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November 24, 2017

Cat Got Your Tongue?


Happy Friday, Mudflatters! You deserve a smile as you end the week. Sometimes survival in itself is its own reward, but you get a bonus. This bit of awesome actually makes you more productive, according to science. 




2 Responses to “Cat Got Your Tongue?”
  1. Many years ago we had our rescued dog, an adult and then we rescued a kitten before it wandered out in traffic. The kitten was feisty and wanted to play but the dog wanted none of it. She was actually afraid of the little hissing ball of fur – too funny. Then we went on a road trip from Kansas to North Dakota. On the way back we had the back seat full of extra stuff with just enough room for the pets. The dog curled up in her spot and the kitten curled up next to her. The look on our dog’s face was priceless – suspicion, fear, that look of wanting to be rescued. But once the kitty went to sleep, so did the dog. After that they were friends for life.

  2. benlomond2 says:

    reminds me of a family incident.. when nephew was about 2, he and parents came over. I had a year old white german shepherd, so nephew and dog are playing in the back yard( She was a really good gentle dog) I look out to check on the two of them, and the young lad had grabbed a hold of her tongue and was leading her around with it.. She had this look of “YO ! get this kid off of me”! I rescued the poor animal from the young hellion and placed the kid in the house, to the dog’s great relief !! no nips , no bites, no growls.. I took her for a ride in my little fiat later that day as a reward..she just LOVED riding in that little convertible with her head above the windshield… which always needed a windshield cleaning afterwards!

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