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Ms. Underestimated in Fairbanks


Fairbanksan Eran Eads got the second-to-last copy of Ms. Magazine at the Fairbanks Co-op Market yesterday. It is currently sold out, with another shipment on the way.

FAIRBANKS –  Despite recent attempts by Republican Borough Assemblyman Lance Roberts to bully the Fairbanks Co-op Market into no longer carrying Ms. Magazine, this week a new shipment arrived and was stocked on the shelves. Roberts stated that he felt the magazine’s support of reproductive choice for women was tantamount to the Co-op Market condoning “genocide,” and announcing on his Facebook page that feminism was “heresy.”


It's not just abortion: Roberts resent empowerment of the Ladypeople in general.

It’s not just abortion: Roberts resent empowerment of the Ladypeople in general.

When Roberts learned of the Co-op’s decision to discontinue selling the publication, he beat his chest in his own newsletter, reveling in the outcome of his threats to boycott the market, and the fact that the “extreme” magazine had been pulled.

After public outcry and national media attention, the Co-op Market’s management reconsidered the original decision to discontinue the magazine, and their change of heart seems to have paid off. The quarterly magazine sold out in less than 48 hours, and a second shipment of Ms. will arrive in the coming two weeks. Locals have stepped up to support the member run Co-op, and new memberships have even resulted from the decision to restock the magazine.

“I know many people who were planning to come down to purchase a copy, but didn’t get the chance Monday or Tuesday,” said Co-op Market member Kayt Sunwood. “Worthy of note: many of these people are new Co-op members. Ms. is good for business!”

Fairbanksans are clearly true to their reputation – they don’t like to be told what they can and cannot do. Today, personal choice and the free market are alive and well in Alaska’s Golden Heart City, and a backward misogynist has lost his battle to decide what the good people of Fairbanks may and may not read.

Ms. Magazine - 1 Backward Misogynist - 0

Ms. Magazine – 1
Backward Misogynist – 0



10 Responses to “Ms. Underestimated in Fairbanks”
  1. randy paddock says:

    I used to live in North Pole and am proud of the people back home, not taking censorship of any sort, he is the type of guy you wantto tell hey get lost, or go pound sand or? so far every one has kept comments clean when your think god, want an F’ ing ass.. way to go..

  2. Alaska Pi says:

    Good on the Fairbanks Co-op!
    Sending best wishes that you prosper and grow within the principles of a truly cooperative business – open and voluntary membership, democratic member control, and the like.

    Pffft! on Mr Roberts and his phony member-owner argument.

  3. karen marie says:

    Hilariously, Lance has flounced off and refuses to further engage in discussion anywhere but a safe haven on FB where he can bring down the ban hammer on anyone who criticizes him or says something he doesn’t approve of. What a sad little man.

  4. alwaysagardener says:

    I’m so confused by the male reproductive police. It is truly an arcane stance. I always wonder what could make a man so opposed to reproductive rights? No man I know (or have ever known) personally is of the “keep ‘em pregnant and barefoot” mindset. When this type crawls out of its cave it is a stunning event. Lance Roberts is absolutely bizarre. It would be so interesting to learn more about what makes these men tick (aside from the regular evangelical bend). Ms Magazine is and has always been an inspiration for women. When it appeared it was the first magazine that wholeheartedly endorsed the idea women’s lives were more than the fruit of their wombs. And, amazingly, this was a real eye opener for many women of my generation!

  5. juneaudream says:

    Lance..I am sorry as hell to break the news to you..but ..we DO, most of us..have stunning brains, and..the ability to use them. If the assorted the last 7 generations of your family..were around..’right about now’..I am guessing..several of them..would..take task. ( may dislike me….butcha would HATED..Moi Mom!!…. 😉

  6. carol says:

    Well, just because they aren’t getting any more Ms magazines in for another couple weeks, not going to stop me from going shopping there. I’m very pleased with this entire turn of events.

  7. Zyxomma says:

    And may the good people of Fairbanks fail to re-elect ASSemblyman Roberts. It’s easy, Fairbanks. Vote for the Democrat.

    • hans geier says:

      Borough elections officially are “non-partisan.”. Also, Lance asked for and received his $200 membership back (at his request).

  8. Hans geier says:

    Lance decided he no longer wished to be a member/owner and the Coop gladly returned his member payment.

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