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May 21, 2018

Weed, Serial Killer & Berlusconi!

Egyptian President Muhamed Morsi has decided he likes democratic reform when it brings him to power, but finds dictatorship preferable once there.

Speaking of “same as the old boss,” disgraced Italian Casanova Silvio Berlusconi is poised to make the most implausible political comeback since Bibi Netanyahu Richard Nixon.

Don’t make us come over there, Syria.

Mining companies in Canada are discovering these renewable forms of energy are pretty nifty, especially when they’re the only ones available to you. Oh, the irony.


Colorado and Washington went to pot a month ago, and now Uncle Sam has to decide how firmly to enforce federal law and how deferential to be to the states’ voters.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear two cases that will determine whether “defense of marriage” (DOMA) laws and California’s Proposition 8 are constitutional.

Once we’ve not gone off the fiscal not-cliff, President Obama is putting comprehensive immigration reform front and center.

Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are involved in the kind of four-way brawl that makes a Liverpool futbol match look like a night at the symphony.


Serial killer Israel Keyes has garnered more national press than any Alaska resident since whatsername.

Nate Silver thinks we could be a swing state, which is amusing.

The editors of Lonely Planet think you should visit Fairbanks, ranking the Golden Heart City No. 2 on its list of 2013 U.S. travel destinations.

The sketchy Pennsylvania judge hired by the Parnell Administration has joined a long list of public officials who suddenly and frantically wish to “spend more time with their families.”



3 Responses to “Weed, Serial Killer & Berlusconi!”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    Hey, Alaska, want to hire me? I’d like to spend less time with my family …

    • slipstream says:

      Sure, but are you unqualified?

      • Alaska Pi says:

        Nope. Zyx cannot be hired, at least for anything above an everyday state job.
        Is qualified for too many things- starting with “good and decent” human being.

        I know an awful lot of state workers who are good at their jobs, good neighbors, and all around good and decent human beings.
        They rarely make it into those plummy political appointment or probably-a-favor-in-the-backroom kinda jobs these doofs like the recently departed hearing officer get.

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