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December 14, 2017

Election Discussion Thread

The polls are closing and returns are beginning to come in. Have at it, Mudpups.



73 Responses to “Election Discussion Thread”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    To whom it may concern-as of June 6,2012 no Iowa affiliate of the United States Pirate Party existed(according to Wiki). However,since stuff grows big and fast in iowa soil it is certainly possible one affiliate popped up. Near as I can figure,rum is optional. On the national front-Mitch McConnell stated,”The voters have not endorsed the failures or excesses of the President’s first term.” SOH said the President won and he would not repeal the ACA. Shortly thereafter his press spokesman claimed Boner would repeal the ACA. Boner also said he would be open to revenue increases after the Potus showed him major spending cuts. iowa nutter Steve King ,humbled by his narrow victory over Christie Vilsack said he would repeal the ACA. A new day and rwnj have not changed a bit.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      oh. Dang . The Pirates must have decamped for the coast.

      “In Iowa, the term “political party” refers to political organizations which have received two percent or more of the votes cast for president or governor in the “last preceding general election”.[110] Iowa recognizes two political parties – the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Third parties, officially termed “nonparty political organizations” can appear on the ballot as well – five of these have had candidates on the ballot in Iowa since 2004 for various positions: the Constitution Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Pirate Party, and the Socialist Workers Party”

      Mikey- I’m thinking the rwnjs and the GOP they have ruined will need multiple more slapdowns before any of them change. Sigh…

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Want depressing? mikey;s home state has a rw problem. Starting in my area-nw iowa and count east from the corner six counties and then down nine counties,out of 54 counties six voted majority Obama. From the nw corner county one is Lyon,next east is Dickinson,directly below is Obrien(me) and next to the west is Sioux county. Percentage of votes for Money Boo Boo for these four counties was 76.8%,58.4%72.1%and Sioux co was 83.6%. Woodbury co around Sioux City broke 49.5 MBB to 49.3% Obama. I am surrounded by red. Sioux Co ptoduced Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral fame and the actress that voiced Elsie the cow for Borden’s dairy products,if anyone remembers.

  3. I felt like a lead weight had been lifted off my shoulders when they called it for President Obama. Then I had to start listening for Congressional races and local issues. But since we are in Washington state and it’s mail in ballots that only had to be postmarked by voting day, we won’t really have all the results for a few days.

    And I am so very proud of Patty Murray, one of our great Senators from Washington state. She took on quite a role in working to get democratice Senators re-elected or elected.

    To Ron Devon – my best wishes and congrats on running a race that you can be proud of. You have much more courage than I have – so I admire that you tried.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Students from the U of Mississippi rioted after Obama was declared the winner. Racial slurs were shouted. U of M campus police confirmed that slurs were indeed uttered. Some parts of rw America are still mired in Jim Crow.

    • With all that is good in our country, it’s so sad that there are still people with that much ugliness in their hearts. I really thought we had moved on after the 60s. I guess not.

    • tigerwine says:

      Shame on you, Ole Miss! Wonder what those black football players think of the school they are playing for? Go, Gators!

    • jwa says:

      I just watched a documentary on ESPN about the riots at Ole Miss in ’62 when James Meridith was enrolled. They have lately had a black female student body president. But the veneer of civilization is still very thin.

  5. slipstream says:

    It looks like Big Bird gets to keep his job!

  6. AKblue says:

    This household was elated until the local resuts came in.
    I hope you consider a run again in the future, Ron. If Giessel is as unstable as she sounds her constituents will be looking for a replacement.

  7. Carol says:

    Here’s the official results for Alaska.

  8. Carol says:

    Here’s the official results for Alaska.

  9. mike from iowa says: I sure don’t want to pester you,but iowa does have mountains. Says so right here in this URL. It is only 1 mile west,25 miles south and about a half mile east of mikey’s gps right now. I even left a comment,as former brave. That is what the schools athletic teams are called,no offense. I think the site-pilot rock,cherokee,iowa has a picture.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      No offense, Mikey, but that is a speed bump here
      I look out my window at 2 mountains which are 3500 and 3800 ft and they are lil dudes compared to their 4500-7000ft cousins nearby.
      I am intrigued though to read that Iowa’s “Third parties” include the Pirate Party.
      We have the AIP and you have the Pirates?

      • slipstream says:

        Harrr. Can anybody join? Do I need to bring a keg o’ rum? Hrrrr.

      • COalmostNative says:

        Our southern “cousins” are mostly 14ers; the young’ins are 10,000- 12,000 feet.

        Mike’s mountains might be pimples to us living in the High Country Desert 😉

        • mike from iowa says:

          Okay,scoff if you must. Can your soil take a grain of sand and produce a rock 40x60x20 feet and do so in a cow pasture? In iowa mountains are measured by the degree of difficulty in driving a thrashing machine to the summit to harvest whatever grows up there. Ms Pi,around here we have woman hater Steve King,rwnj extraordinaire. We don’t need bears to be very afraid.

