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June 23, 2018

Palin Blasts Blogger – Again.


Welcome once again to the wacky world of Alaska politics.  When we last left our governor, she was involved in a knock down drag out fight with David Letterman over a crass comment about her daughter getting “knocked up” during a baseball game.  We all know how that turned out, and regardless of which side you were on, or whether you were somewhere in the middle, it was quite a spectacle.  A battle of the Titans.  Former VP candidate and Queen of Alaska Sarah Palin vs. The Undisputed King of Late Night Comedy who can make or break politicians with his sometimes acid tongue, and always razor sharp wit.  It was quite a show that culminated in 15 protesters and 35 members of the media showing up outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City asking that the aforementioned King of Comedy get fired from his job.

Fast forward a few weeks.

Local Alaskan political watchdog and blogger Linda Kellen Biegel is in the middle of a project.  She’s working  in virtual obscurity in Alaska, to get email records released that she feels will reveal questionable communications between the Palin administration and a local gossip columnist, and a local pro-Palin conservative radio talk show host.  Palin herself has appeared on the show many times, in addition to her family members, her lawyer, her spokeswoman and various other members of the administration.

The talk show host in question, Eddie Burke, recently showed up at an Anchorage Assembly meeting to give public testimony about an upcoming Municipal gay rights ordinance wearing this.

Radio host Eddie Burke

Eddie Burke (reverse)           -photo from Mudflatter LC

A few months ago, security forcibly removed him from another Assembly meeting.

Biegel believes the release of these emails will show a concerted effort between the Palin administration and these two members of the media to coordinate attacks on local watchdogs.  She won’t know for sure until she can pay the $5500 the state is charging her for costs associated with her records request.  Last week she began a fund drive to raise the money online, and each night posted a “thermometer” showing the progress and featuring a different image.

Here’s where the fireworks begin.  On Tuesday, a picture of Palin holding up her son Trig during that famous speech at the RNC convention became the thermometer graphic.  Only in this picture, Trig wasn’t Trig.  In the image Biegel used, the governor is cuddling a Photoshopped baby with the face of Eddie Burke.   Disturbing, yes, but meant to illustrate the governor’s strange and cozy relationship with this controversial Alaskan figure, according to the blogger.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, an out-of-state pro Palin blog expressed outrage.  At first they did not realize what the face was, as those outside of Alaska were not familiar with the visage of Eddie Burke.  But after finding out, one of the bloggers at the site was featured on the Eddie Burke Show in Alaska and expressed the fact that her readers were outraged.  This image was making fun of a precious special needs baby, she said.  An hour of Burke’s radio program Wednesday was dedicated to discussing the issue and callers weighed in from both sides.  Biegel was called on to apologize to special needs kids everywhere, and the Democratic Party was called upon to renounce Biegel, who had been Alaska’s state blogger at the Democratic National Convention, but whose official relationship with the party ended there.

Today, Meghan Stapleton, the governor’s spokeswoman issued a strongly-worded statement:

Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.

The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Linda Kellen Biegel, the official Democrat Party blogger for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this website and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

Babies and children are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that special needs children be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned.

Neither Stapleton nor the governor had commented on a similar photo that had been photoshopped using that same image to show Palin cuddling a baby with a David Letterman head last Friday, points out Biegel who says the photo is obviously making fun of Eddie Burke and the governor, not Trig.

Tactics have changed. This is no longer a battle of the Titans but more like a battle of Titan vs. Hedgehog.  One thing sure to come from this latest turn of events is the evidence that Palin has changed her tactics, and that Linda Kellen Biegel and her blog will be better known by the time it’s over.  And so will Eddie Burke.

[This article is on The Huffington Post – Buzz it Up!]



278 Responses to “Palin Blasts Blogger – Again.”
  1. Bretta says:

    #263, June 26th, 2009 at 4:24 PM, InJuneau Says: “”Possible insight as to why some babies may be carried facing out: “STUDY: Women Are More Squeamish About Abnormal-Looking Babies Than Men” “”

    Well, now, that makes me believe more than ever that Bristol and Levi are TriG’s parents. They held him close, chest to chest or chest to belly and looked in his face with love.

  2. Bretta says:

    #28, June 25th, 2009 at 6:17 PM, BodieP Says: “”Well, that does it. I didn’t want to do this, but after that last Palin/Stapleton comment I have no choice. I’ve started work on the Official Republican Party Nativity Set. I won’t give everything away, but Mr. Ensign and Mr. Sandford get to be Wise Men, because they strayed far from home, and Guess Who gets to be the Madonna? “”

    hOLY cOW!! Also! too, add Pales the Donkey-Headed God who is always crucified at full moon nearest Vernal Equinox (where have I heard that before??)!!

  3. Yes, Snos speaks with wisdom – and I would add, that I sense deeply that any contributions to divisive dialogue makes all of us more unsafe – I think at this pivotal moment in history, with an African American president, that divisiveness contributes strength to those who would truly prefer that he fail. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just have a gut feeling that adding to the furor even makes it more unsafe for him. We need all the positive energy we can get – and sometimes that even includes ignoring stupidity and moving on. The reactions to the photo are intended to do nothing more than stir up murky waters. The statement from the governor’s ‘pokeperson’ (intentional misspelling) is intended only to poke the hornets’ nest. It is highly deceptive and seeks to cast the blame for this supposed insult all the way to the White House. It is ugly politics at it’s worst. Other than speaking truth as to the actual and obvious intent, let’s move on.

  4. Forty Watt says:

    @267 Snoskred.

    I’m with you 100%. Let’s just not go there, folks.

  5. Professor Geezer says:

    @267 Snoskred, count me +1! Well said!

  6. MonaLisa IS MY NAME! says:

    267 Snoskred:

    I agree 100% with Snosk, too.

    You all have no idea how much it weighs on me to ‘hear’ their insanity here, even 2nd hand, in what has become (forgive me, but this is how I see this place) MY oasis…

    It is bad enough that, at the very least, increased traffic to their site allows them the satisfaction of believing that their popularity is growing; but the fact that every ‘visit’ there actually helps them financially…!


  7. Erin says:

    I agree with Snoskred- it’s better to ignore those that we can’t have reasonable conversations with. I personally have never been over to that site and don’t plan to. I also don’t plan to hang out in a clear plastic box full of mosquitos.

  8. pearl89 says:

    Dr. Chill…
    Take so time off and regroup, but do come back. I use to visit some of the proPalin sites, but I never posted. How can have an intelligent discussion with those who don’t want to hear any dissent. They get outraged over every little thing, they twist things to fit their perception of reality, and their only means of disagreement is to call people names.

    You are better than that. Just don’t visit those sites. Or if you must, just read and don’t post. They have nothing of value to offer. Don’t let them defeat you or bring you down to their level.

  9. Alaska Pi says:

    Dr Chill-
    I’m in need of rest from all things SP too and haven’t even begun to step into the fray as you have. Hoping you are rested, rejuvenated, and returned from your own home concerns when I pop back in…
    I’d WAAAAY rather listen to your voice on issues than SWWNBN.

  10. sauerkraut says:

    247 Mudbug Says: June 26th, 2009 at 11:56 AM

    Better yet, have Sen Kerry come on the show and point it out.

    Kerry ought to go on Letterman and read the Top Ten List of Failed Palin Attempts at Humor.

  11. Snoskred says:

    Look.. this is my thoughts on a certain website.

    The website which is an out of state pro palin blog is not worth anyone wasting their time on.

    The more you visit there, the more gratification they gain from your visits. Not just egotistically, but *financially*. Your visits pay them money.

    I ask you guys.. please.. stop going there, stop paying attention to what they are saying, and if you can’t do that, please stop bringing what they are saying here. This is our civil space. We do not want their hate and anger here.

    They are going out of their way to try and stir up the crazies who actually live in Alaska, and in my opinion it is pretty dangerous to have a place where crazies can practice hate speech – crazies who might own weapons and might be stirred up enough to actually act.

    There have already been two wingnut killings this year. Do we want one of our Alaskan progressive bloggers to be the third? Threats have been made and continue to be made. I do not know how serious those threats are and neither do any of us.

    Many of us do not live in Alaska. Our lives are not potentially at risk.

    But we all have a responsibility to those we support who are in Alaska to not *engage* and *enrage* the crazies.

    We have a responsibility not to visit websites which can only be considered hate websites.

    Would ya’all be so keen on visiting if that site were a KKK blog encouraging people to hate anyone not white? No – but what they are doing and allowing in their comments section is just as bad, from what I hear. I do not visit it and nor will I, ever.

  12. TBNTJudy says:

    Lee323 has put it succinctly, as usual. Dr. Chill, your voice is needed and appreciated. Please recharge and come back. As Lee said, “we’re making progress with the TRUTH!”

  13. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    InJuneau Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 4:24 PM
    STUDY: Women Are More Squeamish About Abnormal-Looking Babies Than Men
    Funny you should post that, because I was just thinking about the election last year – and how the Palin girls (even Levi) showed the baby a lot of natural affection – but I never saw either of his parents do the same.

  14. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    AKM, do you have a recording of the good bits of the Burke show?

  15. InJuneau says:

    Possible insight as to why some babies may be carried facing out:

    STUDY: Women Are More Squeamish About Abnormal-Looking Babies Than Men

  16. I see villages from my house says:

    Shiver, I made the mistake of checking out the Something Awful site. . .like Dr. Chill after monitoring a pro-Palin site, I feel sullied.

    There have been some off-color comments before, immature play on names – but given the context it is quiet tame and downright respectful. I am relieved to lurk and sometimes contribute to a gentle progressive community that is the mudflats.

    This is a refuge to detox from the wingnut conservative political maddness, it is home.

  17. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    Now this is how citizen’s complaints re: gov’t big shots are handled in FL…an actual inquiry is done on actions by the former, now indicted, Speaker of the House…

    Someone pass this on to the AK investigators….it’s time for SP to exit stage, ahem, right….

    Sansom faces House sanctions; committee named to consider case
    On Friday, Cretul appointed the select committee to determine what action should follow from the investigation spurred by a complaint filed by a citizen. Special investigator D. Stephen Kahn delivered a 286-page report on his more than four-month investigation into Sansom’s dealings and found probable cause for three violations of House rules.

  18. austintx says:

    Dr. Chill – Do what you have to do to recharge the battery. Lee323 put it so very well. Read his post ’til you are cross-eyed. Give bubbles a ring and go to Harry’s and laugh. I’ll even get a hold of Brian again for a NYC trip. We have your back. Come back when you are ready.

