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January 22, 2022



Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Ex-Palin lawyer reported source of Gosar’s ‘most toxic’ media -

Friday, November 19, 2021

McConnell/Trump Alaska Cage Match -

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Obama is Coming…Glacier Conference!

3:38 pm:  I was in 2 press briefings, one on Arctic Resiliency and one exciting one on the Arctic Steering Committee by Dr. john Holdren and Ambassador Mark Brzezynski.  I asked a question about food insecurity and the lengthening growing season.  Good answers.  The videos will be up later.  Jeannie is here now so she went to a briefing.  Then, we’ll both get placed for the President’s speech in about a half hour!!!

12:48 pm:  waiting for the first press briefing to happen in about 20 minutes with Fran Ulmer and other members of the Committee on Arctic Resiliance.

10:45 am:  (You can see Mayor Berkowitz and Secty Kerry’s opening speeches on the Facebook Page.)


9:52 –  We are in the middle of all of the opening speakers.  We are hearing from Mayor Berkowitz, Mayor Reggie Joule, Lt Gov Byron Mallott  and other basically summarizing why we are all here. You can see everyone greeting Secty as they come on stage




They are going to take us up for the “family photo” soon, which I assume will be all of the participants in the Conference together. Then will be the “opening plenary” for select media (yay me!) which is all of the speeches from dignitaries including Secretary Kerry! I’ll try to keep you updated throughout the day!

Glacier Conference Press Filing Center

Glacier Conference Press Filing Centerimage



7 Responses to “Obama is Coming…Glacier Conference!”
  1. Ohionana says:

    i am so glad to see your post Linda.
    Can you please tell what Facebook page you mention that we can see the speeches.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Congrats on finally getting Denali back officially.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Hey,LKB. Long time,no hear from.

  4. aklucia says:

    Watching! Thanks for being there Linda.

  5. Zyxomma says:

    Have a great time, Linda, and do keep us updated.

  6. Mary Lynn says:

    Yes! Following eagerly!

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