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November 24, 2017

Anchorage Local Harvest Feast

WEDNESDAY | AUGUST 28 | 6:30-8:30pm



Similar to AFM’s annual International Holiday Feast each November, the event is free, family friendly, alcohol free, and eating

utensils will be provided; the Alaska Botanical Garden is also offering free admission/parking to the Garden for the event. The Local Harvest Feast invites the public to celebrate our state’s bounty of local and wild foods through a potluck style affair.

Event goers are encouraged to bring a dish to share with others for this community-based meal atmosphere. Whether a special recipe close to your culture, a salsa from the farmer’s market, rhubarb crisp from made from a neighbor’s yard, or caribou stew from a successful hunting trip, the co-founders of the Anchorage Food Mosaic believe that sharing the stories, identities, preparations, and adventures that surround and comprise our food system are among the most important things to share with each other in life. Alaska’s rich abundance of fish and game, diverse people, wild edible greens, plump berries, and anything and everything your near-Arctic garden can grow are worth talking about – and eating – amongst friends new and old.

The event will feature “The Local Harvest Dish Competition.” Attendees are invited to submit their dish for taste testing and voting during the Feast. Dishes must fall under one of the following categories: Wild BerriesWild Game and Seafood, or Garden Grown. Attendees and dishes must be present at 6:30 for registration.

The Anchorage Food Mosaic is excited to partner with the Alaska Botanical Garden (ABG) to host the Local Harvest Feast. The Alaska Botanical Garden is dedicated to far-northern plant education, preservation, and research.  The Garden offers an inspirational venue to  enjoy  and  learn about northern horticulture and native plants in a special spruce and birch woodland. Interactive activities will be set up for adult and child participation during the potluck; then, you can go back for seconds.

For more specific event details, volunteer opportunities, or sponsorship/donation information, please email We all eat, and therefore food is a common denominator between us. Head to the Garden on the 28th, bring something savory or sweet, and connect to the people, ingredients, and ideas that nourish who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.




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  1. Zyxomma says:

    Wow, what a fun event. I won’t be in Anchorage on Wednesday the 28th, but if I were, I know where I’d be (and I’d bring a great vegan dish, also, too).

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