  19. SMR says:

    I am sorry that you are feeling sullied by all of this Dr. Chill! The gov has that way with her, doesn’t she. I feel that she has tainted every single thing that she’s touched, and that includes her children, as she has toted & pimped them through her self-promotion tours.

    I personally would have liked to see a photo of the vile guy nursing at her evil breast, that somehow would have seemed more apropos to me.

    She would have some credibility had she shown outrage re: the other doctored photos, and had she put out a statement laced with a mother’s sadness instead of her usual vitriol and shout-out to Obama to come protect her. As it is, I have zero sympathy for her given the statement that she elected to put out via her evil minion Mug Stapletongue.

    I have felt sullied by her myself, and sullied by those who support her. Perpetuating hate & fear. The worst of the Bush legacy come home to roost in Alaska.

    Don’t let the bad guys get you down. Living well is the best tonic. Be at peace & let sunshine into your heart & your life. This too shall pass.

    Best to you.

  20. the problem child says:

    Dr. Chill,

    Take a rest, chill out (maybe meet up with the lovely and level-headed bubbles for drink?) and I hope we’ll see you back in your usual form soon!

  21. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    New post in the forum (thanks Irishgirl) – in support of Dr. Chill.

  22. Memphis, NY says:

    @194 Eye On You

    Theve’ posted more they are really getting out of hand
    Now some of these I could see getting outraged over

  23. Irishgirl says:

    And Dr. Chill I wanted to meet you in NY in August!

  24. Irishgirl says:

    Dr. Chill,
    Get up off the ground, dust yourself off and send us another graphic ASAP. You have shown the world what an idiot she is…and I am truly proud to be a fellow poster/blogger supporting you. You should be proud!

  25. va_soccer_mom says:

    The pro-Palin viewpoint seems so painfully indefensible to anyone with an open, logical mind that it’s impossible not to be frustrated by it. It helps, however, to bear in mind that they (TS, C4P) really don’t have the numbers to back up the vitriol. For me, I’ll stay informed and active, but I’ll also try to be patient. (Sometimes I have to remind myself to “Be like Barack.”)

  26. Blooper says:

    Dr. Chill: I totally respect your decision to take a break from it all. Sometimes we just need to get away. But please, do come back eventually. And when the need arises again, please don’t be afraid to use your ‘photoshopping’ talent to call out bigotry and hypocracy when you see it.

    And yeah, those pro Palin sites are desert islands of stupidity, ignorance and denial in the sea that we call the ‘rational world’. Best to avoid at all costs. 🙂

    Take care, Dr. Chill!

  27. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    Dr. Chill,

    Please chill out for a few days and then come back with a vengeance.
    They have NOTHING but blank, hypocritical thousand yard stares.

    Dont let them win. In a day or so, they will have something new to obsess over…

  28. Lee323 says:

    The problem with discussing (or fighting) with entities (individual or collective) which have no qualms about lying or twisting the issues is that they force the battle down to a degraded plane.

    The choices are simple:

    1) Descend to their low standards and demean our own integrity by fighting with liars and bullies. Nobody wins.

    2) Continue to hammer the real issues while ignoring the liars and their obvious strategy of lowering the debate. Progress is made.

    Dr. Chill….your satirical graphic made an important political point about the Gov. of Alaska and her relationship with Eddie Burke. Satirization is a time-honored method in this country for making a political statement (even if Sacred Sarah believes she should be idolized instead of satirized).

    Palin and her tribe have deceitfully tried to reframe the original political issue; it’s their prerogative if they want to lower the debate by lying or being calculatingly obtuse……but we don’t have to go there.

    Progressives, keep hammering Palin politically….whether with blog posts, satirical graphics, or jokes. When the opposition is trying to reframe the debate by LYING, it means we’re making progress with the TRUTH.

    Just my 2 cents.

  29. Physicsmom says:

    Dr. Chill: rest, regroup and come back! We need you here. What the See Pee’rs do and say is so over the top, it should just fly over your head. No reason to feel tainted by their criticism. We will stick together in this and continue to harness our energy for a Progressive Alaska, even though we don’t live there, we’ve come to love it, all the Mudpuppies who chime in and our leader AKM.

  30. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    Dr. Chill – I will try to say this succinctly (and with kindness) …..DON’T READ THOSE PRO-PALIN SITES.

    I know there is a problem that we are tending to read items on the web that only reinforce our own opinions – not a good thing – we need to be as curious as possible, finding other angles, etc.

    BUT those sites are downright hostile, and as each day passes, it’s proving to be all they’ve got, and they’ve got plenty of time to spend on it. Each comment tends to get worse. I’ve seen plenty of message boards disintegrate into the most awful examples of human thinking. It’s almost like a contest to see how bad it can get. And so many people who comment on a story, don’t read the actual post or understand the story, they just kind of jump on the band wagon of hostility. Danger Danger!

    I am really glad that AKM/The Mudflats is holding back on this as much as possible. We need to have a balance of positive & negative. It’s a very dangerous path not to.

    It took me so long to type this coherently, I hope you are still around to read it! WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! Please post on the forum or something for us to connect. – SJP

  31. Mudbug says:

    Better yet, have Sen Kerry come on the show and point it out.

  32. Mudbug says:

    I’ll bet she’s ticked off that Jackson and Fawcett died yesterday. between that and the sandford hijinx to drink Matte and do the tangobango down south, the wind got sucked right out of her wee little sails, and her undisclosed location became a total joke on late night.

    I agree that it would be totally funny if Letterman showed his joke from a few years back, and then showed her joke from her undisclosed location. Then, mentioned that they must not have taught ‘ethics’ in one of those colleges she went to.

  33. katmai says:

    Dr C Hill… Not sure if you’ve seen this website yet, but it’s worth a look. The crazy people who started this whole bizarre, over-reacting, outrage, are really going to explode when they see what they’ve instigated.

    Have a peaceful time away…

  34. z says:

    From the red site RAM said:
    —–I don’t agree with Eddie Burke on everything, but that’s alright because Eddie Burke almost always goes out of his way to be respectful to callers who disagree with him. He only gets heated when confronted with people who defend heartless attacks on the governor’s children or who file frivolous ethics complaints that make a mockery out of Alaska’s Ethics Act.—–

    Don’t you feel a whole lot better knowing EB ALMOST ALWAYS goes out of his way to be respectful to callers who disagree with him and He only gets heated when confronted with people who defend heartless attacks on the governor’s children or who file frivolous ethics complaints…?

    Someone please explain to RAM at the red site about reactionists. They are dangerous.
    Don’t vote for reactionaries or those that use a reactionary virtual public relations.

    I don’t know what century RAM is living in, but she wants others to do her research and keep her up to speed. She doesn’t have time to do her job for her icon?

  35. Dr C Hill: take your step back, fill your lungs with some fresh clean air, exhale vigorously, find your center. . .then c’mon back! The hate & mudslinging that you’ve experienced from the Palinbots is, unfortunately, typical spiritual & psychological warfare. They often resort to this because otherwise they would have to look at Eddie Burke and his “I’m red and proud to be a bigot” t-shirt. . . and admit that he & Sarah truly do represent them. . .that when they look in a mirror they see Eddie. . . It’s always so much easier to break the mirror and that’s what they are trying to do with you. Step back as you need. . . just remember, we’re here to help hold that mirror too!

  36. Paula says:

    Awe, poor Dr. chill. Come back! come back!

  37. g says:

    the funniest thing about Palin’s Kerry joke is that she’s really no good at telling jokes.

    Remember her stilted “Say it isn’t so, Joe” from the debates? The woman cannot tell a joke to save her life.

  38. Paula says:

    And look at it this way Dr. Chill, you’re now famous! Maybe you can make some $ off Palins back. How fun would THAT be?

  39. Paula says:

    Dr. Chill, shhhh, I got you back. I think you’re super! It’s not your fault Palin doesn’t understand political cartooons.

  40. Gramiam says:

    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the much shorter shelf life of this latest bid for slavish attention from GINO and company? I just love how smart this country can be, given half a chance and some intelligent bloggers. Makes it much easier to spot the wing nuts as well.

  41. I see villages from my house says:

    Whoo-doggy, also too there, if she is going to hold the President accountable for individual DemoCRAT actions that outrage, incite and desecrate her image – why didn’t Miss Screw Political Correctness Palin take responsibility and apologize for her staff forwarding racist jokes about Obama after she lost?

    Dr. Chill, you take a break just as AKM did when she was outed by a State lawmaker. Recharge your batteries while tackling your own State’s dysfunction and then come back to us large and in-charge.

  42. AlaskaDisasta says:

    For Mizzzzzzzzz Palin to be “outraged” is a laugh. She IS an outrage !

  43. trisha says:

    For someone who is always playing the victim for being “attacked”, she sure does a lot of name calling. Maybe Palin should start apologizing to these people/groups for calling them names (how junior high of her) in the media.

    Levi-liar and opportunist (the kids are off limits unless they are someone else’s “kid”)
    Bloggers-losers who sit in their parents basement
    Couric-Not the center of the Universe–and a few other choice words.
    John Kerry-a joke making fun of his face
    McCain staffers-jerks

    I’m sure there are many more…feel free to add to the list.

  44. EyeOnYou says:

    Dr. Chill~

    I am very sorry that you feel sullied by this situation that occurred, not because of anything you did, but because a group of people who are deliberately looking for a reason to show outrage on behalf of “Sarah”.

    This group of people have felt a personal hatred of Celtic Diva for quite a while now, and this was simply a chance for them to attack her, yet again, because she had the audacity to attempt to hold the Governor accountable for her actions.

    You must know from visiting that site that they are unwilling to hear even the mildest of criticism of Palin with an open mind.

    They deliberately framed this as an attack on a downs syndrome child because in any other format it would not have gained them attention. They are selective in their outrage as we have all seen and it will only continue that way for them.

    If there are any doubts that they are indeed cultish in their behavior one only need look at the total and complete devotion they have towards “Sarah”. This is not simply a group of people supporting a person they feel is a viable politician. These people allow not words against her in any way, shape or form. They take every comment out of context if they can in an attempt to show how the world is against her, and how bravely she and they by extension stand up to that horrible cruel mean-spirited world.

    Please do not leave altogether. You did nothing wrong and were deliberately misunderstood and misinterpreted for their own grandstanding and nothing more.

  45. trisha says:

    Now, I am pissed. I apologize in advance for the long post.

    I am sick and tired of Palin trying to make everyone apologize to her. Her quest for power and control over ALL jokes, blogs, the media, the internet, comedians, ect. has gone far enough. She is now on a weekly rant schedule.

    I realize that Palin has now claimed to be “iconic” and apparently she believes she is sacred (from her latest rant), but she is NOT the “ruler” of the United States…she is Governor of Alaska. She should have nothing to do with controlling the content of MY media. She should have zero impact on my life, yet here she is again trying to censor a blogger.

