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Yes, it’s true.  Governor Sarah Palin, at a hastily called press conference this morning, has announced that she will be stepping down from office on July 25, and turning the reins over to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell “for the good of Alaska.”  She’s turning the state over to the guy she didn’t even trust to run things during her failed VP campaign.  She chose to govern by Blackberry, while simultaneously speed reading “Politics for Dummies,” making rhetoric-filled speeches to hopped up conservatives, and being a full-time mom on the campaign trail.  And still she didn’t leave the state to Sean Parnell.  But now, apparently, something is different.

The media is all in a tizzy trying to figure out what’s going on. 

Eddie Burke is busy talking to Sean Hannity telling him that Palin’s resignation is a brilliant tactical move cleverly hatched to thwart her enemies.  Clearly this demonstrates her political smarts.  “Now what will they do?” he wonders.  “They won’t have anything to complain about!”   Yes, brilliant.  She’s really thwarted them now.  Why didn’t George Bush use that strategy, we wonder?

Of course, those who have been follwing the Alaska blogosphere closely are aware of the rumors bubbling up that there’s something big…something really big that’s headed her way;  the iceberg that’s headed for the S.S. Palin.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile what we do know is that Palin has littered her bizarre resignation speech with references to ethics complaints, Photoshopping bloggers, the military, Alaska history, a recap of the administration and a hodge podge of other topics.  She delivered the speech with the same adrenaline-filled jaw clenching intensity that she had when she returned from the campaign trail and settled back in to the governor’s office.

And we know that she delivered this speech from her own home, a few hours before the start of a holiday weekend.  Not the time to announce something you want the media to focus on.

The news will be breaking for a while, and she will by no means fade out of the media spotlight.  And as for Eddie Burke’s concern that those who oppose Palin will have nothing to do?  I’m about to go enjoy a barbeque!

Leave comments here, and I’ll check back in as more news becomes available.

Apologies for server issues.  The Mudflats was swamped!

>Clink<  (that was my glass)

Idependence Day came a day early.

For a transcript of the speech, click HERE

Okay, I’ve now been able to get independent information from multiple sources that all of this precedes what are said to be possible federal indictments against Palin, concerning an embezzlement scandal related to the building of Palin’s house and the Wasilla Sports Complex built during her tenure. Both structures, it is said, feature the “same windows, same wood, same products.” Federal investigators have been looking into this for some time, and indictments could be imminent, according to the Alaska sources.   From Brad Blog

“I don’t think this is buckling to pressure,” said Ayers. “I think this is her coming to the realization that the legislature in Alaska and that some bloggers and activists in Alaska are going to do everything they can to stymie her progress. This is a governor who didn’t run for the office because she wanted a title. She wanted to make significant change in the state. She realized that that was no longer going to be able to happen, because things had become so partisan there.”  From HuffPo

Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse issued a statement characterizing Palin’s resignation as “bizarre behavior”:

Either Sarah Palin is leaving the people of Alaska high and dry to pursue her long shot national political ambitions or she simply can’t handle the job now that her popularity has dimmed and oil revenues are down. Either way, her decision to abandon her post and the people of Alaska who elected her continues a pattern of bizarre behavior that more than anything else may explain the decision she made today.   From The Daily Beast

Watching the family scene at her house on the raw video running on CNN right now, it is obvious that little knowledge about this was shared ahead of time, no matter what Palin said in the conference itself.

What we are seeing here is either a preface to some indictment, or the final chapter in the career of what has been the biggest political joke of the 21st century. She is so obviously a combination of extreme narcissism and even more extremely bad advice by really, really pathetically bad advisors.

Andrea Mitchell is now being reported as claiming Palin has told some close to her that she is through with politics.    From Firedoglake



579 Responses to “PALIN RESIGNS”
  1. mary in Tennessee says:

    Hey, AKM, you are just awesome! And I am another of those ‘critical of ms. Palin’ who did find something to do as well. We had the first opening (as the building is only one-half rennovated but we could not wait!) of our new Knox County (Knoxville) TN permanent Democratic Office on Friday night and some of us toasted her ‘announcement’ with glee, joy, and a bottle of white and a bottle of red!
    And we have so enjoyed the soap opera that is SC and soon to be ex governor Sanford! This makes Palin’s quitting the icing on our cake. We do appreciate all the scandals, and ‘sexual problems’ of the poor GOP.
    And personally, I think Palin quit for two reasons: money and/or sex! How many trips did she make down here to the lower 48 ‘on business’ anyway!
    We celebrate with y’all down here. These days it is so much fun to be a loyal, liberal Democrat!
    Mary in Coal ash covered East Tennessee

  2. Thanks for the updates, I posted a blog on my myspace blog right after her announcement yesterday with a few of my own speculations as to her reasoning, a couple of which seem to be fairly close to the mark, but as always it’s the Mudflats that get the most complete story in the shortest amount of time, thank you. I’ve been real busy the past few months and have missed the flats, but it’s good to drop back in again.

