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Sullivan Waffles on Eggs – One of Them May Be Yours.

Back in April, Alaska Republican Senate primary voters got to listen to their three candidates try to figure out who the lifey-est candidate of all actually was. It’s been a gigantic run to the right on pro-life issues by the three men running for the office, each trying to be more hard core than the others.

They were asked whether they would support a so-called “personhood bill” called the Life at Conception Act introduced by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) that defines life as beginning the moment that little swimmer cracks the eggshell. The bottom line of this bill is that it could end access to safe and legal abortion in the United States. So, considering that 1/3 of all women will have an abortion in her lifetime, it’s kind of a big deal.


Do you know this person?

Joe Miller was right out there in front. He’d already read the bill and was all about it. Yes! It is a person from the millisecond of conception on, with all the rights of a regular person. Except of course the woman carrying it. She doesn’t count.

Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan, however, had not read the bill. (insert incriminating musical chord progression here)

Joe Miller furrowed his brow and said that was “telling.”  They were not lifey enough.

So then, Mead Treadwell got a little flustered about all of Joe’s judginess and didn’t want to be out-lifed. Yes, he said. He would indeed support a bill that said life begins at the moment of conception! Even though he hadn’t read it. He knew all he needed to know.

Dan Sullivan said he’d need time to read the bill before he would answer the question.

To help him out a bit, and to make it very clear where he stands in this three-way all male race to the right, Planned Parenthood sent something to Dan Sullivan just to help him be prepared, and allow Alaskan voters to understand where he stands on this bill.

“To help Dan Sullivan clarify his position and finally read the Life at Conception Act, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest (PPVNW) is sending a copy of the bill to Sullivan in the mail today, with a request that he state for Alaska voters exactly where he stands.

See copy of letter attached. Click here for photo of the letter being mailed and click here for a copy of the bill.

“By redefining ‘person’ in state law to include fertilized eggs, so-called ‘personhood’ efforts could interfere with personal, private medical decisions relating to birth control, access to fertility treatment, management of a miscarriage, and access to safe and legal abortion.  Indeed, ‘personhood’ is government gone too far, and the defeat of ‘personhood’ state constitutional amendments all across the country — from Colorado and Ohio to Mississippi and Oklahoma — sends a clear message:  health care decisions should be left to a woman, her family, her doctor, and her faith — not politicians,” said Jessica Cler, PPVNW Alaska public affairs manager.

That was two months ago.

In June, Sullivan made an appearance on Talk of Alaska on KSKA radio with Steve Heimel. He was asked by a caller if he’d support legislation to restrict abortion and specifically if he would support the personhood bill. His answer was eloquent and to the point. I bet he was on the debate team.
“I’m very strongly a pro-life candidate and that’s been a core conviction of mine my whole life. I guess I’d like to see the legislation you’re referencing. I know that there’s… so I… before I would answer that I’d like to see what exactly you’re talking about. I know there’s legislation that talks about the emphasis of life beginning at conception, which is what I believe. And so… but no I think that… you know Mary to me one of the… that’s a very important issue.”
So important that he hadn’t yet read the bill. That was on July 8.

U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan

Three days later, he appeared on the radio again, and was asked again, about the Personhood bill…again. And he said this:
“Well look I’m strongly pro-life. I have been my whole life, that’s a core conviction of mine. And there was a bill that I was asked about and I was asked on talk radio recently on life begins at conception, which is what I believe. And I have not looked at the personhood bill yet. I will…

“These are obviously important issues. I think, from my perspective, I always do which Mark Begich hasn’t done, which a lot of legislators haven’t. I read things. I’m not going to opine on something thrown out… on Obamacare, right, nobody read that. I actually was one of the guys who sat down with a bunch of attorneys and read it before we sued on it. But one of the things I think most Alaskans, when I’m out campaigning, these are important issues. But so are the issues of jobs and the middle class and getting this country on the right track. And I think sometimes the Democrats love to throw out these issues…. bla bla bla…(spiral off the rails into rhetoric about bad Democrats and how they don’t want to talk about the real issues)

So, here’s what we know about Dan Sullivan’s position on the Life at Conception Act.
This is very important to him. And yet he has not read it.
Unlike other people, he reads things. And yet, he does not read them.
Democrats don’t want to talk about the issues. And yet, he also too does not want to talk about the issues.
So… Anyone have any bets about what’s going to happen tomorrow at the “social values” Senate debate in Eagle River?

Both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life voters deserve to know exactly where Sullivan stands on the issue, because right now he’s walking on eggshells. And one of them is mine.





6 Responses to “Sullivan Waffles on Eggs – One of Them May Be Yours.”
  1. slipstream says:

    In the top picture: I don’t know who that is, but he’s looking a little blue today.

    In the middle picture: I know! I know! The guy from Ohio!

  2. Carol says:

    The stupid statement that the ACA (Obamacare) hadn’t been read before it was voted on is just that. Stupid. It was on line; I read it. The famous Pelosi line is usually (almost always) quoted incompletely and out of context. If Sullivan hadn’t read it, then that’s on his head. I know Begich read it, not only did he read it, I believe he attended an instructional on it. From what I recall, NO Republicans attended the instructional that was open to all Congresscritters.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    When I see the caliber of wingnut candidates for office,I thinks to myself they are inadequate even if the quarry be mo-skeeters. Like thistle down tumbling with the wind and every bit as noxious.

  4. juneaudream says:

    I am ..sensing a new, economic goldmine..soon to be this subject area. Every ..prolife male..with a bent toward ..creative design..should do a jumpstart collection of monies..and fund a new wrist band..for every girl who has her first period..and the chemicals..which are starting..for her child bearing years..would..trigger a national counter, id..program. If..she is releasing material..supposed to be used to..add to the worlds population..and is NOT expecting..within 2 months of the..’period’..she and her parents will be fined..until ‘conception’ managed. Lets get not let anything….scientific..hold ya not be..pikers..babyBOOM, and then..the world..can more quickly ..die the glut of too many people to feed, and quality of life..descends into the ..algie like bloom..of overwhelming birthing, birthing..birthing…. Human extinction? Hmm..what a thought..says Gaia…

  5. Barrett Fletcher says:

    I despise Sullivan. Probably second only to Parnell in Alaska politics, precisely because he’s a liar that will say whatever he thinks he needs to to ingratiate himself with whomever he thinks can help him win (and he’s really nasty to whomever he imagines is an opponent, d’jou see the anti-Treadwell flyers?). But on this issue he, unlike the other two, recognises that it actually is controversial, and likely to cost him the election, should he win the nomination.

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