    Does she think this in N. Korea and she can control or censor the content of the media? Does this woman believe that she has the right to attack (and force an apology) from anyone who dare insult her, make a joke about her, or offend her?

    The President of the United States isn’t trying to control the content of my media (and rightly so), so I am really having a difficult time understanding why Palin’s feels she can control what I choose to see, hear, read or watch just because SHE is offended.

    She has gone too far, and I, as a citizen of the United States of America, will not be controlled or bullied by the Governor of Alaska! Nor, should she be allowed to bully or control others by using her fake outrage and
    moralistic language as an excuse to censor the what I choose to see and hear.

    She has gone too far, and enough is enough.

    Is anyone else concerned that the Governor of Alaska is trying to twist and control the internet and all media to her will?

    Maybe Sarah needs to start apologizing to all those who she has blasted in the media (list to follow). I am sure she offended some bloggers by calling them losers, so why is she allowed “offend”, but no one DARE offend her?

  46. duct idaho palin says:

    Well now we know why she wanted Letterman off the air, anyway– there’s probably more of his material out there that she wants to steal.

  47. Freakout in Kansas says:

    Dr. Chill says “I’ve had been hanging out at an all-in-for Palin site, trying to understand the strange mix of “Conservative ideals” and Palins agenda to “Progress Alaska” and many of the other puzzling oddities about Palin and her followers.”

    Whoa there, Dr. Chill, you set yourself up for failure with an impossible task like trying to understand how the minds of Sarah and her minions work…don’t worry about it…you did absolutely nothing wrong! Only people with already sick minds could have misinterpreted the intent of your picture. You and Linda were simply their red meat of the week…it’ll be someone else in a couple of days. In fact, I think this little episode following on the heels of the Letterman fiasco has done way more damage to Sarah than anything we might have planned…so I say excellent job good Doctor!

  48. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    one the pee heads likened the editing of the “iconic picture” to the begininng of a nazi like campaign by obama to kill off disabled children. I kid you not.

    There is no way to deal with that mentality. They are deranged at best.

  49. mlaiuppa says:

    Is there video of Sarah saying this? If there is… you think Letterman might show it and then show clips of himself saying the exact same thing years ago? Sarah exposed for plagiarism on national television.

    Then maybe Letterman can DEMAND AN APOLOGY from Sarah.

    Bwa ha ha!

  50. z says:

    Dr. Chill

    Enjoy yourself and please return soon.

  51. sauerkraut says:

    Dr. Chill @ 220- “Is it My fault? No F–ing way.”

    Damn straight.

    If the Eddie Burke’s and Sarah Palin’s of this world can’t tell a joke, bleep ’em.

  52. antiAnti says:

    @Dr. Chill –
    Pls take note that Letterman is still mining for ratings with regular Palin jokes. Also. with wit and timing, he’s giving a wide audience the TRUTH that Palin is a joke. He’s turned an absurd attack from Palin to the greater good. Your own humor is also valuable, more than you may realize. I look forward to your return.

  53. jc in co says:

    This comment was at huffpro on the “Palin to Kerry, why the long face?” story.
    I thought it was the best comment! Blogger was “whiskeytangofoxtrot451.
    Well, obviously, Kerry’s comment about Palin getting lost in Argentina was an expression of his hope that her children would be left without a mother. So, it was clearly a desecration of the iconic image of a mother taking care of her special needs status child. Kerry should be ashamed of his attack on all special needs status children everywhere. He must apologize to all special needs status children and then immediate resign from the Senate.

  54. jo says:

    Ran over and threw some money into Linda’s money pot. Gosh I feel so good!

  55. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Dr. Chill – sea of pee and Meg twisted it to infer the baby was Trig, NOT YOU!
    The Christianist Taliban wants to censor jokes. Please come back soon, you are a great asset and comic relief (which we sure need as long as GINO has a Govt. position).

  56. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:


    Take a break and come back soon! We need your input and ps skills. 😉

  57. LiladyNY says:

    @ bubbles Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 8:54 AM

    you wear the words. you own the words. ..


  58. DrChill says:

    EEsh… Here’s my final word on this.

    I shrunk big burly Eddie Burke down to baby size into the cozy loving embrace of Palin. That’s the Joke. I used their two faces to express their close cozy relationship.

    Those concerned with whose body it was, had me wondering about what was on their driver’s license photo Identification.
    Almost without exception the photo has been pulled out of context of the fundraiser to get emails sent between Burke and Palin, and the caption “Baby Burke” is left off as well.

    On the Eddie Burke Radio show – the perfect venue to talk about PICTURES..
    someone explained the back story of Palin’s “Iconic” moment on stage with her baby. And then explained how I marred the baby to ridicule the – downs syndrome baby, to somehow get at Palin .

    No one named the ridicule laid upon the child. The picture had no reference to her child, no way to identify her child, and no reference to its genetic condition. Some even called in to the radio show to express their outrage about what they had not seen, but only heard about.

    I’ve had been hanging out at an all-in-for Palin site, trying to understand the strange mix of “Conservative ideals” and Palins agenda to “Progress Alaska” and many of the other puzzling oddities about Palin and her followers.
    So I tried to see it from the point of view of others.
    So here’s what I came up with:

    IF I was an Alaskan Parent with a DS baby, knew the photo and saw it as a public expression of not only tolerance, but of unconditional social acceptance of children with disabilities,and,
    they knew what an intolerant bigot Eddie Burke is,
    and I saw the picture out of context…
    then I might see that picture as having been not desecrated, but sullied, or even in the extreme, defiled.
    So, out of context, some might see the well known baby picture as being messed around with.

    So that was my David letterman moment…

    Was it disturbing? Maybe a little.
    Did I defile a perfectly lovely baby body with the ugly mug of an unapologetic bigot? Yes.

    Was there a misunderstanding? Yes there seems to have been one.

    Is it My fault? No F–ing way.
    I did not take away the captions, or the context.
    I did not spend time introducing it as a picture of Trig the DS baby.
    I did not broadcast the phony charge of ridiculing a child without being able to name the insult to it.

    This controversy has left me feeling kind of… sullied. Like I just took a bath in the mudflats, and I need to shower off.

    It also makes me realize how compellingly sick AK politics is, and how I have issues I’d like to address here at home.
    So, I’m going to take a few steps back from all of this and try to break my 3 or 4 times a day Mudflats habit.

    You guys are great, Linda is great, the other blogs are great, and AKM you’re … well…
    you’re what got me hooked in the first place!

    Mountains of Love…

    Dr. Charles Hill

  59. bubbles says:

    you wear the words. you own the words. ..b

  60. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Many websites are touting Palin’s witty joke. I wish I could tell them all she stole it from Letterman, who used it years ago (when Kerry was running for President). Plagiarizer!!!

  61. Professor Geezer says:

    Oh, good! You found it, too! 🙂

  62. Professor Geezer says:

    @lori, I read somewhere else that Palin stole the Kerry joke from Letterman?

  63. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Well, THAT did not take long. Palin stole the joke from (drum roll):

    “To his credit, John Kerry was very, very upset about the joke and he apologized. … As a matter of fact, all day long, he’s been walking around with a long face.” –David Letterman

  64. Professor Geezer says:

    I can’t believe that Sarah Palin would make fun of a Vet (John Kerry) in front of men and women who are actively serving in the military. She was on the ticket with a Vet!

    Is Sarah Palin really that unpatriotic?

  65. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Everyone here knows I LOATHE the GINO – but I think the joke was funny.
    I am off to the internets to find out who she stole it from.

  66. I See Villages From My House says:

    “It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans, . . .set the moral compass, . . .” – ms 4 sp

    Just when the most decent of us “liberals” start to gain an iota of sympathy for her – she reminds us why she is such an unsympathetic character:

    Bright shining city on the Hill again? LOL, she’s still struggling to channel Reagan through her garbled speech. She going to give credit for her unoriginal speech content?

    Oh I’m sorry, “It’s not mean or mean-spirited.”

    And another thing, since when did the Palin party become the authority and vanguard on disenfranchised members of society? Like we don’t already love, respect and accept special needs human beings?

  67. sauerkraut says:

    yanno… mean as it may sound… I am already fed up with the Michael Jackson overload… no, he wasn’t convicted, but the glove did fit. They are making him out to be some sort of pop culture hero with a gleaming past. Let’s not forget the Michael Jackson of the past 10 years if you are going to hijack my television news.

  68. sauerkraut says:

    Nan @ 208 – you have to admit her commentary was inappropriate for that type of event in front of US troops. A sitting governor making fun of a sitting senator in front of the troops she is supposedly honoring… where’s the honor in that?

  69. Martha says:

    202 skip from Asheville, NC Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 7:17 AM

    The quuen of snide is making fun of Sen. John Kerry’s looks! She is so full of herself! I guess she thinks we all really care what she thinks of anything and she is able to ridicule but others are not!

    Scarah is just piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiised that Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson have taken the attention away from her ………..”European tour”

    This is such a lame attempt of an imitation, of what Obama did last year, only there are no heads of state that wish to speak with her.

    Gettin’ them furrin policy creds afore 2012. I bin to Kussyouva did ya know ya can see Russia from there too?

  70. Nan says:

    I listened to that whole thing, to find the Kerry joke at the very end (ain’t that always the way?).

    As far as jokes go, it really didn’t seem any worse (and a lot kinder) than some you’d find at a roast for someone.

    For me, if I’m not sure how I want to take something, I try to imagine how I’d feel about it if it was someone I *like* saying it. (I had a red faced moment during one of the Anchorage live-blog things… I’d mistaken a comment/joke to be coming from a “red-shirt”…but it was one of “ours.” oops. Blush moment there – but it made me think)

    Apologies if I sound cranky, my mind is on the dentist appt this afternoon (not a “happy” thing 🙁 )


  71. sauerkraut says:

    71 BodieP Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 7:39 PM

    Mr. Sanford, Mr. Ensign, and Mr. O’Reilly all get to be shepherds, for the obvious, vulgar reason. Why yes! That IS tasteless!

    Quick! Someone! Anyone! Warn the sheep! (or is it goats?)

  72. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    Iconic, dontcha think?

  73. z says:

    Here is a picture from Megan McCain of Trig and Sarah that says it all.

  74. EyeOnYou says:

    So, is that Trigs offical name? Trig thespecialneedschild Palin?


