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July 16, 2018

What We Must Do.

It’s been an amazing weekend here it Pittsburgh.  I have been overwhelmed, and moved, and outraged, and humbled over and over.  The progressive movement has had incredible successes this year, but it now faces challenges that many of us were not expecting.  We wanted to think that the election of Barack Obama meant that a progressive was at the helm, and that the ship of state would start heading in a new direction.  It was a lot of work, but we did it.  “Yes, we did,” the saying went. 

~~Howard Dean talks about helath care~~

~~Howard Dean talks about helath care~~

The problem with that saying is that it is decisively in the past tense.  Our work is not done.  If there is anything that this week has brought into crystal clarity for me, it is that.  I sat in the convention center in Pittsburgh, and I listened to Bill Clinton, and Howard Dean and Darcy Burner bring thousands of bloggers and online activists to their feet.  And they did it by saying that we cannot let the rope slack.  We each have to do what is within our means.  I have a blog, so I can do this.  Anyone reading this has it within their power to contact their elected officials and tell them that the public option IS the compromise.  We will not get single payer.  That was a huge thing to give up.  Many countries have it, and it works.  We’ve given that up to meet in the middle, to give Americans the choice to decide who provides their health care. 

~~Darcy Burner talks about getting involved~~

~~Darcy Burner talks about getting involved~~

We hear about bureaucrats and death panels and the government standing between you and your doctor.Right now the insurance company is standing between you and your doctor.  They tell you what you can have and what you can’t.  And the time is right now to step up, because there is no later.  The Obama administration is waffling about the public option.  If you have not done your part, it must be done now.  Regardless of your own situation, or condition of health, there are people out there who are suffering, whose children are suffering.  And the ONLY ones who can step up and help them is US.

It’s easy to read a blog post, or an article in the newspaper and shake our heads and feel sad or angry.  It’s a hard leap to say, “I’m actually going to do something.  I’m going to figure out how to email my congressional representative and my senators, and I’m going to look up their phone numbers, and I will tell them what I think.”  It’s easy to do, but it’s hard to cross the barrier between words going in to your eyes, and action coming out of your fingers.  I know.  It took a lot for me to become active.  For years, I grumbled and griped and waited to see what would happen.  This moment in the history of our country demands that we step up.


Any animal becomes the most dangerous when it is injured.  The Republican Party is injured, and it has nothing to lose.  The protests at Town Halls, and the proclamations of Death Panels, and the utter fear that has been instilled in uninformed angry people is the Republican animal lashing out.  It means we are close, and it also means this is the time when it could all fall apart and we could lose everything.

I know that tens of thousands of people will read this post.  Have all of us contacted our congressional representatives?  No.  Could it actually make a difference if every one of us did?  Yes.  Could it make an even bigger difference if we all asked our friends to do it too?  You betcha.

So, before I post about my experience at Netroots, and before I tell you about the amazing gathering of Mudflatters that came together at the AKMudstock in Pittsburgh today, I’m going to ask you a favor.  The favor is for me, and for you, and for the country.  It’s for your kids, and your grandkids.

Find out who your representatives are, if you don’t know.  Email them, or better yet, pick up the phone and tell them that we have already compromised.  We will not get a single payer health care plan.  But we must have a public option.  Tell them that you demand that they do the following:

Give every American the choice of public or private health care insurance.

Public health coverage for life, no matter where you live or work.

No forced moves if someone is happy with their current coverage.

Small business assistance from government for employee health plans.

No American disqualified for pre-existing health conditions.

Similar premium costs for everyone despite age or illness.

Fewer dollares spent on management and more on care.

Tell them that you want them to support the president’s health care plan.  And tell them that if they do not, that you will work with all your heart, and your energy and your strength to oppose them and elect someone who is working for YOU, and not for the insurance companies.  Tell them you want someone strong and brave who will not be cowed by a vocal minority who is afraid and has fallen prey to the predatory forces of greed that use them as their tool of manipulation.

I have a blog, so I can write this post.  If you have a blog, write about it.  If you want to take this post, change it around and use it, do it.  You have my permission.  If you can write a letter to the editor, write one.  They have more power than you think.  If you have friends, email them and ask them to step up and help you.  If there is going to be a Town Hall meeting near you, show up.  We cannot expect our elected leaders to go it alone.  We need to help them.  We are fighting powerful forces, and even the best warrior cannot go into battle alone.

Don’t let us have come this far to stop fighting for change.  Help those who are beginning to waffle to find their courage and not listen to the howling of the injured Republican animal.  We need to put it out of its misery, and we can only do it together.

If you had any doubt that our voices are needed, look at this video from Dennis Zaki of the demonstration across the street from the special session of the Alaska legislature last week.

Alaska Teabagger Rally in Anchorage 8/10/09 from Dennis Zaki on Vimeo.



227 Responses to “What We Must Do.”
  1. Judi says:

    I have contacted my rep, who is supportive of the bill and actually responded to my call and wrote a letter to the editor of my paper and waiting for it to be published

    yes we need to kick up the heat on this one

    We went door to door to get Obama elected…could we go door to door to get the public option and health care bill passed?

  2. psminidivapa says:

    Just sent this to my US Rep. who did an interview w/ local TV station re: why he was not supporting health care reform. I’m feelin’ empowered!!

    Dear Representative Shuster:

    I wish to help you correct several statements that you made in an interview with WTAJ-TV on August 19, 2009, about health care. I do not believe that you would deliberately mislead your constituents about these issues, therefore I believe that you have been given false and misleading information.

    First, you stated that 85% of “people in America” currently have some health insurance and those who don’t are either illegal immigrants or choose not to have health insurance coverage.

    Due to rising health insurance premiums, many small employers cannot afford to offer health benefits.  Companies that do offer health insurance, often require employees to contribute a larger share toward their coverage.  As a result, an increasing number of Americans have opted not to take advantage of job-based health insurance because they cannot afford it. This is a choice made out of economic necessity, not the frivolous choice that your statement implied.

    As to your statement that those who don’t have health insurance are illegal immigrants, I could find no reliable poll or study that supported that statement. According to US Census (2007) 18% of the population – 46 million Americans (NOT illegals) are without health insurance. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2007) estimates that the number of uninsured Americans was closer to 27%. A Gallup Poll of June 2009, which estimates 16% of Americans uninsured, also does not state that ANY of these are illegals.

    In the interview, you also stated that in Canada and in the UK (which have publicly funded health care), people are “waiting in line” for care. I can assure you, from personal experience that is is entirely untrue, at least in the UK. (Whilst I can not speak for Canada, I’m sure that a little research would find that this statement is false there as well.) For the 20 years that I have been leading educational trips to Europe, and particularly in the UK, I have envied the European health care models, which, depending on the country, include public options. I personally have been treated for illnesses and/or injuries in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy and Greece. I have found the care to be the same, and in some cases, superior to health care in the USA. I have NEVER had to wait in line. The biggest differences: I was able to see a doctor immediately and the care cost me absolutely nothing. Other travelers that have traveled with us have had the same experiences, as have friends who live in Europe and the UK. In fact, friends who have dual citizenship (US and UK) travel to the UK for health care as the UK care is superior to what they can get in the USA, they can be treated immediately without having to wait for insurance company approval, there are no exceptions for “preexisting conditions,” and the care is FREE. I had always hoped that, when health care reform finally came to the USA, it would more closely resemble the NHS model in the UK. As it appears that the single payer option (which seniors, military, vets and legislators enjoy) is no longer an option for the rest of us, I have to put my energies behind a program that at least has a public option.

    I urge you to please work to win real health care reform in 2009 that:

    • Provides every American with the choice of a private or public health insurance plan;
    • Reduces cost by focusing on prevention and better outcomes, not more procedures;
    • Improves quality by computerizing medical records and requiring best practices for care; and
    • Truly provides quality, affordable health care for all.

    Thank you,

  3. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    here’s a link to Rachel’s smack upside the head of Dems and she does an excellent job explaining away the ‘scary’ stuff, lol.

    Go Rachel! and Thank you!

    “We got here through a collapse of political ambition and the resultant downgrading of expectations for this once in a lifetime, stars-aligned political shot at fixing the system that accounts for one-sixth of our economy.”

    …….”Why is the public option dying now? It’s dying because of a lack of political ambition. The Democrats are too scared of their own shadow to use the majority the American people elected them to in November to actually pass something they said they favored.”

  4. seattlefan says:

    #226 Lainey:

    I so agree. Did you watch Rachel tonight? Her take was spot on. They restrict the airspace around the White House and any place where the President happens to be, but she asks why is it ok for these whackjobs to be in the same proximity of the President with armed weapons. These people are provacative and total a$$holes. Something is so wrong with this picture. I don’t remember Bush protesters packing heat to his events.

  5. Lainey says:

    just like we have to take our shoes off thru security at the airport or we don’t get access to the plane …I think there’s a time and place for holstering your firearms and it’s NOT where the President is!!
    these people are mucking with the 2nd amendment and “somebody” is letting them do it…just b/c you own a gun, doesn’t mean you have to carry it EVERYWHERE!

  6. Riverside says:

    Sorry, I know that gun lament seems off topic from positive netroots reporting, but I had to say it. The alternative to progress is being offered. I opt for progress.

    Great reporting AKM.

  7. Riverside says:

    After AKM wrote about the folks with guns at the “Sarah Palin serving hotdogs” event in Ak, I thought it was interesting and weird. Now the guns being carried outside health care meetings with President Obama in Arizona are getting national TV airtime. Its starting to look like “The Milagro Bean Field War” out there. Remember the scene where everyone is running into the local grocery store and buying bullets with their groceries? It was humorous until all of a sudden it got scary. Anyone who thinks this is a romantic western and great fun, hasn’t lived in an urban gang warefare zone, with bullets flying through windows and walls at unpredictable times, the glass shattered out of bus stop shelters in the freezing rain, and the ER full of dying kids.

    Its like the quote from West Side Story- “Mind, I have no mind.”

    Some adult supervision might be a good idea.
    (Is this the point at which alarmed citizens start wanting a dictator to save them from chaos?)

    The thing about chaos in America is, we’ve seen it before.
    Walt Whitman served as a nurse/orderly in that.
    What a field day for the NRA it might be. Just think of the money to be made. Which is exactly what someone is doing here, making a lot of money .

    Have the gun store adds shown up on Glen Beck’s slot yet?

    And imagine what all this glory is going to do to our healthcare system costs. Way to save money, way to make money, way to go Gun Lobby!

    ER staff’s jobs are secure, that’s for sure. But their burn out rate….

    What a HOOT.

  8. not that sarah says:

    AKM — yes, I submitted it and then within minutes, the editor took it down. He was concerned that I had used your post, which I explained I had permission to do. It was clear that it was your post and it linked back here, but I can imagine this kind of thing would make an editor nervous. The four paragraph rule and all of that.

    I’ll work on it tomorrow when I get home from dr’s follow up and I’ll post a new link when I get it written. Thank you so much for the generous offer; I deeply honor and share your spirit of enthusiastic activism.

    Hope u all are having fun!

    Yes we can!

  9. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    It’s so awesome to be checking back in and seeing all of this action, and the elevated mood to YES WE CAN! I signed every dang petition I could find today – but take my advice and be careful if you do the same. As I was searching, i discovered that there are tons of them that are AGAINST any sort of health care reform and you have to read them carefully before signing.

    I did that just to blow off steam before finishing my letters and calls to the politicians, which are going to be rather on the sharp side. Like mine was today to the f’ing wimpy and Anchorage Mayor who sold out his residents to a bunch of religious zealots who don’t live there. He’ll get more than one piece of my mind, as well as the Assembly, but that’s a different story! I read his pdf of his reason for veto, and I actually think he’s lying or fudging the truth of his findings.

    I watched KO today and loved the positive attitude of Howard Dean about the Public Option plan – what a difference to all the glum negativity that this is already a done deal. This is NOT A DONE DEAL – write those emails & faxes, and make those phone calls if you haven’t already!

    Here’s the kicker to get you off your butt if you’ve been hanging on the fence, deciding whether this is a fight worth fighting for. Many of us here, probably most, came together because we find Sarah Palin to be one of the worst people on the planet to have ANY say in public policy, and let’s face it – she’s “downright evil”. Is anyone here really willing to let the Evil Twit get her way through her lying and manipulation of her whacked out base and even the less whacked out of the Rs? NOT ME. Her evil ways are exactly what is motivating me, once again, to mobilize and work my butt off to work for exactly what she does not want to happen.

    For reasons I won’t go into here, I did not enter the health care debate in a proactive way until the Evil Quitty Twit came up with her laughable Death Panel idea (plagiarized as usual). She entered the debate with her lies and BS, and here I am in full letter writing / phone calling force just as I was during pre election time. I have a million other things I need to do and I have taken precious time away from my family and business to get involved. My business is definitely suffering for this. Sarah Palin is not going to tell ME what to do as long as I am breathing, and have a voice. I may be bankrupt dang it, but Palin will be DEFEATED.

    Slap these people down, fight back, this is the time to go for it! Once again, said probably a hundred times by now on this blog, I used to be a nice little liberal type person. I’m not very nice any more because that is not what is going to win this fight, or the next, or the next as long as these disgusting , hateful and obstructionist Republicans are trying to get my President, my health, and my country to fail. They can answer to all of us for that despicable motive which is bleeding into everything they do. They can kiss my you know what.

