woman. i can understand how she could appeal to a certain type of voter. just not me. or anyone else well-informed.

  78. Lisabeth says:

    Austintx thanks….that really makes you think of some options no one has discussed. Creepy……

  79. austintx says:

    223 Lisabeth Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 6:09 PM
    What’s the medical specialty of Dr Johnson again? I just could not remember if the doc specialized in incest or child abuse?

  80. wired differently says:

    Interesting Op Ed piece in ADN about the Legislature’s rejection of Ross.

    They’ve got no problem with the ‘side issues’ of racism, homophobia, anti-Native views, misogyny. Nope, the only problem was the legal-schmegal remark and then denying he said it.

  81. girl du jour says:

    wow! she has a very difficult time getting to the point… any point… I couldn’t make it through the whole thing on ANY of those clips.

  82. txdemocrat says:

    Got a question for you all…GINO’s timeline of Tri’g birth and when Bristol told her that she was pregnant:
    She said in the speech that Bristol told her a month after Trig was born that she was pregnant…that would mean she told her mid to end of May, right? Bristol must have missed her cycle between Trig’s birth and actually telling Palin, leaving date of conception mid to end of April. Which would mean the Dec 18th due date that Levi gave was really a month EARLIER than what the due date really was..and that the real due date (40 weeks) would have been mid to end of January (using the dates in GINO’s speech).
    Wassup with that?? They never said Tripp was premature or early..which he WOULD have been going by the date-of-conception/due date, again using GINO’s speech “date reference” of Bristol telling her a month after Trig was born.
    Are they trying to have us to believe that Bristol knew for TWO months before she told GINO? A mid to late Dec due date would mean a mid/late March conception date. sooo…Bristol missed TWO cycles before she figured out she was pregnant (April and May)?

    Second question: Has GINO always used the “I found out I was pregnant while I was in Indiana” scenario?? At one point didn’t she say that she was in her office when the doc told her or am I just getting all her lies confused??

  83. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Don’t forget — GINO will probably be invisible on Saturday as it’s Trig’s first birthday. If anything is released, of course it will probably be via Meg.

  84. Pursang says:

    By the looks of her hair she better have her PAC fork over the bucks to bring back the 6 million dollar stylist person. Yikes, she am scary looking…

  85. Lisabeth says:

    What’s the medical specialty of Dr Johnson again? The one who supposedly delivered a high risk baby in a mom with leaking amniotic fluid? Just trying to remember her specialty as I was thinking earlier about how that may answer any questions. I know we aren’t supposed to talk about this whole thing (or has that changed-wondered because of other comments) so I did not mention names. I just could not remember if the doc specialized in incest or child abuse?

  86. Star says:

    WTF…What’s wrong with her head….Looks like her braincells may be backin up..LMAO

  87. wired differently says:

    I noticed in the ADN article (linked way upstream) about the Legislature being annoyed with Palin’s lack of connection during this session that one of the annoyed ones was Mike Hawker, who voted for Ross’ confirmation. This does not bode well for Sarah, that even someone who voted with her on the, er, misguided AG nomination is so vocal in his criticism about other matters.

    Sux to be Sarah comin’ home.

    BTW, how many attended the Indiana shindig?

  88. nswfm CA says:

    215 Debra Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 5:46 PM
    I think I missed something. ….They are personally anti-abortion, so they concluded that having the test could lead to an abortion (in a different form: miscarriage). Thankfully, they had a healthy girl.

    I just have a problem, based on this personal relationship with my family, that a woman (Palin) that is so ANTI-ABORTION would have an amniocentesis test.

    I think I missed something, also, too. The part that she lies when her lips move. I don’t think you can believe a word this whack-job says. Or her father. I think it’s genetic. (I’m glad your brother’s baby is healthy. I know two women who had 7 miscarriages each before having one kid each, in their 40s.)

  89. nswfm CA says:

    213 honestyinGov Says, I went back to the ADN site after reading your comment and saw the rejection in the upper corner. Earlier in the day, they had a photo with the warthog and other people. Now they have this sad story:

    “Project illustrates local child abuse problem

    A presentation of 879 cutout children named “How Are the Children” represents each of the 317 boys and 562 girls treated in 2008 at Alaska CARES, a clinic that evaluates children for suspected sexual and physical abuse and neglect.”

    Is Grifter Gov still out of state? What happened to her mama grizzy-ness? Way to take care of your state….

  90. Lainey says:

    Sorry, couldn’t participate in this particular blog…just can’t get through any video of this speech with her voice influctions, grunting, and all…I did hear her compliment the local police (sharp?)…uh, funded by federal government, stupid B*T*H! Looks like she’s reaching for that pie in the sky…uh oh. The adulation from those in attendance, albeit limited & screened, is like her drug and she’s a lifelong addict.

  91. yellerdogg says:

    OK – I admit it –
    I can’t bring myself to the point of watching the videos, either. But from the comments made by those who have watched, one criticism of the Palin ‘considered abortion’ narrative is missing.

    Had Sarah decided to go ahead with an abortion, it would have been not only legal but SAFE!

    If Sarah and the other RTLers get their way and re-criminalize abortions, women without means will be forced to seek out unsafe (in many cases, unsanitary) procedures. Because of the fear of exposure, prior to Roe v Wade many abortions happened far later than was best for the pregnant woman. Lives were needlessly risked and the mental health of those women was threatened.

    Abortion is not a 20th or 21st century social problem. During the Victorian Era (especially at the time of the American Civil War) female mortality rates were much higher than they had been due to the high incidence of botched abortions.

    SP has said that while she believes Roe v Wade should be overturned, she doesn’t believe in criminalizing the act in regard to the women involved. Well, that makes only the provider of the abortion (i.e. Doctors and other trained medical personnel) a criminal. Most Doctors wouldn’t take that chance, which would then create a market again for the unscrupulous to make risky arrangements in return for mega-bucks.

    Had Sarah’s ‘abortion dilemma’ occurred when abortions were illegal in America, she would have taken advantage of her financial standing and flown to a country where abortions were safe AND legal.

    Ironically, she would have embellished her foreign travel experience at the same time.

  92. Debra says:

    I think I missed something. Did Palin have an amniocentesis test? If she did, it is normally done between the 15th and 18th week of pregnancy.

    My sister-in-law got pregnant at age 44. They (my brother and sister-in-law) were told it would be a good idea to have an amniocentesis test. They refused because of the chance of a miscarriage. They decided if their child had a genetic problem (like down-syndrome) then they would deal with it. Amniocentesis test can also lead to pre-mature labor and infection.

    They are personally anti-abortion, so they concluded that having the test could lead to an abortion (in a different form: miscarriage). Thankfully, they had a healthy girl.

    I just have a problem, based on this personal relationship with my family, that a woman (Palin) that is so ANTI-ABORTION would have an amniocentesis test.

  93. austintx says:

    207 Karin in CT Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 5:32 PM
    Any nervy 18 year-olds up there in AK feel like filing suit against the Queen? This is great!
    Her lawyer was on MSNBC today. Very impressive. They plan on “taking it all the way”.

  94. honestyinGov says:

    Am I the only one that noticed this…?

    I just went to ADN for the headlines. There are 2 stories about the Fish Board nominee being rejected, but under the Headlines there is NO story about WAR being ‘rejected’..Do they not want to report on GINO’s goofs, gaffes and or embarrassments. Isn’t THAT the biggest story of the Month..?
    Are they embarrassed for GINO… and they have turned into Faux News
    They have a story of her in Indiana on the same day… but not on WAR.

    They also have a story about Palin nominating him though.
    People should call them up and make them put it in the Paper. Or do they rely on the bloggers to report the ‘real News ‘ now.
    ADN needs to be called out for this…. it seems pretty incredible
    Maybe a story written in one of the blogs by someone…. showing their bias.

  95. zyggy says:

    does Palin have a tumor on the back of her head? It’s either that or a bad hairdo.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the scolding she’s going to give the legis, I hope they turn right around and verbally bash her straight to Russia. You so know she’s going to vent like a 5 y/o that didn’t get their ice cream cone.

  96. BS says:

    Hey – Alaska may be bigger than Texas (it’s all about big) but Alaska does not compare yet with weird Texan politics. I know everything I need to know about Texas because of Basic Training and Molly Ivins! I feel for the Texans here – you are worse than we are – give us time though, we’re only 50 years old. Remember the Alamo!

  97. yukonbushgrma says:

    @BodieP Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 3:09 PM
    What I found both instructive and alarming was her constant reiteration that everything is part of some divine “plan”–
    I’m glad you mentioned this, because I’ve been meaning to bring up something. You know, whenever she gets to talking about something divine – heavenly – really special – religious – (you get the idea), she *always* changes her tone of voice. She raises it, but also has an annoying way of softening it at the same time. Yechh, makes me swear I’m hearing harps playing and angels singing. She must have learned how to do that on Sunday mornings growing up.
    * * *
    Bodie, on other points – well said. I’d venture to say it’s much more difficult for a single 16-year-old to face a pregnancy with no money and no prospective support system, than it is for a well-to-do 45-yr-old governor with family support to face bearing a child with Down Syndrome.

  98. nswfm CA says:

    208 txindygirl
    She reminds me of all the bad bosses I ever had.
    Oh, you are right, and that statement brought back some memories of a particularly bad one I had in NYC.

  99. txindygirl says:

    Ok.. halfway through the second installment… This must be the See Alaska! segment. So far she’s whined about the “adversaries” who don’t value a culture of life because she’s opted to speak in Indiana at a pro-life meeting (of course she doesn’t mention the last days of a busy legislative session and that those “adversaries” would like her to be home doing the job for which she is being paid. pesky detail.) Next are those hopeless chocolate-hating reporters – obstensibly because they ask unnecessary questions and don’t believe her answers. Then there those whom she’d like to bop on the head with a hockey stick. Basically, all good emanates only from her. Only her ideas are worthwhile. Everyone else stands in her way with their bad behavior and bad ideas. Poor Sarah. She’s working hard and EVERYBODY else is keeping her from her Godly mission.

    God outdid Himself on Alaska and we are called to develop like mad hatters.

    I think I’m done watching. There must be a Murder She Wrote episode I haven’t seen yet…

    I can see how she can charm a certain type of voter. You know, those 26-percenters. The ones who would still love a Republican even if they had had live TV access to torture at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. The GOP may not respect those neanderthals, but recognizes the need to keep them corralled. Palin could do that. But I absolutely do not see her as a Party leader, or leader of anything. She’s just not leader material. She reminds me of all the bad bosses I ever had. They got away with it for a while, but eventually, they were canned.

  100. Karin in CT says:

    Any nervy 18 year-olds up there in AK feel like filing suit against the Queen? This is great!

