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May 19, 2022


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Jeanne Devon on The Attitude w/ Arnie Arnesen


Jeanne Devon of

Thanks so much to Susan Bruce, and Arnie Arnesen for inviting me to appear on The Attitude, – home station WNHN in Concord, New Hampshire, and podcasted to the universe. The governor’s race in Alaska is gaining traction in media outlets across the country, and we had a fascinating discussion with our friends in the east about the Alaska Unity Ticket for governor with Bill Walker (I) and Byron Mallott (D), how we got to that place, political compromise and sacrifice, and the future of non-partisanship in politics.

I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.


Arnie Arnesen of The Attitude

Start listening at 27:15 so you don’t miss the great intro music by Alaska’s own Hobo Jim.

Jeanne Devon on The Attitude, with Arnie Arnesen <—-CLICK



3 Responses to “Jeanne Devon on The Attitude w/ Arnie Arnesen”
  1. AKblue says:

    Jeanne, the interview was awesome!
    You have no idea how much it means to have an intelligent, articulate person with a killer sense of humor to represent our state.

  2. KatzKids says:

    This is off topic Jeanne, but obviously breaking news. Dear Dan Sullivan, hoochy carpetbagger Senate candidate is the now the object of an investigation into his receiving illegal tax breaks for the house he owns in Maryland.

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