  10. otrplm says:

    just wrote my Senator’s and my Congressman to let them know how I feel about health care reform. First time I ever did anything like that, I feel like I grew a couple,thanks to all you mudpups. I feel like I am helping, it may be a small grain of sand on the beach, but all together it’s a beach.

  11. alienears says:

    Reading these stories about people’s experiences dealing with the insurance companies is incredible. Even those of us who think we have health insurance, really do not! No one is safe from what they are willing to do to make a buck.

  12. alienears says:

    AKM–I think you are starting something again!!!!! Thank you so much. I was losing hope. My very practical, realist husband was saying that he did not think Obama was going to be able to win this one. When I saw him this evening, I was able to tell him that I have hope again because of what I see here.

    I have already made some calls, will make more, write, email etc. and am urging others to do the same. On another blog someone said we should be contacting reps in other states, esp. those who wield great power. After all, their votes will affect all of us, not just those who voted them in.

    THANK YOU EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!! I feel like we are in touch with our mission again.

  13. Nina Trick says:

    This is coming from the insurance capital of the wooooooorld….

    CT puppies, get ready to take LIEberman down. That SOB is dust. Dodd is cool and so is Courtney and DeLauro.

  14. winkwink says:

    Please sign this petition from Shannyns site——to Pelosi

  15. califpat says:

    Hustafarmer: What a wonderful site you have! T am thoroughly impressed and say you are not justafarmer anymore. (LOL)

    I loved your recap of Gramian, Mother Who Thinks, and Mr. Mother’s account of their experience today at the TH meeting. It was heart felt and it looks like they had a successful experience. It was so inspiring and at the same time they were proactive in supporting the POTUS and Healthcare Reform. I believe Claw was there too, also. I am so proud of you Justa and the Obama “activists”.

  16. LiladyNY says:

    (((Gramiam))) you rock. Love the fierce older ladies (of whom I am one)!
    (((mommom and metalmaven))) (((DrChill))) Namaste.

    Letters of thanks to Reps and Sens so they don’t waver. Glen Beck’s advertisers are running like rabbits. This is a good thing. We have to try to do the same for Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity and, oh if only, Rush Limbaugh.

    Well, puppies, maybe we got handed a few lemons here are there, but what awesome lemonade we’re making with them.

    Let’s keep at them. Even the ones who say they won’t vote for the public option. They must be gently and consistently reminded that just as they were voted in, they can be voted out and that people are watching. Nothing is written in stone.

  17. justafarmer says:

    Nina Trick,
    You have absolutely summarized the problem.
    I’m poor enough that I qualify for free or reduced-price health screenings, including mammograms and pap smears but I don’t bother because if anything bad DOES show up, I can’t afford the treatment.
    Just hoping I live long enough for Medicare.

  18. justafarmer says:

    Gramian has a report & photos from today in Phoenix!

  19. Nina Trick says:

    ENOUGH WITH INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!!! THEY are the problem here, and we need to tell this to our Reps and Senators!

    Here’s the skinny on some of my loved ones and their current state of affairs re: health care/insurance:

    Parents: covered by the “Feds”, the very same plan the Reps and Senators have, since my mom is retired from the post office. The plan is EXCELLENT. My dad had open heart surgery and my mom had two spinal surgeries, including fusion. Total out-of-pocket costs for all three hospitalizations? 350.00. Yes, 350.00 total. Their premium is 220.00 per month. My mom has Medicare part A only so she has a 25.00 co-pay for office visits. My dad has part A and B Medicare and his co-pays are zero. This “socialist” program seems to work well for my parents and members of the House and Senate, no?

    Ex-husband and son: My ex is a small business owner. Six years ago, his premiums were 320.00. Today they are close to 900.00, with reduced coverage! In six years, other than routine doctor’s visits for minor illnesses and physicals, there was not one claim put in for anything else. Nothing. Not even an X-Ray. Oh, and my son went to the doctor just today (he has a virus) and we found out the co-pay for an office visit is now 60.00. And, according to my ex’s insurance agent, “He has an excellent, affordable plan.”

    My former boyfriend: He is/was uninsurable–even though he is independently wealthy. He had too many pre-existing conditions for any insurance company to touch him with a ten foot pole. He couldn’t even get catastrophic coverage, no matter that he could pay whatever. So, after a month in intensive care for treatment of cancer and a month in rehab, he tallied up a bill close to 750,000–yes, that’s a quarter of a million dollars. He is on a “payment plan” and he pays out 25,000 per month to settle the debt.

    Me: I have no health insurance. I have mild high blood-pressure (a hereditary thing) and I simply can’t afford to pay 600.00 per moth for crappy coverage. I am operating on a wing and a prayer at 46 years-old and it sucks. I do get complete blood work done every year and I get a mammogram though–all out of pocket.

    I well and fully understand the principle of “insurance.” I pay premiums so my home and automobile are protected, “just in case.” But enough is enough! These greedy bastards must be stopped dead in their tracks.

  20. califpat says:

    fired up

  21. califpat says:

    Thanks AKM for keeping us fired and active abour such an important issue. I feel honored to take part it making the Health Care Reform a reality.

    I used your suggestions as a model to devise my letter to my Reps in California and modified it a bit. I was firm in my convictions but very polite. I have spent most of day writing and telephoning Feinstein, Boxer, Thompson, Herger and whole host of others in Congress. They have heard from me!!!

  22. honestyinGov says:

    I am going to include an archive link from C-SPAN for the RightonLine ( Right-wing Netroots ) that was also held in Pittsburgh last weekend. When I did a Google search they had others as well.
    Just click on the big red Flash video button up top to view it. I saw this the same night right after they showed Cintons speech at Netroots.
    { Dial- up won’t be effective… with High speed or DSL I think you will be fine }

    If would be effective as to being able to see what the Lies/distortions and representations they are making about Healthcare reform.
    If you click on the little purple tab called ” People ” you will be able to see who their speakers were.

    One person in particular on there was Glen Meacham, as WPBG Talk Radio Host.
    In Limbaugh fashion he repeatedly built his story one lie on top of the other.

    The truth about The Bill : It pays ( through Medicaid ) for VOLUNTARY end of life counseling with your DOCTOR.

    As he told his audience of bloggers ( MANY TIMES ) this bill would have ” Compulsory ” End of life Counseling with ” Government Official ” counseling.
    He emphasized this a LOT so they could spread the Lie correctly… and they wouldn’t forget.

    Voluntary went to ‘ mandatory ‘ and for the purpose of the STORY/lie apparently you don’t even talk to a Doctor anymore. He’s gone… out of the picture. The counseling is now with a ” Government Official “… who I guess is part of the ‘death panel’.

    Why stop the story/Lie there though when you have their full attention. Based on HIS Story the Government is going to have to hire 50, 000 of these ‘ death panel guys ‘ to serve on the panel. More big government in your Life. But even 50,000 people ( imaginary… people no less ) will not be able to handle the number of cases. The waiting list will be so long.
    So it is like taking one Lie …. add a whole bunch of toppings and sprinkles and you have one big ” BANANAS- Nutz Sundae… with a Cherry on top ”

    And they want all the RightonLine bloggers to blog this ‘ story ‘… ala Fox News.

  23. Tina in Tennessee says:

    And a tiny bit OT [but we need a little humor]:

    I can’t resist messin’ with [giggle]. The submission form is down for ‘maintenance’ and i’m sure the admin is furiously scrubbing things like:

    Darell , ,
    Don’t stop now, Glenn! You’ve got all of Washington falling down laughing!

    Those WOULD be supportive words if Glenn decides to become a DC stand-up comedienne.

  24. Mother Who Thinks says:

    Yes, it was a good day “on the ground” in Phoenix. Thanks for the shout-out, Michigander! It was good to meet Gramiam and to feel the support of so many on this complex issue.

    “WE” seemed to outnumber “THEY” but I was repelled by the simplistic, hate-and-fear, in your face styling of my brothers and sisters on the right. We have much work to do.

  25. Tina in Tennessee says:

    Thank you, Snoskred!

    And thank you, AKM. I’ve been emailing people all afternoon and posting information in the comment sections of our local papers.

    Thank you for so artfully inciting me [grin].

  26. Jenny50 says:

    I have only recently found this blog and have never commented…until now. Your request for us all to do something gave me hope and made me act. I sent letters to my congressman (Bilbray!!) and to my senators, Boxer and Feinstein. My husband and I will incorporate some of the words you so graciously offered to us into a letter to the editor in both our local and regional newspapers. This reform, WITH the public option, is so important to so many of us. Thank you for your inspiration.

  27. Snoskred says:

    Ok guys, as many people have asked for a place to put links and information – we have opened a special section of the forums called What We Must Do Now with an area that you can post anything related to this call to action.

    If you need any assistance from the mods or admins just let us know, we are ready and willing to help. I have placed a how to guide on how to write a post in there, so you should be able to follow that easily. 🙂

    The new forum is available here –,36.0.html

    There is a thread where you can put important links, and we will regularly collate them into one post for easy access.

    If there is anything we can do to assist you, just PM us, or contact me via email – if you do not have my address you can use the contact page on my blog which you can access by clicking on my name here.

    Thanks all!

  28. Snoskred says:

    We are opening a new section on the forums especially for this call to action. See my next comment on this thread for info. 🙂

  29. michigander says:

    Gramiam, thought about you, Claw, Mother who thinks and Mr. Mother all day. So proud to ‘know’ you and glad all went well. Hugs.

    Been watching granddaughter, reg job, peeling peaches etc. and emailing all day. Thank you AKM and everyone for your stories and the excellent links. We can do this, I know we can.

    For those of you that responded on a past open thread re: talking to children about current political situation – I did read back and am forever indebted to you (o:

  30. bubbles says:

    {{{{{metalmaven and mommom}}}}}

  31. mommom says:

    My dad died fro pancreatic cancer.By the time it was diagnosed,it was too late.The Dr told him he had 3 months to live.Because of the rapport they had built up,the Dr was able to joke with my dad,it may seem strange but it was right for him,about he may as well keep on smoking,because he no longer had to worry about lung cancer.They talked about living wills,and hospice,etc,and my dad chose to die at home,and use hospice services.He was well cared for,they came evry day for a chance to check on him,check his meds,give us a small break in routine,see that he was eating ok.He was given complete control of his morphine,so that he would not have to suffer,and we were told to let him do what he wanted,eat what he wanted,just do everything to make hin as comfortable as possible.

    He got to the point where I had to walk him to the bathroom and back,hospice helped us choose a rail for the wall for him,DH installed it.They helped us get him a hospital bed that infaled and deflated throughout the day and night a bit to help keep pressure points from forming.The day he could not get to his feet even with my help,and needed a bedpan,was his last day. Had he been in a hospital setting he would have been bedridden longbefore,and unhappy and lonely. I have always felt that we got more,better time with him,because of the wonderul care he received.My DD was 9 years old,she took over making soup for Poppop,she could not have had that time with him had he been in a hospital with tubes attached.

    This is one of the truly great things about the bill,and I hope it remains.I believe it will.

  32. metalmaven says:

    Its not easy for me to talk on the phone so I emailed my representative for the second time. She never got back to me on the first one so I changed up my approach. I told her some of us are very, very shy and not comfortable with speaking out when we should but that everything I have read over the last few days has been urging everyone who supports single payer to contact their reps. It is that important, so I did it, again.

    Yes we can. Peace all.

  33. Gramiam says:

    I went to the site that is trying to support Glenn Beck. One of the sponsors still advertising on his show is the United States Post Office! What’s up with that!!

  34. Liberty says:

    Part 1 of obama’s health care plan was passed last Feb. buried in the (un-read)
    stimulus plan.

  35. SystemBucker says:

    Hi all!

    Just got back from Pittsburgh. It was a wonderful time.

    Before posting pics I got online and sent my State Rep a letter about Health Care Reform. I found a great website where you can type in your 9 digit zip and get all the contact info you need to send your letters out about this.

    Hope you find this link helpful!

  36. mommom says:

    Has anyone seen this Glenn Beck video? I just can’t believe that he did a video twhere he talks about how insurance companies are making it impossible to cover his employees!!

  37. jojobo1 says:

    All the hubbub about talking to your doctor about a living will and end of life care.I just talked to my doctor about just what a living will entails.I know what DNR means but had wondered if you had something like needing dialysis would signing a living will mean they would not let that happen.He assured me that now it was for people with no hope,brain dead or a death sentence because of cancer gone awry.Not for something like that.What is wrong with wanting to know all your options.My dad had hospice care at his home because he wanted to die at home and not in some nursing home or hospital His choice and him and my mom made the choices all on their own.What a concept (snark) that you could talk about what you want done if you are incapacitated or die.Those elderly and I am one are being lied to to promote fear about any changes and that is the real shame for the people whom oppose this bill.

  38. trisha says:

    Good new people. More companies drop advertising from Beck including Walmart.
    Keep it up, it works.