  101. austintx says:

    Well -Well – Those fun kids at wonkette just posted this lovely gem. As always , the comments are a scream.

  102. penny says:

    Sort of like Pinocchio, except it’s her hair that grows.

  103. Lisabeth says:

    Oh boy!!! I just read there us a movie being made on HBO about the presidental campaign and they are trying to figure out who will play her highness! Have you seen “the Sarah palin blog” ? Google it and leave some thoughtful comments for the Palinuts!!

  104. Karin in CT says:

    honestyinGov Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 5:22 PM
    (about my #197 post)

    I just realized… wouldn’t if be a nice gesture if WAR gave her a ride home from the airport in that Big Red Hummer of his..?

    I mean, He was AG for 2 weeks… isn’t that something.

    And he’s wondering if his photo will remain on the wall with the other AGs!

  105. Professor Geezer says:

    Edie, every time I have been to see4pee it always reminds me of

  106. honestyinGov says:

    (about my #197 post)

    I just realized… wouldn’t if be a nice gesture if WAR gave her a ride home from the airport in that Big Red Hummer of his..?

    I mean, He was AG for 2 weeks… isn’t that something.

  107. Edie says:

    Been over visiting C4P. I laugh hysterically every time I visit the comment section. Take a look at this comment by someone named Bestbud
    bestbud said…

    The Left in all their self serving glory and high on themselves really have no idea who they are dealing with in regards to SARAH.
    People love HONESTY and INTEGRITY and when combined with a fortitude of conviction and principles they are very forgiving.

    Sarah is Sarah’s best judge in making decisions, after all It is her reputation and honor at stake.

    She has a proven record of the tactical nuances’ necessary to expose her opponents for what they really are.
    SARAH IS GUTSEY AND SLY LIKE A FOX-beneath her natural warm charm and it has served her well.

    Im certainly not in any way saying she is phony but only saying along with her SERVANTS HEART OF GOLD lies ROCK HARD RESOLVE!

    You can’t make this stuff up!! (my stomach hurts from laughing so hard)

  108. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Crazy talk, crazy actions have consequences. Perhaps that is why even the R’s in the Legislator are shooting down GINO’s appointments. See? Look what happened to Rick Perry of TX (whome GINO has endorsed) today?
    Source: The Dallas Morning News

    AUSTIN — House members virtually wiped out Gov. Rick Perry’s office budget today, to help veterans and the mentally ill.

    With little debate, the House on a voice vote approved erasing 96 percent of the nearly $24 million budget writers had recommended for Perry’s office operation over the next two years.

    Some Democrats cast the House’s move as a rebuke of the governor’s recent comments about Texas seceding from the Union.

    “That’s the headline: Two days after governor says we ought to secede, House zeroes out the governor’s budget,” Appropriations Committee Vice Chairman Richard Raymond, D-Laredo, told reporters….

  109. Professor Geezer says:

    Personally, I hope Palin runs for 2012. It will be the end of her career in AK, and it won’t end well in the primaries, and then the GOP will lose more $$$, and be more fractious. She is not a national phenomenon. I went to a New Year’s Eve party where three people were talking about her “internal negatives” being so high that the GOP knows it is suicide to have her on another ticket. That is why so many of them are backing away from her now. They are just “using” her, dangling her like a carrot in order to keep “the base” donating. But she will never be on another national ticket again. Even McCain was trying to signal that!

  110. honestyinGov says:

    How about it Alaskans !!!!

    When does the Gov’s plane touch down.. And will you be at the airport with your sign to ‘ greet ‘ her…? Somebody MUST be getting some pics…?

    I suppose ADN will give me a Breaking News email though.

  111. austintx says:

    186 BS Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 4:42 PM
    This is her audience – she is so animated – she loves the adoration.
    It literally is like a mega hit off a crack pipe for sarah. She is one sick little puppy. I could not be any more serious.

  112. Mattie says:

    he’s looking for a job in the next campaign. I get sick to my stomach at her running again.

  113. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Canadian Neighbour Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    It’s like the story on Huff by the lawyer who vetted Palin.

    One of his statements was : “She has lots of presence. She filled up a room.”

    If he spoke truthfully, he would have said ‘She filled up his pants’ as my thought was what you are thinking re Matthews. That was his brain.
    OMG! I’m laughing so hard, lol! too funny! And true, too, also… 😆

  114. penny says:

    Jah.. and here goes my pettiness.
    NO money for lip plump sessions.. her lips were back to their true cruella deville .. thin and snarky
    and where was that Revlon Pink gloss? Guess the whole “lipstick” thing OH WELLY..

    There was a Christian site, I didnt bookmark, that was in upheaval after Bristol’s presense on the Greta show
    Comments went on and on about how her abstinence isnt reality comment was plain wrong and how Sarah should of stuck up against it ..

    So there are Christians that have their radar out..and they should! They shouldnt cower in their beliefs under a rockstar mesmerization like so many Palin supporters seem to be. They put her on such a high pedestal and then when she goes against beliefs they defend her.. like the whole wolves shooting thing. That hits home with everyone with a conscious… but they defend it.. ’cause “Sarah says..” ..

  115. I nearly choked on the introduction by the obviously clueless Steele, so I’ll have to wait and make a big batch of popcorn before I tackly the speech by Palin. The whole thing just makes me want to stand up and scream at the republicans – are you all nuts!?!

  116. nswfm CA says:

    From that vetting link above:
    The lawyer responsible for vetting Sarah Palin as vice president insisted on Friday that the Alaska Governor was more than qualified for the job.

    “She would have been a great vice president,” said Washington power lawyer A.B. Culvahouse at an event at the National Press Club. “And as I told John [McCain] she would have been ready on January 20. I don’t think many people would…. She has lots of presence. She filled up a room. Me and two of my most cynical partners interviewed her and we came away impressed.”

    Yeah, and your grammar school English teacher just rolled over in her grave….your logic undergrad professor just threw up and your law school just recinded your diploma.

    You represented EXXON? keep bragging about that one, because karma’s coming to get you for that one.

  117. Karin in CT says:

    Okay. I just suffered through the speech and I have nothing of substance to add to what other posters have wrote. So, *sigh* I will have to resort to snark…

    Was the lighting really bad or is a bulb burned out on her tanning bed? There was a huge extra-white patch on her neck.

    Can someone please watch the thing again (I just can’t) and count how many times she pushed her bangs back? I guess SCARAH PACK doesn’t have enough money yet to spring for her to get a hair cut.

    I CAN NOT stand her!!!!!

  118. honestyinGov says:

    Just like Palin… this is the ‘ too weird ‘ to be true almost.
    On HuffPo
    “Anti-Gay Group Sends Letter To Colbert Thanking Him For Mocking Them”
    Colbert just tore these people UP !!!… with his own version of their commercial mocking them and They sent him a thank you letter.( ????? )
    Their thinking…. He showed their full-length commercial for Free.
    Showed them what a bunch of AS%#@*%@… they were… but showed the commercial.
    The same commercial that bashes gays… but uses ‘rainbow Coalition’ in the ads. I do hope they never get hold of an urban dictionary.

  119. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    Mattie Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 4:35 PM

    People don’t listen to the content, they are just mesmorized by her. I don’t get it.
    Me either. Wasn’t it Rush who said that words mean something? When did people get so stupid?

  120. nswfm CA says:

    93 Ghostbuster, thanks for translating the BS Generator AKA Grifter Gov.
    144 karen marie Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 3:28 PM

    i had similar thoughts. one of the things palin said was that [when tripp was born] “I felt a love I had never felt before.”
    I think I hear 4 older kids saying, GEE, THANKS MOM! What are we, chopped moose liver?
    127 daisydem Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 2:50 PM
    ….Did she even mention Bristol by name? I mean what has happened to her oldest daughter is very, very relevant to the message of this group she is addressing. She didn’t tell Todd for 6 months that she was pregnant? How intimate are they? My husband would suspect; he would probably know within a month or two, he really would and I don’t want to share very personal intimate details, but all of you married couples (men or women) know I am right.
    Give me a break, Grifter Gov. Like your husband wouldn’t have noticed after you’ve had 4 kids!

    A slender 21 YO I know got pregnant and you could tell just by looking below her neck and above her waist that she was pregnant. This was before 9 weeks. She chose to have an abortion because the 48 YO sperm donor was a bi-polar (off his meds) alcoholic who was abusing drugs again after he had knee surgery. She moved back in with her mom and made the right choice for her.

    His ex wife (my neighbor) paid 5K for him to get a week of drug rehab because his psychiatrist said if she didn’t, he was suicidal and would be dead in a week.

    The 21 YO made the right choice for herself and had a legal abortion. And we know how Grifter Gov is about things that are legal (oh who cares, I’ll do it until a judge tells me to stop, appoint someone to the seat in Juneau illegal or not, etc.).

    Since she thinks we’re going to use up all the money in the world, I’d like to see her get off the government health insurance, and make sure the rest of her family pays their own way, since that’s so socialist….

  121. BS says:

    Hey you long time Alaskans out there – I watched all the clips except the last 1 1/2 – I just couldn’t do any more than that. Do you hate it when people brag about Alaska? What’s the cutoff? When are you considered a cheechako and when a sourdough? This is really a peeve with me. I was born and raised in Wasilla – back in the day. I don’t feel the need to one-up people as to how long I’ve been here. WTF?. How embarrassing for Sarah to give that speech in the States. Did the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce donate to her? And as far as her bragging that she had Trig, I can’t wait until she is busted on that one! Couldn’t bring him because Todd said he had the sniffles. More like he stayed home with his real mother, whoever that is. This is her audience – she is so animated – she loves the adoration. Her demeanor is quite different when she is here and addresses the press. And she loves Alaska so much! I think there are many, many Alaskans who are wondering about that. I can’t wait until she goes away.

  122. Professor Geezer says:

    But Mattie, Palin lost that debate. All the polls said so. Tina Fey’s send-up of Palin’s debate performance was perfect: “Pageant Walking” section, indeed!

  123. Mattie says:

    Just like with the debate with biden, she did it her way, she wouldn’t answer the questions.

  124. Mattie says:

    People don’t listen to the content, they are just mesmorized by her. I don’t get it.

  125. Janet in Texas says:

    Yup. I too believe that Trigg is Bristol’s. That dog and pony show yesterday was to attempt to get that fact out of the limelight. What Palin really meant was that she thought about forcing Bristol to abort Trigg.

  126. Mattie says:

    Men, I can’t believe them. They think she’s hot, of course she’s going to be 3 years older by 2012, I hope she keeps her looks. When glen beck talks about her I am sure he has an accident each time.

