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July 18, 2018

Bird of the Week – Brown Creeper

If December 17’s Red-breasted Nuthatches usually climb down trees, Brown Creepers usually climb up.

Brown Creeper, Cordova

Brown Creeper, Cordova

The cryptic coloration and very high-pitched vocalization on this species can make it tough to find. And populations have been greatly reduced by clear-cutting and removal of dead and dying trees, its preferred foraging area.

Brown Creeper Back, Showing Cryptic Markings

Brown Creeper Back, Showing Cryptic Markings

The creeper uses its slender, decurved bill to capture invertebrates—mainly insects, spiders, and pseudoscorpions—from furrows in tree bark.

It was not until 1879 that ornithologists discovered Brown Creeper’s unique habit of building a hammock-like nest behind a loosened flap of bark on a dead or dying tree. Those nests are incredibly hard to find.

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