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May 21, 2018

Open Thread – Goat Anthology

This 2-minute “greatest hits” compilation of goats yelling both eerily and hilariously like people is not to be missed. Sweet dreams, Mudpups.



10 Responses to “Open Thread – Goat Anthology”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    I guess we’re the men and women who stare at goats.

  2. zyggy says:

    Sweet dreams, huh? LOl I don’t think so.

  3. fishingmamma says:

    I grew up on a farm, and one of the goats drove my grandmother nuts. He was all black, and my grandmother named him ‘Satan’. (My Grandmother usually gave the livestock names like sweetie-pie) Satan was always getting into, as my Grandmother would say, “pickles”. One day, he wanted to go with Grandpa when he was leaving in his old WWII Jeep, so Satan took a running leap from the little hill above the road to hitch a ride. Well, that Jeep had an old canvas top, and Satan’s legs went right through. Satan was stuck. Grandpa slammed on the brakes and jumped out. We all ran from the house because Satan was yelling at the top of his lungs, and when we got to the road, Grandpa was doubled over laughing, which seemed to make Satan yell even louder. Grandma loved telling that story, as one of Satan’s better pickles.

    Thanks for posting this, I hadn’t thought of Satan in years, but he was really quite hilarious sticking out of the top of that old jeep.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Let’s try her this way-On and On We Ride The Storm
    The Flame Has Died and The Fire Is Gone
    Oh This Empty Bed is A Night Alone
    I Realized That Long Ago

    Is Anybody Out There? Anybody There?

    How about some chatter,Pups?

  5. mike from iowa says:

    The right reverend Phelps of Westboro Baptist Reichsministry has a video out that shows Phelps praying to god to kill Anderson Cooper for being gay. I’m not brushed up on god much,but I wasn’t aware he/she/it did command performances. Learn new stuff everyday.

  6. mike from iowa says:

    Interesting poll from 2011-t Alaska chapter of The Nature Conservancy conducted a poll with around 500 registered voting Alaskans about salmon.

    96% agree that salmon are essential to Alaskan’s way of life.
    97% say salmon are important for Alaskas economy.
    93% say it is important to protect Bristol Bay(66% say extremely or very important)
    91% of S.E. Alaskans say it is important to protect Tongass National Forest(69% say extremely or very importantt)
    78% of the Mat-Su
    Basin reported having fished for family food in the past year
    95% of Mat-Su Basin say salmon are essential.
    There is more to the poll,not alot. I also looked up natural resources on Wiki and much to my surprise(and I will bet Parnell and goons did not know this) cruise ships are not listed as resources. Who knew? I guess Parnell won’t have to allow pollution of everyone’s favorite fish since the vast majority of pollees want salmon and habitats protected Of course that all depends on whether the little martinet can read and comprehend,now don’t it?

    • fishingmamma says:

      Parnell has no connection to the natural world. To him, nature is something to control and to monetize. He is the wrong kind of person to be the governor of a state with so much natural abundance. He is unqualified for the job of steward of these resources.

  7. GoI3ig says:

    I prefer fainting goats.

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