    Hey! Don’t be dissing on Trig thespecialneedschild Van Paxon Palin! 😉

  75. Mudbug says:

    why can’t Meggie staplebrain just say ‘a mother’s love for her child’ (not that I believe Palin loves her kids). But always, she uses “Trig, the special needs child’. So, is that Trigs offical name? Trig thespecialneedschild Palin? Just wondering why it needs to be pointed out every two seconds. I have special needs kids. I don’t say Josh myspecialneedsdeafchild . I guess I’m wired different.

  76. skip from Asheville, NC says:

    The quuen of snide is making fun of Sen. John Kerry’s looks! She is so full of herself! I guess she thinks we all really care what she thinks of anything and she is able to ridicule but others are not!

  77. z says:

    I’d like to read the transcript of EB’s testimony.

    I did hear the radio show about the lady with cancer. I doubt his language was that incendiary at the Assembly.

    He may have been called the names on the Tee shirt, but why did he want to represent himself in that manner for a taped Assembly speech? Did he explain it at the time or is it an after thought?

    If it is an after thought, I say at best he meant it was a double entendre. His weak excuse doesn’t work for me.

  78. Martha says:

    MORAL COMPASS……..Oh yes the GOP corner the market on THAT!! What a foolish thing to say in light of what has transpired the last few days.

    Sanford now back from MIA and his mistress in Brazil is paying his state back for his trip down there last year . Today we find out he organized his own trade mission AGAINST US federal policy.

    The commerce department had not arranged this as he said, more lies, he arranged the trip through a Brazilian official. The Brazilian government refuses to pay their national debt to the US and other countries, claiming that the US should not have lent them so much money in the first place.

    Trade is banned with Brazil.

    Then there is Ensign PROMISING to make an EXTRA effort to marriage.

    Now there is the republican Nevada Governor Gov. Jim Gibbons………….

    Infidelities with TWO women at the same time!
    AND………….a smackdown of a cocktail waitress!!

    Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons wants a federal judge to shield his phone records from a former cocktail waitress who accuses him of accosting her outside a Las Vegas restaurant in 2006.

    Of course there are always Larry Craig, Mark Foley, David Vitter, Ted Haggard, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, GW could go on forever……to set your “moral compass” by

    Palin has become a living breathing SNL skit, replete with her goon Meg Stapletounge.

  79. LiladyNY says:

    Well, granted, a certain radio personality’s Tee shirt MAY be taken out of context, BUT his words and actions cannot be. Aslo, too, is there a transcript of his testimony before the Assembly on the ordinance? Then there is the matter of his suspension and the reasons for it from his radio program that needs to be brought out into the public eye.

    Also, in the photos posted, he seems to be holding another Tee shirt in his right arm. Anyone know about that one and if it said something similar?

  80. Bystander says:

    Between Huffpo and AOL Palins’ latest pout has given Celtic Diva’s website, Palin’s stonewalling on the FOIA request and Palin’s association with scumbag Burke publicity that would have cost $25 million in the marketplace.

  81. z says:

    #163 Far fromFenway Fan,

    That picture with Trig on the State of Alaska website is public relations desperation. It is an old photo from when she almost did something for special needs children. There is also a video. It is all staged. I guess they don’t have any recent iconic looking pictures of the two of them together.

  82. BodieP says:

    You’re not gonna have the shepherds in the same frame with the sheep, are you?
    Well, yes…but the wise men and possibly a couple angels will be standing between them (all except for one shepherd, who I believe will be sneaking around the back.

  83. LiladyNY says:

    @justafarmer Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 10:39 PM

    oooh, AKM…you’re on the peer’s s-list now…you have taken Eddie’s t-shirt “out of context”…


    I just fell off my chair! (‘sOK nothing broken) That’s it – Hell just froze over.

  84. EyeOnYou says:

    austintx Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 6:06 AM
    EyeOnYou………link no workee…..

    Okay, try this one….

    The photoshop done by: Schvance de Leon about 2/3 of the way down the page.

  85. austintx says:

    EyeOnYou………link no workee…..

  86. Lilybart says:

    I am sure she will be angry that her photo-op with the troops in Kosovo is now totally a waste of time!! Michael Jackson = Princess Di. No air left for anyone else, through the 4th really.

  87. Tewise says:


  88. EyeOnYou says:


    They have captured Sarah’s “inner beauty” perfectly!

  89. trisha says:

    Today’s Breaking News, Palin “attacks” God for taking Michael Jackson’s life-thus stealing her spotlight.

    Her statement read, “As an iconic image—especially one for “the children” everywhere, I was shocked to learn that Michael Jackson had died and all media throughout the world is focusing their attention on a dead man. The mere thought of a dead man overshadowing me is….well….sickening. God should know that I AM and forever will be—an iconic image. Dead people should be off limits. I thank the men and woman in our military who are puttin’ their lives on the line, so that I am… not dead. Thus, as a non-dead person, also, I should still be in the headlines. I will not tolerate this from God and I condem these actions which lead to moral corruption and desecration of my holy image, there too also….screw political correctness.

  90. the problem child says:

    antiAnti Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 5:22 AM

    trisha Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 5:14 AM
    …I think America needs to see who Palin pals around with, and that photo of Eddie says it all.

    I agree. And hopefully many people will get to hear Palin giggling while Burke insults a cancer victim. With luck there will be lots of links to click to that horrible audio clip.
    I think that was another rightwing radio show, FWIW

  91. Memphis, NY says:

    Burke forgot to add
    Pervert and Stalker to his red shirt

  92. trisha says:

    I can’t help think that as Sarah watches the non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson she shakes her head and says, How do I top this? ——-

    Who do I attack next to get myself back in the spotlight? It’s got to be big….really big!!!!! I’ve already attacked bloggers (many times)…journalist… Couric…Gibson…Letterman…all those parts of the lower 48 that aren’t the REAL America…Obama (since I refuse to call him President Obama)…Levi–he is just a liar….McCain staffer are jerks…..mmmmm….who’s left?

    I give her another 5-7 days to figure it out. She is getting so predictable that I can almost set my watch to her latest rant.

  93. antiAnti says:

    trisha Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 5:14 AM
    …I think America needs to see who Palin pals around with, and that photo of Eddie says it all.

    I agree. And hopefully many people will get to hear Palin giggling while Burke insults a cancer victim. With luck there will be lots of links to click to that horrible audio clip.

  94. trisha says:

    If Sarah wants to make this an issue for the National stage, then I say— go for it. But, she should be aware that her cozy relationship with Eddie (and photos of him in that t-shirt)will be a part of the conversation.

    I think America needs to see who Palin pals around with, and that photo of Eddie says it all.

  95. Bystander says:

    Not the best week for Gov Grifter’s latest “hey look at me” stunt.

  96. samper says:

    I still want to know what makes them think ANY photo of SP is “iconic”.


  97. Freakout in Kansas says:

    More Trig photoshops….I imagine this is only the beginning:

    179 Aussie Blue Sky Says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 4:41 AM

    And what about hymns and such? ‘Trig’ has only one syllable. Will we now be singing, “Triggy wants me for a sunbeam” and “what a friend we have in Triggy”
    Don’t forget “Onward Triggy Soldiers”…”At the sign of triumph Blogger’s they doth flee; on then, Triggy soldiers, on to victory!”

    And on what day will Trig-mas be celebrated?

  98. AussieBlueSky – i think the correct honorific would be Jesus trigging christ. . . I could be wrong. . . but. . . .

  99. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Freakout in Kansas, you didn’t offend me. In fact, you might be able to help me …. is he Jesus Trig or Trig Christ? I’m thinking probably the latter.

    And what about hymns and such? ‘Trig’ has only one syllable. Will we now be singing, “Triggy wants me for a sunbeam” and “what a friend we have in Triggy” …..

    Triggy, Lead Me Up the Mountain
    Triggy, Rose of Sharon
    Triggy Understands!
    Triggy Will Let You In …..

  100. nswfm CA says:

    Watch the brouhaha when the GOP realizes she had an affair with her husband’s business partner. She never went after the National Enquirer about that story.

  101. Lilybart says:

    Freakout: Screw political correctness, that was funny!

  102. Lilybart says:

    Babies do not add an ingredient to life, they ARE life. No babies, humans die out.

    Sorry to be unsentimental, but she is really annoying pushing this treacle.

  103. Kat says:

    The photo shopping has expanded. See Celtic Diva site for one someone sent her and please follow the link she’s got to a site whose commenters have gone nuts photo shopping the picture. The two I really like has SP with a raptor head. The other is one of Sarah holding Sarah. True love. RFLMAO. Commenters all think SP is a loony whiner. Crazy fun site but some of the pics are over the top. Kinda reminds me of Wonkette crew.

  104. Freakout in Kansas says:

    24 zyggy Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 6:04 PM
    “Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.”

    Is Meg trying to equate Palin and the Trigster to Mary and Jesus? Hmm, desecration and iconic? Sounds like it to me, both were knocked up before marriage, omg, I see where she’s going. =)

    I’m not knocking Mary or Jesus, just stating the facts, not trying to offend any Christians.

    I’ll step up and offend some people…I think Trig was immaculately conceived. That would explain the hesitancy with providing a birth certificate. It would also explain Meg’s statement regarding the “desecration” of an”iconic image”. Unfortunately, it would also mean our new lord and savior is retarded.

  105. Gardenslug says:

    Now that Celtic Diva has the funds, she will be able to file her FOIA request bravely with support of like-minded citizens. But, what if other brave Alaskans made a symbolic gesture and joined her in making their own FOIA requests, individually, one FOIA request for each day’s worth of Palin’s e-mails, (especially the ones that went to the Todd Palin)?

  106. Eric-the-Bun says:

    New York is in trouble.

    Seems that someone has given Sarah spikey hair, removed her glasses, put a bedsheet on her and replaced the rifle with an ice-cream cone – you know – on that big statue they have of her in the harbour.

  107. Judy5cents says:

    So putting a photo of Eddie Burke’s face on a Down Syndrome baby is an insult to all special needs children everywhere? Just as David Letterman’s tasteless joke about Palin’s 14 year old daughter is an outrage to all young girls everywhere? When did Sarah Palin’s kids become universal symbols of All Children Everywhere?

    If she wanted her children offlimits, last year she would have left them behind, going to school like All Children Everywhere are supposed to do, instead of parading them around on the campaign trail.

  108. va_soccer_mom says:

    “Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of First Amendment rights that has become an iconic representation of a citizen’s right to speak out.

    The mere idea of someone attacking First Amendment rights of a blogger is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Meg Stapleton, the official gubernatorial mouthpiece for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Republican National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this governor and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

    First amendment rights are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that first amendment rights be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned.”

  109. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    It’s too quaint for words that the owner of the red site is now whining that she ‘never saw’ Baby Dave Letterman ….. with all the attention she dedicates to criticizing every Democrat she can find on the internet on any given day, you would think she’d be first with the latest – instead of last.