  39. psminidivapa says:

    Emailed Senators and Reps. CHECK
    Faxed Senators and Reps. CHECK
    Thanked 64 Dems who support plan CHECK
    Emailed White House with encouragement CHECK
    Poured beverage CHECK

    Now, moment of Zen time. A good friend who writes for Guardian newspaper in London sent me this link, which you will enjoy, but only if drinking. BTW, the Brits are INCENSED about the USA nutjob’s criticisms of NHS. I can appreciate their anger. I received FABULOUS care from NHS in London this summer when suffering from Swine Flu – AND IT WAS FREE!!!

    the link:

  40. wes_ben says:

    I urge you all to check Howard Dean’s web site to find out where your elected officials stand on the public option. I am fortunate in that ALL of Wisconsin’s senators and congressmen support the public option…do yours?

  41. sdragon says:

    #156 DrChill,Here’s wishing your friend the very best. I lost my sister-in-law to lung cancer. She died because she didn’t have insurance. They, local Drs., ran her around for over a year. I got her signed up for state insurance. They ran her around for a few more months at the state hospital. When she finally got to have a c.t. scan, it was too late. I was with her the day they showed her the scan. The cancer was wrapped around the top half of her right lung. Late third stage. I was at her bedside when she died one day before her 50th b-day.

  42. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    here is a fact sheet for the you tube video on Scott Rick @ post #184, with links to prove what it covers. Good ammo for ‘discussions’.

  43. jojobo1 says:

    Watched the teabaggers video and I could not believe the misinformation out their especially about the elderly.You can really tell that those people have been listening to only the opposition instead of keeping an open mind and really reading the Bill.I sure did not believe the elderly woman who said she red it.IMO she just listen to Faux Noise and what there talking heads say.I think if the media would report truthfully we might get somewhere.I watched the town hall in Phoenix I think it was and they showed our mudpuppies and the people who supported the Health care plan,They of course showed the opposition which is only fair but at least the were not one sided as some of the media has been

  44. Gramiam says:

    Brian came from Tucson and of course I had his cousin, Buckeye. We even sang “”We shall overcome”” Never saw so much Blue!! Also, our organizers saw to it that we got to hog all the shade. The wingnuts sweltered in the sun the whole time!! It sucks to be them!!

  45. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Sent my emails, again, I will call also. I’m sure it was a waste of time on the repub but hey, perhaps they keep track of this stuff.

    check this guy out, talk about lacking quality leadership, they get the crooks in charge, nice reflection on the conservative party.

    “Who is Rick Scott? He is the leader of Conservatives for Patients Rights — the group leading opposition to health reform.”

  46. justafarmer says:

    yay Gramian!
    Send me your fave photo & a writeup for the healthy look at healthcare blog
    (putting the link in won’t make it past the spam filter here, anyone interested in the blog, click on my name).

  47. Gramiam says:

    The Arizona Mudpuppies all found one another. Just got home and am totally pooped. Gonna take a nap and download the photos later. We yelled louder and there were more of us “socialists” We were very well behaved and the wingnuts were nasty. One got in my face and said”Down with Medicare”. I got right back in his face and said,”hell no. I just got my medicare and I earned it!!”

  48. Winski says:

    Done…Health Care reform CANNOT be done if O gives away our biggest leverage in the name of bi-partisanship that’s NEVER coming.!!!

  49. Quarter Granite Palin says:

    Moments before reading this I sent a letter to my senator. As a small business owner I’ve also contacted my congressmen and will continue to take whatever small steps I can to help the ’cause’.


  50. leenie17 says:

    I have been grumbling for several days about a non-invasive but annoying medical test that my doctor wanted me to get. I went to the hospital today and I’m very glad that:
    1. my doctor insisted on the test
    2. my insurance paid for most of it.

    Thanks to medical imaging technology that has been vastly improved since 1993, I discovered that I, in fact, do NOT have the heart problem that I was diagnosed with 16 years ago (yayyy!!!). This means that I no longer need to take certain medications or worry about the threat of heart surgery in the future. I am extremely fortunate to have a doctor who follows her patients closely and good health insurance that allows me to get the care I need. Now I wish that every other American were as lucky as I am.

    I just sent off ‘way to go’ emails to my two Senators (both enthusiastic supporters of reform). I need to work a little longer on the email to my Representative (R), who is NOT supporting reform, but that one will go out later today.

  51. Lilybart says:

    I am stunned that people think it is ok to commit hate crimes against gay people, but others get covered under the law.

    I am not a believer but how I wish there were a god so when these people die, they get to know that what they did here was NOT in any way Christian.

    so sorry for all of you in Anchorage

  52. curiouser says:

    Alaskans, see Shannyn’s and Gryphen’s blogs….need to call Mayor Sullivan today.

    Gryphen says call so far are 4-1 pro-veto.

    excerpt from Shannyn’s blog:
    “The barely literate religious right wing red shirts are flooding the mayors office with calls today.

    Make your voice known.

    Call Mayor Sullivan’s office. The number is 343.7100. Repectfully request the mayor ignore the vocal minority and allow the will of the assembly and the will of the people, as well as our better angels to prevail. Just say NO TO VETO!”

  53. bubbles says:

    aww dr chill. so sorry. i will email or call you when i get information about government jobs from my sis. you met her at the frying pan. she forwards me info for professionals from time to time. you are very good at math and your president needs you. trust me on that… to nana…bubs….p.s. my daughter may have some thoughts about jobs in academia. i’ll ask her to keep an eye out for something good…

  54. curiouser says:

    #172 CRFlats – You hit the nail on the head. We have a disease-care system. It does not promote true health. Holistic medicine, much of which is not covered by insurance, is growing in acceptance but much scientific study needs to be done. And, ultimately, physician training needs to be based on health rather than disease-care. And then there’s the pharmaceutical industry…but I must not get started on that.

    Gotta first deal with what we’ve got…for now, that’s getting the public option.

  55. 1smartcanerican says:

    #44 Lani – thanks for the link to Mad as Hell Doctors. Now that would be the ultimate road trip for me – Seattle to DC! I have the time as I am unemployed (almost 1.5 years now), but the money is a wee bit tight 🙂 Maybe I could get sponsorships – and the loan of a motor home (small) so that hotels would not be an issue. Would be great to caravan with these committed people and be part of the movement.

    I send emails to Cantwell and Murray this weekend, now should follow up with other government reps in WA state – and elsewhere to show support or to share my thoughts with those against the people and for the insurance industry and big pharma.

    Kudos to those docs from Oregon to step out like this!

  56. CRFlats says:

    Sisters of Providence run the largest hospital in Alaska. It is non-profit.
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield is the largest insurer. It is non-profit.

    The system is broken. It is systemic, not specific. Reform may be what we settle for, but without some real “from the bottom up” major changes, we will have compromised only to receive more bureaucracy and less care. The least we can do is hold the line at a public option.

  57. wes_ben says:

    P.S. this is easy to do people. just go to click on the “call your representative” button and enter your zip code.

  58. bubbles says:

    why no mention or picture of DR.Valerie Jarrett, this woman is the personal ambassador and close friend of the president and his lady. what happened? a few loudmouths were allowed to disrespect this lady and nothing was done about it? nothing being written about these mannerless bums who might as well had slapped the president himself. good luck next year Netroots. maybe joe the plumber will be free to attend. progressive bloggers indeed!!! for shame!!

    I did not attend her talk. The jet lag and lack of sleep caught up with me for that one, and I missed it. Maybe others who were there will blog about it. AKM

  59. wes_ben says:

    I have called both my senators (Kohl and Feingold) and my congresswoman (Baldwin). You have my commitment, that I will show up at all townhalls in my area. Thank you AKM.

  60. amy says:

    Have also been busy writing, calling today. Just got this email. Let’s not forget to THANK the 64 representatives who are standing strong. They also, too need to be included in our calls and mailings. Sorry if this has already been posted.

  61. curiouser says:

    Dr Chill, I’m so sorry your friend is one of the for-profit healthcare victims but he is fortunate to have you by his side. Sending good vibes for his full recovery.

  62. CO almost native says:

    Bless you, Dr. Chill. You are a friend, indeed.

  63. not that sarah says:

    AKM, Thank you for the offer; I took you up on it. I edited it slightly, but it is essentially your post and links back here. I also used the photo of Bill Clinton from your post, as he inspires so many. I’m aware that this is your picture, so if you would prefer I use a stock photo, I won’t mind changing it. You have my email if you have any other thoughts/concerns.


    It’s posted here.

    Yes, feel free to use the picture. The link doesn’t seem to work though. AKM

  64. DrChill says:

    I just sent a message to my 3 congress people using
    Its got a lot of nice features. Enter your zip code, and it finds your US representitives, Enter Zip + 4 and get the state reps too. Nice.

  65. CO almost native says:

    @Dr. Chill (156):

    SameOld and CRFlats (hi, CR- waving fro Colorado) are right: find a tv and/or radio station that will publicize your friend’s plight. Write/call your state and national representatives- this is the kind of story that makes the news, puts a human face on health care reform.

    @SameOld- I’ve been ranting about the same issue, and I’m getting ready to fax a letter about the industry to my Repug. Congressman and others. First step to take: mandate standardized forms and procedures for all insurance companies to use for claims. Make them write their guidelines in clear, simple English- set prompt deadlines for responses, and fine the h*ll out of them if they drag their feet.

  66. curiouser says:

    102 Lani
    110 justina
    113-114 ChiCat
    126 lettersfromeurope
    134 pat
    142-144 CRFlats
    Thanks for the great links!

    leenie, Martha Unalaska Yard Sign, Polly…and all who are telling your stories…thanks for the encouragement! Mudpups rock!

    Re the faith-based webcast…one of the participating groups, Sojourners, definitely supports the public option (possibly even single-payer).

    I think we need to rally, not just this week, but until the final bill is signed. Sorry if it’s been mentioned (I haven’t read through all the earlier comments), but I think we should follow-up our congressional & White House letters/emails/faxes with periodic phone calls to check status…or more letters.

  67. CRFlats says:

    Another pointer about sending snail-mail letters to Congress: Do not use an envelope. Send a post card or double fold a letter and use a sticker to close. Those in envelopes get processed separately and take forever. Legible hand written works most effectively.

  68. SameOld says:

    Dr Chill …. go to the newspapers and TV. call the local congress person. Let them know that insurance kills people for the bottom line. Use this event. Real people with horrible problems elicits that nasty word empathy.

  69. CRFlats says:

    Well said, Dr. Chill. Please write the exact words to your Congressional Reps. This is what they need to hear. I do know what you are going through. I have lived it.

  70. pvazwindy says:

    new thread calling out to Anchorage residents

  71. SameOld says:

    137 dee Says: August 17th, 2009 at 9:25 AM Why? approximately.
    Dee, it is very simple. The current health mess is ONLY a system for the insurers. They decide, they negotiate lousy deals. Mostly they decide not to pay. My sister works for a major chemical company (subsidiary of an oil company). They are rich. Her insurance is so terrible that after 4 (yes I said 4) submissions she still has to pay $370 for a mammogram (preventative medicine). That is nuts. So a woman can’t afford her share, gets major cancer, loses her job, then her house, then everything. While she tries to get Medicaid, she dies ….. because of an insane punitive system. Is that health care or an evil joke?

    Anyone who does not get that my sister’s situation is the norm and getting worse is kidding themselves. Schools are full of sick children whose families do not qualify for health insurance or they live in one of those evil place where health care for children is just not a Repug interest. Dear lord why pay a dollar extra a month in taxes and insure the next generation?

    Some people are so self-absorbed that the word empathy is a commie code word. I hope you aren’t one of those people. If you have to ask why you must be young, healthy, and work either for the government or management. Otherwise you would know.

    The wingnuts out screaming about this are for the most part on social security and medicare. They want THEIR socialist system, just not one for you. Again that empathy thing! Evil.

    I think people should call press conferences and gather on congressional driveways. Let the world see that congress persons don’t need the health care we pay for them until there is some equality. Tekk all those stories of death and shout they down. Let the public see the true faces of evil.

    Sorry for ranting but no health care is pretty simple to understand in my book …. millions of people without and millions more with inadequate. The only way for business to be internationally competitive is to stop giving it. That is the next step if something doesn’t give now. Hello USA, an emerging 3rd world country.

  72. DrChill says:

    Palin was right.
    There are death panels that stand between patients and doctors to make life or death determinations for patients.
    They are the insurance companies.
    Today, 1 hour ago I spoke to my best friend. He has lung cancer that is responding to a combination of two drugs. It’s much better than the previous treatment.
    The insurance company stopped payment for one of the new drugs, so his last treatment was incomplete.

    The company told him to mail in a request and they’d get back in a month or so.
    His next treatment is in 2 weeks.
    I told him to put it on a credit card; his or mine… There’s no way he’s not going to miss life saving treatment.
    I’m out of work and in debt. I will not let my friend die.

    We must stop insurance companies from denying payment for effective life saving treatments.

    This is the time to act.
    Do it now.
    The life you save may be your own or that of a loved one, or a stranger you never met…
    Please call or write your congressman.

  73. Ebbtide says:

    Why are these six senators holding so much power? The six writing the bill for the senate finance committee are Baucus (D) MT, Conrad (D) ND, Bingaman (D) NM, Snowe (R) ME, Enzi (R) WY, Grassley (R) IA.