  3. MissSunshine says:

    I’m in agreement with Martha @578. While they may not be “the iceberg” the CBS “Palin E-Mails” between herself and Steve Schmidt were utterly damming on so many levels.

    As AIP party members were her original foot soldiers in Wasilla politics, she showed no loyalty at all. Her willingness to lie not only to American voters, but to her own inner circle is chilling.

    The title of the article could just as easily been: Sarah: Dis-honest and Dis-loyal.

  4. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    OK, just sayin’ – ALL of the national based pundit / news / correspondent stories that I read yesterday and today about Palin have missed the mark! They’re still confused by her!

  5. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    I say, she was PISSED. Here’s why. There was a fly following her around and I was the recipient of a story it wildly buzzed at me (comment 5, Sitting Duck thread). This has been a very busy little fly and it’s ba-ack!

    “Mo-om… the phone is for you. It’s JO-OHN.”


    “He says: GET ON THE PHONE NOW! Mom.”


    “Sarah, calm down. We need to talk.”


    “Do you remember that witch hunt you wanted me to OK over the campaign staff who leaked unflattering info to the press?”


    “Well it stirred up some emails that have ended your national political career.”


    “No Sarah. The emails released showed that you wanted to lie to REAL AMERICA about Todd being part of the AIP by accident. Even our dumbest supporters immediately asked someone to help them find “the google” and they found a copy of Alaska’s Voter Registration form on-line. It wasn’t an accident.”


    “You can’t lie about the AIP to the public or to our national security. I can’t be associated with you because I’m a big war hero / POW and it made YOU sound unpatriotic and un-American to lie about the AIP so glibly. It made you look really, really bad. The AIP have a website and everything.”


    “Sarah, do you have a fork?”


    “Stick yourself, and find yourself DONE on the national political scene.”


    “Quit, what? You never announced your intent to run for Pres?”


  6. justafarmer says:

    one of my favorite comments in the blogosphere was “her resignation speech interrupted a raft of mating ducks…”

  7. lyn says:

    Martha Unalaska Yard Sign

    Yes, I believe that was the purpose of whatever she’s using.

  8. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    espresso4me Says:
    July 4th, 2009 at 12:15 PM

    Whatever is coming down on Sarah Palin is something very large, very real and very threatening for her. Her voice was filled with rapid speech and seemed bent on getting as much “info” as she could compress in whatever time she had. Her breathing was shallow and audible.
    She posted a speech on the SOA website which was (I think) a “do over”. I havn’t seen it (yesterday seeing all day long was enough, thank you) but the bots are estastic, Implying that the speeches that were on the news yesterday were somehow “doctored” is what I’m getting.
    I totally agree with you, she was hyperventilating/gasping almost for air, and yet she was very, very pissed off!
    The *iceberg* cometh 😀

  9. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Nah, she got skinny for the Runner’s World spread. Look at me! Look at me!

  10. leenie17 says:

    JHop Says:
    You all are the best. Thank you so much. As a New Yorker, I have never really had a need or desire to listen to Alaskan radio. Until now, that is. See, Sarah Palin WAS good for something.

    From a fellow NYer…welcome to the flats! AKM and her hardworking blog crew are the BEST and there are a lot of smart, creative and friendly people here. I’m a class-A chicken and never felt brave enough to comment on a blog until I found this place. You’ll learn a lot and laugh in the process. Just a word of advice, though…you might want to avoid drinking coffee while you read. I’ve heard that quite a few monitors have received a caffeinated shower from mudpups!

  11. lyn says:

    Comments from Balloon –

    Sloan: Check out the blog that did the Photoshop job on Sarah Palin last week – it’s called Blue Oasis, run by an Alaskan blogger, Celtic Diva.

    She raised $5552.64 to force the state to release some dirt on Palin in a records request.

    The check is dated July 2, 2009.

    24 hours later Sarah Palin called an emergency press conference in her front yard and abruptly quit her job, making two references to the Blue Oasis blog in her speech.

    So what the h*** is in that records request?

    And –

    The Very Reverend: Well, somebody back a thread or two pointed out that Sarah’s lost a lot of weight in the last few months, and has she always had that rash on her neck? It’s obvious to me that she was on something, or suffering withdrawal from something, while giving this “speech”.

    I’ll bet her supplier was arrested and sold her down the river in return for reduced charges. After Troopergate I don’t think the cops are too concerned with protecting her reputation. In fact, I’ll bet they blackmailed her into resigning.

    I doubt if this stays a secret for long, though, it’s just too juicy. And with the right’s obsession with the War on Some Drugs™, I don’t think the base is going to stay on the Sarah train very long, either.

