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April 24, 2018

Open Thread – Reading Rainbow

One of television’s finest moments in 2012 was Jimmy Fallon singing “Reading Rainbow” in the style of Jim Morrison. Although there was a more “produced” version with the band, his “unplugged” take on CNN/Piers Morgan was my favorite.



3 Responses to “Open Thread – Reading Rainbow”
  1. Lacy Lady says:

    I watched the show that night. Love Jimmy Fallon. Sooooo much talent!

  2. thatcrowwoman says:


    • mike from iowa says:

      FYI-Bayer Industries has a new herbicide for use in cornfields etc. called CORVUS. Not sure what it stands for but if I was you I’d be mad as heck about co-opting your Crow-ness. Funny thing(to me) is the herbicides from my past that killed grasses usually killed the corn as well,except for atrazine which is a whole ‘nother animal in its own right.

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