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God Hates Alaska Native Culture Says WBC

Westboro protesters

Fred Phelps, the founder of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas is dead and gone, but the institution of intolerance and hatred is still on the march, and headed to Alaska. WBC has a long history of organizing anti-gay protests, and picketing military and other funerals with crude and offensive signs.

Now, Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage on the morning of June 1. Why, you ask?

dancers full

A news release posted on, replete with Bible quotations, states two reasons for protesting the Alaska Heritage Center.

“…you make a religion out of the pagan idolatrous practices of past generations. There is nothing appealing or holy about the “heritage” of the eleven “distinct cultures” or “diverse population” of Alaska. They walked in darkness and served idols of every kind, contrary to the direct commandment to have no gods before God.

“… you fail to give God the glory, instead of the traditions and gods of the past… Stop worshiping dead cultures, man-made idols, and the sinful traditions of past generations. Put the resources into teaching and learning the Bible instead, and warning your neighbor to stop sinning before it’s too late, and he’s sinned away the last day of grace.”


Representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church came to Anchorage in 2003 to protest the city’s gay pride events. They also threatened to picket Ted Stevens’ funeral in 2010 for his long career as a federal lawmaker and supporting a government which Phelps called, “a corrupt cesspool of idolatry,” but protesters never showed up.


Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist Church

It’s not too late to save Alaska, WBC assures us. “God hasn’t completely destroyed Alaska yet, so there is time to repent of this idolatry; not memorialize and worship it.”

If WBC follows through with the threat of protest, there will undoubtedly be counter-protests by LGBT groups, veterans groups, Alaska Native organizations, and decent human beings of all stripes who will not tolerate this kind of narrow-minded bigotry.



69 Responses to “God Hates Alaska Native Culture Says WBC”
  1. Pass It On... says:

    The Ten Commandments

    as deemed more than 10,000 years ago…

    1. Show Respect for Others
    2. Share What you have
    3. Know who you are
    4. Accept what life brings
    5. Have Patience
    6. Live Carefully
    7. Take Care of Others
    8. Honor Your Elders
    9. Pray for Guidance
    10. See Connections

    Better logic than what I have seen…

    Pass it on…

  2. Bebup says:

    a protest?

    make an even bigger protest to drive these ***** away!

  3. sonya smith says:

    Nice to know we can still cause them to take their darnetols eh? I just wanna say I have never seen sooo much hate as what I see and what I hear wherever I go. Let’s get our guy Byron Mallot in then talk. Unity is our tradition!! Let’s go NATIVES! we do not need picket lines, arguments, differences, bigotry, etc, ever notice in our languages there is really no words, for hate? Discrimination? lgtwhat? Never heard of that clan, my point is this. The bible does not put into words anything about fags, if anything it does say sexual immorality is an abomination to the Lord. That covers alot of ground but He does not say to go out and point your finger, create picket lines, and make more bloatware. It does say to love your neighbor as yourself. This does not mean geographically, it applies to wherever you go, wherever you are. After all these years that ole boarding school mentality has never changed and probably never will in this lifetime. But I am willing to check out that church next time I am in their neighborhood. Afterall what comes around goes around n round. After all who is responsible for teaching us english? I say now that we learned? What have we learned other than goin all the way back. My testimony is all about Jesus He has done so many things for me that not one individual can do. Let’s see the main one being His ressurection, the second His promise that His word and his people would live to experience his promise of eternal life. Now show me who can do that for you? Right this very second. I also know that native people in general are not very good at spreading indifference leading to hatred. And certainly do not allow it to be taught to our children. Ever wonder why God chose to bless native people in alaska as a culture? Just sayin.I hope to meet you, so you can teach me all about who you are.I come from a village of happy people who used unity to resolve family, social and private problems. But save face for another time. LGNP let’s go native people:) rise above this once again. No rainbow people here.

  4. andy says:

    this is so typical democracy to hate free people on earth. that’s what usa has been reporting lately everywhere on earth. this whitemail will end soon for your information. no human will go through this hatred ideology that usa and terrorists adapted.

