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May 22, 2018

Pebble Has Rocks in Head

Behold the latest gripe from the Pebble Partnership about the oh-so-restrictive permitting process required to put the largest open pit copper and gold mine on the planet at the headwaters of the planet’s largest wild salmon fishery. The project requires permits for lots of things. It pays to be assured someone knows what they’re doing when they have to build 700 foot tall earthen dams that will last forever in a highly active seismic zone, holding back giant lakes of poison from a thriving fishery. You know, stuff like that.

Check out the latest.


We know they’d like to compare themselves to rocket scientists, but will someone tell the Pebble Partnership that the one weensy problem with their little analogy of outrage is that there aren’t any people on Mars? Not even little green ones. Nor any salmon, as far as we can tell.

See? This is Mars.



(photo by NASA)


This is the proposed site of Pebble Mine in Alaksa.


(photo by Carl Johnson)

This is a little green man from Mars. (not real)


This is a little green fish from Bristol Bay. (real)


It’s kind of fun to watch the gyrations of dimwitted social media lackeys when they work for the wrong side. So yes, Pebble Mine –  it’s more complicated to get permission to screw up the planet we inhabit than the dusty lifeless one next door. And that’s a good thing.




10 Responses to “Pebble Has Rocks in Head”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    NO to Pebble. Now and forever.

  2. mlaiuppa says:

    At Pebble Mine:

    How many salmon runs are there on Mars?

  3. mkrich says:

    I suggest a visit to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada for any concerned citizens. In the 70’s my wife and I were hitchhiking across Canada when we were picked up by an engineer who worked at the Sudbury mines. As we approached the mining area the sky had a copper tint which became heavier the closer we came. Very little vegetation left and what remained had few leaves. The driver explained it was due to the copper being mined which had polluted the area completely. I will never forget the surreal feeling of being on anther planet.

  4. slipstream says:

    Have Pebble contact me. I just happen to have the authority to issue a permit for Pebble to drill on Pluto.

    A gratuitous annual fee will apply.

    — slipstream

  5. Alaska Pi says:

    Looks like someone at PLP thinks they are clever.

  6. mike from iowa says:

    Let me suggest to poopy-pants at Pebble a small trade with NASA. Pebble could dig copper on Mars to their hearts content and NASA could drill a hole in Alaska to look for water. I’m betting if the Fed had proposed the Pebble mine,Parnell and other freakin’ maroons would fight it tooth and nail. Maybe a space ship from the “Red” planet will land in Alaska and ferret the rw weasles back to their Mother ship. Save the skunk bears.

  7. beth. says:

    NASA has a Planetary Protection Officer whose sole job is to work with other scientists (in the US and around the world) to ENSURE *no* damage is done to the (or any!) site… do the Pebble Mine folks? I heard her, the PPO, on NPR a few months back [linked below] and was fascinated by the lengths NASA goes to to ensure all permissions, procedures, authorizations, safeguards, etc. are meticulously followed. And are double checked. And even back–checked.

    Poor Pebble Mine… boo hoo…having to get “more than 60 different types of permits and authorizations” — give me a friggin Break. Please! What asshats. They actually think their paperwork/red-tape ‘woes’ are comparable to what NASA departments/teams have to go through to get even a single mission, ahem, off the ground? FAIL! beth.

    “Part of Curiosity’s drill may have been exposed to microbes on Earth before the rover launched to Mars. Catharine Conley, NASA’s planetary protection officer, explains how the slip-up violated agency procedures, but why it likely won’t impact Curiosity’s science objectives.”

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Thanks Beth! Made me curious so I looked up the Planet Protection office.
      Link there to the O of PP site too.
      Pebble is just doing their smart aleck dealie. My question for them would be ONLY 60 permits? A mere 60 when we’re looking at the bristol Bay fishery , lands, and peoples needing to be protected forever from their lil jaunt?
      Pfft on Pebble.

      • beth. says:

        Pfft, indeed, Alaska Pi. Double Pfft, even.

        [shakes head at Pebble Beach’s mind-numbing idiocy while mumbling to herself: 60 permits, they’re bitchin’ about a measly 60 different permits? …oh, and authorizations…60 different permits AND authorizations….obviously, rocket scientists, they arent…] beth.

    • UgaVic says:

      Agree on all points!!

      Maybe we can put Pebble management in touch with NASA and they can compare notes and talk about how NO HARM works.

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