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September 22, 2021

Smitten Moose Falls for Same-Sex Statue


This may not be safe for work. Honestly, we just don’t know.

In Anchorage this week, new moose mamas are emerging into the open with their tiny calves, barely two weeks old. It’s an adorable sight to see, and the whole neighborhood is awash in motherly love.

But moose love of a different sort is on full display in Grand Lake, Colorado. It involves one moose who’s quite… how shall we say… “gregarious,” and the other who’s more of the strong, silent type. It’s a notable courtship for several reasons, and proves that true love will not be denied.

1)  The mating season for moose is in the fall, and this is June.

2) One member of the pair is a real hard-body, and by that we mean made of actual metal.

3) It appears that this steamy moose-on-statue action involves a same-sex partnership.

The strange and beautiful love story will certainly have its challenges, but in this Adam and Steve love affair, at least we know that one of them won’t stray.



13 Responses to “Smitten Moose Falls for Same-Sex Statue”
  1. bucsfan says:

    After having seen that picture, now I am wondering what was really going on with Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  2. benlomond2 says:

    not going there, not going there, not going there…. to Colorado
    OR to that joke about the bear and the hunter…..

  3. COalmostNative says:

    Heh heh… Remember the Colorado Legislature just approved same-sex civil unions, and our governor signed it into law.

    So I guess this is legal… 😉

    • Mark Gamache says:

      Canada is very Liberal, Moraly Up Standing Country, However “We do not condone Moose on Moose” sexual activity like this.

      Even though we love to watch adults and “Yes” children beat the Sh_t out of each other (I am talking Hockey here folks so you don’t think we is barbarians or something), we do have limits.

      This picture alone will make thousands of fearless Canadian male hunters (we don’t got no fear cause we got 7mm High Power Rifles and Mosses got antlers) stop hunting and eating Moose meat.

      The Great Canadian Male now knowing what Mooses are really up to can no longer eat Moose meat for fear of what those Homo Male Moose Hormones might do to them.

      And Yah, OK so we do it differently in Canada, now that doesn’t mean what you think it does. Really it doesn’t.

      • North Guy says:

        All of us who opposes Gay Marriage knew there would be negative consequences. Now this, Lord only knows whon will be doing to whom out in the Wilderness.

        I would strongly suggest that all Redneck Republican Hunters sleep with a loaded rifle next to them when ever they go camping or hunting from now on.

        It’s not safe out there any more, NOT SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • aussiebluesky says:

        Cool your jets and put your specs on, Gramps: that’s moose-bison activity, not same-same – proving Canada is really quite conservative. 😉

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