  5. Gerry says:

    I am not sure what they think they are doing…but it relflects bad on the White Establishment…aka KKK…ect…
    It is desquised under the Baptist Temple…but it reminds me of a song “preacher man talking on the TV”…
    I have seen the lunacy of religion commit crimes they call the Will of God…and that seems to be okay…
    What will blindside them is what is to come to pass…and it’s almost too funny…God is good indeed…

  6. tallimat says:

    I’ve some bacon grease for them while they walk the scenic Upper Campbell creek trails…

    Tell them it’s a Alaskan tradition and approved by god to smear the grease on their forehead, palms and ankles…

  7. Jackie Smith says:

    Build him a ridicule pole, although he wouldn’t notice how foolish he is being. What nationality is he? What of his heritage involved “family heirlooms” and memorabilia that might be considered and idol?

  8. Rachel says:

    There is already something in the works several clans are already involved so just show up and show support traditional native dress is welcome and encouraged 🙂 we are going to drown them out with drumming and dance!

  9. Debbie Logan says:

    Let them come up Alaska natives also own guns that shoot harpoons. Step up protestors!

  10. William says:

    It should be a fun time with lots of drumming regalia and more, maybe not quite an “All Nations” powwow, but it will be a great ceremony of strength, resiliency, inclusion, and yes, spirituality.
    These Westboroians may just leave Alaska as changed human beings.
    Ignorance is actually curable.
    Good luck to us.
    We have to get up early June 1.

  11. St.Elias says:

    I wonder if they are going to try and destroy our Alaskan “Totem Poles” as many early missionaries to Alaska suggested. Worship of pagan gods you know.

    If so, the UMC on O’Malley “St. Johns” better stand guard over their outdoor poles until these clowns return to Kansas.

  12. Mike says:

    WBC folks are mental midgets – your own worst enemies. I can’t imagine living with such ugly hate in ones body… you all must be so sick. You’re also an embarrassing to your state and your country. I feel sorry for you all.

  13. Paul Abdul says:

    My AK native ancestors were forced at gun point the western language and religion. This is what they went through already and have to go through this again?

  14. stern says:

    But what there doing is wrong

  15. stern says:

    No matter what religion ur from there is only one god

    • Julie says:

      It’s not worshiping another God, its spirituality, its honoring the past, and the seasons and the gifts of the land (that God gave) and who are you and they to judge an entire culture of people. Judgment is one of the worst sins. Mathew 7:1 Judge not lest ye be judged.

  16. hemovore says:

    lets not only protest them but show them a reason not to come back. any one with a loud motor bike? please join in and make your bike sing. please let the local bike clubs know of this. id love to see a lot of 1%ers out there. join us in running them out of town. ( pitchforks and torches optional )

  17. Mike says:

    Dear WBC folks:
    I am always interested in groups such as yours who seem to have such keen insights into what God knows. Aside from the standard litany of things God hates, any thoughts on God’s positions on minimum wage, climate, education, equality, and economic issues here in Alaska? I know these things aren’t specifically addressed in The Bible, but neither are I.E.D.s and 9/11. I just wonder where God stands on other important issues. Does he ever share his thoughts with you on hate? Does he hate hate? Is he okay with you spreading hate on his behalf? Well, thanks for your time. I would turn the other cheek and say I love you anyway, but I don’t. But I don’t hate you either. I just don’t have that kind of energy to devote to you.

  18. JudyPost says:

    I am sure the folks at the Alaska Native Heritage Center has read about the folks in Moore, OK? I think WBC got in about 8 minutes of protest before they were sent running back to their cars.

  19. Hank Czisny says:

    Alaskans are some of the best in the world who ever they.and what religious belief they have.Spent 2 yrs. up there and the best time of my life.Stand your ground Alaska Natives been around longer then the WBC.

