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December 15, 2017

The Big Kodiak Kiss Off.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 48 hours since Alaska became Palin-free. The parties, the polls, the articles, the late night talk shows… We’re all still getting it out of our systems. There are a lot of other things going on in the state and the wider world, but we still need to have our own ways of releasing… of letting her go… of detoxifying our systems.

Mudflatter MM in Kodiak threw a “Just Desserts” party to bid a sweet farewell to Sarah Palin, whose gubernatorial performance assessment was immortalized in frosting.  Wackiness ensues.

Signage outside marked the event location.


A lipsticked pitbull, and a dead fish going with the flow add to the subtle message.


(GASP!)  The guest of honor is horrified!


Hey, frosted treat!  How ’bout ya quit makin’ stuff up!

There’s only one way to deal with this bogus, asinine, ankle-biting dessert!

This is what we do with hatin’, smart-mouthed confections here in A-LAS-ka…




52 Responses to “The Big Kodiak Kiss Off.”
  1. AM says:

    This is just so very, very good. Brilliant! Thank you!

  2. sauerkraut says:

    If that fake Sarah is MM, then she’s got better legs than the real Sarah.

  3. BahstinBoyo aka Wrangler Tractor Palin says:

    Now THAT’S cute!

    And so’s the cake!

  4. Post Em says:

    Damn, the fake Sarah is cute.

  5. annie5773 says:

    MM…I am sooooo sorry I couldn’t get to party!! Looks like a blast… loved the cake!

  6. lovemydogs says:

    I am sooooo jealous of that woman’s legs.

    Kodiak definitely knows how to party.

    Yes Min-we are ready with hugs if you need them (for your cat).

  7. AKPetMom says:

    OMG, that was so funny, the “hey frosted treat…” made me choke on my dinner!

  8. justafarmer says:

    is late and I’m momming the chicks int he incubator (why does this always happen in the middle of the night???)

    Min~ what happened with your cat?

  9. AlaskanAssassin says:

    MM, way to represent Kodiak~!!!!

  10. MinNJ says:

    I loved this! What a cutie to make it it real!

  11. lexky says:

    this was great
    and i loved the cake….

  12. kraftytess says:

    MM – great cake. Sounds like a good fun was had by all! I grew up in Kodiak and wish I could have been there for it! Maybe my friend Marya was there??

  13. seattlefan says:

    @John @35: LMAO!! 😉

  14. AlaskaDisasta says:

    Dear John;

    I hate to be the one to tell you, but your vacant-headed princess has dumped you for bigger and better things $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    (I hate having to write these ‘dear John’ letters)

  15. John says:

    My name is John, and I’m a Palinohlic. It has been two days since she was my governor and I can’t stand the withdrawal symptoms. I know she has torn our state apart, divided our country, and mangled the English language. And yet, I still can’t stop myself from reading anything I can find about her. Also too, I miss seeing her wink.

  16. Ebbtide says:

    Wonkette has an example of what could be Palin’s Real America Radio show that ends with “Now this message from my sponsor, the Democratic National Committee.” Ha!

  17. Wasilla Warrior says:

    Alaskans sadly can not wash Palin out of our hair, we have to hold her accountable..
    We have to go after the e-mails and the ethics charges. We have to hold Parnell accountable to the people of Alaska, he has to do the right thing here and follow where the slippery slope leads, he doesn’t have a chance of attaining his personal political goals other wise. We need accoutability. What about the findings on the slush fund and the doctored E-mails…? What about the money and the lies..? What next..? We need to hound Parnell….she can not walk on all of this, Parnell needs to grow a set and be an Alaskan… That’s a great cake but we deserve our pound of flesh.

  18. aha says:

    Lol… you all need to drink a big glass of Haterade with that cake…lol

    I’d give anything to be a fly on the wall in Parnell’s office. They prolly partied more than all of us!!

    Can we get down to the business of finding out who the daddy and mommy of triggy bear is now…PUH LEESE

  19. Liz I. says:

    Wonderful cake, MM! Thanks for the much-needed laughs!

  20. curiouser says:

    Wacky party, indeed! Too funny!

