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January 18, 2018

Palin’s Third Party – Time to Vote.


She’s getting ready to shake the dust of this old town off her shiny black clothes, and hit the road to somewhere. What’s next for Alaska’s almost-ex-governor? Some have speculated a third party run for the presidency.

Never one to pass up the opportunity for a good poll, Mudflats asked the question. Last week Mudflatters from far and wide stretched their grey matter to imagine what Sarah Palin’s third party might be called… They rose to the task submitting hundreds of entries.

As usual, it was nearly impossible on this end to whittle down the list of witticisms, and cull the copious creative creations.  But I gave it a shot.

Please vote for your five favorites of the funniest fifty five!

The winners will be revealed on Monday.

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48 Responses to “Palin’s Third Party – Time to Vote.”
  1. mary in Tennessee says:

    This was so much fun! Pro choice grandma has it goin’ on! Livin’ down here I was definitely drawn to your FUC YAL idea!

  2. DreamGirl says:

    Only 5 choices? Ohhh, that was difficult, especially when that great list inspires more:
    Governing Republicans of American Birthers- GRAB

    @sauerkraut, ‘crapinated’ is such a lovely word for her ex-majesty

  3. sauerkraut says:

    Conservative Republicant Anti-American Party of Palinista Secessionists: CRAAPPS!

  4. sauerkraut says:

    What a nice craptastic list. She’s gonna be so crapinated when she sees it.

  5. drew from little ol texas says:

    Cracked Door Party

  6. TeamAlaska: The American Trust Fund Party – You Betcha! Wink, Wink

    I watched Real Time with Bill Maher last night. One of his guests was Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of Ike. She said she left the Republican Party a year ago. She definitely is not a Palin fan nor a conservative whacko. It seems the Repubs are experiencing a “brain drain” ever since McCain picked Sarah Baraccuda for VP. It’s not the liberals or the “elite” who oppose her, it’s anyone with a brain. I’m a liberal Democrat and respect Repubs like Colin Powell. According to Susan Eisenhower the Repubs are afraid of that fat, pill-popping slob name Rush Limbaugh.

  7. mlaiuppa says:

    Or imagine having to translate her speeches into Spanish, or Chinese. I’ll bet the translators make her sound better.

    Listening to her speak English as a second language, I’ve often wondered what her original language was.

  8. TwoSpirits says:


    Laughed my butt off, scared the cat, life is good. Soooo many fantastic choices and only five votes. My first pass had 14 marked, whittled down from there.

  9. ttownlotta says:

    I love the CRAP party. Unfortunately it is taken. It is called the Republican party. My bad.

  10. UK Lady says:

    Had to go for the utter CRAP party too, just had to, although they all were very funny.

  11. benlomond2 says:

    the sad thing is…she really WILL form her own party….especially now that she’s learned the difference between National Trust Fund rules and the State rules….Appeals to her Nation wide base,…….

  12. overthemoon says:

    The Acronym is important, so CRAP is the most appropriate name, even if a lot of the others are funny.

  13. John(Canadian MudPuppy) says:

    You know ProChoiceGrandma, I never thought about that. My God, those poor translators. What a headache that would be. I cannot for the life of me imagine the dense verbage,generally confusing sentences of Sarah Palin making any sense to anyone with half a brain.

  14. @John(Canadian MudPuppy) #31 I have often thought one of the worst assignments would be that of an interpreter for the deaf, trying to translate Sarah’s word salad speeches!

  15. Considering Sarah’s demeanor and that of her rabid foul-mouthed followers:
    Freedom Under Conservatives, Youth And Liberty (FUC,YAL Party) pronounced with a slight Southern drawl.

  16. John(Canadian MudPuppy) says:

    They are all great names. Thanks for the laughs Mudpups.My fav is the Conservative Republican American Party (CRAP). We could also use, The S.and G. Party. “The Swindlers and Grifters Party.” With Sarah Palin as its leader, can you imagine the need for linguists to translate the jumble of incoherent speeches she would be making.

  17. Muppet2 says:

    The Crap Party. Zing!

  18. Team Alaska says:

    Yep! (Mlaiuppa) There are many names for the Palin movment that will keep on giving. We must not forget the movement to the 7 mountains.

    How about God, Guns, Gettin, and Gone Party.

  19. Summer says:

    Good article on Sarah’s demise at The New Republic “Ready for Her Close-Up”

  20. Polly says:

    OT- Photo of Palin above- she’s starting to develop a double chin.

  21. mlaiuppa says:

    I do think I said somewhere that David Letterman would be relentless. And it won’t end on Sunday. He’ll be milking the “fire David Letterman rally” meme for quite a long time. She really had no idea what she was doing when she decided to take down David Letterman.

  22. mlaiuppa says:

    Team Alaska. Don’t you mean the American Fund Trust Party?