  12. espresso4me says:

    Whatever is coming down on Sarah Palin is something very large, very real and very threatening for her. Her voice was filled with rapid speech and seemed bent on getting as much “info” as she could compress in whatever time she had. Her breathing was shallow and audible. And, of course, Palin tried to present herself as such a hard-working, dedicated governor for the people and the state. Whether drug-enhanced, fear-induced, combo of both, running on pure adrenaline, it was not a pretty site.

    Cramming in as much stuff as she possibly could to vindicate herself against her own failings but, of course not taking any personal or professional responsibility for the lies, bullying, erratic behavior that are simply part of her makeup. Narcissists are noted for that. *Me first, best, and if you look the wrong way at me, do something I don’t like I will get even one way or another! I am better than everyone!*

    She can’t just click her red heels and wish it all away. Palin’s feet are being held to the fire by someone, some authority, and there is no way out except the Truth–with which she is not too unfamiliar. She can’t run and she can’t hide anymore. Will be anxiously awaiting more news.

    But for now, I am going for a swim and then enjoy the barbecue day.
    (((((!!!Happy Independence Day All!!!)))))

  13. pvazwindy says:

    OT-in a lighter moment, how about that guy who just scarfed 68 hotdogs. Oh my head hurts.

  14. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Have to laugh…the “all knowing” bots have “checked” and the embezzlement claim is BS they say…b/c THEY checked…LOL. And they have checked Lib blogs and here is what we think we have:
    ” basically an attempt to use the same attack they used on Ted Stevens/Girdwood home”

    Heh! Must be nice to keep your head in the sand…!

  15. JHop says:

    You all are the best. Thank you so much. As a New Yorker, I have never really had a need or desire to listen to Alaskan radio. Until now, that is. See, Sarah Palin WAS good for something.

  16. teutonic13 says:

    crystalwolf aka caligrl Says:
    July 4th, 2009 at 9:34 AM

    Wow! I guess I’m still stunned! Will have to make up a new name, no more GINO…maybe BS for bible spice?

    How about GINOT!

    Just sayin… 🙂

  17. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    Hi JHop! How this site “works” is basically AKM posts an open thread topic every day – we can talk about anything there. Then there will be topical posts, where we should try to keep on topic. I just noticed there is a new one now.

    Yesterday, surprise surprise, the site crashed, so this new post is the first where we can post. Looks like we are back in business, although I don’t see an open thread yet…We’ll figure it out.

    There will be a post about Shannyn’s show, and the link to listen will be in that post.

    Also on the right side of the site, it lists the posts, as well as the last comments made. That’s how I usually see a new one is up.

    Hope this helps!!! Any other Mudflatters – please correct me if I’m wrong on something!


  18. JHop says:

    you too crystalwolf!

  19. JHop says:

    thanks so much zyggy!

  20. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    JHop Says:
    July 4th, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    As a newcomer to the Mudflats, can someone please tell me about the upcoming Shannyn Moore radio show? I have read that you can stream it here online? When/how? Thanks!
    Hello new MudPup 🙂
    Shannyn’s radio show is online here
    5pm Alaska time.
    If your in Alaska you can listen @KBYR

  21. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    teutonic13 Says: July 4th, 2009 at 11:32 AM

    PepperzMom (GA) Says:
    July 4th, 2009 at 11:13 AM

    Well, I think we need a re-vote on the book titling contest.

    Sounds like my entry, How To Succeed Without Ever Accomplishing Anything turned out to be the truthiest of all the titles!


    I vote for Toothiest- It�s got Teefs.

    Okay then….canines or molars??? Ba-ha-haaaaaaaa! 🙂

  22. zyggy says:

    jhop, here is Shannyn’s site,, it’s on Saturday’s, not sure if it’s happening today, being a Holiday.

  23. JHop says:

    As a newcomer to the Mudflats, can someone please tell me about the upcoming Shannyn Moore radio show? I have read that you can stream it here online? When/how? Thanks!

  24. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Gryphen has Shannyn’s interview from yesterday on Hardball up…

  25. the problem child says:

    Well hello all! (Back from the blogosphere). Happy (belated) PalIndependence Day to all! Oh, and hope all your real Independence Day activities are going well.

  26. Oswego Eileen says:

    My bet is that she’s probably gotten a job with a TV show. Maybe replacing Elisabeth Haselbeck.

  27. teutonic13 says:

    PepperzMom (GA) Says:
    July 4th, 2009 at 11:13 AM

    Well, I think we need a re-vote on the book titling contest.

    Sounds like my entry, How To Succeed Without Ever Accomplishing Anything turned out to be the truthiest of all the titles!


    I vote for Toothiest- It’s got Teefs.

  28. C. Rock says:

    PepperzMom (GA) Says:

    Today’s stories tell of no accomplishments of note in any of her elected or appointed positions….and she quit to boot!
    She did go to 5 or 6 different collages after all. I would call that perhaps A Short Attention Span …. Maybe.

