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November 25, 2017

Sitting Legislator Calls Opponent “A-hole”

The votes in the state’s two closest legislative races are in. Senator Hollis French will return to Juneau after winning his race against Bob Bell by 54 votes.

And 24-year old Democratic candidate Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins managed to eek out a victory in the District 34 House race by only 32 votes, meaning that his opponent Republican Bill Thomas can ask for a recount if he wants one.

Kreiss-Tomkins whose mother is a beloved physician in the district, ran an assertive person-to-person campaign, visiting all the small islands that comprise most of the district, and really getting to know his constituents. Bill Thomas, an entrenched Republican who is equally feared and loathed by many had hoped to win a position as co-chair of the powerful finance committee. Even though he was positioned to do so, voters of District 34 knew a good thing when they saw it, and took the opportunity to elect a bright and rising star, while giving Bill Thomas and his seniority the pink slip.

Rep. Bill Thomas (photo from the Juneau Empire)

Thomas was doubtless shocked by the outcome. He’s one of those “don’t you know who I am” kind of politicians. And a fun fact many don’t know- during the Corrupt Bastard Days in 2006, Bill Thomas received more money from Bill Allen’s VECO Corporation than any other legislator. You might say he’s the corrupt bastard that got away.

He was asked by radio station KHNS in Haines whether he’d seek a recount:

“I’m not going to say because I want the suspense to lay there. The guy was such an a–hole,” he said. “You know, he lied on so many things and he was supposed to run a clean campaign and he didn’t. So I’m just going to wait.”

Thomas also didn’t hesitate to make his feelings known about the results of the election.

“The district just committed hara-kiri,” he said. “They just didn’t realize what they had as far as seniority and leadership position.”

Yes, the good people of District 34 didn’t realize what a stellar class act they had – and now they lose this elder statesman, this diplomat, this… man of distinction and grace in defeat.

It’s funny how often dirty politicians get bent out of shape by the other guy not running a “clean campaign.” Call me out on my record? How daaaaaare you?

More likely the voters in the district knew exactly what they had, and ejected the pod.

The apparent winner for House District 34, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins



10 Responses to “Sitting Legislator Calls Opponent “A-hole””
  1. Yes Hello says:

    I wonder if he’s said anything like this in past elections?

  2. Yes hello says:

    I wonder if he’s said stuff like that in past campaigns?

  3. jessie girl says:

    The fishermen of alaska lost there best friend.

  4. Panhandler says:

    Bill Thomas completed the voter’s rejection of Sealaska Board members as state representatives, although Bill definitely tried to simultaneously cover up he was on the Sealaska Board to the general public while he happily accepting Sealaska postcard mailings to shareholders on his behalf.

    The Sealaska Corporation spreads the stink of its reprehensible land management and bullying of small villages to all of the board members. As it should be. Bill Thomas “earned” close to $50,000 last year for sitting on the Sealaska Board which is essentially a lifetime appointment. Al Kookesh makes closer to $100,000 as chairman of the board, but at least he graciously accepted his loss.

  5. UgaVic says:

    So glad this turned out as it did. None of us need someone with such a foul mouth and attitude that is not even close to professional doing work on ‘state business’.

    I read somewhere he plans to do some lobbying for the fishing industry, sure glad it is not any fishing association we belong to!

  6. StElias says:

    This dude has many of the mannerisms of the now infamous Jerry Ward, politician from south central Alaska. Bully, political gadfly, anyone desiring to have him lackey all they needed to do was cross his palms with silver, his loyalty was directly proportionate to how much.

  7. moose pucky says:

    SE Alaska critters made a wise choice. Kudos to Jonathon Kreiss-Tomkins for exhibiting the qualities of true leadership.

  8. Mo says:

    Sorry, no open thread, but Wonkette delivers a happy Thanksgiving memory:

  9. Alaska Pi says:

    Mr Thomas has a long history of intimidating or attempting to intimidate anyone who gets in his way.
    While the a-hole remark stinks, Mr Thomas’ garbage about how Mr Kreiss-Tomkins had more campaigning time because he didn’t/doesn’t work is another dead fish Mr Thomas chucked on the table.
    I’m all for everyday people being in the Legislature, especially and certainly straight talking fishermen, but Mr Thomas is not a straight talker- he’s a bullying doof.
    Redistricting changed the game for Mr Thomas- just as it did for so many others across the state.
    Issue is his new district includes a lot of people he made no effort to even pretend he would work for.
    Unlike Mr French , who got out and actively campaigned in his changed district, contacting plenty who wouldn’t vote for him but urging them to engage, Mr Thomas says he had to work.
    Yup. You betcha, buster. Way to expand your base. Mmmm hmmm.
    Not going to get into a seiner v gillnetter argument here but have been watching some of the stuff about Mr Thomas and AKF&G for quite awhile and appreciate second comment here greatly…
    Corresponds to “word on the (fish) street ”
    Sure hoping both races hold their D seats if recounts happen… really really hoping .
    SE needs a SE vote, not an oily CBC dead fish vote.
    Like everywhere else in this state away from Southcentral we are struggling to hold our own against the big-city oily thingy.

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