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November 24, 2017

Psycho Terror Kitty (Morning Baby)

You’ll want your sound turned on for this.



12 Responses to “Psycho Terror Kitty (Morning Baby)”
  1. Ripley in CT says:

    O..M..G.. I have seen that a long time ago, but this time, I was giggling furiously. I did not realize the musical genius before.


  2. Pinwheel says:

    Had to share! My friends know I’m nuts, so I just must keep reassuring them that I’m OK. n

  3. Mo says:

    Had to bookmark this, I enjoyed it so much I should probably be arrested right now:

    Guns Are For Pussies

  4. Mo says:

    Had to bookmark this, I enjoyed it so much I should probably be arrested right now:

    Guns Are For Pussies

  5. Zyxomma says:

    I know there’s been a disturbance in the Force, threatening the peace of the internet, all because of an extemporaneous, offhand comment by a frustrated President Obama, who was being questioned about the sequester (or, as some on the ‘net would have it, Living in Sequestria).

    Be reassured by the writings of one research assistant/blogger at MIT:

    Well worth the read, IMO.

    For anyone who’s wondering, I have NO fear of apples, Granny Smith or otherwise. However, when said apples are not organic, I run rapidly in the opposite direction, because apples are always in the top three on the Dirty Dozen list (I think the current list has blueberries, apples, and celery in the top spots), meaning that they are among the foods most likely to be contaminated with toxic pesticides. It’s a shame, really, because NY state grows beautiful apples, yet I’m far more likely to consume those grown in Washington because I insist on organic. Of course, I’ve bought local apples at the greenmarket after inquiring about the type of pesticide applied, but even when it’s the less poisonous variety, and I’ve given it a thorough washing, I can still taste it on the fruit (yes, I’m quite sensitive).

    Thanks, AKM, for posting an Open Thread. We’ve been too long without one.

  6. mike from iowa says:

    Speaking of famous iowans-did you know that Harry Reasoner(true name/wrong spelling) was developed in ioway? It’s true I tell you. He was developed at iowa State University when mad scientists crossed the first oversize computer with a gorilla from the great ape trust and created a “hairy reasoner”. He has only been around since the late sixties but he looks much older. That is the gorilla side shining through. The town of Clarinda,iowa has a nuthut-mental health facility,built in 1885 and the main bldg was 510,000 sq. feet,at the time the world’s largest building under one roof until the pentagon was built. Page county,iowa is the birthplace of Glenn Miller and 4-H. iowa is also home to the Blackwood Brothers gospel singers and the drummer,Willie Leacox of the group America. Dick Dale is an iowan. Walter Schaeffer(fountain pen inventor),Henry Field and Earl May(nursery business) are iowans. And last and certainly least-Michele-one L-Batshit Crazy-Minnesota congressional fame.

  7. kath the scrappy says:

    Ohhh, that was funny!

  8. slipstream says:

    Apples are scary bad!

    Good that we have the brave kitty to defend us from scary bad apples!

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