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May 22, 2018

Open Thread – Happy Halloween!

It’s all a matter of perspective.

May your day be full of treats!



27 Responses to “Open Thread – Happy Halloween!”
  1. M. Paul says:

    Anyone know if the Devon and whats her name debate was recorded and on line?


    Mudflats blog post later?

    M. Paul

  2. Zyxomma says:

    We have ELECTRICITY again!!!!!

  3. Zyxomma says:

    No Halloween here, too busy just staying alive in Sandy’s aftermath. Can hardly believe I got on the ‘net. We have running water, food, candles, radio. It’s dark but not dangerous; many have it worse. Miss my Mac; grateful for this phone! Happy Day of the Dead. Luv the angel.

  4. Beaglemom says:

    I love the picture. Who knows? When a mouse sees a bat he may really think he’s seen an angel. We’ll never know for sure.

  5. Mo says:

    Sigh. Two links apparently gets you tossed into moderation limbo?

    Today’s must-read. You’ll love it. Trust me.

  6. AKblue says:

    A large bowl of candy was given out yesterday and I have to say, the trick or treaters had outstandingly good manners! It was fun for them and us too.
    Our thoughts are on the east coast, though, and hoping recovery is swift….

  7. merrycricket says:

    I just learned that Bubbles has been retrieved from her apartment 15 floors up with no power or water and is staying with friends in Brooklyn. I don’t know if she will have internet access or not, but please know that she is safe.

  8. Beaglemom says:

    Well, as the average number of trick or treaters to our house has been 4 to 6 over the past eight years (since we’ve lived here full time), we decided last evening to go out to dinner instead. A lovely dinner on a drizzly evening. We’ve had rain – ranging from real rain to drizzle – and gradually decreasing wind for the past three days and nights from Hurricane/Northeaster’ Sandy. And we’re on the northwestern tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. This morning, when I let the dog out (why do I think of Mitt Romney?) there was no rain. The best Halloween treat for me!

  9. Ben in SF says:

    Happy Halloween everyone! I bought a couple bags of Russian chocolates up the street (mostly imported from Brooklyn) and between the rain and the porch light not turning on (I guess I need to flick the switch) I have a few extra chocolates….

    Meanwhile, looky here. Four years later this marvelous link from AKM’s blogroll is still working!
    (Takes about 20-30 seconds to load after the blue “please vote” screen).

  10. HoboJohn says:

    Devilishly cute. I’m amazed that anyone would think this up. Someone has a brilliant mind!

  11. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Oh that’s cute! Save it as my desktop.

    Here’s treat for all you Alaskans, and everyone else. Seattle Times posted this pic & sweet story today and I think you will like hearing the update on Homer:

    Oil-spill otter outlives them all

  12. mike from iowa says:

    According to Gawker,Mitik survived the flooding in good shape. All 14 acres of the acquarium were flooded and staff spent the entire time with the critters.

  13. mike from iowa says:

    Civic minded people from around the world-the ones that risk their all to observe elections are being threatened with arrest in two new hotbeds of democracy,Texas and iowa. In iowa they are told to stay at least three hindred feet from polling places or the local gestapo will arrest them. Where did freedom loving America go?

  14. thatcrowwoman says:

    Trick or Treat?!
    How’s about both?

    You might have heard me mention that my daddy has lost his ever-loving mind (too many years retired in South Carolina maybe) and is “afraid about the future of our country.” (No, he doesn’t watch FauxNoise; he’s more a fishing show, golf tourneys, and Big 10 sports kind of viewer, but a lot of his friends are FauxFeckin’Fanatics, just sayin’).

    Anywho, here’s the message DH Happy Hussein sent to daddy this morning:

    “Glenn Beck has just exposed the truth about Obama. It’s not pretty, he is just a fake like you guys kept saying. I wish I could have my early vote back now.

    The thing Obama has been hiding all these years? He was once a Somali Pirate.”

    *insert long blank scroll down here*

    *insert picture from this link*

    Happy Halloween!

    (end of message)

    Daddy laughed and promptly forwarded it to his rwnj friends, so maybe there’s hope for him yet.
    hahahahahahacaw Caw CAW CAW CAW!

    Wishing us all some love and laughter
    in the final stretch of this election cycle
    and in the wake of Sandy.


  15. Mo says:

    A perceptive analysis, yes?

    Some days I feel like a medieval serf, watching the warlords duke it out.

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