  127. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    The only “choice” Mrs Palin supports is the choice of a rapist to choose the mother of his child.

  128. ChicagoMom says:

    This is what I think is interesting about the HuffPo vetting article:

    “The second most talked about V.P. option — Connecticut Independent-Democrat Joe Lieberman — was not a practical choice due to legal hurdles. “Five states have sore loser statutes, he said, “[making] it very difficult for someone who’s not a member of the Republican Party to become the vice presidential nominee if they only switch parties to become a Republican shortly before the convention.”

    Gee, it seems like the Republicans have laws about doing the kinda thing Palin’s been trying to do with the Juneau seat.

  129. antiAnti says:

    Unbelievable! That vetter failed to mention that you can see Alaska from Russia. He must be having an off day.

  130. Lisabeth says:

    That vetter just happens to be speaking up now?? Haha Just when Palin is in the news every day in a bad light. His timing is highly suspicious!

  131. UK Lady says:

    Re: The Vetter – well he would say that wouldn’t he. I wouldn’t hire him to pick my nose.

    Doubt he’ll be getting that kind of work again in a hurry.

  132. Lisabeth says:

    Marzapan that is very intersting about the date of amnio. That means Palin is lying. We already know she lies bit that is a significant lie. I just don’t believe her story. She is not the mother. How could she not tell her husband it’s all so unbelievable

  133. Professor Geezer says:

    “She filled up a room.”
    Yeah, egomaniacs do that.

  134. austintx says:

    162 UK Lady Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 4:00 PM
    Does anyone know of any “christian websites”, I would be interested to see what they are saying about this ‘choice’ Gino made?
    google is your friend. Put in “christian websites” , it’ll scare you.

  135. Canadian Neighbour says:

    crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    It’s like the story on Huff by the lawyer who vetted Palin.

    One of his statements was : “She has lots of presence. She filled up a room.”

    If he spoke truthfully, he would have said ‘She filled up his pants’ as my thought was what you are thinking re Matthews. That was his brain.

  136. honestyinGov says:

    Maybe I missed some comments..But did everyone see the new HuffPo story…?

    “McCain Vetter: Palin Told Us Everything, Would Have Been A Great VP”

  137. Mattie says:

    I think trig is bristols, why wouldnt she release the records.

  138. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    Hope this hasn’t been posted. Kinda sickening if he believes this.

  139. InJuneau says:

    Canadian Neighbour–oh, pulleezze, she’d never bother to drive there so you don’t need a wall to keep her out; she flies right on over your country on her way Outside. Not sure they’d be able to drive through Canada anyway; don’t you now bar people with DUIs from entering? I know that’s been a potential problem for some from my neck of the woods who head up for sports tournaments or want to take the ferry.

  140. Mattie says:

    She never did release any medical records, what is she going to do if she runs for pres, she will not be able to dodge the bullet as easily.

  141. AK dreamin in CA says:

    Los Angeles’ school district has an enrollment approximately the same as Alaska’s entire population. Then, add in the teachers, custodians, classroom aides, etc etc and their superintendent has way more executive experience than SP and with a more diverse population and far more langauge groups. Then, add in the parents of all those kids, and the LA superintendent of schools is dealing with a population twice the size–at least–of Alaska. Do you think anyone would say he has the experience to be California’s governor? Maybe. VP? Not a snowball’s chance. He’d be deemed as lacking experience.

  142. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    austintx Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 3:54 PM

    I’m of the school that Trig is Bristol’s.
    Me too!

  143. Mattie says:

    number one. she made the “choice” not to have an abortion, but she wants to take that choice from everybody else. number two, she talks about no taxes in alaska, yet alaska has more pork than any other state, so, isn’t that tax money? and if you all are so rich with resources why don’t you have any money? I love alaska.

  144. Lisabeth says:

    Lori in Los Angeles thanks! Those are huge geography mistakes!! The right wing tried to say her comment about Africa was made up but I have read that it is definitely true- she thought it was a country. Much more will come out at some point from people on the McCain campaign. Wait until she tries to run fir POTUS.

  145. UK Lady says:

    Does anyone know of any “christian websites”, I would be interested to see what they are saying about this ‘choice’ Gino made?

  146. Canadian Neighbour says:

    What I think of at times is that the lower 48 are more protected from Palin than I am. Canada lies between Alaska and the lower 48. Alaska land-butts Canada.

    Anyone up there know whether Canada has a wall built for border security?? I don’t want GINO or DINO crossing!!!

  147. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    lauren SD Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 2:29 PM

    Just watched Chris Matthews and he had two news correspondents/political observers giving their categorial views on why Sarah’s still “star quality” and destined to be the 2012 candidate….. AND aligned her with the Limbaugh faction of the party. What the hell has happened to him lately? He was licking her boots yesterday, also. Too. I wonder if his PSA count is alarming.
    I saw chris Mathews yesterday too…methinks he’s thinking with his little head….!

  148. austintx says:

    I’m of the school that Trig is Bristol’s.

  149. karen marie says:

    back on august 29th palin was telling people she found out trig had down syndrome when she was four months pregnant.

    so not only did she consider getting an abortion but she considered getting an abortion in HER FOURTH MONTH of pregnancy.

    oh my.

  150. honestyinGov says:

    (Sarah talks about 2nd largest school system)
    It’s probably just a ‘little thing’ but on the one tape where she was bragging about how much she knows about Alaska geography and all (yeah .. Sarah… most High School students know that too…IF they ..STAY IN SCHOOL??) and the fact that she knows these things because… her dad a was a teacher…. and they would tell stories around the dinner table.
    She said something like…(in her bragging way) “Alaska has the “2nd largest School system”… huh…? The whole State only has about 600-700K people. The population of a medium sized City anywhere else in the US. And just a fraction of those numbers are kids….

    I heard with some news report on education (Obamas’ Cabinet pic from the Chicago School system) that Detroit was #1 and I think Los Angeles #2. Maybe Alaskans could clarify or know what she was ‘TRYING TO ‘ say. The statement has to be wrong though. Some kind of an attempt to say she is in charge of something really big and her Governing abilities I guess. Not all that important…. but I think she is just making stuff up.

  151. InJuneau says:

    @Canadian Neighbour–You’re welcome. Thank goodness we have no chance at being the southern most state too!

  152. penny says:

    Well she felt the rushing wind of people that adore her. .. ready to revive her engine! Two days off from having to care for Trig.. schmancy hotel and lavish praise.. She is the Woman of the day!
    Then she gets back to reality.. I hope they stomp all the life out of her back in her governor position (the one she is paid for)
    I don’t wish ill on her.. it’s not like that.. just gaining adoration by playing on peoples anit=nism.. if that is a word
    Guns, OIL drilling at the expense of who cares, moral issues, blaming everyone under the sun and making snide remarks .. katie c., clothes.. ect.

    Its like the person that bad mouthes everyone behind closed doors but not to peoples faces. Her performance last night was a bottled up Palin waiting for praise and claps and love to energize her.. while blaming the world and taking stabs at Obama and encouraging people to be against him..

    Crazy lady.. she’s playing to the base that I wish would evolve away .. I thought a generation or two perhaps.. but she keeps that mindset going.. and the outcome is only hatred and separatism covered in a christian glow…

    Chris Matthews is a woose .. he slammed her ’til obama was selected as Im sure he was pro Obama.. then let his puppy dog swoon loose .. he’s pushing 50? so I guess she looks pretty hot to him..
    another big fat

  153. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Geeze! I was scrolling down and holy-moley! Is that a dead squirrel on her head????
    Wow! That is over the top! She must of been having a awful hair day. Her hair teased so high……?
    That really is gross.

  154. Professor Geezer says:

    Thanks, UK Lady. A great read! Starship Palin needs to find a new Mothership…

  155. Canadian Neighbour says:

    the problem child IS MY NAME!,
    Even with the mistakes, I’ll give him credit for at least vocalizing what no others have. They’re stuck on the Trig story and slopping it up. The only place to see most info is online.

    Thanks for info re eastern state. Pulled up map and saw what you explained.

  156. asiangrrlMN says:

    the problem child, I hear you. In fact, the reporting on that incident was sloppy all around. The problem wasn’t that he defended the sculptor of the KKK statue (which was legitimate given the context), the problem was that he did it in such a way that it was clear he had issues with African Americans.

    dixie-chik, what in the world are you trying to say? If you are defending Palin, please be more literate. If you are dissing her, please make your irony more clear. Thank you.

  157. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    karen marie Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 1:40 PM


    did she ever get around to addressing the issue that brought her there — making it illegal for anyone to make anything except the choice she made?
    What I don’t get about these “pro-choice” “right to life’rs” is why don’t they use birth control? Why are they against it? If everyone practiced birth control there would be less “inconvenient truths” (got that from a idiot on Phil’s blog) There might not be any abortions to protest about!

  158. austintx says:

    Tina Fey came back to SNL as a joke. Just google her. She was golden and peachy keen way before sarah even got elected Gov.
    And if you need a prognosis on the sheep that buy sarah’s lame crap – Janeane will break it down for ya. She starts at the 3:00 mark.

  159. Aw heck, my own typo: close that quote after “statue”! Fortunately, I’m not an opinion maker, just an opinionator…

  160. dixie-chik says:

    SP wants to be president in the worst way. And she’s off to a great start. Sorry Alaskans. She’s definitely not into you any more.

  161. I’m po’ed about the typo in the Cafferty page “KKK statute” rather than “KKK statue. It’s also sloppy to say he was defending it, when the really objectionable thing (to my mind) is that he was attacking a student who objected to it.

    I hate it when well-meaning opinion makers get their facts (and/or spelliings) wrong…it opens them up to attack and damages their credibility.

  162. karen marie says:


    i had similar thoughts. one of the things palin said was that [when tripp was born] “I felt a love I had never felt before.”

    she already had four children.

    it’s pretty clear though why she loves tripp so much. she recognized before he was born that he’d be an effective propaganda tool.

    she is a revolting excuse for a human being.

  163. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Moose Pucky Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    Moose Pucky also cannot do video.

    We all need to respect life (lives of wolves also) and also keep the government out of women’s personal, difficult, medical decisions.
    Moose pucky…thanks for the Wolves! Not one of her minions Gets that she is Pro-Life but she slaughters the wildlife of Alaska wantonly and needlessly!
    The wolves, bears, belugas, polar bears, Moose, need people to speak up for them! Was really happy that DoW had a full page ad to greet the queen and also their ad running all day there… 🙂 Karma is a b*tch!
    Live blogged her speech last night, can’t watch it again! I agree with the mudpup who said it should be used instead of ‘waterboarding’ ❗

  164. ChicagoMom says:


    Was it you who’s posted previously about Palin’s connection to the Third Wave/New Apostolic Church movement? If so, thank you. I’ve been looking into them and they are fascinating/terrifying. I’ve also been passing that info on. People need to pay attention to them.

