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Sen. Begich Sends Halibut to Domino’s


New Sagaya Midtown Market staff help select
halibut to send to Domino’s CEO J. Patrick Doyle.


Usually when someone gets a dead fish in the mail, it’s considered a veiled threat. But don’t worry. Alaska Democratic Senator Mark Begich is not threatening to whack the CEO of Domino’s Pizza.


The Domino’s “Powered by Pizza” campaign continues to draw criticism from the halls of the Capitol, and America’s Last Frontier. After their latest commercial asserted, “No one ever had a world changing idea over halibut,” as an actor gags up a piece of so-called halibut onto his plate. Alaska Senator Mark Begich decided it was time to play hardball. The Senator’s office reports:

Concerned that Domino’s Pizza CEO J. Patrick Doyle has never tasted delicious, Alaska halibut, U.S. Senator Mark Begich sent a fillet to Doyle at the pizza giant’s headquarters in Michigan.  In a heartfelt letter to the pizza czar, Begich expressed concern that Doyle had never tasted the popular Alaska fish that was recently vilified in the Domino’s commercial, “Powered by Pizza.”

“It occurs to me that your pizza preference may be the result of an uninformed palate, so I’ve sent you a delicious Alaska halibut filet for your edible edification,” said Begich.  “I know you’ll enjoy this tasty treat and hope it will become the first of many fresh Alaska fillets you will feast on in the future.”

That’s right, Domino’s. You’ve just been schooled by a fish. And a guy on the Appropriations Committee. That’s gonna leave a mark.

The groundswell of pushback on Domino’s pizza in The Great Land only continues to grow.

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Here is the complete letter from the Senator’s office.



UPDATE: The following was posted by Domino’s Pizza.



That’s Domino’s CEO, J. Patrick Doyle in an “I <3 Halibut” shirt. The Senator, in turn, posted the Twitter photo on his Facebook page with the following message:

“I have to hand it to Domino’s Pizza CEO J. Patrick Doyle. He has a sense of humor and great taste in shirts. And now we have another fan of Alaska seafood.”

So, now that they’ve had their “Green Eggs and Ham” moment, and they know how awesome Alaskan halibut is, will they PLEASE take down that commercial?



7 Responses to “Sen. Begich Sends Halibut to Domino’s”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    Good for Senator Begich! Domino’s is still fishy.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Halibut fillet-hell. Send a man to do a man’s job. Maybe this guy will eat Dominos korporate board. Teach them bastards to mess with my friends up North.

  3. Alaska Pi says:

    Yay! Senator Begich!
    Halibut forever!
    Now to decrease the loss of this fine fish in trawler’s nets, sir?
    More, better, heftier constraints on the fish stick industry’s pollock producers’ killing of juvenile halibut?
    Some change now in progress but is it enough?
    Will it turn the tide on the losses which came before the new rules?
    4.4 million pounds in 2010 alone.
    4.4 million pounds which has to be dumped under PSC law.
    4.4 million pounds which won’t grow, breed , nor feed us .

  4. beth. says:

    Hope Domino’s CEO has some excellent recipes for good Alaskan halibut! I’d hate to see him do to it what he does to cheese and tomato sauce and pepperoni… [meow!] beth.

  5. mike from iowa says:

    Pointing a finger at the only fishy looking object in the photo makes the Senator look like a doofus,imho,. unless his finger can somehow impart world changing ideas into the fillet.

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