  29. Will says:

    Didn’t the same contractors who built the Wasilla Stadium boondoggle build the Palin’s home for free? And wasn’t that a story that came and went during the campaign? I always that that was the most egregious of her scandals back then, but it never seemed to get much traction or media play. Maybe that is all about to change.

  30. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    She was pissed! I think pissed that, the “jig” was up and she had to step down. Although we have known ever since she came back she has thrown Alaska “under the bus” she enjoyed the celebrity and prestige of being call “Governor”
    Thor’s hammer is about to “smote her down” BIG time! Last night she went to Jueanu. Bet those shredders were working OT. LOL! But nothing can save her now.
    Karma….Karma is a b*tch! 😀

  31. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    Nice shout out to AKM on Gregory Dunn’s HP post ( ) re: the Band Aid bungling…

    Has lots of interesting things in it, including his own part in the speech-gate theft episode just a few short months ago (jeepers!).

  32. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    Well, I think we need a re-vote on the book titling contest.

    Sounds like my entry, How To Succeed Without Ever Accomplishing Anything turned out to be the truthiest of all the titles!

    Today’s stories tell of no accomplishments of note in any of her elected or appointed positions….and she quit to boot!

    Happy Independence Day to All!

  33. samper says:

    Let’s just hope that if there IS some kind of legal scandal, that it’s on the FED level and not the STATE level. Something tells me she probably has a back room deal with Lt. Gov for unconditional pardons as far as the eye can see.

  34. teutonic13 says:

    I have decided that anheuser busch is indeed a legacy I should/could/and perhaps will endorse for the remainder of my tenure in my office.

  35. teutonic13 says:

    Hey Austin Tx

    Thanks for visiting the site- and responding. What was your take on TTU v T last year- awesome game.

    As far as SP goes- the genie has left the bottle- her breathing was disturbing (partly because I am a cardiac medicine person) and wondered if perhaps she has a serious heart/lung issue? She is at an age and stress level- where that would not be out of the question.

  36. txindygirl says:

    Martha Unalaska Yard Sign @ 524 – Great read. I suspect you are right on target.

    This has been a truly breathless roller coaster run – and I’m not talking just about the last 30 hours! I don’t know how any of us could have survived the last 9+ months without the “Internets.” God bless you all!

    Makes the Watergate and Iran Contra scandals appear boring and tame by comparison. The Bush-Cheney race-to-war is the only thing that still beats out the Palin drama, but Palin adds a bizzaro twist that may place her in a category of her own. (Of course, my ex continues to drag out the Clinton Body Count thingy, but until verifies this, I’m gonna keep that thing on another list.)

    I don’t care what happens to Palin so long as she stays away from elected office. We can’t help the blind who still follow her. They dig their own graves as did the Jim Jones fanatics. I only feel sorry for their children.

  37. KateinCanada says:

    Martha UYS- that’s a wonderful, wise, from-the-heart rant! I’d love to see it on Huffington Post or other media as what real Alaskans really think.

  38. austintx says:

    Happy 4th of July !!
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  39. JHop says:

    From the Associated Press:

    “Some party officials, including some once close to Palin, wondered whether she departed in advance of a brewing controversy, an assertion her camp denied. During the presidential campaign, McCain officials fretted about six or seven areas of personal and professional concern, according to a former official who helped investigate Palin’s background after her rocky rollout.

    This official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters, said the governor’s explanations for many subjects never fully passed muster, but the stretched-thin campaign was forced to accept them during the final march toward November.”

    Very interesting. I’m glad that McCain and company cared more about their “stretched-thin campaign” than the well-being of the nation, but whatever. moot point now.

    For some reason, I can’t post the link. But it is a recently posted AP article by Philip Elliot, called “Analysis: Palin’s resignation hurts her future.”

  40. UK Lady says:

    524 Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says

    Martha – WOW!! just WOW!!, the best description of Scarah that I’ve heard yet, glad you got that off your chest hun, bet you feel much better 😆

  41. Lainey says:

    Martha UYS
    That’s because Sarah doesn’t know WHY she believes what she believes. She has no way to draw thinking people into the mix, because she can’t offer explanations or talk sensibly about the issues. She doesn’t WANT conversation about the issues. She is solidified in her beliefs, but can only draw others in with her with her fakey, gushy “Oh you are so good at what you do!” crap. As soon as she doesn’t get her way with the gushy, sappy Sarah talk, then she gets angry.
    well said!!! she’s ignorant, uneducated (didn’t get through college by working the curriculum-I still haven’t figured that one out!), shallow, spoiled, and disinterested in intelligence and growth. Unfortunately for AK, she’s still there…so keep firing away with questions to keep her accountable…it’s not over ’till it’s over. Any career she wants in showbiz is fine by me…anyone can do that …just stay out of my government! We do NOT want a dictatorship here!

