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November 21, 2017

Guess Who Came to the Office?


Sorry. Didn’t mean to alarm you.

No, this is not a clever photoshop job. “You never know who will stop by the office,” was the status update accompanying this photo on Senator Mark Begich’s Facebook page.

It seems that former Republican nominee for US Senate Joe Miller (right), and his wife Kathleen happened to be in DC, and stopped by the Senator’s office. It wasn’t to discuss a potential contest between the two for Senate in 2014, but something of a more personal nature.

The Millers’ son Jacob was nominated to the US Military Academy at West Point. Mr. Miller Sr. is a West Point grad. Miller the younger was nominated by all three members of Alaska’s congressional delegation. And yes, the Millers even stopped in to thank Senator Lisa Murkowski who ran a successful (and sometimes controversial) write-in campaign against Miller, the Republican nominee. Since that time Miller has often thrown barbs at Murkowski, whom he perceives as too centrist for his taste. Miller is a Tea Party darling.

But in matters of a more personal nature, the ex-wannabe-Senator engaged in 10 or 15 minutes of “friendly Alaskan conversation,” according to the Daily News. He and Murkowski talked about family and the weather.

Begich said it doesn’t matter what party someone belongs to or who they’re related to. He said the younger Miller had good credentials, and he recommended him.

He said the Millers stopped by to thank him for the recommendation. He also said Joe Miller told him he hadn’t decided whether to run for Begich’s seat in 2014.

OK, everyone. Join hands and form a circle for a little round of Kumbaya… ┬áThen, back to the real world.




11 Responses to “Guess Who Came to the Office?”
  1. JoinAK says:

    just read this comment about Sarah leaving Faux news and i choked on my cocoa.

    (This is not my statement, someone posted this on ADN)
    And faltering FOX just lost about 3 million viewers. Gov. Sarah Palin had long been dismayed & disgusted with the leftward drift of FOX News and its establishment hack punditocracy. She will walk her own path in pride, honor, and dignity.

    • mike from iowa says:

      All together now-AAAWWW shucky darn!!

    • wallflower says:

      Many people look uncomfortable having their picture taken, but Mrs. Miller looks terrified. It’s hard not to read something into that clenched grin and those staring, pleading eyes.

      • leota2 says:

        Sadly, all of her photos with her husband reminds me of a very frightened rabbit standing beside a rabid wolf. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get close to D.C or we’ll all be the rabbit.

  2. laingirl says:


  3. holy crap says:

    That chick is scary looking…and by the by…CNN reported that Sarah Palin will not be at Fox News anymore…

  4. HappyHeathen says:

    Somebody buy that oaf a razor for Christ sake…………

  5. slipstream says:

    Since he was in town anyway, did he measure for drapes?

  6. JoinAK says:

    Well, that’s probably the only way he’ll ever get to visit the senate.

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