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September 2, 2014

Tell Them FRACK NO! – From the Cook Inletkeeper

This is from the Cook Inletkeeper – please click the link below and send a note to your legislators. Deadline is this MONDAY!

Fracking fluids are used to enhance oil and gas recovery; they are injected under pressure in oil and gas reservoirs, and they blast apart spaces in the source rock to allow oil and gas to flow more easily.  Fracking fluids can contain diesel fuel and other toxic chemicals, yet the precise constituents of fracking fluids are often concealed as “trade secrets.”  In the Lower 48, the use of fracking fluids has been linked to drinking water and groundwater contamination, primarily from poor well construction or poor surface handling of toxic materials.  The Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) took public comment on new fracking rules in April 2013.  But pressure from the oil and gas industry – including the powerful American Petroleum Institute – caused AOGCC to re-open the proposed rules for additional comments.

TALKING POINTS: Tell AOGCC we need stronger fracking rules that:

  • Require before-and-after water monitoring around each well that is subject to fracturing operations within a half-mile of a freshwater source.
  • Require full disclosure where and when fracking fluids will be used, what toxic constituents the fracking fluids may contain, and what amounts of chemicals will be used BEFORE and AFTER fracking operations commence.
  • Allow no trade secret exemptions from the requirement to disclose the constituents of fracking fluids prior to or after their use.
  • Provide broad public access to fracking-related information, and not rely solely on the problematic FracFocus website to disseminate fracking fluid information to the public.
  • Provide landowners adequate notice and opportunity to secure their water rights prior to the use of fracking fluids.

Click here to send a note to your legislators.




3 Responses to “Tell Them FRACK NO! – From the Cook Inletkeeper”
  1. This is how they are playing it in the state. Piece by piece your rights as an Alaskan citizen are being eroded just as fast as the shorelines on the western coast.

    HB 77 was shelved this year, but they are going to pull it out again and put it before the Legislature in January. This bill deals with water rights. Allowing more inflow water reservations without review, restricting public and AK tribal comments on water use, and other such unconstitutional, restrictive policies all in order to be able to allow resource extraction such as fracking to be able to do what they want to do with less public oversight and less regulation.

    Along with the lack of a coastal management plan and the “Loser Pays Rule” (Alaska is the only state that has this), all stacks the deck in favor of big business and not the local resource user.

    I hope everyone will not only comment on this issue, but will keep up continued pressure on your legislative representatives and the Gov’s office. Also, please support your local organizations who are working hard on your behalf to keep your rights, your environment, your renewable economy from being lost/destroyed forever. Please consider supporting BOTH Keeper organizations in the state, Cook Inlet and Prince William Soundkeeper.

  2. Zyxomma says:

    We’re dealing with the same thing here in the state of NY. I rely on Riverkeeper, Environmental Advocates of NY, and other fine organizations to keep me informed and active.

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