  42. phoebe says:

    Every single reason she gave for quitting in her resignation speech was untrue & lame. Not one reason she gave was a truthful reason. I’m thinking Romney & Bush Dynasties may be practicing a little heavy handed blackmail. Most Repubs have money & family backing, she has neither.

  43. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    @ anonymous

    What she meant by “lame duck gov” is that she had already decided not to run for re-election (which we all knew would be the case – she’s NEVER get re-elected and she knew it). That’s the political definition of lame duck, and that’s exactly why Parnell immediately filed as intent to run for Gov. He probably won’t really, but doesn’t want to be another “lame duck” in that sense or he won’t be effective. He won’t be very effective anyway – he’s a putz – but at least he’ll get something done and work with our Legislature so that maybe THEY can get something done.

  44. anonymous says:

    Palin’s lame-duck reason is lame

    In a long, rambling statement, Palin said “I thought about how much fun some governors have as lame ducks…And then I thought – that’s what’s wrong – many just accept that lame duck status, hit the road, draw the paycheck, and “milk it”. I’m not putting Alaska through that – I promised efficiencies and effectiveness!…I’ve determined it’s best to transfer the authority of governor to Lieutenant Governor Parnell.”

    So let’s get this straight: Palin claims that she doesn’t want to be a lame duck Governor because that’ll be bad for Alaska, but she believes it’s more “efficient and effective” for Alaska to now be run by a lame-duck Lt. Governor.

    What a moron.

  45. JHop says:

    Seagull JP – no problem. This blog community is terrific, I am just happy that I found it! I thought the “media scandal” from Andrew Sullivan line was interesting, too. I don’t know what it means. There have been so many rumors about Palin over the past few months – as Shannyn Moore, Mudflats, others, have all mentioned or alluded to – that it is hard not to wonder if the mainstream media has more information that they either cannot prove or are just holding onto for political reasons. Like The State in the Sanford saga, they may be lacking an additional source to substantiate their information. I am tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop; I am ready for it to crash to the ground already….it seems inevitable.

    This is another really good compilation of rumors/theories from the Moderate Voice:

  46. Gindy51 says:

    “he sends message to SP via that new bloke (AG) – stand down or it’s coming out, be a good girl, keep quiet and you can still have a future.”

    McCain has about as much pull in the old guard GOP as I do. Read not much.
    The upper echelon do not like him as he is a loose cannon, just like they don’t like Palin. She won’t do what they say when they say it and they do not appreciate her hogging the spot light away from more viable (read will grab Independent and disaffected dem votes in 2012) candidates.
    She should have taken a lesson from Jindal, when you make an ass out of yourself stfu and hide for a while. She didn’t and now the chickens (dead turkeys) have come home to roost in her pay to play house.

  47. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Sarah WAS pissed in that speech – big time! I’ve watched her far too long (ack! ack!) unfortunately, and that was a pissed Sarah, just talkin’ and talkin’ as fast as she could. The other thing – the press release at her home (or SBS’s home) without any press but local – that was a total flip off to the national press and puppet string holders. She’s goin’ ROGUE I tell ya! Back to bein’ all mavericky! Not only was it all in a hurry, it was all she could do to not say “F ALL of You!”.

    That woman wants NO ONE to tell her what to do – hence she quit. Too many ethical and legal strings in the Gov’s office – she wants to be FREE of accountability and watch dogs! She still sees nothing wrong with her blurring of personal and public lines – she lives it, breathes it, and thinks it’s all OK. Don’t bother feeling sorry for the family – they are all in lock step with her.

    I cracked up listening to the pundits yesterday and all the guessing going on. There are STILL people who think if SP gets good advice, she can run for Pres. They just don’t get it – I don’t think anyone gets it except Alaskans, and others who have followed the day to day sickening drama this woman calls her life. She will NEVER take anyone’s advice outside of AK – she trusts NO ONE. This is why she never really did any of the Republican political things after the Alfalfa Dinner. She doesn’t like those people. She liked the star attention, but she doesn’t like any of THEM. She’s only a small fish in a big pond “out there”. She can’t handle that.

    As I said many times in the past, SP could have NEVER left her Wasilla base to move to DC for any length of time. Even if elected, she would have maintained her home in Wasilla and spent as much time as possible there. She doesn’t fit in with the national political crowd – she only fit in with the whack jobs at her rallies – never any one else. Just like yesterday – she wants to tell people how it is, and take NO QUESTIONS! She wants to blather and babble, and take NO SERIOUS QUESTIONS. The only thing she wants from folks on the other side of the mic are adoring looks and smiles, with some clapping and cheering thrown in.