  165. InJuneau says:

    @Canadian Neighbour–the fact of the matter is that AK IS the eastern most state, as well as the western most and northern most. Alaska extends about 8 degrees over the meridian, so even though they jogged the international Dateline around the fartest reaches of Alaska so that we’re all on the same day and not part today and part tomorrow, we go all the way over to 172 degrees E.

  166. UK Lady says:

    Canadian Neighbour

    Thanks for the link to Jack Cafferty – love him.

    The comments are hilarious, and from CNN’s audience, not just us Gino loathers.

  167. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    @ 128 marzapan

    Brains are not Mrs Palin’s long suit, perhaps she confused CVS with amniocentesis. Either way, there is only one reason to have those tests, and Sarah Palin knew that and that’s why she took them. She was very much pro-choice – for herself – in 2007.

    I wish some reasonable journalist could get close enough to her to call her out on it.

  168. SystemBucker says:

    Well, Crazy Lady Palin must have felt all warm and cozy being praised by her base supporters last night. Her strong religious views can sure pump up her special crowd of ultra-relegious folks but that base is dwindling. What will she do if Steve Schmidt’s advice is taken to heart by the Republican party???

    I find Schmidt’s commentary very interesting and very true and can’t help but wonder how this might effect the Crazy Lady’s ambitions.

    This might be a bit OT but in some ways, I think this does relate.

    From The Huffington Post:

    Speaking publicly for one of the first times since the end of the presidential campaign, John McCain’s campaign manager Steve Schmidt painted a dire portrait of the state of the Republican Party, arguing that the GOP has largely been co-opted by its religious elements.

    “If you put public policy issues to a religious test, you risk becoming a religious party,” Schmidt declared. “And in a free country, a political party cannot be viable in the long term if it is seen as a sectarian party.”

    Full article:

    Have a happy Friday!

  169. BodieP says:

    What I found both instructive and alarming was her constant reiteration that everything is part of some divine “plan”–her governorship, Mr. Steele’s leadership of the GOP, Trig’s birth, the geography of Alaska…I got about to the middle of the third segment and found myself thinking, “God’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.” I blogged a bit about this, and I think I’ll do it again–that attitude is a central tenet of Dominionism, as well as Manifest Destiny. Neither one is good for us. It absolves us from all personal responsibility, excuses all manner of abuses (it’s all part of God’s Plan, right?) and justifies a particularly virulent form of elitism–we’re in power because God wants to be in power!

    I also found it particularly obnoxious to witness her constant self-congratulation at having “chosen” to not “change things” regarding Trig’s birth. I wonder what Trig will think when he gets old enough to understand that? It’s that old, subversive form of discrimination–the “I am black, but O my soul is white” form of racism the Victorian reformers exhibited–the “she is more to be pitied than censured” response to “fallen women.” I find it foul, because it’s always presented as humility, and as love, when it really serves to reinforce all the old prejudices and stereotypes. Why would she single out Trig to use as her example? And why would her decision to bear him qualify her as a particularly pro-life advocate? What about women who face giving birth without a support system? Not to compare battle scars, and I understand that having a special needs child presents challenges, but so does having a child under the best of circumstances–or having a child alone, hungry, frightened, and sick. And I’m here to tell you that it is no kinder to bear a child unwillingly and raise it resentfully it is to choose to end a pregnancy that will put unbearable strain on a mother and family. My two cents.

    I, too, had an unplanned pregnancy. I, too, chose to have the child. I, too, have found great joy in being his mother, and I’ve never, for one second regretted my decision. And precisely because of that I belief to my core that that choice is one that every woman should be allowed to make in a free, informed, and supportive environment. Choosing to be a mother is the first step to becoming a good one.

  170. Professor Geezer says:

    @AsiangrrlMN, Dr. Chill & Wake Up America, THAT IS A HOOT!

    The best laugh I’ve had all day! Thanks.

  171. asiangrrlMN says:

    Canadian Neighbour, you have to try it. It is the funniest thing ever. That must be what it sounds like in Sarah’s head.

  172. ChicagoMom says:


    I watched all the videos and it sounded like she briefly considered not telling Todd, like she briefly considered getting an abortion. All part of the testing of her faith. But he did know, because she said that she didn’t tell anyone else until about a month before Trig’s birth — says it was a sacred time when only she, Todd, and God needed to know. Aren’t you glad you didn’t put yourself through the tapes?

  173. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    It is funny how the right to life and the abstinence crew yap on and on though never look at the real facts about what would happen if the right to choose were taken away.
    Blackmarket, back room unsafe abortions would be the result.

    I can’t watch the speech but read the play by play from the comments last night.

    One thing I have to say is Tina Fey job security? That just shows how out of touch she is. They had to keep bringing her back and pulling her away from her very successful show to do the bits. Tina Fey has more brains in her baby toe than Palin has under that bouffant of hers.

    I personally don’t think Gino is that pretty, I have asked my husband and he doesn’t think she is pretty at all.
    Brittney spears is pretty to but I don’t want her running my state.

  174. honestyinGov says:

    Jack Cafferty’s best answer to
    “What makes people reach for their wallets with SP?…

    To see if it is STILL there. (gotta love Jack )

  175. Canadian Neighbour says:

    I’m afraid if I play them all at once my computer will explode. I only bought it less than a month ago!!!

  176. ChicagoMom says:


    I agree, the pro-lifers never think through the implications of what they ask for. But reason is now their strong point. Christina Page has a good article on the HuffPost called Proudly Part of the Problem, and she talks about how impossible it is to get pro-lifers to agree to the reasonable steps that would actually work to reduce abortion rates — good sex education, contraception. They refuse to even speak about it, even though this is what is proven to reduce abortion.

  177. asiangrrlMN says:

    WakeUpAmerica and DrChill, that was the best suggestion EVER! I am playing all the videos right now (simultaneously), and laughing my booty off. Thanks for the pick-me-up!

  178. marzapan says:


    Do you know if she said in the speech that she got her amnio results at 13 weeks (like she said to People Mag right after she got the vp nod)?

    I can’t handle watching the video to find out myself 🙂

    Argh, that drives me crazy! Amnio is NOT performed at 13 weeks!

    Here’s a quote from Babycenter, comparing two genetic-test options:

    “The main advantage of CVS over amniocentesis is that you can have it done earlier — generally between 11 and 12 weeks of pregnancy, although some testing centers will do it as late as 13 weeks. (For an amnio, you’ll have to wait until you’re at least 16 weeks pregnant.)”

    I’m not quite a tin-foil hatter, even–but this bit of laziness, and the MSM’s complete failure to notice–drives me CRAZY.

  179. daisydem says:

    I tried to watch these clips. Really I did-then I tried to just listen and avert my eyes. I could not watch all of them; so I only heard parts of each one. I have questions: why did she use this personal platform to talk about Alaska and political issues (e.g. oil)? She mixed so much of the campaign/political with an address to a Right to Life group. Did she even mention Bristol by name? I mean what has happened to her oldest daughter is very, very relevant to the message of this group she is addressing. She didn’t tell Todd for 6 months that she was pregnant? How intimate are they? My husband would suspect; he would probably know within a month or two, he really would and I don’t want to share very personal intimate details, but all of you married couples (men or women) know I am right.

  180. ChicagoMom says:

    WakeUpAmerica Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 2:44 PM
    You can actually hit all the play buttons at once and it sounds much more like the real Sarah word salad.

    OMG! I’ll have nightmares about that.

  181. @ Ghostbuster — I think you are spot on about how those in attendance would have “heard” her. If even GINO could be tempted, why all us moral degenerates have to be prevented from making bad choices.

  182. pdx mb says:

    @Ghostbuster, #93: Thanks for your very insightful explanation of Scarah’s parable. During the campaigning, much was made of the religious code language, which ties right into what Prof. Geezer said about having to fill in so much. They really do speak their own language. Thanks for the translation.

  183. DrChill says:

    Critics are upset because she’s talking there in Indiana, or she’s not in Juno when the legislative session is nearly over?

    Sarah made a choice re Trig? So she CONSIDERED “Baby Murder”?
    I think I’ll go over to c4p and talk about that.

    The governor needed to talk to a teacher to get the facts and ‘trivia’ about Alaska. (Could have helped with Katie Couric interview)

    Sarah’s quote from the Declaration of Independence – (Right to Life)
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that -they- are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
    Okay Sarah, The rights of men were expanded to include women and slaves. It doesn’t say “fetus.”

    Question for Palin: Will she accept public money for her special needs child; Cause they’re precious, and Not a burden? Just askin’.

    And for those who want to test their resolve, play all the videos all at once.
    : )

  184. WakeUpAmerica says:

    You can actually hit all the play buttons at once and it sounds much more like the real Sarah word salad.

  185. ct says:

    chicagomom and ghostbuster – I think you are right on in your analysis of how she appears to those who agree with her. It’s a whole culture, and for them she makes perfect sense. Because her remarks are embedded in that culture the “shorthand” works for those listening who are also part of that culture. I grew up in a far more conservative religious culture than I would be comfortable in today, and you articulated it quite well. Thanks.

  186. asiangrrlMN says:

    I hit play, heard that voice, and hit stop. I have forced myself to listen to her several times before. I don’t have to any longer, so I won’t.

  187. Sheesh says:

    Appreciate the effort to load all these segments up AKM but just can’t justify the time to watch as the comments are far more entertaining :). That being said, I did read parts of her speech, specifically about contemplating an abortion. Two thoughts…first, I think that for this particular audience this story is an appropriate one to related. Many faced with the same information have to deal with the difficult decisions and deal with the guilt and anguish and anxiety of whatever decision they make. An admission of contemplating abortion makes her a real person who struggles with temptation (is this sounding like a biblical narrative??? lol!)


    I’m one of those tin-foil hat people who believe that SP was never pregnant with Trig. And for someone who is staunchly pro-life I find it odd that she would have consented to an amnio to avoid having to make those decisions. Then again…something tells me she’s not as pro-life as she’d like all to believe…

  188. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Here is the link to Jack Cafferty’s blog page with his remarks, question and answers received about Palin:

  189. ChicagoMom says:

    Lori in LA:

    I just think that it’s important to understand why she is appealing to her particular base. I can’t stand her. I really, really can’t stand her, and I’m afraid of the damage her incompetency and narrow pettiness could do in ANY office, but I unfortunately know many people who probably still like her, and would consider voting for her. She’s fairly good at speeches (and nothing else). Not Obama-good, but who else is, other than Obama? I feel like Palin is sinking in Alaska, where people are wising up to her, but not so much elsewhere, probably because the Republican Party is just full of losers at this point.

