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October 20, 2021


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Friday, October 8, 2021

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Don Young Attacks Federal Employees, Goes Hitler

The “Congressman for All Alaska,” Don Young (R) was a featured speaker today at the Federal Overreach Summit in Anchorage.

Young, who has a reputation for being outspoken, outrageous, and often politically incorrect was in rare form. After railing on what he perceives as the intrusion of the federal government into land and resource issues in Alaska, and into our personal lives, he castigated the EPA, the DEC, the National Parks Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers, saying they “do nothing.” He also had a harsh message to federal employees in general who number 22,887 in his state of only 700,000 people. Young told them they should “feel a little bit guilty” for enforcing laws that don’t “make sense.”

And there was really nowhere to go after that.

Except Hitler.

And Stalin.

And those who work for the federal government, ask yourselves, “What did I do today for the Alaskan citizen? Did I help them or did I hurt them? Did I impose a restriction that didn’t make sense because someone wrote it back in Washington DC in a little office? Ask yourself… Feel a little bit guilty, because you are the government, not of the people, but government for government’s sake. And that’s not a democracy. That’s not freedom. That becomes a monarchy. A totalitarian state.

And this is not just this President. This has been going on now for a period of time since 1935. Do a little reading – a little history. Find out what happened – how Germany collapsed; how Hitler took over, how Stalin became empowered. It’s all because of centralization of a government power, and not the people.



24 Responses to “Don Young Attacks Federal Employees, Goes Hitler”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Since nutters have so little respect for the hand that feeds them,let us stop feeding them. No work,no pay. They typically forget who they are elected to work for. Young won’t win any elections with one vote from each of the big three oil korporate citizens.. I’m sure at least four Alaskans could offset those votes. We can also put a huge dent in welfare fraud by getting rid of korporate shills,both sides,most especially nutters!

  2. cl says:

    This is awful and debasing to all Federal and State employees and to the people the commons that have no other way to be heard. What about the over reaching of the states and corporations?

  3. Zyxomma says:

    Alaskans, are you waiting for Yon Dung to retire (or die), or do you have the means and the will to replace him? I’m not asking to be snarky, I’m genuinely curious.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Young is a U.S freaking rwnj congressweasel-the epitome of do nothingness. He shows up less than three days a week,he is on hiatus,now,again for at least a month. His overall approval rate is hovering around a lofty 9%. He gets paid for doing absolutely nothing-which makes him a welfare queen. He doesn’t work for “the people”,he works for alphabet groups like NRA,ALEC,BP,Exxon-Mobil,etc. I’ve got an alphabet group for Young and all rwnj-STFU,GTFOH,F!Y! and the horse you rode in on!!!!

    • Alaska Pi says:

      😀 !

    • Neil says:

      That is not really true. I was audited by the IRS for 3yrs in a row and I finally got sick of the made up stuff the IRS was claiming about me. Also keep in mind that in the end everything was accepted that I filed as I filed it, meaning the IRS never changed anything. There was nobody that in the taxpayer advocate who could get thru to get to the bottom of this.
      I was left wondering how in the hell do I get this corrected?

      I called Don Young’s office because that is what you do when you are being wronged by a federal agency.
      In the end after calling and filing complaints nothing progressed, until Don Young’s office got thru to a person at the IRS.
      In short if you have trouble with a federal agency and live in Alaska he is your man.
      That means he stands up for his people not the federal Govt. he is still for the people even if he don’t go and sit in with these policies that are nothing more than posturing in Washington.
      Why should he waste his time and our tax dollars flying to get nothing accomplished like the rest of them?

      • beth. says:

        So he’s willing to work for the one, but do his darnedest to ignore all the rest? Sorry, Neil, your example of his helping you, while I’m sure was most appreciated by you, was something he should have done as a matter of course. For you or any AK citizen. It’s one of the automatic perks of the job…no matter how junior the Rep. is in Congress, that ‘help’ for constituents is one of the bennies of the job.

        He’s been there in DC for 40 years now — one would think he’d have “Lyndon B. Johnson-ed” them all by now and could get (without having to raise so much as a bead of sweat) ANY thing AKs citizens and his state wanted from the Feds. One would also think he’d have enough sense, after 40-years of representing ALL of AKs citizens, not to vote against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (AKA Obamacare) 40 damn times in a row. He’s a real doozie, is your Yon Dung. beth.

