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May 22, 2018

Open Thread – Paging Jon Huntsman



8 Responses to “Open Thread – Paging Jon Huntsman”
  1. PennLawyer says:

    Check out the excellent piece of investigative journalism by Juneau public radio KTOO’ Matt Miller on a non-transparent, boldly deceptive, 6 day religious scam/revival (out of Florida via a gullible local Juneau church) promoted as “JuneauFest”, booked into Centennial Hall.

    It dangles free gifts and other prizes worth more than $25,000: electronics to sporting goods and household items, city recreational facility passes, and store gift cards.. Local businesses and non-profits have been lied to, aggressively solicited and even threatened to get them to donate to the event.
    “(Local Juneau pastor) Dalin has been promoting the event while identifying himself as chaplain for the Juneau Police Department and Capital City Fire and Rescue. Representatives for both agencies said they are not involved.”
    “Businesses have variously been told that it’s holiday celebration, party for kids, benefit for local charities, or an event to honor local police and firefighters. McLeod Andrews said SCHOOL BUSES ARE BEING USED to transport people to Centennial Hall from area schools. What businesses have not been told is that the prizes will be used to draw people to a six-day religious revival.”

    Camera store operator Art Sutch was approached to donate a camera and related gear, but he never committed. Still, Juneau Fest organizers used his business name in at least one radio interview touting the support of local businesses. “In this day and age, you gotta watch what you’re doing,” Sutch said. “I was thankful the neighbors Googled them. Yeah, I don’t know what to say other than just beware.”

    Photographer and gallery owner Daniel Buckscott said he donated two canvases worth about $300 each. They were pictures of a polar bear and a sunrise at Auke Lake. “And right as she was about to leave,” Buckscott said, “she grabbed my shoulder and hand, and started praying. The intensity of her praying was a little intense. And then she left.” Buckscott called the solicitation for donations “very deceptive.”

    Excellent article with links to the sponsoring “church”, complete with videos. Some good comments follow on the KTOO link. As many pointed out, the Juneau Empire fell down in not reporting on this. It’s scheduled for December 9th to the 14th – I’m looking forward to seeing what happens re coverage of the event.


    • Zyxomma says:

      Wow, thanks for the link. I wonder if these Dominionist bastards realized their revival was taking place during Chanukah.

  2. Alaska Pi says:
    So, Alaska – Rep Lynn is back on the photo ID dealie again.
    What a loada.
    We need to pay attention.

  3. thatcrowwoman says:

    Well how about that.
    Florida may Pink Slip Rick (Governor Voldemort/Scott) yet.

    Note to newly Democratic Charlie Crist:
    Your veto of Senate Bill 6 was the right thing to do,
    but it does not guarantee you the Education vote. Just saying.
    It was a significant start, though.
    Let’s talk, eh?
    Solar power, also, too.

    Meanwhile, here in the forest, preparations are underway for the first lights of Chanukah tonight.
    We’re celebrating with sufganiyot (jelly donuts) rather than latkes (potato pancakes).
    Chunky apple cinnamon filling…dusted with cinnamon~sugar. Mmmmm. Donuts.
    Zyxomma, I shall dedicate my dreidl spinning to you tonight.
    I am dreidl Queen of the Forest;
    I think it has to do with the traditional stories I tell while we spin.

    Littlebird and her friends in Mississippi will be at an art festival tonight,
    then tomorrow night she’s having a latke~frying, candle~lighting, dreidl~playing celebration at her home,
    complete with a dramatic reading of Eric Kimmel’s Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins.
    (Hearing a chorus from Fiddler on the Roof~~Tradition!…Tradition!)

    Wishing you all much joy during the Festival of Lights.
    Let it shine.

  4. tallimat says:

    Some news to show my republican neibor!
    He is originally from Florida.

    My plans for today have changed…
    Homemade turkey soup and biscuits.
    Apple pie or apple cake? I’ll decide that later… Depends on the condition of my apples. Tea! got to see how much nettle/bluebell leaf tea is left… My neibors favorite.

    My goal is to get my neibor to change his party affiliation. I’d thought the joe miller campaign would of done it, but no go. He did however vote D or for Berkowitz and McAdams.

    Hummm. Got to surf for a while and find a good Crist article to print off. … Something neutral with few accolades. Basic facts. Oh and Crist’s own statement as well…

    As you can tell, I’m typing “out loud” on AKM’s blog… giggle… Oh and my sister comes out here this weekend! She likes to charm the ol coot. She’ll walk right into his house with cleaning agents and a bag of rags, asking for coffee and loud music… And he complies, because he knows his place need a good cleaning once in a while.
    Me? I just want him to change his party affiliation.
    Busy, busy, busy!

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