    Sigh. I look forward to a day when I never have to hear about her again, but I just can’t see it in sight. There are days when its funny, and days (like the voting on WAR) when it’s nail-biting and tense.

    It’s funny — yesterday I was SO HAPPY about WAR being shot down, and today after viewing that speech, I’m just depressed again.

  190. Professor Geezer says:

    Amen, Terpsichore.

  191. Scott Palin says:

    Sorry folks, I tried and tried to hit the play button…just couldn’t. Heard too much suffering from those who did.
    Moving on to something else, can’t think of Palin for too long…it’s not healthy.

  192. Terpsichore says:

    I’ve only watched a little of the beginning and the first part of the last segment. Hard to take. It is very difficult supporting a woman’s right to choice because people keep bringing irrelevancies into the argument and because very few people are willing to deal with the actual nitty gritty details of what their abortion legislations – at state or federal level – would actually mean. I mean, if you want to, like, actually enforce the law. But perhaps a topic for another time.

    Sarah says she can now look in another pregnant woman’s eyes with ‘understanding’ of her situation. Well, in one respect yes, but not from a financial and support respect. She cannot fathom what it would be like to be 16, pregnant, have no decent relationship with the father of the baby, have no real financial or other type of support from parents or other relatives, have no health insurance for herself or her baby (or be Black, Hispanic, Arab or Asian, or hooked on drugs, or a victim of sexual abuse) – there’s lots more scenarios she really cannot understand. But yet she said something in the last segment that touched on those issues (I should go transcribe it), which suggested that those mothers asking for that governmental help should all just A) “man up” and stop it, and/or B) put their kids up for adoption, because we all know that if every single abortion last year was not allowed to happen, that 100% of those babies would be adopted by good, loving (presumeably heterosexual) couples. Yes, that last was sarcasm.

    All I have to say (for this moment) is that anyone who attended a Tea Bag Party complaining about their taxes, just better not complain, when, if they have their way about restricting abortion, there will be thousands of new children on the welfare roles that will need a lot of takin’ care of.

    To be fair, some anti-abortion people do try to do good work to help the unfortunate. But then, so do some pro-choicers. Ultimately we all want the same thing – to reduce and eliminate, if possible, any unwanted pregnancy. But trying to do it through legislation is the wrong way (I though the Republican party was all about government OUT of our lives?), and if these people, who call themselves conservatives, are to be believed about their fiscal beliefs, the last thing they would want would be the bigger government that would grow from every child currently being aborted being allowed to live. I can see how my suggestion here is pretty crass, but I see no other way around it. How do you force children to be brought into this world (making abortion illegal would effectively do that) without also guaranteeing those children the right to a safe loving environment to grow up in, health care, education, etc. until they are old enough to make it on their own?

    I have no disdain for people who choose to keep their children under whatever circumstances, but please – let women who are in more dire circumstances than you could possibly imagine still have the chouce to end their pregnancy without the fear of becoming criminals in society. That does no one any good.

    Let Roe v. Wade stand, and stop trying to fetter it. We can all do more good and promote our mutual goal of reducing the number of abortions more effetively by working together to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

  193. eastcoast says:

    DO NOT
    DO NOT

    Do Not in any way compare The Guv’nahs ability to think or her philosophys on what she says in her prepared speechs.

    Her prepared speeches are PREPARED for her.

    She doesn’t think.

    Please listen to her comments off the cuff.
    This is how her mind works.

    She’s not literate.
    She’s not a thinker.
    She’s not a reader.
    She’s not cognizant of the world around her, and I’m not confidant she can catch up.

    That’s the sad part.

    Bye bye Sarah.

    This was your chance.

    You blew it.

    My advise…..write a book (or have someone write it for you)…make a million or so….hunker down in Wasilla… take care of your kids & grand kids… some fishin’, some flyin’, some huntin, and enjoy every minute of it.

  194. Professor Geezer says:

    @Ghostbuster, #93. Your explanation of the parable aspects of Sarah’s story add much to its “power” to a pro-life crowd, but think of how much you had to fill in. She speaks in ellipses. She is one big: …

  195. LibertyLover says:

    I watched all 7 parts. Can I get a Badge of honor?

    Some observations:

    Another politician that wants to tell the world what “her job” is as governor… (President Bush said this a LOT)

    The First half of the speech sounded like a bad book report about Alaska for a high school social studies project.

    I didn’t see any Tea Parties when GW Bush was borrowing all that money from China for 2 wars (not even on the budget) , tax cuts for the rich and bankrupting the economy.

    She’s still mad at Katie Couric.

    Did Todd get his expenses paid by Indiana RTL?

    TODD (not Sarah?) made the decision for Trigg to stay home because he had the sniffles? Interesting.

    Laura Ingraham is single, no? She is also Roman Catholic. I wonder if she uses/ has used Birth Control? And she is a single adoptive mother… shouldn’t she be raising her child in a two parent household?

    She is still mad about: the clothes, Tina Fey, and the interviews to Charles Gibson and Katie Couric.

    She said “Neanderthals” that wouldn’t understand working and carrying a child? Uhhh… that would be conservatives, mostly. Liberals do it every day…..

    Interesting that she thought about abortion, but made a choice… I wonder how she would feel if abortion is available to no one… because that is what she is advocating… denying others the chance to have a choice.

    She said “society influences women — strike that– girls —to have abortions” — I think a woman’s circumstances influence women to make a hard choice, but one that is correct for them at that time in their life.

    Isn’t she lucky that she has Todd to be the primary caregiver to Trigg? What about women who have no one?

  196. WakeUpAmerica says:

    By the way, OT but have any of you noticed that the Alaska government site seems to have been sanitized for our protection? No hint that I could find of Ross on it.

  197. WakeUpAmerica says:

    BARF!!!!!!! Whine, whine, whine. Spin, spin, spin. Sarah Pahlin, the human centrifuge. Hard to forgive you for subjecting us to this, AKM. 🙂

  198. C. Rock says:

    SoCalWolfGal Says:

    it will be interesting to see what temper tantrums are thrown by the toddler when she returns to Alaska, where people are finally getting fed up with this ridiculous charade of playing governor.
    I’m really wondering how Gino is going to pull off this Gov thingy for another year and a half ? Will she make it ?

  199. lauren SD says:

    Just watched Chris Matthews and he had two news correspondents/political observers giving their categorial views on why Sarah’s still “star quality” and destined to be the 2012 candidate….. AND aligned her with the Limbaugh faction of the party. What the hell has happened to him lately? He was licking her boots yesterday, also. Too. I wonder if his PSA count is alarming.

    About Limbaugh. It seems appropriate as he (Rush) is fat and repugnant and she (Scarah) is repugnant and resembles The Naughty Monkey shoes she wore so inappropriately with a black outfit. I bet she wears white heels and black hose before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, too! Also.

    One thing that is intriguing about her same-o same-o spiel in Indiana is that her language matches the hairdo. Unabashedly hussy stupid. Maybe she could use her untapped journalism talent for the cover of “True Confessions.”

    She is latently pissed at her lot in life which is ” just missed being pretty.” Or intelligent. Or “to the manor born.” Or human.

    Oh! Sure!
    Real good, then.

    Thank god for the wonderful people on this blog to maintain my equilibrium and faith in the human race!

  200. phoebe says:

    I also can’t watch or listen to the video. She always sounds like a airhead cheerleader to me & if things are working well for her she really plays the crowd. Love the way she makes the crowd so special & demonizes her most current critics. I say the right wing nuts are really trying to whip something up & they need numbers & it is more scary than amusing.

  201. Hey, Chuck Heath sucks at geography and Katie should call him on it, as invited. The largest island in North America is NOT Kodiac. I mean, can’t she see any of those large landmasses surrounded by water just a bit to the east of her house? or is she too busy keeping an eye on North Korea and Russia to notice those socialistic islands?

  202. lilybart says:

    She is such a liar. She didn’t tell people she was pregnant because of her critics??!!!!

    She didn’t HAVE critics until after she was put on the McCain ticket.

    gag me, the whole thing

  203. yardwork says:

    kettletop – This is OT, but real quick– Is your library access on a stand-alone PC? Even if your library’s PCs don’t have external speakers (for future reference), they may be wired for sound. If so then you can just plug in a pair of ear buds (headphones) to the audio-out port. Unless the PC is really old and doesn’t have a dedicated sound card, most newer off the shelf PCs have sound built in. This is assuming you’re actually accessing a real live desktop/laptop unit if not – apologies.

  204. SoCalWolfGal says:

    This is a speech (well, what did I expect)? This is the ramblings of a mad woman!! She borrowed some clothes, had a few interviews, provided job security to Tina Fey! And the really scary part is the audience – they just loved her. Well, it will be interesting to see what temper tantrums are thrown by the toddler when she returns to Alaska, where people are finally getting fed up with this ridiculous charade of playing governor.

  205. asiangrrlMN says:

    Lori in LA, I feel sorry for her until I think of all the havoc she’s wreaked. Then I just feel sorry for Alaskans and her family.

  206. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Lori in Los Angeles,
    The one that surprised me and I haven’t looked it up was when she asked what the most eastern state was and she said Alaska is the most eastern state.

  207. Tealwomin says:

    Lori…in moments like those – you’re be amazed a the power of chocolate

  208. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Chicago Mom: Thank you for watching the videos with an open mind. It often irks me when my right-wing friends REFUSE to read anything I forward from Mudflats, Huffington Post or Daily Kos. They will only listen to their Fixed News idols and Rush. That said, I also forced myself to listen (just because I do not want to become like my right-wing, closed-minded “friends”) – but I came away with the same opinion of her ineptitude, snarkiness, and inability to communicate effectively.

  209. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Jack Caffery just did a segment asking a question about Palin. He made reference to her having a hard week in that her nomination of AG was rejected. Her pick for AG had defended a KKK member; had referred to gays as degenerates and in (the year) made the statement that ‘If you can’t rape your wife, who can you rape”. Good choice Governor.

    Can’t remember the question – I’m having a senior moment!! Await to hear the responses by the viewers.

    You can go to CNN and see his blog under The Situation Room which will have all the other answers people send in.

    YEA JACK!!!

  210. GlobalVillage says:

    Lori @ 84 – please do not feel sorry for her – compassion yes, for someone who is obviously unhinged. Please let it go. It’s as Professor Geezer says, she gives too much information, she brings stuff to the table that should be left in the drawer.

  211. honestyinGov says:

    Jack Cafferty has a Palin question on CNN for this segment.

    Talking about all the bad things and about Ross.
    He quoted the statement about ‘rape his wife..etc..”