    Combined, their states’ populations represent 2.74% of US population. No offense to any from these states, but they do do represent anything close to the mainstream of the US population. The only one from the east coast is Snowe–while the finance committe has members from NY, NJ, MA, MI, FL etc–why are none of those areas represented in the “gang of six” who are having so much influence?

    Does anyone know how this happened or why? Will their version of the bill have to be approved by the whole committee?

  74. CO almost native says:

    @dee (137):

    Good idea- I have another one, coming at the problem from a different perspective. Why not look at what kind of health care system we want to have? What kind of health care delivery system do we want? One issue no one discussed is that the US must change their health care delivery system in order to compete globally. Look at South Korea- their health care is government-run, or at least subsidized. That makes their products cheaper. Because our health care delivery system is employer-based, our products are more expensive, and have a hard time competing. Most countries have government-subsidized health care, and we lose economically because we don’t. The only American industry that “wins” is the health care industry. Stick that in the face of those Republicans-

  75. CRFlats says:

    Definitely FAX your letter to your reps. And if you have great handwriting or printing by hand, those get read first. (My friend’s daughter works in a Senator’s office, and gave me some pointers). Use your own words, keep it short and to the point. Sign with your name, address, and e-mail contact.

  76. CO almost native says:

    Thanks, Lani (102)-

    I submitted my question, which I will continue to ask of my Congressmen: why isn’t one of the major reforms focused on the health insurance industry, specifically their confusing, inconsistent, and inefficient claims process? According to the newest AMA Report Card, it adds $200B annually to the health care system, and diverts 14% of physicians’ revenue. Make every insurance company use a standardized form and standardized claims process- and use the savings to provide more coverage for the uninsured. One fiscally neutral change-

  77. phoebe says:

    We have Blue Cross PPl insurance & have for years. Now doctors are not accepting Blue Cross Ins. & are dropping patients who have it. So even those of us who thought we were well covered no longer are.

  78. CRFlats says:

    A group of Docs who are mad as hell:

    a small contribution for gas & supplies is well received. Also, if you are on their route, think of joining them, at least through your area. It will help publicize their program. This is grass roots at its best.

  79. saphire says:

    all people need to do if they want to email their senator is type in:

    email Lisa Murkowski ( who ever your Senator may be type their name)

    in the search box and a link will come up to their Senators home page pretty easy.

  80. Irishgirl says:

    I am at a loss at what to do. Any suggestions? I feel emailing congressmen and senators would be cheating since I live in Ireland.

    However, I am hopping mad over Palin’s latest “death panel” shite. I was in America when of all this happened, but didn’t have access to the internet, and was not au fait (sp) with all the goings on.

    I was at a BBQ one day with a lot of relatives in their 60’s and 70’s and the talk of the afternoon was health care. These people had voted for President Obama and now they were backing away from him, believing the death panel nonsense.

    I am so annoyed at that Alaskan fool called Palin, and I am being charitable.

  81. CRFlats says:

    For more info on HC Reform, check out this site:

  82. CRFlats says:

    Another thing….this is not about PARTY. The Dems are pretty complicit in this as well. This is about US and our FAMILIES and BASIC RIGHTS FOR ALL. We need to be pro-active, not party drones, but speak as one, regardless of party. We need health care for ALL, and we need it NOW.

  83. CRFlats says:

    Time is NOW. Get FIRED UP! MAD AS HELL!
    If you are insured, and insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, check this out (and where your premium $$ are going):

    The association is lobbying Congress to make it harder for the government to penalize companies if their employees defraud the Medicare program and process false claims. Local Blue Cross chapters have paid about $340 million to the federal government to settle Medicare fraud charges since 1993.

    Blue Cross is a so called “non-profit” company, but that does not mean it is working for you. It does not mean that it does not support the status quo. Quite the opposite.

    This system so broken, REFORM is a compromise.

  84. barracuda78 says:

    I want to thank Akm for her great work…this topic is so important I think we have to speak up and what I’m finding is that these right wingers say anything they spew out angry,vicious comments…most do not have any idea what they are taking about…I have noticed on teevee interviews at these thm’s that reporters are starting to question these right wing demonstrators…they repeat crap from FOX/CNN/$palin…..they cannot give support for their comments/actions

    I had a birthday party for my son this weekend and my sister(extreme evangelical beliefs with a daughter who was pregnant out-of-wedlock….oh the shame!!!!) said something the POTUS did was done wrong and I called her on her comments…it wasn’t even the POTUS…

    If we feel we are safe/or if you have some sort of backup to help you in case the other person gets physical which I would not doubt, I would say lets call them out on their comments, ask them to tell you what is making them say the things they are saying…they won’t be able to verbalize…their intelligence only goes to repeat level, they cannot analyze

    We have to call people out on their comments we have no choice, we elected OBAMA now he really needs our support…he can’t continue the Public Option unless we are as loud as the others…..

    thank you

  85. saphire says:

    I am on it now.

  86. dee says:

    I think it’s time you all figure out what this health care bill means. I see people putting it down for all the wrong reasons and people singing it’s praises for all the wrong reasons.
    How many of you have actually sat down, taken the time and tried to figure out what this is all about and not just taken the talking points the “sides” are giving you ?
    Tell me what you like about this bill? in your words and then tell me what you are hesitant about.
    Then let’s sit down and discuss it.
    That’s what should be done.
    That’s not what I am seeing being done on either side and it makes me very afraid. Afraid the people are forgetting we live in a REPUBLIC and we are ONE nation of people with Billions of different people with different beliefs that are valid and should be taken into account.
    may God have mercy on us. (and no I am not a “sarah fan” just a very concerned citizen)

  87. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Remember or re-read what AKM says in her post:

    “I know that tens of thousands of people will read this post. Have all of us contacted our congressional representatives?”

    Tens of thousands…here at MF…all writing correspondence and urging their friends to do the same. Tens of thousands…think about that and do your part!

  88. Angela says:

    I have written my two Senators, Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln. I think they are both possible votes for the public option but probably leaning to vote against (or better yet keep it out so they don’t have to vote on it) because Arkansas lately, leans Republican.

    I told them both on no uncertain terms, I will not vote for them again, if they don’t fight for a public option. Which probably doesn’t mean crap to them but I did it.

  89. Pat says:

    Thank you AKM!
    Send the whitehouse an email message at the link above.

  90. knittergran says:

    I just sent an e-mail to the White House and to my local rep (Tom Price, R.).
    Thanks for the links and I’ll send more out.

  91. ChiCat says:

    If you do send snail mail, send it to their local office in your own state. There are huge security delays in the DC mail rooms; the vote may happen before they get your letter! Faxing is a good option too. It’s instant and on paper at the same time 🙂

  92. boodog says:

    You guys are the greatest cheer leaders, especially when things get overwhelming! Also, Lanie mentioned the faithforhealth webcast on Wed. I think CNN has been invited to carry it also. I hope this group really is what it says it is and does what it says it will do.

  93. KateinCanada says:

    Today Mayor Sullivan must act to veto or allow the legislation. Gryphen says he’s being lobbied 4 to 1 to veto it. He says call today.

  94. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Last post, but I just noticed something going back through the comments. Please re-read my post at #30 – or if you don’t believe the post, then get on the phone and ask for yourselves which form of communication to your politicians has more impact.

    SNAIL MAIL is absolutely NOT the best form of communication to politicians these days, at least not in my state. Email, and follow up with a phone call. Or call, and follow up with another call to make sure the first was counted. If you can DELIVER your letter, that has impact because you have personally made your point. But in huge states, that’s nigh impossible – such as Alaska.

    Letters can easily be lost, ignored, fall into the trash or delivered to the wrong place. From what I found out when I asked my own Legislature about the best form of contact, I was told that snail mail letters may have the same weight as email or phone calls, but were a lot less reliable.

    Time is of the essence – 1) show up in person if you can, 2) email with your full contact information and request a receipt if you would like, 3) call but make sure you get a name of the person you are speaking to, then call back to make sure your response was recorded. Forget snail mail, unless it’s a duplicate of the emails and calls and you won’t be in danger of losing your contact if a letter is lost.

  95. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    OK, I’m off to make phone calls – two of my posts are in moderation so hanging out here trying to get other people to do the same is not working today. Hope you all do the same – no whining, more action. YES WE CAN.

  96. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    I may have just completely alienated my elderly father but in between my getting on and yelling at everyone to write letters, I got a stupid email from him, in ALL CAPS of course, with the usual cr*p from the fear mongers. I fired right back at him, something I normally don’t do, and let him have it about these f’ing creeps. I’m the only kid in the family he speaks to, and I may have just ruined that:

    “Dad, this is absolutely ridiculous and false. The Republicans, with the
    help of those creeps Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin and Beck are lying through
    their teeth. I am so angry I could spit, and I’ll probably be writing every
    politician I can get my hands on today. I know I owe you emails, but when I
    see these lies come through – knowing how important revamped health care is
    (like me – no insurance and no hope of ever getting any) then I have to drop
    my other stuff and GET MAD and write letters. I’m so tired of this fear
    mongering, and I sure wish you would see it for what it is. Please don’t
    send me this stuff – it just sends me over the top. They have brainwashed
    half the country with these lies – using email as a vehicle for this
    outright attempt at controlling people who don’t know any better is one of
    their favorite tricks. Senior citizens are their absolute favorite targets
    for their fear and lies.

    When you see an email in all caps, that’s your sign. It’s bullsh*t.

    But I do love YOU – I’m just so tired of these tactics, lies and blatant
    abuse of sanity and reason.”

  97. Polly says:

    123 leenie 17- thank you for the rallying cry. President Obama needs us. He said he could never make change alone. The change is us. Yes we can!


    Just to save you all having to go way back to find this. Feel free to repeat it.

  99. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Thanks leenie – I also answered to Marnie’s sigh of defeat but I guess I used too many words which the spam filter didn’t like.

    Knock of the defeatist stuff, get off the blogs and WRITE EVERY POLITICIAN you can get your hands on today, tomorrow and until we know the outcome.

  100. I´m writing, sharing info and signing and thinking and even forwarded some info to the most conservative people I know to win them over…. I might lose some friends in the process, but what choice do I have?
    @Martha – I am just kicking my own butt. Don´t have the right to kick anybody else´s. Feel free to kick your own anytime:-))))))

  101. leenie17 says:

    Marnie #101-
    I am afraid that the moment has already past, and the Democrats are in retreat in an effort to “compromise.”

    It’s not too late until the bill is passed and signed. There are still several versions being worked on and lots of differences that have to be resolved in the final bill.

    Look what we managed to do last November! The groundswell movement that helped send PO to the White House can be gathered again to make health care reform happen. I was shocked when my arguments convinced my 87 year old, Irish Catholic, life-long Republican mother to vote for Obama! I also helped several people at work to ‘see the light’ and I’m FAR from a parading, holding-up-a-sign kind of person! The millions of small contributions that added up to the largest campaign fund in history show that even small voices can make a lot of noise if there are enough of them!

  102. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    lettersfromeurope – thanks for the kick in the butt! You are spot on! I’m getting tired of the whining and want to see a lot more action on our part.

  103. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Call these jerks out, drag ’em across the carpet, and stuff their futures into a garbage can if they keep this crap up. The world is watching – and WTF? We combined huge efforts into electing our President, and now we let these a-hole Rs take back control with their fear mongering? Is everyone posting comments here also spending an equal amount of time writing and calling? I’m not even looking at blogs today, or news, or anything else until I’ve vented / written to everyone I can get my hands on. Dems are famous for complaining and wringing their hands when opposed by lack of reason, compassion and outright lies. If we don’t change that, then history will repeat itself.

    Be angry but stay positive about our impact and the outcome that we want and need – the glum stuff has got to go!

  104. bubbles says:

    just a farmer!!! healthy look at healthcare is is outstanding. great job mudpups chatting on chat……wynsplc check healthy look for your answer.look on the right hand side under which legislators are taking the money.

  105. The Democrats (the party) might be weak, but the people are not and we have to show our backing NOW. It´s not too late until you call it quits. We are all picking up our little bit of thread and unravelling the working of those that are against THE MOST IMPORTANT REFORM THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO INTRODUCE IN THIS CENTURY. Oh there I go CAPS, but it is worth it.

  106. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    @ Marnie

    “I am afraid that the moment has already past, and the Democrats are in retreat in an effort to “compromise.”

    Well let’s jam those phones and email servers today, tomorrow and on anyway – there’s no point in being glum right now. Be mad an CALL, WRITE, whatever. One comment like that may keep a few people from doing their part, feeling it’s too late. It’s not over til it’s over – let’s keep up an attitude of “go get ’em” before we call defeat.

  107. I just added a “I love the NHS” to my twitter avatar. And yes Ted Kennedy would receive health care in the UK and yes Stephen Hawking actually receives excellent health care there. The lies about other health care systems are getting very, very annoying. Am working on a piece for my blog about the german system. GermanConservatives, Socialist and whatever like it a lot. Hands off!

  108. karen in OR says:

    Marnie Says:
    August 17th, 2009 at 6:09 AM

    The RepoHamas, do a much better job of serving the needs of their constituents than the Democrats do, in non election times. And they are repaid with fierce loyalty. That is always a point that has to be dealt with in Dim strategy, and they do a terrible job of it.