  21. Suchanut says:


  22. lynnrockets says:

    Can I have an “Amen”?

  23. Star says:

    awwww love the cake…Cute grl too…Thks AKM…:)

  24. Fern says:

    Now, now, let’s not be disparaging prune cake.

    In the area where I live there are a considerable number of people of Icelandic heritage. And one of their culinary traditions is a dessert with thin layers of cake filled with a prune puree that is flavoured with lemon and cardamom. And it is delicious!

  25. austintx says:

    Now that’s what I call “Babeage”.

  26. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

    Cute! Although… please tell me that it wasn’t *really* a prune cake… pretty please?


  27. anon blogger says:

    Thanks for sharing the prune cake!

  28. anonymous says:

    who is the very pretty lady in the last picture?

  29. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle says:

    What a HOOT! Loved the prune cake and the FM boots!

  30. LiladyNY says:

    Love it. : )

  31. rocket says:

    Cool cake, but I like the gal more. Dayum.

  32. seattlefan says:

    P.S. I hope you played this at your party! I’m guessing you did………..

  33. seattlefan says:

    Hilarious! Dead fish on a prune cake just about sums it all up. Very clever photo essay. Thanks for the laugh!

  34. Shelly says:

    How cute.
    But a Sarah Palin pinata would have been fun to take a bat to. Donchaknow?
    Im from the lower 48. I saw the sign that said “Texas you can have her.” Um, we don’t want her.

  35. EatWildFish says:

    I live in Kodiak and SO wish I was there!
    But it’s great to know the Rock was so well represented!
    We celebrated also too by drinking copious amounts of Jesus Juice and eating dead fish.

  36. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    There will be cakes with pitbulls on them, and cakes with lipstick on them – but surely there will never be another cake with dead fish on it. 🙂

  37. jojobo1 says:

    Can’t let this go by don’t ya wish you could know if Ms Palin read here so she could see thaqt LOL

  38. AlaskaDisasta says:

    Cute, but please tell me the misspelling of GoveRnor was intentional on the cake. Maybe it was supposed to be Covenor as Sarah was such a witch?

  39. jojobo1 says:

    Cassie you got that right and it’s funny as well.It is easier to smile than frown and laughing is good for your health

  40. the problem child says:

    One prune cake, frosted: $12.
    One kitchen chainsaw: @129.99
    Finding bits of murdered prune cake and frosting all over your kitchen for days: Priceless!

  41. Cynical Girl says:

    Sorry, that was a bit off-topic. Also.

  42. Cynical Girl says:

    Just a question for you folks in Alaska: How can the legal slush fund pay Mooselini’s legal bills unless she cooperates with the Trust? If you are the manager of the trust, you would need to have an auditable trail of invoices, which means that Mooselini’s lawyer has to send them to you, but he can’t do that unless she authorizes it because that would involve a waiver of the attorney-client privilege, wouldn’t it? What he spends his time on would ordinarily be confidential, I would think. So she has to have some agreement with the trust that if she authorizes the release of the billing records to the trust, the trust won’t release them more broadly, wouldn’t you think? And if that’s the case, how is the trust acting independently of her? Just askin’.

  43. Cassie Jeep Pike Palin says:

    This looks like a wonderful stress reliever party! Enjoying it, vicariously, in NC!

  44. sky says:

    This is halarious, make sure when you flash her, she does not end up in the lower 48, especially near my State, I will flush her to Argentina

  45. emrysa says:

    hahaha, love the cake!

  46. nswfm CA says:

    But I don’t want her washing up on the shore down here.

  47. nswfm CA says:

    This was hilarious!

  48. CO almost native says:

    zyggy Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 4:51 PM

    very funny, and you Alaskans so need to wash her out of your hair. What a fun get together.
    Just make sure she goes down the drain and out to sea- not down to the Lower 48. I’ll be checking out the South Platte, looking for lipstick swirls…

    (Bwa ha ha!! Good one, MM)

  49. tewise says:

    Too cute

  50. zyggy says:

    very funny, and you Alaskans so need to wash her out of your hair. What a fun get together.

  51. aeroentropy says:

    ADQ I Miss You!!

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