    Question: What is it about Sarah Plain that makes people reach for their wallets…?

    FYI : for those that don’t know… Jack does NOT like SP.
    He had some good jabs at Ross on his commentary before the question.

  212. MonaLisa IS MY NAME! says:

    Lori: It’s only 2-ish in AK. Within a couple-few hours, Sarah will undoubtedly say SOMEthing that will help you get over it….

  213. Ghostbuster says:

    (I can’t watch the videos now, with kids in the room, so a disclaimer – I’m basing this on excerpted quotes and info gleaned from comments on these threads.)

    When Sarah talked about her flirtation with the idea of getting an abortion, she was telling a parable. To understand why she told it and why she told it the way she did, you need to listen to the story the way her audience (base) does. The absolute truth of the “facts” matter far less than the basic religious and moral assumptions that she shares with her base: e.g. that God is responsible for providing the grace by which the faithful can make the right moral choices.

    The story is that she is facing a pure moral crossroads: she can choose abortion, or she can choose life.

    In her story Todd didn’t know about the pregnancy yet, because in order for the story to have maximum impact she must not have any negative consequences (in this world) if she were to choose to abort. In her story, she must be out of state, so that no one would recognize her – *no one* would know. No legal, medical, social, or relationship consequences. No considerations other than those between herself and God. “I thought, wow, it is easy. It could be easy to think maybe of trying to change the circumstances. No one would know. No one would ever know.”

    It is easy.

    So what stops her?

    “I had just enough faith to know that trying to change the circumstances wasn’t any answer”

    Yep, God’s grace (and her modest admission of having “just enough” faith) is the only thing that saves her from moral peril. In order for this point to carry it is critical that noo one know

    Yes, Sarah Palin, who seems to keep a running dialog with God concerning just about every aspect of her life and every decision she makes – Sarah Palin, the epitome of Christianist living – Sarah Palin *herself*, in pretty much the ideal circumstances for being able to get away with it without any repercussions (no one knew, and she knew about the Downs) had “just enough” faith not to take the “easy” way out.

    If Sarah Palin could walk that close to the edge of this moral cliff, what hope could there be for lesser mortals to make the right choice? What hope for women of lesser faith who may be tempted to take the “easy” way, to change those circumstances? Super-Sarah herself was tempted.

    Unless, of course, we make sure that the way isn’t “easy”, and that the choice isn’t there for those women of lesser faith to make. And that is why this story illustrates why abortion must be made illegal. If Sarah can be tempted, anyone can be tempted.

    And the end of the story: having decided to keep the baby, to her surprise (really?) rather than being saddled with difficulties and sadness she is blessed by God and rewarded with unexpected and unsurpassed joy, greatly exceeding any hardships she may experience from carrying, giving birth to, and raising this special child.

    So in the end she comes out ahead. Cause she’s Sarah.

  214. Tealwomin says:

    …she thought about abortion…[I was weak, but made strong]

    Somehow I can not picture this…mainly because she seems to be one who WILL NOT ADMIT when she makes mistakes [takes no responsiblity], so for her to make this statement, it kinda goes against her MO.

    So Toddie was out of the loop, [so we see how easy it is to cut Levi out of his sons life], so were the regular friends & family…that says a lot…we see who’s in charge…LOL

    I guess G_d spoke to her [again], & pushed open her mind & then all was right with the world…Me believes she’s just S T R E T CH I N G whats left of the truth.

  215. Debra says:

    Now, I listened to this once (so don’t hold me to the numbers) and the first 15 minutes were devoted to describing Alaska and political jabs. Then she got into her Trigg pregnancy (why did she hide it; if one loves children and pregnancy why would you hide it?). Followed by her thoughts of abortion (she didn’t say it out loud but that is what she implied). How does a woman that does not believe that a rape victim should have an abortion, EVEN contemplate and abortion? Something does not compute.

    Steele’s announcement of a Palin book and history will show what Mr. Steele? I think the title of the book would be “Don’t Let This Happen to You.”

  216. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Lisabeth says: ” I hope someone goes through who is detail oriented and analyzes it.” You want one of many examples of the word salad idiocy?
    Ok (from a poster at Progressive Alaska):

    I don’t know who researched the “facts” in the speech, but….the largest island in North America is NOT Kodiak in Alaska (stated proudly at the 5:00 mark in clip #2)

    It is Greenland, which is also the largest island in the world.
    Granted it is owned by Denmark, which may have confused her, but it is still in North America.

    Beyond that, there are 16 islands in Canada which are larger than Kodiak, one of them an island province – Newfoundland, which is 13 times larger than Kodiak!

    I know geography is not HER strong suit, but one would think that such a blatant mistake (on such an easily checked fact) would have been caught long before the speech was delivered.

  217. ChicagoMom says:

    Well I forced myself to watch all the tapes, and I have to say I think she did a good job addressing that particular audience. The chocolates, donuts, hockey stick ‘bribe’ — she’s obviously joking. Please don’t make a big deal about it, it doesn’t compare to the legitimate ethical charges against her, like the Arctic Cat outfits, etc.

    She’s obviously campaigning, but for this crowd she’s preaching to the choir. And she does sound like she’s literally preaching. Her ‘confession’ of temptation — thoughts of aborting — is exactly the kind of thing you might hear in a motivational speech in an evangelical church. Believe me, I unfortunately know. And I do believe she was seriously conflicted over her pregnancy. I always thought that the whole flight back from Texas thing was her passive-aggressive way of trying to get a miscarriage/death, which she could then claim was ‘God’s will.’

    I wish we could just bask in the glory of WAR’s rejection, but I’m afraid she’s coming back to your state all revved up from the adulation she received. What I’m worried about is that in spite of all the great Alaskan blogger work, most of the MSM is still missing the complete story on Palin’s ineptitude and lack of leadership. I feel like they often miss the telling details. Has any major newspaper or news show talked about her insulting and illegal way of trying to fill the Juneau vacancy?

  218. Tape Boise Palin says:

    Whenever I hear her say how “precious” life is and how much she loves children, I just don’t buy it. Sounds so phony. I believe she cares too much for herself to have any room for anyone else in her rotten little heart. Boo, Sarah. wicked witch of the North.

    What was she trying to prove by saying she considered “taking care of” her Trigg problem while out of town? That she knows what it’s like to be swayed by public opinion about having an abortion, and being tempted by the “devil?” So she can wag her bony finger in your face and screech “don’t do it!” What gives her the right to tell me what to do?

    And someone else asked why she can’t just let go of all the past digs at her, why she has to constantly comment (like teabags) on them? I think the answer is obvious. She’s so self-focused that she thinks everyone else is focusing on those same jabs at her and that her so-called allies (her base) will commiserate with her and assuage the pain she continues to feel from those slings and arrows shot by her mean ol’ adversaries. “Awwwww. Poor Sarah…those big meanies were just out to get her cuz they’re jealous and godless.” In short, she’s a narcissist w/borderline personality disorder.

    Finally, I hope Levi files a custody suit and orders a paternity test for both kids. And that he sues for defamation. Not that I like him or anything. Someone’s gotta stop those sh#tbirds.

  219. Candy Knight says:

    All you have to do is look at her big, glowing smile and you know why she went–it must have really be hard to leave the adoring crowds of the campaign and go back to Alaska where everyone was “mean” to her. And then they grumbled when she just wanted to leave the state to go spread some of that Alaska goodness to the rest of the country. Some people are so petty. And unpatriotic, since they want to stand in the way of Alaska ending the US dependence on foreign oil.

    Will someone please tell this idiot that Alaska doesn’t have that much oil and gas?

  220. Physicsmom says:

    Sorry, can’t watch it. I’ve seen some of the coverage, but as Canadian Neighbour said, the talking heads don’t know enough about her to “call her out” on the lies and deceptions. Ron Brownstein just said on MSNBC that the Repubs will probably turn to her because they don’t have anyone else, she draws big crowds and they continue to think they lost because they weren’t conservative enough! That’s why we still have to pay attention to what she’s up to, as much as we’d like her to just “go away.” All we can do is document her craziness and use it when the time comes to cut her off at the knees.

  221. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Please help! I am starting to feel sorry for the GINO again. The media is out to get her, the Republican Party is dissing her, the AK Legislators are out to get her, so many people making fun of her and ……….this is all true!
    Well, last time I felt sorry for her, it lasted about 24 hours and then she pulled another horrifying stunt. So, I am sure I will snap out of it soon, but I pray for the day she is out of politics forever (and then I promise to find long-term compassion for this lying idiot).

  222. AlaskaDisasta says:


  223. Tealwomin says:

    …so busy trying to impress that she slips up on her LIES!
    I’m one of those who never brought the ‘wacky ride – while in labor’ story, so here we are with new fillers for some of the gaps.

  224. Lisabeth says:

    I just can’t watch it – everything about her makes me sick. Her stories seemed to have changed. I hope someone goes through who is detail oriented and analyzes it. Also I do not for one second believe a child would come up with “it looks like he has Downs Syndrome” out if the blue!!!! NO WAY!!! do any of you see your kid saying that? They might say he looks funny or something like that.

  225. Lisabeth says:

    I just can’t watch it – everything about her makes me sick. Her stories seemed to have changed. I hope someone goes through who is detail oriented and analyzes it. Also I do not for one second believe a child would come up with “it looks like he has Downed Syndrome” out if the blue!!!! NO WAY!!! do any of you see your kid sati g that? They might say he looks funny or someething like that.

  226. asiangrrlMN says:

    Donna, whaaaaaat? Ross talked about when he and his wife (presumably together) lost their virginity? Boy, am I glad I missed that.

  227. Tealwomin says:

    I’m just saying…

    …all she has is her ‘looks’ i bet she still see herself as she was 20 yrs ago…
    everything is based on looks, wink-wink [that’s different from a blink…OK]. It would do her well to take notice of other women who are Govs, look at their professional style…and apply ‘some…book knowledge ‘ain’t’ of no use to her [or her followers] and those running in her inner circle – who are smarter – are prob frustated with how well she listens…

    …lost their virginity….WTHeck?
    maybe he can tell us when/how he lost his freaking mind…

  228. Professor Geezer says:

    I am totally pro-choice, by the way. I am just trying to make a point about psychological boundaries and Too Much Information…(JMO, of course!)

  229. karen marie says:


    did she ever get around to addressing the issue that brought her there — making it illegal for anyone to make anything except the choice she made?

  230. Professor Geezer says:

    Any of you mothers out there, would you go speak to an audience which you knew would reach worldwide and be filmed, and discuss how you contemplated aborting one of your kids? Any of you dads?