    Very cogent (and sobering) point Marnie.

    Fear creates a fierce loyalty among Repugs, easily led/herded. The independent and critical-thinking capacity of liberals does seem to cause great difficulty with unified agreement necessary for implementation.

    It would be my fondest dream that the current issue would truly unite us and really enable us to “find our balls”. Or ovaries (hard up for metaphors).

  109. Marnie says:

    Ops. Thanks for the link.

  110. Marnie says:

    102 Lani Formerly Bash Budweiser Palin Says:
    August 17th, 2009 at 6:17 AM
    Faith-based call for health care reform:
    This meeting began small a few days ago. A limited number of ppl were invited to participate. It has become HUGE. It has changed into a major webcast and call in event. Please join in if you can.

    Just did.
    I have been hoping MSreligious groups would come together raise their voices. We are the majority and I don’t like the “Christian” voice that has been speeking from RepoNazi lips.

  111. ChiCat says:

    Oh, and you can find out who is donating to elected officials at

    Let them know you are watching!

  112. ChiCat says:

    YAY, HU-RAH!

    I don’t know if someone else posted this, but even if so, it bears repeating.

    Here is the link to contact your elected officials:

    For awhile I was thinking, well, do we NEED the public option? Can’t we make reforms besides that, just to get compromise? And then I realized, we HAVE compromised already. Healthcare reform without a public option is almost pointless. We the people voted in a Democratic president and Democratic majorities in Congress. These people campaigned on chnage and reform, and they WON the election. We the people want meaningful healthcare reform; we already voted for it in November. LET’S DO IT ALREADY!

    I called my rep Markey’s office to say thanks for supporting reform (according to Progressive Punch he’s a high 90s progressive–yay for my district!) but I’m going to call again and be sure he knows that we the people want a public option. My Senators are Kennedy and Kerry, who haven’t lasted a100 years in the Senate because they don’t know how to compromise, so I’m going to call them too. No more compromises!

  113. Polly says:

    110 Justina- thank you. great information!!

  114. Marnie says:

    35 mommom Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 9:21 PM
    I spend so much time on the internet emailing,and countering claims on right wing blogs,that my grandchildren want to disown me.Thats ok if they get to have good healthcare.

    Grassley walks it back!!!!!!!!!

    But the damage is already done. He wants to have his cake and eat it to. He was for the bridge to nowhere before he was aginst it and now he’s for it again.
    He kissed his party’s PR backside,knows that will show up come reelection time, so now he’s in CYS mode.

  115. Justina says:

    Great column and excellent suggestions AK. To help implement your call to action, readers might want to take advantage of the e-mail services to both Congressional Representatives and media through

    This user-friendly website provides direct links to your representative’s contact pages. But perhaps the most useful feature is its links to all the media sources within 100 miles of a given zip code. Thus, if you go to its media link on the home page, it takes you to a page where you can enter a zip code. You then will be provided with all the news media for 100 miles around that zip code, plus national media.

    You can choose up to 5 media to write to at one one time, using the message box on the site. (When you’ve written your message or letter to the editor, save it by highlighting and hitting control c.) Fill in your identifying information and hit send. Your messages and letters will be sent to the 5 media you choose. (Then go back and choose 5 more, and hit control v to copy out your previously written letter.)

    Many local newspapers will publish your letters — they need the filler. If you want to send a letter to the editor to Podunk, Arkansas, but don’t know the zip code code, go to the senate site for that state and get the zip code of a Senator’s office there. Then you can use that zip code in your search for local newspapers.

    During the election campaign, I sent hundreds of letters to local newspapers all over the country this way. Don’t forget to save your letters on your hard drive, you never know when it will come in handy again!

  116. daisydem says:

    I received an email from the Barack Obama administration (I had signed up as healthcare being an interest of mine since my husband is a licensed professional counselor and I am his office manager; I do the insurance billing for our clients) asking me to go to my congressman’s office and just drop off a form that would give them my name and contact information and a brief paragraph of “why it (passing healthcare reform) matters to me.” When I signed up on the website for a specific day/time, an email came giving me my representative’s address/phone number, instructions on how to go about the visit, the form to drop off, etc. It could not have been easier. My only frustration is in knowing that this particular senator has already indicated his position(s) on the bill once drafted and has made some blatantly false statements in the press concerning the state of America’s healthcare system as it stands. (He supports the status quo!?! WTF?) Anyway, I would only hope that what I wrote would somehow touch some glimmer of intelligence in his brain and give him cause to think about the issue again.

  117. wynsplc says:

    I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. Where can I find how much money has been given to Begich, Murkowski and Young? If they received money from the Health Care/Big Pharma industry or their lobbyists, I would like to include that information in the e mail I send to them. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

  118. Marnie says:

    21 VernD Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 8:14 PM
    OK SameOld and Aussie Blue, youz guyz duke it out and let me know….LOL

    Actually they are both right.
    Email, especially a canned one, counts less than a personal letter which takes more time to produce (more sincerity) so has more weight.
    Just takes a week or so longer to actually into their office mailbox.

  119. sdragon says:

    Watching that video just makes me sick. Can’t people think for themselves any more? What makes them believe such nonsense? That’s why I will never again as long as I live be a part of some party. I do not need or want anyone else to tell me how to think or act. That is the biggest problem we have, two parties. All they can do is fight each other. How about a new party? How about The American People Party?

  120. Quince Squibb Underpinnings says:

    Don’t stop at emails. Write up letters. Tell your them your experiences; tell them what you support in health insurance reform, and tell them why. Bring them to your Senators’ and representatives’ local district offices and if you cannot find someone to speak to about them in those offices, make sure that any human who works there takes those letters in hand and understands that you are a constitutent and that you are hand-delivering these to your elected officials.

  121. sdragon says:

    #101Marnie, Well said, I agree.

  122. leenie17 says:

    Wow…just watched the video and the ignorance and blind allegiance is astounding and frightening. I know that Alaska is more red than many states, but I know that this kind of delusion is going on around the country.

    I’ll be sending emails out to my congresscritters today. My 2 senators are Gillibrand and Schumer so I have no doubt that they will be voting for reform, but it can’t hurt to let them know they have support. My Rep is Chris Lee (R) who’s brand new so I’m hoping that a little push from a constituent may have more of an impact than on some of the old dogs in the House!

  123. Lani Formerly Bash Budweiser Palin says:

    Faith-based call for health care reform:
    This meeting began small a few days ago. A limited number of ppl were invited to participate. It has become HUGE. It has changed into a major webcast and call in event. Please join in if you can.

    “Join us Wednesday, August 19th at 5:00 PM EDT to hear from faith leaders across the country and President Barack Obama! RSVP at right to let us know you’ll be on the call, submit a question for the speakers, and learn more about what you can do to help pass health reform.”

  124. Marnie says:

    As usual well and truly spoken.

    I am afraid that the moment has already past, and the Democrats are in retreat in an effort to “compromise.” Which really means selling out to their big donors in the health care industry.

    Also they have allowed the Repugs to control the Health Care dialog for several months, and Obama or Rahm or Pelosi/Reed, or whoever, didn’t take control of the PR and the dialogue and keep that control so that the Repugs were made to reply to our points and not the other way around.

    The RepoHamas, do a much better job of serving the needs of their constituents than the Democrats do, in non election times. And they are repaid with fierce loyalty. That is always a point that has to be dealt with in Dim strategy, and they do a terrible job of it.

    This is one of the inherent “political” weaknesses with liberalism and the concepts of real freedom of thought and opinion. Libruls are not treated like a well controlled heard, we are allowed to wander around on our own. Periodically the Dims round up a few of the herd and ask what’s going on.

    The RepoTaliban tell their well ordered heard what’s going on. So libruls and the Democratic Party always have a far greater difficulty in gaining a unified direction for their politicians and their supporters. They are always playing catchup.

    If the Dims won’t even make the effort to support a measure to allow insurance coverage of a professional consultation on voluntary filling out a living will, aka “death panel,” how likely are they to stand up for any type of universal, equal cost for equal services health care?
    ( I do, however enjoy the point that the only people who are hurt by the loss are that coverage are people who already have insurance, it does no harm to the non insured. It was and is, however a brilliant Goebbelsesque PR gambit, that once again the Democrats were pathetically unable to answer.)

    When all is said and done the problem is the weakness of the Democratic party to fight for their own agenda and for their voters, more than it is the strength of the RepoTaliban’s well “oiled” PR machine and their all too successful Brown Shirt tactics.

  125. Lilybart says:

    Good try to get Huffo to take her off the site, but it won’t work.

    Huffpo is just a click-whore now.
    We are good friends with both Arianna and the main backer.
    They want to sell it so hits and clicks are what it’s all about.
    Notice how half the stories on the main NEWS page now are celebrity nudity, full or partial?

    I made a Google home page so I could stop having Huffpo up all day. It has blog links so I used to use it as a home page at work but I got so sick of the tabloidy crap, and when they ran the screaming headline about Hillary UpStaged by Bill…I quit them.

  126. C.Rock says:

    I feel so hopeless here in Texas. My senator’s are Kay Hutchinson R and John Cornyn R. Neither one of them will vote for Healthcare Reform. They are the party of NO, NO, NO.I have called , emailed and I know I could rally alot of friends to make calls. It’s useless !Even if I got 1000 people to call, I know that it would be a waste of time. They have no intention on getting anything the President wants passed. Hutchinson even said she is purposely not resigning until after the vote on Healhcare.This totally sucks.I tried to email Blue dog democrats and they say I’ m not in there district.

  127. LiladyNY says:

    Mudpuppies, do you feel it? I do – the inhalation of righteous indignation is about to be exhaled in every corner of this country against the lies and distortions being bandied by the bat-sh*t crazies and they’d better run for cover! I am really, really angry right now and I think sane people all over are feeling the same. It starts HERE and NOW before long what a powerful voice it will be.

    AKM, you beautiful blogger, you are the momentum behind the force you’ve unleashed!

  128. Lilybart says:

    Diane: Palin will never answer questions, point blank. THAT is why she hides behind her Facebook writers.

    She is the Potemkin Candidate, with nothing behind the facade.

  129. Bonnie says:

    I’ve posted my Congressman’s email on the subject at:

    I doubt anyone reads it or responds as most are downright sick of the whole issue by now.

  130. Cassie Jeep Pike Palin says:

    Visited one Senator’s office. Check
    Attended Congressman’s town hall. Check
    Wrote letter to other Senator. Check
    Wrote letter to neighboring congressman. Check.

    Lets do this, Mudpuppies!

  131. trisha says:

    sdragon: I used to live in Iowa. I now live in Utah, so I’m dealing with Hatch.
    But, I did write Grassley and told him that I expected more from him and Iowa than fear tactics. I told him he was bad PR for the state.

    Hatch was on the local news last night saying that the angry outburst at townhall meetings is representative of ALL American’s who are angry about the President’s Bill. GRRRRRR…….Sigh.

    Anyone have an ideas on how to compose a letter to the likes of Hatch and company? Please pass on any examples you have used some of these guys.

  132. Martha says:

    Great Britain has organised FOR NHS for Americans!

    The right-wing Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) ran an editorial recently claiming that physicist Stephen Hawking “wouldn’t have a chance” in the UK because the NHS does not offer proper care to the elderly, prompting Hawking to remind IBD that he both lives in Britain and that without the NHS’s “high quality of treatment,” he “wouldn’t be alive today.”

    Fed up with the deceptive attacks against their health care system from the American right, British citizens have started the “We love the NHS campaign” on Twitter, which has become one of the top trending topics on the service, with even British Prime Minister Gordon Brown taking part.

  133. trisha says:

    LiladyNY Says: #81 trisha
    Bravo! I lLOVE the point you made that “Sarah Palin says jump and Sen. Grassley says how high?” Now that’s a line that will get under his skin I believe.!

    I think that should be a “talking point” in every email and letter to our Congressvarmints! I don’t think it can be emphasized too much. Once they chew on that for a bit – a barely one-term QUITTER is calling the shots oh boy oh boy, I can’t wait for the backlash!
    LOL….thanks. I’m glad you like it. All politicians are ego manics, so that message can’t sit well with any elected official.

    To use a SP joke: What’s the difference between a half-term governor who quit mid-term and a US Senator (or any elected position)?
    One has real responsibilities.

    So, if they hear that SP “thinks” she is calling the shots and taking credit…..all from the power of her facebook page……….ouch.

  134. sdragon says:

    Whoops, that’d be letting.

  135. sdragon says:

    I’m so embarrassed to be an Iowan right now. I will work hard to get rid of Grassley. If I could wish him away, he’d have been gone a long time ago. I did sign the petition & will work on an e-mail lettig him know how disgusting I think he is. No wonder people think that Iowa stands for Idiots Out Wandering Around. We so need term limits, these old farts need to go & this is coming from an old fart!!

  136. DrChill says:

    AKM – Find out who your representatives are, if you don’t know.

    How to find out-

    Here’s a fabulous civic resource to find federal and local officials:
    enter you 5 digit zip, then
    you can enter your 5+4 zip or home address to find state officials and their contact info
    Very cool.