  20. Travis Kassaiuli says:

    We should have one BIG potlatch on that very morning outside of the Alaska Native Heritage Center. One BIG happy feast with all the different types of Alaskan Natives together. Have different Native dance groups performing. Tell all your iluqs, all your wiicungs, aunts, uncles, grandparents, anyone who is Alaskan Native to come with foods from home and songs to perform. Make them see our culture first hand. Majority of the Native cultures raise the generations to be humble, to be compassionate and to show pride in who they are, but at the same time, respecting who others are and where they come from.

    • JD Juelson says:

      Not Native Alaskan but have lived here all my life. I’ll be there with my Yupik wife. What a bunch of intolerant ……

  21. Koala says:

    As I recall, when they came here to protest Gays, they got almost no publicity or notice. That is what they need to get here again. NOTHING!

    • Bluealaskan says:

      Yes, this makes sense, lets not show solidarity, lets let these idiots do anything they want while everyone sits back and does NOTHING, This makes no sense at all. That is what is wrong with this country, too many people sit back and to nothing.

  22. Tim says:

    Don’t these Christians need to be asking for more money so they can build themselves the biggest churches with the most elaborately decorated furniture and beautifully carved crosses with jesus nailed to them?

    • They are no Christians … They are LAWYERS…!!

      • dowl says:

        Thank you for not judging and for simply examining the fruit of the WBC Fred Phelps Rapture Ready Armageddon Now pseudo-christiany most rabid theocratic dominionists.

        There are, IMO, too many of the actively hateful ‘them’ among us; a few carry signs, most don’t AND they are too often elected to public offices. Most are Old Testament ‘Christians’ (an oxymoron at best) who conscientiously fail to read and follow the red words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

  23. akmom says:

    I doubt that they show up. Remember when they threatened to protest uncle Ted’s funeral? They didn’t show up. They don’t have any money. But if they do, I still think that we have to counter them with a peaceful (and plentiful) show of Alaskans. They don’t get to come to our state and mess with us.

    • Kathy says:

      These creatures have lots of money, however they have a tendency not to show. They were suppose to show at out Moore oklahoma liquor store but didn’t show, next day lasted 10 minutes before they were chanced away. They are cowards!

  24. Ivan says:

    God hates ________ ( your group of choice )
    i would expect no less from a god who claims to be a jealous and vengeful god.
    A god who demands worship and promises punishment to his ” children ” who disobey or do not believe.
    Of coarse god hates ! lucky for us THAT god is not the creator.

    Christianity as a religion has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.
    Jesus did not start a religion. his followers did that and then it was usurped and bastardized for personal gain and power.

  25. Nelson Lliaban says:

    Closed minded people like that start occult’s like the one in Waco, Tx. Their only one step closer to believing in their cause, what really scares me is that they actually believe in what their taught in their church that praises the Lords name, by a ” man of the cloth” who was brain washed in the same way he/she was taught, by Fred Phelps. They fear what they do not understand, and in that right it’s them who need to be saved. they need God to help them open their minds, to see the light that shines behind the people, who are a proud human being. That live and breath the good Lords work.

  26. proud alaskan native says:

    funny these quotes coming from people who worship a deity that didn’t arrive until thousands of years after our people were here. sorry some of you people are too stupid to realize you are all worshiping the same thing in a different manner. sorry we some of us feel we shouldn’t have to go to a church or line your pockets to reach enlightenment. sorry my church is the earth i live on, the rivers and lands we fish/hunt on. if any of you had half a brain you would realize the bible is NOT the original anymore.

    • alaskan eskimo says:

      that is so true our people was here way before any of them was here and we belived in earth and liveing animals and our grandparents and ancestors we belived we were one with the earth and every thing in it

  27. tn cathy says:

    just think…you’re in beautiful alaska, heaven on earth
    the preacher man is now dead and gone and i’m sure quite surprised
    that there IS a HELL and he’s got a seat reserved with his name on it! SMILE

  28. Kija says:

    We do not want you in Alaska. Please stay out. You and your ignorance will bring nothing but trouble to you here.