  231. karen marie says:

    sarah palin is hilarious!

    i haven’t watched the entire thing but i listened to sections from all but the last.

    has she completely lost her mind?

    what was with the fun facts she would toss out?

    hasn’t anyone told her that alaska does not contain enough oil to replace what we import from “countries who hate our freedoms”?

    and here i thought that with the teabagging parade over things would be dull.

    those 20 minutes of tape will provide amusement for quite a few weeks, i’m sure.

  232. Professor Geezer says:

    @Yukonbushgrma, Yes! I think you’re on to something there!

  233. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Just watching James Carville and Ed Rollins on CNN with Wolfe. You can tell these talking heads are just that. They spoke on a segment about Palin and her appearance last night. Both thought her genuine in her talking about Trig when she got her test results, blah, blah, blah.

    They both see that she has a good chance of leading the party since there is no one. Blah, blah, blah.

    They don’t read anything to educate themselves about anybody. They just spew viewing a moment of a tape.

  234. yukonbushgrma says:

    Prof. Geezer –
    Possibly she gave TMI to substantiate her story, which may or may not be fabricated. Sometimes when people tell “creative” stories they tend to “protest too much.”

  235. Professor Geezer says:

    @Donna, yes. And in Palin’s case, it is another sign of psychological disorder, by my lights.

  236. nswfm CA says:

    67 Donna Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 1:33 PM
    not unlike Ross’ otherwise inexplicable decision to advise the legislators about the circumstances under which he and his wife lost their virginity? TMI there.

    What? Well, thank goodness I missed THAT!

  237. InJuneau says:

    Donna–yup, TMI also too, in that case. Yikes, like I, or anyone else, needed to know that?

  238. Donna says:

    not unlike Ross’ otherwise inexplicable decision to advise the legislators about the circumstances under which he and his wife lost their virginity? TMI there.

  239. Professor Geezer says:

    What I notice about the “fleeting abortion admission” or whatever it was (in addition to it contradicting what she said last year as Lori pointed out last thread)…)

    It is Too Much Information: TMI. We don’t need to know. Where are her family, her minister, her friends? This is the sort of intimate subject to discuss with them, not with an international audience, post facto. It is not appropriate to admit such a thing in public on film, especially where a child is concerned. Now it is preserved forever.

    It was a bizarre parenting decision from a psychological standpoint to make such an admission. It makes it seem like Palin is so desperate for attention adoration that she will say ANYTHING to get it. Not a healthy mental state to govern from…

  240. ds55 says:

    About GINO’s perceived hotness — Soon after she was nominated by McCain, it was explained on the intertubes that GINO bears a strong resemblance to an adult film star by the nickname of Naughty Librarian. No, she’s not that attractive. It’s the naughty mental association that grabs ’em in the teabags.

  241. Donna says:

    “Stand by your Wayne….”

  242. yukonbushgrma says:

    @ AKPetMom Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 12:32 PM
    The “bumpit” in her hairdo was extra large!
    ah, visions of Tammy Wynette!

    Maybe Lynnrocket can whip up a “hair” song based on a Tammy W/George Jones song!

  243. asiangrrlMN says:

    Lady Rose, I just read the blog entries. Sounds like you all had a fabulous time.

  244. TBNTJudy says:

    Sarah “Bumphead” the Barbarian!

  245. AK Climber says:

    I just don’t understand why she would think that leaving the state at the END of the session is a good idea. She is not working for Alaskans, she is working for her own political gain.

  246. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Wonder when a statement gets issued responding to this issue — Jane Fonda talking about how abstinence only doesn’t work as funding is up for reauthorization by Congress.

  247. BigPete says:

    Donna @36

    She really isn’t that good looking.
    The right-wing twits made a big deal of her ‘hotness’, and everybody else is too embarrassed, or polite, or above that kind of silliness, to make a big deal of how she looks. There!

    P.S. As far as watching the video…NO THANKS.

  248. Bystander says:

    Someone with the time and interest should analyze the pregnancy story told here. It appears she says she considered abortion when she first found out she was pregnant, while “out of town at an oil and gas convention”, NOT after she found out the child had ds. Never told Todd about the pregnancy for months- how disfunctional is that marriage? Hid it until a month before she gave birth (actually 6 weeks, per her claimed birth date). Couldn’t find any information about ds children and didn’t know what one looked like?????.

    I think her pregnancy story is like telling your friends and family you were doing in research in China, when instead you were in jail. If you insist on telling the China story again and again, it will appear more and more implausible and contradictory, and not more convincing with each telling.

  249. Tape Boise Palin says:

    She’s slamming her own constituents at the end of the first video. i know she means the legislators but says ‘some people in my state will crucify me for leavin’ Alaska…” and calls them parochial. then it’s just gobbledegook. She’s even stupider than I thought.

    Attending this event just proves how desperate she is for attention. She only goes to places where she knows she’ll be adored and showered with gifts. “Hoosiers” is Todd’s favorite film. Yeah, right. You betcha. God. I”ve had enough of getting inside these people’s foul heads. I can just hear her askin’ Dud what his favorite film is, as a joke, so he’ll say “Hoosiers.” so she’ll have a cute li’l folksy anecdote to tell the rube Hoosiers.

  250. Apphouse50 says:

    Do you think her kids are secretly mortified every time she opens her moronic mouth?

    Especially the teens. They must just want to run and hide.

    How stupid can a Governor be? Well, in Alaska the stupidity bar has been set reeeeeeeeealy high by this dingbat. I feel for you.

  251. Jim says:

    I find her physically attractive enough, but then she speaks.

    I also find Fran Dreischer attractive enough, save for the voice. But at least Fran speaks from her heart, and about topics that are of interest to more than the extreme far-right…

  252. asiangrrlMN says:

    Lady Rose, great pics of the White House Easter Egg Hunt. Now, I’m off to read the entries!

  253. asiangrrlMN says:

    Donna, think neck down.

    the problem child, I have never found stupidity attractive, but that’s just me.

  254. UK Lady says:

    AKMama @ 11

    Very good points. Well worth digging into.

    Also, too’, agree that with the pro life people surely that means they don’t have to even think about what choice to make. Pro life means no choice, will they not call her out on this?.

  255. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Lady Rose,
    Thanks for sharing your White House Easter Egg Hunt pictures! I totally enjoyed reading about your day!! A long, tiring one — but what a wonderful one to experience!!

  256. mae lewis says:

    I’m wondering if Sarah took a page from the Cindy McCain speech book. I’m reminded of how Cindy wowed a particular bunch of Republicans by telling her Mother Teresa story, about adopting a special child. When people began to actually fact-check, it seems that Mother Teresa was out of town on the date Cindy recalled meeting her and being moved to adopt the child. Never mind, it’s the personal story, no matter if the facts are right, wipe a tasteful tear from the eye and move the crowd. If Sarah loved the applause, she’ll be back with more stories.

  257. wired differently says:

    Thanks, Canadian Neighbour.

  258. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    just one more point before I make myself finish mowing before it rains……..I just read a headline saying Scarah critized President Obama for supporting abortion rights. Has she no clue? This was not just a republican gathering, there were Dems there too, who may not appreciate her doing that. But oh that’s right, she wouldn’t care, open mouth and blab. I’m sure she worked to make sure she got that post election dig in.

  259. Not attractive. Smart and reasonable is attractive. Dumb as a rock, sneering, screetching, not so much. (also half a lima bean, so feel okay judging).

  260. pdx mb says:

    Canadian Neighbour Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 12:38 PM

    Got an idea!!

    Let’s sign Palin & Perry up to go with Blago to Costa Rica for the reality show!!!
    Truly an LOL thought! Thanks for the mental image, my northern friend!

  261. Donna says:

    the tattooed lips? The turkey neck? The hideous hairdos?

  262. asiangrrlMN says:

    Donna, I have never found her good-looking, but I’m pretty atypical, I think. I don’t like overly made-up, overly-fabricated people. I’ve never thought Marilyn Monroe was all that attractive, either.

    In Palin’s case, I think it’s her body that gets so many guys excited.

  263. CrazyInAlaska says:

    RE: Palin family spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton responded in an e-mail to the AP by saying, “Bristol is focused on college, advocating abstinence and raising Tripp.”

    Meg must have missed the interview with Greta. I am pretty sure Bristol said abstinence is not realistic. Ohh, poor Meg, she is just as blind as her “leader.”

  264. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    I’m sayin thanks, but no thanks.

    I’m also sayin here we go again………at least she has to pick from the judicial council choices, no sneakin WAR in there, I hate even typing his name anymore, someone please give me a nickname for him.

    Maybe by Nov. she’ll be recalled or impeached. That’s my dream and I’m stickin to it!


    State Supreme Court gets another vacancy

    Story last updated at 4/17/2009 – 9:20 am

    The Associated Press

    ANCHORAGE – The Alaska Supreme Court is facing its third retirement in two years.

    Justice Robert Eastaugh is retiring in November, handing Gov. Sarah Palin an opportunity to make her third appointee to the five-member court.

    Eastaugh was appointed in 1994 by then-governor Walter Hickel.

    Palin named Daniel Winfree to the high court in November 2007 and Morgan Christen in March.

    The appointment of Christen upset the Alaska Family Council — a conservative Christian group — because she once served on the board of Planned Parenthood.

    To fill the upcoming vacancy, the Alaska Judicial Council is accepting applications through May 15.

  265. asiangrrlMN says:

    kettletop, read the Palin Reacts to Ross Smackdown thread. About halfway in, people start live-blogging Palin’s speech. It’s a much easier way to get through Palin’s ilk without actually listening to it. I won’t be watching, either.

  266. OT, found my first crocus of the year right next to a melting snowbank!

  267. MonaLisa IS MY NAME! says:

    1st vid: Steele trying to be hip.
    2nd:Much jocular bitching about criticism for leaving state (no mention of 90 day leg. session ending on Sunday)
    3rd: Pretty blatant hints for bribes if you want her to come to your event. Bitched that even Hoosier chocolate couldn’t make the media nicer (tho’ Hoosier donuts helped oil execs make our country energy-independent). A little xenophobia sprinkled on top. Muses on hockey stick as effective media-handling device. Segued to travelogue for Alaska. Segues again into listing AK’s disasters. Didn’t correct herself when she said she was born in the year 9.2, tho’ she did tap the mic as tho’ it was to blame. Back to the travelogue. Believes God dumped ‘billions of barrels of oil’ and ‘hundreds of trillions of cubic ft of nat. gas’ in AK with the intent that we humans are to use it to better our world.

    Had to stop, need more Pepto!

  268. ericmiami says:

    Whoops. I was so upset I posted my comments on the wrong story. I wanted to make them here:

    This is not an enchilada. This is what happens in the bathroom after one eats a lot of enchiladas and beans. Poor Silly Sarah. No one to write her speeches and no one to do her hair and makeup.