  137. trisha says:

    #44 Lani Formerly Bash Budweiser Palin:Thanks for that info on that doctors movement. I have been wondering when physicians would speak up. But, I think that some large physician groups need to stand up to Palin’s statement about dealth panels.

    Essentially, she is calling physicians—“agents of death” who will dupe their patients into pulling the plug to save the gov’t money!!!!! They should be MAD as HELL. How insulting to every single physician in this nation.

    On another note, what about the media? I am really sick of them only covering the nut jobs and giving them a voice as if it is representative of all of America. I drop them notes but maybe they need to hear a larger voice.

  138. Katie in Wasilla says:

    Thanks AKM, you’ll be home all fired up ! Yipee !!! Thanks for bringing us along!!!

  139. sauerkraut says:

    We should be listening to Olympia Snowe instead of Chuckles. Write to her and ask her to outline her stance. She tends towards the no b.s.

  140. LiladyNY says:

    #81 trisha
    Bravo! I lLOVE the point you made that “Sarah Palin says jump and Sen. Grassley says how high?” Now that’s a line that will get under his skin I believe.!

    I think that should be a “talking point” in every email and letter to our Congressvarmints! I don’t think it can be emphasized too much. Once they chew on that for a bit – a barely one-term QUITTER is calling the shots oh boy oh boy, I can’t wait for the backlash!

  141. justafarmer says:

    Thanks for that list. I’d forgotten that my Senator, Jim Bunning is on that committee.
    Bunning has announced that he will not be running for re-election, supposedly due to lack of support from the Republican party. One of the people who have announced a run for that seat is Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul. Over the weekend, Rand Paul put out a statement against health reform because it would “pull the plug on grandma”.
    Hey, Dr. Paul! Way to make it easy to dismiss you as a serious candidate!

  142. LiladyNY says:

    #77 trisha – I’ve also written to Facebook’s CEO by Facebook email and snail mail requesting that they tell her to cease and desist from using Facebook as a political platform. I pointed out to Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook is a SOCIAL networking site, not a personal BLOG and that if SP wished to blog, she should find some other venue to do that. I told him I found her actions offensive and that it was spoiling the use of Facebook for me.

    I’ve also signed the petition to Sen. Grassley and will write him a personal note as well.

  143. LiladyNY says:

    #77 trisha – I’ve also written to Facebook CEO by email and snail mail requesting that they tell her to cease and desist from using Facebook as a political platform. I pointed out to Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook is a SOCIAL

  144. PennLawyer says:

    I just wrote a very strong, and very detailed email to my Blue Dog congressman, Jason Altmire, relying heavily on your comments and suggestions. I closed with:

    “I know you have a professional background representing hospitals. Did you manage to work in a health care environment without ever witnessing the agony and suffering of people presenting for treatment? There are millions of Americans with no health care – and hundreds of thousands of them are going without treatment for health issues which would be routinely treated in every other industrialized country. This is the defining issue of your term of office. Do the right thing.”

    I’ll follow up with phone calls to his local and DC office and give the appropriate staffers an earful – because brand new politicians like my congressman ARE influenced by their experienced staffers.

    OT: It was pure delight attending the Pittsburg Mudstock get-together. You and Shannyn were terrific to listen to and chat with, and the other people attending were a GREAT group of like-minded, superbly informed people. It was surreal to finally meet in the flesh all these people whom I knew only via my computer screen!
    I expect you and Shannyn will knock ’em for a loop in Hahvahd Yahd!

  145. trisha says:

    mommom Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 9:29 PM
    More from Grassley on Politico—-Obviously it had nothing to do with Quitty pants.!!!

    The email also included his previous statements, issued Thursday and Friday, and here after the jump, and noted that “Senators discussing a possible bipartisan Finance Committee bill took end-of-life provisions off the table weeks ago, not this week, as some have read the Aug. 13 statement to say.”

    » Continue reading Grassley responds to Obama’s town hall shot
    Thanks for this. Keep the notes to Grassley going. I made a point of telling Grassley in my “civil” note that that Palin and her fans are celebrating victory and are claiming that she forced his hand and SHE is more powerful than the president and Grassley. They are saying that one facebook page from her….and Grassley jumped…They think that Palin says jump, and Grassley says how high. (Her demented fans actually think this) Grassley has been a US Senator since the dawn of time, and now a quitty one term governor is claiming that she is the one with the “real” power. He needs to know that his words connect him to this nutjob.

  146. greatgrammy1 says:

    To trisha in response : Huffpo uses SP because she brings readers period. She is like a train wreck, a fire or a side show carnival freak. People seek the shock, awe, stupidity, ignorance and laughter she brings. It is not because they agree with her, it is because of the attention they get with her. The general public has never had an opportunity to have all of the reactions in one article and from one person. She really should be in the entertainment section because she is pure entertainment.

  147. Martha says:

    There are sooo many rumors and much misinformation out there. The media has spun this idea that the public option has been dropped, neither the Whitehouse nor Obama has said that.

    AKM is correct, they WANT to hear from all of you that the support for a public option is STRONG.

    Hats off to those of you that make your voices heard,

    They just can’t do alone, they need each and every one of you to let them know.

    Even main stream media is spinning Palin’s “victory” on “death panels as well, they’ve done a pretty good job BUT:

    “I join millions of Americans in expressing appreciation for the Senate Finance Committee’s decision to remove the provision in the pending health care bill that authorizes end-of-life consultations (Section 1233 of HR 3200),”

    It’s amazing that this woman who ran as VP, was a governor and a mayor, has no idea how the house and senate work.

    First of all BOTH the house AND senate are in recess, therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Senate Finance Committee to make ANY decision about ANY bill OR for ANYTHING to be added or removed from ANY BILL…… …duh!!!!

    The senate finance committee consists of……….




    There has been no announcement from this group of senators that they intend on removing ANYTHING from ANY bill.

    Any one of these senators cannot speak for the entire committee about future “intentions” or “decisions” whilst they are in recess.

    Secondly and most glaringly, ………. .(Section 1233 of HR 3200)….. ..HR…… …….for HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, NOT THE SENATE!

    From her Facebook proclaimation, Palin assumes this is a senate bill, obviously.

    It hasn’t gone to the senate yet!

    IF a house bill had gone to the senate and decisions had been made about it, you would have known before the recess.

    This is the stuff of 6-7th grade civics. Palin is not fooling anyone any more, she is intellectually void.

    Be careful about media spin………CNN has spun this “victory” as fact and it reminds me why they are NOT “the most trusted name in news”

  148. I have always been one of those people who shook my head. I started reading Mudflats soon after you started it up. Since then, my Mom and I have had no problem writing our congressman, our Senators, other Senators, the White House and so on. When the Finance Committee said they couldn’t do anything before the recess, ALL of them got emails from me.

    Rachel Maddow on Meet the Press mentioned the following (from the Huffington Post website). “Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) is letting Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee have an equal say even though a huge Democratic majority was voted in in November.”

    Well we went two more messages to Baucus to let the entire committee do it’s job.

    Now the White House might cave on the Public Option? Yup, two more messages out to there.

    I’m 55, my mom is 75. You can’t be too young nor too old to make your voice heard.

  149. trisha says:

    Lilady NY: I think a write-in campaign to Huffington Post to take down the Sarah Palin page is in order. Since she is now an unemployed private citizen, she should be relegated to the irrelevancy where she belongs. If they will not take down the page, then they should put up pages for all previous unsuccessful VP candidates. If she deserves a page, then so do they. Right?

    Good idea. I like it. As much as Palin needs to be…..errr…what’s the word?….monitored, I do think that Huffpo gives her too much space. Maybe it’s time to boycott the attention. Why should her facebook page get media attention?

  150. trisha says:

    Thanks AKM and everyone for all the great links. I think a lot of American’s have been watching in horror as this display of hate and lies has been unleashed by the Right, yet we are feeling helpless.

    Remember during the election when Obama received a ton of donations every time Palins spoke? I vow to again donate to the DNC every time the MSM reports on her facebook rants.

    If you haven’t signed the Grassley petition, do it. Also, drop him a note and let him know how disgusting it is for a Untied States Senator to side with the rhetoric of hate coming from unemployed governor who quit her job.

    He has already made a statement backing away from the “death panels” but it’s not strong enough, but he is feeling the heat. I do think he is trying to back away from Palin’s. In my note, I made a point of connecting the dots between Palin and his remarks.

  151. Greytdog Δ says:

    Orlando Mudpups – Alan Grayson holding a town hall on healthcare tonight @7:45 IBEW Local 606 hall – 820 Virginia Drive (Just off of 17-92.) I’m heading down there at 430 to wait for a seat up front & center. I’m going to try & tweet during the meeting but last I heard that security may not allow cell phones in. . . we’ll see, But if anyone is in the Orlando area – please come out & support Alan. He’s FOR the public option

  152. LiladyNY says:

    Have written to my Congresscritters thanking them for supporting single payer and the public option and continuing to do so while gently reminding them that their political future is in the hands of The People, of whom I am one, and that I shall be keeping an eye on them.

    Am pleased to have donated to Mad as Hell Doctors on Tour – great idea. I am hopeful that more medical professionals of every stripe and color will join this Tour. I believe that is very important to the success of this movement and I applaud their effort and will support them in every way I can. After all, we, the paying public will benefit from healthcare reform, but so will they!

    I think a write-in campaign to Huffington Post to take down the Sarah Palin page is in order. Since she is now an unemployed private citizen, she should be relegated to the irrelevancy where she belongs. If they will not take down the page, then they should put up pages for all previous unsuccessful VP candidates. If she deserves a page, then so do they. Right?

  153. carol from Minnesota says:

    Hope not Fear

    Help not Hate

    Choice not Lies

  154. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    the common complaint about insured health care that i am mystified about is that the cost of premiums is so high that no one actually uses the insurance cause there isn’t any extra money in the family budget to pay the part of the bill(s) not fully reimbursed by the insurance. this makes absolutely no sense.

    like paying for a car you can’t afford to drive
    or building an office building that stays empty
    or a library that is never open
    or a highway that no one drives on

    it makes my brain hurt thinking about it
    and it makes me sick to my stomach watching it happen to my friends and family

    another good use of our activist energy is to contact friends and families in those districts of the key senators and congresspersons and start a dialog on the facts and myths of health reform to impower the constituency that can put real voter pressure on the crafters of the legislation……and encourage those friends and family to communicate regularly with their elected officials.

    i have to say that gov dean’s talk at netroots nation is an excellent source of clear-headed discussion of key parts of what health reform should mean. sharing the link to the video feed is another tool in our toolbox.

  155. tlgeiger62 says:

    Wonderful stuff AKM … here is a link for those wanting to contact their reps:

  156. Diane says:

    Sarah Palin needs to be asked point blank why she thinks that it is impossible to insure every American.
    She needs to be asked who she thinks should not be insured. And the criteria she thinks should be used to bar people from insurance besides ability to pay.
    And then let her talk about death panels why she explains the deaths of 250 of her own people why she was Gov.

  157. Irishgirl says:

    Great post AKM.

  158. Misfit in Texas says:

    I sent my emails this morning! if you aren’t sure exactly what to say or how to word it or even who to send them, here is a link that can help you this is a great organization that stays on top of the issues.

  159. AKM, that was excellent. Thank you once again for your insights and for reminding all of us that the election was the beginning, not the end.

    I just saw the added video of the teabaggers, and I have to say, that was the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a long time. All those people sound like they are nice reasonable people, until you really listen to what they are saying. They are much scarier than some of the people we’ve seen lately yelling and screaming at the town halls. It just shows that we still need to do a lot to educate people. And the one man who told another to shut up needs a lesson in manners – just because he has gray hair doesn’t mean it’s OK to be so rude. (And I say that with my own fair share of gray hair.)

  160. pearl89 says:

    Here is a link for repressentatives and senators. Simply click on your state to find your representatives. It has their phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses.

    I usually pick several states a day and email them. I should probably do a form letter to make life easier to send to each. But, if it’s a senator or congressman who has been saying things that I don’t agree with (Broun,McConnell,Bachmann,Grassley), I like to let them know I am aware of what they have been saying in the media. I want them to know I know they ‘ve beem lying.

    And don’t forget to check out justafarmer’s site. There is a link posted by County Girl post #53.

  161. Lani Formerly Bash Budweiser Palin says:

    Sorry to sound like a broken record (a circular, flat, semi-rigid piece of vinyl with grooves that produces sound when placed on a rotating “record player”), but…

    There is a location for posting of all action items, such as mudstocks, petitions, meetings, protests, rallies, seminars, town halls so forth.,22.0.html

    If you are not a mudflats forum member, you can still access the list by clicking on the link. If you don’t know how to post info on the forum, you can ask that a commenter on this blog who is a member to do it for you.

    If you are worried about making a goof in your first post, please don’t be worried. A team of friendly volunteers moderate the forum and will help you fix any problems with your post.

  162. honestyinGov says:

    AKM….. I have a suggestion…. or a request.

    Maybe you could even write a story/post asking people for suggestions to links they have come across in their travels. Like one of those you did for the ‘ book naming’ or the new suggested names for the New GOP.
    That way other Mudpuppies can help you so it is not all on you. I think you are working hard enough already. We can all help out.