    That’s because Sarah doesn’t know WHY she believes what she believes. She has no way to draw thinking people into the mix, because she can’t offer explanations or talk sensibly about the issues. She doesn’t WANT conversation about the issues. She is solidified in her beliefs, but can only draw others in with her with her fakey, gushy “Oh you are so good at what you do!” crap. As soon as she doesn’t get her way with the gushy, sappy Sarah talk, then she gets angry.

    She only gets people to follow her through the charisma part. Once that doesn’t do its job, she strikes out. She’s tried to fire just about anyone who has crossed her at one point or another.

    Someone pissed her off big time – and she threw off the shackles. She won’t be running for Pres because that has way too many obligations, and she won’t be able to get away with all of her crap because the scrutiny is too high. She doesn’t have enough people she can trust who she can fill positions with. Wasilla is small, and she does not trust outsiders. Forget the presidential run. She’s onto something else where she can spill out word salad to her heart’s content and to run her own show w/o folks breathing down her neck.

    Thankfully, due to this personality disorder and complete inability to ignore criticism, or to duck and hide – she won’t be able to perform any high level job for long. There will always be someone to poke a stick at her and piss her off. Just like we did. She’s quit before, she’ll quit again. I think she really is done with politics, for now.

    She does have a million offers – she loves the star power just not the responsibilities, so she’ll choose something where she can rewrite her history and say whatever she wants to her loony followers. As far as those loony nut jobs go – we couldn’t be more sick of them here. They were doing her NO favors at all by jumping into the middle of stuff they didn’t know in Alaska, and were as responsible for her declining approval as much as anything else. Gotta love it – big “shout out” to the loonies at Team Rats and Goons for Palin. You did a GREAT job out there! Never thought I’d say it, but THANK YOU all for being Palin’s whack job nut case followers!

    She’s goin’ ROGUE, outside of gov’t – religion and book writing is my guess. Books let her write her own history, religion lets her tell people what they should do without any of the pesky explanation thingies. She’ll continue to drag her kids around, and raise them into the same set of principles, or lack thereof.

    Thanks to all the ankle biters and liberal bloggers in PJ’s for setting her up for the death of a million mosquito bites.

    OK, done with SP today – she is now SO out of my system! Enjoy!!

  48. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    JHop – thanks for the link back to Andrew Sullivan.

    His last sentence is interesting:

    “But this could turn out to be as big a media scandal as a Palin one.”

    “The State” (S.C. newspaper) held onto emails about Sanfords affair since December, I wonder if the media has info on Palin they selectively chose not to release…….

  49. lyn says:

    Alot of articles about Scarah at Talking Points Memo – top and entire left column –

  50. UK Lady says:

    Crystalwolf – LOL BS is about right – she comes out with enough of it!

  51. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Wow! I guess I’m still stunned! Will have to make up a new name, no more GINO…maybe BS for bible spice?
    Been reading lots of blogs and Shannyn is said to be a Palin “expert” TeeHee!
    The *iceberg* has been referenced a lot and for this I am glad….
    I is truly going to be a great 4th of July for Alaskan’s and the rest of the US.
    Because BS will never be POTUS now, her political career is DONE! stick a fork in it! 😀
    Waiting for Thor’s hammer to hit BS….

  52. UK Lady says:

    austintx 😉

  53. Bowler says:

    I don’t think it will be feasible for her to re-enter the political scene if that’s what she’s planning on doing in a few years.

  54. Kris says:

    I think this state has gotten more sad and pathetic by the day since the years ago when my family came here. The state has turned into a huge joke abroad and houses a whole lot of whiners who are never happy no matter what. Let’s see what happens now as the state goes farther into the sh*t hole than it already is. Looking forward to that (not). Good luck to Alaska to find someone actually competent and educated enough to run this state. There isn’t anyone. Alaska attracts the duldrums of the weak and uneducated into politics…forgot about the corrupt aspect too (oh right that’s just about everywhere in the US now and seems to be fully acceptable, at least until people get caught *don’t ask don”t tell!*…so nevermind).

  55. austintx says:

    UK Lady
    ck. PM.

  56. austintx says:

    Moose Pucky –
    May I humbly add to

    Surprise #1

    I just gave birth to a baby.

    Maybe/Maybe not

  57. UK Lady says:

    Apparently J McCain has sent a message of support to Scarah, saying she will be important in R politics in the future. (Source Sky News UK).

    What I think is possible – JMc has info on SCarah from campaign, late vetting etc., really bad stuff with proof. He knows if he lets it out his reputation is dirt, putting US in terrible peril. He also knows leaks are starting, so, he sends message to SP via that new bloke (AG) – stand down or it’s coming out, be a good girl, keep quiet and you can still have a future.