    She’s losing her touch; too much time crawling to El Fatso on the phone will do that. Look what it did to Sarah Palin. 😉

  110. HAHAHA, and it seems that the drive has not been harmed, probably “au contraire”. Diva´s got 100%!!! Congratulations to everybody in Alaska. Let´s see how transparent this will get…..

    Maybe somebody in PR should think before they draw attention to unloved bloggers.

  111. samper says:

    Faux Poutrage to deflect from the IRS scandal.

    Wow, that isn’t transparent at ALL!

    Since when is she or any photo of her “iconic”?

    She picked a bad week to be “outraged”.

  112. Alaska Truth says:

    McCain’s aides had it right……..Palin is a “WHACK-JOB!” She is the biggest hypocrite around. We all are weary of the constant screaming “I’m a Victim—-oh, whoa is me………..pity me…..send money……..” gag me………………

  113. justafarmer says:

    heavens have opened up here, too, lexky. 1/2 inch of rain in the last hour. Just got off the phone with NWS in Wilmington, Ohio…he says it is starting to slack off. Just look out for serious ponding or running water on roadways.
    I’m off to bed now.

  114. Far fromFenway Fan says:

    If Palin wants her kids “off limits” why does she link to a photo of her and Trig on twitter on her State of Alaska website:

    Perfectly beautiful babies like Trig, & countless others like him, add a special quality to our world. Here’s Trig:
    about 13 hours ago from web

  115. wasillawarrior says:

    I just got in from Whittier to see Burkes shirt on the Huff …I so love this site !!! Great article..the Bots have got to be flipped…

  116. lexky says:

    i work from 9pm to 7am. this is my time.
    the heavens have opened up here. its real bad

  117. Lee323 says:

    @ justafarmer

    Lipstick on a prig…

  118. justafarmer says:

    Lee, that’s too funy for words..even for word salad!

  119. justafarmer says:

    lexky, what is it about us Kentucky folk who are total nightowls?

  120. Lee323 says:

    Meg: “Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.”
    Obviously, Meg spent way too much unsupervised time with a Thesaurus and her Sarah Scrapbook when writing this lame drivel. It’s more appropriately written:

    Meg: “Recently we learned of a meretricious distraction of a governor and her PR Prig who have become an ironic representation of a grubber’s love for a special needs governor.”

    Enjoy grubbing under the bus when she’s done with you, Meg…. Palin’s special needs will soon outstrip your limited provincial “talents.”

  121. justafarmer says:

    do=so…wow it’s late for me…

  122. justafarmer says:

    thank you Irishgirl, I don’t feel do bad now…

  123. I’m not sure it was a typo. The word rascist combines racist and fascist, so maybe the t-shirt maker was just transcribing something from an e-mail or twitter that tried to accurately describe Eddie’s method, and Eddie didn’t quite get it.

    I hope we move on soon. There is much to do.

  124. Kat says:

    I buzzed AKM’s post up too. Found it interesting that all the peelanders commented on the buzz but were strangely absent from the comments on the actual post. They’d have gotten laughed out of there. Those comments are right on & everyone is laughing their heads off at SP.

  125. justafarmer says:

    hmmm, having just reviewed my last post…can AKM email that photo to Rachel so Kent can have it as part of the Friday pop culture “WEAK”?

  126. Irishgirl says:

    I couldn’t resist myself either yesterday! 🙂

  127. justafarmer says:

    good for you, Phil! His excuse for the shirt was, in the words of Kent Jones…”WEAK!”
    and the one typo on his shirt kinda said it all..

  128. justafarmer says:

    just saw that Aussie! It’s just “precious” don’cha know!

  129. justafarmer,

    I talked with Eddie Burke on the phone today for about 20 minutes. He wanted me to come on his program after the 4:00 news. I told him I started teaching summer school today, so I couldn’t. I regard his claim that he had the shirt made to get in the face of his critics, by using statements made against him, to be more or less true. However, AKM and I noted him, as we watched him parading around in front of the ABT crowd in the lobby of the Loussac, meeting spaces, to be soaking up their admiration of it on another level, but incapable of giving them the same context he offered me.

    (hope this didn’t get sent twice)

  130. justafarmer says:

    oh, and in the comments there, they are crowing about how AK FOIA can take 40 days and “pick and choose”.

  131. lexky says:

    i tell myself not to go to that website but i have alot of time on my hands at work and its kind of like visiting the crazy house.

  132. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Celtic Diva’s new post has a photoshop that will make you laugh. 😉

  133. lexky says:

    have you all seen the pictures of scarah and the baby on her state website?

  134. justafarmer says:

    and I must apologise to Irishgirl…I promise to NOT go over there…
    But it’s late here, there’s a hammering storm and I’m just all wide awake!

  135. justafarmer says:

    LOL, Phil! A job for Dr. Chill!

  136. justafarmer says:

    oooh, and the very FIRST comment on that post is someone whining about Shannyn having a post at HuffPo.
    Inquiring minds wonder (NOT!) why there are no peeland posts at HuffPo.

  137. We need to photoshop a picture of Eddie Burke holding Sarah Palin, with John Ziegler holding a bottle next to them.

  138. justafarmer says:

    seattlefan, here’s the gist of it:
    “Of course, she doesn’t provide the context of the photo, thereby encouraging readers to believe that Eddie was using the inflammatory language on the shirt to describe himself. Obviously, he wasn’t. KBYR, the Alaska radio station which also broadcasts AKMuckraker’s leftwing friend Shannyn Moore, would not feature a radio host who is a “Nazi” or a racist, etc. It seems silly to have to point this out, but as we’ve repeatedly observed, the conventional attitude among the denizens of the leftwing fruitlooposhere is that if an opportunity, however tenuous, arises to attack Gov. Palin, then there’s no reason to let common sense get in the way.”
    Then, here’s the “out of contect part”:
    “As a result of his vocal opposition to the ordinance, Eddie has been referred to in vulgar and inflammatory terms. So, he wore a shirt that displayed some of the hate directed at him by those who are in favor of the ordinance. Those are the names he’s been called for the position he’s taken. Perhaps he wore the shirt in an attempt to show the name-callers just how silly and over the top their name calling is. Perhaps it was an attempt to show them that he has a sense of humor. The reason is not important.”
    There’s more but it’s also beyond stoopid…they are really grasping at straws now. And in their own words, “The reason is not important”.

  139. honestyinGov says:

    seattlefan Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 11:09 PM

    @#117 justafarmer……
    LMAO! Ok, how are they justifying this. I refuse to go over there but since you have been there, please give details. How is that “THAT SHIRT” is being taken out of context.
    I was too curious to step in there since CD has the money she needs. Was wondering about the reaction. I think THIS is the ‘ comment’…

    “Of course, she doesn’t provide the context of the photo, thereby encouraging readers to believe that Eddie was using the inflammatory language on the shirt to describe himself.”
    When you slip THAT t-shirt over your head and wear it….
    do you need to ‘ provide context ‘…? I think his testimony was the same… what is there to explain.

  140. justafarmer says:

    seattlefan, I have no idea how his shirt has been “taken out of context”…apparently we have to take their word for it…
    oh my, how pathetic they re and they apparently have no clue that THEY are the one’s who helped Diva get her goal…

  141. GreatGrey says:

    @Alaska Pi — Juneau eh?, then you don’t get to see her too much. On the other hand, here in ANC I get the chance to flip her off quite often 🙂

  142. lexky says:

    i would like to add a few to his shirt.
    there was plenty of room

  143. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    lexky Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 11:17 PM
    they say eddies shirt says things that have been said to him
    Those would be the polite names he’s been called. 😉

  144. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Here’s the iconic photo of Sarah Palin’s love for her special needs baby WHEN SHE DOESN’T KNOW SHE’S BEING WATCHED ….

  145. lexky says:

    they say eddies shirt says things that have been said to him

  146. Alaska Pi says:

    125 GreatGrey –
    I’m here in Alaska too…
    Look at our beautiful Governor’s Mansion every day I go to work.
    Like my lil sis kept saying last fall- don’t want to send her on, don’t want her back…
    But, sigh, we’re still paying a salary to GG.
    So- I’m keeping my lil vigil out here and asking where’s GG everytime we have some business we need someone to be doing the executive branch thingy with…
    I know. Lost cause…

  147. seattlefan says:

    @#117 justafarmer……

    LMAO! Ok, how are they justifying this. I refuse to go over there but since you have been there, please give details. How is that “THAT SHIRT” is being taken out of context.

  148. justafarmer says:

    I just figured out what the REAL iceberg is…
    it’s the pajama progressive AK bloggers!
    of to add a vote for Shannyn before I head off to bed…

  149. GreatGrey says:

    Alaska Pi Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 10:41 PM

    While the ghastly gov is playing at being an outraged mother, the Federal Subsistence board is meeting in Western Alaska. Why isn’t GG there?

    Hee hee, ya keep scaring me with the GG references cause I’m here, in Alaska.

    Saint Sarah, …she’s not here. As usual.

  150. strangelet says:

    @BodieP — I think you’re well on your way to upholding your record. Well, I might buy one.

    You’re not gonna have the shepherds in the same frame with the sheep, are you? That would probably be a net sales negative, although it would ensure that I’d buy several.

  151. justafarmer says:

    Hi Phil!
    I’m just finishing a 9 or 10-hour work stretch…is going on 3 am here and the thunder/lightning is back again.
    Looking forward to what you have when you catch up!
    I’m off to bed now…
    oooh, Mother Nature does NOT sound happy outside..

  152. lexky says:

    about time you showed up justafarmer

  153. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:


    I think they’re referring to her actions when Palin flew from Texas to Alaska last April.

  154. justafarmer says:

    let’s not forget that Ed McMahon died also.
    …still waiting for my big Publisher’s Clearing House check…
    sorry, that was too snippy of me…Ed was a great dog lover.

  155. bucfan says:

    Mlaiuppa, my eighty-eight year old mother made that comment to me during the campaign last year. She was wondering why Bristol and others alway carried Trig facing them, with his head cuddled against their shoulders but Sarah always seemed to carry him facing away. She felt that Sarah was holding him that way so viewers could see his face, using his Downs syndrome for sympathy, for her political gain. And I told my mother that I always knew I got my smarts from her.

  156. Alaska Pi says:

    While the ghastly gov is playing at being an outraged mother, the Federal Subsistence board is meeting in Western Alaska. Why isn’t GG there?

    While the ghastly gov’s mouthpiece plays at well rehearsed outrage, Alaskans in Eagle are working their tails off trying to get habitable cabins built before winter. Why isn’t this mouth tooting up ways to help our neighbors?

