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March 18, 2018

Bird of the Week – Red-throated Pipit

A last Asian vagrant, a cousin to the American Pipit, this is a Red-throated Pipit.

Red-throated Pipit, Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska

Red-throated Pipit, Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska

As you can see, it isn’t just the throat that is red but the whole head. This is another “Uncommon” Asian vagrant. Birders get slightly more excited about this one, possibly because it isn’t just another sandpiper. By the way, the bird was incredibly hard to see as it moved among the dead early spring grasses.

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2 Responses to “Bird of the Week – Red-throated Pipit”
  1. No, it’s not just a sandpiper; it’s a pipit, a passerine, a/k/a a songbird.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    A Sandpiper with a short bill? Appears to be unusual trait. Just saying. I will look it up.

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