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May 22, 2018

Open Thread – Tufty Terror


A little Halloween amusement. I posted this on the Mudflats Facebook page yesterday and it’s still making me laugh!



16 Responses to “Open Thread – Tufty Terror”
  1. MrEguy says:

    Not exactly stuck. The head was on a string and he was playing with it. See the full article in the Daily Mail:

  2. mike from iowa says:

    That picture actually looks like the motor city madman-Ted-I didn’t serve my nation super patriot-Nugent,extolling President Obama’s good qualities to a bunch of drunk NRA zealots.I think he usually wears a coon or fox tail,but he is running out of places he is not banned in.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Before Pat Robertson or Tony Perkins can blame Obama for this disaster,I lay the blame squarely on Jersey guv Christy because he is obese and therefore slothful. Besides he is a rwnj and I truly almost believe Mother Nature has had a gutful(pun intended) of science deniers and environmental destructionists. Unlike certain others,I do not rejoice when innocent people suffer the sins of rwnj. Sincerely,ike from miowa.

  4. Jeanne Devon says:

    I do hope our East Coast Mudflatters check in when they can and let us know they’re all OK! Sending good thoughts as we in Alaska watch the unbelievable images on TV and the internet. Stay safe and dry. <3

    • merrycricket says:

      Bubbles is in NYC and is without power due to the ConEd power station explosion. Her daughter has been iin touch and neighbors are making sure she doesn’t need anything. She is 16 flights up so she is a little stuck. I imagine the neighbors will bring the party to her.

      • Forty Watt says:

        Thank you so much merrycricket. I tried to contact bubbles yesterday but seeing the situation this morning realized she would be without power – zyx too.

        We have no power, but we do have a generator – thanks to Irene last year we got organized. No phones of any description. Thank goodness for the Internet.

  5. Lacy Lady says:

    Grandson flew out of NYC just in time. He now worries about all his NYC friends.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Glad he’s out and hope his friends are ok.

      • Lacy Lady says:

        Yes—so far everyone is safe! Thanks for caring

        • mike from iowa says:

          We are not all safe,in case you missed this-the Register,Sioux City Journal,Quad City Times and CR Gazette all endorsed Money Boo Boo for sand box monitor. I hope it is just a case of reverse psychology.The Registers endorsement is really a surprise.

  6. Alaska Pi says:

    Needed a good laugh! Thanks AKM!
    Waiting to hear from son of Pi in Maine how family is doing. Pics of big waves and tales of high winds and power outages from his area are coming out.
    They are not near as likely to get the troubles so many others are.
    Hoping all Mudpups and their loved ones, familes and friends and neighbors, do ok.
    Special hugs going out for Zyx in the big city.
    Take care all and let us know how you are.

  7. slipstream says:

    Oh no! Zombie squirrels!

    Hurricane Sandy went right through Atlantic City. As far as I can tell this is God’s way of telling Donald Trump to shut up.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Well I wish Trump wasn’t such an roaring egotistical stupenagle that so many others have to get wet to get through to him!

  8. mike from iowa says: Now rwnj are wanting more guv regulations to protect a young rape victim from the father of her” legitimate” rape. He was sentenced to probation so he could pay for the child and he wants visitation rights. The Democrat nominated Judge said this is a matter for family courts,nutter’s heads exploded. A 14 year old Florida schoolgirl gave birth in a school bathroom,smothered her child,placed it in a shoebox and left it in her room until the smell alerted her mother,who called police. The girl was arrested and could face murder charge. No word on how she got that way or the person/persons who are responsible. Must have been immaculate conception all over again. Where are the “uterus” police when needed? Of course this was all unnecessary if both girls had abstained from sex. Don’t they teach that anymore?

  9. zyggy says:

    too funny, thank you so much for posting that.

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