    GG and her goofball minions are paying less attention to Alaska everyday…

    EB is a twit- thug-with-incontinent-tongue. Him who leaks bile and disease everytime he opens his mouth we can help… Flat rate box of Depends coming your way EB… courtesy of one of those darn bloggers!

  157. justafarmer says:

    oooh, AKM…you’re on the peer’s s-list now…you have taken Eddie’s t-shirt “out of context”…

  158. lexky says:

    the site we dont name has a big article about akm

  159. mlaiuppa says:

    Has anyone ever seen Sarah cuddling Trig? Does she ever nuzzle his face or kiss him in public?

    I’ve only ever seen her carry him facing away from her like a sack of potatoes. Or slung over her arm while she’s busy twittering on her blackberry.

    Yeah, that’s an iconic photo alright, of Palin displaying her baby like a political trophy for a photo op.

    Maybe Palin can demand that Letterman apologize for the photoshopped photo. I’m sure she can twist it to being his fault.

  160. GreatGrey says:

    Physicsmom Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 7:16 PM

    The Wonkette coverage of this is hilarious. This is the best comment I read:

    Blessed be the sacred Trig — we shall recite sine and cosine tables in thy holy name.

    I liked this one I saw on Twitter:

    “AK blogger photoshops pic of Sarah Palin. Palin sues Adobe.”

  161. Just off work after a seven-hour stint. Trying to catch up. We need to keep hitting back hard on this! We need to get the truth out on how much Palin endangered Trig in the ways she dealt with the end of her last pregnancy. That action makes a photoshopped image of Eddie Burke pale in comparison.

  162. Visitor says:

    It’s quite telling that in Palin’s “iconic photo of a mother’s love for a special needs child”, she’s holding the child turned around so that it’s facing the camera, not her.

  163. GreatGrey says:

    Eddie and his shirt, I sent him a twitter the other night asking “@talkradiohost Eddie, who made you H8R shirt?”

    Classy as always, the Crotchster sent a pithy reply,“@GreatGrey Your Mother did”.

    What is about Eddie and his always slamming women, except for Sarah?

  164. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Can we have a party?

  165. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Ruh roh!! AKM, congratulations! You have made the team of low-life bloggers being dissed on the Site 4 Troglodytes.

  166. GreatGrey says:

    deist Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 5:44 PM

    Today Farrah died. Jackson died. Palin whined.

    Hee, that needs to be modified into a question.

    Which two of the following events don’t happen every day? Farrah died. Jackson died. Palin whined.

    Sorry if someone already did this, I haven’t read the whole thread yet.

  167. Super Bee says:

    Special Ed is a puddwacker. The ‘A’ on his hat has got to stand for A-Hole.

    I can’t even bring myself to comment on the idiocy of the dimwitted duo, Meg and Sarah.

  168. txindygirl says:

    H8R = hater

  169. Trini says:

    I feel stupid for asking this, but on Eddie Burke’s shirt (on the back) it says “H8R”. I don’t know what that means. Could anyone clarify?

  170. nswfm CA says:

    That Kenyan pastor baptised her with polar bear poo, leading to all her problems ever since.

    AK, you need to recall/impeach. Especially if the IRS/FBI blows the lid of the Wasilly secrets up.

  171. txindygirl says:

    Just read the CNN comments. I can’t believe how many wingnuts are deliberately choosing to take the low road. They are so unrepentantly dishonest. These folks know damn well that a pic of Palin holding a baby w/ an adult face isn’t designed to make fun of Trig. Who would do that? Nobody. That’s just as absurd as Limbaugh’s latest delusion that Sanford’s affair is Obama’s fault (no joke, see Huffpo. They’ve got audio).

    I guess they need to fabricate all this crap in their heads to justify thier blind loyalty to Palin. I know many of these people. I used to be friends with the worst of them. I think back to the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with them over the years. If we were to have heard of some woman who put her unborn baby in danger with a wild birthing ride, or charged her company for her family’s expenses and per diems to work at home … well, I can hear the shocked disbelief. I’ve had similar conversations so, yeah, I know how they’d react if the offender was some faceless person. How suddenly they can abandon their integrity to back a hack like Palin is truly disturbing. Politics makes stupid slaves of some people. Especially people who need an external compass. Sad.

    I just have to keep telling myself that the world is continuously moving forward, albeit slowly. I can vote. People of color are free to go anywhere. Yep. This country is becoming more progressive with each passing decade. Gay people will be integrated into mainstream fabric… in time. “Illegals” will be recognized for their contributions and granted citizenship….in time.

    The haters can slow it down, but they can’t stop it.

  172. Sarah in SC says:

    I think her new title should be Special Needs Governor.

  173. kiksadi50 says:

    Does Palin really think that aligning herself with some one like Eddie Burke is really going to give her credibility as a potential candidate for president of the U.S.? A small portion of the GOP thinks people like Burke are ‘real americans’ but I do not here of newt G. or any other major figure spending there days monitoring the blogosphere like Palin & her people. It is kind of pathetic. Her public profile looks less presidential & more Michelle Bachman as time goes by. Does rise above the fray have any meaning to her? AK is a small town in many ways & I increasingly hear stories about how obsessed Palin is with her public image, her ability to hold a grudge when she perceives that she has been crossed & that no one in her inner circle ever dares disagrees with her. Sounds like Cheney. These consistent public feuds make her appear so petty & small. Trying to control the blogosphere is not going to get her elected to national office. It is also not what the gov. of a state should be wasting their time on. If you align yourself with people like Eddie Burke people some people are going to think you are fair game, right or wrong.

  174. Eli says:

    Ok, MEG, it’s not called the Democrat Party. But you knew that, didn’t you? It’s the DEMOCRATIC PARTY…..just like it’s not the Republic Party.

    It’s not cute. It’s not funny. And nobody but your own little juvenile posse of “h8rs” sees the word “rat” instead of “Democrat” so you can just stop it, all of you, and grow the eff up.

    As soon as I see anyone say “Democrat Party” I know immediately that they have no interest in being heard by Democrats, or anyone who realizes that it’s being used as a jab. So using a divisive partisan term when you’re claiming the issue is special needs kids shows Stapleton for what she is. It’s about politics. AKM

  175. deist says:

    Today’s not a good day for Palin to whine. Fox news isn’t covering her, nor is Drudgereport. I guess CNN is.

  176. Wurzelhexli says:

    Well, I would say this latest caper of Stapletongue was a full success! It cause Divas blog to be thrust into the international limelight – and on top of that, she was able to get her goal of raising enough $$$ to pay the ransom for the emails.

  177. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Wonkette article referred to the baby as BRISTOL Palins baby, Trig. tee hee!

  178. Oh, and my reaction to her latest outrage is that she wouldn’t have to be outraged to stay in the news if she actually said something of substance politically. But she’s never one to take on the hard issues in the news, but always is ready to make everything about her family a news issue.

    They’s stop using those sorts of photos if she’d stop dragging her family into everything that she does. It would be nice to see someone attack her political ideas – if only she had any to attack.

  179. Having already seen the image of Palin with baby Burke, my only surprise when MSNBC or CNN (I don’t remember which one) covered the story was that they all agreed with Palin that it was pointed at making fun of Trig. What? Are they all nuts? Or did they not bother to try to find out why that particular image was used? Maybe someone should send them the picture of Burke and see if they still want to defend anything coming from Palin and her minnions. I’d be ashamed if our governor cozied up to the likes of THAT particular good ole boy.

    Thanks, AKM, for giving us more information on some of the key players in Alaska that apparently have escaped the notice of the MSM.

  180. anadventurer says:

    How can you say kids are “off limits” then your talking about a photo of one of the kids? WTFSP?

  181. annstrongheart says:

    anyone else read the comments on the CNN blog about this?

    They are a hoot!

  182. MinNJ says:

    I don’t think QEII said yes to this queen. Bummer. (and Michelle had gotten the great treatment for her and her children on a holiday.) I love Michelle and what she stands for as a mother, and I cannot be more unappreciative of Sarah of the same. It does not compute as the same or ever anywhere close to equal.

    History: My father was thought to be at a QEII luncheon in the sixties, and we were taken as a family around to a very nice place and questioned. My father was an exchange minister, and we just showed up that day at that time. I am still in awe. We were no threat, but still didn’t get to met her.

  183. Pursang says:

    Empish Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 7:04 PM
    Email that picture back to the station and ask them “Is this the image you want representing you?”

    and don’t forget to send it to the sponsors of his show. That might get you more than sending it to a radio station that seems to benefit from this neanderthal. Just a suggestion…

  184. DuckDriver says:

    @greytdog said: Okay – right now from Wonkette my favorite comment is. . . .BIBLE SPICE!!!!

    My fave was the one calling Gino “Talibunny”!


  185. BodieP says:

    Bones @ 75 and Bodie @77: I believe Austin answered @ 7: he’s playing pocket pool… and is losing.
    Maybe he could have somebody make a shirt about it for him?

  186. honestyinGov says:

    Huffpo just sent me an email Alert just now…

    Shannyn has a story on Huffpo ALSO !!! Need to go find it.

  187. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    austintx Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 5:24 PM

    Doesn’t the picture of Eddie from the back look like he’s playin’ pocket pool……..
    OMG! Austin…Yes, or taking a piss! Ewwwww!

  188. sauerkraut says:

    Bones @ 75 and Bodie @77: I believe Austin answered @ 7: he’s playing pocket pool… and is losing.

  189. Gardenslug says:

    When Eddie Burke made his FOIA request for Andrew Halcro-Palin admin. e-mails, I wonder how much he was charged in fees? His request is on pages 28-30.

  190. Okay – right now from Wonkette my favorite comment is. . . .BIBLE SPICE!!!!

  191. BodieP says:

    OK, I found Wonkette. She included another picture of Trig at the bottom, this time in an elephant suit. Take a look at that–isn’t that suit a Disney character? Seems to me that’s a tad insensitive, too–and presumably his own mother purchased and attired her child–her special needs child–in it.

  192. I See Villages From My House says:

    Wonkette was amusing, but the ‘retarded’ comments are so very crude, uncalled-for and sad. THAT is something the Governor can justifiably take issue with, alas, she opened the floodgate.

    See how she (CforP/MS) continue to spin tangents/non-sequiturs to her advantage? Couric’s question on what she reads to keep up with world events was an insult to Alaskan access to mass media, Letterman’s joke was all about rape, a cropped but memorable publicity photo is an affront to all Special Needs children. Really, she is class-worthy now, start poli-sci classes based on her astoundingly clumsy PR.

    Elevating herself with religious reverence is so dangerous but will no doubt resonate with her base.

