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June 19, 2018

Open Thread – Sandy

[A street in Atlantic City before Sandy made landfall there.  Photo from]

We’re all sending good wishes to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, or Post-tropical cyclone Sandy, or Blizzard Sandy, or whatever the current categorization of the storm happens to be.

We’ve got many Mudflatters in the NYC/NJ/PA/CT area, who have experienced flooding, downed trees, and wind damage. The photo below is from Mudflatter Mrs. D, of the Mudflats History Department who is located in Northern New Jersey. She’s well above sea level, but not immune from falling trees. She’s got no power and the photo was sent from a phone.

Please stay safe, everyone, and feel free to share your images of the storm and aftermath when you can. Send to akmuckraker at yahoo dot com.



17 Responses to “Open Thread – Sandy”
  1. Moose Pucky says:

    Hell of a storm. Too many people died. So much damage. Folks still stranded and out of power, water, and food.

  2. Ripley In CT says:

    Ok, so that sucked. No damage at my house but for spoiled food in the freezer, even though I had it packed with ice. Power left me Monday later afternoon and I got it back Wednesday night.

    Friends of mine a few towns over had a 100 year old tree come down, partly on their house. Nobody hurt, but lots of damage.

    Bubbles had her sister stay with her during the storm. They were very close to the evacuation zone in lower Manhattan and I understand they might not have power, still. JHop left her apartment and hit a Hotel after going without power a day or so… Lightweight!

    I’m used to living without power, having grown up here in rural CT. As a kid, our house had a well pump, so no water if we had no power. That was not easy. We always had heat, though, with wood. Now, I have water but no heat when I lose power! Luckily, this storm was accompanied by warm weather. It’s getting chilly now, and I feel badly for the people in the state without power, mostly along the coast. People lost everything down there in some places.

    Google Misquamicut Beach Flood. That’s the big RI beach on the Atlantic, where everyone goes in the summer. What a mess. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll see the destruction. Still, some of those cottages have survived many many hurricanes, including 1938, which pretty much wiped the beach clean in some spots.

    I’ve been traveling around with my camera, but haven’t found the “shot” yet. I’m sort of happy about that.

  3. Simple Mind says:

    Well, proof that we’ve entered a parallel universe. Today, Michael “Brownie” Brown, attorney for horse breeders, political hack and stunningly incompetent former head of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina and the drowning of New Orleans publicly criticized President Obama’s leadership during Hurricane Sandy as acting “too fast”. More evidence that if a Democrat observed that the sun rises in the morning, the Republicans would claim that its dark all day.

  4. Lacy Lady says:

    There are moron in Iowa—wanting to vote out all of our judges. Vanderpoop and his cohorts!

  5. We were just back in the Boston area in mid-October, mainly around Plymouth, Boston and Salem for the last half of our trip. We did spend the first few days on the western side of the state. It was beautiful and the weather was sometimes a challenge. We even had a day that was too hot (and humid) for jackets. The rest of the time it was jacket weather and sunny with more wind than I expected. The trees were beautiful, the history was all around us.

    But what impressed me the most was how friendly and helpful everyone was. Yes, I expected that from people who worked in the restaurants and hotels and the park service, but we found people who went out of their way to help us find places or places to park – quite a challenge along the Freedom Trail in Boston.

    It doesn’t sound like Massachusetts is getting the same brunt of the storm that we are seeing in New Jersey or New York, but wind and rain in areas that are low lying or close to the coast accompanied with power outages is hard on everyone.

    Please stay safe if you are there. We may be far away and safe and dry but we are all thinking of you and hope you recover quickly.

  6. COalmostNative says:

    Moron, indeed.
    I hope all of the East coast mudpups are warm, safe and dry.

  7. Ivan says:

    News Flash,

    God of right wing conservative America punishes devout Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and other innocent people with severe weather because some other people are gay.

    This just in, God of right wing conservative America is an Moron.

    • russellsq says:

      Here in Pennsylvania we got the wind and the water, trees down, power outages, water in the basement.
      No school! There are reports that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wants to come visit and help pump out my basement, OMG! Next Mit twill show up and blame the water on the gay college kids living next door.
      Hope all the mudpups are safe and dry tonight. Peace!

  8. HoboJohn says:

    Looks like Venice!

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