          • Alaska Pi says:

            🙂 I did go look at pictures of your lovely Pilot Rock. It reminded me of cookies Ma of Pi used to make for the holidays, the ones with an almond or piece of fig or chip of chocolate on top which were our favorites.
            CO ‘s high desert country puts our Chilkats and Coast Range to shame though the Mendenhall Towers at almost 7000 ft are pretty stunning.
            I looked up your Mr King. Whew. Give me a bear anyday!!!

  10. WC’s thanks and sympathies to Ron Devon. It takes real courage and commitment to run, and WC honors that.

    In interior Alaska, the news is pretty much uniformly bad. The Republican-dominated Redistricting Board did its work well. WC hopes that in future years those partisan zealots are treated with the contempt they deserve.


  11. mike from iowa says:

    rwnj bomb throwing Allen West of Florida is toast. Day before Sandy hit the NE,Dickhead Morris of Fauxknee Propaganda claimed Money Boo Boo wins in a landslide. So did Haley Barbour. Anyone got any good-read awful-recipes for crow? Not to add insult to rwnj injury,but please make the recipes for white crows only.

    • mike from iowa says:

      sorry,Pilot Rock was mentioned(not by name) by J F Cooper in one of his “Hawkeye” stories. Not sure which one.

  12. tigerwine says:

    AHHHH! Life is sweet!

  13. Alex says:

    Mitt’s speech was clunky, but a rare classy note in a campaign where class was largely absent. And the President’s speech was amazing.

    Now the hard work begins.

    Congrats to Ron Devon on running a positive campaign that focused on important issues and the future of Alaska. (And sorry to see that that wasn’t enough against the incumbent.)

  14. tallimat says:

    sigh… Alaska always seems like a decade behind the rest of the US…

    Morning mud pups …

  15. benlomond2 says:

    DANG ! Crazy Don Youmg gets re=elected..

    • Alaska Pi says:

      It is going to happen until he retires or expires ,ben.
      Alaskans for all their purported independence and suchlike are pretty much sissies when it comes to worrying about losing “seniority” in either house.
      As a genuine short person , who accepts and deals with it, I get pretty dang tired of my state’s problems with its “stature” in Congress.
      Reality is we have 1 Rep. It is long past time to get a new one . One who has Alaska’s future in mind and not some perverse throwback windmill (on his beanie) tilting dingbat , whose only claim to the seat is that he knows how to scare his constituents into believing they will be left out in the cold if he doesn’t get it back.

  16. mike from iowa says:

    Fake Noise started yakking about voter intimidation early last evening . Their whole report showed 1(one) supposed unarmed New Black Panther walking back and forth by some polling place, One voter intimidator! I sure hope their faux tears are very,very bitter. Speaker of the House(of Obstructionism),John Boner says election proves “THE PEOPLE” want both parties to work together to solve our problems.

    • Beaglemom says:

      Obviously no comment from Fox about the ridiculously long lines some people had to stand in or about voting machines run amok (oh good grief, in favor of the GOP candidate again! Fox cannot stand losing. Too bad. Just sorry that the House did not switch leadership but the Senate did. Now, if the can, to get rid of that “60-vote” nonsense.

    • Bev says:

      And Boner just figured that out after all the arguing and back biting.

    • lacy lady says:

      Is Sun Tan finally wakeing up? Too bad he wasn’t running this time.
      I think this would be a good time to write all the people working in Washington to go to work for the American people and earn their pay-checks!

      Was happy to get a short note this morning from Grandson who was in Malaga yesterday——–” I’m Happy”. And his Nana wrote back “Me too”.

  17. Irishgirl says:

    Happy days!

  18. E of Anc P says:

    Now waiting for President Obama to speak, and State returns. Should have some coming in soon.

    So thankful to him and what he has to go through to rerun for this Presidency.

    Looking “Forward.”

  19. Alaska Pi says:

    1st AK results coming in

    Too early to tell much yet…

    • Alaska Pi says:

      News is not good for Alaskan Bipartisan Working Group.
      We are going to have to pay attention to absolutely everything in the days to come.
      Hoping Mr French hangs onto his narrow lead so we have a shot at getting some kind of coalition.
      Deep breath.
      Lots of deep breaths.

      • mike from iowa says:

        You are more than welcome to come live in Northwest iowa,but be warned the boobsey twins-King in iowa and Michele-one L- from minnesota were both re-………what word am I looking for…..$^%@!ed. About every ten years or so a moose comes to visit and they never seem to make it out of iowa alive. Gas is at $3.18 a gallon,propane was just over a buck, palm trees grow and rents are low,just kidding.