    She could be diplomatic about all this and stay above the fray but who are we kidding – she is not one to act dignified (except when she appeared so as she stood silent with tears in her eyes at McCain’s concession speech (only mourning her own loss no doubt.))

    She is demainding One-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed to come to her defense? That’s rich.

    She and her associates deserve to be called out, via email, verbiage and progressing progressive blogs everywhere that seek to destroy the real Sarah Palin. Also.

  193. marcus2 says:

    It’s gonna be rough sledding for Sarah because of events that have grabbed the spotlight:

    1. Mark Sanford’s affair
    2. Michael Jackson’s death
    3. Farrah Fawcett’s death

    Bad timing for Sarah to throw another hissy-fit because no-one is paying attention. As usual, in a fit of fake outrage, she’s trying to twist what the blogger portrayed.

    Sarah and Burke make a natural pair. No class and crazed.

  194. BodieP says:

    You stole my question, Bones. That’s a nasty, nasty pose.

  195. BodieP says:

    Guess I shoulda seen this coming–I wrote that Bristol “brought forth her firstborn son and called his name Tripp, after the bizarre custom of the Palins,” on my blog a few days ago.

  196. Bones AK says:

    Just WHAT is eddie doing in the bottom Pict (with his back to us)?

  197. BodieP says:

    AKM, How do you feel about Brian visiting, oh, maybe the Baby Meg? Too far from Alaska for him to roam? And where the heck does Wonkette post? I’ve GOT to read that.

  198. Star says:

    Wonkette on the b**ch..tooooooooo funny …

  199. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Ah, yes, the evil liberals’ are “desecrating” little Trig. Remember the photos of Sarah parading her little Special Needs baby around the election circuit dressed in a Dumbo the Elephant Halloween costume? Sadly, sadly thoughtless.

  200. ds55 says:

    A reader on HuffPo points out Burke can’t even spell “racist” correctly on his t-shirt. (Rascist?)

  201. teri says:

    Yeah AKM! Just buzzed you up – great article and it NEEDS to be seen by the rest of the nation.

  202. samcos1 says:

    Who is in charge of Alaska now that the Governor is out of country. Or is tweet her if you need her. Didn’t Gov Sanford get in trouble with his Lt for that

  203. BodieP says:

    I’ve changed my mind. Mr. Sandford, Mr. Ensign, and Mr. O’Reilly all get to be shepherds, for the obvious, vulgar reason. Why yes! That IS tasteless!

  204. zyggy says:

    BodieP, you must include a Holy Moose, keeping in the spirit of Alaska.

  205. Professor Geezer says:

    Great post, AKM.


  206. Doggonit says:

    I thought it was Mini-Me.

  207. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    I remember posting on Immoral Majority a few days ago that GINO would have to throw another child under the bus to get attention soon. I speculated that, since Willow drew the short straw last time, she would be exempt.
    So sorry it had to be poor little Trig. He will be on the computer someday and see this – this being the big stink that Meg and sea4pee caused. Had they ignored the cartoon (which was about Burke, NOT Trig), none of this would have happened to that poor baby.

  208. zyggy says:

    another quote from Wonk ette’s “The desecration of Trig has killed Michael Jackson.”

    They are very funny over there, hope they keep posting, over there. lol

  209. BodieP says:

    Okay – when you get done with the Nativity diorama, you’ve really got to post a picture!!! Puleeze. . . what a great Christmas card that would be. . . Instead of “what child is this?” you could have “Whose child is this???”
    O Come O Come Emmanuel becomes O Come O Come ARGENTINA (SCORE!!!!!!)
    (my mother is gonna kill me when she reads this. . . )


    My mother would, too, but a) she would never read a blog because it might contain Fiction, and b) she would DEFINITELY never read a Liberal blog because they might talk about, oh, maybe turning the Holy Family and their peeps Republican? And she would be right…

    I’m thinking when I get this done I’ll post it on my blog, and maybe offer a poster on my cafepress store. I KNOW this is God’s will, because I found hi-res versions of just about EVERYBODY, and my good friend Deanna, who works for a church and has the best sense of humor of anybody I ever knew, suggested replacing the Holy Donkey with a Holy Elephant, and including President Obama in his capacity of cleaner upper after Elephants. If I do this right, I can offend EVERYBODY, and maintain my unblemished record of NEVER SELLING ANYTHING.

  210. nswfm CA says:

    Also too I think they are trying to take attention off the IRS problems. Don’t take the eye off the ball. Keep the pressure on. Strong offense on the offensive AK gov.

  211. leenie17 says:

    My first thought when I saw the pics of Burke’s shirt…

    What a way to make a mother proud.

  212. honestyinGov says:

    Make sure everybody see’s the photo-shop work at ‘Hypocrites & Heffalumps’ as well. Nice creative work there.
    I sure hope someone can email that pic to Meg Stapletonge… or does she browse all those ‘ librul blogs ‘ to know what is going on.

  213. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Meghan, dear, it’s time to change your name to Malicious Stapleton. Sweetie, you’re vicious, disingenuous, and downright obnoxious. There is no respect whatsoever for you among educated people. Go get some Prozac or maybe Saint John’s Wort.

  214. nswfm CA says:

    Nice math joke there.

    I still think Meg is comparing SP to Mohamed, given the protected free speech that should have been afforded to the Danish cartoons.

  215. sauerkraut says:

    Were I really so inclined to act like a pee’r, I’d go over to Wiki and put eddie’s pic under the definitions of the following words’phrases:

    1) horse’s arse

    2) horse’s patoot

    3) useless pos

    4) jackass

    5) steaming pile of sh’it

    6) road apple

  216. Miss Demeanor says:

    Who does this woman (Palin ) think she is, God?
    SHE is profane, not CD’s art.

  217. sauerkraut says:

    physicsmom@53 – they can sine and cosine all they want but I think they are really going off on a tangent. …

  218. sauerkraut says:

    burke baby

    burke baby

    give me a pan

    I’m gonna puke til I cant remember

    (apologies to beach boys)

  219. Physicsmom says:

    The Wonkette coverage of this is hilarious. This is the best comment I read:

    Blessed be the sacred Trig — we shall recite sine and cosine tables in thy holy name.

    There a many others as well. Good work AKM.

  220. pvazwindy says:

    49 JRC Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 6:58 PM
    Palin is an amateur. And she’s also toast.

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@before you bite into the toast, check for image of Sarah

  221. Empish says:

    Email that picture back to the station and ask them “Is this the image you want representing you?”

  222. AKPetMom says:

    Isn’t Eddie Burke a special needs person in his own way, so too also?

  223. JRC says:

    Palin is an amateur. And she’s also toast.

  224. KaJo says:

    The problem child dropped in there, too… 🙂

  225. lexky says:

    i buzzed it up

  226. Doggonit says:

    Palin / Burke 2012 …. you betcha!

  227. austintx says:

    KaJo – ‘Lil Trigger………don’t you love it ?!?! I’m saying a prayer tonite that Megtard goes after wonkette……….BIG mistake !! They take no prisoners over there……..and the commenters are vicious !!

  228. anon blogger says:

    Tip of the hat, AKM!!!

    For sure, ol’ GINO is a lot smarter than I thought, what with using that cartoon picture and all those sacred words and the like, to keep people talking about a child again (little distractions). Burke wearing that t-shirt says it all. Boy, and those emails might indicate ol’ GINO and Burke are really good pals. “The Ayers Effect.” Okay, I just made that up.

  229. seattlefan says:

    I heard Sarah is in Kosivo (sp?). I don’t do the twitter thing. Is she tweeting from over there and what is she saying? Anyone?

    Huffpo has blocked 2 of my comments….not sure why. I am very civil. I’m guessing it is the word filter. I used the exact same words that are on Burke’s T Shirt. Go figure! I’ll go back and try to make my point another way. 🙂

  230. KaJo says:

    austintx Says: June 25th, 2009 at 5:20 PM “Uh-Huh………That’s the way to do it AKM !! I sent the same pic. to wonkette with a little e-mail. They were having fun today with the CD photoshop dustup”

    They are indeed, @ Wonkette, austintx — Lil’ Trigger! Love the comments there…

  231. zyggy says:

    or the nativity scene could have Michael’s “Billy Jean” playing in the background. =) Guess the wisemen will have to be wisea$$es since Palin doesn’t know anyone who is wise.

  232. tm68 says:

    Just got done reading the article on Wonkette. OMG- too friggin hilarious. Several comments speculated what Palin will target next and this one is by far my fave:

    Next Week: Sarah Palin vs. A Cool Breeze, For Making Her Nipples Hard (Which Is Sexist)

    Head on over to Wonkette- you’ll love it!

  233. Sarah in SC says:

    deist Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 5:44 PM
    Today Farrah died. Jackson died. Palin whined.


    Love this! 🙂

  234. Empish says:

    But for the unfortunate passing of Michael Jackson I suspect the ridiculous charges Palin demands for FIOA info would have been prominent on MSM tonight.
    They have taken note though, perhaps some eyes have been opened and we will see some more attention paid to the mare’s nest of Alaska politics.
    And hey, why not! Megs dear, we know you read the blogs. Tell Sarah its bad form to charge 5 grand and redact the text of the emails. Makes it look like you have something to hide. Troopergate, Taxgate, Travelgate, Emailgate, Housegate, Trustfundgate, babygate, etc etc

  235. Okay – when you get done with the Nativity diorama, you’ve really got to post a picture!!! Puleeze. . . what a great Christmas card that would be. . . Instead of “what child is this?” you could have “Whose child is this???”
    O Come O Come Emmanuel becomes O Come O Come ARGENTINA (SCORE!!!!!!)
    (my mother is gonna kill me when she reads this. . . )

  236. rebekkah says:

    Hoping that this newest manifested Palin/Stapleton outrage finally sinks her pollitical aspirations. In Stapleton’s statement, she refers to “this type of degeneracy”. What everyday American is going to buy this. With life’s tapestry of challenges, who is concerned about this photo-gate? SP seems to live in a bubble of manufactured happiness, like the Cleavers, and doesn’t allow any bad news to filter into her perfect little world. Then, someone mocks or alters her baby’s photo, and she expects everyone to cry tears, and explode with indignation.

    She has to grow up. I know and knew (like many of you do, am sure) of so many fractured families with problems, financial, health-wise, Alzheimer’s in their elderly parents, young fallen military sons and daughters, homeless, the list goes on and on. In my life, I have NEVER heard so much whining from someone like this, who has so much to be thankful for. I have heard nary a peep of whining from friends that are struggling with cancer, lupus, arthritic diseases, as well as their newborn babies who live only because of dangerous life-saving meds, and they carry on day by day, through faith, and believe this refining will make them stronger.