  58. Tealwomin says:

    sounds as if she asked for a few days to get things in order – before the shirt hits the tan…and doing it on Friday, before a 3-4 day weekend gives her a little extra time after all…

    her ship is docked…and the unboarding begans…

    at the same time we need to look at the little gov….will he be a change or more of the same by keeping her crap in effect….will her appointees be un-apointed…hows abut that friend who loved cows…will she be put out to pasture?

  59. JHop says:

    From the Weekly Standard: “I spoke to a few friends in Alaskan Republican politics yesterday. None of them had a clue that Palin was going to resign her office, and none has any idea what her motivation might be in doing so. It was widely assumed in Alaska that Palin wouldn’t run for a second term. But this?”

    Okay, when the super conservative Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol’s little blog of lies, is as baffled as the rest of us, there is something fishy going on.

    in other news, Andrew Sullivan has a great post, compiling rumors/theories (Mudflats is included!):

  60. phoebe says:

    Suprise #4

  61. Moose Pucky says:

    Surprise #1

    I just gave birth to a baby.

    Surprise #2

    I’m McCain’s Vice-Presidential running mate.

    Suprise #3

    I quit.

  62. JHop says:

    this is the ABA’s page on grand juries, it has a lot more information.

  63. JHop says:

    I am an attorney; but each state has different procedural laws on this, and I am unfamiliar with Alaskan law. That being said, if it is a federal crime, which I assume it is, then yes, normally a potential defendant is served with a subpoena to appear at a grand jury proceeding in advance. They do not HAVE to inform her though; it is possible to get an indictment without the defendant, because the defendant is not allowed to present evidence anyway. Only the prosecution presents evidence at a grand jury proceeding, so her participation is not required. I don’t know if that helps. I can research this and find out more…

  64. mae lewis says:

    Everyone agrees that the press conference was called at the last minute. So many people were caught unaware and uninformed. Something also came up at the last minute to rattle Sarah. She is usually self confident, poised and in command when she gives a speech; she does love the spotlight.

    So I’ve been thinking about what could cause her to be so breathless. The labored breathing was audible above the ducks quacking and the geese honking. Here’s the question: In a Federal Investigation (think Housegate), don’t they advise the person that they are a target? especially if they might be asked to appear before a Grand Jury next week? (I’m thinking back to the Scooter Libby business when the reporters used this kind of language). Any legal experts want to weigh in on this possibility?

  65. JHop says:

    I really cannot think of one positive reason for resigning, unless she is being forced out because of criminal indictment or, after that crazy rambling resignation speech, plans to deny everything and then say “see I told you so, everyone is out to get me.” She clearly has (or had) presidential ambitions, and this did nothing for her, other than causing the media and public to collectively gasp “WTF?!”

    I am in NY and stumbled upon this blog yesterday. It is amazing! Please keep us “outsiders” informed of any local news or information from Alaska. It is beyond appreciated. Thanks for everyone’s hard work uncovering this!

  66. phoebe says:

    #501 rebekkah
    Sarah needs Piper. I think Piper is the brains of the operation & the steady one. Can you imagine the stress in the Palin household? I didn’t see Bristol during the resignation speech. So many of the Palin’s questionable dealings happend long before she reached national attention. Alaskan politics have been pretty corrupt & she could have probably gotten away with a lot more if she had limited herself to Alaska. If it is Housegate, what took so long. I think the one thing we do know is that the resignation was a surprise to even those close to her.

    If there is a major scandal about to break I wonder why the media isn’t on top of it. Getting tired of already hearing about the “elite media” & the liberal elite. Wondering if this is some devious GOP dastardly plot afoot.

  67. Lainey says:

    @teutonic13 #500

    read your blog
    wow…what perserverence…God Bless

  68. EyeOnYou says:


    (hysterically funny…must read)

  69. antiAnti says:

    Palin looked angry not nervous in her resignation speech, IMO. Comparing her facial expression to the clips of McCain’s concession speech, I see a lot of similarities. This leads me to think that she had planned another route out of whatever difficulity she’s in and that route was blocked at the last minute. Remember in November she would only take a “no speech” from McCain himself. Someone with a lot of power said “no” to Palin probably has late as Thursday night. My conjecture is that it was the big money in the religious right. I think neither the big money guys nor Palin think Palin is down for the count.

  70. rebekkah says:

    I felt bad for Piper hearing her mother say that Trig needed her, but she needed him more, and the world needed more Trigs. This is again an indication that she speaks without thinking, not thinking of the effect it will have on her other children.

    Another note that she referred to the most important people in her life, “her children” – no mention of her husband. I really hope this drama ends serenely for the family’s sake. But, at issue here is the governor’s accusations that media, bloggers, are the reason she quit. Clearly she does not want to claim responsibility for any fault of her own.