    • Beaglemom says:

      You are oh so right! And how long has he been on the “federal dole”? Quite a while and living in a state that receives far more than it pays in. Ordinarily that wouldn’t bother me but when the Congressman, a federal elected official, behaves like Don Young has, then he and the state that keeps electing him deserves to hear that.

  5. AKAurora says:

    Alaska’s economy is no joke. Neither is its inability to even grow some types of industries due to all of the costs of shipping. If it weren’t for all of the forms of Federal monies received in Alaska, whether through PORK, grants, agencies, PLUS federal employees salaries which are spent in Alaska, Alaska would be in tough shape. DY has certainly introduced his fair share of pork requests, and/or lobbied hard for all of the military expenditures. This type of speech of “pure politics.” He was trying to impress someone(s) — voters. DY should remember all of the strings attached to government impositions the next time he votes on women’s rights to choice. Keep out of our wombs.

  6. joespenard says:

    He’s blaming federal employees for enforcing laws that Congress passed? Wait Rep. Young is part of Congress, which IS the problem. So Don Young is the problem.

  7. Alaska Pi says:

    Echoing fishingmama and facebook commenters about the obvious federal employment status of our ridiculous Representative…
    And I am more than completely, absolutely, positively,overwhelmingly sick and frickin tired of the bashing of public employees be they local, state, or federal and even more sick and tired of the likes of our Rep badmouthing their fellow federal employees .
    Sorry, buster buns- I love the Coast Guard folks who have helped each and every one of us in my part of the state even though I whine about the safety enforcement stuff. I adore what NOAA weather does for us anymore. I have shaken the hand of my USFS neighbors many times to thank them for so many of the things they do here in the Tongass National Forest which benefit the interests of all Americans and we locals too.
    I’m damn glad USFWS and the Fed stepped up to the plate on subsistence issues on federal land , especially since the state couldn’t get its act together.
    Some of those other alphabet outfits like EPA are just fine too. Better than fine.
    Stuff a sock in it , Mr Young. Just stuff a sock in it.
    The federal employee I’d like to answer to me will not even recognize my existence because I didn’t color the oval by his name. Pffft!

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Pi —

      Yeah. That’s my experience too. We have many – MANY – State and Fed people who are doing a wonderful job. And THANK GOODNESS for them! Here in AK, we need them! Here, I know most of them by name.

      I am a little peon city employee in a tiny little AK town. But we keep an eye on our State politics. My prediction is, when things get really bad here in AK, it’s going to be tough on communities like ours. We’re going to get sold out — for whatever reason.

      But — because we’ve been through two FEMA flood disasters now, and have a lot of experience with both State and FEMA — I can only say that our little town has survived BECAUSE of both our Federal and State governments. I can only say the best about them.

      Yon Dung is a negative guy. He should try to represent his people based upon things that need to be done — like now, like this year’s Yukon floods.

    • fishingmamma says:

      As a former commercial fisherman (fishingwoman? never liked that word), I have to say, I never met a Coastie I did not absolutely respect. They were the ones that would risk everything to come get me, even if my predicament was caused by my own stupidity. I am a little biased, because my sister was a Coastie stationed at Kodiak, but, I’m tellin you, no fisherman will ever say that the Coasties are not the best on the planet.

      the people that work in the Fed Government deserve our respect and nothing less.

      Absolutely nothing less. Don Young can kiss my A$$. I dare him to try and kiss my sister’s (the coastie’s) A$$.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      There’s another thing missing in our doof Rep’s foolishness.
      The western states all have larger percentages of federal lands than the eastern states.
      It is the way it is. The Fed has had plenty of appeasement policies over the years to offset the so-called loss of private and state lands which have benefited locals in the vicinity of federal lands but locals need to get their lil selves together and remember those are lands belonging to ALL Americans, not Alaskans, Oregonians, Nevadans…
      The federal-overeach meme make no distinctions between federal policies/law which govern federal lands, the nation to nation nature of the Fed and tribes, environmental law which oversees federal responsibility for navigable waters, military employees whose meager paychecks prop up a couple of communities which otherwise would be less robust ( maybe just flat busted), the incredible services of FEMA which worked some real magic in eagle and other places in the last few years alone, our beloved Coasties,… on and on and on and on…
      We are part of the United States and damn well shouldn’t be acting like we get to exempt ourselves from participating in the responsibilities whilst enjoying the rights and perks of that…

  8. fishingmamma says:


  9. blue_in_AK says:

    He’s a laugh a minute.

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