    { this is my suggestion }
    Your post this week 8/13 was about “Netroots-Progressive Punch”.
    You explained to us how to use that website to see how our Officials were graded on Progressive issues.

    Someone coming to the blog a week from now, months from now or who is new or missed a few stories would have no idea that that database or resource is available. That’s a shame.

    Is there room on the right side of your blog page for just one active link that will direct us to a list that could be continuously growing and expanded as new info becomes available. ( different online resources )

    I know who my Senators and Congresscritters are but I know there is a database that give gives you the names, phone numbers and or emails of ALL Senators and Congressmen/Women. I know it is out there ( just don’t know what it is called ) and I don’t have it as a saved link. There are other links that most of us know nothing about either. Links ( or databases) that You probably use all the time and may have become second nature to you.
    Putting them in one place could be invaluable. Especially if someone got motivated and wanted to start their own blog.
    Links to the White House, Move.on, and or any other activity Organizations.
    Possibly links to Organizations to sign up for their Organizations newsletters or emails to stay up to date. Lots of possibilities.

    You probably were told about some new ones yourself just this weekend as well. This list will be constantly growing.
    You probably already have your list but other Mudpups could post links to sites they have found or come across as well. It happens on Open Threads all the time. MudPuppies love to share. You have taught them well. Sharing it in one central place keeps a permanent record list instead of being lost within an Open Thread.

  163. Country Girl says:

    Re HuffPost’s search for the 100 people who are using the new media to change the world.

    I was raised in the newspaper business, my dad was executive vice president of 2 of the 4 papers in Chicago for a number of years. I have always loved newspapers, but I willingly admit that they are no longer the in the front lines, even if they post their articles online. In other words, newspapers are yesterday’s news.

    I find that independent journalists/bloggers, if they have integrity, are my most reliable source of news today.

    Here’s what I wrote to HuffPost re AKM and their search for 100 journalists:

    I nominate AKMuckraker – and her marvelous blog The Mudflats.

    This blogger consistently brings to her readership a clear and concise picture of what is happening in Alaskan and U.S. politics. Her news is up to date and accurate, and the spirit of her blog demands that we, her readers, all take the high road with her. That keeps us honest, and keeps us from sliding down the slippery slope of schadenfreude.

    She is an excellent example of The New Journalism. I start and end my day checking to see what she has to say, and what her brilliant commenters have to say. Besides – what other journalist/blogger has a moose for a mascot?

    Sherry Stewart

  164. Here is an interesting development – I will have to do some research and not sure how this will pan out – Obama White House may signal for insurance coops. Hummm? I am too tired to remember – can I link here? Oh, yes AKM asked for links in her last post – OK here is a link!,0,4162156.story

  165. Gramiam says:

    Thanks for the petition against Grassley. I signed it and sent it to friends. Another thing to do is everybody who knows how to p.m. on the forum, teach somebody else. inroswellborn taught me and I’m paying it forward. I got a letter about the March for the President and passed it on. As a result, there should be at least 4 Arizona Mudpuppies participating. I am making a flyer to present to Sen. McCain’s staff this week. His office is quite nearby. I expect nothing good from him but at least he knows that this is one granny who isn’t fooled by the moose pucky dished out by his party. I intend to work my buns off to retire his sorry butt from the Senate. He and Kyl are infamously known as the “twin embarrassments”. My Representative is a wonder. Part of the majority Democratic Caucus for Health Care Reform and unphased by the thugs. Gotta love him. I write to him frequently and he never fails to answer with thoughtful attention to my concerns. I am working to keep him in the next election.Like mhrt, I am doing this for my kids and grandkids too.

  166. mhrt says:


    go pj..This is just not a state thing. It is a UNITED STATES of America thing. It is all of us. Our kids and grand kids.
    @ not that sarah I signed the petition for Grassley to step down.

  167. duchessofdork says:

    @pj – sounds like you’re doing great! 🙂

  168. pj says:

    I’m on board, and posted on the forum “AKM’s Call for Action”. I had sent an e-mail last week but see here that maybe I should reach outside of Nebraska also.
    Sometimes I feel foolish on the computer; not sure why, but I do. But I’ll continue because my gut/heart tells me AKM is right.

  169. duchessofdork says:

    Awsome post, AKM! I think it needs to be on HuffPo. You really said exactly what we all need to hear right now.

    P.S. You meant “dollars” not “dollares” right – unless it’s some kinda fancy Alaskan pageant spellin’ there, too, also.

  170. DreamGirl says:

    Thank you AKM for being you!

    Congress peeps WILL recieve a call from a ‘collateral damaged’ voter like most of us.

    I’m damn mad. Where is our outrage?

  171. A fan from CA says:

    I’ve been sending email all weekend every time I hear some dumb comment. I just remind the congresscritter that I can contribute to their opponents if I’m not from their district or state.

    Remember when Backman made those awful comments on Mathews. Her opponent got a windfall of donations and almost beat her. Let’s keep reminding them that we are watching.

    So back to the keyboards for health care.

  172. pearl89 says:

    I am going to email every Congressperson and Senator that I can get addresses for. Remember they are suppose to work for us. Don’t just contact you representatives, contact them all. Our elected officials work for all of us. Every vote a Senator in North Dakota makes has the potential to effect my life in NC. So, write or call every one you can.

    Go to all the planned and organized events, but stand up alone if you must. I did that today and it felt great. Later in the week, I plan to go to the local mall and hand out fliers about health care. If I can’t find something online, I will make my own. People can, and I am sure some will throw them in the trash, but at least I will know that I tried. I also have a handmade sign in the back window of my car supporting health care reform and Obama.

    It’s time for the gloves to come out.

  173. Country Girl says:


    Way to go! If anyone else has missed this, check it out.

  174. strangelet says:

    @mhrt: McCain is a Republican, so I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet he’ll be a NAY, no matter how much bipartisan goodness gets stuffed into the bill.

  175. curiouser says:

    Powerfully inspiring post! I’m on it.

  176. strangelet says:

    @35 mommom: That Grassley quote ought to be immortalized in the Mudflats Hall of Moose(stuff). That transcends the non-denial denial, or non-apology apology, genre, into the “Well, maybe I didn’t exactly mean that — BUT LOOK AT THIS SHINY PELOSI OBJECT OVER HERE!!!! Thank you very much” regime.

  177. Lee323 says:

    Great, fired-up post, AKM!

    AKM: “We cannot expect our elected leaders to go it alone. We need to help them. We are fighting powerful forces, and even the best warrior cannot go into battle alone.”


    QuiltAK #44…..Just a note to tell you that you’ll be one of the people that I’m thinking about specifically while I’m fighting for this reform :>)

  178. califpat says:

    You are right AKM, we need to have our collective voices heard or our fight is doomed. I promise to join my fellow Californians and email and phone our Representatives on this dire issue concerning health care reform. Together we can move mountains and get this reform passed in its entirety.

  179. bluebanshee says:

    Sen. Jay Rockefeller (WV) is a member of the Senate Finance Committee who is pretty ticked off about the way things are being handled. He is actually the Chair of the Subcommittee on Health Care but has been shut out of the negotiations that Max Baucus has been having with the ‘gang of six’. He should be encouraged to keep speaking up and pushing for a robust public option. He does not think the proposed “co-ops’ are a good substitute for the public option.

  180. bluebanshee says:

    There are lots of things all of us can do right now. Little things that don’t take great deal of skill or special training. We can talk about the need for health care reform with our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.

    Organizing for America has signs and other tools available — sign the OFA pledge to support the key principles for real health care reform. Also Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake is keeping a whip count of where various Congresscritters stand on health care reform (I refuse to call it ‘health insurance’ reform).

    My husband and I went to a Town Hall last week (did not get in) but spent some productive time outside the event waving signs, standing up in public for health care reform, and having some productive conversations with folks who were concerned (and sometimes frightened) about possible changes to their own situation. So even if you don’t get into a Town Hall there is lots of good work to be done outside.

    We also tabled at a local parade/street fair event here in Portland and handed out lots of literature and signage. Got lots of signatures on the OFA Health Care pledge, too.

    I think lots of folks need reinforcement and encouragement right now because cable news has been so filled with images of the crazies and nutjobs screaming and disrupting. Attending farmers markets and other local events in addition to Town Halls is a great way to connect with others in your area and make them feel that they are part of the majority who want real health care reform NOW.

    These are all things that ordinary folks can do in an effort to make a difference. Of course you still need to contact your congresscritters but don’t forget your fellow citizens.

  181. QuiltAK says:

    Thank you AKM! We had already written our letters even though I consider it putting a band aid on a broken arm. But I recognize that getting a public option is at least a start. There is so much wrong with our current health system and I don’t think it will start to be fixed until the FDA starts working for the people instead of big pharma. I am one of those hurt by the current system. I know that there are so many who have it worse than I do but some days it sure doesn’t feel like it.
    Like so many my story is long and I don’t like to tell it (easier to act like things are normal) but I truly have a tinfoil hat disease -chronic or late stage Lyme – it’s not pretty. I have basically become my own doctor. I really can’t afford to use the insurance that I do have. It doesn’t cover what truly works (let alone getting someone to believe me even though I have several tests that prove it). not to mention trying to meet the deductible when it already takes most of what we have to pay for those treatments that help the most that insurance wont cover (told hubby the other day – isn’t it amazing that they won’t pay for a deep tissue massage for me, that would make it easier for me to WALK across the room and help with the pain, but they will pay for a 70 year old man to get an erection. (I can think of a lot of pathetic examples like this -and I’m not saying that a 70 year old shouldn’t be able to get help getting it up but dammit I’d sure like help to walk across the room!) Everything is so broken with our medical system. Medical bankruptcy – been there, done that. It’s not as bad as you think. piece of paper -big deal.
    I am not in a physical condition to fight for what I need. We truly take it day to day. But I believe I am going to win. OK, starting to rant here. will stop now before I get to carried away.
    But I will humbly ask that those of you who are strong enough to fight. Please fight for those who are not. If you can go to a rally, go for someone who can’t. write an extra letter for that person. This is so sad that our representatives will put fear ahead of compassion.
    off to write again. Thanks to all for all you have already done (I know I’m writing to a strong group of fighters)!

  182. Lani Formerly Bash Budweiser Palin says:

    Another Action: Mad as Hell Doctors! “On September 8, 2009 a group of dedicated Oregon physicians will take the message of Universal Health Care “on the road” in a wrapped and branded Motor Home headed for Washington D.C.”

    Here is a map of the stops the caravan will make across the US:

    You can participate on line, at the stops along the way, or in Washington, DC. You can join the caravan for all or part of the journey.

    “This is not a campaign. In campaigns, there are spectators. This is a movement. Everybody plays.”

  183. mhrt says:

    Thank you .. not that sarah. I copied the ones for me and also the ones that I will need in Ca for my mother.
    This post was very timely. All of this weekend I have been reading all of links that have been posted, making a list of the bad guys that I felt I needed to call. I don’t care if they represent my state or not. What ever decision that they make will impact me and my family so I have a right to call them. So far this the list that I have come up with.
    Paul Broun- georgia
    Ron Weyde- oregon
    Sen Grassley- iowa
    Sen Kent Conrad
    Baucus- montana
    Rep John Culberson
    Any one else that I should call.

    Does any one else know how John McCain is voting on the health package. We all know that he would me denied coverage. So should I call him also.

  184. Ebbtide says:

    As talking to my own senators and rep (DeMint, Graham, and Mr. tied for 412th with Cantor as least progressive rep) is not worth the effort, this week I’ve emailed all the Dems on the senate finance committee, the President, Grassley (not that it will do any good, but I needed to vent), the Dems who are doing a good job tellng the story (Sherrod Brown, Barbara Boxer, etc.) as well as the media, to commend them when they get it right and to call them on letting the liars get away with their bs.

    I think it’s important to tell the “good guys” that we have their backs, and to let the wafflers know we’re watching their every move.

  185. PS – gosh I was so excited by your post, I forgot to say – I already wrote about health care on my blog – if you are interested, please click on my name above – and it will ‘take you there’.

    We are the people that will make this happen. Our President, cool as he is, is just one person without our help. Yes we can (again).

  186. DrChill says:

    I was just talking about Darcy Burner to my wife, when I saw this post.
    She quit Microsoft when she had a newborn, and ran for congress twice.

    Bill was amazing and eloquent, but her story seemed so courageous, & inspiring.

  187. Martha L. says:

    You have inspired me to write notes to Lisa and Mark, I have been contemplating it for the last few weeks and the envelopes are sealed and stamped.

  188. mommom says:

    More from Grassley on Politico—-Obviously it had nothing to do with Quitty pants.!!!

    The email also included his previous statements, issued Thursday and Friday, and here after the jump, and noted that “Senators discussing a possible bipartisan Finance Committee bill took end-of-life provisions off the table weeks ago, not this week, as some have read the Aug. 13 statement to say.”

    » Continue reading Grassley responds to Obama’s town hall shot

  189. not that sarah says:

    Grassley needs to disqualify himself. He is the head of the Senate Finance Committee, and the person who took the end of life discussion out of the bill. He of the death panels bridge to nowhere flip flop. Here’s a petition to get him to disqualify himself because he’s not being remotely honest about the issues:

  190. mommom says:

    I spend so much time on the internet emailing,and countering claims on right wing blogs,that my grandchildren want to disown me.Thats ok if they get to have good healthcare.