  23. DrChill says:

    Real American Party = RAP Party yo yo DrChill in the house..

  24. DrChill says:

    I forgot to submit Conservative Real American Party

    The link above has other jokes from tonight.

  25. moseyon says:

    Can I change one of my Votes. I missed the C.R.A.P party.
    Great LOL.

  26. Joe Alvord says:

    Oh my! Only five??? That’s Impossible

  27. Jackie says:

    So many great choices! It was truly hard to pick just 5. The 3rd party that will come in 5th or 6th! Cuz we do already have a couple other 3rd parties…

  28. beth says:

    Also, too, and if the SP we’ve all come to know and love holds true to form (as we know she will…that’s also, too, one of the many things we all just adore about her,) no matter *what* the ‘new party’ is named, she will mess it up, forget what it’s called, quit it, twist it around, bamboozle it, and/or disavow it ever having been created.

    All the while, manifesting her “real America” smile and her sparkling-winky eyes to mesmerize the “real American” masses who’ll continue to hang on her every too, and also, word(salad). You bet’cha. Too. And also. Notwithstanding. Troops. Family [SP stage props]. Energy. Good ol’ USA. And, too. Also. America first. Sacrifice. Jebus. Doors. Alaska. Ethics. Frivilous filers. First Dude/Toddster. Abstinence. Hockey. Also. Too. And. Maverick.

    Gotta give the gal credit for being consistent in her ways, though; *terribly* uninformed, *incredibly* devious and deceitful, and *grossly* incurious and unintelligent, but consistent.

    So, here’s a shout out to SP: Party on, SP, party on… You bet’cha. beth.

  29. mlaiuppa says:

    I didn’t get them all. Should have taped it.

    A few were:

    Top 10 things heard at the Sarah Palin farewell picnic

    10. More tiny hotdog appetizers? You betcha.

    9. Don’t forget to schedule an appt with Joe the Mover

    1. I haven’t seen you since the Fire David Letterman Rally

    There was a Todd and a McCain zinger in there somewhere also, too.

  30. That was fun. I don’t care which one wins, they are all good. But I am partial to the ones that make a nice new word, ahem – CRAP, ASSHATS and IDIOTS. Gotta love it.

  31. DonnaInMichigan says:

    wynsplc: What did David Letterman say?

  32. wynsplc says:

    So many choices, I’m having a headache deciding!

    This is OT, but Dave Letterman not only nailed Palin tonight(as he has every night this week) but put a dig into Parnell also!. Sorry just had to get get this in!

  33. seattlefan says:

    What fun! Too many choices to just pick 5! I’m sure any of these entries would merit a great photoshop and a kick in her majesty’s arse.

    I think we should come up with a name for her new Twitter account. My vote is: Sarah Unplugged Tweetin’ for $$$!

  34. pearl89 says:

    The Tweety Party

  35. pearl89 says:

    I don’t understand all the speculation about what Palin’s going to do next. She’s just going to keep on doing what she’s always done…lying to and about people, blaming others for her own errors, keeping secrets, scamming people out of their money, and being as unethical as heck. She will just continue doing what she has always been doing until (hopefully) she gets busted big time. There are so many adjectives to describe SP, unfortunately none of them good.

    And least we forget…whining and tweeting (like the twit she is).

    Rockin’ Sarah…she rocks in the treetops all day long…whining and lying and tweeting her song…tweet, tweet, tweetly, tweet, tweet…

  36. Miss Demeanor says:

    My fellow Mudpuppies & AKM are FUNNY!
    Thanks for the great laughs!
    And, too, also I can heard the sound of the slamming door – you know the special thonk that only an old wooden screen door can make – and it sounds great.

  37. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    I rather liked the ‘Party Like It’s 1999’ 🙂

  38. Ashkee Colorado says:

    Why do people say 3rd party when there are already more than 3 parties at any of the last dozen or so elections? Do they mean 1/3 and not a whole party?

  39. Angie says:

    LOL Hilarious choices! Im gonna have to go with #1… CRAP Party… but they were ALL good! Thanks AK

  40. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle says:

    Ahhh, that’s so hard! So many great choices and only 5 votes. So, I made my votes, but could live with ANY of them. ROTFLMAOPMP

  41. Sue says:

    SP probably will try to start a third party. She will milk it for all it’s worth, money-wise and celebrity-wise. Then, a week before the primaries, she will quit. She’ll blame the media, the bloggers, and anyone else but herself.

  42. Team Alaska says:

    We forgot one, “The American Trust Fund Party”.

  43. zyggy says:

    OMG AKM, I had no idea Alaska had so many parties. sure wasn’t easy to pick. I’m still laughing at all the choices.

    Thank you akm.

  44. justafarmer says:

    oooh…so many great choices…

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