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November 24, 2017

Open Thread – Speaker

After what amounted to a vote of no confidence from his own caucus yesterday, it’s unclear for whom the House Speaker speaks. In case you missed Rachel’s show this evening, she had an interesting discussion with Chris Hayes about Mr. Boehner’s difficulties.

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12 Responses to “Open Thread – Speaker”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Nancy Raygun sure brainwashed rwnj effectively with her just say NO program.

  2. flex gunship pailn says:

    it is not the boston tea party it is the mad hatters tea party

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Hope this is good holiday news for Ugavic and all other “Pups” that depend on and make a living from “rill” salmon. Disclaimer-I do not include bears in this happy thread because if they were given an option of eating decaying salmon or fresh.corn fed portly mike from iowa,I’m guessing mike from iowa would be on the menu post haste. As much as I would love to explore Alaska,I prefer not to do so from inside any bear. Thank you. Remember-“Do not feed mfi to bears! Repeat and rinse.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      It is not very good news so far , Mikey.
      The FDA certification of Frankenfish comes from its veterinary medicine arm and excluded many stakeholders.
      I grave doubts our Congressional delegation ( they have all taken a stab at it) will be able to halt the march of this fish towards production. I would love to be proved wrong .
      It remains to be seen whether any license granted to Aqua Bounty will or can adequately deal with issues which might crop up in a timely manner.
      The farmed fish lobby is wetting themselves in excitement over this.
      We need to pay a lot of attention to this and other farmed fish issues.
      Look at feed, diseases and parasites, and pollution sections especially.
      We would never let a bear eat our Mikey were he to get to visit. Just so you know . 🙂

    • ugavic says:

      Yes, I heard this from Begich’s office a few days ago. BS at the highest degree. When there is ANY chance of survival in the wild it is unacceptable.

      I hope it is banned in all ‘cultured’ countries and there is no market. Those of us selling wild will have to figure out a way to tag the fish and make sure people realize this risks.

      Sad day for the wild things of the oceans.

      • mike from iowa says:

        I did not mean to imply having modified fish was a happy doings,only that Murkowski said no was a good thing. I hope there was no misunderstanding and if so you have my sincerest apologies.

        • ugavic says:

          Oh I am not upset with you…but with the companies, and the damn Feds, who think that a small percent chance of survival in the wild is acceptable.

          I have been so busy on dealing with airline mess ups with our customer orders and other goodies I am reading fast, if I even get a chance and then sometimes answering too darn fast too:-)

          No misunderstanding what-so-ever…have a great holiday and rest assured I did not get upset at all!!

        • Alaska Pi says:

          Rest assured , also too, that we’re going to need every hand we can find to try to stop this. So please, please, hang with us!

  4. Boehner has never impressed me as a leader. I think Rachel has it right – he’s very bad at doing his job. No amount of explanation changes that. Leading and getting his caucus in line to accomplish something IS his job and time and time again, he hasn’t done it. But, if he is on his way out, who would take his place? I’m not sure any of the other republicans make me any more comfortable that the House would actually be a functioning body.

    • Lacy Lady says:

      If he goes out, it will be Eric Cantor taking his place. How bad would that be? BAD BAD BAD!
      I think they need to get a woman in there to get it done!

  5. bonefish says:

    Speaker Boehner known in an alternate reality as Locutus of Borg…

  6. GoI3ig says:

    Time to do our best Lemming impression. At least there will be some cuts to the bloated DOD budget. We may even have to close a few of our 900 foreign bases.

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