  29. Child of King of Kings-Love says:

    Psalm 35, 37, 91! God hates evil, not the people, the sin! U drive more ppl away that’s not showing Gods Love! LOL

  30. hedgewytch says:

    Hmmmm, who owns the property of the Native Heritage Center? I don’t believe that it is a publicly owned facility, meaning, that IF the protesters showed up, they’d be on the side of Muldoon Rd at the entrance (the long tree covered driveway that you can’t even see the building from the main road) watching the National Guard folks go by on their way to work. What a way to spend a whole 1/2 hour of protesting! Gee, with ticket prices the way they are, hope they got their reservations in early and cashed those frequent flyer miles. And hope their travel agent told them that the prices for hotels in June in Anchorage are astronomical! LOL!

  31. zyggy says:

    30 minutes of protesting? Guess they have money to burn.

  32. Mag the Mick says:

    I really wish these people would get the reaction they deserve, which is to be completely ignored. By mobilizing ranks of counter-protesters, we only give these fools power. If they can’t be shunned, the only other good response would be to mock them. If they were surrounded by a group of people who did no more than point fingers at them and laugh, they’d get the response they really deserve.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thats exactly right. I wish people would get that. If they make us angry and we counter their protest they are getting what they want. They should be completely ignored. If people would just look through them and pretend they are jot there they will not get that attention they are so desperately begging for and all that anger and hatred is not being fed and it will just eat them up inside

      • Alaska Pi says:

        It is fine to be angry with them. In and of itself, getting ticked off at the kind of stoopidity WBC engages in is fine. A buncha swear words and maybe kicking a rock type anger.
        Also, I think it a good thing when folks have shielded grieving families at funerals from WBC’s nasty crap.
        But Mag is correct- it is the allowing them space in our heads and hearts for which they pay no rent which gives them a sick kind of power.

        I read their doofus announcement a couple times, said a bunch of swear words , and am now laughing at the ignorance it represents. Absolute ignorance about the culture, and histories of Alaska’s indigenous peoples, the ANHC itself ( an independent non-profit museum and cultural center started by my Regional Corporation, CIRI ) .
        And the absolute ignorance of any meaningful notion of religion? They get a first place ribbon…

        Native peoples have survived far greater threats than the pitiful hate-fests of the WBC., before and after contact, and they will continue to do so. That is answer enough to the dingbat WBC.

        IF they really show up, making fun of them is the best policy.

  33. mike from iowa says:

    W()we’re) B(bat-shit) C(crazy) Really,we are.

  34. Carl Topkok says:

    That’s so freaking retarted! Most Alaska Natives are Christians!

  35. Nativelover says:

    God bless you ignorant red necks!

  36. Alaska Pi says:

    %^#@#$%^&%^$#@@%ing doofs!

    will be back when I can think without it all being swear words…

  37. Perkins says:

    Fred Phelps – so long to a guy of no consequence. If he’s what they got in Heaven, then I’d rather burn in Hell.

  38. Mikse Willoya-Marx says:

    Oh… Really? I’ll be there. Would LOVE to LOVE them right back!

  39. Zyxomma says:

    Yet, many Alaskans vote into office idolators who worship oil, gas, cruise ships, coal, and gold, all because these politicians claim to be Christian. I’m nowhere near Anchorage, so I’ll be waiting for the photos.

  40. Really? says:

    I do not understand the wbc ‘s point,

    • Dehrich says:

      No one does. They are really just a big band of homophobes and racists who think they have a religion.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      If they actually show up, my guess is they wanted to take a trip to AK in our beautiful summertime and are trying to figure out how to write off the expenses as religious activities or some such horsepunky…

      • mike from iowa says:

        15 degrees Tuesday morning. Good thing I haven’t planted onions yet. 🙂

        • Alaska Pi says:

          Wow! Brr!
          bears are awake here- dang.
          We’ve been running in the 40s during the day and mid 30s at night- cold hardy stuff is popping up. Rhubarb, chives, and mints are up.
          Spinach, kale and lettuces are perking along.
          Spuds get planted this weekend.
          Peas at home will have to wait 3 weeks. Nights too chilly still and I’m gonna go see my grands for 2 weeks. Am hoping they’ll want to plant peas at their house like their Papa did when he was a lil dude. 🙂

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