        • Alaska Pi says:

          Thank you Mikey!
          I think I’d have a hard time making it there though. Visiting Son of Pi at university in northern Ohio a number of years ago made for a very fish-out-of-water experience for me. No salt air, no mountains, no waterfalls, no evergreen forest, no bears to scare the daylights out of me,,,eeks!
          A short trip to Lake Erie to see water-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see got me through the rest of the trip. Whew!
          Was sure glad to see Ms Bachmann had such a tight race in a supposedly more conservative district (after redistricting)- no mandate there! Maybe next time…
          We’ll pound away here. Someday Alaska will have to deal with the fallout Ma of Pi predicted so many years ago- that Alaska thinks it is immune from the mistakes people make elsewhere and it will bite us in the butt,,,
          Well- Ma of Pi never said “butt” in her life… I think it was derriere she said…

  20. Alaska Pi says:

    Has anyone seen that Ms Bachmann, the dingbat queen , is actually in a very tight race and that Allen West is very close to losing?
    Wouldn’t that/those just be icing-on-the-cake thingies? 🙂

  21. Zyxomma says:

    We don’t get “I Voted” stickers here. Had a great experience voting early this evening (I usually vote late in the morning, but not this year). The line was long, and it was cold and windy. Took about 15 minutes to get inside to warmth. My Congresswoman came out of the polling place, looking lovely in a rust-pumpkin overcoat. I said, “We love you, Carolyn!” She said, “I love you, too! Thanks you for voting,” and shook my hand. That’s when I knew for sure we were going to win.

  22. mike from iowa says:

    what a day, I had robins in my yard all day, Caught my third mouse in three days,got rid of a cat that liked to perch on my Jeep,voted for Obama,me and Lacy Lady saved the Iowa republic for everyone,got Obama re-elected and had time for a haircut. Now it is mikey’s beddy-bye time so goodnight and pleasant dreams world.

    • lacy lady says:

      I haven’t taken my clonadine yet—I am having too good of a time. And I heard from a friend that Rommney is in a room by himself. Will have to find out more about that. What do you think he is doing?
      I am now wondering about our Iowa Judges. and Dade county (Miami) Florida

    • Sylvia says:

      Liked everything until I saw the part about the cat. If you injured an animal, hope you feel what he does. Don’t understand injuring an innocent. Says something about you.

    • lacy lady says:

      Just heard that Judge Wiggens won. Hope Vanderpoop crawls back under his rock.

  23. merrycricket says:

    Any issues at the polls in Anchorage compared to last time?

  24. Sourdough Mullet says:

    And Obama takes it again.
    THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mike from iowa says:

    Fake Noise just called Ohio for Obama giving him 280 EVs. Yippee skippee!!!!! 11:15 Eastern time.

  26. mike from iowa says:

    Fake Noise just called Ohio for Obama giving him 280 EVs. Yippee skippee!!!!!

  27. Beaglemom says:

    This is a long night. We attended an Air Force Band Concert (from Wright-Patterson in Ohio) a Interlochen Arts Academy (MI). Great concert. On NPR coming home we were disconcerted to hear early results. I keep telling myself that the GOP always leads early on – until the cities start to report. So I am cautiously hopeful; Nate Silver can’t be that wrong, can he? Good news about some of the Senate seats though. Maybe the GOP will be more careful in their “war on women” for the next couple of years. Good luck, Ron Devon. I’ll check here tomorrow for results.

  28. mike from iowa says:

    Akin loses in Mo.,Warren wins,Mourdock in Indiana lost. Dems have held all incumbent senate seats so far and have picked up Ind and Mass. senate seats.

    • lacy lady says:

      My Missouri friends are sooooooo Happy !

    • mike from iowa says:

      Obama leads by 19% in Iowa,Dems lose Neb. senate seat-Nelson was not a solid Dem vote,not a real loss. Obama wins Wisc,Minn,Michigan. Virginia senate seat stays Dem. Obama has 1% lead in Florida(87% reporting) and 2 % in Ohio with 60 plus % reporting. Obama up by 9 electoral votes. Good so far.

    • Pinwheel says:

      The Indiana Democrat is Anti-Choice. May be a win in some cases. Must be watched. n

  29. Alaska Pi says:

    Grayson will be back for FL, Duckworth may take her race,
    Mourdock is still trailing Donnelly and Warren is still ahead of Bown.
    Some of this looks good tonight 🙂

  30. lacy lady says:

    Elizabeth Warren is winning!!!!!!! WOW!!

  31. fishingmamma says:

    In local news, I just voted at Bayshore Elementary – no lines, plenty of people voting, orderly, organized and well done. The poll workers expect to have things pick up a bit for after-work voters, but they are ready.

    Now I am home and ready for a night of returns:

    homemade potato-leek soup (comfort food)
    homemade bread (More comfort food)
    Fresh greens for salads (yum)
    Carrot & Celery sticks (to avoid nail-biting)
    Adult beverages (either celebrating or drowning our sorrows)
    Spare bedrooms(nobody drives after adult beverages)

    Anyone is welcome, but MUST be sporting the “I have voted” sticker.

  32. merrycricket says:

    Wish I could stay up late enough to see how Ron Devon does. I will check in first thing in the morning.

  33. mike from iowa says:

    PBS calls New Jersey for Obama 6:30 Eastern Time.

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