  269. Cynamen Winter says:

    Out-of-touch, out-of-town, out-of-her-mind…and clearly runnin’ outta time!

  270. Donna says:

    OK–I have to ask this and I’d really like honest responses. I do NOT think this woman is good looking. My husband doesn’t think she is good looking. Do people really think she is?

    I have to say that she has very nice skin. I did notice that. She’s all peachy and glowy. And she always seems very up and happy. Maybe that’s part of it. But I’ve noticed that whenever I’m at an event where she is present, I always hear women gasp and say, “She’s sooooo pretty!” And I just sort of say….Really? *shrug* AKM

  271. ED says:

    I couldn’t listen to Sarah. I just listened to the introduction.

  272. ED says:

    Steele should have had his head face down on a toilet seat when he made that speech. At least then it could have been flushed away.

  273. nswfm CA says:

    29 gayinmt Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 12:42 PM
    OK, I get it now. She knows everything already (like that “I believed that I knew what” AKers wanted stuff in her statement about the warthog being bounced by the legislature), so she probably thinks she doesn’t need Indiana’s help.

  274. aussiegal77 says:

    UGH. I am of the faint hearted and this beautiful Friday afternoon is just too lovely to waste with Palin Shrill.


  275. nswfm CA says:

    Heh! I went to the front page of the ADN to see what they were saying about this and among the other stuff like the fish board guy rejected along with the warthog, her Juneau pick withdrawing his name, she’s getting anti abortion adulation, etc., I saw this:

    Lawyer disputes Palin family characterization of Levi Johnston

    The Associated Press Published: April 15th, 2009 09:20 PM
    Last Modified: April 15th, 2009 09:20 PM

    Levi Johnston’s lawyer is bristling at suggestions from Gov. Sarah Palin’s family that the 19-year-old is a deadbeat dad. “I wish that Sarah Palin’s father would get his facts correct, quite frankly,” attorney Rex Butler said Wednesday.

    Johnston and Palin’s daughter, 18-year-old Bristol, have a nearly 4-month-old son, Tripp. Since the couple broke up, Johnston has claimed in several national television interviews that the Palins were limiting his access to the boy.

    Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, claims in a story being published Friday in Us Weekly magazine that the unemployed Johnston isn’t financially supporting the infant. He said he wishes Johnston would take some money from the interviews and buy diapers for Tripp.

    Butler told The Associated Press that Johnston was not paid for the interviews and is tired of the Palin family’s characterization of his client.

    Heath was “trying to make the young man look like a deadbeat father, and, you know, they may have a rude awakening one day if he tries to get custody,” Butler said.

    “They don’t want to share his child with him like they should,” he said.

    Butler also suggested Johnston and Bristol Palin would likely still have a relationship if the families would stay out of it.

    Palin family spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton responded in an e-mail to the AP by saying, “Bristol is focused on college, advocating abstinence and raising Tripp.”
    Yeah, Meg. It’s the raising Tripp part that is the issue for the father of the kid. And maybe some slander or “lie”bel thrown in.

    I’m glad to see he has an attorney.

  276. Canadian Neighbour says:

    wired differently,
    5 weeks

  277. gayinmt says:

    nswfm CA –

    I hope you didn’t misunderstand me. Palin said Indiana has the best or sharpest or something cops in the country. I was pointing out that she is the governor of another state so maybe they should work on it there.

  278. wired differently says:

    I don’t want to listen, but last night there was some discussion of whether she said Trig was born 8 weeks early or 5 weeks. Was that ever resolved?

  279. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Got an idea!!

    Let’s sign Palin & Perry up to go with Blago to Costa Rica for the reality show!!!

  280. Lady Rose says:

    These videos need to be sent to the CIA to use on prisoners now that they can’t waterboard any more – even the most hardened thugs will crack having to listen this woman

    OT: I have photos up of my trip to the 2009 White House Easter Egg Roll – we had a blast. Stop over and take look if you have are interested – I posted asome photos this week and will post some more next week

  281. gayinmt says:

    nswfm CA –

    She said something like that. I paraphrased. I have this unconscious mental block when she talks and I only hear like every other word.

    Maybe she only SAYS every other word. Actually, that would explain a lot… AKM

  282. AKPetMom says:

    I think that the extra large “bumpit” in her hair is to try to make people believe that she has a brain in there! “Looky here you guys, my brain is so big that it makes my hair stand tall”!

    As was said in the south where I grew up, “the higher that hair, the closer to God”.

  283. Moose Pucky says:

    Moose Pucky also cannot do video.

    Why criminalize women and doctors who must make difficult choices in trying circumstances? What about the men involved in unwanted pregnancies? Why not work harder to prevent unwanted pregnancies? Why not have some compassion for those who have had to make difficult choices? Why not respect women and their rights? Why should anyone else, particularly male legislators or judges, have any say about such a personal, private subject relating to women?

    Better to put the energy into things that will pull us together, rather than the things that drive us apart. Palin has not learned this basic lesson. She prefers to polarize.

    We all need to respect life (lives of wolves also) and also keep the government out of women’s personal, difficult, medical decisions.

  284. rebekkah says:

    She’s a woman with a bigtime grudge. Knuckling Katie Couric, her “adversaries” (if I got that right) up in Alaska giving her a hard time….oh, and she had to again mention her two interviews, joking about borrowing “clothes”, federal dollars with strings. Always a little dig in there, why can’t she just let all that go?

    The speech was about Alaska trivia, progressing Alaska, country, then HERSELF, and she spoke very little about Pro-life. She shared her experience, which am sure they wanted to hear.

    But, I always felt these conventions with a guest speaker do no good for the cause. Giving her story – other than awareness what does it do? Just like any other cause, how does speaking get any legislation in place, or talk about solutions. No mention of state dollars maybe opening shelters for young unmarried teens with no money, or family. No mention of where the dollars go to give young girls who choose to keep babies, to get work counseling, training. No mention of programs that could increase a girl’s chances of success.

    Just Sarah talking about herself. And, meanwhile back home…..

  285. nswfm CA says:

    16 mwThatOne.. Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 12:27 PM
    Wonder why she didn’t try Hollywood first? The entertainment factor is growing thin what with so many other important things/people to think about. arghhhhhhhh.
    Oh, please, PLEASE don’t send her down here!

  286. AKPetMom says:

    The “bumpit” in her hairdo was extra large!

  287. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    Thank you kindly, but I don’t believe I’ll have any of that (said in my sweetest Southern accent).

  288. nswfm CA says:

    13 gayinmt Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 12:25 PM
    You have the best law enforcement in the country! Maybe you should work on it in your own state then.

    Did she say that?

    If so, HUH? Don’t they have the meth abuse problem there? Could they work on that a little more, if so? And what about some of the other problems I’ve read about in ADN and here on Mudflats?

  289. palinoscopy says:

    I just can’t stand to listen to her. I tried. I really did, but about two minutes of her voice is all I can take.

  290. mwThatOne.. says:

    Wonder why she didn’t try Hollywood first? The entertainment factor is growing thin what with so many other important things/people to think about. arghhhhhhhh.

  291. kettletop says:

    I only get to check on Mudflats from the library, so I can’t listen…and I thought you would take one for the team and listen to it all so that we didn’t have to…and just give us the good stuff with your keen wit and attention to detail….


    Alas, I am at work, and was out last night, so I have only heard bits. I may give it a go later this evening….unless something else happens, which it always seems to. AKM

  292. pearl89 says:

    She makes my head hurt.

  293. gayinmt says:

    You have the best law enforcement in the country! Maybe you should work on it in your own state then.

  294. CRFlats says:

    I wish I could watch it, but I live in rural Alaska, where our internet speeds are still stuck in 1990. Too bad we don’t have a Guv who could improve our communications technology, and introduce some economies into our state. The price of paradise is sky high costs for electricity, heating fuel, slow-mo communications and an a broken Executive Branch.

    I also have better things to do today, as the sky is blue, snow is melting and it is down right bring you to your knees beautiful outside my window.

  295. AKMama says:

    Ok, I’ll admit, I didn’t and I wont watch these, but I did read part of the speech this morning. At the point where she’s talking about finding out that Trig had DS, it seems like she’s changed her story. Didn’t she say she received a call while in her (Anchorage?) office from CBJ with the amnio results? This is what she said in Indiana according to an article on AOL, “She was on a trip out of state at the time, she said, and “just for a fleeting moment I thought, ‘No one knows me here; no one would ever know.’ … My amniocentesis came back and then I understood why some people would think they could change their circumstances, just take care of it. Todd didn’t even know” the results of the prenatal testing yet, so “no one would know.””

    So, was she on a trip out of state, or was she at her office? Or did I miss something because I didn’t listen to the whole speech?

    Also, too, she hadn’t told Todd yet? Even though she was far enough along that she had results from an amnio? That’s usually done around 14-16 weeks. What kind of marriage do they have that she hides something like that from him for so long?

  296. Bonnie says:

    I know you worked hard to bring to the mud pups the latest speech, but I must go take a pain pill can’t sit here and endure any more and if I watch I will surely get nauseated too.

  297. austintx says:

    Saw it live. Been there , done that. No , don’t need the t-shirt.
    Thanks , but no thanks.

  298. libby says:

    I love the whole “see, I do know my geography” section. Who did Katie think she was asking Sarah those questions. She should have known to ask Heath. WTH?

  299. Fish Hawk Road Jody says:

    After listening to her “live” last night I had nightmares. Nightmares that she became Gov. of my state. Nooooooo…we just got rid of that narcissistic weasel Blago. Yikes. LOL She is ignorance on display.

  300. Jim says:

    Sorry, can’t do it. Got more important things to do, like watch my weeds grow. “We do not torture”.

  301. FW says:

    I somehow managed to listen to this in its entirety. It shows just how hokey, self centered, narcissistic, and completely out of touch with reality Sarah Palin is. Maybe she was auditioning for a position with the RNC.

    There are so many things wrong with her, I just don’t know where to begin. Like did she just admit that she thought about having an abortion? Can she really be bribed by chocolate, donuts, and hockey sticks? Did she admit to being bribed? Did she dclare all those gifts, and pay taxes on them?

    Again, she uses her family for her own purposes, and brigs up each one by name…ugh, my ears are bleeding

  302. MonaLisa IS MY NAME! says:

    But… I just ate! (*grabs Pepto bottle*)

    Ok, here I go. Wish me luck!

  303. DropOfKim says:

    Quick! There has got to be some sort of antidote for too much of this woman!

  304. gayinmt says:


  305. pvazwindy says:

    nothing but palinese

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