    Grassley walks it back!!!!!!!!!

    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has attempted to clarify his comments on end-of-life care meaning the government could “pull the plug on grandma.” He says he never used the phrase “death panel,” but that there is the “possibility of unintended consequences” from the health care bill.

    His full statement:

    “I’ve said for a long time and repeated last week that we all ought to consider how we want to be treated if we are struck by an incapacitating illness, and that advanced care planning is a good thing to do. As far as legislation goes, it’s not the case that provisions in the Pelosi health care reform bill this year are just like provisions Congress passed in the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. I’ve never called the Pelosi provisions a ‘death panel.’ The issue is whether end-of-life provisions should be part of legislation that’s about controlling health care spending, and which also creates a government-run health care program, as the Pelosi bill does. Doing so escalates concerns about the rationing of health care, since government-run plans in other countries ration to control spending. Putting end-of-life consultations alongside cost containment and government-run health care causes legitimate concern. This context and the details of this year’s proposal are different than the 2003 legislation, which covers advice from specialized physicians outside of any larger effort to control spending on health care. It’s not fair to Americans who are asking questions to gloss over those facts and, in fact, end-of-life provisions haven’t been part of ongoing Senate Finance Committee discussions as a result of those realities and the possibility of unintended consequences. On this subject and others, it’s important that the debate is fair-minded and based on an accurate representation of the issues involved.”

  191. not that sarah says:

    You can also use this link to set up an office visit and fill out a form. This form is important, because it shows our support for Obama’s plan. They need to realize that we elected him, and we can re-elect them or NOT. Drop it by if you can, as it has the most impact. But if you can’t, you can mail it or fax it.

  192. karen in OR says:

    I just watched the teabagger video.

    I’ve always known that we in the United States are not uniquely IMMUNE from fascistic impulses of the kind that sprang forth in Germany…but I really didn’t think I’d live to see it. Seeing these “ordinary” people so wildly misled and spouting such ignorant nonsenese scares the pants off me.

    I agree with the suggestion above; I’d love to see a cross-country campaign given by Clinton, Dean and Burner. I know that Clinton alone has the “star power” (sorry, but that’s what works) to bring out crowds to rival the crazies.

    My emails are sent and will do phone calls tomorrow.

  193. seattlefan says:

    Thanks for your post AKM. The only thing I would add is to contact President Obama and say the same things along with giving him your support. I have called, emailed and hand-written letters to my Senators (Cantwell and Murray) as well to my congressman (Reichert). I am on Darcy Burner’s email list and contribute however I can with her efforts (she came so close to winning here in my district). I have sent letters to the White House and called to render my support and urge him to not back down. I really believe that if we all do this we can drown out the senseless yelling and screaming of the tea-baggers/birthers/deathers/etc. whose only agenda is to disrupt and not come up with any solutions. We can do it with reason and intelligence and we need to let our elected officials know we are serious!

    Done. 🙂
    Thanks again AKM! Glad you had a productive and inspiring time at Netroots Nation. Can’t wait to hear more about it all.

  194. kraftytess says:

    I wrote to the White House today, my reps in Cali are all Dems and fairly liberal but it can’t hurt to give them more support. I will follow up with all of them, I agree we cannot allow the wingnuts to derail the public option. I am with Gov. Dean and Rachel – without the public option there is no true reform. BTW Rachel rocked on Meet the Press today1

  195. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    FYI – when I spent time tracking down all of the information needed for people to contact the committees who were in the confirmation process for that craphead AG Palin tried to stuff down our throats, I asked specifically if there was a preferred, or more legitimate form of voicing our opinions – email, letters, phone calls, or using the POM system in Alaska (click, type and send 50 words or less).

    I was told repeatedly that there is no difference in the weight of the form of response. They added these points, though: Letters could be lost, set aside, delivered to the wrong office or address. They can fall into the garbage can. Emails can be tracked and counted easily, and phone calls should be trustworthy but always get the name of the person you are talking to.

    So do it, and just do it now! Letters would take too long anyway!

    Alaskans, don’t forget to add Rep. Young to the contact list along w/ Senators Begich and Murkowski! We know it’s probably fruitless w/ the two Rs but our voices and pressure must be heard anyway – no matter what we may believe about being ignored.

  196. Polly says:

    Hope this link works. Obama Administration Listening Tours- Dates and Locations:

  197. Lani Formerly Bash Budweiser Palin says:

    pvazwindy, we have at least a dozen forum members in Arizona. Please post info on your gathering tomorrow in the Action Alerts.

  198. strangelet says:

    I’ve been away from the Flats for a few days — I had some business back in the Bay Area and decided to spend a couple days in SF — so I’ve just finished reading AKM’s posts. Which were wonderfully informative, of course.

    Living in Cali, my Senators are Boxer (who hardly needs encouragement to be liberal) and Feinstein (who I write to regularly, but who is really not worried about re-election).

    I now have — for the second time in my life — a Republican Congressman. Weirdly enough, a few months ago (before I had even moved permanently), I got auto-dialled for a telephone “town-hall”. This was back more during the bailout fooferaw. They never got to me, but I did get to hear what I suppose was a cross-section of the constituency, which I can only summarize as
    “O.M.G.” Well, I can describe it better, but this is a polite blog.

    Anyhow Rep. Radanovitch remained reasonably calm, although totally party-line, in his responses, so I wrote him a letter asking, among other things, how come he and his fellow Rs had suddenly rediscovered their fiscal conservatism after misplacing it for eight years. I actually got a reply. It was rationalization, of course, but at least it was a reply to my actual letter.

    So I’ll work on the guy. I know he’ll never vote for any bill that actually emerges, but maybe I can make him feel bad about it. ;>)

  199. akfishergirl says:

    letters sent already.. calls this week! and I have worked the last 2 elections to get Darcy Burner elected to Congress.. She is just absolutley beyond wonderful!!!!! How can we get her working for us?!

  200. pvazwindy says:

    AKM, I’m in weekly contact with my representative. I will continue to do so, and expand and appeal to my friends and extended family. This effort must continue on until we achieve our goal, health reform for all. I’m not sure how to handle my senators, minority whip Kyl, and pow McCain. Suggestions from anyone would be appreciated. Rep. Kirkpatrick has retreated to using teleconferencing, (my rep.) I’m just sick of this incessant bashing, by the extreme lunatic fringe.

    Gramiam, when you read this tell me how you would handle, Kyl & McCain.
    And make your voice heard tomorrow in Phx.


  201. nebraska mudflatter says:

    Thanks AKM for the passion. It’s what we need right now. A couple of hours ago I wrote an emotional e-mail to the White House regarding the public option, pleading that it be kept.

    I was going to our Blue (Alpha) Dog, Ben Nelson’s office Friday p.m. to discuss this, but didn’t due to the unbearable pain of an injury that I don’t feel I can seek treatment for due to my crappy NE State-supported insurance ($5,000 deductible, $700 premium per month). I will go next week, and keep working at it.

    A friend from India wrote to me on FB today to thank me for my posts, which are mostly about the health care reform debate. My foreign friends just don’t get it . . . and I don’t blame them. Few of them have to worry about health care coverage, even though they don’t have the “best health care systems in the world.”

    We all need to get a lot angrier!!

  202. Lani Formerly Bash Budweiser Palin says:

    No snail mail to the WDC offices. But you can fax to the offices! Even better, you can hand-deliver your letter to the local offices.

    Also, Please, if you hear of or are planning any actions – protests, town hall meetings, visits to your representatives – please post info in the Action Alerts section of the forum.,22.0.html

  203. Suchanut says:

    Amen! Already e-mailed, but I will send a snail mail letter and follow it up with snail mail Thank You Cards (“thanks for considering the needs of the people in your district as you make decisions about their health care and, incidentally, your own”).

    Can’t BO have a come-to-Jesus meeting with all of the Dems? If there was ever a time for the Dems to unite, it is now. Can’t the Blue Dogs be used for the benefit of the party in some way – is there a way to paint health care reform as fiscal uber responsibility? There’s gotta be a way to finesse this in DC.

    What if Bill Clinton, Darcy Burner and Governor Dean did a cross country bus trip? Thinking people would show up in droves and drown out the crazies! BO could pop in every one in a while as a surprise! We need something BIG!

    I want the power to run things via magic for just a few months…

  204. VernD says:

    OK SameOld and Aussie Blue, youz guyz duke it out and let me know….LOL

  205. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    8 VernD Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 7:33 PM
    I know there are more effective ways of communicating with our reps. Is snail mail still (?) the best method?
    Wonderful post AKM!!!
    A handwritten letter is the most valuable communication of all in measures that politicians use.

  206. SameOld says:

    8 VernD Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 7:33 PM

    I know there are more effective ways of communicating with our reps. Is snail mail still (?) the best method?
    Never use snail mail. All snail mail is treated since the anthrax stuff and takes forever. Email or call. Check the web site for your congress persons. They may have a special blog on health care. The HHS web site also has a means to indicate you support healthcare change.

  207. SameOld says:

    I suggest that we also start with our threats …. no health care for us then none for you, Congress and Executive. Lets be nasty employers just like many of us have and take away the benefits of everyone on the Hill. Staffers also. Nothing like a little motivation.

    I think this so called coop option is crap. I have plenty of options for car insurance. It is still too high. I live in the country and put on 5000 a year or less. Health insurance will be run the same way. Have an accident, lose your car insurance and go into a higher group. Get sick and find yourself paying double. That’s what happens when insurance runs their own show. Look at the mess Repugs made out of Medicare by forcing private plans and subsidizing them.

    I’m just tired of being lied to.

    I don’t believe anyone any more. I plan to work very hard against those who cave. Luckily my rep is a freshman Dem and she isn’t nuts. I’m not sure about Arlen and Bob Casey????

  208. Village Reader says:

    Meant to write — I also sent a note to my friends on Face Book.

    hmmmm. Cutting corners, I might end up sounding like Failin soon. Better get some sleep.

  209. dowl says:

    Encouraging feedback from Netroots. Thanks! Will get busier.

  210. justafarmer says:

    thanks for this, AKM!
    This past week, a group of mudpups spent some time in chat brainstorming ideas. One idea was a central blogsite where all of the on-line resources could be collected and was born. It’s still very much a work in progress.

  211. wearyvoter says:

    And figure that your senator or representative will take your one contact and multiply that by 10 or 100.

  212. Village Reader says:

    Done. Sent a note to Murkowski, Begich and Young. Also sent to note to Face Book friends.

  213. eyes wide open in pgh, pa says:

    Great post AKM! Well said!

  214. the problem child says:

    Oh, and that wrath will be on behalf of YOU, because I already live in a country that acknowledges that health care is a human right!

  215. the problem child says:

    Great call to arms! My congresscritter (already a friendly) will hear my encouragement and my senators will hear my concerns and potential wrath…

  216. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    Thanks AKM, I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself.
    Thanks for you words of encouragement also.
    I agree we must all write and push and push some more to get accomplished what we need.
    I am one of the many uninsured and uninsurable. I hope for an affordable option.
    My letters are written and sent and I will even send them again.

  217. VernD says:

    I know there are more effective ways of communicating with our reps. Is snail mail still (?) the best method?
    Wonderful post AKM!!!

  218. not that sarah says:

    I’ve done this with a group of folks as well as personally. I’d like to post this on the site I write for, AKM. I’m recovering right now and not able to write clearly, so I would like to take you up on your offer re the use of this post.

    I’d link it back here and give credit to you, of course. Please let me know if that’s OK and I’ll get it done tomorrow.


    Yes, yes, yes. Take any or all of it. Leave it the same or change it. Credit or not. Anyone has my total permission to take anything you want if it will be useful to you. Thanks “not that Sarah!” AKM

  219. Enjay in Eastern MT says:

    So very true AKM – we all need to voice our opinions & choices to our elected officials. We seem to forget that many of them are only hearing from lobbyists and not constituants.

    I will be contacting my State Senators and Congressman very soon.

    Thank you –

  220. boodog says:

    Thanks again AKM, for the fire- under-the -butt lighting. Darcy Burner is
    in my state and have already written the others.
    ps hope you had a great time!

  221. tm68 says:

    I have emailed both Murkowski and Begich. I hope everyone who reads this post contacts their representatives as well.

  222. Empish says:

    Wow, AKM is inspired tonight! Her post delivers a powerful message and I for one will compose some letters tonight as well as make some calls tomorrow. And sign any online petitions I can find supporting Health Care. They heard us in the election, but we are being drowned out by the minority, and that has to end.

  223. wearyvoter says:

    Already done, last week, to Senator Durbin. It’s useless with our local representative, a Republican, who promised when he ran for office several years ago that he’d only serve two terms. He is, I believe, on his 4th. (Those government-run health insurance benefits are just too hard to give up once you have them.) I will be working in the Democratic primaries here to help get a candidate to take him on and defeat him.

  224. sauerkraut says:

    Great to read that you enjoyed yourselves… and, yes, it is time to get the neocons out of our nation and away from the very real issue of health care coverage.

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