    I am so fed up with the whining of governor Sarah Palin; at least for her family’s honour, could she please stop?

  237. BodieP says:

    Bodiep, I did Nativity scene years ago, with Pokey as Mary, Gumby as Joseph, a silver painted plastic Army man as Jesus, and one of the wisemen was ET. I cried from laughing so hard at that scene. It was set in a diorama, with a Holy Cow too.
    It’s true–there’s nothing new under the sun…I LOVE the holy cow. I did a painting once of cows in church. These particular cows were dairy cows, and had mastitis (so I could put red bracelets on them). I hung it in my office (I worked in the communications office of a religiously-affiliated medical center) where it Troubled the chaplain a good deal. It did no good to explain that I was trying to capture the tranquility of a dairy barn and the building just sort of accidentally turned into a church–in fact, I think I made it worse…

  238. Paula says:

    Palin needs to grow the F up, or bow the F out.

  239. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Also, too, I sure hope that if other news outlets and blogs pick up on the Eddie Burke-Sarah connection, they will do the story justice. Maybe tell them about some of the colorful names he uses for people of other skin colors, genders, and political beliefs. And hopefully they’ll tell readers about how Sarah’s Buddy Eddie grabbed a local waitress in the crotch, then tried to buy pay her off for $400 so she wouldn’t file a police report. I’m sure that would give them a good glimpse of the TRUE depth of Sarah’s concern for “the erosion of young girls’ self esteem” .

  240. Star says:

    avahome~ eeewwwww …thx for the link…All “HYPOCRITES”

  241. mlaiuppa says:

    What would the ‘bots do if they didn’t have something to outrage over?

    Probably make stuff up.

    They’ll be at that point very soon.

    Time to start poppin’ the corn.

  242. Carol says:

    What people need to remember about Eddie Burke is that he is dangerous. He is verbally and emotionally abusive. This has been demonstrated time and again on his radio show. He is more than capable of stirring up hatred and fanaticism amongst his more rabid fringe listeners . He also is physically abusive with a history of domestic violence charges. I think that it is time to slap Palin and Meg Stapleton with some sort of lawsuit. I believe that they may have endangered the Celtic Diva with their highly inflammatory press release. it is highly suspicious that they would jump all over our local blogger and ignore the David Letterman/trip overlay for a week. As Palin is cornered she is going to become even more desperate. Please be aware of safety issues.

  243. zyggy says:

    Bodiep, I did Nativity scene years ago, with Pokey as Mary, Gumby as Joseph, a silver painted plastic Army man as Jesus, and one of the wisemen was ET. I cried from laughing so hard at that scene. It was set in a diorama, with a Holy Cow too.

  244. seattlefan says:

    Lol! @#7 austintx…..I thought the same thing but couldn’t bring my self to post it. Thanks!

    AKM…..Great post! All you bloggers up there need to keep all the creeps’ toes to the fire. That picture and her association with him will be her undoing with the RNC. Woo Hoo!

  245. Star says:

    AKM…WTG …Really good post…This b^tch needs to go…

  246. BodieP says:

    Well, that does it. I didn’t want to do this, but after that last Palin/Stapleton comment I have no choice. I’ve started work on the Official Republican Party Nativity Set. I won’t give everything away, but Mr. Ensign and Mr. Sandford get to be Wise Men, because they strayed far from home, and Guess Who gets to be the Madonna? I may be struck dead for this, but at least I’ll die laughing.

  247. avahome says:

    Also on buzzflash: Sarah Palin’s Backers also connected to The Family…..

    “In November of last year Nicholas Benton interviewed Jeff Sharlett on his experience with the Family, the cult that both Governor Sanford and Rep. Ensign apparently belong to. It is extremely relevant today. His point of departure was, “Two prominent Falls Church members among those who voted to defect from the Episcopal Church in 2006 played a major role in promoting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be selected as the GOP vice presidential candidate, according to an article in the Oct. 27 issue of the New Yorker magazine. The revelation also comes amid new information about the prominent role of a clandestine Christian fundamentalist political action organization among the defectors’ ranks.” I turns out that they were also connected to the family. The Episcopal Church in Falls Church split over the issue of gay rights and a bitter court fight followed over control of church property etc. In the interview with Sharlett, Benton identifies the that Fred Barnes and Michael Gerson, who were instrumental in selecting Palin are have been members of the group.”

  248. “Desecration (also called desacralization or desanctification) is the act of depriving something of its sacred character — or the disrespectful or contemptuous treatment of that which is held to be sacred by a group or individual.” (Merriam Webster)

    Zyggy – I do think you’re onto something – SP now sees herself as the Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother. . . .so would that mean Bristol’s new theme song for her abstinence campaign should be “Like A Virgin”???

  249. Alaska Pi says:

    ooooo- the ghastly gov is giving me a headache with all her fancy dancing around her poor kids…

    And that EB twit… yarg.

    GG- stuff a sock in it. MS- same to you.

    DIVA- you go girl!
    AKM- thank you as always…

  250. zyggy says:

    “Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.”

    Is Meg trying to equate Palin and the Trigster to Mary and Jesus? Hmm, desecration and iconic? Sounds like it to me, both were knocked up before marriage, omg, I see where she’s going. =)

    I’m not knocking Mary or Jesus, just stating the facts, not trying to offend any Christians.

  251. califpat says:

    @Lexky: I think you are spot on about him being the product of W’s “no child left behind”. I just do not think he is that word creative.

  252. SharonTenn says:

    So curious, the use by Stapleton of that word “desecration.” The photo isn’t SACRED. Maybe it was tacky to substitute the guy’s face for the baby’s but to hint that it’s profane is just silly.

  253. califpat says:

    @SecretShopper: You and I were thinking the same thing and I agree 100% with you about education. LOL!!

  254. lilybart says:

    Micheal Jackson died, so sorry Miss Wasilla but no one is going to care about the BurkeBaby. rotten timing.

  255. califpat says:

    I dont know if anyone else has posted this but someone on Huffpost in the comments section advised us that Eddie needed spell check and to look at his red shirt. And true enough that is when I saw that he had spelled “racist “as “rascist” on the shirt he is so prougly sportin’. And that buffoon is walking around thinking that he is superior. Superior to what, a maggot!!!

  256. lexky says:

    i read he spells it like that because its a cross between racist and fascist. i dont know if i spelled any of that right. whatever. if he was younger i would say he is a product of w’s no child left behind….

  257. Mel Green says:

    I have a photo of LInda & me that I took in May at an Equality Works fundraiser. Some C4Per got an account on Flickr earlier today just in order to whine as follows: “Can you say hypocryte? How can you cry for equality when people like Linda Kellen Biegel alter photo’s of Govenor Palin’s son Trig? It’s apparent that no alterations are required for this picture.”

    My thought: can you spell hypocrite? My other thought: what does the allegation about the photo have to do with my cry for equality? My other thought — well, you can see my response there.

  258. deist says:

    Today Farrah died. Jackson died. Palin whined.

  259. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    Please note Eddie’s misspelling of “RASCIST”!

    Just goes to show education is important- and spell checker!

    He’s into tea bagging but hates gays???

  260. CO almost native says:

    Methinks she protests too much. Palin is the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”; soon no one will pay attention to her frequent outrages.

    @mae lewis:

    The one who is glad the spotlight of attention has shifted is Mark Sanford. He, at least, has promised to pay back all of the cost of the state trip to Argentina, as he took advantage of it to see his mistress.

  261. mhrt says:

    SP needs to pick better friends and stop palling around with H8Rs. Ms palin if you are ever thinking of running for any thing, this does not look good. Just a thought, maybe the only running you should do is around the block and back. Just a thought. Gotta keep those tight ABS. Ya know.

  262. mae lewis says:

    Earlier today, I assumed that Sarah couldn’t stand the fact that the spotlight was shining on Governor Sanford instead of her. Now that we’ve learned the sad news about Farrah and Michael, I can hear the teeth gnashing over at the Fans-of-Sarah websites. Those celebrated Hollywood deaths are stealing Sarah’s spotlight. Now, someone over there will have to drum up some other trumped up outrage.

    She didn’t complain when the picture showed Letterman instead of Burke. When Bristol was dragged shamelessly through the headlines, pregnant, baby, abstinent and all there was no outrage; Sarah had orchestrated it. People suggest that if Sarah was truly outraged at the blogs which question Trig’s birth and parents, she should have sued. She has never spoken out, other than disclosing Bristol’s pregnancy as the reason that …….well ,it’s crazy.

    There is another side of the coin. If Sarah cannot stand a couple of fake pictures of her holding either baby Letterman or baby Burke, how will she be able to stand up to the barrage of daily political cartoons served up when one becomes President of the United States? To respond to every slight, insult and joke is undignified; it is juvenile. And, due to late breaking news, Sarah will have to work up more outrage about something else when the news cycle changes. Meanwhile, all she has done is hand the late night comics more material– for more outrage– for more material, it’s a vicious circle!

  263. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:


  264. mwThatOne.. says:

    go, Celtic Diva! hang in there……..long live the blogging watchdogs!

  265. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    @ Mattie

    Save children??? LOL! I’m sure that WASN’T what she was thinking on her wild ride from Texas to Alaska. (snark)

  266. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    Please, AKM, continue posting that photo along side Palin every opportunity you get. Those in the lower-48 who may still be riding the fence about Palin (really??) need to be reminded of her CLOSE ASSOCIATION with Eddie Burke.

    Palin pals around with admitted bigoted racist homophobic Nazis. Is anyone left?

  267. austintx says:

    Doesn’t the picture of Eddie from the back look like he’s playin’ pocket pool……..

  268. Cassie Jeep Pike Palin says:

    Give me a break…please!



  269. zyggy says:

    Wonderful post AKM, I hope you get hundreds of posts. Linda probably got enough donations from all this excitement to go after tons of emails. Maybe there is good stuff in the emails and maybe not, but to have you on Huff post and the CNN politcal tracker certainly isn’t good press for Palin.

    What a hoot, today has been so much fun reading all this.

  270. Mattie says:

    She is so busy saving the children how does she have time to be governor?

  271. austintx says:

    Uh-Huh………That’s the way to do it AKM !! I sent the same pic. to wonkette with a little e-mail. They were having fun today with the CD photoshop dustup. sarah and Megtard just don’t understand about pissin’ into a hurricane. Guess they are gonna have to get schooled the hard way……..

  272. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    By the looks of Eddie’s shirt we can safely assume he hates everyone:

    Including himself.

  273. Nebraska Native says:

    Great post AKM! Buzzed it up 🙂 Hey, I’m first…. Go me!

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