  71. teutonic13 says:

    Hiya AKM

    Was trying to figure out how to get an Avatar- and followed your directions in FAQ- And then???? I started a blog-

    Your Huff Po article was very good-


  72. Ariane says:

    Throughout most of that speech she seemed on the verge of tears of rage. It seemed to me this was forced on her and she is really, really mad about it.
    The thing is, what kind of ultimatum could it be to make Sarah Barracuda step down rather than fight tooth and nail? and what is gonna get covered up in return for her quitting?

  73. sauerkraut says:

    humor at Sarah Palin’s expense…

    don’t forget to look at the post which shows Sarah Palin’s response to The Ode! 😎

  74. NY Dem says:

    Now that she’s finally gone ( or will be in 21 days) do you think all the fine people of Wasilla will finally stop being afraid of Sarah’s possible retribution and come forth and tell what they know ? She’s out of power (soon) and I think the floodgates are going to open now that she can’t retaliate against them.

  75. CG says:

    Impending death is the only thing that gets a commercial fisherman to take nets out of the water. Even if Todd is a suck fisherman, it’s still a capital expenditure to be there.

    He did indeed miss some substantial fishing yesterday; 3,000 lb average deliveries yesterday.

    July 3 – The escapement in the Wood River yesterday was 73,000 and 13,000 this morning, for a cumulative of 586,000. The Nushagak sockeye escapement was 18,000 yesterday, for a cumulative of 290,000, and the Nushagak king escapement was 2,100, for a cumulative of 66,400. The unapportioned counts at 6:00 a.m. are 5,900. The Igushik River escapement yesterday was 17,700 sockeye and 5,200 so far this morning, for a total of 74,000. The harvest in the Nushagak District yesterday was 535,000, for a cumulative harvest of 3.9 million sockeye.

    July 2 – The escapement in the Wood River yesterday was 43,000 and 45,000 this morning, for a cumulative of 548,000. The Nushagak sockeye escapement was 33,000 yesterday, for a cumulative of 272,000, and the Nushagak king escapement was 2,100, for a cumulative of 64,300. The Igushik River escapement yesterday was 14,800 sockeye and 6,600 so far this morning, for a total of 57,700.

    Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Per Delivery
    Preliminary Data
    Report as of: 02-JUL-09
    Ugashik 967
    Egegik 758
    Naknek-Kvichak 536
    Nushagak 623
    Togiak 109

    Now he’s lost that investment and will take a loss. If he’s not really dependent on that for income – he isn’t – then maybe it’s no big deal, either way.

  76. sauerkraut says:

    The post, above, has comments off to save the server from overheating due to internet traffic, and suggests going to huffpo to read the rest of the post and post comments. Unfortunately, huffpo appears disinclined to accept comments and loads wicked slow.

    But I just have to comment on the title of that post… “Sarah Palin” and “thinking” in the same sentence… that’s wacked.

    And wishful thinking. 😎

    thank gawd I’m in the east and the alaskan crew is still sleeping after a night of partying. 😎

  77. MadasHelinVA says:

    “People who know me know that besides faith and family, nothing’s more important to me than our beloved Alaska,” Palin said.

    Faith in a kooky, fanatic, lunatic religion replete with witch doctor, family with a multitude of problems where if she would spend some QUALITY TIME with the kids might not be as whacked out, and as far as AK, I can’t help but wonder if she has skrewed it up so badly that it may never be possible to repair all the damage! God help Parnell as he’ll have to work 24/7 for at least a year just to ‘make sense’ of all the chit she left behind.

    Since she is as hard and brittle as cement nails, I will never believe it was difficult for her to do her job due to ‘many ethic complaints’ – she never did her job in the first place since actual work was left up to all the ‘worker bees’ she put on board her sinking ship! There has to be a TRUE, HUGE, UGLY AND FORMIDABLE STORY about her coming out soon and she figured she had better leave before the chit hit the fan.

    During this interview, for her to discuss ‘ALL her accomplishments’ especially in helping move forward a North Slope natural gas pipeline [nothing has been done on that]; the rest is work performed by others unnamed but Palin takes the glory. At least our country can take a ‘deep breath’ with this announcement. You betcha we have all just been saved from that ‘pig wearing lipstick’! Please tell me she DID NOT WINK!

  78. EyeOnYou says:

    From comment on Gryphen’s site:

    I find it interesting, and nobody has reported this, that Tim Petumenos works for the same law firm that represented the City of Wasilla over the protracted land battle that the sports center sits on.

    Birch Horton Bittner and Cherot made a bundle of money off of that one.

    Bittner is also Uncle Ted’s brother in law.

    Wasn’t she running Stevens’ PAC while she was Mayor of Wasilla ?

    Wasn’t Steven Silver hired as a lobbyist to get the money for the Sports Center in the first place ?

    Someone should be digging into this one.

    The Petumenos info would explain alot about the Troopergate issue.

  79. Lainey says:

    @NY Dem
    I wonder how all those ‘palinbots’ feel now – now that Palin has helped them empty their wallets for her “defense fund” !